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    Mfrht'Ofih ttu 'iwrm vr, rr hi-oun cummin wiim)U wiuu
H.v T. II. KAY. Mfllr Treasurer.
To the Ktlller:
In answer to many rcqiteHi for ti
o.xprtminn m In (he- pmjKwed mut
ative hill to amend the constitution,
which will provide for tho hoiitliti of
the state, i'or irrigation, lmiiiHs;e and
niml o roil i to, not to exceed '2 per eent
(whli'h wtwhl mwii $13,000,00(1).
have, to say that I am opposed" to the
proposed intmauni for several roa
SOIlH. Tlio proposition tn iuitlutt' this
ntncmlment llrst came from tint irri
gution conferees, which mot in Port
land in Dccemhor, nml, theroforo,
came from people particularly inter
ested in rcclniminv; tlescrt hind. A
Minilnr mctmire, which came from the
fume .source, was put on the Imllot
two years uyo, whieh proviileil for
homlm Ilia .state for irrigation and
road hnihling, (lie latter being the
more popular issue of the two, cl tliu
amendment did not carry in u single
county in the wtate, it being defeated
hy t.'lH.OOO against us for 10,000 for.
There is a popular demand for
Nome system of rural credits and tho
people iateiestcd in irrigation have
taken ndvanlngo of I hi", and propose
to amend the constitution, which will
link together the houdiiifc of the stale
for irrigation, drainage- ami rural
credits, thinking the latter issue will
carry the former one through.
Now, in my opinion, there is aliio
lutely no lrtiihtnl at thin time for the
state bonding itself for irrigation
purposes, inasmuch aa there arc now
ou the market thousands of acre of
reclaimed lands ready for settlement
i'or which there is absolutely no sale.
In proof of this, I have to say that
three years ago the statu appropri
ated $-100,000 to reclaim 2L',.r)0l) acres
of laud known as the Ttuaalo pro
ject. There wero 7000 acres of this
amount owned h.v set tiers on the
groom who had vested water rights,
together with parties who had con
tracts in the old Columbia Southern
company, which the state permitted
the renewal of, they iccciviug credit
for same on new contract for the
amount paid the Columbia Southern
company. This leaven l.V00 aeroH
of laud reclaimed h.v the statu for
sale, of which there have been sold
loss than 1000 acre-', although it has
been on the market for nearly two
years. This laud is I'avorablv located
and is considered fir I cluss, yet the
dosort hind hoard in unable to find
purcliBM'i.. for it. There tiro over
7.100 nnron of indented lands, or lis,
ed for imtents, in the Central Oregon
Irrigation oouipunv for sale. And
'still further, of the 1.1,000 acres of
reclaimed lands in the government
project in I'mntilhi county, there are
rI100 acres actually being cultivated;
the rest being in the hand of specu
lators or tint title remaining with tho
government, There are likewise
thousands of acres of reclaimed lauds
for sale in (lie hands of nrivnte com-
panics mid uforme who Is fumillnr
with these nm Iters knows (hat there
is absolutely no demand for these
This being the case, then what le
gitimate demand it. there tor bonding
the Male for reclaiming" more? The
only demand comes from eople or
mimmunitffcft who would be benefited
hy tho expenditure of large sums or
money in their localities, or, further,
from people who would ecu re posi
tion in connection with enrryingsou
of the work, and it simply amounts
to a proposition to borrow money
Hill o.fpoml it in order to uiuko good
Smo claim the reason tlieno lands
nm not sold is because the terms ate
not liberal enough. The terms are
30 per cent down ami 10 jwr cent
jwhl oeeh year for nine veers, with
interest at ll per cent, and these arc
what I would consider liberal terms.
Ajfoin, some hhhV maintain that
these lands can he irrigated for II 'i
per ere, which contention is not welt
founded, n none of the I'arcv net
projects lane cwr been reclaimed on
the original c-.liinale-' ''In- CilutuTih;
because swollen glands or intlamed
membranes often aftect other tissues
and lung trouble easily follows.
' As Nature's corrector of throat
troubles the pure cod liver oil in Scott's
I'.muliion is speedily converted into
nurm-restslinF tissue: its tested elvcer-
inc. is curative and healing, white this
wltoewoinv emulsion relievojlhe
trouble and upltuilds the fortes to resist
ubrcular germ and avert the weak
imlng influence which usually folio-!..
If any member of your family has a
lewder throat, get a bottle of Scott's
KmulakmUxlay. Physician prescribe
it to avert throat troubles, overcome
toojicblal disorder and strengthen
the htf. Ko alcohol or harmful
drugs. Always Insist on Scott's.
ixaa.Mau..j. am
i ( " lilt reclaim nd -ell tlli'-r mm, i
t rt profit fnr flli.'i per ncri-. im?i
tra tht H'lH'iKil ilieigcd 'of 'hi-Mi '
This rottipmi. faded mil fhe "fnfr j
reelglflHM ti" l lid n( a n(Pt rtf Mar- j
Iv .fIO per iierc. that lieinf tn fsfe i
lien prtee Tor water. The eof of the
government project ih t nwtilla cruin
fy is f (10 tr rre, and Ihih project is
ravorallly hwttl. The tli nf the
land when fttd by' upeenlators U
added to the lien cost.
1 understand (his proposition has
received eoitsWernhle encoomgement
fmm some large bankers, who staled
that in ene the state wonld gnarani
tee the bniids they would -ed like
"hot eake." Tide, no donbt, is true,
LiiiKeinneh aa the hanks are teeming
over with fnnua which they are wlll
ing to loan on good bonds at -l.or 5
jier een( in(eret, yet tinder preinMt
conditions they are not willing to'
loan these moneys in the ordinary
channels for u much higher rate of
interest. At the present time it is
hard to secure fund for legitimate
businoas propositions at lees limn 7
or 8 per cent, and in eastern Oregon
for less than 10 per cent.
I will venture the assertion that
'none of these hankers would invest u
dollar in irrigation bonds at any rule
of interest, unless the slate was hack
of theni, and if tho state had been
back of the Carey act projects in the
past it would have had to pay both
principal ami interest, inasmuch as
practically all of them hnve been
The population of Oregon is less
than flOO.000 and the area is O.ri,000
sipmre miles, or (11,000,0110 ncics of
laud, which is greater than the com
bined nren of the stales of Xcw York
and I'enusylvnnin, with over 18,000,
000 people. There arc three acre of
tillable land today in the stale of
Oregon for every ncre in cultivation,
not counting descit lands, so what
demand is there for the state bonding
itself and spending lnrgc sums to re-
elaiiu more lands, with nil those till
able lands lying idle mid thousands
of acres of irrigated lauds on the
All huhdivisioiiK of the slate, such
us counties, cities and school dis
tricts, can bond themselves, and
many of them arc nqw bonded to tlio
limit. Therefore, to provide for
state bonds would simply amount to
rchoiuiiug the lame property find
lidding to the already excessive bur
den of taxation.
The state of Oregon is one if the
'v states whieh has no bonded in
debtedness. In ease the constitution
is amended whereby we can bond for
one purpose it will not be long until
it is bonded for many other pur
poses, ami once the bur are thrown
down it will he hut a few years until
wa have tens of millions of dollars'
worlh of state bonds, which will add
greatly tn our already high taxes and
will not he conducive (o good results.
Section 'JO, article I of (he elate
constitution provides Hint "every act
shall embrace but one subject, ami
matter properly ciNinoeted there
with, which subject shall lie expressed
in the title."
This constitutional provision was
intended to protect the members of
the legilatiuc, ami on initiative bills
the general public from having to
The HerrnI h company mil hold it
snioker tonight at the Aimon end the
card promises to be the bet eer
given ii( this pwrt of the state. Nose
and Hopkins, the latter or Central
Point, mill fie aa exhibition of sci
entific beting. Tame two are about
the cleverest ameteum of their
weight in southern Oregon. Their
footwork is exceHeut and they strike
lightly and quieklyv
The star ovtiut in the ereetling will
he between the olinmpiOir' of the Uni
versity of Orogoit and Kdmiittda of
(lold 1IIII, who is the MO-iHiuud
champion of soulhoril Oregon. He
has never lost n match, having decis
ively defeated his opponents. The
mulch carries the championship of
western Oregon.
.less Ingram, (he undefeated light
weight boxer, will be opposed ffy (loo.
I'eart of this city. HoAi uro'elevcr
boxers and the fans may expect one
of the most exciting contest ever
pulled off in .Medford. .less no far
has defeated overwhelmingly every
.Medford man.
Xolcalani, the holder of n first dip
loma ju jiu jitsu, having graduated
from Tokio university, will demon
strate some of the principles of this
scientific defense. I lis assistant will
he L. S. Hovcridgc. There are in all
nine diplomas. There is only one man
in the I'nited States holding a fourth'
diploma, and but low of the second
and third. No man living holds the
ninth. It is possible by this defense
for an extremely light mail to hold
an opponent of fifty pounds 'more
weight from hurting him, and it would
not he extreme lo say that he could
throw his rival over his head.
Will Itcveridge and his brother,
I.ulaud, will wrestle for the light
weight championship of this city and
vicinity, lloth have defeated their
Uien. Thifcbetting favors Will to de
feat his brother, as being the mote
seienced in the art of wrestling. The
match should go three falls.
There are eleven events in nil and
a great advance sale has been re
corded. they do not indorse, in order to vote
for one in which they are in faor.
Or, in other words, to keep from put
ting a "rider" on a good measure.
Irrigation ami drainage being the
two methods of reclaiming waste
lauds, could properly he included in
one measure, but nim! credits, linking
nothing in common with the other
'two subjects, should not be included
in the same hill.
I believe in some system of rural
credits and think I am entitled to the
privilege of voting for that measure
without having to veto for bonding
the state for irrigation and drain
'- 7
I i nWu asBan
BXiw&fr i"Kii
Mill lVaannfflH
awasF (W ai Sen
I Ejr i"Bsr
fit "Tq
W f
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theater, special program. All children up to 12 yoars of age admitted free to all
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vlra llTVWlwrt
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The Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Go.
of Philadelphia m the state of Pennsylvania1 on the Hist day of Docomher,
'J 15. made to the insurance commissioner of the hhuh of ureaou, pur
suant to law:
Amount of capital paid up I "60,000.00
Net premiums received (Jnrlng the year $S,677,0.!)t
ntorost, illvldands, und rents reroived dtu-liiK
the year - 88M84.I I
Income front other sources recetveVI ilurliiK tho
year '. 8.160.4C
Total Income ..., ?,l10,TU0.8SI
Not losses iwlu during the yoar SSt.(Utl.70 1.UR
Dividend paid on eapltal stock during tho
year M,fl00.00.
CommlMlous and salariea ld durlitg the '
jear T7(!.fHX.I0
Taxes, llnonses and fees paid during the year lSl,ttti!(,8l
Amount of all other expenditures Slti,gg7.lft
Total expenditures H,0,SU0.88
(market value) I
owned (market
Value of real estate owned
Value of stocks and wonts
value) .
Loans on morlKuKws and collateral, etc.
Cash In banks and on hand
Premiums In course of collection written
slnee September 0. IS 15
Interest und tents due and accrued
Total assets
Less special deposits In any state (If any
there be!
Total assets udmlttwl in Oregon
dross claims for losses unpaid
Amount of unearned premiums an all out
standing rinks
fi 76. Hill. SO
'Tours for Perfect Cooking"
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Due ror communion ami uroNerage .. .
Total liabilities. e.iclTJaive of eupllal stmk or
Total premiums in forgo Use. 31, 1015
. 8,oya.ii.ix
"3l MJu-tMj-
. -".
JLmmr fc: HH-'1
JSim -XmJriSmWjKmJm. 5f5 Ssssaiassnsni
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Medford Fish & Poultry Go.
Tutu I iusurance wtitten during tho year I9.0SI, 170.00
(rose pretiitiiuiM reretved durlug the year SU,ei.Kti
l'remlnins returnud during the voar ... 1, 851.10
Losses paid durlni? the year .. J 1,780. UK
Losses incurred durliiK the yoar JU,77.y
Total amo'iut of iONiiranii outstanding In Orogou
Ileceiuber III. 1915. .... $S.S6MU.O0
lly V. CAltDNMK I'KOWHLL (Klanedi Isecrotary.
Statutory rcHldeiii aeneral atsent and attorney for service: Chas. V. McOar.
thy ( Signed. )
D. U. WOOD & CO., Resident Agents
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Colonist Rates
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March 25 to April 14 Inc.
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Write your Eastern friends of the op
portunities for sottlors in WofittTtt
loupy ean be deposited with local
agent, who will make all arrange
ments and hnve tickets dplivorod, t '
your ICiiBtoHi friend or relative.
Ask your bxial agent or write
Jebn It. SeAtt. Gen . MejMngtT Agent, Portland. Oregau.