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    Medford Mail Tribune
Unlit Tonight and Hominy.
Minimum, ."Hi Minimum, II
rorfr fifth Yr.
Diil'v Tntii Vir
MEDFORD OHKUOS. SA'I I l,i) , V Hi'll I. 1'Mii
NO. 205
FOR 191 6 IS
Deal to Be Consummated Monday for
Factory to Be Located Between
Med lord and Tolo 5000 Acres of
Beets Required and Guaranteed by
Commercial Club Beet Committee
Wbirlwind Campalfln for Acre
age Begins Monday Telegrams
Tell Story.
A boet sugar factory for this (11k
trk't suenu assured. The syndicate
lepresunted by Colonel J. F. Mundy,
will consummate the deal Monday nt
New York City. The Modrord Com
morelal club boot commlttoo lms
guaranteed 0000 acres of sugar beets
nnil will oarly Monday boKln tho
campaign to sign tho ncroago. Head
quarters will be opened In tho ex
hibit building mid a null campaign
Inaugurated. The contracts will pro
vide payment at shipping point or f 5
per ton.
Tho following telegrams toll tho
story. S. (I. Sktorlri Id a member of
the syndicate, lie ban oporated ex
tensively lit Utah and Colorado an a
labor contractor, furnishing whlto
labor Tor sugar work. Ho made an
extensive examination of tho valley
and It' toll wine wooks ago when
ho vliltHi! Mod ford with a putty of
Now York. .V. Y.. Mm oh 3. C. K.
Gates, Medford Commercial club.
Medford. Or.
Drill will ho roHMramatoil Monday
morning for a sugar factory to be lo
cated between Medford and Tolo for
1916 crop If our liaople will guaran
tee 6000 acre. We have socured the
seed. We need the support of the
people of Rogue river valley. We
want every acre of land we can get
tollable for raiting sugar beet. The
greater the acreage the larger tho
factory. Wo have seed for "000
nrrea. If can get mfflelent acreage
we will build econil factory for 1617
crop. Have arranged with S. O.
Skllrls to furnlah any necessary la
bor In raining the lieeU. Will the
lieople who will be benefited by a
sugar factory on the floor of the val
ley, to be built for 1916 crop, guar
antee to hi 5000 acrei? Aniwer
qulek at my expense, Waldorf Hotel.
Acreage final nnlecd,
Medford, Or., Marsh . J. F.
Mundy. Hotel Waldorf, New York
City: We guarantee S000 acres. Poo
pie anxious and waiting for word to
go ahead.
MJJDFOIU) COMMWnmi. ci.rn,
MY C. K. Oaten
Now York, N. Y., March 3 C K
dates. Medroid Commercial club
Saw our meeaage to Mundy. You
ran aay to our people that we will
build a sugar factory on the floor of
the Itogue river valley between Med
ford mid Tolo Dili year. We want all
the acreage we ran get. I will fur
nlh any neceaaary labor to take eare
of crop.
NEW YORK, March t. Medford
Mail Tribune, Medford, Oregon'
Today I received meaeaget from the
Medford Commercial elub. Flrat Na
tional bank, Medford National bank,
and the Juckaon County bank, stat
ing that the people in our ond of the
Rogue river alley wanted a augar
fartorv Please aay to them through
the columns of jour paper that they
(Continued on page six)
PKKJV. China. Vai.h i -Official
aunoiiimm.nt wax inudt here to
da that the tit of Suifu, in the
kouthern part of ise-Cnuen province,
ha been recaptured by go eminent
O troops, gulfu wga taken by rebel
fur. which advanced from Yunnan
p ime and held ! llim until
t: a .
Chamberlain Introduces Most Com
prehensive Measure Increases the
Peace Strength of Army to 178,
000, Federalizes National Guard
and Creates Volunteer Army.
WASHINGTON, Mutch !. The
somite nnny bill was introduced to
day hy Cliiilnntui Clinmberlnin of the
military committee. It proposes the
most thorough measures of military
preparedness ever presented to con
gress in pence time and is the first
of the nntioual defence hills urged
by President Wilson to bo intro
duced. Provides n lleserve.
The nionsitio proposes to increase
the' peace strength of the regular
army to 178,000 men of nil arms, to
federalize the nationnl guard with a
peace strength of 271,000 men, to
erente a federal volunteer nnny com
parable to tlie continental army pro
posed by Former Hceretury (Inrri
Min to pi oxide adefiiate reserve sys
tems of the tegular and gunidsmcii
under short-term enlistments with the
colon, to eiente n far-spreading re
serve of engineers, doctor, mechan
ics iiml all other civilian supporters
of the fight ins; troops and to proide
an officer-.' reserve corps with def
inite obligations to the government.
Fuller the sennte plan, fedornlirn
lion of the national guard is propos
ed under n military pay bill mid the
authority of tho national government
over the body, in times of peace, or
would be widely extended to secure
mlciiuto training ami discipline
Conipiohenslvo Measure.
"It ts the most compichruivc
measiiie in the way of pieparedness
ever presented to either house of
congress, Senator ('hnmhcrlinii Mini.
"Tho essential features comprise
a sufficient increase of tho regular
nrmy to enable the mobile force to be
oigniiini'd in divisions or brigades,
and to provide n sufficient eoips of
const artillery to mnn existing mid
approved new butteries. The new
mobile nrmv will comprise sixty-four
regiments of infantry, organised into
seven divisions; twenty-fivo regi
ments of envolrv organised into two
divisions, and the loinaining regi
ments attached to infantry divisions;
twenty-one regiment of field artil
lery mid seven regiment of engin
eers. This, will give proper garrisons
to Panama, Huwnii aud the Philip
pines nnd provide four infantry mid
two cuvuliv diw-ions within the
Fnited Si.i.i - "
POKTLANI). March L - Snow woe
falling In Portland today, as well aa
over a large portion of Oregou. Aa
a consequence of the storm wire traf
fic was Interrupted to a large extent
In the western part of tho state.
In Portland the ground was cov
ered with an Inch of snow, but was
melting rapidly. The local weather
bureau says there have been but few
Instances where snow has lain on the
ground in March. Hailroads report
no serious delas. The temperature
bered urlng the forenoon hovered
around 3S degrees.
Keports from Dallas say that from
3 to 12 Inches of snow have fallen
over Polk county. Farming and log
ging operations have again been sus
XKW YOKK, Marih I. -Preparation
have been made heie to put into
ctlect toduv the La Kollitte acumen's
law n applied to foicigu vessel. It
hu been oHTnlive siucc November 4
n affecting American ships. Gov
ernment agents are cxceted to re-
't'u-c clearance pnp r- to nnv fr "vt.
Ii' - t I rl pi I '(X I ' itll llil il
I, . I lV 4. . -
Matter to Be Brought Up Early on
Convening Absence of Represent
atives on Week-End Trip Prevents
Action Today Action to Be of
Decisive Character.
WASHINGTON. March -1 The
next step In President Wilson's fight
to dispone of the armed ship imita
tion In coiiRress has been postponed
until Tuesday.
At an early confeionce today ad
ministration lenders In the house de
cided not to Insist upon a vote to
day. This afternoon the rules com
mltteo will meet to frame a rule to
table tho Mcl.emoro resolution to
warn Americans off the armed ships
of tho Ktiropoan bolIlKoronts. Tho
rulo will bo Drought In with the first
business Tuesday when tho adminis
tration forces plan to dispose of It by
n substantial majority. The foreign
affairs committee already has agreed
on tho resolution.
Plan Complete Victory.
Administration forces plan that tho
action in the houso shall glvo no room
for doubts of tho decisive character
of the sentiment In rongross. Thoy
plan that the action to table tho Mo
Lomoro roiolution, which will Include
a declaration that tho president shall
handle, diplomatic affairs, without
congressional Interference.
The lenders nro confident they have
tho votes to make their victory com
plete and undisputed.
I.oadors explained that the post
ponement was ngreod upon becatiso
of the nbsonco of so many memburs
on week-end trips.
Member are Absent.
Many loft yesterday under tho Im
pression, it was said, that the house
session today, which began at 10
o'clock, was to end at .110011 nnd
would consider onl claim bills.
Administration officials said to
day that practically all senators who
voted yesterday to table the Ooro
resolution were voting for the piesl
dent's policy, and that should the
house fall to vote to uphold the pros
lilcnt In doi'lsive form, the fight
might bo carried back to the senate
for a direct vote to defeat tho Me
Cumber rosolutlon warning Ameri
cans off nrmed ships of belligerent
Mr. Ilryan said his coming hero at
this time had nothing to do with tb
armed ship fight now In progress be
tween congress and the president.
"1 expect to leavo tonight for New
York," he said.
Clark Opposed Vote.
Speaker Clark was opposed to n
voto Monday, as it would Interfere
with the unanimous consent enlnndar.
Discussion In the souate was re
sumed by Senator Lodge, who took
Issue with assertion made during
yesterdays debate that Crest llrlt
nln had set a precedent for a warning
by advising her cltlsens to keep off
belligerent boats during the Kusxo
J aim nose war.
He read into the record a letter
from the Jlrltlsh ambassador salng
no such warning had been given.
William Jennings Ilryan came to
town today to fulfill a lecture en
gagement here tonight. Administra
tion leaders speculated widely over
whethor Mr. Uryan's coming had an)
thing to do with tho delay an voting
on the armed ship Issue In the house
and the decision of the leaders there
to postpone action until Tuesday at
The conference adjourned with no
formal action except a decision to
hold a rules committee meeting at
2 o'clock todav. A Bo-called geutle
man's agreement was made not to
have a vote befoie Tuesday.
SEW YOKK, Jr.iwb J -A wu.l.
BMsage received ln-ie tod.i.v bv the
Clyde line imm the iemuer Apache
said the projtellor shatt wus broken
and that the ship wok helpless at sea.
The passengers number l-IO. Of
ficial of the line said tin v exerti'l
tav 1 -1 In in .11 1 iv In ii Mmiil
at, i i"' ' 1 1 iVi 1 . N 11
Hero of Civil War Crosses Divide
BViBBBBBBBBBryE? fsS1 lr5(r'A )f 4 ' Wf 1 -TMlfl' ff Tfci 1 j TjlrBtjBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS
BjL IriffuMv'iU. fVl Jbw7 -Jl MrTjjGsBBBBBBtitTBsr'isws' M SibwMbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!
('cttciiil William Soov-Smllli, Who Died ToiIjij, In III Willi Year.
IlUltl. IN. March I iil wireless
to Sa.vvllle) Tho Milking of two
French auxiliary crullers and one
Hrltlsh patrol boat liv (ierinun sub
marines Is anuoumi'd l the ad
miralty. ,
The announcement also aaya that
from Paris Is reported the sinking uf
the transport Provence, "which car
ried 1S00 men, uf whom only 60S
were lescued."
La Provence was listed as an aux
iliary cruiser, but the wording of the
Ilerllu dlsiwtch does not make It
clear whether she was one of the two
said to have been destroyed. Offi
cial rewr(s from Paris Indicated that
about 3130 men went down with her.
Tho French admiralty said no sign j
of u submarine was observed before
or after the sinking.
PAItlft, March I.- -The Temps says
(hat the (lemma admiralty's official
announcement that submarines had
sunk two armed auxiliary cruisers ofi
Havre la false.
LKCIIOKN, Huh. March 1. via
PsrlH. The steamship Olava, which
left here Februur .", has been sunk
by un Austrian nniihiurln,e. There
wen' no mciimix on board.
PHILAHi:i.l'lll M.'i'li I A
luun believed to In inMillc -tuml l -
day in the doonv.iv o a in tV
southern m el ion oi the ci'y vvHh a
reeutiiig rille in In band', .nul bi
fore he was overpowered he shot urn)
killed one uiun and wuuuded two oib,
ere. The maniac, Antbonto Tronogo, 3H
years old, emerged fmn tho house
and, inking his stain on the door
step, raised his rille and shot at ev
eryone who eumo w tttsin rai ge. One
of his victims was u blind peddler w ho
was shot through the body and drop-H-d
dead ulter riiiiimi g short dis
1'l'ollOKO j;ave'le to polled!' I.,
but was hiibdiied .nul orre-liil.
WASIIISCJTON', March 4. Secre
tary Luiining uuiiouiieed todav that
the appendices to the Dayman mem
orandum regarding armed merchant
ships were on hoard the ste un-hip
Until nl. un il I' kIIi .1 li Ni v,
I l-
(Jeneral W'IIIIhiii Sooy-Sinlth, fa
nio'iM commander of the dvll war,
leader of Grant's citvnlu forces In
Hie Hhlloh aud Vlcksburg campaigns,
famed as a civil engineer throughout
the middle west, sno spent hid de
clining years at Medford, passed away
at noon Saturday, March I, st the
Hacred Heart hospital from pneu
monia. In his stlth ear. For the past
five .vears he bus been a familiar
figure In Medford, owning an or
chard south of the city.
William 8ooy-8mith was horn at
Tarlton, Pickaway county, Ohio, July
21', 1:!0. He worked his way through
the Ohio uutverslt), graduating In
1MB. Ho was appointed cadet to tho
lulled States military ucademy at
West Point the same eur. and gradu
ated in the class of 153. He served
In the regular army until June, 1X5 1.
when, first lieutenant, he resigned to
enter the profession of civil engineer
ing. I Yu I seil for Onlhuitry.
At the opening of the Civil war he
volunteered among the first and was
mustered Into service as colonel of
tho liith Ohio Infautry upon the oi
junUatlon of that reglmeut at Cuinp
Dennlson, June 2tf, I SO I. He com
manded it in the summer and fall of
I siil under tienerals 0 M. McClel
inn and W. H. Itosecrnus, participants
In the engagement at Caulflx Ferry
and Laurel creek. He was commend
ed by (Jeneral Hosecrans "for the
great energy and perseverance with
wlibh he watched the reconnaissance
on the enemy's left, and for his cool
m h and courage lu leading his col
umn to the attack."
(ieneral llenham, referring to the
same event, reperted: "lu Colonel
W. H. Kmltb, or the 13th Ohio regi
ment, I hove found one of the most
valuable and efficient officers I have
ever known. His great intelligence,
knowledge of bis profession, skill and
caution, coolness and excellent Judg
ment on all occasions, both previous
to and duriug the action, merit my
highest praise."
Itaul In .Mississippi.
Shortl) after the 13th Ohio 'was
ordered to Kentucky, participating In
the capture of Howling Ureen and
Nashville. General Booy-imlth was
assigned to barge aud repair of rail
roads and later to tommand of the
Itth brigade of the Mh division, par
ticipating in the battle or Button. He
wa commissioned brigadler-gauera!
of volunteers, April 15, lsSS, and
later placed In command of the Union
cavalry against Uragg'a army,
Of Qeneral ilooy-Siiiltb's raid
through Mississippi, deuersl (Irani
said: "It has been one of the most
lirllHiiht uivalr) exploits of the war,
' I nl ' J J I ' .1 nil l'.i'l li I
I, I Ml
Capture of Oitlis Increases Security
of Caucasian Flank and Opens
Way to Daytlatl antl Union With
British Bitlis Not n Fortress, But
Strong Strategical Point.
LONDON. Maich I.- Two Turkish
divisions, reinforced by troops that
had fled from Krxorum, nro tho forces
that had boon opnintliig against tho
Itusslnns on the lino running through
Mush, llltlls mid Van, according to
Keillor's Potrograd correspondent.
Ith tho occupation, of llltlls ho
joints out, the entire Van roglon
Massed under the control of tho Kus
IniiH, while the Kitsslau success
fccpnratos tho two Turkish forcos op
erating In the regions of Mush and
Lake Priimlah, respectively.
With tho loss of llltlls, It nppoars,
Turkish roliiforcemonts coming from
Mesopotamia would bo compolled to
travel by roundabout ro'ites lu ordor
to roach tho third Turkish nrmy.
PimtOflltAI), Mnieli I, via Lon
don. For Ibe second time in a trifle
viver a fortnight the Russians have
broken through the Turkish front,
The importance of (he Inking of 1 tit
lix, officially announced last night, is
in the opinion of IliiKsinn military of
'fieinls, twofold, inasmuch as it not
ably increase the security of the
ItiiHsinn left flunk in the Caiieanian
ciimpaigu nnd full her opens the wny
to Itagilnd ami a union witii the Bril
ib forces.
From llitlis lo llnjrdud is n distauco
of sligbtlv nioio than -1110 miles.
The Tuik. vveie limbing reinforee
menU fiom MesoMitainia. not only
for (be defense of llilli. Imt o aid
the TuikiMli Inxip retreating from
hrxeruin. These hoops will now be
forced lo take n roumliiboiit ronle lo
reach (he defeated Turkish third
a rmy.
Ititlia also sen-ed (be Tuiks as n
(Hiint of coutinunicnlioii between (he
lrooM oHraliug in the MumIi ditriet
and iIionc ii bout Lnke I.'nuniah, over
I he border in Per in. Willi the com
mand of (be whole nke Van terri
tory in their biuulx, (he ItussiaMs now
effectually semrale lliono forces.
Itilli is not a foilress, but its lo
entiou guve it a strong defense ad
van la ue.
ltuiini observer ctliiiale (be
strength of the Tin k- opposing lliem
in the llilli distiiei a (wo divisions
of inland nnd artillery, Willi a
strong nnxlure of (Icrmaii troops.
storm sweepltiK the Aliunde coast
from Jacksonville to Kastport, Mo ,
was moving northeast today with In
creasing violence off the New ICng
land coast. At Nantucket, .Mass., the
gale attained a veloelty of TX miles
an hour. Off Cupe llatleras, N. C,
the wind velocity was fH miles.
KreesliiK weather prevailed us far
south uh northern Florida.
LA KOCHKLLi:, rrsinc. March
The French steuuiHhlp Lukine, of
Dunkirk, at 17 tons gross, which
sailed from la Itochelle on Tuesday,
was sunk on the same day lu the llav
of Illsca) at a poiut six miles north
west or He d'Yeu. She Is believed to
have struck a mine.
8lx of tho t eul -two men or the
crew lost their lives.
Tl'LHA, Okln.. March I. Itohuer
blew 0H,u the suie and wrecked the
bunk nt Mound, Oklu., early toduy
aud escttd with between rotlll uuil
itfcOOO in currency. The eploHiou
In fin d the iiiriimv It i thniicht
'Il l (l u ill In .ililltllud Wli1! Ul-C,
War Minister Satisfied With Situa
tion German Losses Terrific In
Efforts to Break Line Village of
Douaumont Still Held hy Germans,
But Commanded by Allied Artillery
PAKIS, March l.rjeiinrnl Oal
llenl, minister of war, tins told tho
commission on military affairs or tho
chamber of deputies that ho Is sails
fled with tho situation nt Verdun. Ho
gnvo tho dolalls of (ha reserves of
mon and stocks of ammunition now
Military wrltors say that It was. In
keeping with all tho precedents that
tho aormnus should attempt to m
duco tho sallont(of Douaumont pla
tonit for this key position must lie.
taken before solid progress could bo
inado elsovvbore.
Tho attack began after a long pre
liminary bonibnrdmont on Wednes
day, Herman columns started to do
ploy from Hardaitinont wood on tho
right and at tho snmo time a division
advanced on tho village of Vaux. Tho
latter attack failed with heavy losses
to tho (lermnns.
lie.H'rnte Onslaughts.
The Frenoh artillery flro was ho
fierce that evening that tho Ger
mans were iiuablo to push attack on
any point of the Douaumont plateau.
Mnssos of rosorvos wore brought up
ond the fighting began with renewed
fury on Thursday, llcnpcr.ila on
slaughts wero made by Pomeranian
nnd Ilrnndeiiburg regiments.
In the first and second attacks tho
assailants, who fought with grnvo
brnvory, reached tho Kronen barbed
who. but so floroo was (Jio hnll of
bullets from tho machlno gnus and
ilfles (hut (he gruy-con(od legions
melted away. Tho officers rallied
them again mid ngaln until no more
wero loft to rally.
The third attack began nbout 3
In tho afternoon. It wag oven morn
violent than those which havo pro
ceded. For more than ntt hour tho
Hermans came on lu sorrlod ranks,
hurling themselves ragnrdloM of cost,
against the ridges hold by the French
men. At last tho defenders' linn
wavered at two points, but only mo
montarily nnd the counter attack,
driven homo with tho bayonets, drovo
the Hermans back to the sholtor of
Ilia Chumbrottos or the Hardaumout
Night Advance (iulns.
The (iormnns then resumed tho
bombardment, plowing up tho ground
nnd pulverising the rooks with hun
dreds or big shells. Tho fourth ad
vance wns made aftor dusk by rrosh
Prussian brigades who had roplaced
the troops ongnged lu the morning
and afternoon attacks. Aftor dos
perate fighting they managed to gel
a footing on the extreme edge or tho
plateau, whence they nnshod forward
Into the houses on tho north side of
the village.
The Hermans now hold Douaumont
village, but the Preueh dominate
them from commanding holghta. Ah
the aides are fairly evenly matched
It Is likely that the village will ohanga
hands more than onco before, tho
lmt tie ends. The experts say that
derma n possession or It Is only tem
porary and that the technical ad
vantage remains with the Krcnoli
whose Hues continue tinbrokon.
Itombnnlmeut Continues.
PAKIS, March 4. Tho bombard
ment contluued with eonRldurablo na
tivity lust night lu tho various boo
torn of the region of Vordiin, It wan
not, however, followed by any no
tions of Infantry, according to an
nouncement by the French war bfflco
this afternoon
At Kp.irgo, the French prevented
(Contlnuod'on pago six)
Klol liTV. Ta March L Chae.
M. I-'oid, the alleged bead of a baud
vf gunmen uud inimuuU whieh ter-
forued Sioux Citv fur over a joar,
toduy entered a ilea of guilty to trio
murder of Itoy Morley aud was ghou
a thirtv-vear term in prison.
Ford was formerly a hotel proprl
ttoi and poltlieiuu iu the fifth Wurd,