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    MIDDtfORD MATT. TR113CTN1!!, ftrEDFORD, QttlWON, SATURDAY, DtfCIttiniW IB, "lf)lf
vm Ami Xfzijiift lelr
At the mi'iiliiiir f t lio Orciiler Med
ford dub 'Moud.ty afternoon the hi
dies were delighted to lie"' John
l'ieree, l'onner Setittlu councilman,
relate n few ways and tnemis of
intiiiicipal government by the Seattle
ladies, who work principally in the
capacity of women policemen. They
meet every liuot and train in order
to assist any and all women and girln
who may come uiiaecompanied, to
reach their declination, or it they
have no destination they arc provided
with lodgings until they find name.
The various deonrtiucntK niado re
ports as to results of their many ef
forts. '
The boys of the manual training
department of the high hcIiooI have
completed a number of rustic
benches to bo used in paik improve
ments, to be made at llosorvoil bill
as' boon as possible. These benches
are on c.Nliibitiou at the high school
and any persons, doMriiig to see thein
aie invited to do so. The club and
friends appreciate the work these
boj.s have done and are very grate
ful to them.
Tho inixl club meeting will be an
nounced later. These iniictingH are
open to the public and nil who come
will find interest and euthithiiism.
Musical numbers, interesting talks
upon current events, ns well as mauv
other interesting topics are discussed
nnd the public is urged to attend meetings.
Wednesday evening, December .S,
was annual election of officers at
Kennies chapter, Order, of the Ka'steni
Star. The following officers were
elected to serve for the ensuing year:
Worthy matron, Agnes Merrill:
Worthy patron, .liaison Hiekert; us
soeiate matron, Cora O'JJricn; secre
tary, Lulu Willc; treasurer, .Mary
Strang: conductress, Kthcl llogus;
associate enniluetrcHH, Klixuhclh Our
ni'tt. After election of officer the
gaust and members were invited to
the banquet hall, which was artitic
ally decorated for the occasion, and
a delightful supper was served. Mr.
K. I). I'icki'l was the chairuuiu of the
social committee. All voted the
evening a grand success both in a
social and business Way. Tho newly
elected officers will he installed the
first meeting in lauuary, which is
the l'Jth of the mouth.
The high school students aud al
umni were entertained Friday evening
with a skating party at tint Natator
, iuni by tho sophomore class. The hall
was decorated with holiday trimmings
and orchestra music was proided by
the skateiw. Krappo was nerved dur
ing the evening by the gwU ot the
Mr. aud Mi's. Forrest llduieades en
tci turned ut their home on West Main
street Monday evening with it biilh
day dinner for .Mr. rMnionduV father,
Thomas Kdmendes, wdio celebrated
his ninetieth birthday. The iitots in
cluded u few (if the intimate friends
of the family.
The Indies of I'oeahonlus held a
social evening tit ltedmiin's hall Kri-
Cnrda mill dancing were enjoyed
until a late hoar, followed by it de
licioiiK suppur served by tho following
cemmittee: Mr. T. 1. Taylor, Mm.
Thomas Turpin, Kov Siirrin.
The Shiikcnxni( club met Tuomlav
evening at tho home of Mrs. C, 0,
l'owor. This will be the Inst meeting
until after the holidays. The next
meeting will bo held January I. The
club has taken up the tudy of "Tho
Moiohuut of Venice."
Mr. and Mr. Alvin Courtney of
Wallowu county Hit) guet m( tho
home of Dr. runl Mr. I'. It. Seoly.
Thoy are on muta to Kan Pmjieiaeo,
.wiioio thuy will visit.
Mr. Mild Mr. II. L Young of 31.1t
S. Itimwide Mtertaiued at dimwr
Sttmlay Mr. and Mr. Howumh Jack
mu and Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Yuuug,
Jr., or Kntfe Point.
Mr. aud Mr, tiwui-gv HiililMird nod
son, Ifimiwt, who kate Ihnhi vinitiag
friend iu llfdford, htft Wedfttntday
for UrWwii. III.. going fcy way of Sun
Mr. V. P.. (Jordwr of . VnJ
lev tn truaat of hr friend, Mr.
Ilaaua, of S'orlb Oatxsal. f gaya
till wak.
MU B KanMwr wuartatitud the
(Illl' I'i--"l v HiHiiij; i ' ill .1 hrl
1...H. (. i ' '
The following musical program will
be given by tho choir, assisted by tho
llnclrigg orchemtru of twelve pieces,
nt the First Itapliwt ehureh, Sunday,
neeember 11), at "M. Hvery one
most cordially invited to attend this
Orchestra, elected; "Onward,
Christian Soldiers," choir and con
gregation; "Wntehmnn, Tell Us of the
Night'' (Shelley), quartet; orchestra,
seleeled; "In Old Judea" (Oiebel),
Miss Hess Bryan; "Noclurn" (Men
delss(din), Carlton Janes; "Culm us
tho Night" (Oolite), Miss Florence
lfnzolriggi Louis Dennett; orchestra,
elected; "The Wonderful Savior,"
choir and congregation; reading, se
lected. Mrs. George T. Wilson; "0,
Hear Me," (Dudley Hack). Herbert
Alford; "Stand I'p for .losus," choir
and congregation; orchestra, selected.
On Wednesday lasl the study club
spent u delightful afternoon in the
homo of Mrs. Alford. The rooms
were beautifully decorated with
Christians greens and flowers. The
regular program filled tho early part
of the afternoon, Mrs. Torney open
ing it with it uouipletc and interostlng
suminury of current events. Mrs.
ShiclilH read an instructive paper on
"Colombia." and Mrs. Merrick an
equally entertaining one on
zuola." A sodial hour with
music aud fithey work followed. The host
ess was asnisted in the serving of. de
licious refreshments by Mr. Picket
and Mrs. Hutchison, who represented
the good times committee of the club.
The next regular meeting will be held
at the library January f.
Musical numbers which were much
enjoyed were given Thursday and
Friday evenings ut the Catholic la
dies' bazaar. Thursday evening Her
bert Alford, a mpanied by Carter
Urandou, sang, and Mrs. John Wil
kinson, nccomimuitid by Mrs. Guy
Childers and Mix. Ivor l'aley on the
violin, sang. llnllt iiuiuborh were very
much enjoyed.
Fiiduy, Miss (Jemldino Thelss, ac
eompauied by Mrs. (lay Childers,
sang iu a very pleading inauiior, mid
Miss Hess llryau, aecoiapauied by
Miss Genevieve Worlmaii, dulighted
all present. The bazaar, which' has
been a grout niicccss, will cloxe this
The W. C. T. C. met with Mix. S.
C. Clodloe, lilt) N. llnrtlctt utrcet,
Friday afternoon. Alter the general
business session tho following pro
gram was enjoyed, Mrs. Itiloy I).
Hciiftou leader: Song, "Ilriugiug iu
tho Sheaves"; prayers by Mi. Wood
aud Mrs. McDonald; paper, "Our
Prayer,'1 Mrs. Komi Pouting; paper,
"Carrie Nation's Hatchet," Mrs. God
love; song, "Let the Lower Lights He
Burning'; paper, "A White Life for
You,," Mrs. Carpenter; reading, Mrs.
McDonald; prayer, Mrs. Wiley D.
Ilensou. At the close of the meeting
Mi-s. Godlove served daintv refresh
ments. Twelve ladies were present.
Socialibility nievniled at the danc
ing party given by the following mu
sician Thursday evening ut the ar ar
eory: Hlis Heine, violin; Henry Hi
ley, piano; Frank llos, clarionet;
Alex Olsson, first cornet; Hryee
NichuU, second cornet; Karl Obeti
chain, trombone, and .Initio Itosw,
drums. Thoso attending deimrted,
doolaring they had enjoyed the eve
ning nnd music very much. Hv spe
cial request thoe iniiiciaii will soon
he heard aipiiu.
Mrs. Kdward Soulier uuterlniued
Lo Saiusli club with a Christmas
party this afternoon nt her homo on
Orange street. Tho house was pretty
with ChristHtMM deoomtion, includ
ing a Christinas tree, h color u-heme
of red aud green being carried oat.
A short uiusieut program which
very mueh enjoyed was gien by
Mi-. W. M. Van Scoyoc uud Mr.
Harry Slooektnau.
The list of putionesstta tor the 1
mihuI hiiuiihI ball, whieh will oeour
.Monday evening, I )eeembui' 27, will hu
a follews: Mr. M. L. Alford, Mr.
A. J. Vance, .Mr. W. II. Gore, Mm.
L. It. Hrown, Mr. F. li. Merriok, Mrs.
T. J. WilUawaoH, Mr. It. F. AntU,
Mrs. William Itadg, Mrs. 12. It.
Pickl and Mrs. S. S. Smith.
MUs Kunice .MaastMi. who ha- n
lttimtor im the iledford high school
the itt four t-ars. Mflr visiting hr
IMlwU h a inonih, ljarld WtsJ
ndav etmiiiK fur (irlwii. Kelt.,
where h eiMNt to swnd Chri.inms
with Jltits aud Inrnds. After lb
ludHlay b uo i Jno4n, Nt
t Mlr Ik atal uuiritv lkr la
Niru hr tudi- lb nt two year.
Mr- ('mh.1 ItYMillMii t lMsd-Mi,
I il . t i ni Mfilii.i.i i. ii-iuiu
1 ... . t I - ,
I li I i . . i J
'-itt.,- i i - (
alumni unnual
been announced
for .Monday, December U7. This af
fair, which is being looked forwaid
to as the supreme soeiafviit of the
year, will ho staced in the large hall
of the Natatoriiim. Plans are hem.;
made by the decorating committee
for an elaborate scheme of dei ora
tion which will transform the lur-r
hnll into a huge bower of Chn louts
greens. The music will be ium-dicd
by mi augmented orchestra under the
direction of Clyde llazelrigg, n-Mir
ing tho latest ia popular dance music
for tho occasion. All the comuiiltec
are striving to make this event the
crowning event of a suecessQul micial
season aud no detail will ho over
looked iu an endeavor to attain this
cud. The invitation list, which is now
iu the hands of the invitation com
mittee, comprises nil uluinni, high
school and college students, the fac
ulty and n limited number of outsid
ers. The Iowa society's Medford branch
about seventy strong enjoyed an
evening of delightful entertainment
Monday night nt the banquet prepar
ed by the Ladies' Aid society of the
M. K. church in St. Murk's hall, fol
lowed by an excellent program of
music, uud dramatie rending, the lat
ter by Mrs. George T. Wilson iu it
selection from "David Copporfield,"
nnd .Mrs. Hovious in dramatie selec
tions from a history of the civil war,
representing southern ehivalrv and
sentimental pas-ion, both ladies re
sponding to encores.
Tho musical program wns also es
pecially cnjovuble as rendered by
.Miss Ilinmaii in vocal selections, Miss
Duller iu piano selections uud Mr.
Sheets in baritone.
I'ollowing the musical featuie of
the evening came the social time uud
dance, during which everybody ap
peared to enjoy a good old Iowa time.
Mi's. George Moiso ciilerluiucd
with a miscellaneous shower ut her
ranch home near Talent Saturday af
ternoon for her niece, Miss Mabel
Taylor, who is to become the bride of
L'lyiest Mluiilh on Christmas day. The
guests included ladies from Ashland,
Talent uud Phoenix, about fifty in
all. I 'pou the arrival of the guest
the bride-elect was showered with
many beautiful ami useful gifts. The
afternoon was spent with needlework
and conversation nu.1 u short musicHl
program. A violin and piano duet
was given by the Misso Van' Dor
Sluis and Vogeli of Talent, followed
by it piano solo by Mis PJixnhoth
Gore. A delicious two-course lunch
eon was sorted at the clo.e of the nf
ternoou. A number of Medford students nt
tending the I'uivcrsity of Hugene will
rot urn home today to siwiid the holi
days, us the university oloscd Friday.
Among the ntudunU who are expected
homo the next few days me: Misxu
Kuth Nye, Itutli Wilson, Vent Ohn
stead, Liieile Messnerv Messr. Ver
non and Gary Garrett, Dolph Pliipiis,
Jay Gore and Don Newberry. The
(. A. C. will close December 'S. ut
which time student attending school
at Lorvalli will return home.
Mr. anil .Mr. Homer lUrvoy outor
tntuod Tuoiday ovuiilng In honor of
their (laughter, MIm Margarot'
twolfth birthday. The ovonlng was
spent with game and mindo, after
which IIkIU rotroahmont wore
orved. Thoio ireent woro .Mlaio
Ilornlco Lewis. Dnlsy Mooro, Jean
I.oouilti, Alloen hell, Klalu Kurrls,
Martha Kuyinond, .Marjory Hoamon,
Margaret Alberta and Ojwl Harvey.
It U rumored Hint the "Cumrail
eric" will binge a dancing party some
time during tho holidays, tho exact
date being uudoeidrd as yet. Iu ad
dition to thji mcmbei's, it in piolmblo
that the ulunini, high school aud col
lege students ami a few outsiders
will be invited.
The regidur houiecduiing of the Iji
diea' Aid of the M. 12. OHurob will be
hold WodiHwdnv aftwaown. It is
very important that all mwiihttra b in
HttandHnae at tiiia iaetinc, ua busi
noas of iiuporikriatt will oouu before
tlic society.
The Madfurd I facing eluli bld
another une of tkoir poiular dancinw
Ikartiwt ni the Katalorium Tnesday
evuning. Itauewg was uttjoynd until
a late buur aud a ry enjoynvte time
i NMMt4i.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Knight rater-
lained tiW Korwegian Whit flub at
their Jwme en Ksot Main strwi
Taurnclav eveniug Mr. U. A. Kye,
Krs. Iluden and th-oro TreiehJer.
Mr. Jonaa Wold rolfrlalnt the
'.' V(lnwi(U A ad Ion llinlgf ("lui. kill
li. i luin - on Vor'li iln in. r
v. .mi 1 1 iiii riiicc ,
The dale of
Christmas ball
Wfl' I . - ".-J
Left to right are Miss Kuth Lester uud Misa Litlinu lleiidriek, who
wUJJie formally taken into Washington society before theludldnvs.
'wivMiflS' grille tfUiJ'!,0B',lloroi,"tji!i of othorhood and
lhioPMohT(l tlicir monthlv. -&H WtyWV t vromnt
meeting Friday.,.., .on. h. .Snmml to ftypbnt' all woro of one
Van Scovoo'h paper on "The Care
of the Teeth," was u-ry interesting
and instructive. The repoit of the
stale contention gitcu by Mrs. P.. It.
Seely was enjoyed b all. Mrs. Seely
is very cnlhiisiaslie otcr the work
being done by the circle. The meeting
adjourned at u late hoar.
Weduosilay itftormsiu the G. A. IL
and Woman's Itoltof cois met a( the
Kedmeu's hull to nelebrale (he birth
days of the members occaring during
the months of October, November nnd
December. Mr. rMmcndcs being the
oldest member, was presented with a
largo birthday enko.
The Dak Grove acho'ol, ou the Jack
sonville roiid, will give their Christ
mas program Monday evening, De-'
comuer .u.
Men's lllldo Class
Tho men's Iltblc clnia of the Ftrat
M. IS. church held Uiolr annual ban
quot In tho rbiirrh Tueaday evening.
Docombor M, lftl., from 7 to 7:30
p. ni. While the guoati wero iimein
bllng Airs. Dadymuu'a oreheatitt ou
tertalnod In the rhuroh auditorium.
At 7:30 about 100 puoplo rotlrod to
tho hgomont where tho Ladlo Aid
Soeloty had prcparta! rofreahuienta
for the occasion. Aftor all woro ar
ranged at, tha tablea Mr. Monlorf
guvn the Invocation. Thin was fol
lowed by an mu'roiu'luto geloetlon by
Mr. Palmer on new KdUoii illamond
lihonoKruiili. As the people wore get
ting through enjoying tiio bouuttful
repast other phonograph aeleotloni
wero rondored. Tha Meaera. Llndly,
Lnwton ami Italcon rondored a trio
which was followed by an encore.
Mr. II. A. Cauaduy acted aa toast
master nnd started tho mirthful hall
to rolllnx. He then Introduced Dr.
A. It. Kodaks, the olaaa president,
who gnvo the address of welcome In I
which ho set forth tho broad and lib
eral views brought out lp rlaaa die
Missions. This was followed by an
other aeleetlon on the phonograph,
followed by appropriate romnrka by
the toastmnster and Urn pastor. Dr.
Itolllna gave an addrew along tho line
of Koodfellowshlp which was full of
mirth and reeling that enabled all
present to more fully, realise that
Christian fellowship awalta all man
kind ami that after all the other fel
low i no matter what hie creed) la not
so different from ' yourself aa you
may hae thouajht Ulnj to be. In his
add res Mr, KalUns ynireaaed bis In
timato friendship wtlk pastor, and
Harry 1!. Tucker in particular. Mr.
Rollins I m proved ihta opportunity to
open up the magazine of ministers'
eereta and permitting aome or the
ru rifled iiarfiiiiio to aasaiui. whli-h
eauaed much UuahUr. The toe.t-,
roaster belnx aonu what Intoxi. te, or
affected by su(h hllnulus very ably I
rMpoaded aud Intiodueed Itev II. K.
Tucker, paator of the f'hrlstlun
church who aroxe to tho seaaslon aud
vert ahty reponilcd t the demands
of the hour althoush aoaie of his am
munition tor I he orcaalon bad bttu
used by others, llo demons! rat :
that ho had tnuili in otara aud pr
eeeded to tnake UMhll use of I
friendly ai4a hamntt-r. li.
brought eheerful response front tin
audieoro. After Mr. Turker had '
iiouded lo the .i'trks made ui.on
ht iriici 'U il i t.ilt Hlnii i In-
"'"" 'iu ioynaBierresiionooa
with very uppronrlutb renmrUs and
Introduced Reverend ItpUoiap, a igr
utcr pastor, who iu his tnlK ljifyrrtjij
to the orKitnlxatlou of the men's iiIiish
ilurlug his pastorate bore anil noted
tho ohuiiKOB that had taken placo In
a short time. Speaking of the ntmont
ones Kd Stoep, the first leacbor, Mr.
Itcnuett, tho sccouil tonrhcr and Mr,
Chlillstor, tho second dims prosldont
wore mentioned an none to work
In other fields and that It was great
encouragement to him to see tho
lllldo olitttH ho nutlvo and rontlnuliiK
Its iililo work. The closing remarks
by Mr. Cauaduy followed and tho
meeting coiioluilod with it song led
by Mr. Ilrulunrd, the class toucher.
The Page thoater niaiiageuient nn
nouueee that thoso who aubacrlbed
to the Forbes Itobertion appoitranco
at the solicitation of the Drama
League meiahera eau securo their
seats In advance of thn advertised
opening of the aale of settle on Mon
day mornliiR by phoning to or culling
at tha Page box office boforo Mon
day morning. The subscription list
has been tiirnod Into thn Page mitii-
aiuent by the members of the league
On Monday morning Mrs. Ilrackln
rced completed the rending of ono of
the comedies of the Drama Loagtio
reading course to the advisory olrolo
of the ill(h school under Mlse Car
IHHiter'e dlroc lions. The members of
the drt'lo have dlailnyed koen Inter
est hi the road I iik and are now plan
ning to take up tho study of the
drama under tho dlreutlou of tho
Drama League.
At Invitation ut the Greater Med
ford Club, lir. llracklnreed present
oil to the club ou Monday afternoon
a history of tho origin, growth and
present status of the Drama I.cukmo
movement, selling forth partlculmly
Its alma and purposes ua an educa
tional force In tlte life of tho com
munity. The Greater Medford Club
leuuwed Ita inemberehlp Iu the league
at the close of the nddreaa.
A slmlutr addreaa was kIvou
Mra. I) rack I it reed, upon request, to
tho Juulor Musical Club on Mimdny
evening. Tide club has also become
a member of the lea a no and will re
ceive full support of Ilia canter when
presenting Ita Initial performance,
' loiauthe," Iu January,
Interest la the Forboa Itobortsou
faruwpll iippearumo ik xt Wednesday
before I? POISOIIS dtip (Una ti itUosts tt DOME
Withaiil Knife or Pain m jT''ni
llo PAY Until CURED
K.. X IU) ..r r
'. ii 11 i A ' l J
lUltlmaki-nili ire
A'.y 1UM0R, IUMP
ias on tii n u
or t.otl y li i n ill
canccn: ' ' r
-At Kllllll' -
At ..HI, 1 1 i . iWkl.lVjtll
mrm vok
FRI 1 i '
t..i tNSHtana'
i , i.
r. 1- rl
I lu
gr 4.-" i;K4aVfc!!0 ifU'ara
ll t
.l nuic. Cat.
qvonlpg luiH (imcwliat overshadowed
tho tluo production to bo presented at
tho Page on the preceding evening,
Margaret llllngton, In "Tho Llo."
This talented actress Is a favorlto
ovorywhoro with momhors of tho
Drama Lrnguo and tho play Iu which
slio appears s heartily supported by
that organization.
Tho phtygoors of Medford aro to
bo congratulated tlpon their pros
pective enjoyment of their first fruits
of the Page mtttiogonipnt's polloy of
giving their patrons only tho very
bost nttrnctlons which can be secur
ed. Tho otjo-act play, which Uio Drama
Loagtio will present on l)ecenber 27
and ill at tiio Page theater, prom
isor lo ho ono at tho best attractions
which this center hna undertaken.
Hyacinth Ilolvoy Ih one of Lady
Orogory's best plays. It faithfully
outlines tho various traits ot tho tpl
cully rich Irish nature, through tho
Impulsive nnd humorous expressions
of Its character, flavored with tio
delightfully quaint Irish brogue. The
play Is In tho hands of tho amateur
players' committee and tho rehearsals
unilor tho direction of Mr. K. M, An
drews, who assures us the cast Is a
happy one. Those taking tho parts
tire: Hyacinth Holvey, Gerald Sooy
Smith; .lumen Qulrkn, a butcher, Hoi
brook Wlthlngton; Tardy Farrell, J.
I). Cuss; Sergeant Garden, Milton;
Mrs. Delanc, Inez Coffin; Miss Joyce,
Stiznn Deuel.
The public speaking class ou
Thursday evening debated the sub
ject, "IJesolved, The government
should own and control nil railroads
ill the I'nited States," Mr, Noiduick,
Mr. Hell and Misn Davis argued for
the affirmative; Mr. Wollani, Mr.
Forbes ami Miss Heine for the nega
tive. Professor H. F. Vim Gilder of
the Conunercial college, Mr. Pierce
a.nd Mr. iMcCredic, acting us judges
gn-fo tjio decision of three votes for
Our negative. Mr, Simons acted us
uhiilrm.iii; Ms. Hovious, critic.
The Miasch week, Holmes, Slew-
arl, Chirk; Ht'owp, djoveps, M'nrtiii,
Holmes, l'tjiji'ly) fuller mid'. Djppey
have enrolled as new sludenjs: in the
coiiHcnuiory during the litht week. ,
lho cluhlren s clasfl from the
grades meets ut 'J:!I0 Katiii'duv after-
P I... .!...., ....I. '
iumiiis i in- iii,vsii'iii canine.
The public speaking class will huvo
an imiigiuary bampiet ue.t week. Al'-ler-ilinner
spueches will Ipi the pro
lrapj for the evening, (lurnhl NYiill
am will act as toiisluiustcr.
Mrs. Kd (lore is a new member ji
the Monday afternoon physical train
ing class.
The Jacksonville (lice club, nude
the direction of MisJ. Swindler, wil
huvo charge of the singing at tin'
municipal Christmas tree program In,
Juclisouville ou Christmas eve. The
club will also uie two special iiiim
hurs, one a Christinas carol, the
other, "Holy Art Thou," the "Largo"
from "Xerxes," by Handel.
Misses Alice uud Florence John
son were absent from the music de
partment this week.
Tho expression class is now work
ing ou "lloinolii nnd Savonarola" and
iutcrpi cling the one-act comedy, "Tli
Siiffntgetlc Ilaby."
In connection with tho gadders on
tho Ford ponce ship, would ou call
them runabouts'
Dr. Jones
204 Main st., Cor. Central Av
Ifelunis to
A ripe old age need never he
a toothless one.
Modern Dentistry
Can do for our mouth what
glasses can do for your sight
in tho evening of life.
and Mridge Work restores
'Ihoso broken, di-cayod niolara
'and fills the vacant planes
I lirtWitMJ.
Of prai-tU'e iu Oregun.
$15.00 Sets . . $9.00
$2-C0 Fillings $1,00
52.00 Treatments $1.00
$2.00 Cleaning ..1.00
C ib
'J3T I
i e ' ,- if
--" tittw
Bint if Ohln.irilr nf TulciVi. nt ConntT. f.
rrmitt 1. ('brnpjr inakrii on Hi tbnt li I" tvslor
mrtnrr of tin, Arm of I'. I. riipner JL Co.. lift
ing lnulnri In thn Cllr n( Toledo, CoHfllr ioil
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Madam Davenport
Clarivoyant and
Card Reading
Heurs: 10 a. nt. to 9 p. in.
Mndniiio Davenport, the gift
ed medium, is now located iu
the Colonial Apartments.
She jrjws startling proof! ol!
her strange and wonderful
power. CI ives advieo on bus
iness matters, love, health
and family affairs, tells if
tho one you lovo is true or
false, what part of the coun
try is luelciest to you, and
what to do to he successful in
life. Satisfaction or no
Saved by lotting nio do your work.
Watches and Clocks cleaned $1.00.
Main Springs $1.00. Agato Grinding
HOc and up. Diamond Setting. All
kinds or Jowolry repairing. Special
cut on flnlslicd agates. Dnrnalns ia
'wntches. I will savo you money on
all work. Kvcrythlng guaranteed sat
isfactory. Clocks called far and de
livered any placo In tho city.
Start this Christmas right nnd
plcuso tho wholo family. Nothing
better than
Don't forget Velvet Ice Cream in
i vmir rliritlmiiu tnrnu. Wit miiL-n nnv.
J...- v. .....w ....j
thing you want.
Freh Eggs, JOlk aud Cieani nl-
Ak usual, the headquarters
for holiday goods for every-
jiodv will he at tho
5, 10 AND 25c STORE
V2W West Main Street
"Best Valley
M.2o per sack, and ovory
sack guaranteed. $1.50 in
ten-barrel lots.
Made by tho
Capitol City Mills
Salem, Oregou,
from seleeted wluml,
srciAIJ,$7.Q0. "T
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