Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 19, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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w. w. watkon.
An article in tin p-per ome do
'ijjn about (be ndiilnbilit of certain
nineties of tlo KiU'lisli walnut to tin
conditions of ti? noil ,m, ,.,i,it of
J.otruo Itiver alley Iihb flicked much
Miformnlion cinnerniiiit Uu suceo of
those who lmvc tried tlioiu. f'lucl'
nmoiiff litem. vnneticK nre the Krnu
liiette nntl Mn.vclte walnuts, both of
which lmvc done e.xoodlnf,'lv wtdl in
every instance of which rcconl i
oblninnblc. Shiny penotiK ol out the
walnut tree ?is tin tirnunientnl nIuhIu
jj.Mtvtli ninoni the Inwn trccnerv
itnd in every ir.btaiieo n wiirimVo
nwniled the owner of the tree in the
-iiii ui u -iup oi niiH, Nome juur
jn; u few in the fouith vcar. nior
in the fifth tun! n vorv con-idernbto
yield in the sixth. Another nrneob!,.
wiriirisc- w,-s found in the excellence
ot the ftuility t.r the viold.
Attorney W. F. Phipps of this city
in iiiuoiitr those who not mil the Shiy.
ctto vnrietv of walnuta for the simile
thtyr would nffoid. His trees, of
which he plnnU'tl six, mii-priscd him
hiHt yeiir with a few mils. Tlmv
were then four years old. Tins yenr
they hore acvoral pounds of ih line
wiiIiiuIh hi thw writer hits ever necii.
In fact, they nre larger (linn miv
cpceimen of thnt vnriety found r.ny
whore in his experience. A niunher
of them arc on exhibition at the
Commercial club Thev nre clean and
of altrnclivo bhnpe. Sir. Phipps wiy-j
thoy nm very i-naily hulled, the cool
autumn weather causing the hull to
uplit and partially scparuto ilnelf
from the nut.
Thu Iron prowl h In very vhjoroim
nnd the wood of Htm fiber. Tin
tree are im laiye at five, yon rx in this
valley im the coiniuon p:ipcr-i.hell
walnut in California in :il miivcm.
Mr. J'hipii Iiiih four IrccH in his
lawn and two in a eultivalid kiiiiIcii.
The hitler are, of course, Hie more
thrifty, ami in due lime will produce
much the rcnler yield. Tlio walnut
I Vf
".Spenklni; of (lie orannizallun of;
a 'home market eluli,' '' milil a IoinI-'
no woman, "wh not put IIil Ini
liortnnro of the mutter lieforo. the
ifvornl cluhi of the city nlroady ex
iting mid pledged to tlio task or
homo Impiovment Your nonmuir-
clal eluli ought to Im a powerful body
for work of thnt kind. The woman'
Oronlor Mod ford club In nnotlior thnt
ought to wield a notout lufluoncn In
n matter of that nature. Thono on
Raged In civic betterment work would
find It n largo and profitable field
for offoctlvo Horvlco. All of tliofle
elnlm and theor are othorn should
find Hpoclnl lnloroHt and dollKlit jn
promoting hiicIi an lonlorprlso. It
Ih tho very bnslH of nil of theso clubs
this ndvnncomont of local Inlor-
"I would profor to sco thnt tlono
than to undortnko to liolp to spring
a now organization on the public and
expect to atoiiBo Imttnnt activity In
Its membership. Thoso other clubs
nro already In tho harness for Just
such, work im will promoto homo in
terests; ami how bettor can thoy do
that limn by wny of encouraging tho
legttlmnto development of resources
nnd business. TIiub wo could got more
moiiny out of tho nflvntitngos of which
wo are prone lo bonBt nnd, If thnt
money woro devoted to enlarging our
opportunities at homo, by Increasing
the vnluo of our several proportion,
by milling, to our own homo comforts,
Instead of minding It away to benefit
tho homes of other peoplo who hnvo
tho bualnosB energy and n'ntorprlso
to produce for us the things which wo
can produce bettor nt homo, Isn't
thnt helping to mnko a greater and
better Medford?
"Tho Mali Trlbuno hns laid tho nx
nt tho very root of tho cnuso of our
distress ,nt this time, such dlstroas
nS9M'ii 5v 1 Hit !SU. trrLr" 85
& 7 it . s"','nwSJ-M
The pictuic shows n dumiiiv lioie
cnptMicd from u (Icrinuii trench.
madi or ii.'irhed w
which uiih
WASHINGTON, Nov. 1J. Hrlgn
dler Oouornl Timker II. llllss, iishIeI
nnt of staff of (ho nriny, uecamo n
major general totlny upon tho retire
ment or Major Gcnernl William II.
Carter, Colonel John V. Morrison or
tho Fifteenth Infantry, now nt Tslon
Tnn, China, will ho promoted to bo a
brigadier general, taking tho plnco or
General Illlss In tho Hue.
General Illlss will contlnuo ns as
sistant chief of stnff, with the prob
ability or succeeding Major General
Sco It as chief of starr upon tho hit
ter's retirement In lit 17.
I mean, as rzomes Inevitably from
trcrt roHMmH lo cultivation, as
othr plant will. So fur, he
pruned his (ices a little, lint other-
WihiJ they have heuu left to , their
natural tcudeneiew, (. pWwi.d. to
he sure. a tho proiuiHo of nn ahuud
nnuo ui' delicious Mnyeltu nuts for
homo ue. '
Vor.v few inject pesf hnnhlu (he
wnlyut, either in Ilea or hud: hut oc
casionally the effect of (he woik of
a fly or a norm is obsencd. In that
ease the pioper thinv to do i to
hjirny the Irci with liuie-Hidpliur
jiiHt before I he .piiuif inlh xlnrts.
ThS will iimteriully iucruuxc the ield
lo. .Anothor K)rn.vinu with Ihir
doiut Muixliiro when th uiitv an
nliout the am- of n pea will Nellie the
affair with thu pds. ThU treat
luinit luu I eon known to iucreaoe Hi.
J'iejd on a medium-ifd ti-co i'irtotii
pounds. The cot or the IreHluient
Im about 7(1 cciiIn a tree. TIuih. dn.
dui'tltiK the eoNt froni the vahie of
the eNti-i yield, the grower Iiiih a
profit of $J lei I fur tho eau bc
sloww'. OuiH'iulnlile flop
1 would rnllnir tuikt n wahnil Rmu
of Ian Heron in hH VM,.V (rp., n.
tiWH have iimtiiitd) l'ur uiiiiil pml'ii
IIinu ten nen'i. of apple- iindci the
, MUlie eouililiouti. Tho e.xpeiiHe of
uultiVRtiou is about the same. The
tHiiNf of linncst In Ibsm. The ev
pciiM of Kiadiug u lew. Thu loss
from putt is inucli Icn. The mwlh
ftf the tree is ihoio eertnin. It wuf.
Jen, io from vnilnljlt, wealher epn
ditiuus, m eitlmr the Fmiuiuetlo or
the layette vnriety, th bloom peiiod
emihiK wilclv after the uunl fiio.t
Ma(iii in Ihif alley. The in. of
liullmjf Ih' crop is mure than offset
hv the iilmii'ie if lots , torHe r
shipment. The market is moic de
pcuihihle, IhietiialJou in piiiiw bcin
mmijnnl. Theiv is Mlwa. nn v-:-t
inerhet at limm. for the product
that is, it domctdic ineik !.
Altojiethor, those loiikiim loi ,i ,in
hie crop of iilm mi the I(ikm
Kier alle od rlniini- nIimuIiI
not overlook tin wnlnut
sending all tho money wo ran make
away to others mnro thrifty mid lonv
Ing ourselves 'broke' when It com
plntns thnt we nro hlnniably ludirfer
out to our most vital luledestH when
wo neglect to offer a homo mnrket
for tho produclH of those. ,who tiro
willing to Invest dollars
In mitnurncturluK enlcrprites In this
city and vicinity nnd mnko uie of our
raw mntorlals. Hvory person actuat
ed by a modicum or civic pride and
loyulty to homo should oiiwibo will
ingly and valiantly In this work, for
us losuitti will prove to tie (Ho very
life or our propoMd itroator Moilford.
And we'll never hnvo a greater Mcd
ford until wo do that vory Uilni?,
"Tho Medford roller mills proprie
tor employed women solicitors to
make a hoiiso-lo-houio cnnVnss or the
city to plead with our women to kIvo
his brands or most excellent flour n
tilnl. Tho IIokiio lllvor Valley Can
ning conipiiny will presently do that
also. It is an excellent bundles
move; but Isn't It straiiKo thnt such
a thing hns to be done In a commu
ultyvir IntollKout people?
"Theso mills and factories and
oienmerlos consume tho farmers' out
put or Kralti nnd fruits and voida
ble, oncnurniiliijf thorn to raise more
of them and lo Improve their qual
ity, rIvIiik them a hand), local mai
ket for what thoyprodiico. Ouxht wo
to uKlect or u moment the Import
ant duty or oncournKlUK those com
mercial and ludustilul enterprises h
lufimlnR (bo use their products? Wh
should wo prefer to Import our flour
and butter, our canned f nil Is and
vegetables? It Is folly. It Is
pcrwirsenoHN. it Is almost ciimlimi to
cut our oh ii bimluoiw Ibrosts 1 it this
"Uigo the clubs aliondy onmnlsod
for business lo take this mutter up
at once. See how many loysl mem
bers they have The piencut iltus
tlon here ought lo be a tmux Im
pulling foicc "
I'OHTIiANI), Nov. III. Interstate
Commerco Commlsfllonor Kxnmlncr
Ulyslfl Hutler began n three-day series
or hearings In tho federal building
today rirst taking up an application
by Willamette valley merchants for
a riat rate ot ten cents per 1(H)
pounds on all goods that tako trans
continental terminal rates to Port
land, this ton cent arbitrary to sup
plant tho local rates prevailing out or
Portland lo Albany, .Sulam, Corvallls
and points north. Tho most Impor
tant henrliiK ot tlio series Is sched
ule! for tomorrow, when tho Willam
ette vnllev lumber ease will be taken
up. 1'ortlsnil mills are seeking to set
aside niti"i applylun from Willamette
valley points to Interior California
points mIIckIhk that tho existing dif
ferential cffectualh shuts out Port
land lumber from tho Interior territory.
A meeting of the Schoolmasters'
club will bo hold at Jacksonville,
Novombor 20. This Is tho first gath
ering of tho yoar. Pregram:
Opening address, Superintendent
George A. Ilrlscoc, Ashlnud.
Address, "Supervision of Pupils to
nnd From School," Principal P. II.
D.illcy, Mcdford.
Followed by gonnrnl discussion.
Address, "Home Standards of Ex
cellence In Teaching," Superintendent
V. Meldo Hlllls, Mcdford.
Followed by general discussion.
Address by Porf. Joseph Shaffer
of tho University of Oregon.
Uuslncsg mooting.
LONDON, Nov. Ill- "Mv Lord, I
told you you were trying a woman for
list- life. 1 hnvo taken enough poison
to kill tivc people," wns the dramatic
exclamation made by tho wolt known
novollst, Miss Anno Sley Kcneslv, ns
sho threw upon tho Geer n bottle,
tho contents ot which sho had Just
nwnllowod on hearing tho court pro
nounce Judgment ngnlnst her.
Miss Kenouly Immediately col
lapsed and was carried unconscious
to tho emergency ward or the court
house. Later sho wns removed to
tho hospital, whore tho doctors bc
Hovo she hns n chnnco to recover.
Miss Konenly'satilt, which hns been
betoro tho court for somo days, wns
a claim for dnmnges ngnlnst n whole
snlo book distributing firm for al
leged rnlflo nnd malicious statements
defamatory of her book. Tho defend
ants rerusod to clrculnto the book as
they alleged It contained n libel on
a rashlonablo West Fnd drcssmnkor
whoso premises wcro described ns a
gambling den.
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Nature's Safe Blood Treatment
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Remedy for Rheumatism, Latarrli,
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Pclcntlsts linve discovered thnt tin
forest and tho Held, nro abundantly
supplied with vegetation of various
kinds, thnt furnish the Ingredients
for making a remedy, for practically
every 111 and ailment or mankind.
Medicines made from roots, herbs, and
biirka which Nature lias placed at the
disposal or man, ore better than
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tions. Mineral medicines work dan
porously on the delicate parts of the
system, especially the stomach nnd
bowels, by entlns out the lining mpm
brnne. producing chronic dyspepsia
and Often entirely ruining the health.
S. S. 5. Is cunrnnlecd to ho n
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Abniliani Lincoln was ready when 1 ITS chance came. YOU,
young man and youm? woman, should get ready i'oi'
YOn chance which is sure to come, (let ready by at
tending Day School or Night School at the
Medford Commercial College
"The School of "Hcsi Kesnlts"
With Medford Trn.lo t fUird Mto
ARMY COST $26,000,000
CMOVKIiANI), Ohio. Nov. 10. A
contract for tho manufacture ot
?20,n)0.ono worth of rifles for tho
Hustlau army hns eon practically
closed by Cleveland capitalists nnd
New York munitions brokers, accord
lug lo nu nunnuiiocmout made today
at tho otflce of Charles A. Otis, flnnn
cler. Mr. Otis, who hns Just return
ed from New York, has asked for bids
from ii number of Cleveland innnii
fncturers for tho making of rlflo
parts npd a new company Is also to be
formed, It whs announced.
Willi Mcdford Ti-nfif w Medfonl Made
a""u" f o"
Sold on Monthly
.Installment Plan.
IS BlfMwoHreffJf
The Dollars
ou take i. iii of now will i.Hve c.ire or ou biter on,
The tlnii' wilt come wb.n jolt will need them no quota
tion about that.
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WAHlN(JTO. .v i-i Oral nr-
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by rojreiiutlv uf bhI.t unit
ubtpners lutrtt4l in the proixwH!
fiuhjht rail MtntNtfi- u tsurn rail
romli. Tk lMrBM nrwurMMl ar
apart from tnua larludnU m tk so
on Had witfUorN atlvAuc rata tm,
which ruMHily w ilfpfnj r k
tho aopiMtattku iiinum mi it
promwwl mi mfrd wary mm wad I
You ean tuni jp'sy, f.tdeI hair lwu
tifiilly ilark met liMtroim nluumt orrr
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nt wir (Inn; U. MiilltHM of hottlt of
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imtoully, n. fit know h dnijp.t
lurv. Uuiu it kiktmn Uto hair k
imlurmlly tnl ownly ttiavt no om ean
tell it kM Uh pplWil.
TIiumi Winn hair u turniag vny, be
MMUUf (ull. dry. raaly mmI tWo
kjv urprtM' awmtioji lh, UakHo
fisjr c i r two a.ptimti,iM tli my
bslr rnitisii.' ml ur kicks bMNtto
litsurUnlb 4ik B.r tsuUfl-Hill 4m
inttr jim iMitlp itvtiluK 4bJ Isilbw Ulr
Tw i ! ap of ytniia Otw
HfMMraHU' rVih. nrcal waataaf i
, M m -wf wttk Htk'a Ikv mmi
HMT tiiMit Mtd you'll U fhjIMul
a-' . kfUktoMa. kair Mtl jtttr
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