Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, October 20, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Jt-Vffi Wgii-"!1
Tho funeral son Ices over the re
mains of J. L. Mrrs, former mayor
of Grants Pass, killed by J. K. Man
uel Sunday for a deer, arc being held
today at the Raptlst church in Grants
Taos under tho auaplcos of the Wood
men of the World. The high power
bullet toro nway tho rear portion of
tho head, doath bping instantaneous.
J. O. Gorklng, tho best all around
photographer in southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives made any
where, time or place. Studio 228
Main St. Phono S20-J.
Walter J5. Bliss, special agent of
the Alliance Insurance Co., is In Med-
ford on business matters.
Buy Mcdford made candy at tho
Tho Parent Tbaclior elrclt of the
rtooserclt school will meet Friday af
ternoon Oct. 22, at the school build
ing. An Interesting program has been
arranged and a large attendance Is
Weston Camera Shop for first class
Kodak finishing and Kodak supplies.
II. D. Hood of Gold Hill spent Wed
nesday In the city attending to bus
, iness matters nnd visiting friends.
' "fislbor," tho colored print In this
month's Ladles' Home Journal, llavn
It framed bofore It bvromos spoiled.
Appropriate fratiiM specially priced
at GOc and 76c. The Sworn Studios.
Assistant Superintendent Krod
Hansen of the Southern Pacific spent
Tuosilny afternoon In Medford unof
ficial business.
Do Voo buys beer bottlos.
Moso Itarkdtill and J. K. noil re
turned Tuesday afternoon from a two
dnys squirrel hunt on tho middle fork
of tho Applogatc. Thoy report rog-
linont upon regiment of chipmunks
nnd tho Igrey spoclcs.
Shoo repairing guaranteed nt lll
den's. 201
Dob Anderson, William Welsh nnd
Churlc Hays, nil well known local
characters arrested on a chargo of
'- bootlegging linva beon takun from the
county jnll at Jacksonville to the
Multnomah oounty jail at Portland,
whero thoy await tho action of the
grand Jury at the February term of
the federal court.
Furs cluanod nt tho Pantorlum Dye
Jack F. Merrill of Gold Hill In vU-
T King In Portland, making tho trip by
a ti I ii, nnd whs haled boforo tho po
lice of tho Iloso city for leaving his
muohlne unllghtod in front of a big
business block. The pollco lot the
Gold Hill man off with a warning,
as It wns his first of rouse.
The best stylos, the host qualities
and tho best prlco nro found In tho
millinery dopartiuout of tho M. Ml
Dept. Sloro. !9C
Hoy llralnord of Montague, Col.,
spont tho first of the week In this
city attending to business manors.
Ono of tho wonders of the age,
Now IMIion Diamond Disc Phono
graph ooneurt onch day this woek.
Conie In and listen. Pnliuor Piano
Placo, Medford Hank building.
Hutto mils Wood Yard, Phono 18
or 313: wood nil kinds. 202
Mr. A J. Klocker or Grants Pat
i has rlufhyd to her homo arter visit-
Ing'frloMlSt kntl relatives In this city
for it fow ds.
At small oost with unexcelled ser
vice, wn nisk your elothos look new.
ftocohio ono of our satisfied patron.
All work guaranteed. Pantorlum V
Owing lo tho absence of Maor Km
ortuk on n hunting trip tho uiatnr
ekalr vwi oo$aed by Coum llinuit
Mtflfni"t tho rttwlnr meeting
Tuesday nlRht; '
Home iHKdo tnfy at He Voe's
CuMHtr $nprintnittHt or school
Persy 4, NVaiU o( JnekaoHvlllo spent
Tuesday afternoon In this city on bus
Hoe Dave Wood about that firs In
surance pollsy. Office Mall Tribune
Mob S Dwwl. CMblor of the First
National has bn named mh
0d HUNtfcneat la Comian 7 to uc
tMl It. X. Foster, who rioi a.
Itil8ii'n shoe repair shop moved
aorojis street tram old stand su i
George Older f Yrefcs, Cl . U
spending a few (Us in the cliv and
valley attending to butsnees maiter
If yau Hill loll m ) Tho v
Kelson uutrlaaMM all otaer luvmt.irH
will tell von why the New ICdUmi
Diamond Pl IMiooavaph muIcUmmh
all oihti com la and listen i'ai
tiir I'Utio Place.
Kiauk K.iinn of ftrtat Pass spent
TiH'BtWt In Mulforil atli uilln to iiti-
iHaas mature
Try on of those big Ice mm) 5 eent
milk-base at D Voe's.
JJugh ool iiriu sod wife, vill
linuwu in tlii iitv uk uilsluun
gpoitillug m r i hi
day (ytwi '" i-
Ulr,4 "' l4, N
UffjQ i l,.an. i
Thomas J'litv r at
m the 'it
'ill rekiliteft (.i
Holmes, In
,tkln.. C-4'
pending the evii in Msdfor.t atiemt
lug to busJnc k mat lira
iiutteraut prc(l ttt Le Voe i
i According to the police this lis-
been the lightest fall In resfr a far
as transient travel to California from
tho north is concerned. AftoV the
close of tho 1915 fair, a grutuA rush
is expected. To date there has Wn
but a halt dozen applications for a I
placo to sleep from wanderers. '
We prolong the life of yonr clothes
by careful cleaning, pressing, repair-j
ing or rellnlng. Pantorlum Dy
Works, 0 Fir St. North. Phone 111.
Chester Orchard of takvlewj Oro.,
Is among the out of town visitors in
the city this week.
When better insurance Is sold
Holmes Tho Insurance Man will sell
S. I). Holtnos of Kagle Point was
a business visitor In the city Tuesday
Palled ham and bacon at De Voe's
Tho United States weather bureau
at Washington, I). C, prodtcts rain
over tho ontlro Pacific Coast district
Thursday and Friday of this weok.
"No trospass" signs for salo at
Mall Tribune office,
Hloven applications for cltlzonshlp
will be heard before the circuit court
noxt wnok, the routine ranging from
first to third papers.
firing those old magazines nnd pe
riodicals to tho Mall Tribune for
At tho rogular meotlng of tho elty
council last night a liquor lleonso was
granted to Kennedy nnd Solsby.
Do Voc dollvnrs tho Orogonlan to
yoit cvory day for 76c a month.
Frank I'razler of Now York, n for
mer woll known rosldont of this clt
nnd valley, arrived Tuoeday to spond
n few weeks visiting old friends.
Chocolnto creams, caramels, chips,
poanuts, etc., only 30c n lb. at Dc
F. 8. Hramwoll and Alex Nlbloy of
the Oregon-Utah Sugar company, are
In Grants Pats to consult Josephine
county peoplo on the sugar beot situa
Drs. A. H. nnd I.oulso Hcdgos, chi
ropractic physicians, Stewart build
ing, 2(55 Knst Main St.
Governor Juuim Wlthyooinho and
party will attend the dedication of
tho Seventh company armory In this
.city, Wednesday, Octokoi- S7th, on
routo to the Oregon day exorcise at
tho 1916 fair. The twrty will spend
a dny In this city.
Fresh ronstod poanuts at Do Voe's.
A telegram was recolvod this morn
ing by W. II. Goro from Portland
ptatlng that tho condition or II. G.
Wortman showed a slight Improve
ment, that no Iminedlnto operation
would u necessary, that tho musolos
and )ervftn pf U stomach and, fJp-
unos snoweu signs ot resuming nnr-
mal funrtlons, and that tho situation
was Iinp4ful and tho patient choorful.
A diagnosis of Mr. Wortman's case
will b mads tomorrow. 1 1 was tak
en to Portland from this city Monday
following r recurrence of an old In
jury. Postage stamps at De Voe's.
Tho Medford baud will give Its first
band concert and danco at tho Nator-
lum this evening. Musical and vau
deville mi inborn with orchostra atdoeU
luus will be givon, after which a
dance will be hold. The prleu of ad
mission Is SS cents, and a large crowd
Is assured In miport of the most wor
thy of local Institutions. Tnb pro
train will bo under tho direction of
Director Curns.
Mrs. I.oaoli, export corsetlerro, ma
terial and fit gunranteod. 326 North
P. ('. Krlbs left this afternoon on a
business and pleasurt trip to Sun
rranclsto and Calirornia points.
Job Printing in all 1U branches nt
the Mail Tribun offl.e.
Hook tdndlng of nn k tid at the
Mall Tribune office
Hot Tamales at the Shasta
1 l7!P!aaL J
p NATIONAL COFFF.L WEEK. OCT. IS to 23 J3'iffilil Iffl '
Hiflw -Mi. js. ERMAAfAMEmCAN i. .t. full 5 ?fe-a. Psttl fc i
MMiS TB JtVk ,i.,n..W - .. l-tL.r BLm-mI - H 5JA'sH,&b 1 li
r)3 U Ria.,,'' ",l "" t'W''J J1 ' r'orlUnJ 1 iM5llT UiJ H
i- KBJlrll.'.-.. .--. &m JM !
g-xTn3-iiy-Cl-U-sr ?5L'atl,i6dirTrafe' siWs-Kk .-iE(l
f X t.' -jTpj.TUi --""ft-LV-.v- tB -M Lif.ralxi e i wf rai
Ki'tiKM:. ).. Met. jo i.r...-m i
ifit'in of be men in tin- Mapn-t
ehiilfh, to be Mutewwlt' lit wi'i'e. will
1m jwrfecteil at a banquet In hr held
la Cogette toniKlit ii roanm-timi Hfi
the unannl wtate rflbrtiiHofi of Dap-
tiU imw in 4ion. The objrrt of
tin orfanitaiinn wilt b In nit in
the ft4wfeft of the "live-year objii
tivr" jilnn. ndwtiHl by tm northern
ltn(it eonvrntion, whirh u.cludii
1.(H)0,0H) new metiilHi ; thtt phiciiur
of ,1000 mi-ionani in the field:
$2,000,00(1 endowment fund for the
iMinkbfn and mHtdonniiew' beneri
boon!-, ill.0llfl.000 for ailditional ed
ucntkjiial endowment .ind ettlilpment,
and an- m:nnnl ine.Htie of .fT,(IOn,(MMi
for iflinBiotmrKK and bcnvnletire.
Tlse objecliii, of the cfcttrcli a
ontlitttd if. (lie centra! theme of the
convention now in HHioh. The iriv
itu; or not )e than mie-tsiith ot the
iiienmo fs prnHMiml for iIk acrom-plliiut'iiU-RO
trWflnnnee' ore
coC(4rum. . ' ,'J ;.
FOItT SMITH, Ark , Oct. JO
Sevan men on trial charged with con
spiracy to defraud the government In
the manufacture of moonshine whis
key, pleaded guilty, in tho Unltod
States district court hero today. Sen
tence will be paaeed tomorrow. The
case against Fred Howies of Fort
Smith, tho eighth derondant, was dis
missed. The caaos agnlnst the defend
ant went to trial osierdR-.and their
action today was a surprise.
I.ONDOX, Oct. .0. -The condition
of I'rtmitr Asnith, who w$ nfeddm
lv tahen ill yeterda. was. deeiibed
bv liw pliician at ikhiu lotlav u
.aliilact..i. The- following bulletin
wn jnen eut:
"The prime miniier iiuh1 u mi(
iofnclon, nij:bt. Ills condition im
provcit. 1rV will be confiaed to hit.
room nil dny."
( ConttuHsa trom jmgo ono)
that uewiNHtcis in the Tinted Siute
wcrv (uutiitr leader of the Cnthollo
mrty in Mexico as saying that a ie
ounilhin of I he (.'mitbm go vui uuwnt
was an msult to the Cat boh t church
"This meswige add," aid Car
ransa, "that they holn us reiponinl
for the uusinatioiu in the
The firt thai Moiled a he laid
down the lHket, Knyinjr: "I will lauvr
it U ou how i,' any I hatt killed. All
tho i 'at holies lhal have keen iMininHrd
havoheoa mmihcd bn-mute IIm hav
taken iwit in i..inic.
UMrardnitf V-. h t"i . ' ! -
ic:n ttinliHo- in t. in d 'i iIm i
Wile. iliC iillv ,l I . ,
i'iit. ii it i ibii . 'It
ll -I Ii" Willi ., I , ill '
i,i . i ii.'i i ii il ,i , .ii - 1 1 '
S B! 1 OF
The SO-50 ri'boading plan for the
p tBosjdns was hog tied at
taa -tgaiar nftetlaa of the city coun
cil Tuoaday nlfcht. tnroMRh an after
thought by City Attorney McCabe,
who ruled that It could not bp sub
mitted to a vote of the people with
the JHwynskt scheme. He fore' giving
this decisis '1h opined that both
could stand upon their own foet. In
accordance, the Medynskl plan was
read, and approved. Then the 60-60
plan was road and approved. Then
City AltornOy McCabe dec a rod that
tho council's action upon the last ap
proved plan was invalidated by the
action of the approval of tho Mcdyn
ski plan, and ptoved his contention
by producing the city charter. The
news stHpaffed the supportors of tho
&0-50 plan, who adjourned until to
night to reconsider the proposition.
Councilman llargronvc charged
that City Attorney McCabe double
crossed tho majority of the council,
In his enthusiasm for tho .Mcdynskl
plan, mid that a trap wan laid and
exctuted with somo skill. All Attor
ney McCabo mtld was that ho was
following the law, and that If there
waa a trap he knew nothing about
It. Judgo Crews spokp in favor ot
the Mcdynekl (dan, nnd urged that
they bo voted upon separately. He
loft boforo Attorney McCabe's final
decision was made upon the matter.
The city nttomey also charged that
the majority of the council ignored
him until last night.
The council will hold n mooting to
night In an effort to find a wny out
of the difficulty, and save the S0-S0
plan, but tho chances soora slim. Tho
Medynskl plait has an aco In the hole,
mid Is going to Keep It there.
AMHTi:itlM. t't. -.- Ze,,elin.
are hrfuy ud b licimnnv fr tin
deteune of ri niiiirrcc awMin-t attack-,
by ltrithh ond lt-iHii Milimrtrmi-,
aceordiiir to a dispatch from Hcrlin.
It i tnlcl tliat the tleimei' Scoti.i
of SteLtui. Pr6ia. bound trom
i Sweden- lo Stettin with a cn-go i'
ore, w WMHOl lv a Hritih uhnin-
nne off wimbolm. In irplx to wire
le. cnlln for aRitiincc, n .cppcliu
iiddniv a pi red, whcn-uMm the
submnnui- wibwiei (fed nmi diMMi-
STOMACH TltOl'lll.i:
IMiaation la largely a mechanical
process. When there are stomach
troubles there Is usually a weakness
of the muscles upon which digestion
so largel depends. To strengthen
these muscles and overcome stomach
trouble our druggists, tho Medford
Pharmacy, guarantee Vino!, a relia
ble nou-werrrt reaied, which con
tains iron to purify and enrich tho
blood, the medicinal extractives of
frerb cod livers, without oil and tho
noiirishlnK iroporties ot beef peptone.
all!'.l in a natlxe
win" H hi arc suffering from
.tjin . h ' ible, it ll ih jou to
I LONDON, Oct. 20. lleccntly there
I has been a sweeping roundup of
I spies and suspects of various kinds
I by the German authorities In Bel-
glum, according to messages from the
tmtch frontier. It Is said there have
been hundreds of arrests and scores
of executions. The roundup followed
the begltjnlng, of the Anglo-French
activity on toe western ironi.
rimwrai vnn niaslni; Nsued a lone
pioclaiuatlou containing reforences
u ii - i fc- . .
"None for You, Teddy!"
Can't blame a boy for koepiug all he can get of tho
mSVV xoasties
You'll know why when you taste the new delicious flavour along with a
body and tender enspness that don't mush ''own in cream.
In the new process of manufacture, intense heat expands the interior
moisture, raising little pearl-like "puffs" on each flake a distinguishing fea
ture of tho
New Post Toasties
Your grocer has them now.
... Announcement ."
Best Quality and Lowest Prices will be
the Policy of the New Firm.
Everybody will get a square doal and courteous treat
ment.hore. I have been placed in charge as manager. Have
had eleven years' experience in this business in tho
Middle West before coming to Medford, understand
the business thoroughly and solicit a sharo of the
patronage for the new firm.
S. L. LEONARD, Manager '.;;,.
i 4
Crater Lake Hardware Co.
20, 1915
to "attempts by Dolglans to ondan
jfdr the safety of the German army."
and threatening penalties of tho ut
most severity against nny person de
tected committing offenses against
the specially devised codo of regula
tions for the conduct of civilians.
Immediately after this proclama
tion came a series of wholesale ar
rests In various parts of the country,!
including many persons of high social '
standing, who were accused either of
espionage or assisting in the escape!
' of Hclglan. French or English por-
sons. There followed, alfojgs said,
- - ' !;'-- . ' -
rt 1
WSi AriftlP S
Tho Shapleigh Hardware Company stock, ono of the
newest and most up-to-date stocks of Hardware,
Stoves, Sporting Goods, etc., in Southern Oregon, has
been purchased by W. C. Adams of Chicago and is
now open for business nt tho old stand, 323 East Main
numerous military trJuls for the ar
rested civilians, the result of which
Is known In only 'n 'few cases.
In Other Woidx, Wounded Soldiers
Ate AtuayK Welcome
(From Hie Edinburgh. Scotland, Ev
ening News.)
In nddrcsH at a concert for wound-
ed soldiers, tho chief speaker of tho
evening said; v (
"I am indeed glad toee inauj of
you-pieseut this evening;.''
Wltq Medford trHe Medtord made.
' ' " "' '1 ' - -