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Medford Mail Tribune
Rain Tonight mill Saturday.
Max. 85.5; Min. 40.5.
Forty-fifth Year.
Dnlly--Tpnth Yfar.
NO. .105
British Cease Attacks -anti Germans
Make Progress French Attacks
Fail Paris Reports Continued
Progress by French Forces on Ger
man Trenches.
IlKRIilN', Oct. I (by wireless lo
Tuckcrton). Tlio British bavo cens
ed their allneks ami Iho Gcnnnns
bnve made further progress north of
I.oo.i, the war office niinounccil to
day. All French attacks cast of Sou
chcz, north of Neuvillo ami iu Clmm
pagno failed.
Tho German war office announced
today that during September there
were, captured on the Russian front
about !IG,OQ0 men, 37 cannon and 298
machine guns.
Frciirli Claim lit)(;rei
PARKS, Oct. 1. In tho Rival bat
tle in thcAitois district, tho French
have made further progress, by means
of attack with baud grenades on
(Icrmun trenches. Announcemcnl to
this effect was made today by the
war office,
hi the Champagne n German counter-attack
near Maisons Dc Cham
nnirno was checked.
Tho Ocnians violently bombarded
French t replies near Soapier, north
of tho Aisnp, but made no infantry
attack. V
A Million IliltNt
LONDON;' Oct, 1. The French are
Iteming tho irunl of tlio fighting now
in progress on tho western front.
They are hiniiueriiig at the second
German linf iii Champagne, iu tho
direction of the Grand Pre railway,
and nt tho htme time dropping bomb
on tho lino and stations to prevent
the Germain' from bringing up rein
Inrccments. Absence of news from
the llritifh front apparently indi
cates that (bo forces are occupied
with consoliniting their positions in
the strip of t iritory recently won.
The Hritixi force now in Franco
are estimated at a round million men,
which will bf iiicre.ued by .10(1,(100.
Daily Icngtluning "f "" obituary
columns of tli- London newspapers is
beginning to iicnsuro tho price paid
bv the lli-itNi for their recent of
JViihive. There is no notable change on the
battle front f the east.
HiilRuriii has not replied to the
Mipgestion of (treece that bhe demob
WALLA WAILA, Wash., Oct. 1.
F.hnpr llolman, ho recently conic
I to tho einhne. element of $18,300 of
the funds of lie Farmers' Saving
bank of this c. y, of which he was
teller and chid accountant, pleaded
Riiilty in the superior court this morn
ing to larceny by embezzlement and
wns sentenced to from two to fif
teen years in th state reformatory at
jrouroe. The information filed Wed
nesday had been ameuded aud Hol
ninn was heiibnecd on a charge of
i mbczzlement of $10,000.
Tl'ItlN', ltab Oct. 1 A nul-
gnrlan patrol it Trltchouko Is
reported to have attacked Ser-
blan sontlneU. k retreated.
Tlio Hulgars crowed I"'8 So'
Inn territory, wkero thoy ro-
malnod sooeral !'" "lEar-
Ian troops art Mil jt d,B"
.. .. ..,i,iv. .ii Miiiii: mv ti-
tier and protection! D wUU
. . . . . . n.llniAlll.
Motion Picture Patents Company Is
Ordered Dissolved by District
Court at Philadelphia Opens for
First Time a Free Market to Pro
ducers of Picture Plays.
United Slates district court today
decided the anti-trust dissolution suit
against tho Motion Picturo Patents
company, in favor of tho Rovcrnment.
Tho defendants named in the orig
inal petition of complaint besides the
Motion Picture Patents company aVo
tho General Film company, Biograph
company, Thomas A. Kdison, Inc.,
Fssnnay Film Manufacturing com
pany, the Kalem company, Inc., Goe.
Klcine, Lubin Manufacturing com
pany, Melios Manufacturing com
pany, Pathe Freres, tho Zelig Poly
scope company, tho Vitagraph com
pany, Frank L. Dier, Henry B. Mar
in and Samuel Long.
In Itcstrabd of Tnnl
The court in its decision states thai
all the contracts enumerated iu tho
government's petition nnd tho com
bination therein described wero a
conspiracy in restraint of trade' and
therefore illegal, and that they con
stituted, with the exception of the
operations of tho Melics Manutnc
turiiiR company, a monopoly iu viola
tion of tho nnti-trust laws.
Tho court made no suggestions as
to how tho alleged combination was
to be dissolved, but requested that a
decree bo submitted for approval. It
is probable that tho case will bo
taken lo the supremo court.
The court declared that the grant
inir of a patent does not confer a li
cense to do that which the law for
bids. Tho court found that tho de
fendants wero far beyond what was
necessary to protect patent rights
and Hint their acts constituted a vio
lation of the anti-trust laws.
Monojioly Organized
It was charged by the government
that the'allcged monopoly was form
ed in 1008 by virtually all the man
ufacturers of moving picture films in
the country, tinder an agreement
mado by these concerns, it was nl
loged the Motion Picture Patents
company was made tho holding con
cern of nearly all the patents that
have been issued. A list of theaters
and mining picture places was pro
pared and no film cxihniige, it was
alleged, was allowed to dibtrihute
films to any exhibitor except those
named on the list. Uniform prices
and rules wero made, it was further
alleged, and if the film exchanges did
not observe the orders of tho so
called trust their supply was cut off.
The suit was tiled August 10, 1IMJ
nn.l final nnrument was heard in De
cember, 101 1. Tho suit was conduct,
ed for tho government by F.dwin P.
Giosvcnor, sMeial assistant to the
attorney general.
1'ive Market for Producers
LOS ANGHLKS, Cal., Oct. 1. The
effect of tlio decision nt Philadel
phia, it was declined by independ
ent motion picturo companies here,
would ho to open for the first time a
free market to producors of picture
The Motion Picture Patents com-
(Contlnucd on pngo three)
REDDING, Cal., 0t. 1. The great
mud tlow that auept down Hot Creel;
alley here on May S!2 during tho
eruption of Lassen peak, covering the
alley for a dUtnwo of 30 milos with
a blanket of mud, lm turned out to
be n benefit rather than a detriment,
according to rqKirU banod upon the
Two ranchc near tb head of the
valley, whro tho mud flow wax dou
vt, wre badly dtwwigod, hnt lowei
down the alley wbr the mud
spread wut thin it 4il Not ftMothr
tk grtuiic cniw, but, wt Out otktw
baud. actd frtiliar. Th crop
of alfulfu Wantd ut Hut Crwk
llv i- rorled to be the hemict
cer Lutiwu theie. '
OFFfNilVtl L00H ,
FRANCO- ) F'RAa. ' . J
British 'V'Cte. W- r
WASHINGTON', Oct. 1. Unless
Captain Von Papen, tho German
military attache, is voluntarily with
drawn by his government, indications
today wero that within a short time
tho United States would request his
All tho pajicrs carried by James F.
J, Archibald, the American corre
spondent involved iu tho cne of Dr.
Diimha, Iiavo now been placed before
state department officials, and while
final decision will await the return ot
Secretary Lansing, it became known
today that the documents disclose a
transgression of diplomatic propri
eties on Von Pnpen's pnit, such as
caused the recall of the Austrian
In the documents now iu possession
of tho Mato department aro four
cipher letters from Dr. Dumba, sotno
from Captain Vou Papeu, and one, it
is believed, from Count Von Hern
storff, although on tho hitter point
official confirmation was lacking.
Thece was nothing, so far as offic
ials would disclose, which indicated
that tho German ambassador had
violated diplomatic proprieties.
LONDON', Sent. 21, (Correspond
ence ot tho Associated Press),
Nearly a dozen French aviators, all
ot them picked men, bavo como to
Holland to aid Ilrltlsh flyers In keep
ing off Zeppelins, according to a re
port current in London.
Tho air patrol of Parts lias been
remarkably effective. Though tho
battle lino Is less than sixty inllea
from tho city, Paris has been prac
tically Immune for months from air
attacks, an Immunity doubtless duo
to tbo fact that day and night French
hlrdmcn aro on tho wing over tho
DKNVEIt, Oct. 1. With U Indus
trial plan completed John D. Rock
efeller Jr. today was preparing for a
conference at Pueblo tomorrow, at
which the project will bo submitted
to tho officers of tho Colorado Fuel
and Iron company, tho superintend
ents of tho company's mines, and tho
grievance representatives elected by
the miners at each camp.
In a statement, tho mine owner
characterized Ills suggostlou for But
tling tho-rolatlons between labor aud
capital as 'broader and more duino
crutle than uulonlsm," beoause It
dealt with all classes of workuicu
whether union pr not."
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 Charles C.
Glover, president of tho RIrks Nation
al bank, and William J. Flathor, vice
president nnd II. H. Flather, cashier,
wero Indicted today for perjury In
connection with tho bank's recent
suit against Secretary McAdoo and
Comptrpllcr Williams.
Four indlctmch'tir wero returned
against each of tho hank officials,
who aro charged with making an af
fidavit which set forth that tho bank
never has engaged iu stock mnrkot
transactions and had no transactions
with .ewls Johnson & Company, n de
funct firm of local stock brokers.
Attorneys for Secretary McAdoo
and Comptroller Williams contended
at tho trial of tho bank's suit that tho
books of Lewis Johnnon & Company
showed many transactions In tho
names of the hank officials named.
Tho Indictments aro a sequel to tho
suit of tho bank, which alleged that
Secretary McAdoo and Comptroller
Williams, becaiiHO of personal ani
mosity toward somo of tho banks of
ficers had conspired to Injure tho In
stitution by withdrawing public de
posits, making extraordinary de
mands for special reports, and flually
by Imposing a fine of f G000 upon tbo
bank for failure to maka a certain re
port called for by the comptroller.
Tho district supremo court dismiss
d all tho charges tho bank mado
against tho secretary aud tho comp
troller, but left undecided tho ques
tion of tho IT.OOO fino.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 Ellas R.
Monfort of Cincinnati, O., was today
elected command-ln-chlot of tho
Grand Army of tho Republic. Tbreo
candidates wero nominated. Thoy
wero Frank O. Colo of Jersey City,
N, J., William J. Patterson of Pitts
burgh, and Captain Monfort. Tho
contest was between tho now com-mander-ln-mhlef
and tho New Jersey
candldato. Colo withdrew aud tho
election of Captain Monfort was mado
unanimous. Tho new commander-in-chief
was formerly postmaster at
The voto was as follews:
Monfort, 530: Colo, 231; Patterson
As soon as the voto was announced
the two candidates having tho lowest
voto moved that Captain Montort's
election be mado unanimous.
George II. Slay bough of Washing
ton. D, C, a treasury department
employe, was elected senior vlco com
mander. Tho army nurses of tho Civil war
today olueted Mrs. Alleo O. Rlsloy of
Jufforsou City as its pronlduut.
Colonol Ambroso H. II. Slovens of
Cincinnati, was Installed as com-mandor-ln-cblet
of tho Sons of Veterans.
The scene of tho present offensive
oi uio nines lorees in l-rnm'o is
shown on tho accompanying ninv
Ilrititsh and French m terrific on
slmights in tho region of Lillo and
Lens swept back tho Gorman lino for
nearly a distance of two miles, cap
turing Hill 70, Kouehez, north of Ar
ras, and the ullngo of Loos, aud
breaking tho German lino on both
sides of Le Dnssce canal. Southeast
in the Champagne u French offens
ive, mites iu length, has cut deep into
the German lines and menaces the
army of the crown princo in
noinlibnrlmoit of Verdun.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. Dismissal
of six midshipmen, suspension of four
othors for ono year without pay, and
tho demotion to tho next lowest class
of fifteen others, wns announced bV
Secretary Daniels todoy as tho result
of tho recent hazing Investigation at
Annapolis nnval academy,
Thoso dlsmlsped aro Robert S. La
motto, first class: David Gllck, noc
ond class, nnd Alexandor R. Dolling,
Charles D. Tuley, Edward II. Hill,
and Dwlght C. Cook of tho third class.
Tho navy court which Investigated
tho charges recommended tho dismis
sal of nine,
Secretnry Daniels .Issued tho fol
lowing statement:
"This action Is takon with determi
nation that hazing of all kinds Is to
bo ended nt tho naval acadomy. Thero
Is uo room nt tho academy for any
man who can not oboy tho law of the
United States congress. It has boon
estimated that It cost 112,000 to edu
cato a man for tho navy. In tho unvy
tho first duty Is to obey orders. If
at tho acadomy a man can not obey
toh ordors of the superintendent and
an act of congress, ho demonstrates
that ho lacks tho first and essential
qualities rcqiilrod for a naval offi
Tho homo addresses of tho nix dis
missed midshipmen follews:
Lnmotto, eSattlo, Wn.; Gllck, Pitts
burghj Dolling, 1'hllndolphla; Tuley,
Loulsvlllo, Ky.; Hill, Moscow, Idaho;
and Cook, Cincinnati, O.
Midshipmen whoso sentences wero
commuted to a year's suspension
without pay are: w. C. Dllcock, Duf-
falo, N. Y.j Joseph 8. lvos, Dards
town, Ky.; Paul D. Dlngwell, Paw
tucket, R. I.; David P, Mlnard, Aber
deen, S. C. Thoso men anil thoso dis
missed from tho service, wero found
guilty on mnro than ono count of
huzlng and In several cases of un
truthfulness on tho stand. Secretary
Dautols refused to dlscloso which ot
the cases Involved falsehood charges.
Pat Swayno of the Applognto re
ports that James Hogg, former em
ploye of Swnyne'i., who worked for
him all summer, hut. diuppourcd, and
foul play is mupoetod. Ho left two
wut'U ago with a man named JJradley
on a pnnpucting trip. Hogg had put
up $7.1 for tho oxpeiuoa of the trip.
.Shortly after Dnftllay returned and
reported that Hogg had been injured
in tho mine and taken to the Granta
Pass hospital. Inquiry proved thix
information fulso. Hradloy sold a
mare to 5iMrk Watkins of Wntkins.
trivinK him a bill of exle. Thn ho
renohl tlio nwiro to a nun nt Oak Iter,
on tho KInimhIIi rivor, fur $78. Tin
double sale wa dhjeortirod wIimi th
veeoiid puruhuior doiuumW the animal.
npATH I IQT 7n
"Lll I 1 1 LIU I I J
New Orleans Has 19 Dead, 200 In
jured, $7,000,000 Property Do
slroyed Mississippi Coast Loses
13 Dead, Scores Mission, $2,000,
000 Damage Franler, La., 25 Dead
RATON ROUGH, La., Oct. 1. Tho
death list of tho hurrlcano now Is ex
pected to reach t!5 or 70. Property
damago will mount Into tho millions.
Tho losses so far as now known aro
distributed as follews:
Now Orleans, 10 dead, 200 Injured
Property lots moro than 17,000,000.
Mississippi coast, 1.1 dead, scores
Injured or missing. Properly loss
estimated at $2, 000,000.
Frcnlor, La., 25 dead, about 20
Injured. Property damago to rail
AIoiik (Jnlf Const.
NASUV1LLW, Tonn., Oct. 1. Ac
cording to railroad officials lioro,
persons who visited Rlgololn nnd
Dunbar, La., a few miles from Mobllo,
In a boat yostorday, reported that
both towns had practically been
wiped off tho map by tho gulf storms.
NI3W ORLKANS, Oct, 1, by cour
ier to Raton Rouge Nineteen known
dead, probably 200 Injured nnd dam.
ago to buildings, wlro circuits, rail
roads, Bhlpplng and other proporty
In Now Orlonns and vicinity ostlmat
od at sovoral mlllon .dollars, was tho
toll exacted by tho hurrlcano which
swept tno city Wednesday nnd was
coneedod to bavo been tho worso over
experienced in this section. These
flgurso wero compiled hero Into yes
terday. Of tbo known dead ten woro
white and nine wero negroes.
Thrco negroes lost tholr lives In
Algiers, ncrois tho rjvor from boro
nnd six Iu Now Orleans nnd suburbs
That tho storm causod heavy prop
orty loss and possibly many casualties
In Southern Louisiana as far west as
Morgan City and especially noar Hou
ina, Is feared. Railroad men arriv
ing from Morgan City reported no
loss ot llfo at that place.
From Indications tho full forco ot
tho storm swjpt over tho neighbor
hood of Houinn at about 9 a. m. Wed
nesday, stated that many refugees
wero arriving thero from Gulf coast
Crops throughout tho district visit
cd by tho hurrlcano woro almost to
tally destroyed.
Fears aro felt for tho safety of res
Idonts along both banks of tho Miss
issippi south of hero, Last word from
tho section around tbo mouth ot tho
river enmo today In a wireless mes-
sago from tho steamer Croolo, anchor
ed off St, Phllllpp. Captain Jacobs
reported that tho water was flowing
over tho levees nnd thnt many Iioubos
ulong tho banks had boon swopt away.
Captain Mongcs nnd throo mombors
of tho crow of tho tug Corsair and
throo fluolB of bargos sank while tho
storm was at its hlghost.
Mayor Rehrman has Issued a state
ment declaring tho city had no need
of outside assistance Ho believed
tho property loss In tho city and en
virons would reach sovoral million
Klovcn small craft sank In tho har
bor hero during tho storm aud six
8toamshlps woro' damaged. Tho
United States converted yacht Stran
ger, assigned to tho Louisiana naval
mllltla, was rammed by tho hugo dry
dock at tho naval station nnd wont
to tho bottom, Tho gunboat Petrol
was In tho dry dock nt tho time. Tho
monitor Amphltrlto was driven
Direct communication will bo im
possible for sovornl days. Tho cot
ton and all other exchanges remain
ed closed.
ST. JOSHPJI, Mo., O.'t. l.-IIiiu-draltf
of dmoerutH from all over
MUnouri assombled here today to eel
ohmtu ''Champ Clurk day." Tho
(Meting was planned as n donioustru
Uou ot Missouri's affection for the
jwnktr of tho national hoiiio of rop
rwMiiUUittfH. Tho sponkor, bin wife
and daughter, Sirs. Jmuuu Thump
on ut Mew Oilcan, wero hue.
Dr. Ncwo Ncwl New Accused of Using
Malls to Defraud Is Man of Many
Aliases Taught Immortality At
tained by Dieting and Right Living
Pronounced a Fraud.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cnl., Oct. 1.
Dr. Ncwo Nowi New, who for months
lias lectured at tho Panamn-Pacifio
exposition in tho rolo of archbishop
of tbo New Thought church nnd pres
ident of tho New Thought university,
wns arrested today by federal offic
ers charged with using tho mails to
defraud. Mario Tally Graham, bis
assistant nt tho exposition, was do
tnined by tho officers nn n witness.
Roth wero found nt Dr. New's apart
ments. Both men nnd women nro nllcgod
by tho government to bavo been vic
timized by the Now Thought ndvo
cate. It is alleged ho charged $100
for n courso iu tho university which
did not exist, $5 for n diploma and
ijtf for his "bible," "New Thought
Many Itrnncbcs Established
Branches of tho cult wero estab
lished by Dr. New in Now York, Chi
cago, Philadelphia nnd recently in
Loa Angeles nnd Seattle, it is alleg
ed. Dr. Now nlso operated in Boston
in 1001) ns head of tho New Life
Jfnny nlinses are given in tl'Q gov
crnmeul'fl complaint and his tmo
name is given as John Fair. Among
tho persons mentioned in tbo com
plaint mo Dr. Mario Sceah, G. M.
Beatty, 1L IL Doolittle, T. jr. Gron
ondyke, Mary K. Whittokind, Frances
Zimmerman, Jfrs. F. A. Brnuohor nnd
Vcrnn Williams. Correspondence war
carried on with men nnd women in
cities all over tho country, it is said.
Immortality, moral purity and tho
power to euro all mortal diseases, tho
complaint alleges, .wero qunlities
claimed by tho "archbishop," al
though "ho possesses no such power,
diviuo or otherwise."
Indulged hi All Vices
On the contrary, tho complaint ns
scrts, Dr. Now indulges in all tho
vices nnd indiscretions of tho ago,
tucli as gounuandixiug, drinking uU
coholio liquors' to excess nnd using
profane Innguagc."
Tho alleged "archbishop" was pre
sented with u bronzo commemorntivfl
medal by Joseph M. Gumming, secre
tary to the president of tho exposi
tion on August 28 in cciemonios thnt
celobrntcd "National New Thought
Science day" at tho exposition.
Immortality may bo attained in this
world by dieting nnd righteous liv
ing, Dr. Now sot forth, nnd, accord
ing to (ho government's allegations,
"falsely holds himself nut to bo nn
example of his own. dootriuo, claim
ing that ho is now 85 years of ag9,
whon, in truth, bo ih not to exceed
II) or 'l.rj yonrs of ago."
Purity u Pretense.
Dr. Now's purity, tho complaint
nllogos, was n proteuso, nnd it status
he was "at all timoa doing theso
things which appeal to tho baser na
ture of mankind."
Dr. New was a figure nl tho expo
sition who attracted much attention
in tho Palace of Education. His tall
form ulwayrf was gaibcd in white nnd
he beiuino tho editor of n cult com
posed largely of women.
Much of tho information on which
tbo government based its complaint,
it U said, was obtained from women.
LONDON, Oct. 1 Foreign
Secrotary Groy announced this
nftornoon that Gorman aud Aus- 4
i' trlan officers wero arriving In
Bulgaria to direct tbo Uulgarlan
army, Tho secretary said this
was a faet which tho alllos "ro-
rd with tko utmost graclty."