Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, September 10, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    rtWW K.lMMI''Blt 4w
Office Mall Tribune Building. 35-17-28
North Fir atrcot; telephone 76.
The Democratic Times, The Med ford
Mall, The Hertford Tribune, The South
trn Oregonlan, The Ashland Tribune
)n year, by mall IB UU
)r month by mm I 60
it-liit riMi ii) arrl'r li
rnouiu jacKsonviii
nd Centrul I'olnt . ... 60
Saturday only, by mall, per year 2.0C
Weekly, per year 1.C0
Official Paper of the City of Med ford
orflclal Paper of Jackson County
Entered as second-claaa mtittor at
Med ford Oregon under (he act of March
I 1879.
a worn Circulation for 1914, 2SB8
Fuirienned wire Annnclntnd Vrinn din
Hktclie fim.
V 4, -t.
i HuLk.'.l' ' rn tullli r To rm'OlTB
pajwra promptly, phone oircu-
latlon Manager at 2i.e
Illadstlcct nnd Dunn best fortuno
In malllago plartnorslp, man nlln-
oameo silent plartnor.
A German Mobilization?
(From the Tort Daly, 111., Chronicle)
Kay Cain of tho roadmastor'a of
fice ot tho I. 0. and John Kcary of
tho signal and rond dopartmont, both
Irish, attondod Sauerkraut day at
AoUloy yesterday.
A Htimnn-Xntiiro Onnt.
iThoro Is n Lazy Thought which wings
Around my head and hums;
"Although I llko to work nt thlnga
I'm glad whon Sunday comes."
A. O. U. In Judgo.
A 1'crtlncnt Question.
Tho Fond Mother Nlco girls novor
put thoinsolvcs forward boforo tho
Tho WIso Daughtor Thon how do
tho mon find out that thoy'ro nlco?
War ns tho Uasplmll Van Seoa It,
Ilulgarla A good playor all tho
managers aro after, but who still
waits for hlghor salary.
Japan Can play any position nnd
makes all tho maangors nervous.
Russia A big fellow, but ho slow
ho has to mako a homer In ordor to
got to first.
Ilolglum Tho Innocent npoctntor
who was hit by a foul ball.
Turkoy A pitcher who looked
caBy, but who Is muklng n lot of
Undo Sam Tho man who owns
lh' pop. peanut and refreshment prlv
gp :,1 Wilson Tho umplro In Mexico
whoso Judgment goes but who never
satisfies anybody.
War Correspondents Tho mon
who can't get Into tho press Htaud bo
causo tho manngors lmvo given all tho
seals to tholr friends.
Czar Tho manager with loads ot
substitutes, but too fow regular play,
ors. Waltor Cnmp in Collier's Wcok-
A llld for latino
(From tho Webb City, Mo., Register.)
lloth aro well known having been
born, reared and educated In tho
public schools of this city.
Stella's Ilurgnlu (Vuutcr
Many collogo youths would llko to
go In for illation managing nn
Many things which "soil llko hot
cakes" nro burning shames.
At tho lKif Khow
A dog show Is a bad plnco to dis
cuss secrets too many tull-bcnrors
Don't try to throw tho bull ho's
got a bad blto.
Most of tho dogs lmvo enough Irish
In them to appreclato n fi loudly pat.
Tho only nafo way to lot dog-oat-dog
Is to feed 'om w loners.
Tho nvorago bonch dog Is Just "too
dear for anything'" oxcopt for tho
follow with u lot of oinuey lo eparo.
Tho show bench Is tho only placo
for mother not to worry about liar
boy going to tho dogs.
As a matter ot fact, n registered
fulltbloodcd dog hasn't uiy more
blood than a poor mongrel.
A watch dog can ulwajra toll n
tramp tho timo to go.
It you troat a dog right, k may
becomo vory much atiuoawl to you
ditto if you don't treat him right.
j, u, Maicuiu. m
her ambassador to the
itcrCermg in the internal relations of the nation hy con
)iring to cripple legitimate industries, "a flagrant viola
tion of diplomatic propriety."
Dr. Dumba served notice upon all Austrians employed
in factories making supplies for the allies that if they did
not quit work they would be guilty of treason and. subject
ot twenty years' imprisonment or hanging. In other words
the Austrian government, through its envoy, attempts to
supercede the United States
domestic affairs, declaring
country should be ruled by
the seas instead of tho American law.
Austria furnished money
corruption of labor leaders,
.tltcmpls to supercede American law in America by Aus
trian law, because the United States has followed historic
precedent and permitted the shipment of supplies o bel
ligerents regardless of nationality.
Not Dr. Dumba, but Austria, is to blame if the envov
was merely carrying out instructions of bin g""nimenf.
as ho asserts. IIis recall mav
by making him the ''goat" and prevnif ;i veiious breach
between the nations, but it docs not evusco) pn Ilia to Aus
trian arrogance.
But Dr. Dumba's admitted activities nn not a bit more
reasonable than the actions of the Ocmum embassy in in
terfering in the domestic relations of the United States by
conducting an extensive pro-German propaganda in en
deavoring to influence by corruption public opinion, in as
sailing the American government, in destroying munition
factories, financing strikes, crippling industry, creating
discord and fomenting disloyalty among naturalized Amer
icans. The only difference is that, while all trails lead to
tho Gorman embassy, Bernsdorff has not yet been ''caught
with the goods" as was Dumba.
The war-mad monavchs of Europe seem to think their
divine right to rule extends over the world and that Amer
ican citizens arc their serfs and the United States a vassal.
Otherwise they would not attempt to dictate the policy
l i r i
ucsireu in a lorcign nniion.
The actions of both Austria and Germany constitute an
invasion of American rights and an insult to the nation.
"Germany over all" docs not yet include the United Stales
AMONG the peace proposals offered by Germany is the.
An Intornntlonnl agrcomont on tho freedom of tho scnB guaranteeing
prlvato property at soa immuno from attack by naval forces.
Freedom of the sea sounds fine, but freedom of the land
is a great deal more important.
Only comparatively few live on the sea, while hundreds
of millions inhabit the land. The freedom of the hundreds
of millions to the land they utilize is of far more concern
to humanity than tho freedom of the sea.
It would be a fine thing
ucrmanv to have tho world guarantee its freedom on the
sea while it overran the land with its armies the ships of
its private citizens maintaining its commerce and feed
ing it.
When tho land is free from invasion by the conqueror,
when it becomes impossible to seize and dismember a Pol
and, to grab and tyrannize a Finland, to devastato and an
nox a Belgium, to invade and destioy a Transvaal republic,
it will bo timo to talk freedom of tho sea.
But evan freedom from invading tyranny docs not
spell freedom of the land. The land of Hungary, of Galicia,
of many other European countries is in the hands of an in
finilosmal portion of tho population owned by tho crown
or a worthless parasite nobility, liven in our own country
land monopoly and the withdrawal of land from use is one
of Jjic fundamental causes of tho povertv of the masses.
WASHINGTON, Sopt. 10. A Blip-
plomentnry analysis of crop conditions
In tho United States on Sopt. 1, an
nounced today by tho dopartmeut of
agrlculturo Indicated a slight im
provement in prospects during tho
last month. Tho composlto condi
tion of nil crops was C.5 per cent
above their ten joar nvorago, com
pared with a condition of 3.S per
cont nbovo that nvorago on August 1.
(IKNnVA, Kept. 10. Two French
aviators wore killed nt Deymgen, Al
bftco, wltni their macliiuo (struck
barbed wire entanglement nu thoy
wore making u landing, etuibing the
e.ploion of linuiltH aboard the novo
plane. They hail been foreed to le
boeml lieeatuM of motor trouble. The
airman were buried by tho Germans
with miliiaiv honor.
IM'tillUltllA.V AUTO aU CO.
Timo TuWo
Loavo Medford daily except Sun
day for Ashland Talent and Phoonlx
at S n. lu., 1.18. ISO and 5:15 nnd
10:15 p. m. (Satunlay at 11:16 p.
in.) Sunday loavo at S.00 and 11:00
a. in., 1:00, 5:00 and 9 30 p. m.
Loavo Askland daily except Sunday
at 9:00 a. m , 12 50. S 30. 4:30 and
7:00 p, in, and Sunday at 10 00 a.
, IX noon, 4:00, 0 and 10:30 p. m.
requested Austria to recall
United States, Dr. Dumba, for
government in the conduct of
that Austrian subjects in tins
the will of the monarch across
for the use by Dr. Dumba, for
for the inciting ot strikes and
offer a wnv out f the tanin
for a military-mad nation like
ALIIAXY, N. Y Sept. 10.-The
strike on the United Traction com
pany lines which has tied up nil eity
traffic in Albany, Troy, Cohoes, Wn
tervliet and Green Island since Mon.
day, waa bottled early today. Cars
resumed operations on nil linen.
Tho disputed point whether tho
agreement between the company and
itH employed permits tho discipline of
motonuon nnd conductors by either
the gonoral superintendent or division
superintendents will ho decided by n
board of nrbitration on October 1.
SOFIA, Sept. 10. It has bocomo
known horo that Serbia's reply to tho
entento poworB regarding Uulgarla's
claim on Serbia Is unsatisfactory to
tho entente powers. Although it is
alleged that Serbia granted tho do
mands ot Ilulgarla tho Serbian noto
proposes a modus vlvendl for currying
out a sottlomont which it is folt by
tho ontonto govnrnmonts, Ilulgarla
would not accept. Tho entente vow
era, thoroforo, It Is reported, havo re.
forred baok Serbia's reply,
Meauuhllo tho Ilulgarlan govern
ment Is said not to havo boon inform-
od officially of tho altiiatlon.
ST IIKMCVS llAl.r,, l'OIU'iaXI),
l)lacean HoiinltiiE ana Day School
for girls under tho oaro ot Tho Sis
tors of St John Haptlst Forty-Sov-
c-nth j oar begins Sept. 15 For cat-
I0,0BU0 l,Jrt, T0 SUter Superior.
Irrigation Engineer In Oregon Voter.
Tho Irrigation district Is nn out
growth of tho municipal Idea, nnd
when fully organized, constitutes a
legal subdivision of tho stato with
full power of self government and
ontrol In all mattors which pertain to
Irrigation, power nnd domestic water
supply and other general purposes.
) Judicial construction nnd as in
terpreted by tho courts, these dis
tricts aro now hold to bo municipal
corporations and are treated In a
similar manner with school districts,
Incorporated towns, counties nnd
other public municipal corporations.
The legnl authorities on water
rights and Irrigation pbscrvo and
maintain that tho Irrigation District
Laws aro now promulgated nnd in
actual use, aro, in theory, tho most
perfect of tho Irrigation laws In com
mon practice
Gaining in Favor
Tho irrigation district Idea has
been gaining In favor for tho past
fow years, principally on account ot
tho falluro ot tho Carey Act and
loss of confldcnco In prlvato Irriga
tion enterprises by tho investing pub
lic. Tho district laws havo boon modi
fied nnd Improved to Includo tho
fundamental principles ot law, such
( 1 ) Providing of security for tho
necessary construction nnd mainte
nance ot a project; and,
(2) For tho management, through
cortnln legnl clmnnols ot tho muni
cipal corporation.
Thorough Investigation
No project, howovor, will bo n suc
cess unless It Is considered nnd In
vestigated from not only nn engi
neering nnd financial standpoint, but
tho agricultural possibilities must
also rccclvo duo consideration. Tho
engineering difficulties and rouulro
monts tokothcr with tho construc
tion and mnlntonnnco cost must bo
vory closely Invcttlgacd, and tho char
acter ot tho land, tho sourco of water
supply nnd quantity, tho valuo of tho
land nnd tho form ot tltlo under
which It is held must bo considered
ns well.
Operating i:pciiMs
After n project has been success
fully constructed nnd placed In oper
ation, tho actual management of tho
system, tho Interost on tho bonds nnd
nil other acual expenses nro paid
by annual assessments which nro pro
rntcd to tho land ownors according
to tho benefits received. Tho district
officials aro given nmulo power to
carry out nil tho purpoits for which
thoy woro orgnnlzcd; nnl In tho fail
ure of tho district officials to collect
tho necessary assessments, tho propor
county officials must perform tho
neglected duty.
In this manner tho bondholder or
Investor Is absolutely suro of his in
terest when due, especially when tho
lnnds within tho district nro held
In prlvato ownership and owned Ju
small tracts.
Plan n Sound One
Tho general plan nnd theory of
the irrigation district law is n sound
one, nnd whorover thoy havo been
tested, thoy havo been upheld by tho
courts In almost al Icssontlal features.
Tho bonds issued by tho districts aro
also sound ns security, and not open
to quostiou whoro tho regularity and
validity ot tho acts ot tho district
and tho Issuo ot tho bonds havo bcou
confirmed by tho courts, under pro
ceedings brought for that purpose
Tho Irrigation district laws ot Ore
gon and Washington nro now so mod
(fled that they nro satisfactory to
tho officials ot tho reclamation eor
vlco nnd tho dopartmon of tho in
erlor, who, nt tho present time, nro
willing to accept district .bonds in
certain localities in payment for water
from government rcsorvoirs built
with govornmont funds.
On ncount of their splendid fp
curity, tho prices for which district
bonds may bo sold havo boon limited
by law to nlnoty por cent of tholr
par value, but on projects which havo
boon constructed and aro now in op.
oration, tho bonds nro negotiated at
a flguro vory nonr par.
Oaivy Ait l'wjerts
Thero aro several foatures pre
sented by tho Irrigation district laws
which are more favornblo to tho suo
cossful operation ot tho farmor than
thoso under projeots built by prlvato
corporations, under tho Carey Act.
or b) the United States reclamation
son Ice.
l'roldd the Intorost or assess
ments on the Uud nro paid when'
due. no residence or cultivation limi
tations are liupored; lands u a rule,
art) held In prhnte ownership, so tho
John A. Perl
Lady Assistant
Phone. M 47 and 41-33
AmhuUneo Scrvioa Ooroa?r
n V N,
Tf -
V Alkie, dd-atgr
Jlisa Alieo Cudnhy, Rrnntldntmlitor
of tho Into Michael Cudnliv, million
uiro pork pucker, is to be mi nutumu
bride. Her murriago to Vnugliun
Spanieling will bo one of the bocial
events of the Into fall.
success of tho project is not depend
ent on tho salo ot tho land; tho cost
of tho water is pro rated according
to tho benefits received; nnd, in con
trast to tho projects built under pri
vate enterprises or under tho Carey
Act, tho cost of tho irrigation sys
tem need not bo paid until aftor tho
expiration of at least ton years, pro
vided tho Interest Is paid when duo.
Tho irrigation district laws nro
vory similar to thoso governing tho
drnlnngo district of tho nouthorn
states along tho Mississippi river.
Tho bonds Issued by thoso drain
ago districts havo a ready market In
tho financial circles of tho east, and
nro easily Bold above par.
This condition should also exist
with tho irrigation district bonds
after tholr worthlnows lias bcon dem
onstrated nnd tho irrigation businoss
placed on tho substantial footing
which it dosorvos.
Under certain conditions it would
npepar feasible nnd nttrnctlvo for
lnrgo contractors to build Irrigation
district projects and accept bonds ns
Whon tho nssosscd valuation of
tho district closely approximates tho
amount ot tho bond Issuo, it would
scorn that thoro should bo no gront
difficulty for n largo contractor to
hypothocato tho bonds with his bank
or financial Institution, ns collateral,
to securo sufficient funds to carry on
tho work.
This would npponr nil tho moro
ronBonnblo nt tho present timo, when
It Is consldorod that largo contract
ors havo plants, consisting of mach
inery and equipment, as well ns n
lnrgo nmountof stock, lying idlo
which could bo brought to nn earning
basis In placo of n charge,
Kurthormoro, when tho proposed
works havo boon estimated on u
consorvatlvo basis, It Is believed that
a comparatively small proportion ot
the par valuo of the bonds would bo
sufficient to build tho projoct whon
such ltoms ns discount on tho bonds,
contractor's profit, contingencies,
plant charge, etc., nro eliminated
from tho amounts nocossnry for con
struction, nnd whon theso items aro
fully provided for to tho contractor .
In tho final payment, with bonds.
Star Theatre
Spit Ball Sadie
Ono hundred laughs in ono thousand
Pathe News No. 61
Showing tho I.nto War News nnd
Othor Lato Kvents
Sovonth Drama of
Thero will bo no advance In tho nd
mlsslon Sunday and Monday,
5 and lee
Jm 11 LflLI to wk T'' 1 Uitli Wilder ef t!i
fl yflNBJI B u M -1
H!UESb D. W. Griffith's jg
ln'Pnl nir mhiion nou.Mt m
k r 1 1 1 1 ' GIGXNTIC S1'IT'TCI l
rmrAQO. Sort in A. O. Spald
ing, who died in San Diego, Cal., Inst
night, gave up a $3 a week jou in a
grocery to becomo Identified with
basoball and was porhaps hotter
known to the sport thnn nny othor
man. To vetorans of tho game ho
wns known as tho "fathor of bnso-
ball." Ho became famous ns n
pitcher, one of tho first to uso tho
iinilnrhnml delivery, nnd lator be
came mannger of clubs. Mr. Spald
ing always used his lnfluonco to
plnco the gamo on a higher piano.
With his pnronts ho moved from
Ilron, 111., his birth place, to nock
ford, In 18C3. Ho soon learned ho
could mako money ploying ball nnd
Joined the Korost City club of Hock
ford which mado a roputntlon for it
self when it dofented tho National
club of Washington in 1SC7.
Kour yoars "Jntor Mr. Spalding
Joined tho famous Hoston lied Stock
ings nnd pitched tho club to ponnnnt
victory In tho racoB ot tho Jsntlonni
Professional association in 1872-73-71-75.
Ills longost connection with
nctivo basoball playing was with tho
Chicago club which ho Joined In 187C.
Ho was successively Its manngor, nee
rotary and proaldont until 1891.
For years holiad cherished tho Idoa
that tho sport might bo popularized
in Kngland nnd In the wlnlor of 1S71
nftor tho tour ot tho famotiB Ilnltl
moro Orlolos ho wont to Kuropo.
Kvorywhoro ho was rocolvod enthus
iastically. In 1SS8 nnd 1SS9 ho
mnnngod tho first world tour of tho
Chicago nnd All-Amorlcnu llasoball
In 1875 Mr. Spalding became Inter
ested In tho manufacture of sporting
goods nnd started u small shop in
Now llnvon, Conn., with a capllnl ot
only $SO0. Tho business grow nnd
formed the nucleus around which
the present houso ot Spalding wns
"00-y! HyCorn-n!"
H-m, Use ' Gels-It1
Thon You'll Havo No Corns to Bump I
Your Corns Will Como "Clean
Off," Quickl
DM you over see ft corn jwl off
nftor yoii'vo wel "(Jetn-K" on ill
Well, ItH a m ntir-ni lure for your
lift I And you hardly do u thliiK to It
'Sir Corn Hummed
Aeulnl Lo
acti-It, Corns
tauuur- ir
Put n IlttIo"ncts-It"on. It dries nt one.
Tlieru'M nothinw to M li 1'ut uliom
and utorkttt) i on rittlit uwr It No
Iwln, no(u-. -cOioura fiuniit;m, "(iu
f'nrwr hurts tin1 trui Hi li.u t rinnku
toofltore. l()oo lifUOlrlt-ditlnio'ltiMTy
tlilim oUn fur corns, you will Im much
more nirprlM'd to m o how quickly mid
co.lly your corn nnd cullum il como
rlKht oil with "di'ta-U." Quit llinplnn
nnd wrinkling tin your faro villi corn
vrliiklt'n. Try lulu-It" tonlnlit on Hint
rem, cullim. vnrt or buuluu, nnd jon'll
lie Kind jou mid Dili.
Uttf-ll" U Hold in- All druBKlils.
I5f a liottlc, or Mont dtreit by K.
Lawrence l o..('IiIcuko.'
Do you know tho
Thoy -are nil in tho now
You should havo one.
L jfesj
111 11 v-??3l22-
Mcdfortl's Leading Theater
Cool, Comfortable, Well Ventilated.
Edison Tin co Act Vcnturo
The King of the Wire
Featuring Pat O'Malloy and Olndya
Hulotto In a Thrilling nnd Tonso
Story of n Tight Hope Walker With
Unusual Interest. ,
Illograph Drama
The Last Drop of Water
FK.vmuxo niiANTiii: swi:i:t
Kssanny Drama
Vllngraph Comedy
His Fairy Godmother
With Wolly Van nnd Nltra Frazcr
Watch Repairing
Nen Locution, U1U K. Main
1'liono Hi for Correct Tlino
112 South Riverside
Phono l,r)0
m shop
PiK J.,nat Main Street
Tho Only Exclusive
Commercial Photographers
in Southern Oregon
Negatives Made any timo or
place by appointment
Phono 147-J
We'll do tho rest
E. D. WESTON. Prop.
Poell St. at O'FhkH
Ileadquartprt for Calfjr
iian while Mutiny tlicl x,--
f'ur r'nimlioui Inl.ln.
I flM0 Iff! '1 . f1l.1 l.rtn.. lib.
i liiX ,cUuIalUwl'la ,-vi ii jou.
n!f No Rabe in Rales
www -- ....i.i. i r wg
S1.50 Per Day Up
t H Man.yjtn.ciit
Sit ' ' -"- '-
tl "l L?5r wl
. J.