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Medboiid Mail tribune
Office MnII Trlbllin- ndlldlnc. K-27-JP
North Kir street; (elcptwpa 76.
, Tho Democratic Tlini, ThA Aftdford
riall. Till Mrdfnnl Tribune, Thf Soutlr
rn, The Anhlund TrllmnB
On yenr. by mrtH..-. .
i na mgnin, uv tnnu .. ,.,
ufliivori-o uy carrier ip
Per month
Mrdfnril. 1'Iio.miIx Jicknnnvlllr
..nnd Control Point . . . . otl
rfiturrtiiy only, ny nintt, pr rnr MM
Weekly, pgr ywlr. ., . 1 Sti
Official JHPr of tha nty of Medford
Official Par of Jnnkiyin County
Knlorpit ni noreint-cliiKs .matter at
Mc'ilford. nroROn, mulor thfVnct of March
I, 1879.
Sworn Clrculntlon for 1PM. till.
Full Ifa'nM wtrf Aimonlatod Pre dla
oubscrlborn fniilnE to recolro
papem promptly, phono Clrcu-
latlon Managor at 2G0IL
TU 1 lot irenient by limpcror Nicholas of tho Grand Duke
Nicholas as conmiandor-in-chiol' of tho Russian arm
ies and fleets is the most surprisi'iifT incident of the war, as
it rolts Russia of (he only man in .Russia capable of organ
izing and handling the army. To his genius is ascribed the
remarkable retrea'l by which tho army has been kept in
lact a retreat forced by the cxar's incompetent ministry
(bat failed to supply munitions of war.
If is quilo probable that the grand duke's retirement is
due to Ins growing power in (he nation and the fact that ho
was rapidly overshadowing the czar himself in influence.
lie could not tight without equipment, hampered by an in
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efficient and corrupt bureaucracy. While the czar was
(he "little father" of the people, the graiuUluke was the
"big father" of the army, at once its stern 'master and its
The Grand Duke Nicholas inherits the traditional char-
MIL JjEti iJ?l J
Naval cncl'iKomont wlion clnntnln
becomu cnRlnuod to atlinlml'a
Ilofo mnllliiKQ Mollcan man ullnu
hour "I WIbJi I Unci lrl" nrtcr
mnlllnRo pIiir sour "1'lcano Tlako
Mo Illonic."
.MnttlMi Monologues
1'vo JtiHt como front .UlmimnH.
Orcnt Blnto ArknimnH.
Lot of lirllllhnt ihon down thoro,
Ollior day an ArkniiaaH Jury wan nlf.
tliiK In it tlntnituo Htilt nnalimt n
Broody railroad corporation for kill
ing a cow.
Said tho foreinnn: "If tho holl had
hern riuiR na It ourIU to If the vvhln
tlo had boon blown nn It should huvo
been blow tho cow vvbiihl not linvo
buon Injured when who wbh klllotl."
A wUo Judgiiiont ttiat.
Speaking of wliilom, my frlond
Cnnoy koI a Job with Iho utreiit carl
company, lt'n romarkablo how that
man linn como to tho front. Ilu ntnrt
oil an it conductor ami now ho'a n mo
tormau. Tho doctor told him to tnko tho
conduotor'H Job booniiHo bin health
Avaa bad and ho noudud chatiRO.
IIo'h xlnco built it lt),0U0 houno
with tho chnngo.
A Kalr Slat't
"Why do yon object to my marry
ing jour datiKhtor?"
"Iluoauifo you wtn't mipport her In
Iho Mylo lo which ah linn boon nc
initilomujl nil lior llfot"
"llow do you know I can't? I can
Ktart hor on broad and milk, aumo as
you dldj"
acteristics ol the Romanoffs. Jle is a piotures.pie, almost
a startling, figure of a man, for ho stands six feet six
inches. His figure is lean and sinewy. His eye is cold and
stern. His features aquiline. His close-crooned hair is
aquiline. His close-cropped
Ho is a soldier by profession. Plain, unostentatious,
severe. Ho fought with distinct ion in tho Russo-Turkish
war, although then only a youth in tho twenties. Later in
(he Manohurian campaign ho was an inspector of cavalry.
In times of peace he has kept in touch with army life as
commander of the military district of Petersburg. When
ho took hold of the army the raw material was there
aplenty, but it needed a strong hand to whip it into shape.
His was the hand.
Jle caused vodka to bo abolished, with the result (hat
when he massed his men (o meet tho Germans thev loll
into lino with clear eye and head.
His father, also a Grand Duke Nicholas, was (he brother
of Czar Alexander Ithe czar who freed tho serfs and then
was assassinated by nihilists.
Nicholas, the present czar of Russia, is the son of Alex
ander 1 1, and thus the two present-day Nicholas's are set
ond cousins.
Tho weaker Nicholas, the czar, dislikes and is afraid of
the grand duke. Nicholas, (ho stronger, dislikes and has
no small feeling of eontemnt for tho czar. The following
story illustrates their character:
Karly In tho war it Ih Hald that th6 czar broached tho Biibject of a
ponHlbfo ponco pact with Germany.
"Abnurd,""oXsIalmcd tho Krantl duke, "tho country and army would
rmo in proioHt. Tlioro would bo a hugo revolution."
"Who In thoro who would daro to load It," queried tho czar.
and tho nuljject. was dropped. t
So dislike and jealousy are probably the motives back
of tho grand duko's retirement, the fear of a small man for
a big man. A czar, or kaiser, or king docs not, like a com
mon mortal, have to "make good" (o hold his job. Yet
ho has power of life and death over millions without having
to have any qualificationssuch is (lie absurd result r Hu
leudal doctrine of divine rights.
I he czar, personally an amiable and kindly man, thor
oughly imbued with his own divinitv, announces that he
is going to the front. If tho czars and kaisers were all
placed in the front rank of the battles thev precipitate
wars would soon end. The first step townnf abolition of
war is abolition of monarchy for real democracies do not
make war upon each other. The cause of the people is the
sauiQ tho world over -fhoy have nothing to gain bv being
sacrificed to (he ambitions of crowned heads.
Amid the ruins of the European conflagration le(. us
hope will be the wreckage of czarism, kaiserism and mili
vor of lita own erimtion. Medrnbi
was opposed by J. IT. Bradley, who
owns iiiipnvod property, llnullev nid
ho huw rouiK'ilmcn Md,vnki nwl
Sargent seated on the plnlrVnii with
Unit diHtiiiKiiislied citizen Willinni
.Icnniims lirynn when lie spoke at tin'
city park and Unit the xrent com
moner BiiSd "might does not make
right." 1 Ic said the might oT the peo
ple on tlie paved streets did not make
right mid that tho two city fathers
should consider tho axiom nt tho pres
ent time. H nul Icy said the poor peo
ple paid tlioir debts, hut the well-to-do
did not.
Mcilyntkl Defends Plan
Medynski compared his proposed
bonds to tho Grants 1'ass bond ism',
that liiw.v,rs declared were illegal,
hut tho Kiipreme court declared valid.
Hel'oro Cinineilnlnii Medynki finish
cil lie and Colonel Sargent cla-hed,
and iMedynskt made reference to tho
fact that Coloin'l Sargent receives a
IiiiiiiImhiiu penHinn from the war de
partment. The Hturm of oratory raged for
two hours, and when it begun to sub-
Mtlo Councilman Uargreavc uroc and
Miid that there was no great rush
about having an election September
28, that they had dallied a long time
and could dally n while longer. Ilu
proposed that the resolution be ta
bled. Afnnn seconded nmt the coun
cil kii decided. Tin ordinance call
ing for the bond issue was never
Scvral times during the hubbub K.
(I. IVhl hiulctl that the initiative and
referendum would be invoked to bring,
tho bond issue before the people, and
he engaged in several wordy settos
with Colonel Sargent. There was
much interest mid much talk.
He fore the bond, issue was called a
bill for .f'Jll for whitewashing the pub
lic market waff introduced. Coimvil-
man Amy objected-upon the grounds
that it was ton high, Amy said "it
looked' like there was a pet," because
there were no competitive bids, ('ouii
eilinnn Miles md lie did not I'eel that
he should have to run around look-
three-quarters of them, Indeed I bc
llevo nine-tenths of them would dig
up enough money In Bomo" way nt
least to pay tho interest.
And now that tho bankers and
storo owners in tho business parts of
tho city and thtf wealthy men and
owners of largo tracts of land within
city limits sco or will shortly sec thnt
It would practically bo financial sui
cide to nllow paddling on their prop
erty this Immense Indebtedness, they
will I think como fbrward and pay up
and stand behind tho council to a
man In making others pay up.
$0,000 for Others Pavement
Tako Lumsden and Hutchison and
Palm, tho owners as I understand of
the largo amount of acrongc In tho
southern part of the city. They have
not ono dollars worth of pavement to
pay for In this acreage. I do not
know what figure this largo Vacant
tract In assessed but probably some
thing liko 1 10,000. If this bond Issue
passes they will havo to pay JiiOO
for other people's pavement tho first
year, tho same amount each year for
tho next four years, and on tho sixth
year $000 and so on for tho next
sold. In a few years tho probably In
creased population atfd prosperity
will make tho property Valuable and
If It is thon sold and tho proceeds
placed In tho city treasury the people
will virtually be reimbursed Tor all
lncrcaso of taxes they have been call
ed upon to pay. It will como imcK to
them, so to speak In reduction of
future taxes.
And furthermore I feel certain thnt
If this gnnernl plan Is followed only
a small tax will bo nccossary to cover
unpaid Interest on assessments, for
Inasmuch as nnyono hard pressed
could lfold onto his property as long
as hard tlmos Insted by simply keep
ing his Interest prild up, ho would
mako evory effort to dig up the
money in some way.
How hankers Cotihl Aid
And It Is not Impossible that somo
men of menns, perhaps the bank of
ficials themselves, would get together
and nrrance to nay tho Interest for
hlni for a year or two taking as secur
lty a mortgage on the property. And
this not becnuso they would wont thlri
kind of a loan but because they are
tho ones that should bo and aro most
That So Jinny Medford People Knll to
Ilccognl.c Kidney
twenty-flvo year3, making rtn amount deeply Interested In this kind of a
S Place fin n Hoy
(I'roui Cedar KaplUn (lazotto)
WANTHI) Hoy to work In Sulomo
factory. 418 Ard nvo Wont.
I'll to Its Motto
fafwnf fufaui fniunm fiim ftinthm
rum fn raofofwofof wnofaoat am omiii
nui onor doam wnrdd alar datooffh
tfoaf fvfa mfwklg golHolfwogowam.
The New York Tlmoa. ,
TKo tluioe Hvm up to ltd nintte:
"All the now that' nt to print."
Tho world' HiHlyhty lnrln place.
And Uvfn'g souls lt nierrhaiMIIrt,
Whoro couiitluMi debtor suo for
And ovury mortMl hw hU price.
I woiylar oft, hew umofc a kit"
From Phyllis gojjtg In Cupid's wart.
An 'mur (K-niwM-iujn nrlffic,
A forfeit fiimot, a titfuMbliig
Alt, Imoly law. u bo oak wo lanob
For thnt mnm wkleb ho mW
Can iirayom noW your kAiom toHoh
To grant wo bargnttt mlM in
Ttie love of you U lwy , tM
In uiiRiiurtilng thuugku nd li.
lota NlghU.
Ill 00 fort Ion In hoie Ulruv-!
Ill clou'.li-, ulniinit miit kf(riK't' I
September Sport Afield
blwiniH out u a thu (I in ml Aiiierii'iiu
HiuitiiPHp number, eoiwldemblo Hiei
being irlven to tho grout tnipxlmotiuj.
tttUrtmrtOnt held in Chi en go Ihm(
mouth. Hut, undo from it uplwidld
write-up of the (Irnnd American linn
ilienp, .(hii old rolinble mtiKiuiiii'
uiNiiitiiiiiM the uiiiiiy sterling utlrtu'
tiuiM which have iimde it tho tvpio
onlativo spui (sinmi' fonnial of tho
ASI1LANM), Sept. s. The Rogue
Hlvor Vallny Pimiio HsMioiuhon join
ed in the obwirvniitio of Labor day
hero Intit -Monilay lit tho uutoiitohile
oiimp grauiiik. Coat nil Point uas
roprooiintod moio than any othor lo
cality. On motion it wi voted to
have the present officer hold over.
t the biisiuottH int'otiug it was fur-
theinioin Miggiihteil to make the net
I'uittKl Stale. "Smiket Ciiup and 'iniiiinl picnic n gathering of the Mil
ls ndl ihlf giHTclon ui o r.ii
To r iicn ( u,.'l i-v. u
Come, wst, and mako m nesn
l. in
J(l'JlH 1 ll 1 .1-. l I i .
fraiU" proeiitM the umihI installment
of sport after gtuno, all the vmiv (mm
ruffed roiiM to tlie lordly iuihikc.
"In tho l,i(ud of the Dog" is a humor-
lous story of cowboy laud of buck
ing bronco and their disgusted ijd
ir in thuir effurtd to avoid piuitio
IH holes. "When Dan Cupid Chang
id rrotu lltiw to litin" liHiiatt's how
Iho tivala fur tho Iloirt of a gtri set
I let) ihcii fate ut tho tmi. "hi the
Uftaf Mvu-Tnip 'itlly" is it .lulfcht-
fill rtiNuut of sport amoiiiiK Minite
Mita's iHwutiful lakes. "The New
CihiL uf tlit Har () KhiicIi" iceomitM
Me expdWuN roMirUxl to by a baiich
of Idaho eoHbo.v to aciuiiv home
thing ou thf ranch which wur sti
etmtx. -NTwr Cml U Kiiw- troaU
ifklanp4iuifl.v of Uw Nh fuuadlaiMl
flakarm. -In and Around the Camp-
fiiv" ih gniM Dr. Part git e us
much Ussaaitol intomaliuM ahout
raaip aaiUtiin, vans, anuiiunilinn
i.ud nil-bird shifting on the Drln
mhic. " u Adxcniuiv with Ha.-.' wil
pJ,ir nil fislutna ii. us il aUn
"hhn.u Kt kit 'tin in liiiiho," n, "h
ii miv unj latlaav ahwajl hitiiltnu
I1'" ' ' 'UNR sartiitM nf (tie
. .OIU'. u... uchfUjirr ran ll
ll Mill ll (,.! i , I , , ,. i
oils traternal insiininco order-,
throughout valley territory and in
vite nil tui'li to participate in the lliltl
event which will also bo held her'
tally in the mouth of .luuo. There
will be log lolling and tug of wer con
lets. Pruen will be awarded for tin
host drilled ttmuin and the ladies uul
bo invited to uomiuite. The Modem
Woodmen have tnken the initiative in
tills, enterprise, but thev ile-ire to
huvo nil the other fraternal in-iir.inii
limlioa join in the picnic iillh.
II. K. HoMHiaii of Talent is pre-
dent of the association, and John F
Iahuhicc ot Mwlfonl secretins. Mi
ltowmau is the It. F. 1). earner out
of Talent. Hcrt N'lchols and John
Mu of Central Point, Yanee Wolga
wotl of Talent. J. II. Uciiseliaan.
Louis Ik-nnet and Mrs. J. . lWllin
gt-r or Metlfeitl: K. K. Hall, (iMirgv
Ktiuaaks. Mr. and Mi- (1. II.
Iteiy and J I'ntWiMin of Ashland ntv
a (Simmiltfc nt laruv in ftiiihcrtiig th.
iit naiiiui iiii'iiic rciuiitui pruiis't
ing for bids, and iiHsuiued all respon
sibility for the hill, if tho council
fnilcil to upprote. The council up
proved the bill, Amy voting "no."
The quarterly loport of city offic
ers and tho regular monthly budget
of bills were allowod.
Part of Colonel Sargent's nrgumeiit
loads us follow-.:
The Pcinody
"Now pa to tho remedy. What Is
to bo dono? The first thing to bo
done is not to nltow this bond Issue
to go beforo the people, for although
when correctly Informed as to lta'of-
fects they will undoubtedly defeat It;
yet wo do not want to burden this
city with tho cost of nn extra and
tiseloss election.
Tho second thing to do Is to pro
ceed with the collection or tho Inter
est anil assessmentH under tho Han
croft act. We havo already got nn
opinion from one of tho best lawyers
In southern Oregon that they can bo
collectod and he has pointed out tho
stops to bo tnken. And It Is well
known that Mr. Neff, the former city
attorney and on of tho best posted
lawyers upon munlclpnl affairs In this
pni1! of tho state has nil along main
tained thnt tho assessments could
bo collected.
.Vlno-tentlc. Would Pay
Now the rep will bo made, of
eotirno, that joti tan not collect thorn.
that you can not get blood from a
turnip. Certain! wo can never col-
led them If we never try to collect
them Hut 1 tU ou that If all those
who wo nsscssimnts know thnt wo
would go ahead without fall nnd at
tempt to collcit from everybody,
In the entire 30 years of about $20,-
Twenty thousand dollars paid out
for other people's pavement and not
a square foot on their own acrcago!
Now when (hes6 citizens nnd others
similarly situated realize fully tho
truth of Jhcso facts thoy will, I nm
suro pay up their assessments If not
nli'eady dono so nnd Insist tliat (heir
representatives In tho city council
push tho uintter and mnko everybody
pay up.
Hack the Council
Thcso men sliould back tho council
to a man In tho collection of thcso
assessments" and I feel thnt they will
whon they see tho facts as thoy really
aro. And I appeal to them to do this.
I appeal to tho bankers, to the owners
of stores, to all men of property In
the Interests of their own pocket
books. I appeal to them bocatiRO If
they do not do this it will probably
result In saddling upon this city and
especially upon their property, as un
just a method of taxation as ono can
woll Imagine. And I appeal nlBo to
tho citizens living on nnpaved streets
to get behind thnlr councllmcn to a
man and back them up In their ef
forts to collect these assessments and
by so doing prevent tho pnssago of
this unfair nnd unjust bonding
And In order that tho credit and
good nnmo of our beloved city may bo
maintained I appeal to tho patriotism
of every citizen, to every lover of his
home town to get without delay be
hind the council In this matter and
Insist on action being tnken at onco
to collect those assessments.
Mcthis-I of Collecting
As to tho method of collecting It
scorns to mo thnt It may bo made
quite easy If (ho council so desires.
Suppose wo hlro a good lawyer to as
sist Mr. McCabo and lot It bo known
that on n certain dnto, say for In
stance October 15 wo will publish a
list of citizens who havo not paid the
delinquent Interest, nnd that on No
vember t our lawyers will begin suit
against every citizen for full nmount
of delinquent Interest nnd assess
ments who has not paid up to that
date. Hut If the Interest Is paid up
to thnt date no action Is to ho taken,
until tho next yearly Interost Is duo
and If times aro still hard tho council
can again extend to tho party In ques
tion tho same privilege.
Proceed in City Treasury
In this wny tho Interost will to n
groat extent bo pnld and what small
doflclcncy there may bo can bo mndo
up by gonoral tnxatlon until tho pro
perty tnken over by tho city can bo
It Is woll to nolo perhaps In this
connection that an Increase In the
city's populntl6n nnd n prosperous
year or two in tho valley would bring
us out ot our trouble. Tho pcoplo
would then be nblo to pay up in full
nil their paving assessments nnd tho
bonds could bo rapidly pnld off. Hut
supposo wo find that as the dato for
the payment of tho principal of tho
bonds nppronches that wo would not
have money enough to pay it, tho
thing would bo to go to these bankers
In Cleveland who ropr6s6nt tho bond
holders nnd say to thern: "Through
tho past years of awful hard times wo
hnvo never missed n payment on tho
Interest of your bonds nnd wo now
ask that so much of tho bonds ns aro
as yet unpaid be extended a few
Hond House Would Help
Thoy would do It of course They
would ho glnd to do It, holding our
bonds they aro ns much Interested In
the credit of this city ns wo ore, and
I havo no doubt but that they would
bo willing nnd nnxlous to co-operate
with us In every way.
For tho reasons I havo hero set
forth find for n number of others
not herein mentioned I shall vote
against tho passago of this ordinance.
At first I looked upon this bond
Issue with coiisldcrnblo favor for it
has In It somo nttractlvo foatures,
but tho moro I hnvo studied It, nnd
It hns given me much concern, tho
moro deeply I havo becomo convinced
that It was my duty to opposo It. Per
haps tho fact that I havo como with
couslderblo reluctnnco to this conclu
sion will bo it sufflclpnt reason to
Impress others with tho fact thnt n
very caroful examination of Its fea
tures may perhaps cliaugo their pres
ent views.
Are you a bad back vlctlm7
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Here's n Medford casoj Medford
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ness nnd dull pains In my back, thoy
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The Diamoild
from the Sky
Ilcm'cmbor, Keystone Comedies nro
vory funny. Wo nro showing ono to
day, and also nnothor 2-reol fenturo,
The Children of the Sea
In connection with tho famous ncrlal
"Tho Diamond From tho Sky."
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Watch Repairing
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fl4 T? XT
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wntlt yoar begtni Sflt. 15. For oat-
nlgtitf addww, The SMcr Superior.
Deep Well Drilling
OH K. Ml. ll
14-iuch t 1 "
J s
atr walls, IS, 13,
:ft For prlct see'
ii r.
5 Vr'h t tntrall
Afternoon and lOvening
Tho Famed Vampire Woman, in
The Devil's Daughter
An AiKiwiig Modern Society Drama
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"La Oioeonda," hy CSuhriolc l);Aniaiii5Ho, the author
A Startling Feature in Five Acts
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IV: ('hildivn, l.V.
(if jo J
New luxation, Uli: v )tnU
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Do you know the
They are all in the new
You should havo ono.
Belmont School
(For Boys)
21 mites south of Sin r,n,t....
"- t-i Maoi-s iiiiiiiui..,
Pin.VSL Ju',ar; ,.'.' " "
? t
-n i. t