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Medford Mail Tribune
Wednesday I'nlr nnd Warm
rr. Mux. 80; Mln. 15.
Forly-flfth Tear.
t)ny Tenth Year.
NO. 1U
Emperor Announces to France That
Ho Has Taken the Field An
f nounccment Taken to Mean That
. War Will Be Energetically Contin
ued Until Victory 'is Achieved.
PARIS, Sept. 7. In a message to
Picstdont Poincnrc, Emperor Nich
olas mmoimecs Mini ho lias xplnccd
himself in command of nil the Hits
tinn nnnics.
Tlio message wns sent from Tsnr-
koo-Selo, the emperor's Tcsidcncc,
near Pctrograd, tinder dnto o Sep
tember 0. It follews:
"In plncing myself today at tho
hend of my valiant armies, I hnvo in
my heart, Monsieur President, the
most sincere wishes for tho grcnlness
of Franco and tho victory of her glor
ious nrtny. (Signed.)
President Poineare sent the follow
ing response teday:
"I know that your majesty, in tak
ing command of your heroic armies,
intends to continue energetically un
til final iclory, (lie war which has
hecu imposed upon the allied nations.
I address to your innjjoMy in the
name of I' ranee, my moot coidial
wishes. (.Signed.)
LONDON', Sept. 7. Tho immediate
objective of the Austro-Gorman cam
paign in Russia, become clcnrer with
the growing indications that the in
vaders need thu llaltie port of Riga,
not only as a base for present opera
tions in the direction of Pctrograd,
hut as winter quarters in one the at
tempt to reach tlio Ruiun capital
should he postponed until next piiug,
Uildglug (lio Dvinit
Field Marshal Von Hindenhiirg is
CNperieneiiig gruat difficulty in bridg
ing the portions of tho Dviua held hy
the Gerinnns. Tho cut rent of tin
river is loo swift for the construction
oflMiiuoon bridge under the Russian
artillery fire. As tho rainy season
cojiioon it will bo.moni ilitlipiiit lor
the invader?! toibrfiig up supplies, mid
cons.vpichtly tho seizure of Itign as
a liif.o becoino more ital to the siic-i--.
tit' Von llindcnburg' plans.
The urgent necessity of capturing
Riga is indicated in an anav order
which a Paris nowsuaper credits to
General Von Huelmv. Tho general
cNliortft iis troops to one more great
effort to capture the port, making it
their winter homo preparatory to
inarching on Pctrograd next spring,
(ici'imui Itusli Checked
Along thu other sectors of tho
(astern front the impetus of the flcr-mnn-Austro has heen coimider
ahl.v checked. Vienna admits that
jieiee (ounter-attaeks hy the Rus
sians lime brought the advance along
the (litlician border almost to a stand
still. The right wing of the Austro
(iernipn forces is said to bo contem
plating an attack on Kiev with Field
.Marshal Von Mnokonsoii in command.
No exceptional lictioiis hae oc
curred on anv of the minor fronts.
The great aitillerv bombardment of
Hi,' French continue! along the west
ern hue.
HOME, Sept. 7.- Mile. Odella Van
Yeldoron. 20 jear old daughter of
Huron Van Weldoron Itengors, Dutch
Minister to Italy, and Count Gtoffro
do Gaolani Dell Aqullla Aragona, ac
cording to newspaper dispatches to
Sorrento, were found dead In the
count's villa at a nearby beach. In
tho room was found a letter In which
they said they eould not live without
each other and preferred to die.
The count, who was a menibor of
n woalthy Noapolltan family, was
teparaUd from his wife. He was on
leave of abienco from the front,
where he lmd been fighting with on
Alpine regiment, in which he was a
Reports of the tragedy have caused
Ifep regret In diplomatic and court
Fragments of Steel Which Fell on
Deck Show Vessel Struck by Tor;
pedo United States Delays Action
Until Official Information Received
Seventeen Persons Lost Lives.
WASHINGTON', Sept. 7. Com
mnnding officers of the sunken liner
Hesperian in a joint affidavit for
warded to tho state department today
declared that from tho fragments of
bteel which fell on tho deck it watt
"indubitably" shown that tho ship
was struck by a torpedo.
Commander Main and the first and
second officers of tlio Hesperian
mado the affidavit which was cabled
by Consul Frost. They asserted that
tho tot pedo struck tho ship about
eight feet below tho water lino; thnt
there was a strong odor of high ex
plosive mid that the Hesperian had
n six-inch gun on board which lmd
''been painted a scrvieo gray anil
would not have been observed at all
through tho periscope of n submn
MONTR KAL, Sept. 7. Andrew A.
Allan of the Allah line received n ca
ble from his Liverpool agent statin
that seventeen poisons, thirteen pns
sengeis and four of tlio crew, lost
their lives when the steamer Hesper
ian was torpedoed Saturday off rast
At tho time of the accident, the
message ndded, the lifeboats were
swung out and lowered to the level
of tho promenade deck, ready for
(lovcrnmciit Delays Action
WASHINGTON, Sept. 7. Today's
official dispatches still left in doubt
whether tho Allan liner Hesperian
was sunk by n torpedo or n mine. The
stato department and tho White
Hoio continued to delay any action
or decision.
Societary Lansing said his reports
were inconclusive and failed to es
tabjinh exactly how the ship was dc
Stroved. One dispatch, from Consul
Frost refojTo.Tto- tho Iosicrian as
having sunk where sho was torH.uloe.d,
Ainbasnsdor Page transmitted infor
ination that he had icceied from tho
British admiralty which disclaimed
that the ship had been used in milt
t til y service at all since the beginning
of (ho war.
The official disposition is in give
full oppoitunity 4or receipt of offic
ial reports from both German and
Ilritisli sources.
Waiting for Kiidcuco
Tho present po-ition of tho United
State is to take no steps to question
tho good faith of Germany's recent
assurances unless it is shown clearly
(hat the kinking of the Hespcriul was
in violation of them. A high official
explained that President Wilson and
Secretary Lansing accepted tho as
Niirauces of the German government
at their face value and are reluctant
to believe that tho Hesperian was
sunk deliberately without valid ex
case. They will wait for mora ovid
tnce on whether she was warned or
attempted to escape. The gun on hor
deck aUo will ho carefully consid
ered. as spy IN MOSCOW
WASHINGTON, Sept. 7. A trav
cling represent at no and the Eutopcan
manager of Rice & Hutchins, Boston
manufacturers, have been arrosted iu
Moscow and held a spios by ordor of
tho military authorities, according to
a consular dispatch today to the
state department.
BLRLIN, Sept. 7 (by wireless to
Sayvtllel. -A Paris mnvs'pner has
printed nil item trom Belgium to tho
efieet that General Lemuu, the de
fend or of Liege, has died of a broken
heart iu h German prion. Tho fact
i thut the general i hung in Mug
dehur;; iu pi.Miiu-r' i amp. He read
his obituary notice withdeligbt.
"S if
y 3
i (l 4
HAZHL, Switzerland, Sept. 7. Tho
norlnl bombardment at Saarbrucckcn,
rocordod In jcsterday'B official atato
mont from tho French war office, was
probably tho most notablo oporatlon
of its kind during tiio war.
Forty French and Drltlsli war aoro.
planes circles low over tho town and
accurately threw bombs In tho small
arniH factory, tho railroad station, tho
englno shods and other military build
ings. Several hundred yards of rail
road trackago was destroyed nnd
many In tho barracks wore killed or
Saarbrucckcn is not provided with
artillery for high nnglo flro nnd an ar
mored train that had bceu summoned
from Motz, bringing aerial guns on
trucks, nrrtved' too lato to lnterfcro
with tho operations of tho aviators.
All forty noroiilancfi, , after dis
charging about 400 proJectlfcfrQ
turncd safely to Nancy.
HKKLLV, Sopt. 7. -Tho admiralty
announced today that tho German
submarlno U-27 sank a small Drltlsli
cruiser several weeks ago. The U-27
has not beon beard from since August
10, tho admiralty also says, and prob
ably is lost.
The announcement follews:
"According to a report of ono of
our submarines, it met tho U-27 on
tho high sens after the latter, about
August 0, had sunk a small Ilritisli
cruiser of an old type went of tho
Hebrides islands (off tho coast of
Scotland). Tho U-27 has not since
tetunied and must bo regarded as
SIMLA, India, Sept. 7 The Gaek
war of llaroda lias contributed five
lakhsrupes ($160,000) to provide
aeroplanes for uso on tho Urltlsh
front. Last December ho purchased
tho steamship Empress of India as
a hospital ship for Indian troops.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 7. A $300
contribution to tho treasury depart
mont's oonscionce fund was received
today from a. .Maine woman, who
wrote that she wikhod fo pay the duty
on some (dot lies smuggled into the
country for a friend twenty yean
VTvdPsL WBb)
SALK.M, Or., Sept. 7. Tho Oregon
supremo court convened todav aftei
its summer recess and handed down
decisions on six cases. In ono of
them the court held that a deed exe
cuted by Ttl. L. Jones of Luke Laliish,
Ore., conveying 710 acres of land sit
uated iu the Willamette valley to G.
C. Shelter of Portland, was obtained
by fraud and ordered it cancelled.
Acording to (lie opinion, Jones
traded a fiOO-aero farm for a hotel
valued tit 12.,000 in Portland. Shef
flor, who noted us agent for the trans
action, falsely claimed ho held a
mortgago on the hotel nnd Jones
deeded him 710 acres in order to clear
tho alleged indebtedness.
ATHENS, Sopt 7 Tlio nrrrat of
two men and it wouuiii chnrsed with
trafficking iu messages nddrensod to
King Constantino and tho general
staff of tho Oroek nrtny by represen
tatives of tho belligerents on both
sides Iu tho war has caused a sensa
tion. It has been established that Gor
man and Austrian messages were scut
to Itussla although many dispatches
from tho Urltlsh admiralty aro said
to bo missing,
Tho porsous arrested aro charged
with soiling Information impartially
to cither sldo.
PKOVIDLNCK, It. I., Sept. 7.
Kfforts wore mado by tho autlioritios
today to trace movements of porxons
alleged to liuve shown unfriendliness
toward Justieo Willis S. Knowles of
the eighth district oomt, who was
murdered at North Seituato yester
day. The theory to which the polieo
softmed nwkt inclined was that thu
justice whs shot by someone who
feared prosecution as a ieult of Jus
tieo Knowles' activities in enforcing
tho fish and game laws,
CHICAGO, Sept. 7.-A new world's
record for casting wns claimed today
by F. K. Moifatt of Chiongo, who
sent a hulf-ounco bait 215 feet in the
distance National Amateur Fly-Casters'
anndciution meet hero yostorduy.
Tho former record, waj 2U fveti
r f r
(' r y AFRICA.
Jk (
iovrriiw-si - WM (J (J
The knlscr, It is now rcMi-tol, is 'willing (o malto iH-aco while still
vlcloiiou. Hut Ik would lnsbtt iijniii Ills own (erius, anil licro is liow lio
would irdltlilo lmmpo nnd Africa; On tho map to tlio left tlio terri
tory shown In black is Com land, wbi clt Cciiunny would demand of Itussla,
ttlso Hcrbla, which the ICaisci would Iinvo divided lttwei'ii Austria and Kill
gall a with possitily n small poillou for (Irmv, The shaded jsn-t ions show
Finland Finland and Poland. Tho kit! mm would demand tho provision by
Ituvsla fot tho autonomy of Finland and tlio making of an Independent
kingdom of Poland. On t ohmap above tbo black isntlon Is tlio territory iu
Africa that, (icrnmuy would demand from Knglnud, France, and Itelgluni
In return for js'iice.
SI 00,000 LOSS BY
IOLA, Kan., Sept. 7 .Hundreds of
persons were mado homeless and
property dnmngo estimated nt $100,
000 wns done as tho result of a cloud
burst which Inundated tho oast and
southwest parts of loin today. Tho
government wonthor bureau announc
ed that C.l Inches of rnln foil,
Sleoplng residents of tho floodod
sections woro wnrncd by tolopbono,
tho dlscbnrgo of flro nrms nnd the
ringing of flro alarms. Scoroa of mou
worked nil night rescuing pcoplo
from housetops nnd trees. Tho refu
gees woro qunrtorod In churchos, pub.
lie halls and tho police station. 121m
crook, which cnuicd tho flood, wns n
mllo wido todny and Its current was
very swift. Mayor Vomer estimated
that COO porsous woro rosuticd from
tho flooded districts.
FOUT SCOTT, Kan., Sopt. 7 Moro
than 100 pcoplo in tho lower parts
of tho city aro marooned on houso
tops hero today as a result of a six
Inch rainfall which caused tho Mnr-
mnton river nnd Mill creek to flood
tho town. lirldgoa ovor thoso rivers
aro washed out or nro iindor water.
All Villablo boats wcro being used
to roscuosibo rofugocn. Four foot
of water wad running through tho
Missouri, KannatUncl Texas railroad
depot today nnd plisscngrs iu ma
rooned trains woro belflK rescued with
boats mid ropes, No fnfiViiUcg i'Siu
been reported. Tho retail business
district Is under soverul fcot of water,
trial of Mayor Johcph K. Moll, charg
ed with conspiracy to commit felonies
iu connection with tho election of pri
ninrynf H)Ll,"wa begun here today.,
Chnrlos W. Miller, chief counsel for
.Mayor Hell, aflor nrgiiin the, law iu
tho case, mado a plea for fair play
and asorted that tho ease was duo to
politico. Prosecutor Alvah J. KttcLor
denied that politics in any form had
anything to do with the oaso.
Mayor IJcll and the majority of the
men indicted with him, including
Thomas Taggart and Chief of Police
Samuel V. Peirott, aio demoeruts,
while Proi-ecutor Hucker and tho ma
jority of tho comity ofliciaU nro ro
PA II IS. Sent. 7. Tho French
steamship Bordeaux has buon torpe
doed and blink twolvo miles ouUido
the mouth of Giroudo, off tlio west
ern count of France. Her crew wu-
tukcii aboard u pilot boat,
PARIS, Sept. 7. General Joffrc,
tho Ftcneh commander iu chief, re
turned last night to Franco after his
visit of two davs at tho Kalian front.
General Joffrc gave highost praiso
lo 'tho Itulhui'troopi for what' they
have accomplished in u comparative
ly short time, and said to General Ca-
"Fraternally nailed to tho French
army, which warmly applauds your
first brilliant success, tho Italian
army marches with sum step toward
a definite victory, which tho allied
nations know will he admired hy
united efforts, with the miiiio ideals
and low of libcrlv and civilization."
NEW YOKIC, Sopt. 7.- Dr. Con
stantln T. Diimba, Austro-Hungarlan
ambassador, left for Washington to
day. Ho declined to mako any state
ment rognrdod his roporlod efforts
to tin up munition plants nt lb
bom , I'n., Pittsburgh, and
plnci, saying howas going to "
.'ngtop to lay his'sldo of tho cm
foro Secret. v Limalim.
BRISTOL, England, Sept. 7 A
resolution ngniiint coiikcriptiou was
adopted iiuunimoiitdv with great
cheering at today's hcasiou of tlio
Trades Union Congrosa.
The congress also declared iu fa
vor of nationalization of tho rail
roads, taking' tho intuition that tho
experience of the government iu man
aging tho roads during tho war wns
sufficiently encourngiug to 'justify
this .top.
ALMANY, N. Y., Sept. 7. All
dtoct ear traffic m Albany, Tiop,
Cohooa, Watorvliet mid Gruon Inland
is tied up today hocaiino of a strike
of conductor mid motormen over the
inothod of suspending employed for
alleged rulo iufrnutions. About 1000
mou nro involved. The hues are
owned by tho I'nited Tnu-tiou com-J
Greatest Gold Shipment Yet Mado
Arrives to Bolster Up Forcffjn Cred
itsBankers Displeased as Banks
Arc Full of Gold, Which Tlicy Want
to Lend on American Securities.
I1ANGOR, Me., Sept. 7. Tho third
consignment of gold nnd securities
sent to this country from England,
which reached Haltrnx, N. S., on tho
cruisor Argylo yesterday wns brought
into tho United States during the
PORTLAND, Me, Sept. 7. Tlio
vnluo of tho gold nnd eccuritica
brought to Hnlifnx yesterday on tho
fast cruiser Argylo nnd which pnssed
through Mnino enrly today on tho
way to Now York to strengthen Brit
ish credit, is nearly $80,000,000.
Tho gold consists of 11,050,000
English sovereigns, equivalent to
about $50,500,000, nnd $7,850,000 in
United States coin. The vnluo of tho
bonds is $1 .1,000,000.
This is $30,000,000 in excess of tho
raluo of each of tho two provious
consignments of gold and collateral
Inrgcni Cold Shipment
NFAV YORK, Sept. 7. Interna
tional bankers hero did not nltogcthcr '
relish today tho news from Portland,
Are., that more thuii $115,000,000 in
gold coin wns speeding to Now York
to bolster Great Hritnin's credits in
this country. This, it is behoved, is
tho largest single gold shipment over
mado hero by n foreign power. It
comes, it was said, nt n, timo when
gold is wanted less tlinn ever before.
Bringing this mountain of gold to
New York n't a timo when tho normal
dciiiuuds of business nro lowor tlinn
usual, and when tho vaults of tho
country aro hlrcady choking with
gold, mny, it is feared, nccclornto tho
icudeiioy toward inflation nnd specu
lation. Wnnt to Lend Money
While pay for tho supplies sent to
Great Britain is, of course, both
wanted nnd expected, New York
bankers do not want to bo paid in
gold. They would much prefer to
lend Great Britain tho money to pay
them, taking high-ulnss American se
curities as collateral for the loan.
In tho faco of England's great ship
ment of gold, tho foreign exchange
into on sterling opened today at a
loss of 1 cent from Saturday's closo
of $1.(57. Within two hours it lost
2 cents more. Franos remained at
virtually tho s"mu figure, fi.Dll. This,
too, wim tho uapo with I ires, which
wore quoted, at fl.'HJ, whjlu rciclis-
TJlTHrran rmyi-r-5-
PARIS, Sopt. 7. Last night saw a
continuance of the violent artillery
exohnngofi nlong tho French line, no
cordiug to tho official communication
givon out by tho war department thut
afternoon. Tho fighting took plnco
nrouud Souchoy. nnd near Ncinillc,
and it was partieulailv severe in tho
region of Roye, on the plateau of
Quonnovieroh and nonr Nouvron.
"Thero was also very spirited ar
tillery fighting iu tlio Champagne dis
trict and in tho Yosgos,
"German acrophinos havo mada
two attacks on Gerardmor. Tlio hec
oikI resulted in the killing of two pur-son-,'
The following official statement wad
issued tonight at tty-Turkibh war of
fice :
"The oneiny unsuccessfully bom
barded with land ryid ship batteries
our positions at Annfnrtu and Sod-dul-Buhr.
Our artillery caused fires
in enemy ttencho mid artillery posi
UWi ftt Anufurtu,"