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    Medford Mail Tribune
Vnlr Tonight nnd Friday.
Mil. 70.5 Mln. '17.
Forty-fifth Tcnr.
Dully Tenth Year.
Official Memorandum Sent From
Berlin By Gerard, Admits Nebras
kan Torpedoed By- Submarine
Attack Not Meant for American
Flag "Unfortunate Incident."
WASHINGTON1, 1 July M.-fler-jiinny,
in mi nlficiul memorandum
trausiuillfd IimIhv from "Itoilin by
Anibnssmlor (lernrd, iidmiln (lint tin
American steamer XchritHkiin was
torpedoed by n suhiiiiiriue; ovpiesxes
regret mill rwulinoss to make lcphrnji
lion; nntl nsmmw tlio 1'uiled Mute
llnil (In ntlnck "wns nut meant for
the American flit.', hill in to he con
fdilercd mi mi furl tiniilu neiMilotil."
Keciotury Ionising iiuiife public flu
nciiiiiiii iiH'iiKiniiHliini which disposer
of tin- pielion whether lliu NchniMf'
Kan was -inicii uy n wipcun or nv n
nunc. Tlio Herman nieinnrnndn close
tlio incident, it wns aniil, except it
to tlio payment oC damages.
Dcpai (incut's Announcement.
The stale dcparlmenl made ibis
minniiuccmcul :
"Ambassador flora id bus tele
graphed to tlio state department the
following memoranda from tlio Gor
man foreign office relative, to the
dnmnging of the Ameriean steamer
Nehrnskim b n Gorman submarine:
" 'The Clonutin government reeeiveil
from newspaper reports llie' intelli
gence that tlie Ameriean Ptenmer Na
brnsknn hail heen damaged lin mine
or torpedo on the snnlhwost coast of
Ireland, ll therefoie Minted n thor
ough investigation of Iho enso with
out dolav nnd from tlio result of the
invosligntinn it has become con
vinced Hint tlio dnmngo to the Ne
brasknn was caused by an attack by
a subninrlno.
Story of DNnslei'
"'On the exening of Slav 2.1 last,
tlio Hiibmarinr met a steamer bound
wostward without n flair and with
no iiuulrnl markings on her free
board, about H.I nnutienl miles west
of Fnatnot Rock, no appliance of any
kind for the illumination of the flag
or mnrkings was ,to Jm seen. In the
twilight which had tilruady set in.
tlio name of the steamer was not i-(
jblo from the Hiibiniiriiio. Since the
commander of the siihiunriiio wa
obliged to assume from his w ido o.
porici ee in the area of innritiiiie war
that only churlish steamers and no
neutral steamer traversed this war
nrea without flag nnd marking, he
attacked the vessel with n torpedo, in
the conviction that he had flu enemy
Vessel before him.
lloMcd American I'lag
" "'Somo time after the abut the
commander saw that Iho vosnel had
in the nienutime lini(wd the American
flag. Ah n consequence he, 'of course,
refrained from any further attack.
Since thu vcuxcl remained afloat he
bad no bwaion to concern himself
further with the hosts which hml
been launched.
"'It results from this without n
doubt that the attack on the sU-miic'
NuhrtiHknn was not meant for the
American flair, nor is it traceable to
liny fault on (he part of the com-
launder of the Gemma submarine, but
is to be considered an iiufoituuate
accident. The German go eminent
expresses it rogiot at the occurrence
to the government of the United
States of America and declare it
rondinc.s to make compensation for
the damnge therebv sustained by
American cilin-n-.'"
rUOVIIiKNt K. H. T-, Jol 1.1.- A
reduced tmllev sitmit w.i in ctfeet
in thu eit toda n- .1 r-ult of the
strike declared bv 2100 iiniun em
ployee of the Ithodc Intiiml coiuMtuy
nt midnight. The cars iu quetion
miico maiiiiail liv nuu-uiiiau nuiUiruiMi
nm conductor-,. I p to S 11. m. theiej
Mas uo duordi r.
PAWTITKIT. It. I., Juli 11
Street ear -mi'c nt Hii it w.t
Misieiideil 4" i -l .1- . r
Hilt of the -'Ml.. ..!" ihc inl..e 'l
tho ltho! tuu.faio. llub
(lrvdit of motor biie. capiic
Jl , f.iliii -1 t.nirv euipltiM'-. to then
jvo L ilauo !'n i.r' icur-.
Violation of Neutrality Aliened By
Wholesale Shipments From United
States Proposals Eminate Solely
From Vienna Without Collabora
tion With Berlin.
WASMiNdTOX, .inly jn. Aim
trla'H diplomatic representations thai
Aniorlcan oMiurt of uitr iniinltlons
to the allien have attained dimensions
oiidiiiigt'rlng the neutiallty of the
United Htnto, Ifnvoheon uuiler coiihIiI
eratlnn at the state llopurtiiiunt wince
.Inly I It'it the reply has not yet heen
determined on. .The Auitrlun note
dnllvqrod to Ambanuilor 1'onfloltl an
tiiuo 20 li Biilwtnutlally loported,
howovqr. In IuhI night's news dis
patches from Vhtiuia via Aiiistenlam
ami London.
The AiiHtrlnn note roiitonila that
war oiortH an "a jirocodlng of the
progont war arc not Iji couMonnnco
with the ileflnltlou of neutrality." It
adiln that " It would he qtillo Hitffl
clent to advlne the Quemloa of Aiih-trln-HiinRory
ami Uormany that sup
ply of foodmuffs nnd war mntcrlnls
would bo 8ii8pcndod If IcRltlmntu
trndo In these articles between Amer
icano and neutral countries Y.aa not
Other Xutloim (o Kollow
Gorman officials havo openly do
clared tlio United Slates fully within
ltn rights an a neutral In nelllng war
exporlfl to the allies. Austria's rep
resontatlons touch a different phase
of tlio question.
Stnto dopnrtmont officials don't re
Kurd tlio Austrian communication In
tlio nature of n protest nnd are not
yet certain that It requires mi answer.
N'othlnR was made public horo about
tlio communications, officials said,
liocaiiio of Its origination In Austria.
Thoy rognrdod, It ns npimrently oma
initliiK solely from tlio Vionnn for
oIkh office without n collaboration
with Iioilln.
Nation Within Itlgbts
LONDON, July in. A dispatch
from Herllu, by way of Amsterdam,
to tlio Kxchango TeloKraph company,
today says:
"Tlio AuBtro-HuiiBarlnn protest to
A morion Is n sequel to tlio recent con
feronco nt Vienna between Dr. vr
lIotlimniin-IlollweK, the (,erman im
pnrlal chancellor, and Gottlieb von
.hifiow, the Gerinan forelKii minister,
and Hnrou Stophun von Itajecz, tlio
Aimtrlnn-IIunKarlan foreign minister.
"The protest wns sent at tho ro
quent of Gurmnny and Turhoy will
follow suit.
"Tho object Is to warn America
that a rupture of rotations with (lor
mnny will moan also a rupturo with
Germany 'inilllos."
W VSIIINGTON, July 15 The Ani
orlcan gunboat Wilmington and C'al
luo of tho Asiatic s(piadron aru rush
Iiik from Hong Kong to tho scene of
tho rocnt floods In China for "ur
gent rescue" work. Tho Calloa Is
bound for Woat Hlvor and tlio Wil
mington for Canton.
Consul General Anderson at Hong
Kong reportotl today that Canton was
Uolutod, oxcopt to powerful steamers,
thousand, having been drownod and
tons of thomwnds nr tahliig rofugp
In high places. Thousands of homos
have been burned, Aniorlcan mission
proporty haa either boon damaged or
dealro)d and foreigners are taking
refuge at the llrltUh eonaulato at Ku
Chow. Ko Awerloans havo been lost
so far as it known.
HONK KOXd, July 15.Tong of
thousands of natives are estimated
to have been drowned by the floods
in the Clilnwo provinces of Kwatung,
ICwanxsl and Klungsl. and the deso
lation In the devastated districts Is
terrible, acvordlng to the latest re
ports reaihlug here,
Lapse of Time Prevents State's Mak-U:-2-
Case Against Accused Men and
Chartjcs Arc Dropped Public
Demonstration in Court Room Fol
lows Riilino of Justice.
MHDFOUI), Iowa, .Inlv 1.1. The
(use against Hales lliintxmaii, who
has been on prelimliiarv (rial before
JiiHlice M. A. Sawyer for Hie alleged
murder of Nntluiniel Smith, a Mlm
ouri enltle dealer, and hi hum, in
September, 187", wn dMniscd to
dav by .lutec Sawyer.
The eiihe wns dbmi'Veil upon the
motion of attoineys for lliintxiuan,
hhoillv before noon. Atoiuey (feii
enil Co-won, representing his depart
menl, ncqiiiexoed iu the motion, still
ing to Iho court that the refusal U)
admit the evideuee of dohn Derrick
nun with loforciiee o "Dee" A. H.
Holiday, Hie uenuii driiggixl, who
was said to hae been n pailicipant
in the nlleged crime, luxl iiiude it im
possible for the htate to pioceed
Cheers (,'rect Dismissal
Cheers greeted the niinouneement
of .lustico Sawyer that he would dis
miss the cases. Officers in tho
courtroom had considerable difficul
ty iu restoring order, so enthusiastic
were the neighbors of tho defendants
who had gotheted" with the final
scenes of the court diiinui which has
stirred the community for the last
week. Finally .Justice Sawver suc
ceeded in getting the room (piiet hud
then said that the eases against all
four defendants would stand dis
missed. TbiH second announcement was a
signal for another outburst, Hunts
man and Samuel Sorivucr stood with
tears in their eyes iik thev reeeiveil
the congratulations of their friends.
The court room was turned into n
recoption scene iu which the defend
ants, including .John and Henry
Damowood, were the eentrnl figuros,
whiiih with witnesses for and against
them mingling with hculutnrs iu
what appeared to ho a jollification
Impressed by Story
The motion (n disuius eiimc from
Attorney 11. J. Flick, representing
Huntsman, after Samuel Anderson
had left the stand, where he had just
added it few details to his testimony
of yesterday. Attorney Fliok de
clared that the corpus dulecti bad
not been established and that the
charge against his client had not
been borne out by Hie state's ni
donee. Attorney General Cosmoii. at this
point nrnso nnd announced Hint while
he had beun forcibly iiupiessed with
tho atory Of Mm. Maria Collins Por
ter and was convinced that niurdcix
had been committed about the time
she stated, tho evidence, to bis mind,
would not warrant the stale in pro.
(coding further villi the ease, lie
said ho would not, on tho evidence
thus far adduced, ask the grand jury
to consider the ehargcu nguint Hut
old men and therefore, ho and the
count v prosecutor would endorse
the motion to dismi--.
PORTLAND, Ore., July 1.1. At the
time when the stock of the United
States Cashier companv wa arbi
trarily iiiiC(J from i?20 to WO a bhure
tho stock lifltl an iietiml value of
$S..'i(l, was toatified today by llirum
S. House, sHM.'iul agent of the de
imitmeiit of utiue, in tho trial of
seven of the oompany'a agents iu the
I'uited States district court on a
charge af using the mail to defraud,
lloiue tetifiel that his detenniuatiuu
of the actual value of thu stock was
bused on a study of the euuiiwuy's
Additional telegrams nnd loiters
were addueod today by United States
Attorney Iteawes to show that the
pi ice of I'nitul States Cuhier stock
had bi'-n forced up at tuues to lo
tnoto uddittuuul buIcs,
At ?ROerUTY, )
V., If. Onry, ehaliumii of tho lawnl of illtx-ctoiN of tho UnltcI
States StiH-1 Coi'iHiratlou, said In San Fninclsco recentl)': "If 1 road might
the signs of teh times wo may look forward with confidence to uuuked Im
provement In business results, K'ihaps not so mmih or so rapid ns wo
could wsli, but as ceilnlu and ns satisfactory as the disposition and the nc
thin of'the inajoilty of Iho Koido tliumsclwi will pel mil."
LONDON, Juiy 1j -Prznsnysz has
been taken by the Germans almost at
tho Inception of what appears to lie
a now drlvo at Warsaw from the
north. '
The official ntatomont from Ilorlln
annouueos tho capture and also re
cords KuccoasoM along tho oast Prus
sian frontlor to the northonst. Tho
vlllugo of Konsya south of Koluo, ban
beon taken nnd the heights of Olszu
ukn, uorthwost of Suwalkl, stormed.
Slmultnnonously the Gurmnns to
port, tho breaking down of nttomptH
by tho French to win back lost
ground In tho Argonuo region nnd
the Infliction of luavy loss oh upon
tho attacking forces.
Carls reports the eaptuio of n lino
of Gorman trenches north of Arras,
and the failure of a Gorman attack
Iu tho Wouvro region. It concedes a
German advantage at ono disputed
point In the Argoiine.
Two hills defending Krlthla on the
Gallipot! peninsula worn occupied by
tho tioops of the entente allies aflor
four assaults on Monday last, accord
ing to Athens ad Iced rotolved In
Constantinople, reporting on the
tamo ongugoments, suys that.alllod
attacks, In which warships supported
tho tropps, wore repulsed with heavy
t i.i 1 1 in i --
Mayor's Liberty
To tho People ol' Afodferd:
Medford will be honored Friday morning by tho
presence of tho Liberty Bell, ono of the most highly
prized possessions of tho Tinted States.
An opportunity never before present, and one that
will never again f;ojne to many thousands of Alodford
citizens, will bo offered.
The peoplo of Medford are urged to seo this bell,
around whieh dings so many talos of the history of
Amoriean liberty. Jts trip from its homo in Philadel
phia has been oiio continuous, patriotic demonstration
people everywhoro exhibiting tho wonderful heart
hold this relic has upon them.
J sincerely trust that the peoplo of Medford will
talco tiino to seo tJio boll, and iu spito of the very early
hour will consular it a matter of public duty to join
with the rest of tho country in honoring this historic
emblem which heralded this nation's independence
aiidfmdom. F. V. MKDYNSKI,
Acting Ma. or of Medford,
JULY ir, 1915
LONDON. Jub f- - dispatch
from Cardiff to the Central News
Agency says that tho minors confer
once by a vote of 180 to 113 decided
not to nccept tho recommendation of
tho council to return to work.
CARDIFF, "walesT July 15. In
spito of optimistic predictions that
serious labor differences In tho coal
fields would bo averted, virtually
every mine In Wales waH Idle this
morning, tho day fixed for tho begin
ning of tho minora' strlko for hlghor
In ono district alone, 20,000 men
struck, defying tlio government's
proclamation that tho provisions of
the munitions act would bo Invoked
to plot out a cessation of oitorntloiiB.
Uy 10 o'clock It wuh estimated that
upwards of 120,000 inon wero out In
all parts of the Welsh Holds.
A meeting of the nxecutlvo com
mittee of tho Houth Wales Minors'
union wus culled for this forenoon to
confer with representatives of tho
board of trade, but tho rank nnd fllo
of tho minors are obdurato and tho
government proclamation scorns only
to havo stiffened their resolution to
stand firm in their demands.
Men who strike Iu tho face of tho
govnrnmeut prohibition are subject to
n fluo of $lfi a day In default of
which they may bo Imprisoned.
Bell Proclamation
Historic Relic of Revolution Runnintj
Ahead of Schedule Medford Band
Will Give Liberty Bell Concert in
Park and Drum and Fife Corps
Will Greet Bell.
The Libeily Hell beloved of
Ameriean history and Revolutionary
memory will arrive, in Medford' hi
(he morning ut about 1:1.1 o'clock for
ti ten minute stop. The train is
ahead of schedule nnd mav reach tin
it v earlier. T irouuli the efforts of
local citizens and Senator George 15,
Chamberlain the slop was nrranged.
Scores of Medfoid people will slay
up tonight tij see the treasured relic,
There will he many from out of town
points, including delegations of
school children from ttie count rv dis
tnt'ls, Tho bell is electrically
The baud will give n Libeily Hell
concert in the city park and later
Leader Ciiiiih with u drum and life
corps will greel Hie bell.
The picture shows will remain
open nil night, and there will be a
dance nt the 'utiitorium. A half
hour before the arrival of the bell
tho fire whistle will blow to awaken
those who want to sleep,
Tho Libei'tv hcIL travels on n sne-
cially coiislrueled ear, and is ac
companied by n committee of Phila
delphia citizens. It is tho Inst car
on a train of soveit cars. Tho hell
will arrive in San Francisco where it
will be received iu elaborate style by
citv and fair officials, Chump
Clark, speaker of tho natoual house
of reprcsentntivcH will niako tho for
mill sneeeh of welcome.
Willi tbo Oerumii submarine war
issue uppermost iu tho minds of the
nation, the relic iu ila journey across
tho country has been met with en-
fliiiKiitstlo outbursts of patriotism,
mid the peoplo of tho hind have
greeted It wilb dovolion, wherever
(lie train slopped. It is tho flccond
tune iu history Hint (ho hell Iiiih left
The first story of the land told by
mothers to elildrcu is tho story of the
Liberty bell.
nilCAClO, July 1.1. The 11,000
employoH of Chicago's street car sys
tems who rccoutly tied up the city's
transportation facilities with n two-
day strike, will bo granted n wage
iuoreaso and a two-year contract in
stead of three, neeoidiug to n story
published iu the Chicago Tribune to
day. Tho award of tho board of uibi-
trillion, which for thrco weeks
hoard testimony from onuipnny offi
cials mid tho employes on tho same
issue, will bo liiado public tomorrow,
'thu papor says.
All clauses of men in the hcmce
of tho companies will bo granted a
horizontal raise in wages from the
start. Tho innMiuum wage will be
not loss than !IS cents an hour, mid
probably .'III cents, the Tribune says.
Tho term of thu graded scale has
been flhot toned, but itn length has
not been lull v decided, it was Said.
Tho award will establish in Chica
go the highest wages foi sticet ear
men iu tho country.
WASHINGTON, Jy lit. Com.
plaint w7as made today to tbo inter
state oommerco commission by the
trmispoitation bureau of tho new
Seattle Chamber of Commerce that
thu summer excursion rates of the
(Iroat Northern and other traus-eon-tinenlal
carriers from Seattle and
Portland, Oregon, to eastern points
Via Soil iFmiciseo, wero uujiistlv dis
criu.inatorj m finer of Pottlaud.
NO. 98
State Advisory Highway Commission
Inspects Jackson County Roads
and Outlines Plan to Build Trunk Through State Only Solu
tion of Problem Is, Bend Issue..
The stale highway advisory com
mission composed hi' S. Ucnson, J. II.
Albeit and Leslie IhitlvV,) accompa
nied by Slate Highway' Kngincer
Cautinc, County .liulgo. (lilletto of
Josephine county nnd ('i)minissinner
Nichols of Douglas eouiltv arrived in
Medford Oils nonn on u tour of in
spection of the .lael.sen eiiunfV high
ways. They wero met nt the north
end of the enmity try members of Hie
county court mid escorted by them
over Hie route of the I'aeifie highway.
Uepresentativo Vnwter accompanied
thu party over the Siskiyou section.
A special meeting of Iho Bedford
Commercial club wns held in tho pub
lic library building at 11 o'clock at
which the proposed stnto highway
bond issue was unanimously en
dored. Uriel' speeches were made
by .Messrs. Iteiison, Albeit, Ilujler,
Cautinc, Gillette, Leaver, Madden,
Vnwter, (lore and Fred Lockley of
the Portland .1 on run I. Hen Sheldon
presided as chairman.
All speakers praised iho highway
const ruction in .Jackson county and
the progressiveuesH of this section
iu pioneering good roads.
The commission bns everywhere en
countered ii demand for stnto aid in
tlie construction of trunk lines nnd
nil favor u state bond issifo of flC
000,000 to build (hem, tho interest
and principal to be paid from the lax
levy, ll is considered impossible, iu
view of the low tax levy for rond
purposas, to meet the demands of the
various sections .of (he stale, mid
the only way is predicted iu the bond
Iloud Issue Plan Indorsed
As outlined the plan contemplates
the issue of bonds to the amount of
i 10,0(10,1100, extending ovcrlfi period
of 'J5 years, the proceeds from the
sale to bo used to build permanent
roads that tire primarily state high
ways nt !r'l)0(),U10 u year. Mr.
Ucnson favored tho appointment id
a state highway commission of live
members, three from Western Ore
gon mid two from Knsturn Oregon,
to servo without pay.
This commission, it is suggested,
shall he entirely iu churgu of permit
iient state road work nnd shall em
ploy an engineer of wide experience
for the technical work.
Highway Condition Itejsirled (.'isxl
"The Paeifie Highway, genornllj
speaking, is iu good condition for
sninmgr trnvel," declared .Mr. Hcit
hon, "but theie are numerous dan
gerous railwa crossings that should
be eliminated, ns well iik numerous
heavy grades that need adjusting,
thai mean that thu road piust be rein,
eat ei for distances before it is at
tempted to spend money to make it
permanent, nnd (here nro places thai
demand resurfacing before the route
can bo put iu condition for winter
"To build nnd maintain roads is mi
impossible task for one county. State
aid iu some form must be I'oilhcom
ing. To my mind, tho bond issue pre
scuts the only solution to tho prob
lem." A True-Ural Solution
,T. 11. Albert pronounced road
bonds a practical solution of the
problem. He said thu inability o?
tho counties to iuoreaso their. levity ,
for rond purposes makes if Impo
sible lor tlicm to carry on this weil:
nt pie-ent in nnv other way.
NLW YOKK, July 15. Whotheer
tho 70,000 garment workers still nt
work in tho shops mid factories of
New York City would join the, 21,001
already on striko wns to he deter
mined largely today by a meeting of
12 men whieh began this forenoon
and wn oH'otod to Ittpt all day,
The grievances of f0,0OQ employed
in the garment making industry also
came before the mayor's council of.