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WASHINGTON, July 7. Tho Villa
agency today Issued thin statement
"A report from tho front, uncon
firmed by official advices, had reach
ed tho confidential agency to tho
effect that tho advancing Villa army
hnB captured tho Important strong
hold of I-oon and that the Carrnti
zluta army continues Its retreat south
ward." LAKICDO, Tax., July 7 No reports
nrrlvlng up to noon today of fighting
about Parcdon whoro Carranza and
Villa troops lost heavily In a battle
Monday. Train scrvlco from hero to
Montorcy, which Is near Parcdon,
continued annulled.
Carranza authorities In Nuovo La
rodo received reports today Hint their
forces nro within a few miles of San
I,iils I'otosl and expect to capture It.
Tho Carranza troops facing San Luis
l'otoal advanced, It was said, via Tain
Pico, repairing tho railroad from
Tamplco to tho threatened city.
(Couttmucd from Vtino 1.)
otter, itmued n ulalcnirnl after tin mi
topny ft it tl been performed by the
pribou pli.vnieinn. Ho Hald:
"Holt emtio to his death by n emu
pound fruetiire of the Hkull ami eer
t'bral liumorrhiige canned by a full."
Dill to lYni-tuiXHl Hkull
Although the uulopsy perfoimcd on
HoU'm body curly today by Dr. (luy
Cleghorn clnblilicd definitely that
bin ilenth wiih duo to n fractured
hkull, Walter it. Joiioh, the coroner,
wild lie would hold an impiet into tho
manner in which Holt met his death.
Thin, Mr. iloueu xuid, wiin purely for
iniil. Jeremiah O'itynu, the keeper who,
wiim on guard at Unit's cell when Holt
eommitted Kiiieide, today pave n con
neeted Htory of what happened.
O'ltyan Haiti that he had been em
ployed by Sheriff Pettit to guard Hie
prisoner with iimtruclioiiK to watch
him from 8 o'clock at night till K in
the morning, hunt night when O'liyiiii
went to the entrnnco of IIoII'h cell
Holt Hccmcd to be cheerful.
U Would f Holt
"f had home food toiiiiy mid man-
aged to retain it," O'ltyan mi,vh Holt
told him. "I lei'l miieh better now,
but I iniiNt get Home (deep. Tliene do
tectiveri have been coming in ami
asking mo nil kitidH of ipicntioiiK nod
they have been bothering me ilnv nnd
night. I intiMt gel hleep. have got
an important htalement to muke to
morrow, and I iniih( he able to con
inco people that what I nay in true."
O'ltyan Mild ho told Holt to go to
hleep ami that' Holt turned over on
bin hide with lux back to O'ltyan and
remained there about an hour. Then
O'ltyan heard a noise in tho next cor
ridor. He glanced at Holt nnd wiw
that ho wiik facing the door, but ap
parently Holt was Hlcupiug. O'ltyan
then crept, he Miya, on his hands and
knees down tho corridor to cheek the
disturbance. m that Holt might hleep.
Ho looked into the other corridor and
found there was nothing there. As
he was about to btart back O'ltvan
Haiti he heard a uoibo like a revolver
1VII Over HI lUxly
"I ran bauk to the cell and Haiti to
myself, 'He's done it; somebody lip
)H'd him a gun.' 1 looked into his cell
mid didn't nee him. Then 1 thought
that nut bo he had Iteeii shot from
outkide. I hitid to myself, lle might
tdioot me, so I diew mv revolver and
went into the cell, expecting him to
jump at me. It was dnik mid I
couldn't hco him, t tipped mid fell.
Wlion I looked down I hiivv that I hatl
fallen over his body."
Martin W. Ijttlulou, who had been
retained as counsel for Holt, reached
Miiteola todav mid examiiied Holt'..
cell closely. Mr. Littleton climbed up
tho iron bars on the side of tho cull
hh Holt apparently had dono before
committing suicide, to see if it were
possible for a man to kill liimsulf in
that manner. Mr. Littleton wa con
vinced timt it was.
On leaving tho jail Mr. Littleton
pent tho following telegram to Tho.
Its, James tit Dallas, Tex.:
"Holt u btiieido in jail hoiu. Un
doubtedly demented. Do you wUh
body chipped to Texas t"
"Sure, then, you aro related to
Harney O'Hrlea?'
"Very distantly: narnoy was mo
mother's first child I was the si v.
kBBr Mi OT, WL M
UMMtAti i
ii in'- iti
wtw iiimi trT,-tMT7
Miss ,Tutiiic Johnstono of IIo
lioken, N. J-, who won the .f 5000 prize
for being "the mot beautiful girl in
( Contlnuod troni page ono)
on the side of his cell to the floor.
In the belief that the missing ex
plosive '"might have been placed
aboard a steamship leaving this port
prior to last Saturday, a warning by
wireless was Kitrciid over the Atlan
tiu during tliir night by planlH along
the eitsteni seaboard.
tire of Dyiuiiiillo
The trunk , found last night in a
storage room above a livery stable
and garago in West Thirty-eighth
street in New York City, contained
L'll sticks (17 poundsout of 'JOtl
sticks of dynamite known to have
been shipped to and received bv Holt
under the alias of ('. Hendricks tit
Syowct,. U-T-.i(MH.nlly.. Six sticks
were used, it crined established to
dnv, by Holt when he went to Wash
ington. Three of these sticks of
dynamite were used, accotding to
Holt's statement, in making the bomb
placed in the eapitol ami the other
three sticks were found in a suitcase
on the lawn of J. P. .Morgan's es-,
This would leave sitv sticks, or
thirty pounds, of the explosive iiiiae
counted for. Although Holt wax
limited us saving that he had used
the sixty sticks in hi cxpci intents in
the house he united tit (!eutial Park,
L. I., this statement was not believed.
Nor tlitl the condition of the ptemises
at Central Pink indicate that explos.
ives had been used, although it was
believed possible that Holt might have
destroyed several slicks in his ex
periments there.
Where the remainder of this ship
ment was engaged praetienllv the en
tire attention of the district attor
ney's detectives today.
Wireless Winnings Sent
Warnings by wirolonn were sent
broadcast over the Atlantic from sta
tions on the eastern seaboard advis
ing the Saxouia ami Philadelphia t"
steer toward each other, ('oiuinis
sinner Woods announced that the
navy department had lirrattged to
send a fast cruiser after the liners.
The Philadelphia replied that ev
erything aboard hud been identified
and that all was well.
The Cumird Line and the American
Line also endeavored to reach the
steamers bv wireless.
At both offices it was said that it
would bo practically impossible for
anyone to pa the many linen of
guards at the pier and to place ex
plosives aboard tho ships. The ('tin
ard Lino stated that there were (six
lines of guanU pruttaitiug its esels
from intruder.
, AVatih .esNiers
, in Holt's letter to Itis wife lie ad
vied bur to watch newspaper of
July 7, today, and told her that she
would tee in tltoe p.ipotw just what
he had done,
"Steamers Ictniug New Yoik July
!l will be destroyed in mid-ocean by
an explosion," Holt is iptoted as hav
ing written) On, the .margin' of the
letter there was a pencilled admoni
tion to his wife to say nothing about
what he had written.
thi: villain
"I was about to propose. "
'Oh Mr. Fllburt, this Is SO a ml.
"That sopyi c'WjJSiiVV"on 'tB u
little warmer
"Hnough-wJohn "
"We take a rklu through ths,
i'uriv; - , ;
As Famous Beauty Specialist, Mmc
Trost, a German Special Agent,
Wormed State Secrets From Wives
of Men in Hlnh Offices of British
(Ft ot)i Our Special Correspondent.)
LONDON, June 1 1. The most
dangerous woman in Loudon has just
Iteeii deported as an alien enemy. And
tlteie never was u more harmless
looking person.
In early Victorian dress, with snow
white hair arranged in nodding curls
.Mine. Trost has for years been one
of the most picturesque tigtites in the
West Knd and Hyde Park.
Itegularly oery afternoon situ
drove in the park dressed in figured
silks worn over an ample crinoline,
a poke bonnet half biding her deli
cately rouged face nnd grandmother
ly hair.
It was vaguely known that she
claimed to be a reincarnation of
Marie Antoinette and that at her
splendid house in Marlhoroitgli-gate,
she had enshrined a coffin "that
she might be beautiful ill death."
Obviously Mine. Trost was rich.
She maintained a splendid home just
opposite Kensington (lindens, where
she lived surrounded bv Louis XVI
furniture and superb plate.
Hut while girl pages in rich silk
gowns of Louis XVI period served
the gucstH at madam's frequent "at
homes," the queer old lady kept no
servants, liut'livcd (piite alone, doing
all her own cooking and much of the
This scented more remarkable bo
canso Madame Trost was u beauty
specialist in Itond street W. A busi
ness woman whose trade it was to
pander to tho follies of the idle rich.
Practically all her clientele occu
pied important social or official po
sitions. Were women wearing out
fast in the maddening whirl.
After a treatment those who wish
ed t rest their nurvcH could drink
tea nnd play bridge. If they lost,
madamo was a liberal banker. Ah
time passed nnd accounts grew the
ensnared clients became helpless he
fore their creditor's curiosity. A
more impiisitivo old ladv never lived.
For wheedling information hhu was
almost without a rival. .
Hut one day, after war began,
Mine. Trost asked an apparently
harmless question of eear-hcaded,
dcbl-fiee woman. That night Scot
land Yard became mildly suspicious
of the beauty speciali-t.
Official investigation piovcd that
the (piaint Victorian in life was a
Herman subject born in Frankfort,
that she had lived thiity years in
Loudon mid identified herself with
everything Kitglish, hut had tuner
been naturalized.
Scotland Yard dcUed deeper and
discovered that long ago, when
lleitha Trost was quite a young wo
man, slio stood in the shadow of
Austrian royalty until her connection
with an intrigue caused someone
highly placed at the Vienna court to
suggest that she would be better off
in London, where suitable provision
would be made for her,
Tho Itond street "business," with
its bizarre boudoirs, was merely a
blind to hoodwink the police. The re
ceipt did not pay the rent. Mehind
the trellis screens mid rose-strung
shutters madamo could carry out hur
schemes. The important women whoso
physical defects she knew, whoso
notes of hand she held, could often
be induced to yield up official gossip,
oven secrets of state.
Madam 'frost's subterranean pro
fission became daily more olninus.
Iteeently she began to drive out with
wounded officers just home from the
front. Then, grown suddenly reck-Io-.k,
she attempted to visit the camps
of (Ionium prisoners in F.uglnml,
Scotland Yard called u halt and
demanded an explanation. The truth
came out. Madam Trust, married
thirty year ago in Oennany, was
searching for her son, a Uerman
prisoner, now interned in Knglaml.
Mother love had made her careless of
In an effott to nullify the decree of
exile to her own country, she at
tempted to marry a HritNh subject by
special license. Hut the Hinniiighatii
bridegroom, who answered the sum
mono by the first train, arrived in
Loudon just as the Ladv of the Crin
oline was n.irns'vvd. ., .
Now her long scheming is ended.
Her splendid home and bet "Iniii
nosfc" premises aro held by the pub
lie trustee and the curious, triple
sheathed coffin is in the hands of the
bureau of criminal investigation.
For thu "dour old Kttglish lady"
was a dangerous secret agent, a hpy
in skirts, in the pay of Germany.
Said Mrs. Hippopotamus,
"Oh, I'll ho Imppy when
Tho -fashions growxuiqro sensible
IlAJl'lJUPw come nacu agnint
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I.' 'l'J Hl
ft:. ..- : S.'-t i V
y 7W
, v ' "
b'b'b'b'bHs'bKv'WTJIBb'b'b'b'b'b'bi's :-?
IBBPy' bbsHHbVIbvIrI
?,' HHbS ' .isIs&sIBBSmBbBbIbiIIIIIIbiIII'buUbm
fa'fJ' " t "xpWS, vBrrJnrflBBrrrBrrH
W&k '' &$ WHQKTm
Wm,. - V j tfW. Pbb'b'b'b'b'b'b'bHJ
Sis' B BBBBBBV-fll
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kV -tjL'S
mi 1
m - r-t Jl u I
fjm . J KAWpsewiM JV
'M -V I r v
iJ ' V
'llio spy In crinoline! Mine. Taw t. fieiiimn agent ulioMlvet foi yenrs
In Ionilou, where she was widely known Ikm-oiiso of the qunint iierlotl
tlivsses she woix.
MAI)ltlD,.JuH '22. (Correspond
eneo oj" thu Associated Press.) The
Spanish government recently has
been active in thc.picparntiou of mili
tary ami naval armament. Artillery,
units and projectile fuctoricH are
working night ami day and the min
ister of war, desirous, himself of
learning their eapacitv has duriin,
the last several dnss visited those at
Traliia Ovidcrf, Hraniulu and Seville.
Military iniid navnlij'oiiiniissipns
have left forjiho ln'itedjtates and
Italy for tho ptirpiitooof acquiring
arms ami animiiuitiou as well as the
machinery for their mauiifactiire.
There is talk also of the acquisition
by Spain of a number of submarines
ami of large quantities of mines for
coast defense purposes.
All these activities are being con
ducted with the greatest nccrcey, the
government having requested the
press to maintain rigid silence on the
subject. It is said that the motive
behind these warlike preparations is
by no menus to cuter the present
Kuropean conflict on either side, but
to strengthen Spain and prepare her
for liny event which may follow the
present war.
With Medford Trailo Is Medford Mado
Oil Utlif u.
NigM tlniin Wl'
H'l-ht Urt'f N L
II iww r llcw tSe lytrtolt
aptuirt altar llw ch nun4tr of
wortl)tWlaijimuMM. Othrt
Miltilrtwi Inlkatedbvtha
iirmtwl aPWMicia atllf tsaihatk.
3 PO G 100 Bluo Count Dot
WF San Francisco Calif, July 6, 1915
Powoll Auto Co,,
Medford, Orogon
Wo aro sending publicity today. Play this biggest boost of year for all you'ro worth.
Maxwell stability, durability and dependability were emphatically demonstrated for tho third
timo within 'ten days when Maxwell race cars won first and third in three hundred mile
raco Omaha, July 5th. First Maxwell driven by Rickenbacher average speed ninety-one
sovon-hundredths miles per hour, was same car that won three hundred mile race July 3d,
Sioux City, and was also the first American car to finish Chicago five hundred mile Derby
Juno 26, average speed 96.53 milos per hour.
....... 2:27 PM.
) '
"T - t
- OCJC.14V-V iKUl.
NFAV YOItlv, July 7. Dctecjivert
today examined all the left-over
imckages on the piers of the Ameri
can and Cniiard lines, but none of
them seemed to tally with the de
scription of the dynamite homb they
were working on. The police do not
think the Jiomh, if it was ncnt, was
dispatched by parcel post.
The police leatiied today that Holt
bail bought 10(1 fulminating caps, 1(10
lect of fuse, 10(1 extra explosive caps
and -00 sticks of dynamite from a
local powtler company. This order
was delivered to Holt ,nt Central
Park, L. L, on June 'JO.
It was nsfcitaiiicd todav that Holt
lett Ithaca on June 8 with the sul
phuric acid that he used in the homb
that he exploded at the eapitol at
Washington. Tho acid was purchased
in an Itliacn pharmacy.
In each ease, it was said, the
bombs had bcuu placed aboard a ves
sel carrying automobiles and other
supplies for the French aimv.
The t'tiitcd Stales secret service
and the French government, it was
said, had joined in an investigation.
In ut least one ease the bomb eon.
histcd of two largo iron cylinders,
one of which contained acid and the
other explosive which would be set
off when the acid should eat its way
through tho walte of the cylinder.
( vmr
1 Mm
anonoc w. r. atkins. vic-piiont belvidcrc brooks. viccrmioNT
jLr '
Inquiry into the cause or the wreck
in the Ashland yards Tuesday morn
ing that resulted in injuries to twen-ty-onc
person returning from n
bnseball excursion to Yreka is being
held in Ashland this afternoon. Tho.
Iv. Campbell or the state railroad
commission is conducting the hearing
on behalf of the state. Most of the
Medford people- returned to this city
ycstcnlnyt after n dny in the hospital.
Tho doctor's bills were paid by Hie
Southern Pacific.
It is generally believed that the
baseball special was forgotten nnd
mado possible the accident. Tho ex
cursion train wns ninning as second
No. 12. Tho regular No. 12 had
passed, and it is presumed the engin
eers of (he two switch engines over
looked the schedules or they would
not have been on the main line in the
face of an approaching passenger
Thp following telegram was receiv
ed this morning bv It. L. Kvving, maii
ager of the Medford ball team, from
Yrckn :
"Just lonnied of your sad misfor
tune, but no particulars. On behalf
of thu Yreka ball team and band v-'Mi
to express our deepest regrets that
such a pleasant celebration sh mid
have such an unfortunate termina
tion. It has placed the whole town in
gloom. (Signed.)
A hundred per cent increase in
auto travel and n X per cent in
crease in the number of tourists vis
iting Crater Lake tip to and includ
ing, July 4 over tho travel of H-'yinr
agtLjiro reported by Superintendent
Wail O..Hel. The figures follew:
11)14, autos 78, "tourists 088; 1015,
autos 1,'i'J, tourists Oil.'!.
The largest single day at the lake
reported this year was July 4, 101 o,
when .'('2 autos ami 1 112 tourists were
Tho total travel for 1014 was i:i.rM
autos and 7.VI0 visitors. This year
the record promises to reach 2.100
autos and 12,1100 tourists.
LONDON. July 7 Stops bavo been
taken by tho 'Hrltlsb authorities to
prevent tho further exportation from
Great Hrltaln of load, spelter, anti
mony, nickel or any other metal ncc
osaary In tho manufacture of muni
tions of war.
Announcement to tills effect was
mado by .Munitions Minister Lloyd
George In tho houso of commons this
The failure of tho acid to penetrato
thu iron and reach the explosive dur
ing the voyage across, it was said,
frustrated the plots.
!DLU iv,?".tV
A Treacherous Trouble
Medford Sufferers Should Take No
Furtlier Illsk.
Why will pcoplo continue to suf
fer tho agonies of kidney complaint,
bocknehc, urinary disorders, lamo
ncss, headaches, languor. why al
low themselves to becomo chronic In
valids, when a tested remedy la of
fered thorn 7 '
nnnn's Kidney Pills bavo been used
In kidney trouble over fifty years,
have been tested In tltotisanua or
tf von have any. oven one, of tho
symptoms of kidney diseases, act. now,
for gravel, dropsy or UNRlil's inscaso
may set In and make neglect danger
ous. Can Medford residents, demand
more convincing proof of merit than
the following?
Ezra Arnold, Applcgato Road,
.inrkHonvlllo. Ore., says: "My back
bothered me for five or six months.
I had a dull pain through my kid
neys and the kidney notion beenmo
very Irregular. I had to got up at
night on that nccount. I was tola to
try Doan's Kidney Pills and UIU so
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products aro necessary to ovcry eco
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Scott Paper Towels especially for
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Small rolls for outings 10c.
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For everything new
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Tho Jqweler
212 East Main Street
Form 1201
D1 Hiiuii
Day latlaf Blua
NW Mwaaaa Nit a
Nlahl Latter I N L
II iun of Was Uvea armboU'
appaari after tha f hk (rnimbar o
wofda) Wi la i da muaa. Other
lsa Ita charadar H Mkated br ttii
aymbal arxwarina alltr tha ctwtt.
.. . .,.
j HllrffiBBBBBBrSEraT'i- ." -- -
fc.jBaiajpBJPPBJBBJBjBBJ aj yg-r' ' A 1H