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Medford Mail Tribune
Fair Tonight and Friday.
Mnx. 7-1.5; Mln. no.
Forty-fifth Tear,
rtnlly Tenth Your.
JSrO. G9
Germany Refuses Demand of United
States That Destruction of Ameri
can Sailing Shin Be Adjusted by
Embassy in Order to Expedite Set
tlement Acknowledges Liability.
"WASHINGTON, Juno 10. Ger
many's latest nolo to tlio United
States nn the sinking of tlio Amor
iean snlllng aliip William P. Fryo by
the Prlnz Kltol Frlodrlch, received
hero todny, mnkoH the far-reaching
claim of u right to doatroy any Amer
ican vossol carryliiR contraband, whllo
agreeing to pay damages for tlio net.
Two points inndo by tlio United
States nro rejected by Germany. Ono
was tlio stntomont of tlio American
government In Its note of April 28
that prlzo court proceedings meant
unnecessary delay, nil matters con
cerned bolng susceptible for prompt
Fottlomcnt through diplomatic chan
nels a ml the other wns that tlio de
struction of the.Fryo was "unques
tionably n violation of the obligations
Imposed upon tlio imperial govern
reent under existing trenty atlpuln
tlnns between tlio United States and
Prussian Treaty of IKUH
Undor tho Prussian-American
troaty of ISL'S, tho binding forco of
which wn's ndmlttod by Germany In
its note of April "., tho right of- clt
Jzons of either country to ship arms
and ammunition ns well as nil otbor
kinds of contraband In their own ves
sels wns granted In tlmo of war, but
oncli party had the right to detain
such contraband and make payment
for It If confiscated.
The following is the (ionium reply:
"Foreign office, Ilorliu, .limo 7.
The uiiiltirnigiicil has the hnuor to
niiiko the following reply to tlie note
of Hi Excellency, Mr. .hum
(iernrtl, nnilmssndor of the I'nited
Stulos of Americn, ilntcil April .'10,
3111.1, foreign office No. II'JOl, on tho
subject of the oiiikintr of tlio Amoii
ciin suiling ossol William I. Frye,
liv tho (loriiiiiii auxiliary cruiser
J'riii Kitel Fridrioh.
Deny Tmity Violation
"Tlio Gorman government eaiinol
ji'dinit thut ns the American govern
ment ussumed, the destruction of the
bailing vessel mentioned constitutes
a violation of the t ion tie concluded
between Prussia nml the I'nited
Slates at nn oarlior date nml now
applicable to the rotation between
the (iennnu enipiie nml the United
Stutes, or of the American rights
durived therefrom. For those treat
ies did not Iihvo tho intention of de
priving one of the contracting par
ties enlaced in war of the right of
stopping the siipJ of contraband to
his eiiemv when he loeognizes the
supply of such ns detrimental to hi-
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balloon "California'' ripped at Its
moorings lat night nn hour beforo
tho ttturt of the distance balloon race
from the Panama Pacific Kxposltlon
prepared otdny to start this after
noon. Kdward Unger of Lo Angoles
is the pilot.
No word has rome from George I).
Harrison In the "Jewel City," the
only one of the four balloons to get
away last night. It wm reported as
tailing down the San Joaquin valley
last rtlgUt. The 'Queen of the Pa
cific" piloted by Clarenee Drake of
Spokane. Wash., which ripped in the
wind before starling hour laat night,
and "The Venice," piloted by Leon
Ilraoks of Oakland. Cai.. which
skimmed the grongd t the start,
buret and fell In the bay. Both were
to make a second start earl) tonight.
i TO
Tactical Reverse Indicated in Berlin
Official Statement Russians Halt
Austrian Advance Sporadic En
gagements on Western Front
Austrians Claim Success.
LONDON, June 10. A Oennnn
tncticnl reverse in the Itnltic prov
inces of Hussiit is iiidieatcd by the
official stntement today from Her
liu. It is said the Russians brought
up reinforcements in the district
miiiIIi of Shavli, mid that the winjr of
tho (lorninn forces which had been
attempting uu encircling movement
east of tliu Dubysn river wns with
drawn. direful rending between the lines
of the various official unnouuee
ments of the last twelve hours lead
to the belief that the wearied Kussi-
nns have been successful in ruining
a breathing spell along the eastern
front. Furthermore, evidence of the
stubborn opposition which the Aus-
tro-Ocnunns nro said to be meeting
neur the center of the line in (Inlicin
is declared here to exist in the
statement from Potrogrnd thut 12000
Austro-Ocnnnn prisoners have been
taken in a scries of eoiintor-uttuckK
near Przemysl.
On l&istcrn Itattle Line
According to Russian report, the
AiiHtro-flcrmun offensive in south
east Onlicia hus not been able to
cross the liver Duuistcr ut uuy point
oilier (linn .urnwnn, forty miles from
I.emberg, and which they reached hyst j
Ilorliu contradicts this with the
statement thut the right wing of the
nrmy under (lonornl Linsingon luis
ud uueed ten miles further nnd occu
pied Ktuuisluti, i importnnt ruilroud
lTiiinterrup)cd successes for Hie
Austrians mid (ioniums in (lulicia nre
claimed in Vicnnu, where it is suid
the ndvnuee south of the Dueister is
continuing. In control Onlicia, how
ever, tho Russians appaicntly were
resisting the advance with more sue-cc-s.
War rcpoils from Paris nml Iterlin
respecting the situuliou in the west
show that a scries of sporadic en-gngomont-,
is in progress. On each
side minor sueooos have been won.
The French attack south of Arras,
which mod for the allies n long sec
tion of (ionium trenches near llcbu
tonic, apparently is not being follow
ed up.
French Claim Slow Pitigrcss
The French mke their usual re
oit of slow progress, accompanied
bv the repulse of (Ionium counter-attacks.
The French claim nnd Horlin
admits that tho French now are in
occupation of the entire village of
Xeuille St. Vniist, while only u frac
tion of the lull viiii tit is left in (lor
man luiituV.
KANSAS CITY. Mi.. June 10.
The .Standard Oil company today an
nounced a reduction of one cent in
the price of gasoline. The new piiee
is 8.S cents a gallon. The reduction
is effective throughout the i'nited
States.,t June gusoliuo sold for
ll) cents a gallon. Since then the ni.nle .several rodue-ti"ii-.
WASHINGTON, June 111. Former
Secretary Hrum i- preparing an
other statement i hi uttitnde ou
the situation between the luited
States und Ueriimny, which he in
tend to issue tor publication ith
the apianiic of the Uxt of the
not in tomorrow's morning new-p'rs.
Control of Railroads Into Chief Aus
trian Scauort Secured Austrians
Abandon Fort Possachin Suc
cessful Efforts to Force Passage
Over Ironzo River Contested.
UND1NK, Italy, Juno 10. Italian
troops having occupied Monfnlcono,
are within sight of Trlcst.
The occupation of Monfnlcono Is
regarded ns of great Importance.
Loss than a scoro of miles from Trlcst
Its possession gives tho Italians con
trol of tho chief railway junction
of that region. It prevents tho Aus
trians from transporting troops or
ammunition between Trlest nnd Tol
mlno nnd Grndisca. Monfnlcono Is
tho center of electrical supply for
Trlcst nnd has largo ship building
Tho eapturo of Monfnlcono Is be
ing celebrated today by the Italian
VKUONA, Italy, Juno 10. Tho
Italian troops which nro Invading
Austria through tho Area valley to
wards llovereto, to tho south of
Trent, discovered that tho Austrluns
had abandoned' Fort I'ossnchlo, "two
miles north of Mntnssone, rated ns
ono of the strongest Austrian fortifi
cations In that region.
Forcing the mm
HO.MK, June 10. Kffortff of. Ital
ian troops to forco n passage over
the Isonzo river nre being stubbornly
contented by tho Aiistriuns, but uio
meeting with success, according to a
Miiteinonl signed by (leuernl didorua,
chief of the general staff, issued at
the war officii tonight.
The stntement follews:
''With the object of repulsing tho
enemy from dominating positions he
still holds on the right bunk of the
Isonzo and establishing strong posi
tions ut the passages of the river, we
continued our operations on .hum 7
nnd 8. The enemy offered a deter
mined tesihtnnce favored by the lay
of the1 ground nnd strong foitificu
tious. Our passage wns Hindu dif
ficult by numerous obstacles on the
bridges nml in the roads nnd also by
the flooded ground along the lower
course of the river.
Troops Fight Willi Ardor
"Everywhere our troops fought
with uidor nnd tenacity and suc
ceeded in taking important positions,
which eiinhlod us to occupy the city
of Moiil'alcone. The fire of oilr but
teries considerably (lninnged the en
emy's artillery ut a number of points,
"In tho difficult legion of Moate
nero u successful attack on our part
led to the capture of positions, fiom
which the Austrians fled, leaving 100
bodies, which we buried, nml sixty
"Nur Caporotto seventy JtiiMiiuii
soldiers surrendered.
"In other regions along the Isonzo
we made over -100 prisoners. Our
losses were iiniiiiMirtant. Prisoners
say tin Austrian losses were consid
erable. On Tyrol Front lur
"On the Tyrol Trentino frontier our
forces continue in clone eo-oporntiou
of their action against positions
which must be occupied in order to
force the eiiemv to disclose his do
feiisive picparutioiiri and peimit tlio
development of ulterior operations.
"Notwithstanding the resistance of
the enemy, our troops have upproach-
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WASHINGTON, Juno 10. Prosl
dent Wilson In an oxeeutlve ordor to
day tixed the official' flag of the gov
ernor of the Panama Canal zona as
one with a dark blue buekground,
having In the center a white eirela
with the seal of the Canal atone. It
boara the wertta:
"The land dlrtded; the world unlU
Here's a photograph from the fighting nway oxer u the southeastern
part of Ku rope Turkey's lighting front. It shows Australian soldiers
climbing down the side of u triuixirt into the snmll bonis m which they
are rowed ashore in tl" l)nrduuclh-. The wludc i -pmi-iiiditv lor land
ing the men rests with the nuv, while the kccpniL.' up oi tin Mippliii of
food and ammunition also rests with ( -whc
WASHINOTON, Jnno 10. Itoque
Gouzaloa Garza, head of tho Vlllu-Xu-pata
Bovernmout In Mexico City, was
doposud on Juno 9 by tho convention
In sosalou and Largos Qhasaro, a
Villa dologato from Chihuahua, was
elevated to the provisional proaldou
oy. State depnrtmout illapatohos told
of the change.
WASHINGTON. June 10. General
Obrngon, Carranza's commander In
the fighting against Villa at Leon,
lost his right arm and narrowly us
caped death by u shell nhllo dlroetlng
operations on the firing line, accord
ing to an official dispatch to the Car
ranza agency here. The (llaiwtch
says: I
"Obrogon reports today he lost bis
right arm In battle of Leen when a
shell wounded bin white he was di
recting operations on the firing jlue.
Ho refused to abandon Hit) oooimand
of his troops until victory wag gssur
od, and for this reason tb wonnd all
but cost him bis life.
LONDON, Juno 10. Two Ilrltlsli
torpedo boats were torpedoed tbU
morning off the oust coast of UiikIuikI
by a German submarine.
The boats are the No. 10 and tho
No. IX. Ilotb of them went to tho
bottom. Tho survivors, forty In num
ber, have been brought ashoro. Tho
attack took place at an early hour.
This Information was given out by
the admiralty today.
The Ilrltlsu torpedo boats No. 10
and No. 12 had each a complomont
of 35 men. Number 10 hud a dis
placement of III tons, a siieed of i!C
knots and was HI feet long. Number
II had a displacement of HG3 tons, a
speod of 16 knots and was 172 feet
lioth were built iu 1906.
KAN FltANCiKCO, June hi. The
attendance of the Panama Ihwifie
sjttsittoN, h immmm4 Up tygAMjKu
mark. Ii.s- - nn average attendance
ol o 1,000 dailv.
Agreement Mado With Railro:itl by
State Railroad Commission and
State Highway Commission Rati
fied by County, Provided for Elim
ination of Railroad Crossings.
When construction work wim be
gun last year upon the I'ncifiit high
way a eontrflct wiih inndo between
the slate ruilroud commission, stutc
highway commission tuitl SoiiMieru
I'neifiir railroad, and ratified by the
Juekson county court, wherein t
agreement wiih inudo to construct
five overhond or subway crossings to
replace five railroad grade crossings,
Hie Southern Pacific agreeing to pay
half the cost of the sumo.
The Southern Pacific has not paid
its half of the two overhead cross
ings at Steiumiin nnd Dollurhido und
is, from a letter received from Su
perintendent J. W. Motcnlf by Judge
Ton Votlo, delaying payment until the
county complies with it agreement
and vuentes all five of the existing
crossings. As tho route selected by
Hut county commissioners from Cen
tral Point to Seven Oaks, instead of
eliminating crossings, nilils still an
other grade crossing, tho count.v's
chances for securing tho Southern
Pacific's coin seems slim, unless (ho
agreement mnde is coinpliud with and
the route of the highway changed so
nn to eliminnle the crossings.
Mr. Jlclenll's letler reads as fol
lows :
"Dunnmiiir, dil., June 0, -1015.
"County Court for Juekson Coun
ty, Jacksonville, Ore.
"Regarding the completion of stale
highway through .laclison county nnd
the opening of same for traffic:
"The mi I road coiiiiiiiKsiou under
dale of Mny 111, 101 1, assured us that
in consideration of this company as
suming u portion of tho construction
costs of thft overhead crossings at
Dollurhido and Steimuau, five exist
ing grude crossings would ho vacated
by Juekson county.
"This eoinpiiiiy is prepared to pay
the portion agreed upon immediulely
upon settlement of this crossing
ipicNlion nnd tho execution of the
necessary iiKreoinonts covering ease
ments ut various points,
"Will you kindly advise what ac
tion is being or will be taken in re
gnnl to these two questions'
"Vours truly, J W MKTCAI.F."
LONDON, June 10, .1:1(1 p. m. -
Aitliur Fell, libeinl member for
(Jrent Yarmouth, urged in tho house
of commons that uu impiirv into the
torpedoing of tho' Lusiluiiiu could
sene no purpose and should ho aban
doned, inasmuch as the coroner's in
quests ulreudv had been held,
Premier Asquilh, however, hinted
omplialieally thut the investigation
should proceed. "Thut all the facts
should huplauod on record seems to
meet with tlio guneral approval," suid
tho premier.
Several American survivor- of the
Liisitnuia have postponed their te
t ill ii home to attend the inquiry.
There nre also a number of relatives
of the Mctinis here lor (he suine pur
crw of the trawler Yclocit.v, which
had been suuk at s'a by a German
submarine, was landed here this
Morning after being fifty-two b-urs
at sea in a homII boat without food
or walwr The m wore in a ter
resls state hi xli. in, iiou uImii picked
op bv the vesl which brought thtii
to port.
Workinn Women Supplant Men Sent
to Front and Declare for Equality
of Pay and All Other Conditions
Social Revolution Bclno. Wrought
That Will Be Bio Problem.
(lly Chnrlos Kdward Ituosell.)
LONDON, HtiBlnnd, May 2R.
Anionc; tho untlnjio myths and fan
tasies soiit flying by tho whirlwind of
this war, wo nro llkoly to bco tho de
parture of that favorlto old whisker
ed superstition that woman's placo In
llfo Is over tho wnshbonrd nnd tho
frying pan.
That Is ceasing to bo her placo In
Great Urltnln, anyway, for nn nrmy
of women Is now Invading fields of
Industry that women hnvo novor en
tered before. Appnrontly thoy havo
como to stay, nnd there Is nlrendy
tho gravest speculation about tho re
sults of tholr coming.
From nny point of view tho thing
Is of singular Interest.
A million men having gono to tho
wnr, nnd other thousands having
boon drafted Into tho munition fac
tories, tho government, for tho first
tlmo In history, appealed to tho worn
en or tho nation to come to Its nsBln
tanco. Doubtless It had moro than ono
motive Tho moro men roloanod from
Industry tho moro nvnllablo recruits,
nnd recruiting lagged. There Is a
story that somotlmos tho employment
of womou has been used to cocrco tho
Inggnrds and froco enlistments, it
mny bo true: anything Is possible in
such a woltor of abnormal conditions,
nut nnywny an liumonso amount of
work wns to bo dotiQ, tho govorninont
nskod womon to do sonio of It, nnd n
wnr service bureau for womon wns
formed nH a kind of froo employment
Slly Thousand Women HcgMcr for
.Men's Jobs
Up to Mny t about 00.000 women
bnd responded by registering at this
bureau, but many thousands of oth
ers hud nlroady secured mon'H places
and without government's help.
Iloro nro sonio of tho Jobs thoy bo
gnu to fill nt once:
Chauffeurs, farm liandH, dairy
hands, drivers, railroad ticket col
lectors, railroad porters, railroad
dorks, railroad! station agents, re
porters, sub-odltors, waltors, grocery
storo dorks, drill operators, latho
operators, machinists' assistants, ele
vator nporators, street railroad con
ductors, omnibus conductors, storo
porters, packers, garage attendants,
government clerks (many kinds), to
egraph operators, dollvery wagon
drivers, accountants, messengers, on
llstmont ngonts.
In Glasgow 100 womon are ongng-
ed nt street railroad conductors. The
Glasgow street railroads aro owned
und oporatod by tho olty, and tho
managing committee, bolng In full
sympathy with tho government's do
signs, was glad to bo able to shift
loo men to tlio munition factnrlos.
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WASHINGTON, Juno 10. Acting
Secretary Lansing began his first day
at tho head of the statu department
by receiving callers from tho dlplo.
nmtie corps, who came to pay their
respects. He remained In tho quar
ters he lias occupied as counsellor,
and probably will not move at pres
ent to moro spacious offices asslgnod
to tho secretary.
Some foreign diplomats havo com
plained, Mr. Lansing said, of being
interrupted by nowaMapyr correspond
ents while making enlls in tho stato
department and today tho acting sec
retary asked (be ndwnpup.anue,n 40
grand an iminumtv from InterlQWrto
Hie diplomats while they wore in tho