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    Medford Mail Tribune
Fair Tonight nml Thursday.
.Mnv. 8il; .Mln. 51.
Forty-fifth Tear.
Dully Tenth Year.
NO. G8
Secretary Woultl Provide for Inves
tigation hy International Commit
tee of Dispute and Year's Delay,
and Warn Americans to Keep Off
Belligerent Vessels.
WASHINGTON', Juno I). .Inst ns
(lie urn American nolo to Germany
win t-tin It'll on its way over tin; tel
egraph wiies, Mr. Hryan nl his homo
pive out this statement of liis posi
tiou: ".My leason fur resigning i clear-,
Jy stated in my letter ot tosignution,
namely, Hint I limy enjoy ns a pri
vate citi.i'ii the inciins which the
president does not feel nt liberty to
employ. I honor him fop doing ulnit
lie believes to lie right, nml 1 am
sure Unit lie desire, us I ilo, to find
n peaceful solution of Hie problem
which has been created li v tlio netion
of tile submarines.
Points of Difference
"Two of the point on- which we
iliffep, each conscientious in his oon
vietion, are:
"As to the suggestion of invostign
tion hy nil international committee,
"Second, nit to warning Americans
against traveling on lielligoionl ves
sels op with cargoes of ummiinitioii.
'I liitlievo Hint tlitM mi t ion should
frnukly state to Gorinniiy Hint wo nre
willing to npolv in Ibis wise the prin
ciple, hy which we tiro hound hy
lienty to apply to disputes hot ween
tho United Stifle uml thirty coun
tries with which wo have made treat
ies providing investigation of dis
putes of oveiy chupuclcr and kind,
that miller the administration iniike
wnr pnietieiilly iniMtssibIo.
"Those make lliiity governments
representing tlireo-fouiths of the
people of tilt world.
Wants Vents' Polity
"Among the nnlioim with which we
have these tteiitios nio Great Ilrit -nin,
Franco and Russia. No mattep
what" disputes may nriso hetween lis
nud these treaty nations, we agree
that theie shull he no deeluratiou of
wnr and no commencement of hostil
ities until the mutters in dispute huu
heen investigated hv an internntional
commission uml a vein's time i nl
lowep for investigation.
"Why should uii American cition
lie iiermitled to involve his country
in wnr hy traveling upon a bclltgor
enf ship vi lieu lie knows that the ship
will iHiss through a danger xouc
The ipiostiou is not whether mi
American citizen ha n right under
international law to truvel on u bel
ligerent ship; the ipiostion i whether
ho ought liot, out of consideration of
hi country, if not hi. own safch,
iivoid danger whon avoidunce i pos
sible. Ouc-Slilcil Cltlcnslilp
"It i very one-sided citixeitship
(hut "compels h gn eminent to go In
war ovor a citi.oii' right it nml .et
joliove the eitueu of all obligations
to consider kU tuition' welfare. I
do not know .just how fur the presi
dent enn legally go in actually pre
venting Aimrnaiv. front traveling on
(Continued on pago threo)
1IOJIB, June 0.- An Italian dirig
ible, which attacked the Austrian
jiort of Fiuiucetcrday, eaiiht fire
and waa lot. The crew is believed
to nne been saved aud captured by
to Austriaus.
Official aanounremeiil to this ef
t4 waa made hero toduv a- follew:
"YMiafduv &t lauuie one at our
AMUh droimed a number of
baaiha oa auartar. beiaa uaed Ur
taihtatry poruua. Ketmniag front
thw raid, tba dirigiMc. a the isuh
of aa awidwti, eaotfht fir.
Tba errw of ta diriM4 is ra
poftad to have ftpvad aad cap-
Just alter 12 o'clock this after
noon the new American note to
Germnny which caif-cd (he cab
inet cri-is culminating in Sec
retary Bryan's resignation,
started on its wav to Berlin. It
will be given out for publica
tion in morning papers of Fri
day. Simultaiicoiislv William
Jennings Bryan's resignation us
M'uretnry of state took effect
ami be gave out a statement of
his altitude.
Officials estimated (be note
was between
wonN long.
l.'llll ami 10(10
4 4
WASHINGTON, June .0 Itohert
Lansing, counselor of the state de
partment, today received his formal
appointmunt as sccrctar of state ad
Following m the text of the presi
dent's designation of Counselor Lan
sing ns ucting seeretary:
"The White House, Washington,
June !), HH.'i. The lloiiornble Will
iam Jennings Itrvan having resigned
the office of lecretary of slate, I,
Woodrow Wilson, president of the
I'liited Slates of America, do hereby
in conformity with tho provision of
regulation 177 nml 1711 of the revis
ed statute nml of the act of con
gress, nppi oved IVbrimry 0, 1SIH,
nutliorixe mid diteel Hie houornble
Itoheit Lansing, counselor for the de
partment of state, to perform the
duties of office of secretary of state
for a period not to o.vceil thirty days
until a secretary shall have been ap
pointed uml have ipialificd, (Signed.)
It was said today President Wil
son will be in no liuirv about making
ti pormuueut uppoiutment, ami that
his most likely choice fop the place
was Mr. Lansing.
Secretary Garrison wits being men
tioned today, but it was thought the
president would want to keep him in
bis present position because of the
.Mexican situation, nml plans for re
organization of the finny which Mr.
Garrison has under n.
VF.XKT', Jane 8. Two Austrian
aeroplane flew over Venico thi
morning and dropped bombs, killing
one person uml injuring soxerul. The
presence of uoropluiie was sigiiallml
promptly and they at once heoMino the
object of a noupeiil rated firo from
nirhip guns. Ono of Uih lnuehinei
gue up tho oltuck and disHHeard
in an easterly direction. It i be
lieved that it wua dauittgisl. The
other threw down about twelve
bombs, aiaied priMeipally at tin air
ship station at t 'tunMiltotie. Xotte of
them struck the hangar, but hew it
was that the only fatality occurred,
tha victim being a cororal of eogin-
Otlter ImuiiIm fell in the canal and
one damaged a sUaiaboaU TViuduVs
of tha Hotel Alonaeo ware brokan by
oaa misile, while another erabd
through a roof and fall into a bed,
but did not explode. In tha iuean
timi the fire direeted ayuuiot tbi
aeroplane waa increasinc and it fin
ally tamed in the direction bf the eu
uud diuppt'urd.
"Gotl Bless You" Is Farewell Grcet
iivj Exchaniicd Between President
and Bryan, Who Will Continue to
Support Administration's Domestic
Policy Cabinet Anainst Bryan.
WASHINGTON. Juno 0. William
Jennings llrynn formally left IiIr of
fice ns secretary of stato today ami
Itohert l.anHlng. couiiHolor of the
ntnte department, wan appointed by
President Wilson as secrotnry ofstnto
ad Interim.
Tlio change In tho cabinet at n crit
ical moment In tho jintlon's history
took effect with tho dispatch of the
note to Germany.
Differing, not In the object sought,
the prevention of war, but in tho
method of approaching tho problem,
Mr. llrynn resigned rather than sign
his name to tho noto which states In
tinmtstnknblo nml emphatic terms tho
demands of the United States.
Still President's Supporter
Mr. llrynn told his colleagues today
ns they gathered about him In faro
well, that Ills nffectlon for President
Wilson was unchanged nnd that bo
know tlio president folt as warmly
toward him. Firmly believing hn
can ndvanco tho catiso of peace out
sblo of official life and build up a
sontlmont In tho United Slates Hint
will nssist tho president In maintain
ing friendly relations with all nations,
Mr. llrvnn today went back to prl
vato life. Tho resignation of tho
secretary of stato over a dlfforonco
on a vital question of forolgn policy
Itself unusunl In tho annals of
American history was most dramati
cally louchod by numorouB manifes
tations of personal regnrd for Ilryan
nnd bis own omotlon at leaving tho
office he hold so dearly. Toars stood
In his eyes wlillo friends commondod
his courageous fight for' principles
and his determination to ollmlnnto
lilmvclf rather than continue. In tho
cabinet ns a posslblo embarrassment
to tho president,
Tho story of his fight to sway tho
president's Judgment on tho method
of dealing with tho situation wit
(inriiiiiuy, Is yot untold. Ho niadn no
offort to align other members of tlio
cnblnet with him, nud when ho ramo
to the parting of tho ways, on nn Ir
reconcilable question of principle, ho
did not tell his colleaguos generally,
(Continued on pago threo)
t'piwr bluck lino slmus Pacific lilgliway inula adMttl by (nmifcbMito. Itttei- and .Miulilun fn.iu Ccn
liwl Point to H mi Oaks station, Jt itiutalns iivwii rlghi, jihmIi unit twti mllisjnd nrado mtttlnns, mid skirts
tko 1st n U of .IiuKmiii iMHik, an oMtu tilled. It i u.H mile In luugltt. '1'1m Inttar Idock Hue uliotis Hut "Snf.iiy.
I'li-sl" i-oiilo ruoitsl by Slnlo lligliwit) KnginoerCHiitinc, tfiH)i ly ilw cmmw4oees. It eliminate tliutwo
lallisjod (H.sslns anil in IMt inlluit lit length, Imlf a mile blitr tlmii Hie niliipleil inte.
ant I J
Jsslon J
t you V
.your y
duty ?
Isslon f44
Mo In t
- ntltiK ' V
1 1 ' A -
fiVii, Imlui Catldinn, chief of Mu
1hu1iiuii tors of tlio war (lowii1iuont
of war apihiHt Austria. With lilni N
LONDON, June P.- From Ci.pnp
eltu to the head of the Gulf of Triest
the forces of Huly are consirlidaliug
tlieip position along the river lsonxo
mid in u week or H'rluim sooner the
first serious, battle along this frnt
should be fought.
The clushofc up In the proaeul lime
have been of a preliminary oharaeter,
but now that the Italian no longer
cominaiiii the river crossing from the
western bunk, but nl soviral Miints
have thrown I poops to tho eastern
bank of the lsonxo, u conflict of first
rate tactical importance, in tlie'opiu
ion of British nbsencrs, ia iuovitnble.
In the eastern arcn.i tha Kussians
are fighting dcsjMratcl to stem the
Austrn-Gcrmnii adtaiui' in the three
I linn of Leniberg.
f of llio Hallan iirmy, loavliiK tlio
In IEomot rluht aftor tin lU'claratloii
hN sou, a Maff offlri'1
roHTLAN'l). Or., June 0. Willi
some of the best shols on Hie 1'acil'ii
coast parlicipaling, the Sportsmen's
AsHociutiou ot the Noilhwest began
the third lust duy of its thirty-first
nmiual toiininment nt tho Portland
Gun club traps here today. The de
cisive "event of the toiiiuameut was
the ltno Festival shoot. One hun
dred clay targets wore to be shot at,
mid six trophieu wore lo bo awarded
the winners.
W. J. Homier of Pomeroy, Wash,,
won the Hone Festival mutch, tlio
main event of (lie tournament. He
titoke UP out of 11)1) targets. Frank
M. Tmeli, Vancouver, Wash., made
the highest total score of the tourna
ment, getting W hits out of a total
l Kill shoK
$300,000 FI
Five Blocks Completely Destroyed
Mills and Warehouses Covered
Area Burned Standard Box &
Lumber Company Principal Losers
Brldfic Narrowly Escapes.
PORTLAND, Ore, Juno 9. Flvo
blocks on tho wnter front Just south
of tho east approach of thojliirnsldo
bridge woro completely destroyed by
tiro hero early today. The tlnmngo
Is estimated at over $.100,000, Mills
and warehouses eovored tho principal
part of the area destroyed.
The flames were dlseovorod at I
a. m. and were not under control un
til nearly hours later. Tho heaviest
losses woro suffered by tho Htnndnrd
Box & Liiinbor company, estimated by
tho superintendent at $250,000; tho
Acme Planing Mill company, $10,000,
and Pngo &. Bon, commission ware
Iioiibo, $10,000. i
Freight Cars limn
Flvo freight cnrH In tlio Southern
Pacific ami O. W. It. & N. ynrds woro
bndly burned nnd tho freight houso
used Jointly by tho two railroads wan
damaged also. Tho estimated loss In
cluded tho roughly estimated loss o
tho bov factory nud planing mill, n
vnst quantity of lumber, nnd sinnller
plants consumed, ns well as tho dam-
ago to telephone uud wlro servlco, tho
Southern Pacific and Oregon-Washington
Railroad & Navigation freight
office and railroad equipment, which
caught from tho sparks ns they woro
driven eastward by tho lively north
west wind.
A launch tied up near tho mill ex
ploded and was destroyed.
Municipal dock No. 2, which was
dedicated two weeks ngo, nnd tho
Burnsldo bridge were throntonod for
n time. Tho firemen nindo heroic tr
forjs beforo tho bridge wns consider
ed safe. Two horses belonging to tho
Htnndnrd company perished. Tho po
lice nnd firemen rescued sixteen oth
ers, ono being led out whllo his tall
was aflame.
Flro Is Spectacular
A moro spectacular conflagration
hns not boon wltnoasod In Porlliri'
for years. Twenty-two flro eomnpn
Ion woro engaged In fighting tho
flniuoH, whllo tha flrnliouts David
Campbell and George H. Williams
turned their offorta toward saving
tho Municipal dock and othor wntor-'
front property. Mnny persons woro
throntonod when n polo enrrylng llvo
wires buriiod nnd roll. Tho explosion
of nn oil tank In tlio Standard box
plant drove tho firemen back for n
time. N
Tho 1:30 Sonthorn Pacific train for
California was held up by tho flro
Just ns It was leaving tho city nml It
was necossury at 3 o'clock this morn
ing to ru-routo the train by tho woat
Sparks driven by tho wind foil nt
Grand Avenue, threo blocks nwny,
where they Ignited soma of tho Grand
nveuuo street decorations, which had
been put up for tho roo festival pa
rade today. Tho damagn to tho dec
orations was slight.
LONDON, Juno 9, 3.50 p. m. Of.
filial nuoiiiiecmcnt was imido today
by Secretary of tho Admiralty Hal
four that a Gorman Httbiiiarluo hud
boon sunk and that six of hor officers
nud tweiity-ouo mombois ot her crow
bad beau captured,
Mr. Balfour auuouncoil also that
German submarlno prlsouori hero aft
er shall hn accorded treatment Idont
lenl with all other Gorman prisoner
In Knglaud,
olfleial statement Issued today at the
Turkish war offlco says:
"On tha DardanelkM front there
waa artillery fighting Tueeday, Flro
broke out oh an oaetny truHaaort
atruek by oar ahelta. The vaatel titl
ed and aooH aank. Aaatbur trH
IKrt hastily U(t It anchorage."
Stale Commission Refuses to Rec
ommend That the Governor Com
mute Sentence From Death to Llfo
Imprisonment Governor's Term
Expires Shortly, But Will Act.
ATLANTA, June II. -Tho Georgia
slate prison commission today refus
ed to recommend Hint the governor
commute Leo ,L Frank's sentence
froin death to life imprisonment. Tho
commission's jurisdicttion in the ease
cuds with Hits decision nml it is now
up o tlio governor. Thmcoininission
has only power o rt(jiHumuiul, the
governor hurt sole' nuHlorjyto grant
clemency. , -,'jSR
Governor John ,l! Slalnn timt now
pay whether Frank Minll hang us the
murderer of Mary I'hagau or shall
spend the rest of his days on the
prison farm nt Millcdgeville.
e !'niiik,InsoM Point
Frank has lojnBlhoinl by the com
mission's docjjjjoirplfor it in custom
ary, although not obligatory, loc the
executive lo act us the commission
The Maine mass of petitions nud
loiters, with thousands added to
them, that were considered by the
commission in reaching its decision,
will now be presented to Governor
Slatoii for his consideration.
A lnto probably will he set for
hearing arguments in support of the
petitions. .Many delegations from
various parts of Hie United Staton
nre expected lo he hero on Ibis oc
casion and argue in tho condemned
man's favor.
Governor Has Power
Opposition lo Frank's appeal will
probably lake advantage of the op
portunity uud present arguments en
deavoring to show why the sentence
hhoultl stand.
Governor Blaioii nun commute
Frank's sentence, he can pardon him,
ho can let him hang or he can re
spite him for it brief period uml til
low his successor in office to pass on
(ho case.
Governor Slalon's (erm expinw on
Juno 'JTi, when Judge Nut Harris of
Macon, On., become tho state execu
tive. Hut those who know Governor Sht
tou believe ho will meet the issue
sipiaicly uml settle it pcrmaiieutly.
rOKTluXXI), Or., June I). -Port-land's
ninth annual rose festival wits
ushered in today with a sunrise sal
ute fired hv the Tniled States crui-cr
llonlon. The city wns up early. A
half doxuu baud concerts begun nt
downtown corners at breakfast time
uud from then on the day's program
wua crowded with numeroiw vents.
Tho festival, which ia Hie most elab
orate ever held in Portland, will con
tinue for three days.
Thousands of out-of-town visit
ors augmented the throngs on tho
street today. At Hit) hotels were
i cu.istcr?d muii.v eastern gnosis who
stojipe ' off hero on their way to the
California c.Mitinn.
Tho feature of the forenoon pro
gram was the "human rosebud" par
ade of I0IMI school children, led by
(juueit Sybil and her foatiwil retinue.
Front morning until Into at night
baud nud glee club ooneorU will bo
continuous for Hie next three days.
Thia afternoon tho festival uentor
nnd tho PoiHuud Rose society exhi
bition wete to open. An attraction at
the festival center's opening was it
children's chorus of '.'7U0 voices, ao
eoiiiuinied by a children's orehofetra
f 101) pieees.
PARIS, June 9, 5:13 u. liuTlio
I lava ageaey has reeatvud u dis
patch froM its nei'nt nt Madrid, who
any it U otiui.ilK .imioiiurcil tjiuro
that au epideuiie ot cholera hua bro
ken out iu Vieuna.