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207 Sraott.1 Shtft
Shower tonight mat HllH
iln) Man, 10 j Mln, ll.l.
( -p4Ct
Forlvflflh Year.
Iiiitly Tenth Yi-iir.
Galllpoll Peninsula Grnttiinlly Being
Cut 01 f From Main Land by Brt anil Frrncli Forces No Longer
Possllilc (or Turks to Pass Back
nml Forth.
LONDON', May 1. Tito Onlllpoll
peninsula, which fnrnin the European
nldo of tho Darilauollon In dtncrlbed
In unofficial dpnpntplipn nn IioIiik
gradually cut off from the ninln Inml
hy tin- Ilrlllmi nnil French fnrrpn. II
Ih wild l bo iki longer possible for
tho Turks lo pnnh bnclc nml forth bo
tw'con tho Kuropouii nml Aitlntlc Miles
nf the straight. Their mnln force
itro icporled to be between tho town
of (liilllpoll nl tint further end of the
lrnltH nml Mnlilun. which linn on
l hi ntrnltn nlioiit two-thlrdn of the
way down thu peninsula.
Official ndvjcen hno not made
iletir the extent of the operntlnnn of
th llrltlMi nml Kronen forces. A
Mrltlnh statement of Inst nlKht gnvo
tint Impression Hint tho fighting hnit
been restricted to the end of thu
end of tho peninsula, ncronn which
It In mild an intrnchtil 1 1 no linn hin
itiiiMi at r;iiiiHiii
l'uni) novoinl sources It him hern
reported that thu llrltlnh have crossed
tho nppir end of tho peninsula,
jinrhliiK Gnlllpnll. There In no con
flrniutlon of thlx, however, oxcopt
In mi official Gorman statement yon
tcrdny. which said there hail been
severe flKhtlnK for two days nl
Thu Oonntnntlnopln- offlclnl re
porln ntntn that tho Turkn are mak
ing consistent hondvvny In their nt
tacliH against tho land nml ncn forces
of till) llllll'H.
Thn nil tuition In Klnnilern shown
little chnngo. iiIIIioiikIi tho French
rliilin n further advance for tho nl
lie. The H.-liicli shells with which
thu (ioniums yoMenlny bombarded
Dunkirk, hurling (horn perhaps 20
in 1 1 from oin of tholr lingo guns,
urn mi hi to have blunted In the ground
crutern In some InMnncen IS foot In
diameter. Ton more nholln foil In
Dunkirk Iuhi night, IiIIIIiik or Injur
lm; several pot-noun.
Fighting In I'olunil
Fighting continued nil alone Dm
extended Riuwdun fiont. Chlof In
toroHl now attaches to tho now flor
iiinn movement In tho north, nlmoil
apparontly nt tho llnltlc provlncon or
Itusnln. I.lttlo In known concerning
thin inovonu'iil, however, huyonil Iho
C.oiiuun nnnoiinriMnont of yostordny
Hint they linil penetrated more thiut
inn nilli'H fiom tho Russian front
now- iiiissenuer liner Xoillieiii Pneilie,
disabled, with 1.10 unssougers nhonril,
luiZUiil'liiif; helplessly before tho
VTiltl off Point Aronn, dility inms
hoi Hi of hero, early toiluy,
Tlio tuir Defiiiiii'o lel'l hero toiluy in
niiswor In n' wiiolur.H enll for niil, nml
tho Toiled S ntiM ooust lmhiiiI eutlei
!MeCiilloeh WUh oiilorml to pi lo I lie
vi'khcI'h Hhhihtunee.
Moth hulH of Hteeiin' near on the
Northern Pneifio were out of emu
ntishioii iliiiin Hie iiinlil. The rudder
wiih i-uenorled In he hloekeil. hut iiiiiu-
euverinj,' wan iieeeHsary lo protect il.
Tho vckhcI Iiuh lieeii in eoniniuuica
lion with Client Northern StenuiHhip
cninpuuy officials alnmt eoimtiuitly,
"Made two utteiuplK keep bhip on
conrxe," ii wiiolohH incKMifxii from
('iiiliiin Aliiunn of (lm Xoitliern l'u
cil'ii) Hiiiil ioiluy, "hut wind too hIi'imii;
nml Hen too heavy. I urn lucking In
"nml fiom Inml to Keep rudder from
Miiiiuuiiitf. Hmlder well Kcourcil nml
hloekeil. inn keeping in uhiiiit snnie
position iih yeKluriluy. 1 enniiot
luiiiK Iter nff nml f-et any furlhei
IMiihI HeniUnuw out here. Ileiuy kiiIh
l'llMkVllgOI-M (ill lljilll."
Some ol Most Important nctiiesls
Turned Down Group Five, netiilr
Inn Employmrnt of "Forceful Jap
anese" as Vtlvlsors, and as Police
and Purchase Munitions, Rejected.
I'I'tClNU. May I. Tho rhlncHii
l-owriiiiicnl Iiuh defltilloly icfuni'il
noma of the iiiohI Important demtinilH
niiido hy Jnpnn.
On leiirultiK of Clilim'n ilrrlnlon,
the Jnpani'Hii inlnlnliT I'kl lllokl, unld
lo tin ('hlneno forelcu milliliter, l.u
"I am worry I helleve my rov-
ernmout will he dlmipopliitcd."
Tho I'hlueMi forelu tiiluUter, nt n
iiiiolltiu loilny of teprcnoutiitlveN of
tho two Kovernim-ntn, prcHi-nti'd
('lilnii'n reply In the hnM' or n for
mal note. Thin nolo announced
Clilnn'H rojerllon of rironp V of tho
Jnnnnetto domnmln In IIh entirety.
Thin Ktoiip an orlKlnnlly nuhiultted
to Chlun routnlun whnt nre pcrhnpn
tho most Important doninniln mnilo
In Jnnnn. It nrovhled. auiotiK oth
er tlilnuK. for emiiloymeut hy tho
rhlnono cover n men t of "forceful
Japnnenen" an polltlrnl, flunnelnl nml
tullltiiry ndvlnern; participation hy
tho Jnpnueno In Ire police admlnlH
trntlon of vnrloun liiinortnut iilacen;
JiipanoMi mipervlnlon over Iho iiiiiiiu-
fnctiire or purchnNo hy China of tun-
ultloiiH of war nml for tho Krautlm;
to Japan of ronrennlonn for railway
roiintruetlnn and iiiIiiIiik and hnrbor
The new iliuft of tho .lapance do.
iniiiiiK ulneli miih nreeiited on Tlici
day j ci'eiy.t nml I'd jioup V in u limn-
ner w i eh the lh iic-o reiircentntive
ileehited wax more meuueiii.
I he C'liitiifti' roru-iil win. inotlilietl
In KiiniK otent hv nn offer to meet
the ii'M"!')! wishes of .lapati in lemil
lo tho proMiieo or rumen, prmntin;:
tluit China shall he .lupnti u pledge
that no foreicii power sliull lie cm
nloved without .laimu's eon-cnt in
that piox'inee
I.OXDOX, May I. Developuients
on (lie iinillii'iii exiiemitteK of the two
frnntx. hoth east nml woM, the shell-
ing of Diuikiik, in Kin nee, ami the
new (leniinn ollenxive inoxcinent
uimeil nt the llnltie piovinees, take
precedence in the wnr neWh ol today
IlriliKh nvintors have discovered
nml uttneked the Oenuiiu hutleiies,
which fiom n distuuee vnriniislv cti
milted hy KiikIisIi oln.ervoix nt fiom
sixteen to twenty-eiojit miles, hulled
ureal hIicIIk lit the Kieneh port, hut
it reinuiiiH to he seen whether the
IioiiiIh dropped did euniiKh diininue to
put the uiiiik out of iictiou.
I.omlon newHpiipers suy lhi horn
hardment of Punkiil- menus Hint the
(iermniiH nt ill elinu to their cherished
idea of occupying the French const
uenrcht F.iiuhind, nml inoreo tlinn one
editonul writer toiluy points out that
Flumlers still remuiiiK the eritienl
tlieiiter of operntions.
Spceiiil dispatches from Petrournd
ilisnuieo us to the purpose ol tho (ler
iuiiii thrust at the cxticmo Itiissiun
riulil. One theory connects it with
prohnhlo piovemeuts of tho German
licet in the llnltie looking to the in
vusion of tho llnltie provinces. An
other idea is (hat this advance is
aimed at l.ilm'u uml liign, tho fotmor
n stioug Ititsslnn nuvnl huso uml the
hitter one of the most important pints
on the llnltie. Or the (lormniiK amy
intend to strike nt the ruilroml run
ning from l'elrogrml to Warsaw hy
way of Dueuahurg and Yilnn. Fur
ther south the (lerniaiirt have failed in
their repealyd attempts lo pet this
Tho official statement concerning
the Dardanelles seems to have iciis
Kiireil Ilia lliitish public tlmt Ihcir
n nay is fairly well cslahlislicil in the
landing operations, hut ut Iho suiue
lime it IndicnlcH much righting must
ensue iefiie it firm grip Is osuh
Hblll'll, ,
Georgia Executive Discovers Friend
less Prisoners, Finds Jobs for Them
and Gives Them Fresh Opportunity
Many Whose Crimes Are For
(jottcn. t( Union K. Ktnrr
ATLANTA, (In.. May 1. H In
like making (ho (lend live ngutn tho
work John M. Hlatou, Governor of
Ocorgln, It dotiiK now,
Ho In literally tirlnglnc hmk Into
tho world men who have horn lno
Intcd until forgotten nml who long
nlnco have Ipnrued to live only to
await death In dlnRrnc
Ho In restoring to liberty "forgot
ten ronvlctn" and earning the title
of "friend of tho frlondlenn," Ho
Imhiied In ho with hln work that ho
In having two jiieinhern of tho ntnte
prlnon rommlnnlon lnlt every county
In C.eorgla to luvontlgnte the rcconln
of ronvlrtn who hnvo nerved long
teruiH and nee thnl mercy ho extend
ed where mercy In due.
Tho Inspiration enme to the gov
ernor on a recent trip to tho ntnte
prlnon fnrni nt Mllledgevllle. There
ho looked Into the enrnlng eyen of
forgotten hltn of huninnlty broken,
llmlonn, weary after yearn of toll.
Completely l'orgot(i-j
They worn men without frlcndn or
money. Yearn before their namen
had been tucked awny In tho ntato'n
fllen an "convict No. no-and-Ko" and
then they were forgotten.
"In cnxen of murder," nnld tho
governor after that trip, "a man In
entitled, In the dUcretlon of the gov
ernor, to tho parole law nfter a ner-
vlro of 10 earn. Tho offonne of
murder In often technical, (n that
there wan a moral provocation with
out legal exciice.
"Therefore it appeared to mo nn
J.wt that tlpno rrlnonern who hncl
Minken Into otllvlon and who had
i.ot recctvd n conimunltntlon from
Hi" outnldo woild for ninny years
r.iti' who wtm patlontiv nnd obed
IcnUy obinrvln.7 tho prlnon rogula
tlonn, tthm.l-! in. I have tho rcw-ardn
of pood conduct provided by law."
"An nn oxnmplo of one of thono
who had been forgotten, I recall n
negro. Can mount, who had been In
prlnon for more than -0 yearn on n
verdict found from rtrciimntantlal
evidence. For many yearn ho had
been waiting upon the family of tho
prlnon auporlntendont. Perfect
freedom wan allowed him without
tho nllghteiit thought of escaping.
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Tit I XI DAD. Colo., May 1. John
It, I.nwson, labor lenders charged
with murder In connection with tho
killing of John Nlmmo, n deputy
nherlfr In a Htiiko buttle October 2.",
UU3, may ho convicted of flrnt do
greo minder, necond degreo murder,
voluntary manslaughter, or may bo
acquitted, according to Instructions
given tho Jury today hy Judge Urnnby
Ulllyer In tho district court.
Tho lantructlons of tho court pro
coded cloning nrguinonls of counsel.
It had been agreed that arguments
should bo flnlHhed and tho case given
to tho jury tonight.
Judge. Htllyer instructed tho Jur
ot'H that tho dofondnnts could bo con
victed If It was found ho entered Into
a conspiracy to do nn unlawful not
tho rosult of which homicide wnn
committed, or It tho defendant had
aided or allotted others In tho killing
of Nlmmo, Tho law of nolf defonso
wan explained In tho Instructions.
Frank West, nsslstant attorney
general, In his argument, ask ml Iho
Jury (o Impose the denth ponalty If It
found UiwKon bullty of miirdor In
teh (lest (luttrou,
OKEC10N, SATCJilMY, MAY 1, 101 5
The "dean" of Gcui'ginV rnuxict-,
-Millniil Dixon, ii negro who lui ci
ed thirty-four .xenr-i .niid who '
pandeil liy (iovemor .ohu M. Slatoii,
in Ii'k work of clearing the peniten
tiary of "forgotten convict-.' Tin
judge and nil eoiirt nlliceis of Dix
on's 'trinl ore dead. Ilelow is a pic
ture of Governor Slatnn.
The most fantoii- "forgotten" convict in the world i- Je-e II
l'ouieroy, now- in lu :t!th year of Military confinement in the Miiii
eliuselts tllle priiin. A n m'IiokI hoy l'ouieroy, the "human
fiend," niuiilercd little hoys uml givl-of five ami six years of age,
torturing them terribly.
In 1S70, ut the age of 17, l'ouieroy was sentenced ! he hanged,
hut the slnte femed critici-m hecane of his youth. The governor
solved the question hy making him dead to the world without depriv
ing him of life.
For nearly forty years l'ouieroy has spoken to no one except
his mother, the prison chaplains uml wardens. He entered prison an
ignorant, degenerate, hoy nml is n6w n highly ciluented man, having
rend the 8000 books in the prison library and mastered t or .seven
He hns made half n doren attempts to escape and nearly suc
ceeded eaeli tune.
XBW YOKIC, May 1 Tho larg
est number of trans-Atlnntio travel
ers to leavo New York in a single
day thin nprlug had booked passage
on six big liners leaving port today.
Tho I.usltnnta nlono hnd aboard 1310
passenorn whon she sailed, 900 being
cabin passengers.
Apparently the notice, published
In Xow York papers today over tho
signature of the imperial German
embassy reminding passengers that
vessels flying the flags of tho allies
aro liable to destruction in tho war
koiio around tho lliitish Isles, had
no effect on tho traveling public.
There wero the usual number of
last minute cancellations, but no
more than customary, It was snld nt
tho various btenmship offices, In
tho nbsenco of authentic, figures, it
was estimated that nioio than 3000
persons had reserved Ballings today.
A numbor of tho passengers re
ceived telegrams nt tho pier, signed
by names unknown to them and pre
sumed to bo flctltuous, advising
them not to sail ns the liner was to
bo torpedoed by submarines. Among
tho persons who received such n
tolegrnm was Alfred Q. Vnndorbllt.
Ho destroyed tho messago without
Charles P. Sumner, gonornl ngont
of the Ciiunrd Hue, snld (hat tho
I.iisltaula'n voyago was attended by
no risk whatever ns tho llnor hns a
speed of 25 Mi knots nnd wnn pro
vided with unusual water tight bulkheads,
SAt.KM, Oro., Mny 1. Frederick
V. llolman of Portland and Judge
William Smith of Uaker, members of
the board of regents of tho Univer
sity of Oregon, whoso terms recently
expired, holdover until their suc
cessors aro nominated nnd confirmed
by tho senate, according to an opin
ion rendered today by Attornoy Gon
ernl Heorgo M. Itrowh at tho request
oof (lovornor James WlthyconitM.
Proceeding on the theory that ho
could make n recess appointment,
tho governor recently nppolnted C.
C. Colt, Portland, nnd W. 11. McKln
noy, linker, to succeed thorn.
The attorney general hold that tho
govomor could uinko only a recess
nppolntfeut In ease of vncauctea nml
that Colt's nnd McKlnney'g appoint
ments wore not legal.
PAU1S. May 1. Tho French wnr
office HiIh nfternoon gnvo out tho
following offlclnl stntemont on tho
progress of hestilities:
"No chnngo hits been roporlod In
the ceuornl situation on tho front
'slnco tho giving out of tho offlclnl
communication of Inst night.
"Ten more shells fell on Dunkirk
during Iho evening of yestorday nnd
there wore several victims."
Standard Oil Vessel, the Cushintj, Is
Victim of Attack by German Air
craft in North Sea No Lives Lost,
But Vessel Damaged Protest to
Be Made by Washington.
WASHIXOTOTX, .May 1. Ameri-
enn .Minister Vim Dyke nt The Hague
repotted to the state department to
day that the American steamer t'ush
nig, I'hiliiiK-lpIiin for Jfotterilum, was
damaged hy honilis dropped from
Ocrmnii nucrnfl in the Xorth -en, hut
that no lives were lo-t.
The report wns brief, transmitting
a me-inge from the American consul
at Kotterdnin, where the dishing nr
rived yescterdny. It gnve no indien
tuui of the nature or extent of the
Offieinls here said the case wa
the fir-t of its kind during the pres
ent wnr and (hat so fur ns they could
recollect (here wns no precedent in
other xvnrs. While there arc no in
ternational conventions specifically
covering the incident, it wits generally
helicveil today that representations
would he made to Germany with re
ipieest for payment of damages.
It was not thought in official quar
ter that any serious issue would he
raicd heeaii-e it is ncecptcd that the
bombs were "not dropped deliberately,
hut under the impression that n hos
tile vessel wns being attacked.
The dishing had .54111,0011 insur
ance o her hull nnd cargo, ioued hy
the government wnr risk bureau. She
is a Standard Oil ship, formerly un
der German iegilry uml named the
NEW YORK, May 1 Some reduc
tion of activity was observed In this
weok'n operations in the stock market
but tho volume of business nt every
session wns largo enough to warrant
the belief that public Interest re
mains keen. Moro than a fair pro
portion of tho trading was in shares
of tho "war contract" companies,
notably Westlnghouse Klectrlc nnd
minor equipment nnd industrial
companies, which recorded gains of
five to almost 20 points.
Standard stocks of the sort that
make their appeal to conservative In
vestors were relatively dull nnd re
corded declines of two to five points
from best prices of a fortnight ago.
United States Steel led tho moro
prominent Industrials, rising to with
in a fraction of its high flguro of
tho year, despite a rather adverse
showing for the first quarter. Cop
pers kept UP with tho sucesslvo nd-
xnnces in the selling price of tho
metnl, but yielded Inter, largely ns
a result of the break in quotations
Kuropo was a constant sollor hero,
but not to a very considerable extent.
The success of tho Missouri, Kansas
& Texan note extension plan, with
prospects of a similar outcome in
connection with tho affairs of tho
Missouri Pacific rond contributed to
a bettor tono among tho low priced
FOLKESTONE En jr., May 1. Re
fugees arriving hero from Dunkirk,
France, report that six shells from
tho German 17-Inch guns foil in Dun
kirk Friday evening nt intervals of
ten minutes, Considerable dumago
wan done to tho town, Tho woman
and children of Dunkirk nro leaving
In largo numbers,
This Is tho second bombardmont
of this port, tho first having been
reported yentordny as having oc
curred on Thursduy.
no. ns
-gj j
Embassy Publishes Notices to Ameri
cans That Travel In Ships Flying
Flags of Germany's Enemies Is at
Own Risk Many Foreshadow Ac
tivity by Kaiser's Squadrons.
WASHIXGTOX, Mny 1. In nn of
ficial notice published by the German
embassy in many impmtniit pitips of
tho I'nited fitate.s (his morning Ampr- '
icons were given renewed warning;
that the travel on ships flying' the
flngft of Germany's enemies. wa at
their own risk.
While tho notion wiis regarded
nniong officials ami diplocntists hero
ns nothing more than a reiteration of
Oennnny's fir-t xvarninfr given when
the war zone about the Hriti-Ii Tslees
was announced, (here was much in
terest in whether it foreshadowed in
crensed activity of Herman submar
ines or possibly hnd (o do with move
meiits of the German fleet, which has
been vnriou-ly reported of Into ns
erui-ing in the Xorth sea.
Count Ileni-torff, the German nm
hnssndor, wns nwny today, but offie-
inls at the embassy suiil no far iih
(hey knew the published notice win
intended merely to remind neat nil
traveler of their danger nnd did not
indicate new nnvnl operations.'
F.mbnsy officials in explninifiu; tho
publication emphasized that it wns
intended an a. wnrning to traveler
nnd that tho embassy hud acted in
accordance with its general instruc
tions from the Berlin foreign office.
WASHINGTON. Mny 1. Earth
qunkc shocks described by scientific
observers nt Georgetown iJnlverslty
here, nn unusually severe nnd prob
nbly destructive, wore recorded on
the seismographs (hero today be
tween 12:12 a. in. nml 2 a. m. Tho
tremors continued almost two hours
and reached the greatest Intensity at
12: to n. m., nt an estimated dis
tance from Washington of GfiOO
DENVER, Mny 1. The seismo
graph at Sacred Heart College regis
tered Inst night an earth disturb
ance from 10-.2S to 11:20 p. in. Tho
maximum disturbance was seven
minutes from 10;32 to 10:39.
LONDON, May 1. A sovoro earth
shock was recorded early thin morn
ing at tho conservatory at Cardiff
and tho Isle of Wight. Tho indi
cations recorded suggest that tho
center of tho disturbance, was in
SEATTLE. Wash., May 1. The
severest earthquake recorded in
years is shown by the University of
Washington seismograph to hnvo con
tinued from 10 to 11 o'clock last
night. Tho disturbance was contin
uous, light fluctntlons occurring be
tween the hcuvlor shocks.
NIJW YOHK, Jfny 1. Miss line
Tiinzer, a younjj millinor, who Kited
James W. Osborne for .f.i0,OfM for
alleged breach of promise to mnrry
uml later xvithdiew the suit, flaying
.vir. Usiinriio was not me man who
courted her under the nnme of Oliver
Osborne, changed her testimony
again today mid under oath identified,
Jiimeii W. Oshorno an her admirer,
timer u.siiorne.
Hill M
1IKIINK, HwIImHhih), HJ 1,T
federal council ileeiM Uulay ( tffH
out (ha sixth ilivUUm f lit fhnU