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Medford Mail Tribune
Max. (iH.r.j Mln. an. nlr
Tonight nml Friday,
rorly.firili Yrnr
Dully Ti'iiih Year.
Orrlin Reports Efforts to Force Lup
kow nml Dunkln Passes Ftepulscil
Petronrail Drnles nevcrses
French Report Gain of Allly Wooil
nml Mile Advance In Alsace.
LONDON', Apiil IV Ka Hiiro of the
KiiNHiiuiH' iillompl to Invade Hungary
was niiiioiiii I today lV tho Gorman
war office. Tho hlnloiiirnl N miitto
llml llin offorl of (In; Uuh1iiii rinny
ft Kill I'lOIII.Vhl to fill OH III"' LllpKlMV
nml east DuKIa Piihkom wiih no mic
cchIuI, nml tliul its atliioKH at set
4 i it point nloiijj Ihl front icuiHed
in ilolVat with hoaw lie. lu con
H'ipii'iioii it In Niiiil Hit' nltuckimj
potter of tho ItiiHHimiH lini les'.enod
AIMioiikIi offioial icpoil fiotn
I'otriiK'nul concede no mh'Ii rcvoroM,
they imlioatii the itusiiin mlvmn'o
Jiiih lii'on hroiiitht vit tiuillv to a halt.
Tin lliiHuimi war offioo nay "sl'mlit
pniroHH'1 mih made near lVok
I'm-h nml a ootinlor attack at Koi
own liy tho AiiHtrii'Oi'niiaii force
faih'il. Tho Gorman report spoukinjj
of tint Korinwii ii;lit iiscrl tho Hus.
Man won' repulsed with Iihjjo lonse.
Tho ltuxiun roport make no claim
In further proitre in llio Oarpalh
laiiH except at I'.sok Pas.
Advice Imtn liooii leceitod ia
Koine from Kalunil.i that tho inter
volition of tho war of Uimiania np
pear to lie iniiniaont. It ii Haiti tho
Kiimnnlaii anay in woll equipped nml
icndf for in-tmil aotinn.
Four attack liv tho French aio
tnonlionoil in tho llorlin war nffioo
Hldtcmont today, mill all arc said In
linvo lotoiltoil in failuro. Tho Paris
ntnlemont, howotcr, iinciI that in
llio Ailly wood, it M'otion of Kronuil
Hill yards loii.'.uiid 1011 yard iloop,
wiih won, mill that in Alsace an ad
vnnco of ncni I v ono iuilo wa iiiailo.
The Itiitilj-CMincr IMariuicmi him
hoon Mink by' Jnjeiuiun submarine in
tho Ninth sea. Woven nion of lior
oiow of Iwcnt.t-tttn were Miteil. Four
Menm trawlers flunu tho flaj: of Hoi
lanil IniM' liooii soured Iiv (loriumi
waixlnps anil InKen lo ('uhutcn,
IIUIM'AI.O, N. V., April l.V
Tvvolvo iiiblioiri IidIiI up a Now York
Central ram fiolBht train at Sun
liom, nlno iiiIIoh oast of North To
nawnniln onrly today, stripped several
rarH or lioltod Milk valuod at sr.0,000
ami niod away In nuto trucku upon
which tliuy liad loadod tliolr pluiulur.
Tim lobboiH rirod Hovoral nliotu at
(ho crow.
Artor fori'liiK tlio oiikIiio crow to
iiui'ouplo tlui locoiautlvu ami run It
a nliort illHlauri) down tlio tracks,
tho robbers llnod up tlio oiikIiio mon
and tiroo othor nioiiiboiH or tho train
crow HKitliiHt a box car and loft ono
or tliolr niunlior iih pianl wltllo tho
othom looted tlio nioichuudUo earn.
Four rivo ton auto truckH woro
waltliiK and woro quickly londod with
hooty. Kimlnoor Oobh or SyrncuHO
oHoaiiod tho gmiiil mid runnliiR a fu
nldiilo or Hliotu, roaohod IiIh oukIiio lu
naroiy, llo nindo n rocord run or
olKht iiiIIoh mid Knvo tho alarm.
NKf YORK, April 1fl. Mrs. The
oiloro ItooHovolt wiih opornloil on in
llnnsovolt hospital loilay, Or. Alexander-
I.umhoit of thu Cornell Medical
hohool WllH Uiu Hlll'KOOIl in cliiuso.
Whllo tho natiiro of Jfru, KoosovoICh
nihui'iij, wjih not iIIhoIohoiI, it wiih
Hinted; that llio ojiernlion wiih kiiii
ookhI'uI, Colonel lMonovell n prion ro1 at tho
hoHpllal with Mrs. ltoiifccvolt liint
ninlit. Ho remained wiih her until
tlio wax taken lo llio ojierntinj; room,
LONDON. April l.V Tim
lliiti-di HlomiiHhip I'liiniiiynii
Iiiih hioii totpeihii'il mid miiiiI;
hv n Gorman Niihnmi'iiic near
tlio N'oilh Hinder lightship hi
llio Ninth i'ii. KIcm'u hiiiIoim
o' tlio PlaiiuipaiiV ciow of 'J2
men wcic Mircil,
The I'laimimiu liiut n duni
aye of IT'i tic! ami wiih limit
at Dunio in IHIM. The vohhoI
wni '21H feci Ion-. :t(l let
heam ami 10 fool ilccp. She
wan nwiifd by llio General
Steam Nitviynlinii compnuy.
PHOFNIN, An., Apnl l.'i. -Din-palolu'H
roeciM'il hcu todnv lolling of
tho hreakiut; of llio l,ymau loM'rvoir
dam near St. John, oxlimiito tho to
tnl diiiniip' mi far in tho Hooded area
at 100,000. St. Johns in fifty milcx
fioiii a railroad, in tho uoilhcuxtcrn
pint of tho ato.
Tho Hunt dam, two mile from St.
ilohtiM, was oanieil out hy tho flood
hhoitly heforo noon. Tho water hwopt
towaiil the dam at Woodruff. H ii
feared Woodruff will he hadly dam
hkoiI unlciH tho dam hroakx. If the
ii'hi'rvnir IioIiIk, llio water iiiuhI ho di-
M'rlcd directly tlmmxh the hliceH of
The flood will roach Woodruff jo
nic'it and H'oplo mo ulieady moving
out of llio leaeh of Iho water. Tele
phono wnruinuK have heeu scut lo thu
IIIIDO people who live in tho flood d'o
tiiot, which in inollv crorinj- eoiiu
hy, wiih Miini' Miiall iirirnltiiral
HOI.nilOOIC, An., April l.VI.y
man reservoir, which inipoiituU wat
ern of the Little Colonulo liver, 1'J
miles south of St. Johns', Apache
county, hi oko shortlv hefote inidui;:lil
last niIit r drowning t-ilit poi'sous, A
icservoir ut Hunt, northwest of St.
Johns, is in the path of the flood, mid
if Iho dam there, which is thieateiied,
uives way, Woodruff, Iwolvo miles
southeast of Holhrook, will ho in dmit;
The ciphl persons drowned at Lv
man had hceu livinc directly under
Iho reservoir dam, which collapsed,
an did a similar hut smaller dam ten
yearn iiko, At St. Johns today tho
flood released from Iho lescrvoir had
leached a depth of three feet in sotuo
places, althouuh no renter dauuiio
has heeu done I here,
Tlneo of tho cinht persoiiK drowned
at Lyman dam weio tho children of
.Mr. and Mrs, F.llis Palmer and the
mandohililien of Mr. Kuohel Horry,
ono of tho two women memhors of tho
Arironu stalo loKishiture. Lyman
ivseiMiir furnished water to irrigate
,'10,000 aoios.
Koou Crool or tho puhllo health Hur
vleo wiih authorUoil hy SurBoon (Ion
oral Hluo today to uuo hla own din
erellon In denllnt; with tho Hltuatlon
which haB arlKon ut Moikiui City,
l.u tliroiiKh tho arrival thcro or tho
Amorlcan Hchoonor Porsla A, Col
woll from llrltluh (lulneu with mom
horn or hor crow hollovod to ho Biir
rorliiK from yollow fovor.
MHiniW, Nollioihuids, April l.V
Tho local ownoi'rt of Iho htoam trawl
K Ih'et have heeu notified that four
of Iholr trawloiH llylnj,' tho I'lajj of
llollnnd have heeu Hcixcd hy German
wnibhip mid taken into Cuxliaven.
Ahorllvc Attempt to Dnmnnc Shlp
hiilliliny Works Alonu River Tyne
Cities Promptly Exllnijulsh
Llylits-Ornnnlzc to Utilize Full
Resources of Nation.
LONDON, April IV-KiiKland's ex-
peiieiiced a hoeoinl .eppelin (aid last
uluht when a German airship made
mi extensive flight over the ninth
caslcni coasl in an ahorlivo atteiiiit
to damage shiphuildiu winks along
the liter Tyne. With tl xocptiou
of ucgligihlc damage to propel ty mid
slight injury lo two oitiliaus, the nt
laek was fruilli'ss.
The pioiiiplness with which the
cities mid towns in this pari of I'ng
laud woie plunged into darkness when
the coming of the Zeppelin was uii
;iounceil, iiudouhledly pi evented tho.
infliction of gieater damage. As it
was, some narrow escapes were re
corded, with hoiiihs falling near a
passenger train in ono iiislaueo and
close to a shipyard in another.
Aeeoidiug to special dispatches
appearing in London, hoth the Has.
Mans mid the Auslrians still cotilmuo
lo claim local successes in the Car
pathians. Xeverlheli'si, it would ap
pear as though reinforcements of
Aiistro.Oeimau forces liml cheeked
the inn in ltusian olfeusito in tho re
gion of the IV.sok pass.
Chancellor of Iho F.ehon,ucr Lloyd
George has presided at the fiist meet-j
ing of the hiisiness committee, which
is to orgnuir.o to Iho full the resources
of the nation in the production of war
material. The war office and ndinir
ulty and Iho hoard of trade each is
represented on tho committee. Com
plete details as to tho needs of the
military departments and the means
at present available to supply them
arc heing collected. When the infor
mation thus ohtaincd shall have hecn
examined the work of co-ordinating
the national eneigies will ho started.
NKW YORK, April l.V-John
lluiiny, oomedian of the soroen, was
thought lo ho at death's door today
of a complication of kidney mid heart
ailments. Ho has heeu ill for three
weeks at his homo in Ilrooklyn. To
day was one of his woist days.
Mr. Huuiiy, whoso face and figure
are known to millions of moving pic
ture devoleeH, is fl'J years old. Ho has
hecn on tho htugo for thirty years,
achieving hi- greatest sueeoss within
reeent years as a moving picture no
"Tho host Kjiont tlmo of my llfo."
That wiih what Frederick A. Hydo,
millionaire land attorney of.thlH city
Kuld or IiIh it. months' term In At
lantic rodoinl prison, Borved for Pa
cirio Count land f i amis, upon hla rec
ent rutin a hero after rolonBO.
"Of coui'Ko," ho oxplulnuu, "It la
iIIhukiooiUiIo to ho Imprisoned on a
criminal chaiKO, hut porhapa It la hot
tor for mo to hovo gono thoro under
thoHo clrcumRtanccH than not at all.
"Certainly, It haa hrondonod my
flows or llfo and mudo mo n moro
UHoful mombor or tho community.
It baa mmlo mo feci that I can do
a grout deal for prisoners and their
proper restoration to society."
llrlmmliiR with plana for wider
extension of tho reforms ho was
ablo to Inltlato In tho Atlanta pofr
Itentlary, oven though u convict,
Hydo rosumed his business Just
whoro ho was compollod to loavo off
l(i mouths ago,
"It was difficult." ho said "to
break through tho traditions ot
prison discipline. And wo aro far
behind our civilization in dealing
with crlnio and criminals. A pris
on cannot, uufot'tunntoly koop ajionil
or piihltu opinion, tlio public, must
ORKGON", Till7 K.SIM J.r, AI'KIL 15, 1915
Oyer the Alps
IImIIaii t'linssciirs rn the uuirrli,
skU lo miM iiioiinlnh.. Itnly pre
WASHINGTON', April r..-Iteur-Admiral
Moore, ut Honolulu, Mini
ma ycstoi dnt's operations to
raise tho wrooqed siilimarine, sent the
cablegram to the naty department:
"Diver Xeilson jeporls line under
stern of K-l, hut that tho forward
lino is foul of tho conning tower.
This lino will ho sliilted tomorrow
(Thursday). Tho superstructure ap
pears to ho caved in. hut he saw no
holes. I'xmniuatiou incomplete."
Raise for Copper Miners
CALl'MLT, Mich., April l.V
Twelve thousand 'men employed hy
the Calumet & Heola Mining com
pany and subsidiary properties re
ceived an increase of it) per eent in
wages lv an announcement made to
day. Tlio wago rate in of fee! prior lo
tlio outbreak of the Kuropean war is
thereby restored.
Fretlei'Ick A. Hyde.
ho educated to tho realization that
mon cannot bo made good by punish
ment." In turn assistant librarian and
odltor of "Good Words," tho pout-
tontlary Journal, Frederick Hydo
round most pleasure and opportun
ity to bo ot asslstanco to his fol
low prisoners as assistant to tho
- ft J0" " I
W i 3BBmjJ
Lies Austria
Alpine iniiitioi-sim'ii ciuilpited with
pm-lng to slrikr lit n inonients notice.
LONDON, April l.", 1:07 p. in.
William G. C. Gladstone, grandson of
tho L'leat liberal statesman, ha been
killed in action in France. Purticu-
bus of Ins death are lacking. Mr.
Gladstone was ''0 vear-. old. He was
u liberal member of the house of
commons. In 1010 and 1011 bo
served as an attache to tho Hritish
embassy in Washington.
Ask O'Gorman's Reasons
NKW YORK, April l.". Mr. O. II.
P. llelmout announced that oOO wom
en of Ibis oilv will march to the of
lice of Tnited Stales Senator O'Gor
mau. here on April 110 to obtain his
views on woman suffiage. This,
Mrs. Uelmont said, would ho Iho first
of a series of calls to be made upon
members of eongros in a nation-wido
campaign begun by tho congressional
union for woman suffrage.
This post permitted him to clr
ctilato freely among tho convicts, to
study their needs and to bring about
reforms ot many continued detri
ments through proper channels.
"When I first went thoro," said
Hydo, "I found that nearly all tho
men had trouble with their eyes.
This canio from Improper lighting
ot tho colls, tho Illumination being
a single old-stylo 10 watt light
Just enough to tempt a man to read,
but bo Insufficient as to Impair bis
"1 told tho warden It was not
right. 1 orfored to furnish bettor
lights for tho colls. Hut that, ho
said, was 'against all precedent.' It
was finally dono through tho Attor
ney General, to whom I bad sent
urgent appeal through tho warden
and Dr. J. S. McKelway, an agont
of tho government.
"Tho ofrcet of tho now 40-watt
lights on tho prisoners' eyes was
tuarvolous. Thoreattor thoy had no
troublo In reading, and tho ettcct on
tho Improved behavior ot tho mon
was marked.
"This is but ono ot many Im
provements brought about by a llt
tlo thoughtrul onorgy lu behalf or
ImprlBoiiod mon."
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Cath
olic University Celebrated by Most
Distinguished Assemblage of Cath
olics Ever Gathered in America-
Pope Benedict Praises Institution
WASHINGTON. April 13. Tho
twenty fifth anniversary of the Cath
olic university of Amerlra was cel
ohrnted hero today In tho presence
of one of the most distinguished as
semblages of Catholic clorgynnd lay
men ever gathered In this country.
The three American cardinals, eight
archbishops, thirty bishops, thirty
monslgnors, eight heads of rcllgloua
orders, sixty representatives of col
leges and universities, over three
hundred clergy and hundreds ot dis
tinguished laymen and women from
various parts of tho United States
were present.
Tho ceremonial began this morn
ing with solemn pontifical mass at
St. Patrick's church at which Cardi
nal Farley of New York was cele
brant and Cardinal Gibbons delivered
the sermon; followed by a luncheon
and later ncamedlc exercises at which
a letter from Pope Benedict XV was
read and addresses wcro delivered
by Cardinal O'Connell of Iloston,
President G. Stanley Hall of tho Am
erican Association or Universities:
Dr. John Cavnnaugh, president ot
Notre Damo University and Hlsltop
Shahan. rector or the Catholic Uni
versity of America.
rope Letter INiWMicd
The pope's letter foljews:
"Beloved sons and venerable breth
ren: "Greeting and apostolic benedic benedic
teon: We have recently learned that
preparations were being in a do at
Washington for observing with due
solemnity Uie 2."th anniversary of
the founding of the Catholic "Univer
sity and that tho celebration, graced
by your presence and by that of dis
tinguished members ot the laity
would bo quite In keeping with the
singularly happy character ot tho oc
casion. That you, beloved sons and
venerable brethren should above nil.
rejoice at tho prosperity of tho uni
versity Is obvious to everyono who
realizes that the beginning and tho
gratifying progress of this seat of
learning aro owing especially to your
wlso and timely care. And yet this
Joy of yours Is not so peculiar to
you but that wo also may In somo
wise sharo It. For wo lovo. nay, wo
dearly cherish tho American people
forceful as they aro with tho vigor of
youth nnd second to none lu effi
ciency ot nctlon nndthought; and
earnestly deslro that an over wid
ening path to tho highest level ot
human achievement may open before
thorn so wo cannot but feel the deep
est pleasuro nt everything that furth
ers their progress.
Light That Falls Not
"Still In your tireless endeavors
yo ualmed not morely at enriching
tho mind with learning; what you
chiefly sought was to Imbuo It with
heavenly wisdom whoso 'light can
not bo put out' nnd 'with which all
good things' shall come to your flocks
Theso proofs Indeed ot your pastoral
solicitude must appeal to every fair
maluded observer as worthy ot tho
highest commendation and deserving
of tho appreciation and support ot
your fellow citizens especially of our
Catholic peoplo and In particular to
your clergy.
"In this connection wo will not
withhold our pralso from tho Knights
ot Columbus, who as you lately In
formed mo, by their splendid contri
bution to tho funds of tho university
havo carried Into etrect their wlsoly
concolved design ot extending to
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nKliniNO. fab. Anril l.'i. Lassen
Penk orunted for tho eichtv-soventh
time onrly today, emittinjj a great vol.
umo pi euioko and allies. "i.ii erup
tion beciui ut daybreak mid lasted
more than an hour, tlio piuoko rising
i i i i i i
only to a mouoruio lungm.
NO. 21
Villa Attacking Celaya From North,
Armeies From East, and Zapata
From South Villa Worsted In
Battle Last Week With Loss of
4000 Quiet at Capital. ,
Y., PASO, Tf.V., April 15. Offic
ial repotbi jhat l)ie OlireKon army at
Colnyn vrnti be'insr surrounded by Villu
nnt Zajmtix troops were confirmed
(odity by private! nilvIccR from tho
south. It wan slated that white Villa
nf,'itfn wn? ttltneking Cc1n3a from tho
north, Ociternl Anjjolo bad nrriveil
from .Monterey with 1.100 men anil ii
lnrjjc amount of nrlillcry lo niinult
the Cnrrnnr.n position from tlio east,
while General 11indernn witli from
8000 to 10,000 Zapata troops tbreo
dajH ngo bad renched San Junn del
llio, just south of Querctnro, Ob.f
gnn'a base.
Together with this information
camo details of the fir4 battlo of
Celnyn, in which tho Villa nrmy wn
defeated severely Inst week. The
Cnrrnnzn commander allowed the en
emy to enter the nutlyin? districts C
the town nnd then nbowereil the
crowded street with machine guiH
nnd fdirnpncl fire. Tho Villa troop
fled, leaving larjn number of. killed
nnd wounded in tho MroetH. Villa'
losso in tbi hutllo were estimated
at 100n killed, wounded nml cnptureil.
Ono thousand of the Villa wounded,
were scut to Guadalajara.
Condition nt Mexico City were re
ported quiet in n dispatch reaching
here today. The MtiiHtiimj'mi.Kcil for
wnut of food supplies, however, wiih
still critical. A German citizen on
tho firt of tlio month wn probably
fatally wounded by Zapata soldier,
who sought to rob him in n xtrcot of
the capital.
LONDON", April lii, 37 p. m. An
important committee under tlio chair
manship of David Lloyd-George, tho
chancellor of the excherpior, to or
ganize and noed up the Ptipply of
munitions of war, was completed to
day. Mr. Lloyd-George will have the co
operation of ex-Premier A. J. Hal
four, Kdwin S. Montague, chancellor
of llio duchy of Lancaster; Harold
T. Jlaker, member of parliament for
the Aceriugton division of I.niicanh
iro; Arthur Henderson, member for
tlio Harnard castle division of Pur
ham; Major General Sir Stanley II.
Vim Donop, master general of tlio
ordnnnco; Sir Hubert Llewellyn
Smith, permanent serrotnry of the
board of trade, and n represent livo
of tlio admiralty.
Premier Ain,uith announced tho
composition of the committee to tlio
houo of commons. Ho explained
that its functions woro to "insure t)m
promptest mid most efficient nppli
eatiuns of all tlio available productivo
resource- of tlio country for tho manufacture-
ami supply of war munition'?
for the nrmy and tho navy, mid with
authority to tako all necessary steps
for thht purpose.
The Hritish war office simultane
ously has appointed a departmental
too to asijt;in. thfsamo o!.'
dor the chamniuisljih of Field,
i 1.V...1 rf.;i.....A it." ,.,.!
ject undo
Marsha! Karl Kitchener himself.
NKW YOKK, Apiil .15. Suprvme
Court Justice Jt'owbertjer declined to
day to consider tlio motion of Jaw
yers for Hurry tK. Thaw hnt bt ba
granted a jury trial to determine bin
snnity. Ho held that, thft.yrrit. iu llwj
imijo waii returnable next Monday ami
should bo entertained by llio jtutitt
then Kitting, ho will b'jutitw IIn?
driokd. , . ?J
' 'I
'A .