Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 20, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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riUT3UNP, MDFOKI), Olfl'ldON", KATrifDAV, PIOnwrARY 20, 1915
PTO1B wry
At the Churches
('nllinlle , ,
Hliiilh Oiildlnlo iivniiliii,
First tiliisiint 8! 00 it. nl,
Heroiul mass at I II; ill) a. in.
Evening Mi'i vices lit 7: Ml) p. mi,
'lllll l.lltlierilll
fiorvlcoil ut fcloii Lutheran 512
Fourth tdronl,! Wilt ltd coiiilncli'il In
(ler.miiu nt 1 1 n. tn.
UlllUt.HClllllll ut 10 n. lit,
OolllO 1111(1 WOlUlllp.
. KplMOpfll
1 1 o I y communion 8 a. tn,
tjjiwiiiy Wlifml in ii. m.
Ijoly roiiiiiitiiiloii 1 1 u. ni.
EVi'iilnn.'pniyer 7::iu p. m.
Win It. Iluhlllibn, vfcnr. '
..MnrnltiK n'TVlrn II n, in. Subject,
"Thu I'lHomiultlod HIii."
Evening 7 : ao o'clock. "Tho Pow
er of a Prnschnti."
Nov. V. . Klmviirf will pYeiich nt
Jllltll NiirvlciMi,
.Sunday school 0.15 n. in.
It. V. I1. II, ilr.'jii p. in.
"Htnnil Up Kor Jesus," Hymn ) If),
"0 l.itniliof (IimI," llirnit,
Offoilwy, Tlpiiim from Horoiiudo,
"(toil lln Willi You."
I'ont I n iId.
(loo, K, Dyer, coniliiclor of orches-tra,
Reported by Jackson County Ab
trart Co,, Sixth nml Fir HI.
.Mcdfunl Cliilhllini Avicinldy
Tim Mini font Christian assembly
meets 1'iirli Kiiiulny nftiTiiuou at 2:30
o'clock In HI. Mnik'a hall, 2IK Went
Main nil eel. Full RONpel touching,
Incliidlnl: illvliiii hoiilliiK, the bap
iIhih of the, spirit, Christ's conilhi:,
old lto. ('. E, loilKO,nrtliir. pan-l.lrl"
Oiliiliilo .Ucnuo .MftlmillAt
rhiuduy school nt in ft. in.
I'rumiiliig nt II n. in. nml 7. .10
p. to. by l(v. Ii. II. Mowic, our pre
rldliiK older, liln MtilijtM't nt 7: 3D will
ln "TIio European Wnr. Infidelity
ami tin- llllil.'."
Count nml hoar lliln able minister
of iho Rospel.
Hlnuiit'TH are welcome,
li M. Ilraiilmin, pastor.
1'iw Mi'thudM
Corner Tenth nml Ivy,
Sunday school 10 a, in.
Preaching 1 1 n, in.
YotiiiK peoples' innctlitg nml lllblo
drill r.:n04 p, in,
1'reachiriR 7;.10 p. tn.
Mld-uenk prnyrr mccttnR Thursday
"Jflft p. in.
Coiuo ami wnrnhlp with tin. You
nto welcome. J. E. Ilradcly, paiitor.
11 tt (linn h of (iiilt, Sclenll-t
Holiday service nt 1 1 o'clock. Hub.
Jcrj "Mind."
Wednesday evening testimonial
inctliiK nt 7:.10.
Alt nro ronllnlly liivltcil.
Sunday school nt Hi o'clock. All
iindor tin iirc of 2l)arn welcome,
Heading roam In church edit Ice.
SI3 North Oakdale, open from 1:30
to 4 'to ilnll). except Humla)H nml
Ileal J'hIiiId i'rnnnfrw
Mm, I''liiri'iii'n A, Millon to
Anton Keel,', I u in 10, :i(l, W.i.'.IIO
I'. H. to Keri'lt H. I.i'tvnmii,
it. IH, .'IB, IW. .- ,J'nlnl
Knln .MoAmlieivH, MiiKle, it ;I
to .Jelitii) l I'oxlor, ,7!l u oil
I'n-I Mnlii, Moiirotil . 1.00
I'loi eiM'C A. .Millon ol vp td
Aiitnii Heel:, IiiiiiI In 111- 'Jli.'i.OH
T. M. Ilalilwiu el itx to .Mnr.
uurel M. Iliown et ul, laml In
.'III. I II. 1(1.0(1
f'lllvlll I,. Illlpieillierrv t" '. W.
I lei i on, laml in .l.'i, IIW 5(1(1.(10
Win. Hieeilnk tn S. I. C.illep,
laml in 7, :i', I W 10.00
At Innt tin) world'ri noted pnlntlnt,
clnltoyntit ami trnnco niedliim In hero.
ItiutdH our lirn from tho crndle to
the Ktnvit lllto iin open book. Health,
(hieatened tlnnwir. lont or Mtolon ar
llcb'fi, hidden tionHiire, reunltew the
ftoplirntfil, locateN iiiIiicn, oil ami mill,
ernl, Klven ndvlio In eourtuhlp, love,
iiiarrliiKo, divorce, law nultH ami otn
jolt In bintlueMK. All Hint are
heav)' hearted or In doubt don't fall
to m ttils p.lftud woman, who Kimr
nuleea her work. Iter fjlft In n birth
i Ik li t Only hero for n fv dnyn, of
flee hourn from HI n. in. to HI p. in,
III Houth Central. UKA
i i
Attention Moose.
Ilouin) warning In new home, old
Mnnonle lod;e rooms, over ToKKery
lllll'H, TueHilay. I'ebrunry L'a. ItHfi.
C. n. .M'l'UNNKM.,
2SC Hccretnry.
Vo will In) ilollKhted In hnvo jour
pnireiico iikiiIii next l.nrd'n day.
I.nro rlioniH nml coiiKroRiitlonnl
.MomliiK unrmon 10: 15, nubjoct,
Tho .Mimtui'H Call.
Kvculuj; Horm'ou 7:"0, nubjoct, Thy
fnlth hath nnviiil thee."
Y. l H. ('. K. will npprrcintn your
prenence In tho lecture room at li::i0
p. in,
Mld'Wcok pnoer ineollni; linn lirott
InrKO ami ItttureHtliu;, may wn liave
joijr co-operation Thurmlay evening
nt 7::io.
ftholr piacllce every Friday even
ing at 7:1a. Hairy K. Tueker, milliliter.
The third ami Innt of n rerlon of
thteo Mermoni on tho r.ouornl topic,
"The AmiiHiuiiontH of tho World,"
will bo lilveu In n sermon by the paH
tor of the I'lral MethodlHt Kpl.sropal
(JIiuitIi, corner of Fourth nml Hart
lutt HtreelH .Sunday night. Hubjecl
of the lairiuon. "Tho Clulritlntt at
The mot iilii); Hitrvlco at II n. m
Hortuon Hubjeet, "The HlKiilflcajico of
Ho'cjnl Love."
TIioho will bo rotiHliiK, helpful Rer
vlcen. Hpcclnl iiiiihIu by tho choir,
and happy cnnKiOKfttlonnl ulimlntr,
Tho other norvlcPH of Hun day nre:
Sundny Nchool nt 0 : -I R a, in.
Jiinlop "iworth I.enKue nt .1 p. in.
Kpworth l.eni5uo duvotlonal meet
Inn ut ): 15 p, m.
A (-(nihil welcomo uml a courteoiiH
Ki-cotliiK to all. ,Wo linvo a homo
111c o cliurli,
Preaching at 1 1 a. in, Hubjoct,
"l'.?6lorn .Mohbiiko."
Holo, Huloctoil, Flnrouco HiuoIiIkj?.
rnincliliiK at 7::0 p. in. Subjoct,
"The KphoBlnnH."
Bolo, Holoctml, Kloronco llazolrlgt?,
Bumlay ucliool ut 10 n, in.
Y. 1 8. O. U. at iliJlO p. m,
Klndoiciuton nt 11 a. in.
I'rnyor niootliiK Thursday at 7:30
P. ui. ,
lOvonlni; luocram of linialo by Hid
"Hwcot llotti- of I'rnyor," llyfnh
Tho Harmony Concert l'nrty U made
up of four wraatlh' iuiihIcI.hii.
Mr. McS'omry, uliono work U by no
nieami new to the Lyceum platform,
pla)N tho inaudollu, b.iujo, mixopbouu
and xylophone. Ho vu limtructor of
umiidiilln, KUltnr uml Imnjo In l'lttn
burch Cur many yean, aluo tho director
of tuvetat mandolin ami banjo cloli.
In nddltloii to bU riihemblo work, bl.i
tuloi are extremely popular.
Too much cannot be mild of Mm. Mc
.Vmry'K work upon tho piano. It la
often referred to an innrvolotiH. She U
concorvutury Kradunto with honor.
Klin abo playh thu xylophouu ami m:in
Alolx llohumll Ilrabak, uho plnyx
tho (lute, banjo, violin nml xylophone,
In a intixloliin of Hiieh nklll that ho ban
appealed for four Hetiiontt with tho fen
thai orcheatra of the ritttdniri'h Hym
phony Orchenlm. Ho ban nUo played
with Kryl'M Itnml. lie utmllid -with
Avion l'ayer, Victor Handek and Carl
II. Call In .Toidau Kindled pluno and
biirmouy with Do Itoxln and (lemeL
(to bcKau playliih' tho burp at an early
aco Willi bin father, who wan ono of
tho llrnt ImrpUtM In weitoru 1'enimyl
rnnla. lie U well known an a tmlolit
ami Iiiik had largo orchestral experl-
ciico. Ho has ulxo leen prominently
nwioclnfeil with ehureh work In I'ltU
Itiiriffi. Ho playn not only thu harp
and piano, but the uiaiidocello ami tho
OurliiK tho Honson of Ull.'M I thin com'
paiiy appeaiiHl an tho only musical on
a courno at Oyxtor Hay, tlio reumlnlu
mtmberH Mm; lectuies by Theodoro
HooMi'velt, Hr. Newell DwUrht Ullli
ud ollieui.
-" - s -
Coilnty Tmhsuivi-'h Hewntlelli Call
I'or WnrmntN.
Htnto or Orenon, County of Jnck
non, TreiiHiiry Department, Jackson
vllle, OrcRon, Kobrunry aoth, 1015.
Xotlce In horehy kIVoii tlirtt thoro
nro fumlH on hand fop tho redemption
of all county warrants, which word
prntoHtcd on tint 7th dny of AiiKimt,
lull, luiinhored aH followa to-wlt:
11,118, 10,111)7, 11,107, 11,217,
ll,2l, 11,2'JI, ll.aill, 11,000, 11,-
inn, ii.or.o, 11,021, it.071, 11,320,
11,001, 11. 17fi, U,2:!S, 11.2C2, 11,.
OfiS, 11,3 JR, 11,251, 11,1(10, 11,057,
ll.OIH, 11,210, 11,201, 11,0.10, 11,.
27S, 11.1 Ml, 11,210, 10.1IS7.
lutorest ccaseH on tho warrants
aliovo iiumborod and culled thla 20th
day of I'Vliruupy, UUP.
Tieaiiuror of Jackson County, OicRon,
llerimiii I'owell or Med ford In In
town thla wnok sorvlrif; on tho Krnml
Mln Knthryu Chnpmiiu returned
to HuiiHiiiiilr, Cal., Hiihday, nfter
iipenillii't 11 week wlih tclntlvuH IIvIiik
.Mm. Itlehard lllaud of OrnntH 1'amt
In inuklni: her Muter, Minn Mondn
llolniH, a visit.
II. F, Moinler wiik over from Mod
ford on I111M110HH nt 1 lie cotirtlioiiHe
0110 day Inst week,
Walter KuntiMir ami family hav
moved to their ranch near I'hoenlx,
whero thoy will remain durliiK the
Mrs, AihOlla Hrlltnldt of Meilfonl
upont Tuosday ami Wednomlay with
telattveA In town.
Will llanna wiik down from olinKlo
on IjIimIik'Hh thla week,
Jltiiiiiy Murray, who wiih rormerly
unniiK"!! 111 oiiHiueMs nero, wiih re-
unwind old aciiinln(aneeH TiieMilay.
MP. Murray In now located at Ku-
Kiiie, Or.
Mrx. J. P. Wells enterlaliied with
n Ht. Valentino party last Hat unlay
f'voiiiuit. Several novel featuies ap
propriate to tho day wore carried out
and a dainty repast served. Follow
IliK were those present: Mr. ami MrH.
F C. Hmlth, Mrs. Nell Harbin.
MIbhoh llutst, Kinuiii Wemlt, Nellie
Colllna and Eva ("ouch and !!. W.
Wilson. Chester Wemlt, Arthur Chaso
and Mr. ami Mis. J.J'. WoIIm.
Mm. Mabel MiCliiro eaimi ovor
from Medford Tuesday to bid her
friemlii i:ood-bye, as shn exjiccta to
lunko her home In Albany.
MUn Corn ItnHyo arrived from
Portland the first of the week on n
visit to hep rather, C. II. Ilasyo.
Mrs. K. J. ICut.II has returned
iroui 11 two mouths' visit with hur
children In Portland.
W. F. Qulsonborfy and Pete Wat
son nro helpliiK on the tax roll In tho
treasurers' office.
Clint Uallatln has had charso of
the barber shop several days thin
week. Mr. Iletcr Is laid up with la
Mrs. Hurt Orr and son of Med ford
visited Mrs. Mnttlo Thompson Thursday.
piutllfoiif'd ninoiiK (he several pnrlfeii
tin ucconlanco with their tuspectho
1 Intereiilii In said property, and for
such other lutd further relief art thu
court may deem Jijnt ami eipiltablc,
Tho dale of tho first publication of
thla Miuimolin is .inuiuiry 2:1, ltuo
Atlorneyu for Plaintiff.
Tho folloWInK Is a description of
tho property which Is tho subjoct of
the forcKoliiK suit Sections 11 nml
1.1 In township .1.1, south of rniiR'c 2,
west of Wlllntnello Meridian in Jack
son county, OroKon.
Attornoys for Plaintiff.
Notice Is hereby p.lven that tho un
dersigned will apply to tho city coun
cil of tho city of Medford, OreRon,
at Its next lenulur meeting, Mnrch
2nd. 1015, for n llconue to sell malt,
vinous and splrllous liquors at his
Place 0 business, No. 0.1 X. Front
street, Medford, Oregon, for a period
of six months, ,
Dated February IRth, 101S.
In the rotiuty court or tho stato of
OrnKOn for tho county of Jackson.
In the matter or the estate of A,
P. Talent, deceased.
Notice In hereby Riven Hint In pur
suance of an order of tho county
court of tho ntnto of Oregon, in and
for the county or Jackson, made and
entered on tho Mth day or January,
1 U in. In tho matter of the estate of
A. P. Talent, deceased, the under.
slRiied, tho administrator do bonis
non with thu will annexed of said
estate, will from and after the 23rd
day of February, 1915, proceed to
sell ut private sale to tho hlRhest
bidder for at leaut two-thirds of pur
chase price to bn cash In band and
tho balanco of one-third secured by n
mnrtRagu on raine, nubJect to tho
confirmation of said court the real
property belonslnR to Fold estate,
situated In Jaclison county, Oregon,
and described an follows, to-wlt:
Lot ft, In block 3, In HlRhlanil Park
Addition to tho city or Medford, Jack
sou county, OroRon.
hot 7, In block .1, of Pnlm'ti Addi
tion to tho city of Medford, Jackson
county, Oregon.
Also tho following described real
propni ty, to-wlt: CommoncliiR at a
point 310 feet south, 35 degrees and
30 mlntitcn east, from the intersec
tion of tho east line of "C" street and
tho south lino or Hast Ninth street,
In tho city of Medford, Oregon, and
from said hcRlnnlnR point runnliiR
tlionc north, 54 deRreen and 30
minutes east, 110 feet; thonco north,
35 decrees nml 30 inlnuten west. 52
feel; thence south, 51 doRrcea nnd
30 minutes west, 110 feet; thence
south 35 dcRrecu nml 30 minutes
east, 52 reel to tho place or boRln
uliiR, raid property being In Jackson
county, Oreson.
Lot ono (1) and ten feet off tho
entire north sldo of lot two (2) In
block ono (1) of tho Helm's Addi
tion to tho city ot Medford, Jackson
county, OrcRon.
About 120 acres in Sams Valley,
Jackson county, OroRon. described ns
follows, to-wlt: DeRlnnlnR at a point
50 chains cast ot the northwest cor
ner or section 22. lownshlp 35, south
ot ranRo 2 west or Wlllnmctto Meri
dian and runnlnc south -10 chains,
east 30 chains, north 40 chains, west
,10 chains to tho place ot beginning.
Dated tlio 22nd day or January,
Administrator dc bonis non with tho
will annexed of tho estato of A. P.
Talent, deceased.
I'Olt ItK.VN-MiHUttM.rtNnOUH
Fo?ritnvr "-jiiiiidinK" TooxiTjo Tr
any part of It. Formerly occupied
by Korlnek Veterinary Itemedy Co.
IIIr Pines Lumber Co.
FOR KENT FiirnlsVoii house." " U
rooms clone In. Phono 218-Y. 280
FOH IlENT Hlx room furnished nml
elRht room vacant house. 310 X.
FOH KENT Well furnished houso,
do! In. J 45 North Oakdale.
Phono 1.1-X. 285
FOH HENTWell furnished nnd un
furnished modern hunRalown.
Hoom 2, Palm block, phone 330-it.
FOH HENT Uy March 1st. five
room modern furnished house,
room for Rnrdcn and chickens.
1028 East 11th, phone 347-M. 285
foh ham: nouHCfl
FOH SALE New flvo room modern
bungalow nt a barsnln, completely
furnished. All asseonmentM paid to
date. Phono 13-X. 200
'OH SALE Fho roomtliotisc and
RaraRc, lot 72x140, flnu trees,
lawn, flowern and berries, all as
sessments paid, SI 800.00, easy
terms. Ceo. W. Itoovon, 1310 W.
'Main St. 208
FOH SALE Dry wood, under cover,
all kinds nnd lenRths. Valley
Fuel Co., phono 70.
FOH BAT.fy t,tlTKHtt)OK
FOH SALE Flno Jersey cow with
heifer talf. J. U. Stevens, Tolo,
Ore. 285
FOH HALEChcnp, larRo team of
mulon, lienvy set harness nnd plow.
Will trado fdr cattle. Hoso or
chard, Medford. 285
FOH SALE 12 extra Reed fresh
cows, 4 yearling heifers, also young
calves, Uno team of farm marcs.
Nash Livery Darn. 289
foh SALE Ured sows and rIIU
irom jirizo winning uuroo Jersey
Herd, Jackson county fair; nlso
boars old enotlRh for sorvico nnd
weanllnas. L. H. Houston, one
rnllo west of Talent, phone 3-F12.
-mtm,-bi,i,a:t eo us
WANTED To hear from owner of
Reed farm for oale. Send cash
prlco and description. I). F r$uah,
Minneapolis Minn. 285
WANTED To lease a Reed placer
mine near Medford. AddrefS
Placer, caro Mall Trlbtlne.
WANTED Uyron Jackson ccntrifu
Ral pump, rapacity 250-300 Rat
ions per minute, with 75 foot head,
nlso l-C Inch pIplnR. Holland
Dale, Talent, OrcRon. 287
WANTED I want a Spanish teacher
to rIvo lessons three times a week.
Henry IJ. YoskI, care Dr. PaRe. 288
WANTED A renter tor Reed Hear
creek bottom ranch, house and
barns, llox II., care Mall Tribune.
FOH SALE Fine Tolous Reese cRRB.
Phone or address W. It. Lamb,
Medford. 310
tomobile RnrcRo and homo com
bined, both op singly, (leo. F.
Dyer, 1114 North Central Ave.
FOH SALE One threo h. p. saso
line enRlne in Reed condition. llox
75, H. F. D. No. I, Mddriiod, phono
402-JI. 280
FOR SAI.K -Xcnrljr iiow Toledo
ranee, cheap. Phono 891-H. 2iC
Stock Farm
Havo n Reed atook farm, mostly
tindor hog tlRltt fouro, fair bulldliiRa,
soma In crop, Want city lncomo and
n little cash,
Nlco homo In Portland for Medford
In Iho circuit court of tho stato of
OroRon, for tho county or Jackson.
,...r?orKo w "wltinell, plnlntirf vs.
llllnm S. Dwlnnell, Vlrplnln I. Dwln
nell, his wire, William KIiir, Freder
ick KIiir, tho unknown heirs or WIN
nam KinR, deceased, unknown helra
or Frederick KIiir, deceased, .M. P.
Schmltt, as trustee In bankruptcy or
tho estnto or Trnll Lumber cotnnanv.
a bankrupt, also alt other persons or
panics unKiiown ciaimttiR any rlRht,
tltlo, estate, lieu or Interest In tho
real estato described in tho complaint
herein, uml all persons unknown hnv
Iiir or clnlmliiR an Interest or estato
In tho projierly nforcsnld, which pro
perty 1h described as follows, to-wlt:
Sections 11 nnd 1.1, In township 33,
south ranRo u. west of Wllllametto
Meridian, In Jackson county, Ore
rod, defendants.
To each and every of tho nbovo
named defendants:
In tho namo or mo stato of Oro
roii: You aro hereby renulrod to nnnear
In tho nbovo entitled court nnd cause
ami answer tho complaint e: tho
plaintiff heretofore filed theroln
akalnst you, within slv weeks nfter
tlio (Into of tho first publication of
1110 numinous herein, or If personal
service of said summoun bo innilo
upon you without tho stnto of OrcRon,
then within six weeks from tho date
of such porsonnl sorvico upon you.
said peilod or nix woolen beliiR tho
tlniQ rixod by tho order of tho JuiIru
or thu nbovo named court for tho sor
vico of tho summons heroin by pub
lication within which tho defendants
so served aro required to appear nnd
answer said complaint which order
for publication heara date of January
21st, 1015. Ami it you fall to an,
nwep said complaint within tho time
aforesaid tho plaintiff will apply to
tho court for tho relief domnmled In
snld complaint, 11 succinct stateinent
of which roltof is aH follews:
For n decree of tho court deter.
iuIiiIiik tho respectlvo rlRhta and in
terests or tho Kovoral parties plain
tiff as well ti8 defendant hereto In
and to sections 11 and 13 of town.
ship 33 south ot rniiRO 2, wost of
Willamette Meridian in Jackson conn
ty, OroRon; that sali promises bo
ordered sold In nccordnnro with stu
tilto In silch cases made and pro.
vlded and tho proceeds of such salo
Ono cent per word per issuo.
4- Six Insertions for price ot flvo. 4
Fifty cents per lino per month
without chanGC. '
OPEN 760,000 acres for settle
ment; fruit, timber. Roncral farm
lauds; send 25c with this ad to
Wenatcheo (WaBh.) Dally World,
Uopt. T, for rellablo data about
this region.
FOH SALE Cheap. 50 crr Fllo Incu
bator and brooder at 30G South
KIiir street. 285
FOR SALE No. 1 1 RotnlnRton vis
ible typewriter, 1 1 inch carriaRo
nnd decimal tabulator. A bargain
U taken nt once. Writo box 101,
Central Point, Ore. 28S
FOH SALE See thoso thoroughbred
H. I. R. roosters, 91 each at Med
ford Poultry Market.
FOR SALE Must be sold, G2 shares
In Monitor orchard, near Medford,
your own price, make me an .offer.
Address E. l.lndnhl, 3C00 ltloom
liiRton Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
FOH SALE OH THADE 12 li. p. en
Rlnc; 15 Ii. p. bollor, all In running
order, will trade for Ford car.
JlrlnR on your cap and look at tho
enRlne. Address box 24, Jackson
vllle, Ore. 307
WANTED J 1000 for one, two or
three years. Oood security. Ad
dress 1250 II., care Mall Tribune.
WANTED Miners nt Ilradcn mine,
Hold Hill, Oregon, tor contract
WANTED First class miners and
muckers at tho Ilraden mine, Gold
Hill, OrcRon. 2S0
E. It. CHOUCU Awiayor, chotaltf,
metallurgist. Custom Assay Of
flee. Mall order business sollcltml,
Prices, gold, $1,00: gold nnd sil
ver, fl-25? copper, ?i.00j Rold. sil
ver nnd copper, $2,00. MsillnR flh-
voloitea freo on request. P.efep
once, Josephlno County Hank.
Rooms 201-203 Hall Illdg., Ornnta
Pass, Oregon, 330
DIt? A? It." HEDOESr hi. LOUli 5!
IfodRea Mcchano-ThCraplsts, Chiro
practors, Spondylothen-ptsts, Thos
systems, Including dietetics, curt
tiro gymnastics, bydro-tberaphy,
etc.. produce results in both ncuts
And chronic diseases. CohsuIU
tlon freo. Ovor Don el & Co,, eor
ner Main and Dartlo'.t. Hours
a. m. to 5 p. m. Other hour by
appointment. Phone 170.
DR. R. J. LOCKWOOD,, Chlr6pactor.
nerve specialist Rooms 203-3Q4
205. Qarnott-Corey bldg. Vapor
baths and scientific massage given;
neodlo spray, head and shoulder
shower In connection; adviee la
dietetics, medical gymnastics,
bydropthernpy. Lady attendant
Phone, office 643, residence 511-R.
Kraplojmeat Agemcf
We are here to belt people get re
liable, competent kelp. We fur
nish holp In almost all line et
business. Wo make a specialty ot
competent men and wives fe
ranches. We solicit jour patroa
age. Dinner's Real Ketat a4
Employment Bureau, Room 6 aaf
7 Palm Oulldlnr, Medrord. PImm
858. Mrs. J. S. Clark, MaEager,
Engineer and CoRtracter
FRED X. CUMMINGS Engineer aad
contractor, 404 M. P. & H. Bldg.
Surveys, estimates, . Irrigatioa,
drdlnago, orchard and land improvement.
WANTED Ladles copy letters at
homo all or spare time: $5 to $25
weekly; pen or typewritten; no
canvassing. Enclose addressed
stamped envelope for reply. Tho
Columbia Copy Co., Potaluma, Cal.
WANTED Capable woman for cook
ing nnd houso work. Address Mrs.
E. P, Guthrie, R. R. 2 Medrord,
or phono Jacksonville 232. 28C
WANTED Position as housekeeper
in town or country- Good cook.
Box P., caro Mall Tribune. 2SS
WANTED OJd Jobs, gardening and
taking care ot lawns a specialty.
Phone 740-M. 291
FOR SALE Furniture, beds, kitchen
stoves, etc. 205 S. Central. 2S5
FOR HENT Furnlslted rooms, with
or wltlrout board. Mrs. W. T.
York, 120 Laurel St. 285
A word to those who nro coming
back. Land tor tho past six months
has been hanging at rock bottom
prices. A great deal ot liquidation
has taken place In thla timo. My bus
iness alone in tho last halt of this
year has amounted to nearly $100,000
I bellovo tho last tour or flvo deals
I haov mado reprcsont absolutely tho
bottom. Land with rental valuo ot
$30 an aero will not long remain nt
$200 nn ncro. Thoro will bo no boom
but land values will Improve somo.
Good roads, Irrigation, saw-mill,
box factory, cheap powor, BURar
beets, canning factory, pood prices,
satisfied customors, perfect days.
Hurry, see Modtord first and
Room 301. First Natlonnl Bank nidg.
bators, two seated rubber tired
buggy. II. C. Stoltz, phono 521-R.
FOR SALE Ono Carey tire-proof
safo In first class condition. Can
pay on Installments It desired. BIr
Pines Lumber Co.
FOR SALE Rhode Island Red crrs,
50c per setting. Phono 407-M.
TO LOAN $500 to loan on city pro
perty. C. A. McArthur, phone
308 or 130-R. , 201
MONEY TO LOAN On close in
ranches. C. A. McArthur, room 3,
over post office Phono 3C8 or
130-R. 2S9
FOUND Valuable auto lamp for
rear of car. Apply 309 M. F. & II
Illdg. '
GARDAOE Oct your premises
cleaned up for the summer. Call
on tho city garbage wagons far
Reed service. Phone 274-L. F.
T. Allen.
lastrQctloa la Mettle
401, Garnett-Corey Bldg. Fred Al
ton Halght Piano, Mrs. Florence
italllday Halght, voice. Telephone
Notary FaMie
1D3LEN N. YOCKEY NoUry paa
11c Bring your work to ae at tM
algn of the Mall Tribune.
Fhyeetclaa ka4
MAINS CARLOW Osteopathia
physicians, 416-417 QarHett-Corey
bldg., phone 103C-L. Resides
2C Sooth Laurel St.
DR. W. Wl HOWARD Osteopathia
physicians, 303 Garnett-Coref
building. Phone 904-M.
TAKEN UP At Four Hundred Ono
ranch, ono spotted sow, silt In right
car, under cut in lert. Call and
pay tor feed and add. 290
FOR SALE Upright pianos in good
condition, $75.00. Music cabinet
cheap. Hrommor Bros., route 3.
phono 5S9-J2. 287
FOR SALE Fivo acres,
prood. P. O. box 285
LOST Saturday on the street dia
mond stjck pin, with diamond set
in hand; reward for return, phone
525. 285
FOR lrtCHArtUfc.
FOR TRADE Wood sawing outfit In
first class condition for automo
bile. X. Y. ... caro Mail Tribune-.
How would this one do? Tho leaso
ot 1G0 acres well located with 25
acres in cultivation, seven of it in
alfalfa, good hog and cattle rango on
tho uucultUated part. Flvo room
houso, barn, springs, etc. Also n
good team, wagon and harness, somu
chickens, nnd tho household goods,
and all for $425.00. Must act quick
ly. Croamory handy, and n flno place
to run a bunch of milk cows.
DR. J. J. EMMENS Phynlclaa sad
surgeon. Practice limited to eye,
ear, nose and throat. Eyes scien
tifically tested and glasses asp
plied. Office 228 East Mala St.
Hours 8:30 1, a to I , a
B. B. 1'ICKEL, M. D. Office Jack
son County Bank bldg. Offlee
phone 43-R; residence phone B8-R.
clan and surgeon. Office Paint
block, opposite Nash Hotel. Hour
10 to 12, 1 to 4. Phone 110-J.
DR. R. W. CLANCY Physician ana
aurgeon. Phones, office 36, resi
dence 724-J. Office hours 10 to
12, 2 to 6.
EXCHANGE Want to sell or boy
anything? U O Rader, 114 N.
Front St. Employment office and
rentals. Phone 125. Nuff Sed.
Roguo River Valley Fruit Lands.
Dairy, utock, poultry ranches and
Timber. Colonization Trncts. Boat
all-tho-year-round cllmnto on const.
Health Resort. Wonderful Modlcl-
uai (springs.
Heaver Realty Co., Ashlnml. Oregon.
$10,00 510 N. Riverside, 10 rooms, bath and tollot, tontint pay
watop, lot 100 by about 500 feet, running back to Boar creok, riuo
ror Harden,
$15.00 230 S. Onkdalo, bovon rooms, bnth and toilet; gas, water
$8.60--1120 W. 10th, flvo rooms, tollot, water paid.
$8.00411 8, Front, sovon rooms, bath, wator paid.
$8.00110 E, 11th, flvo rooms, hath, Wator paid.
Will loom larger nnd Inrger in fu
turo In this valloy. Tho ltomoseeker
will find this Reed; 5"5 acres, flvo
miles out, nil in cultivation. About
10 acres apples, peara and' family
fruit now beginning to boar. Nearly
30 ncrea aUulfa, nnd 40 acres will
produce alfalfa or grain in n big way,
Draimigo good, air draluaga good;
Ideal poar land. Creek bottom and
hill alopo. Improvements, sovon
room hnvd-riulshod houso, equipped
with electric lights and boaters. Am
ple barn, chicken bouses, pens and
rock nilllc houso. Two oxcollont
$1U,()0() on Exceptionally Good Terms
Room -107 M. F. & 11, llldg.
OppOblto Office
business DmEcronx
Auto Bnppllea
are operating the largest, oldest
and best equipped plant in tho Pa
clflo northwest. Use our springs
when others fail. Sold under guar
anteo. 20 North Fifteenth St,
Portland, Ore.
DR. B. A. LOCKWOOD Physician
and surgeon.
rracuce limited to diseases of
women. Offices 309, 310, 311 M.
F. & U. Bldg. Phones, residence,
814-J2; office, 814.
DR. LYDIA S. DOW Osteopathia
physician, practice limited to 00
Btetrlcs and diseases of women and
children. Offices 3 and 4, St.
Marks block, hours 1 to C p. in.
Phone 160. Res, tho Dow Hospi
tal, Central Point.
DR. MCM. M. DOW Physician and
surgeon, obstetrics and surgery,
offices 3 and 4 St. Marks block.
Hours 9 to 12. Phone 160. Resi
dence, the Dow Hospital, Central
-Attorneys-at-Law, Rooms 8 and
9. Medford National Bank bldg.
A. E. REAMh'S, LAW X tilt UarnotV
Corey bldg.
Wm. M. Colvlg, Ueoigo M. Roberts
Medrord National Bank Building
D. F. MULKEY & UEO. W. Ultima
Attorneys at Law. Jackson Coun
ty Bank Building,
Printers aaa FHbUsnen
best equipped printing office tat
southern Orogon; book binding,
loose leaf ledgers, billing system!,
etc. Portland prices. 27 Norta
Fir nt
Stenography and Multlgraph Work
MRS. M. T. EDWARDS Work dona
promptly at reasonable rates,
Room 3, Palm block, phono 107. ,
NEWTON W. BORDEN Attorney nt
Law. 232 East Main street.
Garnett-Corey Bldg., unite
Medford, Ore. Phono 856.
Shoo Repairing
8IIOE REPAIRING First class abef
repairing, on modem, eleetrtt
machines while you wait. JR. N.
Blden, located In Kidd'a Shoe Store,
Phone 313J, '
Public Auction
Every , Saturday at 1:30, corner
Main and Fir will sell on commission
all kinds of stock, implomonts and
Wo also havo employment and rent
al agency, Havo furnished and un
furnished houses for rent. List your
wants witu us.
P, E. Wyukoop, Liceusod Auctioneer
Room 'J, Palm Block l'Uow IMtf-K
uuice a worm Front Bt. Faeaa
315. Prlcea right. Serrlee wmC
tnteed. -
Typewriters and Supplies,- ,
Now Remington, Smith Premier,
and Monarch typewriting, addla
and subtracting machines,, re4U
machines for eaah r easy pay
ments. Machines for reat, rlWbona '
and, aupolles of all klaaa, simple re
pairs, fr et karaei Roaar S.
A. . V . . - i. J I ilE.5! - . "" - -
jiennett, 19 ajeawai
J3S-R. , u
1 a -
- (.,