Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 17, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Word won received todny ot tho
deatu of Ji5r. .. A, WeBtcrltind's moth
er In Orion, HI. Mr. Wostorltind l
at present In Tarawa attending tho
council ot frnltKrowors.
Mrs. Jcnch, 32C North nnrtlctt, cx
port'corsctloro. ' Phono Bfin-J.
jI fntncru, niothcru rtnrt tenchem
nrainvltcil io attend A Tinhorn'
Ins and Parent-Teachers circle inert'
Jhn of tho Washington nchool fit tho
IiIrIi school Friday ovanlnR at 7:30
Johnkon'a Cnfo will ho ready to
servo lis patrons In Its now quarters
In tho Holland Hotel building at noon
Wednesday. It will ho under tho
pnmo oiantiRoinent which hna made
this lioinc-llko eating placo bo famous
on' Sonth Central, and tho old poptt
.larprlceB will remain In force. 2S6
France Wlllard memorial day will
behold vlth Mr. Klomlnp, 710 Welch
Btreet' Thursday at 2 p. m. A cord
ial Invitation Is extended to nil
member and all Interested In the
"A Tool There "Was," two days
only, Friday and Saturday, aftcr
noonfl and evenings, tho Page. 2S4
County Connnlslsoncr Con Leaver
Is spending tho day In Mcdford nt
tcndtngito county business.
Don't forget to hear Itov. George
Schooner, tho rose wlxnrd, public li
brary. Fob. 22, 23. 24, 2n and 2C, at
8 p. in. All Invited. Subject, "Hoses
and .RosoT Growing."
Attorney Gns Newbury attended to
iega mailers in juci.sonviuo i urn
day afternoon
City pasengcr ecrvice lGc. Coun
try trips In proportion. Plerson &
Foster. Phono S78-L. tf
At a meeting in the public library
Tuesday night to consider tho matter
of securing a chapel for denomina
tional conventions, services, etc., It
was decldod to take no definite action
at this time, out to have Park Super
intendent Steel confer with tho In
terior department on tho best way to
proceed, and begin work towards the
desired end later, making nn aggres
sive campaign throughout tho valley
for contributions, Many attended
the meeting.
Dr. J; 3. Emmons has moved to
his new euito ot office rooms In the
second floor of tho M. F. & II. Co.'s
Tho Economic department ot the
Greater Mcdford club held Its regu
lar mooting at tho public library
Monday afternoon, Mrs. Porter J.
Ncff rending a paper on "Interior
See Davo Wood aoout that fire In
rurance policy. Office Mall Tribune
Chris Natwlck of Eagle Point spent
Tuesday afternoon In Mcdford at
tending to business matters.
Matinee, the Page today.
It. M. Klncald of Agate was a
Medfonl visitor Wednesday.
Sweet cider at De Voe's. "
Tho alumni dunce which Is to tako
place at tho Natatorlum Friday
niglit, Feb. 19th, will start right after
tho basket ball gamo instead of at 9
p. in. as previously stated. Invita
tions have been extended to qulto a
number ot outsiders, as well as to
all alumni and high school students,
so an excellent ottendadnco Is ex
pected. ' The alumni nro making pre
parations to show tholr guests a rous
ing good tlmo as is their usual cus
tom. "A Fool Tliero Was," two days
only, Friday and Saturday, after
noons and evenings, tho Page. 284
Tho annual Inspection of Company
7 was made at tho Natatorlum Tues
day night by Captain n. W. Collins,
V. S. A. of Eugene. Ttucent chnnges
In tho company, under tho direction
of Captain A. J. Vance, that havo in
stilled new llfo and spirit Into the
organization wero commended by tho
visiting officer.
Matlneo, tho Page today.
A. K. Haight of Cottage Grove,
Oregon, Is among tho out of town
visitors In tho city this week.
Any caso of piles rolloved nt onco
and n permanent euro guaranteed or
no charge. Cull 21 acnosseo street
nnd 6co J, L. Kldd. Ladles may see
MrS. Kldd. 28C
Tho regular daily shower fell
Tuesday evening, hardly enough to
wet the pavements. Evoryono is
devoutly -rtlsliIpB for rain, the near
est to consummation bofng threaten
ing skies. Unless tho last duya of
February aro all rainy ones. It will
tako ft deluge to orfng tho rainfall to
tho average.
Get your butter, cream, milk and
uuttor-mllk, at Do Voo'i.
Adrian Iloso of tho Griffin crook
district spent Tuesday afternoon Jn
Medford attending to business mat-j
"A Fool Thoro Was," two days
vonly, Tiiday and Saturday, after
noons and 'evenings, tho Page, 284
Herman Purucker 6f Ashland spent
Tuesday In Mcdford attending to husi
er matter.
Kodak finishing the best, at Wes-
.Una 0MWQ Shop. Over IsIs Thea- uaniaiivo v, u, i,owis casting tho nog
. lativ voto.
Mrs. Fern Leaver ot Cenlrnl Point
Ib spending the day In Mcdford vis
Itlng friends and relatives.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Cnmora Shop. Oror lets
The" basketball team ot tho Coltngo
Grove IiIrIi school will play tho Med
fonl high school nt the Natatorlum
next Friday night, In what promises
to bo one ot tho fastest games of tho
Fcnson. Tho Talent girls will play
tho Mcdford girls as n preliminary,
"Got It nt De Voo's.
Dr. ,T. F. noddy of Grants Pass
spent! Tuesday In' Mcdford attending
to business matters.
Cora K. Utley, chropodlsl, 407
Garnett-Coroy building, phono C57-U.
Miss Marlon Doollttlc of Eugene Is
visiting with friends and relatives In
Uils section for a fow days.
J. 0. Gcrklng, tho best all around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives mado nny
tvhoro, tlmo or place. Studio 22 S
Main St. Phone 380-J.
Frank llybeo or Jacksonville ttpent
Tuesday afternoon In Mcdford at
tending to business matters.
Dr. S. A. Lockwood and Dr. Myrtle
3. Lockwood, (physicians nnd sur
geons) have moved to their now sulto
of offices. Hooms 309, 310 and 311,
third floor, M. F. & H. Dldg. '
II. II. Croft of Agate was n bust
ness visitor In tho city Tuesday af
We are headquarters for real first
quality cut hair. Marlnello Hair
Shop, 407 Garnett-Corey building.
Miss licrtha Wool vert on ot Gold
Hill spent Tuesday In Medford vis
iting friends and relatives.
Deputy District Game Wnr.'cn Sam
Sandry spent Tuesday In Medford at
tending to business matters. In this
city and Jacksonville.
For better insurance, seo Holmes,
the Insurance Man.
Attorney J. R, Latourctto ot Port
land, has returned to his homo after
a fow days visit In this city. Mr.
Lntourctte at one tlmo was listed as
tho greatest quarterback ever devel
oped by ho University of Oregon.
Mrs. Jasper Hanna was awarded a
Judgment of $119.25 In Justice of the
eace Glenn Taylor's court this morn
ing, against Harvey Richardson for
turkeys sold last December. Roth
tho parties live near Rogue River.
Tho Judgment awarded was the
amount sought In tho snlt.
Norman Gage ot Dcbenger Gap Is
a business visitor In tho city for a
tew hours today.
Miss Letha Walker ot Ashland Is
visiting friends and relatives In this
city for a fow days.
The city water was shut off from
midnight until this morning to allow
tho water department to make emer
gency changes In tho hydrants on tho
east side.
Samuel Jacobs of Sams Valley
spent Tuesday In Medford attending
to business matters.
Judgo George W. Dunn of Ashland
spent a few hours Tuesday In Med
ford attending to business matters.
Threo members of a gang of beg
gars who Invaded this city last Sat
urday returned Tuesday night, and
wero ordered out of town by tho night
pollco before they had an opportun
ity to seek aims.
A. H. Cox or this city has returned
from a business trip to northern Cali
fornia points.
W. I. Jackson and wlfo of Trail
creek aro spending a fow days In tho
city and valley visiting friends and
Today Is Ash Wednesday, tho be
ginning of tho Lenten season. Easter
this year falls upon Sunday, April
Tho high school is contemplating
tho organization of a baseball team.
Tho debating teams of tho Grants
Pas3 and Medford high schools will
meet In this city, February 22, Wash
ington's birthday.
W. F. Isaacs leaves tomorrow
morning on a business trip to San
Contractor J. W. Sweeney of the
Siskiyou division of tho Pacific high
way Is spending tho day In Medford.
SALKM, Or. Feb. 17. Tho prbhlbl
tlon bill passed the senate Tuesday by
a vote of 29 to 1, being adopted sub
stantially as it camo from the bouso.
A disputed clause limiting to fixed
amount tho ulcohollc beverages that
may bo purchased outside of Oregon
by a family, regardless of tho number
of adult members in tho family was
retained. Senator Dnn Kellaher cast
tho only negative voto.
Tho bill, which regulates tho use
of ulcohol and alcoholic drinks, was
passod In conformity with the consti
tutional amendment adopted at tho
last general election. It prohibits
the sale or manufacture of Intoxicants
within tho state, although limited
quantities of alcoholic beverages may
bo shipped In. The sale of pure alco
hol Ib regulated.
Immediately after tho senate
passed the bill, tho liouso concurred
In tho seimto's amendments. Hepro-
In n decree, handed down In tho
circuit court this morning by Judge
F. M. Calkins, Graham Hoffman Is
granted a full and complete divorce
frotn his wife. Florence Hoffman,
and given tho eustody of tin two chil
dren, ago four and sl cars,
In the finding Mrs. Hoffman Is re
buked by the court, one passage read
ing, "How any normal woman can um
pect the court to give her tho custody
of two small children, to tako out of
tho Jurisdiction of tho court to San
Francisco In the faco of admissions
she tins made on the witness stand Is
beyond comprehension."
The call of the big city Is upon Mrs.
Hoffman for In another paragraph the
court says, "It also appears from the
evidence that she Is (Unsatisfied with
her lot In life, that she yearns for city
life, nud Is arbitrary and unreason
able." The allegations of Mrs. Hoffman
that her husband wns cruel, and re
fused her medical attention, the court
holds have not been sustained. The
third allegation that "ho did not love
her, and wns sullen and morose."
the court holds, may have been tho
result of her own conduct.
The allegation of tho husband "that
tho wlfo was Intoxicated In the office
of n Medford business man," and
that sho wrote an endearing letter to
one Clifton O'Drlen," arc sustained.
Tho divorco suit was of particular
Interest to Medford people, owing to
a number of local people being di
rectly and Indirectly Involved as wit
nesses. Mr. Hoffman Is a traveling
man. The couple separated onco be
fore, nnd re-marrlcd.
Tho city council at Its regular meet
ing Tuesday night turned down tho
request for the expenditure of $7o a
month for a pollco matron, as asked
by tho W. C. T. U. and Greator Med
ford club, upon tho plea that It was
"too heavy n burden upon tho tax
pa) ers." Those who voted against
tho measuro compromised, by offer
ing to put It up to the people at a spe
cial election. It was also argued that
Medford was too small for a police
matron. It would have been her
duty to care for women arrested, and
to adviso young girls.
Mrs. T. A. Howell made a plea for
tho appointment of a pollco matron,
holding that one girl saved from way
wardness warranted tho "burden" on
the taxpayers. Chief ot Pollco Hltt
son said that there wero plenty ot
theories as to tho causes of wlldness
among young girls, but that parental
Indifference was tho main cuubc.
Tho city pnrk was held to bo a meet
ing and trystlng placo for men and
girls. Councilman Mcdynskl opposing
tho appolntmont of a pollco matron
said "Medford was painted blacker
than she was," nnd that tho expense
would not bo Justified by the results
Colonel Sargent and Mr. Maun fav
ored a police matron.
Tho suit of W. K. Phlpps against
tho city for tho non-collection of as
sessments of scwor district 13, which
embraces the district adjacent to
North Hivcrsldo avenue, will bo ap
pealed to the stipromo court. Tills
decision was reached at tho meeting
of tho city council Tuesday night.
Tho suit has been a thorn in tho side
of threo previous councils, and will
bo tho same in tho present ono. In
tho meantlmo tho assessments are
hold up, and the interest accumulat
ing. No action was taken by tho coun
cil on tho lighting proposition of tho
Koguo Itlver Public Sorvlco corpora
tion of Gold Hill to furnish power to
the city upon n wholcsalo basis, un
til the suit of tho California-Oregon
Power company against tho city in
tho federal court Is sottled. It de
veloped that though tho evidence was
all In six weeks ago the stenographer
has not yet transcribed and trans
mitted the samo to "Federal Judge
Wolverton for a decision.
TOO IjATB to olahsift.
WANTUI) A rontor for good Hear
creek bottom ranch, house and
barns. Dox IL, euro Mall Tribune,
HAVIIK, vin London, Vvh. 1.7.
The HritMi steam oollier Pulwlt'li,
lnittiiil From Hull to llotii'ii. was tor
uWd Inst night h, u (Ionium miIi-
murine twnntv miles iinrthtl of
Ciilie do In lloo.
A the orow look to (lie bonis the
jsuliimiritio Which toipt'tloetl the hip
was .seen speetliin; y. The Dul
wieh sunk in twenty minute. Twenty
two nicnuVrrt of the vrow of thirty
one un'ii were picket! up bv Hit' Ficiteli
destroyer Anucbtise tuiil brought to
lltivrc. Seven others rowed to I'o
cump. ThujjJtc of the other two is
unknown. The weather wu& clour,
but a heavy ?en wns ruuniiijr wlicn
the Kulwicb wns blown up. Tho tor
pedo stiuck bmlor llu water line iiutl
the explosion wns terrible. The .ship
begun to settle imtiicdmtclv ntul u
lutt ouuniiililion showed Citpluiu
Hunter bis could keep iithmt
only n few niiiiuio. His liit con
cern, therefore, wits, to iiiiro the
safety of bis men. lie otdeird the
bouts luiiiifbitl iiutl the sailors tum
bled in without Initio:; time to save
their porMiniil belongings.
While pulling townttl the Frond
const .svckiiii; a ship which might ios-
cue tlieiu the cnw of the Dulwich
saw the submarine ri'o to the surface
sevem! times as if watching them,
am! I hen i!inpjH:- nvniu.
SALKM, Ore., Feb. 17. A bill ere
ntlng n revenue of flvo per cent tax
on trading stnmp firms, and stores
and corporations using them, passed
tho house Tuesda) and two hours
later passed the senate unnnlmoiisly.
Tho Oregon lletail Merchants associa
tion now in annual session in Port
land passed resolutions favoring such
nn att and today when tho senate
parsed tho bill, Thomas Drown, tho
author, wired the president of the or
ganization to the efft'et and he rentl It
to tho association. It Is held that
tho Drown bill, which was substituted
for another, will not prove unconsti
tutional because Its provisions come
under the taxing power of tho state
whllo tho other would have been un
der the police nower. On this phase
of tho question much tlobate cen
tered. The measure now awaits the
slgnnturo ot tho governor.
Subject to published call, a meeting
was held in thu Public Library last
evening, to consider tho matter of
getting a pnblle chapel In tho Crater
Lake National park. It was thought
best not to proceed to an organization
at this time, but Superintendent
Steele was requested to explain to the
Interior department Just what la de
sired to accomplish, and ask for the
best manner to proceed In tho prom
ises. Upon receipt of this Information
further plans of action will bo decided
1 'm m ml
Smokers ef u
Turkish Trophies
Cigarettes fifteen years ago
aro smokers of
Turkish Trophies
Cigarettes today!
-r am
At Your Grocer, fluurnntccd Hy
The While Velvet Icc'Crdam Co.
Phono 1HI U!i lii, Central
LONDON', Fob. 17 The hundow
rnth's nuthorlrntlon to the chancellor
to prohibit tho Importation nnd tiuu
sit ot the products of hostile soil and
Industry across tho Gorman ftoutlcr
Is published lu today's edition of the
ltolclm Anxelgor, says nn Amsterdam
tllspntch to Itouler's Telegram com
pany, Tito chancellor U uuthorUed
to take whatever measures may he
nocoHnnry to enforce the prohibition.
Tho giound for this authorization
Is another proclamation which pro
hibits tho Importation ami transit of
Several products mentioned, fiom
France nnd Great Urltnlu, their colo
nics and protectorates. The procla
mation mentions each ot theti pro
ducts. 10
The officers of the Metropolitan
Llfo Insurance company, luno mndo u
change In the local management Mr.
F. T. llurgcmt has been appointed sup
erintendent of Tiicomn, Wnsh., which
Is a much larger district ami carries
with It added responsibilities.
Locally Mr, Murgcss has mado n
wonderful success, fur ono and one
half year ot efficient innnngement
tho business outgrew Its former
quarters In the St. Mark's ,b!ock and
room was taken In tho Gnrnett
Corey building. Five men nro now
required to enro for tho buslnoss In
stead of three when Mr. Ilurgess was
placed in charge.
Mr.' Ilurgess leaves tonight, with
his wlfo and daughter, for his now
field In Tacomn. .
Deputy mipcrlntcdont of Onkland.
Cnl , has boon appointed to succeed
Mr. Iturgcs and will nrrlvo with his
family, next Monday.
Dudluy 2 inches
Norm an 138 inches
Arc Hot excelled by any other 2 for
25 cent collars made here or abroad
( t ,rr, i'l !miiv (. Co., 1st. Masibi or Asnoir Suuii Tnov, K.V.
First Showing
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Spring Apparel
Nejv Hats, New Shapes, New
Early showing of New Skirts,
New Coats, New Dresses.
More coming in by express daily
All special orders taken from
our Custom Tailoring Department.
Many pretty cloths and styles in
Suits, Dresses and Skirts to chonse
from. 10 Per Cent Discount.
TACU.MA, WhhIi., Fob. 17.- An
nmcntloil tin tt for the oiuitiiir.utloii of
the I'rullLf rowers of tin hoilhwont
wns uuauimouslv mtntilml by the
growers' couueil lotluy. The plnn pro
vides for uit exceptive ooumiitlco of
Ihrce iiiomhois elected by the council
on it louniige lmi, who -iuirimv
power Io act for lite uiowers, 'file
liimul of control mil iuihciiI nuy
member of the executive couiiiiitlco
by a tliioo-fourllis vole
The executive coiuiiilllco chosen bv
(he tipple convention consUls of V.
hitilliinuus, TiH'omn, clinirinnii; Tru-
mini llittler, Hood Klver, Or.: (' T,
Hit-hell, Wciiitlflico, Vnb. The board
of control connists of Clifford K.
Chime, W'onntohcei llurv Jones, Ynl-
iuin dmhict; A. IK .Moc, Hood Itivcr;
Iv. C. S. Ilininnr.l of Idaho; W. M.
Sitckctl, Spokane; A. V. Simmons,
Moutntiii; John F. Ihtvtes, Walla
W.tlln; J. A. Wwleiluiid, Meilronl.
Adjourned Io meet the third Mon
thly in Jiiiiiiur uo! vent.
HALF.M, Feb. 17.- itcpresontatho
Vnwtcr's hill authorizing tho turn of
20 per cent per year of tho statu high
way levy to bo expended on tho jmv
tng of the Siskiyou division of tho
Pacific highway, passed thu homo by
n unnnlmotiH voto Tuesday nnd tho
t'linuccs aro excellent for Its pnssago
In tho senate.
Under tho present qunrter mill
lovy, tho amount thus expended will
bo 148,000 per year nnd It will re
quire four year s expenditure to
complete the highway.
Legislature bus so far killed nil re
actionary measures to handicap In
The, fiit iiitlictiiii'iit In llie uriiinl
juiy cnititU' ngniiiHl hitw'tly Iioiim'm in
liililtliug.s in Hit! InmhieMS iIImIHcI wmh
I't'liinicil 'I'liesilny itl'leniiMUi iigitiuot
Mrs. Violet Stone. The Indictment
iillcgcH Hint (he tlefciulnuL conducted
it house of lll-fnme in the building
known iih the Kluood roomfitir hotme,
on .Mniit lici'l. Four or five .iinilii'
cnsc ore liutler Invcllienltnii,1 mnl
more liiiliolutt'ltt uloii" Hie hiM line
me exp'i'letl,
J. C. Ueverettitx vvu indicted on
Ihrce count Tniwilnv for iindiuiir
forueil clicks on invrolinnt of I hi"
I.oiis iMnrliu, hcoiimm! ulnvcr of
Hume Warden A. S. Iliiblmnl, iienr
Trail, Inst Dcceiuhcr, will npMor he
roic. be niipii .itniinl Imdv IIik at
Fiery Blood
Disorders Checked
Tlic Sources of Diecnso
Cleaned nnd Blood
Ttio wlio hare iir,l n, n, K, tnnrrrl
At 111 HJ It tlii'cka blnixl ttUrn.-t Hm
a milt IwUy wllli hi. Vm nil liruknt inl ;
o lilni kIii In n k it Iwn ntlT mltn;
H. H. H. mill tie l A viliilr In Miulil, nil
rlrrnl m, kk.u timllliy, rjr lirUlil, I'll!
kinlln rrUrr. Ihf llON)l, Willi I. H. H. H.
tli.t run nntiiniillati tiirli wiimlirfiil ri.
suit. J llrnt of all It la n tuttirnl vnU
rloi, J.Uo milk, rev ntul older f.xxl. tint
tn not I ImllKlr.), H. H, H. imr. It tn
Nktur fur lu owrr lu afrrtnp illwic
juit fiHHl irrnnl. rnurlnllnn H H. H,
la not a rt'ttitilnaitoii of iirt'trrliiklnti ilrtiRi.
It I" prep rat Ion illm-t (runt ninlklnit
plinli tlial rrlaln all tlio vlrlln (mlrnry
of Mint ntnl, wliat nn liuml tiar in
thr liliiwl lu rimnlrract IIho) itr.trnctltn
Iriulrinlr. Ilia t II m tliruuclitiiit tlfi.
If ll wrrn nut fur uur natural rrrtlni l
ttiilaln in. alitut tijr turli known titlna a.
H. H, H, ltirr wtiuld ti kftiall cliante cf
any of in aurtltlnu ctill.11ioi-t.
Oil a tMilttr bf H. H. H. Imlar frnm any
tlrtUKlat but U rarrful to avoid III aut
lllulr. !mr off tin tin" ilnwsrjr. K. H. H,
l prfparnl tmljr r Tlia Hwltt Hixvlflc Co.,
r.,1 Hwlfl lililc, AtUnla, Oa., ami for pri
vate mrillral aitrlrn nrlln lifklly ynur
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Madford .
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Ooinnicrcitil Photographora
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Ncgativca Madu any timo or
placo by appointment
Phono 147-.T
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