Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 04, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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ICUKono Ueglster: Fred W. llol
llflter, prominent nttorney of North
Uqnd, accompanied by Mrs Hollls
Vor, Ii'Ih Bon, Fred, .Ir., Mrs. Captain
DorRiimn, of Florence, nnd Miss
Ruby Moy, of Portland, arrived In
TCiiKcno on tlio Willamette Pacific
from tlio coant last nlRht on their
way to California. Thoy Intond to
mako n trip to tbo Atlantic coast be
fore returning homo.
Mrs. II. 1-', D.ndilysninn rtnd chil
dren nnd Mlns Krnnklo Offntt loft
Thursdny for Kojsor, W. V., whore
thoy expect to reside. Mr. Offutt,
fnthcr of Mrs. lladdyamnn nnd Miss
FranUlo, left Med ford for Koysor Sev
ern) months ni;o and now has n promi
nent position with n largo concern of
that city. Miss Offutt will complete
her education in n West Virginia col
Iorc. City pasonKer scrvlco 15c, Coun
try trips In proportion. Plerson &
Foster. Phono S7S-U tf
Mall from tho cast has been de
layed for two days owing to heavy
storms In tho mlddlo west. Tho de
layed pouches nro expected to ar
rive this afternoon.
S. B. Holmes of Eaplo Point la at
tending to business matters In the
city today.
Dr. J. J. Kmmons has moved to
his new sulto of otfico rooms In the
second floor of tho M. F. & It. Co.'s
Erlck Anderson of the Hluo Lodge
district Is In tho city for a few days
on business.'
Mrs. draco E. Jtyan of Olcndnlo
visited friends and relatives in this
city tho first of tho week.
See Davo Wood aoout that tiro In
surance policy. Offlco Mall Tribune
II. C. Douglas ot Yreka, Cal., is
among tho out of town visitors in tho
city this week.
Contractor J. V. Sweeney of the
Pacific highway is spending tho day
in the city on business.
Matinee, tho Page today.
Tho high school basket ball team
will play Klamath Falls at tho Nat to
morrow night in a return gamo. One
ot the largest crowds ot tho season is
expected to attend tbo game. Dur
ing this month tho local flvo will
play a scries of games with Ashland.
Mrs. Louis Ulrlch ot Jacksonville
vlBltcd wtth friends In this city
Wednesday evening.
Miss Muriel Uurrls. who under
went an operation at Sacred Heart
hospital Tuesday for appendicitis li
recovering and out of danger.
Sweet elder at Do Voe's, '
L. P. Sullivan of tho Cadillac Auto
company is spending a few days in tho
city In tho interests of his firm.
In responso to tho merchants ap
peal for moro pollco protection at
night Sergeant Pat Mcgo went on the
full night Wednesday. This gives a
double patrol of tho city all night
There has not been a burglary com
mitted so far this weok, and tho au
thorities bellovo tho gang Is laying
low until tho oxcltcment blows over.
Mrs. Loach, 320 North Dartlctt, ex
port corsetloro.
Fred Hockcnos, formerly of this
city, but now of Seattlo is attending
to business matters in tho valley for
a fow days.
II. II, Croft ot Agato Is attending
to buslnoss matters In tho city today
Matinee, tho Page today.
W. N. Offutt and family loft toda
for Texas where they will makoHbelr
future homo.
James Urunii of Iloseburg Is at
tending to business matters In tho city
tills week.
Cora K, Utlcy. chiropodist, 407
Garnott-Coroy building, phono 057-It.
Wire communication between tlilr
City and California points Is still
demoralized owing to storms In thr
Mt. Shasta region. Northbound S, P
trains are still from half an hour to
two hours late. Press and commer
cial wlro business is still being
rountod via Denver. Freight traffic
for California points Is congesting In
tho Ashland yards.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Camera Shop, Over Isls
From the looka of things republi
cans and progressives ot Jackson
county aro about ready to unite, in
What John M. Hoot, ono of th
btuunchest devotees of T. R char
nctorlios as u "community of
thought." 0. O. P. warhoraes arc
busy Inviting overy citizen with a
traco of tdandpat Mood In his pb
lltlcal system to attend tho Lincoln
Pay banquot at tho Medford Hotel,
February 12th.. Governor Wlthy-comho-
has boon Invited to attend this
Kodak finishing tho host, at Wes
ton's Camcro Shop. Over Isls Thea
ter, Ralph Morrison leaves today for
Wood Cal., where ho lias accepted u
DOHltlon In a mill nt that place,
Repairs to tho Howard block tor
rooms pf tho Masonic lodgo havo
been co'uplQted, and are ready for
0i Jt t D Vo'i,
Fred Day, claim anonl for S. P,
company,, Is In Medford,
Pcoplo Inclined to buy books hnvo
been warned to watch out for tho
coming of two agents, under false
colors, who soil standard works nt
low prices, and bilk tho public on the
first payment. A number of Willam
ette valley residents havo been
Uct your mittor, erenm, milk nnd
btittcr-mllk, at Do Voo'h.
Frod Hanson, assistant superin
tendent South Pacific, Is In Medford
Wo arc headquarters for real first
quality cut hair. Marlnello Hair
Shop, 407 Garnott-Coroy building.
Tho funeral services of Judgo K. U.
Watson of Portland, a pioneer of
this section, and county clork of
Jackson count' in IS 7 2, were held
from his homo in Portland Tuesday.
Judgo Watson is well remembered by
tho old timers ot this section.
J, O. Gerklng, tho best all around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives mado any
whoro, time or place. Studio 22S
Main St Phono 320-J.
Mr. and Mrs. Kd O. Hrown who are
traveling In tho south and southwest
will return to this city next week.
A dynamite storehouse In Grants
Pnss, wherein is stored most of tho
high power explosives used In mining
operations In southern Oregon was
broken Into Monday, and revoral
sticks of dynamite stolen. It Is from
dynamite that "soup," n liquid nitroglycerine-
concoction ot dangerous
tendencies is made. Tho process Ib
to put the dynamite in a pan ot cold
water, place on a stove, nnd let sim
mer over a slow flro until it Is a li
quid. In tills form it can bo poured
Into small holc3. Tho pollco ot the
different valley cities, think this may
bo the forerunner of an attempt by
yoggs to "pull off a big Job."
Dr. S. A. Lockwood and Dr. Myrtle
S. Lockwood, (physicians and sur
geons) havo moved to their now suite
of offices. Rooms 309, 310 and 311,
third floor, M. F. & H. Dldg.
M. J. Woods ot the Shasta Springs
district, Is spending a few days In
tho city nttondlng to business in
terests. Ho says that tho landowners
ot tho Shasta valley are much Inter
ested In tho establishment of a beet
sugar factory.
(Conttlnucd from Page 1.)
on the Pacific coast and the govern
ment at Toklo.
Off lyower'OillfornlA
Port San Jlartoloroo Is on tho Pa
cific sldo of Lower California. Mex.
midway ot the peninsula. It Is about
100 miles south ot San Diego and
about 300 miles north of Mngdalcna
Bay whero American naval vessels In
tho Pacific frequently rendezvous.
Port San Bartolomo Is situated in nn
almost uninhabited country.
Port San Dartolomo is considered
by mariners as tho best harbor the
coast between San Diego, Cal., nnd
Mngdalcna Day. It is tho favorite
refuge for whaling vessels to refit and
to try out the blubber of captured
whales. Tho harbor is very fine
with an ontranco a mile wido and free
from hidden dangers. Tho port it
self is two and a half miles in dia
meter. Tho settlement is sparso nnd
it Is assumod there aro very few craft
here to assist In rcscuo operations.
May Interne Crew
Whllo the rules ot international
law permit belligerent vcscls to call
on neutral craft of all kinds to as
sist them when in distress, any sail
ors taken aboard tho American ships
of war may bo Interned for tho re
mainder of tho war. Article XIII of
tho second Hague convention says:
"If the sick, wounded or ship
wrecked nro received on hoard a nun
trol ship of war, measures should be
tal.'uii to neo that they cannot again
alio part In tho operations of war."
Fruit buds throughout tho valley
iro coming out In fine shape, ac
cording to Deputy Fruit Inspector
Jack Aitkon, who has Just finished n
tour of Inspection of the Central
Point, Willow Springs, Medford and
Jacksonville districts, Mr. Altkcn
says ho never snw tho orchards In
iucIi fine shape as at present for this
neason of tho year, and predicts a rec
ord crop. In most of tho orchards of
ho valloy tho work of pruning Is un
dor way, and In some the work of
plowing has begun.
Hens of tlio Rogue river valley, bo
Indlfferont to laying last fall, havo
another mood, with the result that
tho local supply of eggs tho lust ten
dnys has shown a rapid Increase,
'ringing tho price down to 20 cents
a. doten, with the supply exceeding
tho demand, Wednesday farmers
sold eggs at tho restaurants of the
city at this price, and glad to find a
purchaser. During tho early part of
the wlntor lha price of eggs went as
high as 30 cents a dozen. Last
sprlug the prlco at ono tlmo was 15
cents a dozen, a lo.w mark,
CllU'ACU), Wit. I.- The tcnmer
lown of the (loodrich Trtuwit oiiin
juuiy, sunk in Mieliiimn about
three mile. off tlio river mouth today
lifter liuinir crushed by wlmt lake men
declare was tlio homiest ioo jinn
M'on in 0!ir off tho CliicitRo luulior.
Tho crow, uuiuocrittir evenly, nnd
tho ono pa-songer clnmboicii to (ho
ioo pack s the vc-ol uttlcd and
btruiiuled over the ice to shore. Tlnno
who reached safety fir-t declared
that no one hnd boon lost.
The I own. valued nt j1i)0,000, car
ried n miscclluucou cargo front .fonf
U00 to $75,000 in value.
CHICAGO, Feb. 1. Tho htoamor
lown, of the Goodrich Transit com
pany, was caught in the ice about
threu miles off the Chicago hiubor
and Bank today.
The crew nnd passengers, number
ing about fifty, took to the ice. City
tugs and the life saving- crew Parted
to their rescue.
The steamers Kun-a, Atizona and
Kuciuc, tlio former held fast in the
ice, were only a short distance from
the lown. The llaeino, which was in
clear water, though hemmed in bj
ice, started to tlio rc-cuo of tho-o on
board tho lown. The city fire boat,
Graeme Stewart, was much hnmpercd
by tho ice and made slow progress to
ward the scene.
Occupants of the Carter II. Hnrri
son'crib telephoned to the water de
partment that apparently nil of those
on hoard the lown had, left the ve-sel
before it sank. Thp erib-kecper
wntched tho boat go down.
Persons wntehinir from the roof of
a lake front skyscraper said that the
Iowa's men reached the breakwater
which guards tho mouth of the Chi
cago liver nnd had climbed on it lif
ter u perilous walk of a mile and a
half neross the ice. Two tugs were
niakinj; their way to the pier.
T,e Iowa's crew numbered fifteen
rnlinr.r'ilyv and necordine; to tho host
infa'.irntion there .were thirty-five
passengers aboard when the vessel
left Milwaukee Tuesday.
"Tho Girl I Left Uchlnd Mo." an
oxcltlng military drama with Robert
Edcson In the leading rolo will be
shown at tho Page Friday and Sat
urday afternoon and evening. This
Is ono ot tho lntcst productions with
Robert Kdeson, tho crentor of many
star roles, with Clalro Whitney.
Stuart Holmos, Walter Hitchcock and
other loading HghtB In tllmdom. In
producing tho screen version ot this
greatest success of David Relasco,
neither effort nor monoy has boon
spared. Tho entire company was
sent to Asslnabolno, Montana, to bo
In touch with tho real Indians nnd
got tho vivid atmosphere of tho scenes
which aro laid In nnd around u lonely
army post. A photoplay of color
with stropg characterizations and "v-
collcnt photography. Thin rroa'
photoplay Is another ot W'llani Fo
Uox Offlco attractions.
Owners of dogs nro warned by the
police to keep their nets under close
gtturd, for a dog poisoner is at work
in the city. Two pets fell victim
this morning to the work of tlio fiend.
One died nnd tlio other is under thcr
enre of Veterinary A. J. Helms.
Strychnine was giv'enj, being first
sprinkled oVcnn piece of; meat, Whon
tho animals were first poisoned it wits
leported to tho police that they had
been afflicted with rubies, ami the"
pglico were called. Last year u fiend
in human form killed many dojjs and
eats by encasing a piece of sponge
in ;i chunk of meat. After eating tho
meat tho sponge swelled, cniibing
KALKM. Ore., Feb, -1. At n joint
meeting of the ways and means com
mittee of the two liotibes it was decid
ed to iHow the state liliraiiaii, the
state livestock and sanitary board,
tho dairy and food commission and
tho board of control the uppiopria
thins nsked for by each. The appro
priation ullowed for the tirst was
18,800 ; for the second, $18,910; for
tho third, $30,000; and for the fourth,
$15,000. . ,
oiwaosr. 'riirKsnAV,
Jv ..-WU
Kdwiml H. Davis, ngod ol years,
ono of (ho owners of tho Medford
Hook Store, and ono of tlio host
known nicrohiuils in tho city, died at
his homo, 101 Gouowi monuo, Wed
nesday night, art 11:15 o'clock, fol
lowing n threu weeks' illnos,. duo to
ii complication of disoa-os. Death
was unexpected and came as a shock
to a wido circle of fiiends and no
iUiiintuucos. Tho funeral mm i ices which will ho
private, will he held from tlio family
residence Friday altcutoon at II
o'clock, lie was a member of tho
Shiinors, Knights of Pythias and
other fiatormtl societies, ti member
or the Medford Golf and Country dub
ami other social orgiuiir.atioiiH, and
was of a kindly, likeable mil uro. Ho
was a nntio of Maine aud Ionics a
wife in Medford nnd sister in the oust
In mourn his loss. Itofore comiiur to
Medford ho was a commercial liav
elcr nnd lived for inmiv vears nt Far
go. N. D., coin'm to Medford file
years ago from that city.
A pathetic incident itttnchcs itself
to his passing, .lust ns the curfew
rang Wednesday night he nsked his
wife what it was. She told him "it
was tho signal for all little hoys to
bo at homo.''
"This little hov will soon bo nl
homo," was the prophetic reply of the
sick mnii.
SALKM, Ore., Feb. I. K there n
phnnnneist trust at which n hill in
troduced in tho senate vosterday nf
tcrnoon by Senator J. V,. Smith of
Josephine count v i- aimed
Senator Smith's hill omvidos that
nnv pharmacist registered in another
state, which will in like maiiucr rec
ognize ceriificatcs of registration in
this state, may engage in the practice
of his profession without tukmir tin
Under the present law nil pharma
cists waiittn- to engage in business in
this state, inugo before the stole
board of. phaiiiMrv iindipnss nn ex
niuiilation, ''
SALBM, Ore, Feb. 3 County
treasurers will rontlnuo to collect
taxes from the people of Oregon.
The houso expressed Its nttfttido
on this Hubject in emphatic fashion,
nnd at the samo tlmo took steps to
Increase the salaries of tho treasur
ers to compensate them for thin, duty,
which was added to tlm details of
their offlco two years ago. It was
also decided to trim down tho sher
iffs' salaries to fit tho size of their
duties slnco tho lax collecting has
been tnken away.
A special commltteo consisting of
Hoprrsontntlvcs Forbes, Kelly, Hunt,
Mlchclbook nnd Pierce, or Linn, was
named to make their aalary revisions.
SALRM, Ore, Feb. I. Two bills
recently passed by the legislature
wore signed by Governor James
Wlthvcombo today. Ono. Introduced
by Sennlor C. A. Lelnowobor, pcr-
nlts cities bordering on navigable rlv
em to dredge their channels, Tho
other, by Senator W. II. Hollls, pro
vides for tho bonding of local agents
of tho statu land board.
' Tliero will bo a racial and box sup
per at tho Agate school February C,
at 3 p. m. Every ono Is Invited, lad
lqa to bring baskets. A good enter
tainment Is prepared. '
VOR 8ALB O'i'irnnteeil purq mlK
and cream. I'uraclean Dairy, phono
582-W. H, A. Mint. 27fi
FOH SA LIS Sow and pigs, extra
good; aleo bred gilt's. H. W. Dav
Idsoiu Central Point, Orb. a76
FOR BALi; Olt RISNT Six room
modern bungalow, thrco blocks
from city paik on Ivy St. Phonq
475-L, owner. 270
WANTKIJ To lont hoinio, fO.OO por
month, Clark Ilcalty Co.
LOST-r-Scotch Colllo dou answorlnK
to uamo ot Max. Fludor pleaHo
Phono 0U-J3, Stautpn Qrlltlu
mmiAirv i.
i iii,;,.Ii.ii-iji-1;
SAI KM, Feb I. Additional
'iMiicnduuMitH hnvo been made In tho
prohibition hill now beforo tho house,
but tho measure now Is" readj for
final consideration an special order
Friday. ''
Tho committee on hlroliot(c truffle
hold another meeting this ovunlng nt'
which tho nialmum Unlit' on tho
(liiantlty or matt liquors tlfnl n Hol
dout or the stale call Impoit within
any :U)-du, period was Wtlwd from
1T iiinitn to -t ipmrts This was for
tho purpose of conforming with the
mothbds now In uxo In hnu'dlliiK boor,
as li t bottles Inaku u case.
Tim oiinnlltv of itlittlllcil or fiT-
inontnil lliiiinrjt Hint ninv bo slillinml
In an an alternative to (ho 31 quarts
ot boor has been unchanged. It ic-'
mains at two quarts.
Tho limit on the amount of wine
that may bo Imported for sacramen
tal purposes has breu icmoicd.
Clergymen may hao It shipped Into
tho utatv tu any desired quantity If
thoy make affidnilt that It Is to bo
put to Hact amenta! uses only.
ASHLAND, Feb. -I. Frank, 1.1
vcar-old son of .luck l!:irntliouM hiu
run down by (Iwiii I tut lei's automobile
Wednesday noon nnd seiiou-lv m
juiol. , The lad was on his bike on
the wny to school, tho accident hap
pening on Kast .Main street. It was
an accident pure and simple. Mr.
Hutler took tho injured hov at once to'
the sanitarium which is near ti
scene of the uccidont. It is fciucd
his skull is fractured. Tim lad's
mother is in Portland. Tho family
home is on Second street. Hani
thouso is an employe of tho Ashland
Meat company. It is thought that,
hut for the framework of the bike
which helped support tho homier ma
chine, the boy would tunc been killed
Cunl of TlinuUs
Wo wish to extend our silicon
thanks to Kennies Chapter O K S..
to choir nnd frlonibi who so kindly as
sisted In our recent herein rmctit of
our beloved wife nod moth r
MRS .1, (. t:OfS, lit
VJ,. tmi: iTiamiiiii iiu.iMi. x
llrKfll.l. Ak(.l'll. llVn.Tri
III.VMllSII lllll.MI I'll. 1.1, f
ytutknuvRtltkll, UflAltrHfl.i
Baldy Breeder's
Men's Shoes $3.15
$3.50 and $4.00 Shoes now iioliin at
Look at our shoo window. "Wo
jaVe you moneyj'1
The Wurdtobe
F. S. Brandcn, Mananer,
' c
M W t
l.4l,l Ak JMP ll,aUII.
l.l..M.rl'0i,iT llfj
CHI. la 11,4 ! II,M IMUJIKV
l-. wtlcl U I'.Im Mita, V
Tl Blrr. llwr f V
M yj
ii A
Deposit Your Valuables
In our Flro and' nuri?lr proof Vuult. CoiiHldcr tlio
Safety, Convenience and SaUafuctlon It will afford you.
f3afo Nopoalt JIoxob for rout.
v?2.00 and up lor year
.'! it
NAt'HAMTNTO, Cal., 1'oh. I.
DrlphiiU' Foieuuiii, 1'A vm old,
dtiujchor ol' II. V. Foreman of .Mud
ford, Or., filrd suit for jfJI.OHO dam
ngV lor breach of pioinisc ngnliH
II. F. .May. 05 MUirs old, ol' Viixmia,
1 in, tluj superior coin I today. She
say May pioinmrd to civo hr n inn
Iqibotit and mi automobile if she
would go to San Dirgo and iihury
him. She uIIhum h Imbued her to
hnio llio name "Mis. Ik l' Max"
.piilulcd on her Iritlih in Son rNiii-
There i no D-'lphiii" Foicmon or
I ' '
Foreman m the eili dircetoti.
, Miss hwt CoWii, director ol iiov"1'
in public schools, i rccolim con
Kintiilntioiis upon the success if the
entcilainiiicnl mien lor the benefit of
Hip musical doiMitmcut by the High
School (lie Club ut (he I'aifo Ihcatic
Tm-ihij ei i mug. The Mimeis pntu d
cieelleiit eiilerlaiiiers nml tho largo
oiidiin-c rpi--i-d approial of th so
lection iiudcied.
' v
TliU road It ir uiioerUln, but If
you will nrouuod cnutlouilr nnd In
aulro tho nay of tlio who aro voar
Inc Miilifiutiiiy i:Ih'.sih ou will find
that It IcadH you to
I'ycAlulu Sic'liilUt
Oicr Dc id n '
No lirops I hciI
'Nenrnt to
W4 Pnull CI . nt flTiirrrll
, San rranclsco
In the (teart of the
business, shopping
and theatre district.
Running distilled ice
water in every room.
Our commodious
Homelike restaurant
will attract you.
European Plan rates H
31.3UUp. . ,
Cdf iter W.
Kflky ,
"Meet Me at
The Matix"
Cigar etil
Lr-, , --, .
jjf . & ' i
! I QnlctwM, Surest Coitffh
Kniillj I'rriinrfil III it l'iw Mln-
ulrM, I'lirni1 " tJHfiliiMnl
Some people aro constiitiHi' nimnii'd
freni one icarfl einLlo the ullim wltli ii
iHiinlsleiitlioiuliiAl ceugh, wlileh In wlml
IV iituiKeosiiii, lit .o is a liiiitie-miole
reuieili Unit uel ilalU '1lt.l1l, oniisn and
will in. ike ion wonder wlmt 1h'cjuiumi( It,
(let V'Mi oiimet I'limi cent worth I
from mis .1iiikII, 'ur into a pint IjnttM
nml till (lie bottle with I'luln umimlnteil
siiuiir h i up. Sim I liikinuil nl once,
llimliiiilli' but sin civ mil will liotlen the
plilt'itiu tblii out sml Usui illfiipiMvir ill
loHeVlur, thus emliliK i eotujli Umt Hill
.leier lln'iifclit iiifiihl end. It ;il MfeiiH
the div. Inmrisi or Unlit ioiiwIi nml honlii
tlio liiiliiitiiimlliMt m n I'iioiImI coiiuIi with
icinnikntile inpldltv. Ordmsiv coubIih
iili iiiiHineml In It In !tl ltinir or les,
Nntliliw Iwtler for, Im'iiHillln, winter
eoiiulia mid luoneliliu ntlumi.
'HiIh I'Iiicx nihl Niimir Hviiiu iiiMtiro
UlilKen a lull pint ctioilifli to liiol u
fiiinllv it lotiiJ tlmo nl n iist of mill nl
cent. Kis'ps jicrfwtli uiid tiiit idwHs
nut lastly pii'iHiruil. lull dlns'tluns
with 1'll.lH.
I'Iihoc In n i'e1nl ami liMili eflms'ii
Itiitlil isiitqHiontt of ueiillllie Snrwm I'lli"
iitiml, I n'li In giiiiTneol, ntiil I fnumiii
1 1n world out for Its '''. certainty mnl
1'iS'liirllii'iw tu oiiHiiilnit ImiI cnllitrM,
elh"t nnd llirotit iM.
till tln ut'imlm. k imir ilmiojlut
fur ":' oiiiioW I'llK't." nml do lift ilivrpl
nn tl,iL' elw goiirnnt"'' of iiIhmiIiiId
liii(Mitlill. ( tuiiiiri proiliptl IhIoiiiIhI.
sun will' tliis 1'irimntUuii. alio l'iiibjc
Co., 1 1, Win no, I inl.
For Reliable
Stylish Tailoring
12!) East
A Musical and Liter
ary Entertainment
wtllt . it tln M thodlHt rlitircli
south lorncr of dakilatc and Mnlu
I reel 1'rldny luulni?, I'cluunry .'.
a S n lock.
Mm (Jco. T. Wllnon will lvo a
liadliK Mr. Kdmundi ami Mr,
trow ii will lii: .
There U hardl am thin that the
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The White Velvet Ice Cream Co.
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E. D, WESTON, Prop,