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Mr. nnd Mrs. W. V. Zaun, or Oak
Innd, Cnl., i who havo been visiting In
rMedford for a couple of weeks, re
turned to vthclr homo Saturday. Mrs.
Zaun Is u ulster of .too Parker of
thirdly. Mr. Zrtnn la well pleased
with Medford nnd llio valley nnd Is
thlukiuR BtronRly ot making Invest
' .tn'onfa In tho city hero nnd making
his homo horo.
' Instructions In dancing, small hall
, Natntorium, every night, 7 to 10 p.
nil'j " 2
yM!4 Leah Slover, of Grants Pass,
TlslfoU ocr Sunday In Mcdford with
hor undo and aunt, Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe
Wlilto wo aro all discussing tho
sugar beet question, don't forget tho
lUtlo hen. She's a money maker,)
nottlnrc 200 ior cent yearly, nnd al
ways, Id, demand. 253
It. Q. Smytho left Saturday for
San Francisco on business connected
with a development proposition In
tho Coos Day country In which he Is
Zudora In song and play at tho 11
Theater today.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ferguson, of
Walla AValla, Wash., wore In Mcdford
a fow days recently visiting friends.
Mrs. H. I. Leach returned Satur
day from n 'visit to friends in Itoguo
Seo Davo Wood about that fir In-
. suranco policy. Otfico Mail Trlbuno
Miss Lcnora Vanco who has been
spending the holiday vacation In this
city with licr rarenta, Mr. and "Mrs.
A. J. Vanco, returned Saturday to
Berkeley, whoro sho is attending tho
University of California.
Do not buy feed for hens that do
not lay eggs. If you do not know
how to test them wo will show you.
Mcd'ford Poultry & Egg Co. 233
Mrs. W. A. llutton, who harbeen
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.
M". Wilson, left for her homo la
Sncto tho last ot tho week.
Zudora in song and play at tho It
Theater today.
Mrs. Carl Cathcrman left Saturday
for Sati Francisco where sho expects
to reside Mrs. Cathcrman has boon
a saleslady in Moo & Co.s dry goods
storo in this city for several months.
Plaro your magazine club sub
scriptions with Sparta Cigar Storo.
Attorney Fred Williams of Grants
Pass, was in Medford SaturdayHls-
Jting PostmastcrWoodfordand)tam
ny. You had better get busy If you
want your friend to win ono of tho
pianos, only a fow moro wcoks left.
Don't fall to get your votes. 249
A. L. III1I, who recently purchased
tho Woods Lumber company's busi
ness p Mcdford, left Saturday for a
three weeks' business visit to his
old homo in Xcodesha, Kansas.
Sweet cider at Do Voe's.
It. P. Tuckor, or Gold Hill, was In
Mcdford Saturday on business.
Zudora in song and play at tho It
Theater today.
Mrs. L. L. Evans loft Saturday for
a visit to her homo in Pittsburg, Pa.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Camera Shop. Over Isls
Fred Hopkins, Jr., left Saturday
for Falrbault, Minn., after a holiday
vacation to ills parents, .Mr. and Mrs.
F. II. Hopkins, or Central Point.
Mr. Hopkins, Jr., Is attending the
Shnttuck Military School In Falr
bault. Why. walk when you can ride for
15o to any part of tho city. Ford
Taxi. Call AJco 88211.
DrvNobIu Wiley Jones of Portland,
f tvan it Medford Saturday thq guest
ofDr,il3. IJ. Pickel.
Tho flnost equipment In Oregon for
$ printing frnlt labels. Mcdford Print
ing Co.
'Irs. W, O. Webster and children
returned Suturduy from a visit to
friends In Dunsmulr, Cal. Mr. Web
stor and his family came to Medford
n few weeks ngo from Seattle, and
they are preparing to move to their
orchard and ranch homo of 120
acres, near tho Vilas tract, which Mr.
Webster purchased some tlruo ngo.
They aro' having a fine bungalow
dwelling built on tho place in which
thoy "aro going to llvo always."
Kodak finishing the best, at Wen-
ton's Camoro Shop. Over Isls Thea
ter. Edward Howells, who is operator
for the Callfornla.Orogon Power company-
at 'their big electric plaut at
Fall Creek, Cul., returned to that
place Jtfondny aftor u wook's visit to
his mother, Mrs. M. A. Howells, in;
Nluntlc street.
Gat It at Do Voe'a.
Mr, nud Mrs. J. L. Haas, of Eu
gene, who have boon In Medford sev
eral days, left Monduy for their
homo. Mr. Haas Is butcher and has
hi on ng far south us Los Angeles
looking for a business location.
There Is nothing alluring in Califor
nia for these people.
Palm rooms, now management,
light, airy rooms, roasonablo rates,
Georgia Etcher. 259
F. V. llowondobler, ot Douglas
county, returned to his homo Mon
day after a fow days spent In Med
ford. ftox Lnmpmnn, formerly editor ot
tho Gold I llll News, now of tho Port
land Oregnnlnu, has received nnothur
portion of fame, ono of his poems ap
pearing lu u recent Iksuo of tho Now
York Herald. Ten days ngo ho had
a poom In tho New York Sun. His
last effusion Is unnamed.
Try a quart ot our guaranteed
puro sanitary milk. Phono CS2-W.
Wig Ashpolo was a business vis
itor In Jacksonville this morning,
purchasing several head ot cattlo tor
shipment to tho north.
Wm. Gorlg, manager of tho P. &
E., will lenvo tonight on a business
trip to San Francisco.
W. I. Vawtcr, Joint representative
elect from Jackson and Doughut coun
ties, loft Saturday for 8alom to at
tend tho opening seslons of tho leg
islature. Fred Wagner ot Ashland,
and Miss Marian Towne, tho other
Jackson county representatives aro on
tho ground.
We aro headquarters for real first
quality cut hair. Marlncllo Hair
Shop, 407 Garnctt-Corey building.
Miss Edith Marshal, or Washington,
who has been In Medford for several
days visiting her undo, G. E. Marshal,
and family, left for tho south Satur
day morning.
.Too Wilson of Tnlont spent Sun
day in Mcdford visltln gfrlenda and
J. O. Gerktng, tho best all around
photographer in southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives mado any
where, tlmo or place. Studio 228
Main St. Phono 320-J.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Rosa ot Port
land arrived In Mcdford Monday
morning. Mr. Ross Is state organiser
tor the Order ot Homesteaders, and
hopes to organize a lodge here. Ho
has organized 23 lodges ot this order
tn tho state.
C. H. Coffman or Klamath Falls
is among tho out ot town visitors in
tho city this week.
Get your butter, cream, milk and
buttcr-mllk, at Do Voo'i.
Miss Hattlo Weiss, daughter or Mr.
and Mrs. A. P. Weiss, ot Griffin creek,
was taken to tho Sacred Heart hospi
tal Saturday morning and was immed
iately operated upon for appendicitis.
At noon today she was getting along
nicely and there was little doubt but
that she would recover. Drs. Stearns
and Scely are in attendance.
Joo G. Fleming of Montague, Cal..
Is transacting niuUnos matters In this
city talsavec)w. ., y
Cora E. Utley, chiropodist, 407
Garnett-Coreyliullding, phono 657-R.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Grubcr left
Monday morning for their homo In
Chicago. They expect to return to
Modtord In about thrco weeks tq ro
maln permanently.
John M. Scott, passenger agent for
the S.. P. company, wan In Mcdford
Sunday, as was also Fred Day, claim
agent for tho samo company.
Mrs. Nollio McGowan, worthy grand
matron, will install officers In tho
Central Point Lodgo, E. O. S., on
Tuesday evening of this week and in
the Mcdford lodgo on Wednesday
night following.
ProL N. L. Narrogan or Eagle
Point, was In Mcdford Monday. Mr,
Narregan says the sugar beet senti
ment in that locality Is undergoing
an encouraging change, many ot tho
farmers and orchard men who do
clarcd positively a couple of weeks
ago that they would havo nothing to
do with the enterprise aro now ask
ing questions and a few are ready to
sign contracts.
Tho Medford, high school alumni
will hold an important meting on tho
mezzanine floor of tho Hotel Med
ford this evening at 7:30 p. m. All
alumni aro cordially invited to ho
George Carpenter and W. II. Gore,
of tho beet sugar commlttco, were ar
rested by tho Talent policeman for
speeding Saturday nfternoon, whilo
on their way to a sugar beet meeting
at Ashland, and fined f 3.
Heavy weather In the Slsklyous
Saturday put telcphono and telegraph
wires temporarily out ot business,
most ot tho Medford wlro traffic be
ing routed through tho Rocky moun
tain district to Portland, thonco to
this point. The slight damage was
repaired Saturday afternoon.
James Ryan of Colestlu wau in tho
city today, from a winter's hunting
and hunting trip in tho Slsklyous.
One of his prizes was a fisher, with
beautiful glossy fur. Tho hido Is
worth about 150, dressed.
Three of tho toughest looking citi
zens tho police havo comu In contact
with tlila winter, bojourned In tho
city Sunday, Thoy wero bowhlskoroa
and ragged and tattored and torn, and
not an artlclo of their wearing ap
parel was whole. They wero ordered
out or town, after they had fright
ened u number of housewives In the
western part of the city. Each pos
sessed a bottle of alcohol, which lead
to the suspicion that they wero "white
liners." Another unwelcome visitor
was a wanderer addicted to tho use
ot drugs. He was given pnssportu to
the south.
Tho Corvnllls tinrotto of recent
date says that Mcdford has n popula
tion ot about, 8000. This Is nbout
ROOD too fow, according to tho UH4
Tho high school basket ball team
Is making nrrangemVnts for n tour ot
northern Cnllfoinln town phlug nt
Klamath Falls, Jnnunry 27. Tho
tour will bo under tho direction of
Coach Moore.
H, W. King of Phoenix wns n busi
ness visitor In tho city Saturday.
Harry Porter and wife of Gold Hill
spent Sunday In Mudford vlvttlug
friends and relatives.
Miss Flora Thompson of Jackson
ville spent Saturday afternoon In
Medford visiting friends and rela
tives. Ilud Anderson, former prldo of
Medford is willing to be lend to tho
slaughter again. Promoters nt Fort
George, n. C. are considering him for
a fight with "Kid" Ilacon of Ontario
early In February. Tho match has
not been cinched.
James R. Eaton at Snlom spent
Saturday in Medford attending to
business matters.
Rudolph Athton nnd Lester Ply
male havo left on n trip to Califor
Victor Andorson of tho Steamboat
district spent Saturday and Sunday In
Mcdford attending to business mat
ters During tho first ten days of this
month, but ono alarm has been
turned into tho tiro department.
This was from the Medford Sheet &
Iron Works following the explosion
ot a gasoline tank.
'. c
WASHINGTON', Jan. 11. l'rcnr
ntions for tomorrow's fight in the
house over the Momlcll-Hri-itow reso
lution for mi amendment making wo
man suffrngo nntion-wiile, were per
fected today.
Majority Lender Underwood secur
ed nn nt!reement for the linut to
meet nt 11 n. m., when the resolution
will he brought in under u vpooinl
ride providing x nourx, debate,
equally divided.
Phoenix. Oro. Jan. C, 19 Hi.
Whereas, tho all-wlso Ruler has
seen fit to remove from our midst
Miss Susn A. Cope, chairman ot tho
board or School District No. 4, Jack
son county, Oregon,
Thcrcroro bo it resolved, thnt In
tho death ot Miss Copo the commun
ity has lost n useful' and devoted cit
izen, School District No. 4 Its chair
man, a worthy ond efficient officer,
a person who has spent tho best part
of her life, lu tho Interest ot educa
tion, and tho upbuilding of schools.
Tho board extends to tho bereaved
families their Jioartfuf sympathy nnd
condolence In this sa'd hour o fthclr
And further bo It revived, that a
copy of this resolution bo sent to tho
bereaved families, a copy spread on
tho records of the disirlct and a copy
bo sent to tho Medford Mall Trlbuno
for publication.
i"Tb Upfe'VK"01 lilni.
!'lii bro !! t niiK k " It l
v-.iui .K'r i,rti ?o ! i.ti( dt i f
;; li Itvilu hi li.i i: IJ.t. u
t riOYwr mi id '..lui i.j-' !
jJliU U kiid t-
xmy fa
y - -
llefnro wo go farther lu our Mudy
of tho history of Oregon 1 feel that
I must tin what t can lownrdit cor
ivctlng Home mistakes that havo
crept Into nlnuwit ovory history of
Oregon. I give as authority for what
I am about to tell you tho words of
ploueora of LS43 tliomselves, tnuti
who helped to organlre tho expedition
of that year. The first la the claim
thnt Dr. Whitman made hl'porlluuH
ride from Oregon to tho A'tlnnttc
const In tho winter of 1S42 to'Vnvo
Oregon to tho United Stales'. TM
second la tho claim that ho orgnnltod'
nnd brought to Oregon tho emigrants
of IS43.
Dr, Whitman mado hl fnriiousjrtdo
to save his missions. Tho AinurtcVfr
board ot missions In Iloston had or
dered that tho mlsslonit at I.npwal
and Wnlatpu lie abandoned. Row
Spnuldlng and his wlfo nnd Dr. nnd
Mrs. Whitman wero very enthustnstta
and much encouraged In their work
among tho Indians nnd felt It would
bo a great mlstnko to abandon tho
missions. Hence Dr. Whitman resolv
ed to do what he could to save them.
That ho was a factor In saving Ore
gon to the I'nlted States Is undoubt
edly true. Rut Oregon was not saved
to tho United States by the efforts
of any ono man, but by the com
bined efforts of a number or mon.
As early as 1S35 William A. Slo
cum was scut to Oregon by President
Jackson to collect Information tor
tho government as to conditions in
Oregon and to find out what ho could
about tho country. Ho returned to
Washington in 1837. In December
of thnt year his careful and full re
port was laid before congress. It
aroused an interest In Oregon which
never afterward slumbered. Dr.
Lewis F. Linn, senator from Missouri
presented to congress In 1838 n leng
thy report on Oregon telling what
was known ot Its climate and re
sources. This roport was scattered
broadcast throughout the country nnd
became a textbook tor tho pioneers
who begnn to plan tor the long west
ward Journey.
In 1S3S tbq government at Wash
ington, 'sent 'out a 'fleet nnmed tho
Pacific Exploring Expedition, under
Lieutenant Charles Wllka with In
structions to explore nnd report on
tho country.
Tho Rev. Jnann Leo, tho first mis
sionary i to como to Oregon, coming an
early as 1S34, left Oregon for tho
cast In 1838. As soon as Leo cross
ed tho Mississippi ho began to lecture
to large nudlenres on tho attractions
or Oregon ior the settler. It seems
Strnngo indeed that Jason Lee should
bo almost lost to sight and forgotten,
ills rldo wns made to find help for
his mlsslonn nnd to bring tropin to
Oregon, and ho did nctually bring
back with him fifty-two people.
Whllo his physical sufferings were
not so gront as Dr. Whitman's, an ho
made his ride In tho spring, his men
tall sufferings wore greater, for ns
he rodo east on his mission, his wlfo
or h year lay dying in the lonely
cabin in tho Oregon wilderness. At
the Pawnee mission a messenger over
took him telling him sho wns dead.
Jason Loo'b sorvlccs to Oregon wero
very groat; ho planted tho first col
ony In Oregon, his lccturca wero
never forgotten; nnd yet, no ono 1ms
told In song or story tho work this
bravo man did to save his missions
and Oregon.
Caleb Cushlng ot MnssachussettH
In 1839 presented n report upon. Ore
son to the hoiiso of roprosontatltcH,
Tho government was moving unor-i
rlngly townrds tho acquisition of
Thomas H, 'Benton, for thirty years
senator from Missouri did much to
wards having Orogon. Ho mndu elo.
quunt spcodics boforo the sonutn urg
ing that stops be taken to snvo tho
A young man by tho uamo ot
Robert Shortls, who had lived in my
father's family In Missouri camo with
a number of adventurous young mon,
to Oregon in 1839, He wan so charm
ed by tho beauty of tho Wlllametto
valley, tho mild winter and possibil
ities open to settlors that ho wroto
to hU old friends urging them to
como to Oregon. Theso letters wero
published In tho papers nnd caiiHod
great excitoment and started tho
movoment towards Oregon.
I cite theso instances simply to
show tho movements that had been
mado towards bringing Immigrants to
Oregon and towards saving" tho coun
try to tho United States long before
Dr. Whitman mado his famous rldo.
FOt SA LE Very cheap, matched
Forrol team.
907 South Central.
FOR KXCHANOK 150 aero stock
ranch In Idaho, 80000, ror small
close in ranch. Clark Realty Co.
mobile, 40 acres limber on good
rood near Talent, Orogon, Ma
chine must be In first-class condi
tion. Address box C78, Ashlttud,
Ore,, or see R, Klum, 4 I South Cen
tral, warora. aes
A(i Dr. Whitman traveled est ho
found groat preparation!! bring tifado
nil nleni: tho Tnmller to emlgrtito to
tho Wlllniiiuttu valley. That It In ot
forts added somowhnt to tho number
of emlgiautR Is truo but that ho con
tributed widely to It does not appear.
Ho wns too Into tor that, for tho or
ganisation for tho hi out emigration
ot 1X43 wau well uneW way boforo
Mb nrrlval. No doidjt h,u induced
some families to Join tho oiulginutn
at tho. rendctVQim itindoni'ndimcoi
Missouri, hut, tho luujniity of llom
had noveVt hoard- of lc. Wlillnliui.
When tho first douchmont of oiuU
grants had reached tho PJnttd tlvor
on thtilrfwny wettt they w'ern ftyd-
tuKon,,uy a man who vab uriMii a.
span oi norsos 10 a iigiii name or
wagon. With him was n boy, or
young "man, his nephew; they worn
out of food and tho emigrants gnvn
thorn provisions. This man was Dr.
Whitman. He started west with al
most no supplies, thinking ho and
his nephew could subsist on wild
game. An they all sat around tho
camp tiro at tho Platto they wore dis
cussing the all nbsorblng subject or
tho possibility of saving Oregon, nnd
ono of tho parly said to Whitman,
"Doctor, you havo lived lu Oregon,
what dp you think' of tho prospect of
saving the country to tho United
Stato.iT" Ills reply wns this: "Gentle
men, this will bo your work; my
work is tor tho Kingdom of God."
Ho travclod nomc distance with this
detachment nnd then pressed on to
wards Is mission at Wnllatpu.
Somo years ngo, while ninny of tho
pioneers ot 1813 wore living, a move
ment wns started towards building a
monument to Dr. Whitman, chiefly ns
tho man who saved Oregon nud or
ganised and brought to Oregon the
emigrants ot 1813. Tills movement
gavo rise to what was called tho
"Whitman Controversy." Many of
tho men who had helped to organlzo
the emigration wroto letters which
wero published In tho Oregonlnn and
It I rcmombor correctly. In tho Chris
tian Advocnto also, stating tho facts,
ns to tho organization of tho emigra
tion. Theso papers were in my fath
er's library hut since his denth nro
hard to trace. 1 am making an ef
fort now to find them. Tho pioneers
did not object of course to tho build
ing of the monument, ns they nil lov
ed and honored Drj Whitman. What
they did resent wns claiming for him
tho work they themselves had done.
Much tomanco has been written
with regard to what Dr, Whitman
lid. Much of this waH duo I bvllero
to hit tragic death at the bunds of
the eavngcH for whom he had sacri
ficed m much. Appealing ns It did
to the sympathy of eery one, nil
grieved that so good and brno a man
should meet with such a fate.
Notice Is hereby glvn that tho un
dersigned will apply to tho city coun
cil of tho city ot Medlord, nt Its next
regular meeting Jnnunry 19th, 191S,
for a transfer ot that certain license
No. 8S9, Ixsucd October 10, 1014, by
tho city or Mudford, Oregon, to O.
M. Selsby, trustee, authorizing him
to sell spirituous, vinous and malt II
quors In quantities less than a gal-
Inn, at his place ot business nt No,
13 South Front street, In said city,
for n balance of tho period of six
months from said October 10, 1911.
Dato of first publication January
G, 1915.
J v
' Kin'oko lfomc-Mndo Olgnrs.
Governor Johnson, Mt. Pitt nnd La
Vs(n hro the best.
If your Back is aching or BUddtr
bothers, drink lots of waUr
and Mt less meat.
When your kidneys hurt and your Imelc
feels sore, don't get scared and prootcd
to load your stomach with a lot of drugs
that excite the kidneys and Irritate tli
entire urinary tract. Keep your kidnoya,
dean like you keep your bowels clean,
by lushing them with a mild, harmless
alto which removes the body's urinous
waite and stimulates them to their nor
mal activity. The function of the kid
neys, is to niter tho blood. In 21 hours
they strain from it COO grains of ncid
and waste, so wo can readily understand
tho vital Importance of keeping the kid
neys active.
Drink lots of water you can't drink
too much also get from any pharmacist
about four ounces of Jad Baits; tako
a tablcttpoonful In a glass of water
before breakfast each morning for a few
days and your kidneys will act fine.
Tills famous salts is mado from tho
add of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lltiilu, and ho len used for genera
tions to clean and stimulate clogged kid
neys; alio to neutralize the adds In
urine so it no longer is a source of Irri
tation, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts Is inexpensive; cannot In-
iuret makes a delightful effervescent
Ithla-watcr drink which ereryono should
take now and then to keep their kid
neys clean and active. Try this, also
keep up tho water drinking, and no
doubt von will wonder what became of
our. kidney trouble ud backache,
j l
To llio Editer:
1 crdot'iu it it iii'lvuVuo lii Niiy u
uonl In diiVtiMo ol' it mini who in u
good friend ittul neighbor, who in u
mighty good elliren nud who In mid
Iiih been for .yearn u big I'lielor in
(lie ttphulldluu; nnd development of
thii itniiuttuiit,v. '.
IMi oi !')iiMuln wiioi fdiow' him nud
tViiidrd hint mid Ih'liov'ed In him, V,
.1, Kinetiel. ooimciitf In boeumo u
eliiididulo Tor o.n.vor, nud it lie 1411
been willully nnd inalieioulv chniged
with lifintr about everything that 11
doslluhle eitiren tdmuld uol be, it low
Vwil IVt uhout hint might to ho wel-
Mr. Kmoiiek enmo to Mfdfnid in
the full of ltlllll nud hiueo that lime
lie mid Ills Immediate family lune in
vented mound .fJ0O,0(ill in Med fmd.
Reside oonxlruoting 1n liii-iue
house fioin the hare giotuid up, he
own 11 good home mid own other
ivideneo properly in iiiimy pint of
the elt,, and 011 thi propel t he pins
eneli year heavy tne nud unse-M
meiit. And thi I the mini who 1
licensed of miming- on 11 "nndMill
ticket" nnd of heiui: the "heneiieinry
of unearned ineivmcnl."
Of tho eight year thnt Mr. Hiiier-
iek hn lived in Medford, five of Ihem
Iiiimi been npent in tho service of the
oily n eoiiiieilmnii from tho oeeoiid
ward, nnd four of theo yemx of ser
vii'o were given nt it period when
Medford wart miikinjr it greatest
growth nud development, nud to alt
legitiiiiiite enterprise that contribut
ed t thnt growth nud development
he gave of hi time mid his inoncv,
nud thi i the mnn whom hi tru
ducer eliiHH with "tho town knock
er, the chronic grumbler, the curb
Mono pessimist, the moshuck, the
tightwndii nnd the enlnmitv howler."
About n year ago 11 committee of
fifteen Medford husiiies men, nil
heavy tnxpiijers, wcic uppoiiilcd to
readjust vnlttcn in tho city I'or luxln.?
ntirpose. I had the pleiiutc ol serv
ing mi llmt committee wild Mr I Inn r
ick. Week of time were giu 1 L
tin woik by the committee without
11 dollar of pay, nnd Mr. Kniciii'k wn
one of its hardest w m king nud mo t
conscieutioiiH member, ond ewiut: to
hi great knowledge of proper! al
tie, we found his mix ice nnd ug
ment iiivuliinh'c. Men who are h"'
'Vnlci prising citieii," who nrc not
"coiiiiiiiiuilv builder," who nrc
"pulilii'-plritid," do not kino of their
time ami rueigy to tin sort ol I hue,
nnd if we behove nil wo licit r nnd r id
this 1 the sort of mini that nil the
picneher, doelm, W. ('. 'I', I', mid
utmost cwrv one elc 1 0111c to oo
iigmiist next Ttioduy, ml.
The lime ha como in the liislor) of
Mcdfoid wlivil it I iibdip!v liccoh
Mirv fur us to put nt the head of nf-
Hundreds of .Mislfonl Itciolei-s I'lud
Dally Toll 11 lliinlen
Tho htistln and worry of business
Tho hard work mid titonpltiK or
Tho woman's houefliold enros,
Often weaken tho kidneys.
Ilacliacho, headache, ilUzlncas,
Kidney troubles, urinary troiiblcH
rrc'iucntly follow,
Finnk Kasiilinfur, bailiff coiiiiIn
court, AppleKato road, .lackHouvlllc,
Ore., cays: "For yours I worked as
n miner nud It caused kidney nud
bladder trouble, TI10 pain first at
tacked mo In tho small of mv back.
especially when I first Kt up In the
inornlDK. I also mul trouble with
tho kidney socictlons. Donn's Kid
ney I'IIIh soon removed thu rout
plaint. You may continue iimIiik thp
ondorscmmit I havo kIoii Doiiii'h
Kldnoy Pills biiforf."
Prlcu f'Oc. at nil dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kldnoy lomcd) nit
Donn's Kidney I'IIIh- -the samo thnt
Mr. KiisNhafer had. FoHtor-Mllbtirn
Co,, Props., Iluffalo, N, Y.
For Reliable
Stylish Tailoring
128 East
112 South Riverside
.Phono 150
I'iiIi'm men who nro con 1 iiillo, liwl
Itendod mid experienced, men who
know Meilfunl, IIh people uml ll 1
need; men who, whclhcc llio dim In
line or doc 110I nut 1, v, will limiillo
miriilTiih" in 11 ourd'ul uml hu me-lllio-wil.v.
The lime luc illn conic
when llic decent people o this lown
hlioiild imt Mtmid li.V without pioli-d
or lebiihe, mid see one of it . moht
iCHpeeted, iiiritiei'iliul mul iipululilo
elliren iniillfUMiidv dernmed, for If
lllcy do, llio llnm will miiivIv como
when mui mid women who pi ire I heir
good mime mid leptiliilion will irlice
to accept 11 nomination. Tor n po it ion
of pulillo 1 1 111, , , , 4 ,
1 M'.IlT AtfllHilMiN.
Mcdfoid. Or,. .Inn II
Stiff Muscles
Rlitnii'., T.lntmi.til. will invc
liourn of suffcrlnit. For lirui;
or sprain it rdves Instant relief.
prevents mom nerloin trouble
dovrlopluK. N'o need to rul it
In it ncl at once, Instantly
rellevliiK the pain, howuvtr
sevoro it may bo.
l.ini.Uilw.A, I , wii "I 'fli""l
my miklmml ilulwnlixi my HI M dv
tlut out it tMril tlnif wlmlo l
lm)nlli sco, I nt oiirmlfliMl.nimir
mnnl!'. iVn t Imlnl H u
lour Unlininl, amnulnc lo f illie
lloin. n.l I liuiitMy thai II I lialnjnc
111 nomlfltiltlr. I lli! '".V cijlUl.r
wy Dnly 't two lwlllM' I'l WVt
Unlnlil ml Bnr I m HiOi(( itulu
ll lilinnorni I DTr UI Ixsllli
out Uleau' llulmrnU"
All t).ti.. 29.
Send four rnl In stsmps for a
trial uorrix
Dr. Enrl S. Sloan, Inc.
Dept. II. PhlUdelphLt, IV
l.nrKc Itrowu Taxi or llui'iuoHIc.
Dlrrcl trlHt any place on patcmciit,
25c each for ono or two pasoeiiKers,
lf,c for each additional pnannijicr.
Kovcit I'itMonncr t'ura
Ono pasuciiKor R11 tent
No oharRo for sorond passcimer.
l.'e for oaclt nddltloiiHt riciiKor.
HHclal rates for wliopplng or when
ntntiilliiR tlmo Is required.
l'lnely iUtpped cars Kxperlmircd
203 Alain Street
Tho Only l'Jxtlnaivo
Gonnnt'rcial PlioioKHipliora
in Soulliot'ii Oregon
Nctfalivo.'y, Madf any liuio or
place by appointment
Phono 147 .T
We'll do llio, rest
R. D. WESTON. Pron
: Uutat.! 1 tBJ
'Ncjirejt to
Powell St., nt OTarrell
San Francisco
In the Iicnrt of the
business, shopping
nnd theatre district.
Running distilled ice If
water in every room. t
utii' commotiious
Homelike restaurant
will attract you.
European Plan rates
$1.50 up.
The Manx"
J Pain
'liTTTTri t J ffi ' '
i 11