Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, December 23, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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mdfoio) jviail tribune! imwn OAAinAini.. nnMnnoTrn nv
IWVEL bflUflrHlbH bUHUUbltU DI
rmnAMiKO kvisht aktehnoon
wxcin'T mjndav nv Tim
at tie Mall TrIMitia Building, lt-17-JI
Nurtli Kir Street tolpplitmt Ik,
The nmocratte Times. Th itedrora
Mull, Tim Mcdford Tfltxlne, Tlifi Koutn
rn Oregflulan, Tho Ashland Tribune.
Dae yfar, by mall.. .
Onn month, tiv mll. ....
rr tnonui, aimveron ny carrier in
Mcdfurd, Jackson villa and Can-
emi Point. .. ,.. . .so
Palm-tiny only, by mull, pr yrar. t.oo
Rklr, per year-.. .-..-..--
Official Paper of the City of Mdfor4.
OfflolM paper of Jitckaon County.
Enured a sncond-class matter at
Mcdforrt. Oregon, under tka act of
March S, 187.
Subscribers falllns to receive
papers promptly, phono Clrcu-
latlon Manager at 2S0IL
$10,000 Donfirc Bin Feature of
Unique Celebration Many Start
llnrj Facts Revealed by Systematic
Investigation. .-
XACO, Ariz., Dec. 28. The post
poned" pence conference between
Ilrijmdior (loneral Unsh. L. Seott,
ohiof of slnfr of the United Stnte
army, ami OenernI Jlenjumin Hill,
eommnndin;: the Carrnnna garrison
tlcl ending jsneo, Sonera, npninsl the
mc;;1' of Governor Mnytoronn, the
Villa leader, probably will he hold to
day in the abandoned United State
customs homo close to the border on
the American side.
Jtditi which litis fallen since Satur
day censed early today. A rivor
formed by the vvnh from the tinny
ennip which yesterday isolated Goh
entl Scott and ranged jKistpoueiuent
of the eonferenee with Hill, reeeded
lnt nicbt. Two army mnle were
drowned in the water courrc yester
day while nltcmplin; to ford it.
An effort will he mtitle' today by
General Scott to arnnie a nieetini:
villi Miiyloreint. The nijuintmenl
for n meeting tit the border four
wiles ont of here Monday, was not
eompleted by Mnytoronn because tho
ground separating Iiw camp from the
liorder was impassable. Light firing
by both the Hill and Mnv (orena
forces was enrried on Into last night
and early todnv. An occasional bul
let ero-t'd to the American hire.
WASHINGTON. Dee. 23. "Paid
freight hills alone," the Interstate
cconimercc commission hold today,
"do not constitute such clear and
clofi.'ilto proof of damage as is re
quired to authorize reparation on ac
count of tho charging of an unreas
onable rate, and affidavits, when ob
jected to by dofendnnlt cannot bo
received as evidence ot complainants
The ruling was dclared by the
commission In tho case of sovoml
entorn niotorcyclo nmnufacturera and
dealers against western rnllroads, In
which It wnH alKO hold that tho ratea
on moloroclos from eaatom polnt
to detlnntIons west of the MlMUslnpl
river woro unreasonable.
CIlirAGO, Dec. 23. ChrUtmaB
bulu'-fis at tho Chicago pout office
is nearly doublo tho amount of laut
year, according to unnnuiireiiient to
duv b Postmaster Daniel Campbell.
Puree! !iott pncltngox totallln Mj
tons wero bhlnped out last Sunday
ami Monday as agalnt 37 L' on the
coiriii'iidlng (lava last ear. Tho
Ilf'iti's ehtnbllaliod a now local ton
nave record for outgoing puckugoii.
MtllLlK, Hoe. ffil, 2:.m p. in.
The rale ot' discount of Iho Imperial
Dank of Geinmny wan reduocd today
to r per egnt. This! put tle rate of
dUeounl Jutclc to wbnt it was July
:il, proioiii to tho oulhreak of ho--tititieK
in Kurope.
3 Tr v ,
WASHINGTON.'' l't-o- 23.- Prct.1
ilent Vilbim today renominated
lleuiv Clay Hull of Colorado Spring,
Colo., to be mtcMiitf eonuueiec eoiu-imtjtJHtni'r.'
11 David Powell.
. (Copyrighted UUt)
The fate or tho little city referred
to In my article published last weuk
would ver probably lmvo been that
of countless others had It not m hap
pened that three or four of Its mer
chants were genuine live wires who
refused to admit defeat, and woro
deep and brond enough to renllie
that a now condition existed that had
to bo met In a new way.
They organized some two hundred
of their most progressive citizens
into a Trade-at-Honio league, the
purpose of which was to establish a
bureau of comparative investigation
for the uso and benefit of tho con
sumers living within the city's trade
zone. Although every member was
an enthusiastic booster and helper in
every way possible, tho active work
was done by a committee of ten rep
resentative business men who took
several months to get things in read
InesH for tho curtain to raise on this
pioneer drama of c&mmerclal art, but
when that time came, thev had dem
onstrated beyond n doubt tho funda
mental soundness of the theory upon
whjeh their labors were based.
Catalogue (Jone Oier.
A catalogue from each ot the three
mail-order hoascs doing the bulk ot
tho hufJuo in. that territory had
been taken and carefully gone
through, pago by page, and from
every line of merchandise was cho
sen from one to a dozen articles that,
as near as could bo determined by
the illustrations and descriptions,
peomed to be about the same quality
as similar articles carried by the lo
cal merchants. When the list was
completed thej; began bnving these
articles from the catalogue houses
through the modlum of their friends,
their wives, and their clerks. As tho
goods camo in they woro taken to
the display rooms and there carefully
analyzed both as to quality and work
manship. Shoes wero sawed in half,
furniture taken apart, mattresses
rlpiwd open and in fact every article
was thoroughly dissected To each
article was then attached a card
showing the result ot the Investiga
tion, dwelling in detail on every es
sential feature of construction una"
material. Tho card also had the cat
alogue Illustration and ' description
attached showing tho net cost of tho
article delivered there. Kxhiblted by
the side of this article was ono of as
near the same quality and style ns
could be found In a local store, which
W3B treated In oxactly the same man
ner as the mnll order article, the at
tached card giving the eame Informa
tion for comparison as wns shown on
tho other.
i:lilblt IVojKiretl
The committee in charge of tho
work was absolutely Impartial In pre
paring the exhibit, as It was early de
cided that for the work to accomplish
permanent results It would be folly
to do otherwise, no such mnll-ordcr
articles as had the best of tho argu
ment (and there wero many of them)
were just as prominently oiiwh
as those which favored the home
A pamphlet was prepared for gon-
oral circulation throughout tne coun-
ty in which was given an unbiased
summary of the results obtained and
the facts established by the lnvtl
gatlon. Space forbids quoting It In
full but some of the highly' Interest
ing facts tjmt woro shown nru too
pertinent to bo omitted. The two
most significant being: (1) Kvery
artlclo secured from the homo mer
chant was far superior In both quu
Ity and workmanship to tho similar
article purchased from the mall-order
house, and CJ) the total cost of
all tho oods oxblblted by the local
dealer, figured at tno regular retail
elln price, was cloven and one
tenth per cent less than the total cot
of all tho gootb purchased from tho
catalogue houses. To thcfe two pri
mary factH was probablv duo tho
wonderful success of tholr cam
paign. Ileal Having Small
FlgnroH woro nltso given to show
that although twenty-five and three
teutltH per cent of tho number of art
icles purchased from the mail-order
houses weio cheaper than tho same
articles could be puicliased ut homo,
oi)ly twelve and one-iialf per cent ot
such trifles ( a trifle ovor three per
cent of tho entire number puichased)
allowed a saving of more than ten
per cent, mid only eight per cent, a
saving or more than twenty por cont
it was also proven that In tho mall
order linos showing this npjmront ad
vantage, the quality-' and workman
ship were greatly Inferior, and do
creased In the siuno proportion oh tho
difference In prim Increased.
Tho campaign lasted eight monthsj
and the merchants conservatively
PHUmutcd It was the means of their
winning back cer eent per rent
of the business formerly lost to the
catalogue houses, ut a total cost of
n trifle ovor U.OQO. That happen
ed In 100(5 and the say they bine
hmdo many times over what It cost
them on the profits of restored bus
lnM. '
SXHtUUl'ltl!lf I'MllUll
Tho spctaenlar finish of the cam-
ptttgu wns perhaps the most unique
affair ever contrived In celebration
of any victory, either of war or of
commerce. More thnn ten thousand
dollars had been expended fur mail
order goods and as the use made of
them had of course destroyed their
commercial value, it was decided to
hold a big barbecue, the main fen
turo of which would be the burning
of theso goods which had so usefully
served their purpose. Kvery man,
woman and child llvlnj within n
radius or twenty miles was Invited to
be present, and In the literature sent
out advertising tho event the people
were Invited to take advantage of
tho occasion to offer n .voluntary ex
pression of their convictions on the
mall order question. It was request
ed that everyone who conscientiously
believed It profitable to patronize
homo merchants, vlowed solely from
a dollars and cents standpoint,
should brhig with them a mall-order
catalogue and make a public avowal
of their faith by throwing It to the
flames. '
lllg Itonfiu .Mnde
1 was told there vjore, fully 10,000
people present and that fully half of
them had brought ballot." as the
raUlouKues wore called, - uud that
when tho signal w given to begin
voting the vast crowd entered thor
oughly Into the spirit of tho occas
ion and amid a wild uproar or en
thusiasm each one vlod with his
neighbor In being tho flrit to roglster
.his vows of loyalty to tho city anil
Its Institutions.
As they surged around the huge
bonfire, hurling the books to the
flames, It must indeed have been n
wierd spectacle. I can Imagino n
stranger, unfamiliar with the pre
lude, might well have thought them
engaged in the observance of some
mystic rlto of the dark ages rather
than celebrating at the funeral pyre
of a creattiro of modern commerce
which tho searching rays of truth
had revealed as a gold-sucking vam
pire, whose prey had been the credu
lous, and whose sinister purpose hail
been to drain the community of Its
Conversation Itelateit
In tho course of an Intorvlo
grantod mo by one of tho merchant
who had taken a vary active part In
the camiKiIgn I wa told the story of
the convertlon of the most obstl
nt ninil-ordar buyer In tho com
munity: "l"p to tho tlmo wo start
ed this thing going." he said, "Farm
er x had beon trading with
mo off and on for a good many
years, wnen no nan money u "
nmstic 'off.' but when crops wero
poor ana times were nur, -ways
'favored' mo with his trade.
After our camnnlun had been in
full swing for about three months I
hud a good chance ono day to Invito
him up to our exhibit rooms. He
dldnt' want to go. Said it would
bo no use, that M'vo done all tho
comparative investigating I need to
prove to mo whero I can buy tho
choapet and ns long as I pay you
fellown hero what I owo you I guoss
I've got a right to buy my goods
whore I ploase.' It didn't set well
him saying that to mo so I
thought 11 would bo a good time to
fa) a few things to him that I had
wanted to toll him a mighty long
Talk With Customer
"I said: 'Look here, Jfr X-
you've boon a customer of mlno for
a good many years orf and on, and
I've been a mighty handy prop Tor
you to lean on a good many times.
Of course it Ih your privilege to buy
your stuff whore you want to, but
I'll be JlgKorod if It seems Just fair
to us fellows hero for you to send
your mono)' away to buy things wo
know j on can save money by buy
ing from 'lis. You have throe chil
dren, x , going to tho high school
hero in town that I pay a special dis
trict tax" to help supoprt. I holp
to keep up the city government of
(his town from which you receive
certain definite benefits that don't
cost you a cont. If anything comes
up to help somebody out that Is nick
or poor, either In town or In tho
country, I'm always called on to chip
in and I always do. If you ovor
have any produce to sell, any butter
or eggs or garden truck and bring
It to mo 'I always buy it and give
you tho highest market prlco. don't
PerMijinl Service Carter
'Now, X I wViit to ask you n
plain, strulght fiom the shoulder
question. An an honest self-respect-!
lug itttrcu don't ou thliiv this ele
ment of personal service 1 tender ou
and every other piitron of n store,
uud Tor whlelt l make n1 charge,
should entitle mo to even u little the
best of It In competition with a ton
cent In Chicago tlu(t don't elo
tinker's dam for you or nn thing
vou are Interested In bco'd the dol
lar In your pocket?" '
Putting It to him that way rather
stumped him for a bit, but after cud
geling his brain for a minute or two
In n :t I n effort to think of something
to say In support of the stand he had
taken, he answered that. "Wal, 1
dunno but mobbe "o re tinht." and
then 1 told hint: "Well. Mr. X .
none of us fellows want any of the
hoot ot It. All we want Is nil cum
bresk nud If you roU think that
maybe I'm ticht about what I said, 1
want you to come, with me and con
luiv yourself that l am.
Well, he wont along with me and
I spent the whole afternoon going
over prices and mnkiiig eoiupurlloiis.
He was sure some hard 'itit to crack.
but to make n long storv short, he-
tore hA left the looms that afternoon
he wrote himself down a member ot
the League and ever since that ilay
has been the hardest home trade
fighter In the cotintv '
LONiHA". Dec. a.:, .'." i. m. -A
dicpatcli J rout frgji. Mongolia, ie
lates that the interior ( the palace
ol'tfhe KtititHin. or the Drilled Lnniti
of the Mongol-, with ll it- prieelof
treasure. Iks' been entirely dMrn.V
ed by fire. The lu-i. cutniled i id
to he cnoinnin-.
The wealth of the Knlnkii., derived
from tlu iitiibiitinii- of ciiihtiMii
tic devotee-, i- diwciihcil a- very
great. In ami uhont I'rttu he own-'
LiO.DOO -lave-, nu nbuuilntiec ol
world'- good- .iinl the mo-t preten
lion- paliK c in .Mongolia.
WASHINGTON', Dee. a.l. Ar
rnngcnietilM tor beginning the with
ilniwitt of federal Irrtiqw from tho
Colorado tv,il(e di-liicU wllhVn ifie
next ten day weie made loiy Hi n
eoufeieuee between I'ronidcui Wilson,
Governor Amnion of t'olnriuln, Gov-
einor-elect CniUoti and Senator
Sim froth.
Alter m'ciug the president Iho Col
orado ol'lieiul iHoufMtl dtoil with
Seerelniy Garrison.
Governor Amnion lold the inci
dent that if the phut of withdrawing
the troop- from one dinti'ict ut u time
we're euriicd out he will be able In
control the nituntiou with local of
ficial, lie wiid he cnnhl ue lhe
militia if iuCo-nry, but deircd In
avoid further epeno to the stale,
lie declared there wrn every pro-peel
of penfe if the loenl utithoritie were
given mi opportunity to guilt control
of the Mluutioii gradunll.v. lie told
the provident he would leave for Col
orado tomorrow nud was willing thai
tlhe fir-t troopt be withdrawn it
kooh us he arrive.
Goernor Amnion ndviscd that Seth
Low and the other member of the
pre-idrnt'- Colonido trike rommi '
-ton be not -cut into the -laic for
the prcxciit uud Mtid that the invi -ti
gnlioti euiricd on Jiy the federal in
du-tiii4 ichitioiiM inhiiuiiIIcc lied
potHinod the wetliemeut i the -hike
at leut-t tveo week. He climated
that all the troop- can be uotlcu out
within ten tin v - nlici llic luM tnovt
inent i beu'iii.
WVSIIINliTON, lice LV The Mu
ni vote uiou tit,, national prohibition
amaiiiimcut came tdmrtlv befoie mid
night last at Hie close of many hours
of loninikiUilo debate In which the
intention of state Ylnlit figured
prominently ami lifter several nmiid
inent had been voted upon. Not for
om time bad such a spirited strug
gle been witnessed In congroaH.
When the fliutl vote was tocouled
It showed Hint ,1st! member had
voted, tl? Tor and Mt ayultist the
resolution. The resolution failed of
adoption by ty one. an affirmative
vote of 3.X being ncressitiv.
Analysis of the vote of the house
shows that ofthose voting ror the
prohibition resolution 111 were dem
ocrat. lvt seven republicans, twelve
proiKlvo and four Independent re
publican. Those voting against' tho
tcsoluilon Inrludml III democrats,
hi i (; uti 1 1 can, one Independent re
publican and proKiesslve
The barber shop will keep oitn
December SI, until S i in nud be
closed all day chilMmu
WASHINGTON' Mee 'i', tl. .M,
Dnhl. dlreclor In sevcuil coiporntloiiM
In fhe so-ctilli'd General I'Mucliie
Kioup, todav told llm coiiitle hiudii
roiiimlltce, which has been holding
heailngs on tho bill to piuvldo' for
tho leasing of vvH(r power sites on
public lands, Hint an) monopoly upon
developed or undeveloped livdro'ideo
trie energy was Impossible,
I lit III tend horn u report by Herbert
Ktiov .Smith Mild ttstlmnuv. or (llffoid
I'lnchol, ntslciueiits that top com
lmnle controlled thtoiigh stock or
bond owiioisIiIm or lulsi locking dlrcc.
torntea, nciuly thre million develop,
oil and undeveloped lijdrttelmilile
Geuersl Kleclrlr luterestH, ho said,
coun oiled Ji.upo hortqiower and
IimiI less iluttt u thirty per cent stock
tnloiost In other cempiil nniued In
tho giotip.
'"Phere Is no audi concttutratlon In
Gin hand of a few Interests as has
been claimed," the witness assert
Public homings on the bill close
loilsy upd for (he next few dnvs only
iii.-im )r-t i cuiiKrea will bo heard.
WASHINGTON, Dec -.'.1. -A Colo
rado delegation, headed by Governor
Amnions Governor-tliTl Cart-on nud
Senator Slml'rotli .today urged Un
ionise land- eommiftpo to net fnvnr
nbly on the hill l eicate a Koeky
.Moiintain untioual park olit of '.UW
qunre mile- now a foroM nn-erve in
"Turn bwuk I he tide f huri-t
travel to Kiuoi t (lie -ccnic pot
of America," they told jIm commit
tee. '
Tho iiiot economical, cleansing and
germicidal of all antlaoptlca Is
A soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed.
As a medicinal antiseptic for dnuchen
In treating catarrh, Intlammntton or
ulceration ot nose, throat, and that
caused by feminine lllslthntinoequaL
For ten years tho Lydla U, Plukham
Medicine Co, has recommended Puxtlno
In their private correaioudeiico with
women, which protes Its uuHiriqrlty.
Women who have been cunsl 1iay
It is "worth Its weight In gold." At
drurglsts. 5"e large box. or by mall.
Tho Puxtnn iollut Caj Llostou. .Mass
At n meeting of tho socialist of
this city last night at the .Smith hall,
.1. C. liar a o was numed as candidate
for mayor. K. J. Klein its council
man from tho first ward, C. It.
Sntchwell from the second ward and
P. W. Chilgron from tho third ward.
A largo number attended the moot
ing and it can safely be put down ns
tho most enthusiastic meeting over
held by the socialists of this city.
Get Governor Johnson and Mt.
Pitt clgaj in Christmas boxes. Home
made and tho best,
The Opportunity Is Here, Harked lly
.Mcilfonl TcHiiuoiiy
Don't take our vord for It.
Don't depend on a strangers stnto
merit. Head Medrord endorsement.
Head the statements of .Medfnrd
And decide for oursolf.
Here Is ono c.tse or It.
C. O. Kribs, grocer, W. Main St.,
Medford, Ore., snv; " suffered from
a dull ache in the xninll of my bade
for months. The kidney secretions
wero unnatural and I had trouble In
controlling them. I finally got n
supply of Donn's Kidney Pills and
took two or three boxes. 'The pnlil
left mo nnd in;, kidneys are now in
much bettor shape I willingly con
firm the endorsement I gavn Donn's
Kidney Pills several years ago, when
I lived In Madcna, .Minn I willingly
allow you to publish that Htatoment
for tho benefit or my nolgnbors."
' Price fiO cents at all dealers. Don't
simply ask fo'r a kidney remedy -get
Dean's Kldnev Pills the same
that Mr. Krlbs bud. Foster-Mllburu
Co., Props, Pol talo, , V,
I're-eut thi cihimui ut (he door nud
urn the bet picture hIiow in Southern
Oregon, alisoliitely I'icu.
Matinee or Kvcnliu;
I)ce.'2.i-2 '
Xmiis Greetings fiom the Page.
John A. Perl
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Tho admission for this groat picture, while moro thnn
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other cities,
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