Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, December 19, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Tlio noi-IiiIIhIh of thin oily will hold
u MiMM'Inl moling Hiuuluy nftnrnuon at
Hiultli'ii hull to consider tlm vroposod
Miidford city charter )it nnd con,
nnd will In; nrislslo;', In dm discussion
by several of did dniftliiK commit
It'll. Only Oio charter will ho con-nldl-ic;',
At thin iiiiiiillni; unless to nil
Vtlnco n city convention to n put a
Hckvl in tlio field for (ho January
Will move our offlco to an Kir
street, North, next jo Mull Trillium,
oiroriwiuiti ,ian. 1st, I'nntortuiii l)t
tfni-kB. ' !iiu
fcfironor A. K, KellogK of (lold Mill
. was n luminous vlnltor In tlm city I'rl
. diiy.'i
noin, antfyioard it 14G Bouth Ivy.
' Mm', 0,'Ij, Clrntit. 243
Wlllnni Vnwtr, Kiucrson Merrick
mid tidlson Marshall returned Fri
day from the U. uf 0. to upend Christ,
mm nt hoiim.
Upper Criiiit, bent hnrd wheat flour
niHiie. At llrownlcn A I.I ml Ivy,
phono U27. 2.1U
n.l. Jacobs of Talent attended to
business mutter In tlm city Friday.
Forest HupurvUor Mnrllu Krlck
son, l In n I'ortlnnd hoHpltnl, In Im
proving rupldly.
Million Dollar Myntory nt It Then
tr tonight. "The Secret Warning."
Tlm county teachers examinations
held Bt Jacksonville w h com
Moled today. About ,'0 teachers
lire In attemlniicc
At the rslduco of (' ( Hoover,
imi North Itlverntde, Hnturdny cvt-ic
log, December 12, occurred 11 very
pretty woddlng. The coutriictlux
!nrtliM lielng Mr Arelo IVnwoll or
this city, and Miss llcrtha Welch of
Crecent City, Oregon. Only Inti
mate friends were present. The
Her. Mr. Turkvr of (ho Clirlatlnii
church performed the ceremony. Mr.
I'eiiwcll n well nnd favorably known
here. MIm Welch In a daughter of
Mr, mid Mm. Hamtiel Welch, a Mock,
nian'or eastern Oregon. Their friends
JolilnwUhlnK them many yearn of
V)iy allc when oti can ride for
16crto any pnrl of the city. Ford
Tail; Call Alco RK2U,
Don Newbury and MUn Maudo
Newtyrj'i Hl'cnt Friday In Medford.
enronlo'to Klamath InlU from the
UApr, 0.
Wjnnera of weekly prises In I'lnno
contest 'are Fern Wing at Klddii,
Julia Wiley at Mann's; l.etta Hone,
berry at M. K II. tTo.f J111I0 Millard
at Hchleffellns. 232
Thcrol be a meeting of the M.
II. H. alumni on tho Mezzanine floor
of the llptel Medford, Monday at
"MO p. m. Ah thin will bo the lam
business meellng before the alumni
ball n largo attendance In expected.
Oct It At ! Voo's.
Tho civil service commission has
Issued a call for an examination of
appllcantn for tho position of pout
iiinater at I In no, Josephine county,
Minn Janice Dodge who la attending
school at Kuge-110. will arrive thin
toning to upend the Christmas holl
da) a at her homo on Itnss l.anu,
Mlllon Dollar Myntory at It the
ntre tonight, "Tho Secret Warning."
CI) do Harniim of I'hoenU, ban re
turned Friday from tho Unit-unity
of California, where lo In taking n
pathological course. u will return
January 10,
All poraona holding voten In Piano
(.fiiittinf and'oxpectlng to got tlm hand
son.lfjHlher.selfor Xmas, munt have
all Volga tiiruuil In by Thursday noon
or-tho-won'l bo clunted for tho prize.
"Iniuronco" moann ,Holtnoa', and
"Holmes" 'moans "Inauranoo." 800
Holmes "Tho Inauranco Man."
J. II. Smith of Olendalo In a busi
ness vlnltor In thu city for a few
Wanted to hear from owner of
good farm for sulo. Hend canh price
and description. D. F. llunli, Minn
eaioljH, Mlun.,
Ilerlwrt Alford returned Friday
ulRht from llorkoloy where ho Ik atj
tending thoUulvernlty of California.
Million Dollar Myntory at It tho-
. ntro tonight, "Tho Secret Warning."
J Chiirlon llyan or Salem Is Hpoudlng
, n rowrd(iy8 In t)io city on bunlnvilH,
, Tjtaodford Kurnltiiro iud irord-
t wnft.Cp, .wll'kook ptholnatoro open
, oviflif. unIChriHtmaa. 'iVi
Jo!jiMly"ofqrlHn Crook In spend-
jliiR thoayjn tho city.
t Tho finest qulpmont In Orogon for
' printing fruit labels. Medford Print-
Ing Co.
' Hurt It. Oroor of Ashland spont a
jfew houra In Mcitford Friday aftor
uoon, '
If you want' Quality I have it, Store
upon ovenlugs till Christmas. Mar
tin J, Noddy, tho Jeweler.
C. IS, Uravoa of Hoddlnir, Cal Is
visiting In tho city this week.
Bweet: elder at Do Voe'a.
VjtK, Hundolph of Clo Klum,
WaVh-Js among tho out of town vis
ItofMpJio city this week,
Tho'Veorgnnliod Hoy Scouts hold a
rlVTtftho"Nnt Krlrtny nlgbt.
Jlumvmbor the Hoddy box In n
Ituiiriinico of qtiullty. Martin J, Hod-
dy, tho Joweler,
Tlm Mchooln of tho city cloned Fri
day for tho ('hrlnlmiin vacation, to
riiiiumn work January :i,
Tho man who eatn applen hnn III
tlo time to drink, Hagley'n npik
Juice nhoulil bo moro widely known,
MIhh JiihnIo Hcott or OiautH I'anii In
vlnltlng Medford frlniuU thiough
the holiday period,
Kodak fliilshlng tho bent, nt Wen-
ton's Cainero Shop, Over lain Then
tnr. F, K, Deuel Ihih returned from a
nionth'n trip to Hoiillmrn Cnllfornlrt
polntn for bin health,
J. O. (lorklng, tho bent all around
Photographer In southern Oregon.
Mw)h rellnblo. Negntlvcn made any
Hbvrn, tlmo or plnco. Studio 228
Mnlu St. I'lioiio 320-J.
Wilbur Cornetlun will loavu next
Friday for I.on Angelcn where ho ban
n poult Ion with the Hell phono company.
Tho Hugo, Tho Master Key,
Tho funeral nortlccx of Itlchnid
Spencer were held from tho Fori
chapel thin afternoon, Interment I.
O, (), F. cemetery.
Try n ijunrt or our guaranteed
puro sanitary milk. I'hpnv fi82.V.
2 no
O. I'. Dutldnon of the upper Itogtie
river In a bunlnenn vlnltor In the
Tho I'age, Tho Master Kvy.
Mck Kline of tlrlffln creek In n
bunlnenn visitor In the city today.
Kodak Mulshing and nuppllcs at
Wenton'n Camera Shop. Over Isis
John Hansen or Hiiiitom spent
Friday In Medford on business
DoVoo Is going to sell COO pounds
or chocolate creams at thirty cents
per pound. Oct n pound todny. tf
Tho Commercial leub Is sending
out circular letters urging giving ol
relief to tho war ridden Helglans.
Ordor jour Christmas "realties
ow from I'lorce, tho florist, real i:ng
Hsh holly lined In wreathn, also cut
flowers. Order early and avoid dis
appointment. Fierce, tho florlcst,
.Imno 374.
Flurries of snow, the first of tho
)enr, fell over tho city today, melt
ing as fast as It fell. The forecast
Is for mlii or snow.
Tho I'agc, Tho Master Key.
The annual entertainment or the
KH.S' lodge will bo held next Tues
day, vaudeville and a roast pig being
vi Wz&J ..Vw
w4v iTURABowo "N-a fCyVSoeorAA J&? L V s. II
11 Pi2it? ,n 2 J vy r, jS II""
TTTTTX fiFCMflMr. tar-m DMl-i-lMIl- ! M
"' ..w.r,,. 0 10 ZO 30 40
'aBwti?! '
Italian senate
mnnUestntlon In Favof o? peaeV: lit
I tho courso of the session "Premise
III.I..J.,, ..1....1..I it... I...... ll.lV ....
IN FAlflR (IF PFAPFits,!' ,,n,, nmr'(0" t inclusion or
111 lniUI Ul I LnULIpenro after Iho Napoleonic wars, so
'1015 would bo marked by a Instlnit
HOMK, Dor The seiiuto nd ponco In which Italy would a.ctulro
I Journed today nftfr n unnnlmotis more glory nnd groalnoss.
' - -, "
mmm Mifo i tffjM
Give Something Substantial
In tho selection of holiday gifts, prudenco suggosts
something siitstftntlnt and such Is an account with tho
Jackson County F.ank. A splendid gift for son, daugh
ter or nny member of tho family.
','o Interest Paid on Savings Accounts.
50 MIIC5
It In rcnortnl trait Primer .1 ,, tU.-. k.. ... . . .........!. n- . . . . . ... t
Hint ft new offer ilvt'liinvriilfl!' r in fl'r.ld has led to a nr mi 7T,I ,.... M -.., r ,,-
. -- - ,.v . M...W. a..7 IVMM.U .fe.lU Ik W4 I1IU
j rc-uric rrnni oi nie u'n nv y 'o:pi wnlil) v.-.-j nlrtos". surraund'.d Sy ths Russians near Lodz
slds claim to have tnken an eno i-ojb number of prisoners.
Tlm Kenworthy I'ln.ven, with Helen
Duffy, will open on engagement of
two uightN at Hie It theater next Sun
ilny, December 'JO, eiiinim; direct from
the Folly theater, Kugene, where the
compiiny played 8i erformnnees, the
longcMt n-cord eter plnyeil by n wtoek
coiiimuy in that city. For the en
gngeinent here the company will of
for two of their bent plu.VM.' Sunday
uiglit m high-eliiM4 comedy, "It. Mnr".
ringe ii l-,iiiluref".uil bo plnyeil.
Thin U one of Hie bent plays of this
eliiMN ever wrillcn nml lelu'the htort
of it man who fulls in love with his
own wife. Hriglit lines nml clever Mt-
uutioiiri follow each other cloncly ami
fuinixli n pleasant ctening's enter
liiiiimciit. In order to place the price
in the reach of nil, the mlniUmou will
bo 10 nml 10 renin. 1'lny Mrl nt
8:1.'. On uccoiint of the length of (he
hIiiiw only one Hrfonnanee will be
given, Htartinj; nt 7 p. in. with the
picturcH, ho come early uml gel u
good seal. Aflernooii picture mat
iuce nt the iihiiiiI price.
LONDON, Dee. 10. - Hvery mini in
llritisli uniform, on Inml or ut sen,
will have plum pudding for his
ChrUliniirt dinner. The ChrisluiiiH
pudding fund has raised u sum
aiimuutinc to over $10.01)0 ami pro-
vidcd over half n million pnddinus.
Latest News
From Toyland
SpecUl Dispatch From Santa
Claui' Country
tiiist Vat ti'sMi 'm ''- '
ceuter of the gl.iiu glacier bun
Ikh-ii tiullou tl out Into ii moil.
ktcr cave and In nerving us a
factory fur muling tree ornaments. It
Is being run on a very muib better
system than It wax lnt .tear, having
two shifts of workers, with 10.000
gnumcM lu esch shift. The ibiy workers
conic on nt n. m nnd stuy iiuill 0
p. in. One band of tollers nleeps while
the other work.
Itach of the workers lt npi:it iihiii
the floor In front or n liiiirlim Ore. over
which Is siixpended u liuue blink cut
drun' FjicIi tittle 'ellow lm a lone
stemmed pipe with whlili lie blows
bubbles of I lie sohntame wlib'h lz7.le
and bolls In the huge mi Itefore lilm.
The boiling sultKinnre (" n lbiild
mnde of nieltiil prccloiiK htuues, Mil
p In mrii lull. ill. i l,:in- pliere. tor-llnli-
uillKi. pule blue lull Hint IiniK
like the viiiuuier iU nml mi imi. A the
bubbles Kro'.v to ttu denlreil lxe tbe
workmen nii.ike'lheiii gently nfr iliclr
plsH mi tlie Ice llmir Here they arc
allnued to ret mull they are fmen
lulu liitrd niiiiid. shiny, wiiuderfiilly
colored brlcbt tuitl In imtiu mi klildle iii-s. It I -1 low tn! that
one in. in iiislce .Vm HiiKIhsI nrnn
nieiits In u ibiy.
Minis Oivt Output of Cold to Malm
The grenl Klondike gold mines aru
being winked d.iy and lilulit to supply
the dciiuimN or iilioilicr rnuin ol the gbieler. where thiiusauds or
workers sit stringing strips or shredded
gold on threads to make tinsel trim
mings for the trees Tliey wiiir grnit
xpiituiles mi me inU4 of their illllt
round iioc. for lUU wurk Is a grrnt
stnilu on tlie eyes. Iich string Is one
mile lone, and iiu;i gtiouiv ivuiplctcs
tliree or lliese a day
Silver tinsel Is also made In the same
way Tlie fii-tilon tn tree trimming de
mand the bitlsb M-v ot tills gorgiMiun
iidoriuiii'iit t
No Slortroomi For Santa Clau.
Siiiita tin no i uiil tor storeroom In
whlcii in stack til ilnlsliMl toys and
tret' Of. urn I lou. The demand Is so
great and so lniiiiitllnte illrectlr
thlugx are llul-lietl they are pmkitl.
iniidiil nil tn Immense sleighs and ship
tnil- iiii lie icnil U-. nl i 1 1 1 -r
to i ai rt tlie lo.nii il -iWuli" In t itU'li
nut n'teil Ule.i eire i'.tii mil lit
HiTHorl; t li..t nee i.nilt tin
dlli'luu .in I lui"iiiM lion l
ipdie iliflereut tee ii.iiior iriii-k
HIM' I OHIO 'll. I II-.' lllll'l III- ISillglll
'rV tn tlo I UN llitit t noil, for llllll.
Smitethlia' xiiL'tit in li the kid
die- of the ll I'm .'l aim nt III.
Illle 'oiler ttlni make tiled lots, 1'lle'
are mi entliei itler--iil Kind of t ten
Ill r.- Iliiui nli.t nil i ll . niei ilu nut
live at ttu imitli iie. nine ever seen
The.- are ter.t .mill nf "lainre. with
Jarse head mil -pic-r eitln lines tVc
would i-nll them gimme nt elves, but
Hnnta mil them Iniilef 'J'liey have
bright iidsi-iiietiiu ee tvhlv'h rtanep
with delight over tfcelr pietty baudj
work, the uicnii-t iHogbaandsweeterit
llttl Tolces which keep op 9 contin
uous arrotntsiiinipi tn th!fr tusks.
i Mn , iw-jw mmib mmmmmm
Ks-. oanta C!aus can t get
i r-L?frW
lion of dollar' worth of priceless ' Ped '" sptilm srntlnn whieii tie mi
Jotvcls arc being Imported Into the uiitl In eter.t city all oet the world
north pole regions ror lliW purp"e. 1"'"' """""f l, I,, I'lurcs as
Knelt cahlron Imll a different Jewel. I ' ''"'M, or '"V- "'! eniiily shops.
The melted rallies make blond red bub- I Soinctliii.'s when al ttn-se pliirvs are
Look years youngerl Try Grandma's
recipe, of Sage and Sulphur
and nobody will know.
tile (tint glen in like itninc The din
J I lid be etcti hides them in odd corners
ut people's tmues, That Is lion It
route that nue otten uccldcuially will
Dud tilings tucked away In thu most
unusual place
A Wet Day?
Go out on tho
job wearing
wVAhhridfri Wt
mm U til or lor con
I (Ht, ilio( rnuuh la Mtnu
l Wtla ol jurj cTk.
ad wau poof thtouik oa
tkioutk. Vt tMi ill
J.mlun, wi ctuoitua
Is whcr Iho lioolt ovnUp nd button, Out IH1
( Et Mop (votrwop.
$3.00 ETMywkwe Sttitfadwa Guanaled
Wi i
A. J.-TOWER CO., Botton
moitds make whl(e oiiei., bright unit
shining HUe, lottiid st:ji "l'
Extra Baking
for Christmas
will bo easily dune
If )0U uso
Baking Powder
It liaises tho Dough
and lenvos It light, moist
and tender.
n IMtuiid
HiToTTTTii m ' mi
Almost everyone knows that Sage Tea
and Sulphur, properly compounded,
brings back the natural color and lustre
to the hair when failed, itroakcd or gray;
Also ends dandnuT, itching scalp and
stops falling hair. Years ago the only
way to get this mixture was to male It
at homo, wldoh Is mussy and trouble
some. Nowadays we simple ask at any drug
store for 'Wyeth's Sapo and Sulphur
Hair ltcmcdy.' You will get a largo
bottlo for about 60 cents. Everybody
uses tills old, famous rcclpo, because no
one can possibly tell that you darkened
your hair, as it docs it so naturally and
evenly. You dampen n, spongo or soft
brush with It and draw this through
your hair, taking ono small strand at a
time; by morning the gray hair disap-
favira, and after another application or
wo, your hair becomes beautifully dark,
thick and glossy and you look years
enough Victor-Victrolas
The good old soul wants everyone to have this
ideal Christmas gift, and no one need be without
.a Yictor-Yictrola so far as expense is concerned
$15. $25 $40. ?5. i'75, $100, $150. $200.
But, as in other years, there won't be enough
Victor-Victrolas to go around. The way to be
sire of yours is to pick it out now for delivery
01. Christmas eve.
Don't put it off. Come in today.
Hale Piano House
t v
. . SKW
Ho Knows How
Sulto 12 Over Oeuol'a
R. ft II, fit oen Trndlng Slmnps Given
208 East Maiu Strooi
Tho Only Exclusive
Commercial Photographers
in Southern Oregon
Nogativos Made nny time 01
place hy appointment
Phone 147-J
We'll do tho rest
E. D. WESTON, Prop.
Loans Payable $7.50 per
Month on Each $1,000
Plus Interest.
Loans can be paid off
any time
George Rutz
I'YultKnuu'rs Hank ltltlir,
Buyers to Share in Profrs
Lower Prices on Ford Car
Etftctlvo from August 1, 1014, to August 1, 1915, and gunran.eed
against any reduction during that time:
Touring Citr ....- UOO
Hiinabout -...., 440
Town Car ....... .. 000
F. O. I). Detroit. All cars fully equipped.
(In tho United States of Amorlcn Only.)
Further, wo will bo able to obtain the maximum efficloncy tn our
factory production, end the minimum cost In our purchasing and
sales departments It wo can reach an output ot 300,000 cars be
tween tho abovo datos.
And should wo reach tots production we agree to pay as tho Buyer's
sliaro from HO to $60 per car (on or about August 1, 1915) to
ovory rotnll buyer who purchases a now Ford car between August 1,
1914, and August i. i3lo.
For further particulars regarding these low prices and profit-sharing
plan, sco tho nearest Ford Branch or Dealer.
Ford MotorCar Company
C. E. GATES, Agent
Sparta nulldlng SIcdfoH, Oregon,
SPARTA CIGAR STORE C. W. Harrington, Prop. ;
f.!wl,v : , . r
Itn ',