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"-- ru
i'''. M.
U aii
Fnlr tonight and tomorrow
Mux. n.'tj MIb. 42.
forty-fourth Ytar.
Dftlly Nlnlli Yfiir.
NO. 223
'Jj, Hi
Warships Scharnhorst,
nnd Lclp:l( Sunk, Two
Captured, While Dresden
Nuriilicr-- Escape and Are Bcinn
Pursued by British Squadron.
I. ON I ION, Doc '. - It wnn nn
iiiuiiiieil offlrliillv hero today llial tli
(Iitiiiiiii trtiiiiH Hchuiuhnrst, Gnelno
nan nml Leipzig liml boon mink off
tlm Fiill-lnnd IhIriuI In tin South At
lantlo. Tim following nnnounroinont was
Issued by ttm official Information bur
(iiii :
' At 7 30 n. in. on tin eighth of
Dcu'IiiIht, tlm Scharnhorst, GtioMo
nun, Number, I.olptlg nml Dresden
wore n t r. 1 1 1 1 1 near tlio Falkland
Islands tiy a Ilrltlitli squadron under
Vim Ailinlrul Hlr Frederick Sturdeo
An iictlon followed, In tlm course
of which tint Hclmrnhorst, flying tlm
Jlac of Atlinlral Count von Hpw, the
Oiiolminnu nml tho Leipzig t
Mink. Tlio Dresden nml Nurnborg
utnilii off itiirliiK the action ami am
being pursued.
"Two colliers nlno won raptured.
"Tlio vlco udinlrnl rt-portH that tlio
HrltlHh cnnunllloH urn wry few In
"Home survivor have boon rescued
from tlm Gnulnenaii nml tlio l.elxlg."
Tlio HritUh offlolnl Hliilcuont
hows (lint, iim Iiiih been reported, the
German ipmdron mndo its way from
tlio l'liciflii to tlln Atlantic. Tlio
Falkland islnsiW, near which tlio Gcr
lllllll tdllpS worn Sighted, lie off tin
lii of South America, dhectlv cm!
ol the xtriutH of Magellan.
History or l'loct
Tin' Cmionnu, Leipzig nml Kchurn
liorkl. with tho crulsei Nuriitcrg
nml Dic-don, composed tho Gorman
1'iielflo (led, which In llu engage
incut with tlio HrltlHh sundrnn un
der Hoar Ailmlrnl Hlr Clirlntoplir
Crnddock off tlm roast of Chile on
November I, mink tlio Hi Midi cruis
ers Monmouth nml Good lloo with
tlio Ioiih of nliout I .'00 nii'ii. "Nlnco
that llimi Hi It lh nml Japunoso nquad
rotiH huvo been sonichlng for tho
Gorman flout, of which llttlo Iiiih he on
heard. Koconl reports from Monte
video, I'ruguny, wir to tho effort
Hint tho Gorman fleet was bollovod
to havo rounded tho enpo ami oiitcrod
tlii' Miuth Atlantic wntois, hut Hutu
has Im'cii no authentic luformntlon of
tlm whoieubouls of those vessels slnco
tlm buttle with tho HrltlHh Hquodrnn.
Nrlmiiiljorst Flag Hlili
Tlio Hchnriiliontt nml OnolHonou
nro tho 1 argent tnlifpit of tho Gorman
fleet. Thoy worn Hlstur Hhlps or
11,1100 Ioiih displacement, -ICO foot
(Continued on 1'ago C).
WASHINGTON, Dee, 0. Success
of tlio iillioil Ounnan nml Austrian
troops ill western Gallcia wiih rcpoit
oil 1'iiiiu Vii'iinu toilavto tho t'lnlnihHy
liiui). Tlio illHimtch Hit'yHj
"Tlm liuttlo in I'oliiinl p(iri'HHi)S
fiivonihly. In West (lalicin tlm Aim
tro.iinj;ai!iiii(l('nniiii Iioojh ii
IiioKciI I'ioiii lliy Houlh tlio iiilvuncinK
ItiiKMiuiiH nml i'iiiluivil 'J.'I.OOO piiHoiio
tii'H. Our trooiK linvo iniiril kioiiihI
houlh ol' Ili'lunnli'i Tlm I'lii'iny wlih
l t'int'oi tu-int'iilH coutiiiuoM sloli'iit at'
tiii'U unit' Auinu.voliniii', I'liuco
,i'lnlii'll.U'iilP Iim AuhIiIimi ilcli'Kilto,
nml lh(iulv IVIiiir, tlm lliinuuiiaii
ilitlitKiilo, loll I'or (Iriiou In Hiii'l tlio
Allll'lll'llll CNIIIIM hi) .tllkllll. (Il'l-
iiiiiny nUo kiiiuU ilnli'uuli'x. Tlio imli
lln iiiiiiiIIi'km Him un'iili"l (tl'ililmlo
)r lliix nmi ol n)niiiilliy uui,l'il
j Allll'IHIHI ltUl(l'(IH,
Appreciable Gains at Arras hy Infan
try, and Artillery Repulses Ger
mans Alonn Meuse Mine Destroys
Trench on Alsne Hold All New
Positions Gained December 8.
l'AUIS, I )(. !, 'J: 10 p. in.- Thou
wnn nrtillory lichtiiu: 1'iiiiu tin1 m-ji to
lliil ly iluiinj; tlio ilny of IJitciiiIh'I'
H, IKM'III lIlllK to lll(! IVl'lll'll Ol'lll'llll
uiiiuiiim'i'iiii'iit ivi'ii out in I'ari-t thin
nl'trrnoon, nml nil tlio positions wmi
by tlio I'mich during Ibo past two
ilnyn uio bci'ti tronntln'm'il.
"Dniini; Ibo day of Doooinbor 8
tboht was iiitillory IIiiiik from tho
hciiooiihI to l,yn.
"Ill Ibo ropon of Arrai nml further
to Ibo xoiilli tbcio wan iiotliiiiK I" "'
port. All tlio position won by us
ilunui; Ibo jmtt two iIii.vk Iiiivu licuti
orvanirctl ami couHolnluteil.
"In Ibo n'Kion of tho Ainno nrtil
lory oxi'liaii(,'i'rt ami fiubtini; by our
iilfniitry roHullod in aimrociabln i;ninH
lor iih. Sovoial tlonnnit tri'iichod
woro oorupioil, ami wo iiiudo i)ioj:ri'SH
altuij, tlio cutiro fiout with tho nxecp
tion of ono ".iiiRlo (Miint. Horn tho on
oiny blow up olio of our trrnchiM with
a iiiino.
Aitlllory Affctvo
"On Ibo lii'iKbtH of tho Moiiho our
atlillory hbowoil iti.i-lf iliHtlnotlv tlio
maslor of tho nrtillory of tho enemy.
In tblri region an well ax in tho Ar
Koiiiio wo have inailo proerofifl nlon
tho riitirn front, nml have occupied
Home of the Oomiiin trencher), The
Maine tbiii" happened in the iciou of
"In tho VoNKCri wo ivwiIm'iI Koveral
iiltaok. to the iioitbwost of Siuonos."
"In the lemaimlor of Ibo segment
of Ibo VoxtM'h the enemy inailo no ni-
deavor, iliimii' the din- of Deeember
8, to deliver any mtious attaek on
the mi-iIiiiiik oeoumed li" uk last
w eek.
Itusslaii Sltiiallon
"Itn-sia - Tho stubborn attaek' of
the (lormnti' against tho front from
How to I.owie. ami from StryKow to
I.oil., ami also uloii" a lino riiuuim:
noilli nml south sixteen kilometies
(ten miloH) to tho west of I'iotrUnw,
woro lepulsed. Novel Ihclo1., bceaiiRe
of Ibo o.posed position of I .oil, a;
tho bead of a wedge, the Hiissiaiis
have found it aihisablo to ovnounto
tlii- oily.
"In Gnlieia Ibo Austiians who no
pear to have leooived Clonnan rein
foioomontH, luivo i-oKiuiied llui offen
sive in Ibo icgiou of N'u Samlro to
tlio eiiMt of Cracow acaiust tho litis
siaii loft win1,'. Tlio Servian nrmioft
n ro luakiii" ningiyss in tlm upper a
levs of tho western Morava nml on
th'o left bank of tho river Mid. TlurA
havo taken possession of Iho lieibtH
of Meljen, eiiDlurin" iinmerouH oris
ouerrt nml iU Inking oannon from
tho eucmv. In tho rooiou of Kusmnj
tho KoniniiH nro in eoutnol with tho
Austiian troops,"
LONDON, Dec. 0, 12:15 p. in,
Tho Central Nuwr linn puhlUhod a
dtripntch from ltn AniHtonlam corroR
pomlont, who nnyH that tho KIhk of
Saxony lian nrrlved In llnnou'la, m
Slops toward seeming a beet su
gar factory in tho Hoguo River valley
will ho taken no.t Friday afternoon
nt 12 o'clock at u mass meeting of
fnrmeiN, landowners and business
men that will ho held in tho small hall
of llui Nalalorium, F. S. Iliumwoll,
foiiuei' iniiuiigei' of tlm Amalgamated
Hukiu' company, ami nHHociales, rep
resenting Flah ami custom sugar in
loiOfttM, united in Iho city this morn
ing mid am being shown over Iho val
ley this iiflcimuAi in n preliminary in
veslignlloii of conditions,
At Iho iiiiinh nii'cllng Iho plan, ono
ililioiu nml other iciiiiIii'IiiciiIh of llie
heel siigiir men will ho illm'io.i.i'11 ami
lin il'l'oil iiniibi lo serine aciciini) for
lliu 1U10 ciop, Lmlir hu diiccliuii
Inability to Unite Forces Gave Rus
sians Chance Evacuated Polish
City lor "Strateolc Reasons"
Berlin Tells ot Pursuit of Czar's
Minions to South.
LONDON, Dee. II. 11 :ll a. in. The
oonlor of the (leiiuan hue in Itussiau
Poland having oeeupied l.odr, it is
eoiitiuuiutr to pub on to tho enntwnid
after tlio retiiiut; Ius"iann,'ae:oidiiii;
to oflieial aiiuoiineeiueiit mnde in
lloiliii. Nevertheless tho slrnin of
both sides lias been terrific and the
loHM'K heavy, no that a lull prolia'ilv
will soon sol in on this part of the
eastern battle front while the ttoopx
recuperate. ,
The Hussiiins continue (o assort
t tint their ictircmcnt from hod, was
it Mrntenioiil necessity rather than it
defeat, but it will take future devel
opments to show whether this claim
is correct or not. Twice driven bnek
from Warsaw, the Hermann njnun nro
in n HiMtiou to advance on the enn
ital of Itussiau Poland, and even tho
llritish press, which minimizes the im
portance of the tnkiut; of I.odr.. points
out that it is on the trunk line rail
road between Kalis, nml Warsaw,
which' lino is now held bv the invnd
ern probnbly to a point considerably
to the enst of the oeeupied city.
Grout Clinncei It
Viewing tho fiphtinir in the vicinity
of I.odziu retrospect it would nppcar
ilinl flnriiianv liful it irii1iim. vielirv
almost within her rnsi and lost it bv
not lieiiij? able to nnito her forces,
while later tho Kussians were sue
eussfut ill uaiiiniiT a dominant position
which thev could not bold.
In (he western arena where it would
appear still geuerall" tiuo thai the
Hermans are more on tho defensive
than the offensive, tho news that thev
havo made n violent attack to tho
south of Ypres, indicates Ihnt thoy
havo not abandoned Ibo idea of
lircukiii" through to the French const,
and it is said that tho pick of tho
(lonunn western nnnv has been con
centrated for this latest effort.
The fato of General lleyers in
South Africa has not yet been abso
lutely cleared up. If he is dead, ns is
belioved, it will remove the last of
the important South African rebels.
General Do Wet is n prisoner. Colonel
MnriUa a fugitive and most of tho
roinmnmls have been broken up.
WASHINGTON, Dee. 0, On ltd In
veHtlKatlon of mnrkettiiR ot Kansas
wheat tho department ot agriculture,
today reported to congress that no
"collusion to restrain competition or
depress prices nt Kansas City" was
discovered nml Hint Knnxntj fannonv
"ns n general rule nro getting nil that
their wheat In worth."
of .1. T. finllivnn, W. IT. Goiv, J. A,
Ferry and others, tho boot, sugar fun
lory representatives nro being shown
over tho valley this afternoon, Fur
ther inspection of local conditions
will he made.
Regarding their plans, Mr. Brum
well nml bis associates refuse (o
iiiako a statement, icscrviug a free
discussion of Iho mailer uulil tho
mass Hireling, when it Is uigcd thai
represeiilntivo gathering of Iho in
leiesls al'l'cclcd will bo in iillcmlanco
nml nil ipiciii'N unskveicil,
If Iho plans for Iho heel sugar fan.
lory go Ihioiigh il v ill nieiui imlii'ii
OM'ritli0lM villi nIiii! nt once, mid the
Kiwng of ii iiov imliikii) mid u pn
roll lo IIih tulle
' s-Ul
'!. ' seT'V0jiSlf:
r, y TJt''
-. V '1
l . "Tmr , r.,
-mr Ar j-v -f
smmrjr .
T . v:5j. '
& -&fejs ' , - 'fii.n-';
General VtlU U reporter! to have entered Mexico City at the head ot
"?,() troops anil wont Into camp lit tbo suburbs Kurroundlug tho capital. On
hU arrival ho announced bis luUnluu vvua to restore order throughout Mexico.
Ilia coming waa haUtd by butvdrviU of (vcrtoun t tbo slj.ii that the inuit erloui
iTlal la the affair tiUMlco.haji passed. lie Is regarded as the ouc man who
U lruUR niouiih to bring order out of the cbao which baa existed alnce Car
raiira quitted Uio city tund left It ut the mercy of any baud who might enter It
U) suck the place
I'KTHOnitAD, Dec. !, via London,
3:02 p. in. The Gorman attacks In
I.owlcz to the west of Wnrnnw, yes
terday w-cro conducted with absolute
disregard ot conseuencca and accord
ing to a report roadTlng hero tre
mendous losses woro Incurred. Tho
German method of throwlqg column
niter column In close rnnks, tho men
marching Hhouldcr to shoulder, was
evidence of tho determination to take
Gils position which Is on tlio direct
road to Warsaw and nearer to War
saw than any other fighting center on
tho Lodz front.
In nplto of tho miirderotiH flro of
tho Kussians, tho Gorman Infantry
lay In tho shallow trenches dug out
with their bayonets and their hands
at a dUtanco of 200 paces from tho
HtiHslttn entienchmeuts nnd brought
up their artillery to within S00 paces
ot tho Russian positions. Tho Army
Messenger, nn official organ, declares
that while tho Germans woro moving
forward from Lnslc yesterday, thoy
attacked PahlantUl, ton miles south
west of Lodz, In closo ranks and
forced tho Kussians to glvo ground,
but with tho approach ot darkuess
tho Russians stopped tho advance of
tho Germans and iufllcted heavy
losses on them by tho continued use
ot their nrmorcd automobiles on tho
Lask-Pahlanltzt highway. Sdunknska
Wola, Lask ami Pablanitzl, markod
tho successive steps of tho attempted
Gorman odvnnco on Wursaw.
Tho Kusvlan movement enveloping
Cracow continues slowly but success
fully uccoidlng to Information reach
ing l'olrograd.
WAHWNflTON. Dee. Ik -No n.
Kivskito iiclmii on Iho pint of Iho
United Kioto la iiouloiiii)niii in Iho
M'lllliUjf llf lllbhliillllll llOOjIK III Nlll'll,
AlU An ollicml kliiliiiii'iil vuia i--kut'il
lodiiy id Iho wliilu iouo
.- 3&&Z&'..
IMIOKNIX, Ariz., Dec. 9. Kcsolu
tlons Introduced today beforo tho
seventeenth annual session ot tho
American Mining Congress request
that tho legal requirement of as
sessment work on mining claims be
waived for 1911.
Another resolution appeals to tho
state department at Washington to
tako steps to nssuro free shipments
ot copper to neutral ports ot Kuropc.
Tho resolution sets forth that tho ac
tion of belligerent governments In
Interfering with copper shipments
had adversely affected halt a million
people In Hits country who nro de
pendent upon tho copper Industry for
a livelihood.
Proposed leasing by tho govern
ment ot mineral lauds in tho public
domain was tho principal topic ot
discussion. A paper prepared by
Senator John F. Shafroth of Colo
rado, and read In his absence before
tho congress, started tho discussion.
Senator Shafroth contended in his
paper that a leasing system by tho
nation, creating tho relation ot laud
lord and tenant with tho citizens ot
a stato or territory, was Inconsistent
with tho American form ot govern
ment. If adopted, ho prcdlctod it
would bo a failure. v
PARIS, Dec. 0, 2.10 p. m. -Tele-graphing
from Nlsh, Scrvla, the cor
respondent of tho llitvas agency
transmits nn extract from tho dec
laration of tho now Seivlnu cabinet,
toad beforo tho Servian legislature to
duy ua follew:
' Convinced Hint tho entire Rervlun
pooplo huvo resolved lo defend their
home mid thvir liberty to tho end by
u holy wur, tho rou government
feel II to ho U duty lo tilwt aur
unco of tho oiiiuiii'ialii)ii mid lliu
union of Mil nor brother deprived of
their llbniiy, lm ilu-y Hervimm,
t'lUNiluim, or Hl)tfiiuik.
Commander of American Fleet De
clares Country Powerless to Cope
With Other Nations in Case of War
Unable to Keep on Sea or Pro
tect Commerce.
miral Fletcher, voiiimnitdoSflftiio At
lantic fleet, impressively,'oliJ , the
house nnviil committee today thuLtho
United Ktntes navy is unprepared to
cope with the most powerful nnvy in
the world. He mentioned no country.
"You can safely say," ho testified,
"Ihnt we arc not prepared for the
worst emergency that might nrise to
protect ourselves from the greatest
force available."
"We would hnvc to greatly enlarge
our fleet to protect American inter
ests ngainst nil possible combinations
njrninst us, or to control the occas
ion. We would have to tnkc the of
fensive when we hnvc n strong enough
Helpless In Warfare
"Arc wc strong enough," tho nd
mirnl was asked, "to offer decided re
sistance ngainst any nation at this
"Not nt nil," the admiral replied.
"We would havo to defend ourseles
as best we could. Wo probably would
be unable to keep on the sen or to
protect our commerce."
"Aro yon maintaining- the same
standard in the personnel-of the navy
as von nlwnys have?'
"It has not been further than it is
today," replied the admiral.
"The ships individually nre in n
high state of efficiency, ns high ns
they ever have been, nnd if there is
nny criticism nt nil it is became of
lack of the usual opportunity to have
the ships tnkc their drill excreiscs to
gether due to tho fleet being busy in
Mc.m'co and the West Indies."
Vso of Submarines
Admiral Flctoher told the commit
tee n European nation could hcud
submarines ncross tho ocenn to dart
into nn American harbor and assail
the American fleet. It was of course,
ho said, a suppositious case, ns to the
practicability of such n move. For
instance, bo snid, England had n 'nice
lit t lo supply stntion" several huinlred
miles away from New York harbor at
The admiral said he would recom
mend ns good policy eight or ten
moro submarines for const and har
bor defense.
Representative Roberts of Massa
chusetts nnd others pressed Admiral
Fletcher about tbo actual condition of
the American submarines and he fin
ally testified thero was only one sub
marina now iu netivo first-class con
dition. Others nro being overhauled
at the navy yards. About twelve sug
mnrines, ho said, were undergoing
annual oveihanling. All tho subma
rines, ho ndded, should bo in full
readiness nml preparedness for first
class active service, "some time in
February, and they will then bo ef
fective weapons."
No ltomlKirdmeut Likely
"How far off shore should a most
modern battleship lie and effectively
(Contluucd on Page Four)
Tho marvels success which will
crown this struggle will more than
repay tbo tremendous sacrifices In
volved, In Hits vvar.HervIa has no
cholco and tho struggle will continue
to bo waged with tiiikhukeable conr
ugo. "Ah tlio enemy ktlll remains on Her.
van territory the government cries
to lliu peeple:
"Forward, with God'n aid, nttulnil
Iho eiiuiny,"
Tlio roadliiK of Ibis de-JurttlloH
mah Inloriupled many mr by im
IhiikluRlli) blind from Urn anumibleil
For Duration, Bitterness and Blood
shed, Greatest in Industry Mimic
War Ruled State Tent Celenles
New Feature-rrPresident Wilson te
Lend Good Offices for Settlement.
DKN'VKU, fo'lo Dec 0 In dura
(fon, wiprRlctV ot life, property, anil
In monetary loqn to tho state, miners'
union, iba cdrtl operators, tho min
ers, railroads and private Industries,
the Colorado cool strlko has been ono
ot the greatest in tho history of
American mining. It will end Dec.
Tho strlko In tbo northern coal
fields, of which tho state-wtdo strike
is a continuation, was called on April
4, 1911. Tho state-wide strlko was
called on September S3, 1913, and
virtually paralyzed tho Industry ot
Colorado, threw tho commonwealth
into turmoil and finally led to the
calling out ot the .stato militia and
tho importation of federal troops,
successively, into the strlko territory
to preserve order.
The toll of approximately eighteen
millions of dollars expended during
the strlko is shared by miners, opera
torn, tho union, railroads, state aad
federal governments as well as pri
vate Industries. According to union
ojflqlals moro than 13,000,000 has
been paid In strlko benefits aloae.
Loss of wages to miners Is estimated
at over $6,000,000.
The strlko has "boen characterized
by an unusually number of acta ot
violence and at least 6G persons are
known to havo been killed and about
CO Injured as a result ot disorders In
cident to tho labor war.
Armed Colonies
Tho battlo between striking miners,
mine guards and militiamen at Lud
low on April 20. which ended In tho
destruction ot tho tent colony, was
responsible for tho death ot 12 chil
dren and two women, whose bodies
wore found in a pit in tho ruins ot tho
site. Subsequent warfare which In
cluded atfacks upon various mining
camps In Las Animas, Huerfana,
Fremont and Uouldor counties
marked the culmination of strlko out
breaks. Tho arrival of federal troops
on April 30, 1914, restored peace.
Stato troops were sent Into tho
strlko zono October 29, 1914, when
local authorities declared thoy were
unablo to'preservo order. With tho
exception ot ono company stationed
nt Ludlow and another at Walscn
bur, tho stnto troops woro withdrawn
on April IS, of tho year following,
Tho noxt week, however, they wero
(Continued on Page Four.)
PARIS, Dec,), 3:10 p. m. Presi
dent Foinenre nud Premier Vivinni
arrived iu Paris today from Uor
dcaux. Foreign Minister Dulcnsso
ami members of tho diploihalio corpti
were to follow (hem later in (ho day.
Tho return of President Polncaro
jo Paris from llordcnux marks (ho ro
establishment of tho seat of French
government in that city after nn ab
sence of nearly three months, In the
early weeks of tho war when (ha OiT"
man armies were sweeping southward
across France, Iho Fieueli cavern
ineul on Kepi. II i-isued h proelsimtloit
announcing 1 !owHrnry trHnsfsr
renco o Ilorileaux, Th (Idi-hmim Uh1
penetrated hIhiovI (o tlm umbirU nt
Purl mid (ho soiiHd of (Mr Umy
guns could m hcurd U tint cky,
Vnr aovoritl iluy Ik fa t4 Pari
whn Ih ihnM, Tftr-M 11m tuirmmm t
Ihu OrmiiHH iMitl Mui tfwy
i ere fortfJ tat-k l iWr ptmt V'
iihm mmm m ,
. 1 , 1 . r