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Medford Mail Tribune
Itnln tonight mid ftatHr&iy
Mux. Hj .Mln. U,
XO. 213
irorty.fourtl, Y,r. MEDFORD. OltKClON,
27, 19M
Hwllv NlnUi YAf, , , J,,, . i. .
Von Hlwtcnliuro Cut Off and Sur
rounded, One Division of 50,000 Is
Taken Prisoners, Another Entirely
Cut Up, Accordlnn to Unofficial
I'AlllH, Nov. 27, 4.03 a. in. Tele,
giuphlng from Potrngrad regarding
lh fighting around Lodz In IIuhhIiiii
Poland, llio correspondent of the
.Matin iny:
'One Herman nrmy coips which
was surrounded by IttiMlnn troops,
surrendered In u hotly. Thin repro
hkiiIh 1,0,000 prlMiners. Another
ioriM which Imil been cut off huit now
ln-t'ii completely put to rout.
"Tln IttiHulftiiii urn now attacking
tilling ttin Croiinloctiowtt-Crnciiw lino
with redoubled liitiumlty."
LONDON, Nov. 27. Whlln thi hi',
lief grows hoiiily thnl tho Hun
tluiiM lii northern I'olnml havo won
tli" grcatont littlo of thu war, nctunt
ili'tnllN of tho operations In thin lo
cality ntlll urn withheld, anil thi
whole lucltk'iit li beginning to take
mi tho tiMrctn of a mystery.
(,'i'riniiii IW'MrtN Vague
Prom ivtrograd conn's a report
that tho patience of tint Ituimlan poo-pli-
awaiting offlrlnl confirmation of
thu reported victory, I nppruachlng
tlu hteaMug point unit tho same
thine may ho until of tint public hero
(liTinaiLiupurU. without entering
Into nay such di'talls, ah dates, do
ncrlhen succeMful operation In the
legion or thlB great battle, hut nd
stilt Hint tho German nrmy linn not
mice Iil In bringing tho ntriiRKlo to
it clone.
It In 'ilcnt that tho comparative
failure of tho Austro-Orrmnn opera
Hoiih along tho Cronlochown front
r.nvi' tho HunMans opportunities to en
volop (Sonoral von llludenburg after
HiIh hrllllanl tiornmn leader hail
thrown a wedge Into hU antagonists
ccntor. Tho Iturslau to tho outli,
Mifo on tholr own front, woro nhlo
to strike northward, thus breaking
tint iiiioiiiy who hail passed east bo
yoml tholr right flank.
ft Mrs Astonished
Military critics at I'etiograd pro
fiHH to ho astonished ut tho Gorman
iiMtitult on Lodz, mainlining that
Mich a movement mailo tho defeat
of tho InviitlcrH Inevitable. Critics
unset t that unless tho Gorman ad
vance toward ICullio ntul Lodz wad
part of n larger movement, tho oper
ation wait too hazardous to ho crod
li. Im. Tito (lerman army In tho vi
cinity of Wlulun ha Initiated an ad
vance which Is U'lloveil In London
to liawt been Hlarteit too lato to ho of
nay tine.
Opposed to fie mum reports mo tho
unofficial statements from Petrograd,
Pails and London, that Gormany Iiuh
been ilercuted declHlvely nnd Earl
Kltchener'rt mittouiiromont In parlia
ment that Germnny lias suffered tho
greatest reversal of the wnr. For
nearly a week llit'im olalms havo been
ninilo with tho ulmoHt confidence,
yet the ItiiMMliui war office withholds
uny word of declMvo developments.
VKIIA C'M Nov. S7. John It.
Sillimmi, Hut puiHoiml U'lirchuntativu
of I'lehitlent WiUon, in Mexico, w
fiutliiiK' iliflieiilty in joiulutr (leueral
Ciiniiii.u. Mi. Killimmi is In Mexico
City, while (leueral (.'arraimi h liere,
'i'lii'i railroiiil llmi hetwecu tho two
itllicri Ih tuil. Mr. Sillimmt hare.
eclvetl ipslnii'liou from WiihliiiiKtou
In foiiliimo Willi Ciuimiiii, ami it ix
lielievi'il lii'iii Unit he will have In
iiiiilerlal.e a eii;lhv iuleivlew,
(It'ilt'ial Cari'miKa loiluy cHlnlilili
i'il Ins leiuuiinry fiijiilnl in Hi" lij-clt t -JioiiNU
liiiiltlhitf. lie hiioii will IkNiie
htlllll) of III" llllinpMHIll-tll lIl'I'll'f'H of
ii'liiiii mill eieeinllv Mini one ii'lul
lii In luilIT ll In lilx ileKliu In l
ilme Ihi' iiiimi ilnlie on iieefnollli'M
liinl HM-ihly iiii'H'iin' Ihiin oil liik
27. Tin' proclnmiition of a holy
war announced for the first linn
Hoiiin ten days ago wan publish
I'll lnr' loiluy, It in signed hy
the Miltuu mill twenty. right
moslem priests ami calls iikiu
tho iiiohIi'iu wot Id to pniticiputo
in a holy war against flu-ill
Itiiliun, Russia ami lYnncc.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 - Aus
trian successes over tho Itusslnn of
renntves In the C'arjmthliinn nnd In
wcMern (lallcla wero reported In a
rorelmt dispatch to the Aunlrlan Hun
Kurlau enthiiNsy which hays:
"Itcnew'ed Uuiutlan nltemptH to
break throtiKh tho defiles In the C'ar
pathfnns tho two dlntrlrts (if UiiK
and Zempllu wero repulsed with
Kreai"loses. In western Gallcla our
troops repulsed tho Itusnlan forces
which wero advancing toward tho low
er Duniijec "
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27. Two
Kon of Julian Urlbe, vlre-preldetit
or the Colombian hoiiso of repio
sentatlves, are to bo emplo)ed In thu
reclamation service to Rather exper
ience for bulldliiB IrrlKutlon projects
In their own country. An executive
order wnhlnt; tho civil sorvlro rogu
latloiiH was sinned today us an act
of International courtesy to Colom
LONDON, Nov. ''". The Innnm
I'uolfic eiposilion eommittro is re
eeivinsr many applieatinim for space
from prospective o.xltiliiloi. Tho
rnilt'il States naval collier Jamm will
call at KiiRlisli perls in January after
taliim: in exhibits ut Marseilles and
Ofiioa. Most of the iioplieants for
hpaeo are inanulaeturei-K or artists.
Thanksgiving Day Foothall
At Taeoma Oregon April's Tol
h'Kii -111, I'niversity of Southern Cali
fornia (I.
At Portland Oregon Untveiily 0,
Multnomah Club 11.
At SpokaneMonluna 1ft, flon-
zan 0.
At Seattle University of Wash
ington -Hi, WaHliiiiKlou State Col
lege 0.
At Walla Walla Idaho 7, Whit
mini 0.
At Reno, Nov. California 38, No
va tin r.
At IMiilatlelphia Cornell 'J I, Penn
sylvania 11!.
At Syracuse, N. V. Notre Dame
'JO, Syracuse 0.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. The
Turkish ooiummuU'i' of the fori ut
Smyrna luyu all responsibility for tho
filing iisiu tho oruiser Tennesseo's
launch "to tho indifference of the
helmsman of the launch," who, il is
said, did not beet) warning of Ihc
picHcuci) of mines,
Beeriiliiry llrynn issued today a
supplemental sliileuient on tho Ten
iiohhou incident, luisetl upon thu lat
est I'omuiiiniimlloii from (ho 'J'uikUh
minister of war lo Aml'MkHulor Mur
Iji'iitliiiii In Couslmilinopiit.
"Thu wiir ihIiiUIci-'m ii'jmil," (he
hlnlemi'iil siild, "ln I en liinl lie nucor
Imui'tl fi'oui llm i0Hiiiuiuilei' of
Hwiyinu hul wu bluMk tMv ul
Campaign Enters Upon New Pitas of
War Flfllttinji Diminishes Steadily
In Severity, Now Merely Skirmishes
New Tactics Force Burden of
Attack Upon Allies.
LONDON, Nov. ur.-Tlic campaign
in France niul Belgium, eonimoiily ic
yitnlcil as the main conflict of Hie
ntiropctiu war, seemeil touhy to have
entered, nt least tcmponiiily, upon t
new phasi". 1'or the time foelntf Our-
iiiiinv has reiiuipiisiiiii lite oiieusive,
which she held so relentlessly timing
the earlier weeks of the war.
Official stnlcments fiom It'-tlin and
Pans slmwed that the ftj;litiii wlueh
has hi en iliiuiuishiiii; steatlily in se
verity for the Inst two weeks has
now flattened out to n mere series of
detached skirmishes, hvohin;; onlv a
small number of men. It remained to
hu seen whether this slate of affairs
was the prelude to another German
onslaught, as London has been prc-
dictinc, or whether it meant that dcr
many liatl adopted new luetics which
would thrust uM)ii the allies the har
den of tin attack in an effoit to drive
out tho invaders.
Insignificant Operations
Tlie lVeneli stntcment said that in
the Arpmno, wheie some of the most
spirited fiuhtiiiK has been in process
recently, them were only small en
;lu:e,uatA',!'l,r"'y Orouinl was
tnken hy Hie fltnnniis niul retaken by
the allies, but the insignificant scale
of these operations, measured by the
mai;ultuilu of the war us a while, is
shown by tho statement that the
fighting involved no more than one
battalion, and tho disputed ground
exleiiilcd over no more than twenty
fix ynnls. The (lermnn statement
reports some progress in this region.
At a few other points farther west in
Prance and in llelgium there were
small brushes.
Along Suez C.inal
Thirty miles lo tho cast of the Sue
canal British forces nro in touch with
Turkish invaders, hut thcrd is no sign
of a genuml action in this vicinity,
nixl it is expected that action in
Kgypt will probably bo postponed for
tho reason that the Turks appear to
he hard pressed in Armenia, and
around the Persian gulf.
I.1TTLK ROCK, Ark., Nov. 27.
Rain which began falling over south
ern Arkansas yesterday became gen
eral over tho entire state early today
ami from all points located -in tho fire,
swept timbered sections canio reas
suring reports that tho flames were
subsiding. Tho local weather bureau
predicted n continued fall of ruin to
night and tho precipitation id expect
ed to extinguish oil fires.
Prayers of thanksgiving for the
timely rains woro said in many of
tho churches yesterday, No accurate
estimnto of tho losses suffered had
been made, hut tho lumber loss has
been great
warning Wero first fired and Hint tho
sentinel, after wailing two minutes,
was obliged to fire, tho third shot in
another direction from that of tho
launch, which latter shot was merely
to prevent tho helmsman of tho
launch from holding his course, which
would lend directly onto tho minus nl
Hut eiitrauee of Ihe poll, mid to res
fin Mm fiom a vciy certain danger.
Thu iMiimnmidi'i' of Smyrna cxpicKxc
very gieal i egret I lift t such mi ohli-
was iiii'sriiieii to ine seuuuci
( llm imiiI, ulmli he ulllihiileil In
Ihu indinVji'iii'u or Him lieliiiniiiin of
llm luinii'li.
Hit'ivliiiy Hmmii kiioI Ihi lnlikl li'
jo t'l)lK hp lIH'lill'Mt,
WARSAW, lliissin, Nov. 27. -Organisation
,'of n Polish na
tional council i anuotini'cd in
a proclamation 'published today
in Polish iiVwspaMTH. The
proclamation, 4igncd by the most
protninenl Polish politicians,
states thai tho object of the
eouneij. will bo lo prepare the
jM'ople for rhnnges in their na
tional life in the event of the
fulfillment of Russia's pi utilise,
made in the name of (liritnl
Duke Nicholas, (hat the dis
lucmbciril parts of Poland
should be icuiiitcd.
BKRL1N, Nov. 27. bv wirelc-s. An
official report issued in Vienna savs:
"The fighting in Russian Poland
has iisMuucd the proportions of a
continuous bat lie. fn western Gal
ieiii our troops have it-pulsed the
Russians. Markeipprogiess has been
innde in the fighting in the Cut-path-iatH.
"Near the Koluhiirn liver in Servin,
the enemy's center in in a strong po
sition near Lni-nnivat., but wo at
tacked ami took UlCV-vrisoners, three
guns, four ammunition wagons mid
three machine guns. To the south of
Ljid we took Hie eastern heights ami
Jlfll) pnxoners. From Vnljeio "ur
troops have advanced to ICosjoviehi."
LONDON, Nov. 27, 1:C2. Chand
ler P. Anderson, a special representa
tive of tho United States stato de
partment, who has Inspected tho Ger
man detention camp at Newbury race
track, concerning which many com
plaints havo been printed In tho Gor
man uowspapers, Is preparing his
report for presentation to tho Ger
man authorities.
Mr. Anderson says tho only criti
cism bo round of tho present condi
tions was based on tho lack of heat.
Tho prlfconors now aro living In tents
but shortly will niovo Into huts and
stables where tho conditions will bo
almost Identical with those, at the
race tracks In Germany. Tho com
mandant and tho prisoners at New
bury Camp aro on good terms, Mr.
Anderson said, atubithe food is ado
nuuto, T
N1SH, Servin, Nov, 23. An offic
ial statement issucdtodny regarding
tho fighting in northern Servin says:
"Tho battle, which commenced on
November 20 on tho Lnznrevntr.-M.i-onilcn
Iront, and in which wo re
pelled tho army and captured a hun
dred prisoners, still continues.
''.On tho 21sl our. heavy artillery
bombarded tho Austrian monitors off
Semlin and forced them to withdraw,
nt tho biiino timo silencing tho en
emy's artillery.''
LONDON, Nov 27. Tho British
ndmlinlty this evening announced
that the collier Kliaitpiini hud Iuhmi
blown up loiluy by u mine off (IrlliiM-
by. Thu crew of Iho Klimlouiu huh
luilded ut (liliimli)'.
(Jiluuby In on Ihu Miulhbunk of
(hu Dumber, lw I'l I leu fcoulhtuil of
President Expresses to Belligerent
Countries cf Europe Disapproval of
Attacks bv Bombs From Aircraft
Upon Unfortified Cities Occupied
by Non-Combatants.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. I'rcsl
dent Wilson has communicated unof
flclally to the diplomatic representa
lives of the United SuUs In tho belli
gerent countries of Kurope, his dls
approval of attacks by bomtm from
air craft dropped on unfortified cit
ies occupied by rion-rombatants.
Tlie president was careful not to
take tho matter up officially and did
not ;crt make his communication
through tho state department, but
personally addressed tho American
ambassadors abroad. Tho president
took this course. It became known
today, nearly two months ago. Thu
facts came to" light through thu publl.
cation of a report that tho president
had discussed the matter with Euro
pean diplomats here. This, however,
was denied by some of the diplomat!
mentioned, Including the German am
Just how the American diplomats
nbroad were to convey President
Wilson's feeling In the matter to tho
foreign governments was not dis
closed as whlto house officials In the
absence of tho president declined to
discuss the subject.'
Ifagtto Articles CttsI
It Is believed here, hoaover, that
tho president called attention to tho
article In The Hague convention of
1907, to which all tho principal
belligerents aro signatories, whldh
provides for notice of 24 hours before
the bombardment or attack In order
that non-combatants may remove
themselves front tho danger tone.
Whether there have been any un
official responses from tho belliger
ents was not known hero today, but
American diplomats wero Instructed
by tho president. It Is understood to
handle tho matter with audi discre
tion and delicacy as would tend to
end aerial attacks without notlco and
at the same time preserve tho friend
ship which tho United States feels
toward all tho bolllgeronts Involved.
Protests Aerial Attacks
It Is not believed tho president
mentioned any specific violation, but
expressed bis vlows on the general
subject of aerial attack. Through
the unofficial character of tho com
munication, it was Intended by tho
president to bring about a better un
derstanding of aerial warfare without
actually Involving tho American gov
ernment In tho matter.
It Is supposed that tho American
diplomats used their good offices
consequently, In a personal way with
tho belllgorent governments, -without
perhaps ovon mentioning tho fact
that they were doing so at the request
of tho president, as such methods of
obtaining a desired end are not un
usual in diplomacy.
LONDON, Nov. 27. Chancellor of
tho Exchequer Lloyd-Georgo an
nounced In tho houso of commons to
dy.tlia'tho war loan of 350,000,000
pqu'nds sterling (Jl, 750,000,000) had
beoii greatly over subscribed.
Tho chancellor gavo no figures.
Ho said, however, that a feature of
tho loan was tho enormous, number
of Individuals, totalling nearly 100,
000, who mado application for
small sums. Tlicso, tho chancel
lor declared, would receive tho first
Concerning financial conditions In
Iho country, thu chancellor ud. tho
flnnnclul deadlock which followed
Ihu outbreak of war wus duo to In
ability to colled oiiUtiuidluir dubU
Ah uii luvluiire, Mr Lloyd-Georgo
referred to (ho United Mate, which
ho MM owed (Irt'u! Uiltulu about u
lliouiiid million liilliif (&,0"V
000,000) but wit could do no 1(111
www," Um uiM,
LONDON, Nov. 1!7. -"Britain
" enn lose n superdrcadnought
" every month for twelve months
y uitlmtit (l fcinot,. Iiita In llto ftlm
emy," said Winston Spencer
Churchill, fir-t lord of the ad
miralty, in the house of com
mons today, "anil yet b in as
good n position of superiority as
she was nt (he outbreak of the
Mr. Churchill added that there
was no reason for nervousness
or nlnim. regarding the British
unvv or the effectiveness of its
f- -f
WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., Nov. 27.
Thoroughly rested by his short
visit hore, Prcsllent Wilson planned
to leave at -I p. m. today. Ills origi
nal intention was to go straight
through to Washington, but be may
decide to stop over In New York Sat
urday and Sunday to visit his friend,
Colonel K. M. House. Should he de
cide not to stop in New York, ho will
arrive In Washington at 9. a. m. to
morrow. -Mr. Wilson called on President
Garfield of Williams College this
morning for a brief visit, and later
began working on some correspond
ence with Charles Swem. his steno
grapher. The president has expressed delight
with Wllllamston and Its neighbor
hood, anil It Is understood today that
he was considering spending some
timo hero next summer. Instead of
going back to Cornish, N. 11. The
people of this town aro very anxious
that It becomo tho "summer capital."
PARIS. Nov. 27. Tho consul gen
eral of Montenegro today gavo out
tho following communication under
date of Cettlnje, November 2G:
"Eight Austrian battalions havo
attacked a Montenegrin brigade near
Vlshgrad on tho Drlna river. They
made evorv effort to drlvo tho Monte.
negrlns from their positions but wore
"The Montenegrins repulsed thorn
Inflicting great lossos. They pursued
the enemy and took largo quantities
of -war material as well as ninny pris
oners." Dealing with the stops taken by tho
government to assist commerce dur
ing tho war, Mr, Lloyd-Georgo said
that tho government had undertaken
responsibility, which no government
had over been called upon to assume
"Wo had not merely our business
to run," tho chancellor of tho ox
choquor continued, "but wo wero an
essoutlal part of the machlno that
ran tho International trado of tho
world. Wo carried half tho produce
and provided tho capital that moved
this produce from ouo part of Ihu
world to uuother, not merely for
utirnelvea but for other countries,"
Thu chancellor hud cmplmiilji upon
Ihe Kiici't'sM of hu iiiuiiMii'i'X taken to
deal wnh Iho ni'k eni'linnge. I In
said Hie govuniiucut hail inuilu It u
condition lit li I (hu i'JtnliuiiKti could not
icopi'ii without (lie miui'llmi of (bo
Imikiiry. Ilu nlMluied Iho HiHuh
(t'OllllHUiNl MM pMHi (rtjfkl )
enter ma
Carranza Enters Vera Cruz Under
Triumphal Arches Situation Quiet
With Resumption of luslness
Carranza Leader at Tamplco, Rec
ognizes Convention Party.
EL PASO, Texas, Nov 27. A part
of General Villa's forces have enter
ed McjcIco City but Villa remains nt
Tula. A train, tho first In many
weeks, left Mexico City today for
Juarez. This was learned when rail
and wire communications were open
ed today between tho national cap
ital and tho border. An official Villa
report today said that General Cab
ellerro, tho Carranza leader, woso
troops hold Tamplco, had recognized
the convention party.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 Despite
Carranza's guarantees that Mexicans
employed by Major General Funston
In the administration of Vera Cruz
woii'.J not bo molested, tho arrest of
ono Bitch Mexican was reported to
the state department today by Consul
Canada. No details wero given.
Civil Government Announced
The new cLyll government at Vera
Cruz lias been announced, but has
not yet been put Into full operation.
Consul Canada reports tho hostil
ities still apparently are under mili
tary control. Continued qulot pre
vails and Generals Agullar and Mar
tinez have reiterated Carranza's prom,
lso of protection for American life
and property.
Generals Hay and Vlllareal, Car
ranza chieftains, recently reported
under arrest In Mexico City, are Jn.
Montercry with tho Carranza garri
sons. Latest dispatches to the stato
department report General Villa and
his forces at Tula, about 40 miles
from Mexico City.
Communication Is slow from Mex
ico City and officials today expressed
tho opinion that Villa probably has
already entered tho city.
Quiet at Vera Cruz
Tho situation at 1 p. m. yesterday
In Vera Cruz was doscrlbed thus:
"Houses wero opened for business.
Tho salo of liquor was permitted ex.
cept to drunkards. All kinds of pap
er and Mexican money, Including a
small proportion of American cur
rency was being freely circulated.
General Candldo Agullar, the Car
ranza commander, had called at tho
American consulate and through
Consul Canada, had extended con
gratulations to this government upon
tho orderly manner In which tho eva
cuation was made and the clean con
dition In which ho found the city.
First Chief Carranza nnd Generals
Obregon, and Alvarado wero expected
to enter tho town at 4 o'clock. Auto
mobiles and carsca rrylng aeroplanes
and soveral tralnloads of other pro
perty bad just arrived from Mexico
City. Tho Mexican gunboat, tho Kara
gosa was in the harbor, and while
there was a strict censorship, Canada
was assured that all of our cable
hud been sent."
HEUUN, Nov. 27, by wireless.
Au official announcement given out
In Itorlln today jays:
"English ships did not attack Hi
coast of Flanders again yenteNay.
Thuru have hen no actual ehtUHNi
along tho battle (runt In th wwtrH
arena. To tli north of Lamn
murck wo Iiuvb taken a greuji ?f
houu BHd muds a nuinIw o prl
uer. "Our attack n thu Arwn rplA
hut made fmtkor HwnM, fk
Hllaelin Ih Ik itnlwttrtnM'l t A
WVHt Hd Ih Im u tt( Nt Mtt
wr rPl4.
"u lut UiUjtfiM mjHB tf iBU VUUt
ikH m
( ,