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(NUll -T . ,
'r m
Itnln tonight unci THerijr
.Mit. (; Mill. 10.
.' -
ti.ll.Nliilh Yaar. I
Mflhi Qmnan Army Still Intact ami
Supreme CAth yet te CwwJof
Ire Claim Vktery "Incenteitablc"
AllH,Ctitfmw Advance lei.
m Heiwne Activity.
I.0N1K)N, Bcit. H, 1:20 p, m,
The flrst'stagn ot llio battle of Mm
Marno.i which from thn numbers of
flBlvtJij K engaged, tho extent ot
the linn of tmttfVt and tho terrific
slaughter, l perhaps correctly de
scribed t "thn battle or tho ngos,"
appears lb hnvn Won won by tho
French and Ilrlllsh armies, but tho
main Herman army I still Intuct nnj
thn supremo clash Is still to count.
Thn present week may wo ven
nioro desperato encounter than any
which have yet taken place. Meli,
thn capital or Loralne, and thn chain
of forts, .tjicnco to Olertenhofen, on
thn MomIIo. 17 miles north of Mots,
form a strong pivot for tho Herman
Irft, while the tlver course ami tho
dente forests on (he frontTer, to
nether with tho Alraiegfc roads, glvo
thn Ocrmap a.rlfjy' of Invasion, now In
retrea,,,. aphimtld opportunity" fo.
defensive action, ahoulil thn French
punult extend. thli 'far.
Mllltejry.pbyrvers) prcseoall klnda
of per plexlag po4blltlc'ln thn event
of the Oerjte regaining tho posi
tions they hldfore theyatarled tho
ruah of l,6'Bo,oob)nen'on Paris, par.
IkuUHy hou14'lhey,iueteea In Uk
Inir back Any largo portion of their
"IncwitMtBble," In tho adjectlra
used by rjeneral Joffre, commander
In-chief ot tho Frejicb rorcea In dc
crlblajr; the victory claimed by tlfo
alllea along tho western battle front.
Tho latent official communication
from Porta Indicate that the advance
U continuing all along tho lino with
the alllea left wing now across the
river AUne. Hut little news ant
that or tho vaguest aort filter
through from Dermany regarding the
operations In Jho west, thoui(h It In
evident from (lie to no of llorlln ot
flclal statements that tho people arc
being warned not to bo too optlmls
lie, ai'Mr'tsAn reverses may bo ex
pected. The Utest actual battle new
In fl'erlln deacrlbea a aortln from
Pari on Hepiember , which, It la
- elated, ha been repulsed.
AualrUiMa Severely Pirct
' Despatches from many sources, In
eluding Vienna, Indicate that tho Aus
trlan army In (lallrla la In sore
straits, but the,' atory. of ita complete,
destruction, la evidently exaggerated,
as the lateat Uusslan reports Indi
cate that tumoral Ruiky's forrea am
nf 111 mecilng organized reitUlanco. It
U evident',' however, from tho dlsposl-
tlon ot thn combatanta that tho Aus
trian center wu crumbled up, whlln
tho left wng was hurled hack Into
tho marshes ot tha river San, Thla
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.,.;. n..i...
LONDON, Beju. H, 10:50 a. in, A
dispatch from Paris to Iteutor'a Tolo
grim company aaya:
A telegfliRsfroiii Petrograd to tho
Matin' states that persistant rumors
are current there that Hie larger pari
of the,"A.u4rlau armlcn capitulated
''The Figaro culls attention lo the
fact that 'Italy, dlapluylng for the
first Urn her detachment rrom ttt
lilple itlllaHcu, bunded lo tho Porlo a
protest against tho proposed abolition
if thn capitulations, druwn up In
lerpui MatijhNil lo (hut of Hid lilplo
futHU pftvari,
''Th riHire kmuouhccm that den.
pin) Van Hi, uuvmw of llio oicu
;il4' HWtMH dMlJeK V Ml I'd Aut
!V, NyH4 Wb u Wife iohiJuiI,
and m& &fwU M h HflKiiiH
HmmM WMh uw la iimtihlMK
mi mnmti fku W&n iMrM'
mm Mwhi Ut mm & l"M-
attle Admitted Still In Progress
Against German Army In Prussia,
Though Successes Claimed In Gal
Icia for General Haztky'i Army
Against Austrians.
PARI8, Sept. M, 1:3.'. p. in. In n
dispatch from Pctrogroil to III" tin
vnauRcnry, nil officio! rnmniuiiicntidn
denial oh Hint Hie ItiiftHinn successes
in Oiitlein arc enntiniiing.
Tho dispatch from I'elrogiad in ns
'This offieinl enmniiinlrntlnn was
(riven out by Hie geiicnil stuff ledny:
'"II Is necessary lo Him attention
lo the Hicnh-r of wnr in (luliein,
where the development of our Mie
eeM pitiititincM. I'p lo Hie present
time we huVf been prevented from
phicliiK n Miffielenl Iniee in enhlern
I'msHlii lo eoiiliniie Hie ittvnuimi
liuppily Ikhiiii (here. It wnH for Ihii
reason Hint the army under (leiienil
Keiitieiikniupf bulled nlou Hie line
from (lertlniteii (in l.ust l'nis-in,
forty uiileH Hotilheiml of Kih-hIkx
hen;), to l.ibiiu.
"'(leniinn lroop4 on September II
look up u teucrnl offeimive movement
UKiiiiiHt tills tinny, exeeulinj,' ndvnnee
moveinenlN townnl our houtheni
frontier. It U lifieult on neeounl of
Hie Kfoprnphicnl oliKtruelion in thi
lerrnin lo know exitetly how ninny of
Hie enemy were eiiKiigetl. It wns not
until September 10, nhen llio great
nllnek on the left rvin; of (lenornl
Henriciiknmpf'n nnny wn mode, Hint
Hie niimerienl etrriiKtli of thn enemy
wivn revrnle'il. .They were 6uml to
be much aniterior (o our forces. It U'
nlotiK thin line Hint Hie buttle now
riiKPrt.' "
LONDON, Sept. 14. A high offi
cial Juki returned from tho northern
region of Franco aaya a dispatch to
Iteutor'a Telegram company from
Pari, gives details of tha advance of
the (lermana through Franco before
they worn repulsed. Ho says tho
enemy passed through Tourcon,
Houbalx, Lille, Loual, Arras and
Amiens with extreme rapidity ana
met with little resistance, which ex
plains tho leniency displayed towore.
thosQ towns In the matter of war
Kverywhoro tho Germans appealed
to tha civil authorities, promising to
respect tho Uvea of tho Inhabitants
ir no act or hostility wan commlttod
against their soldiers. They arrived
In LIUlo on Sept, 2 and departed tho
Tho Department of tho Alano Buf
fered heavily, especially lu the north,
violent nngagementa occurring at Mir
son, Wasslgny, nohaln and Vervlna,
(liilso wan entirely devastated after
three separate attacks during which
12,000 aholls foil Into tho town, Ht,
Quentln Buffered heavily and laon
also resisted and delayed tho enemy'a
advauco to Rolasons,
Compiegno has not bcon damaged
and tho forest of Compiegno wan not
burned, Tho allies burned a quant
ity ot potrol to provent It from falf
Ing into tho hands or tho enemy, and
tho heavy black nmoko therefrom
mado tho belief the forest was oft
limn Clark of dm Inler-slute coin
iiiuico i'oiiuiiIikIoh HiiHounred lust
Nlglit Out lhn rdllnmds had given
formal nwllrplflH Hint Ihvy wmild
teo) la fit-HpvH k dviiu rulu
hu tmain' pHl"IM 'r m fli In
wi a ih w l lmi h
IfrilM iN hM iUUtM mHMh t"
Meagre Details of Fighting With Al
lies Given Out From German
Sources Battle in Progress Over
I2S Kilometers Front Reported
lombardments In Progress.
IU:ilU.V, Sept. 11, in wiiecx to
Hie AHHoeiiileil Pies liy way of Sny
title, h. I. -The lieailnuarlerH of Hie
(leniinn nnny in Merlin todny k'v
out Hie following ofl'ieial riwirl:
"The flenanii erown prinee Iiiih
enplureil Hie riieniy'' fortified posi
tion MiiilhueHt of Venluii nml uow
iMimliiiriliiii; willi heavy artillery Hie
outer forts Ivinj; to the nottlli.
'A luiltle Ih hi proreKS between
I'nrix mid Hie river Mume over n
front if l'J.' kili'iuetei-h, htielohiug
from Naiiteuil, in the yes, thero the
KtiliNi forees re, to Vilry. The
erown prinee'n nnny ii separated
from the main Imttle by the forrst of
ArKonne. .M
"Tlie iinnies of Hie erown pnneo of
llavarln nnd (leneral Von lleeriiiK'"
im' in formal halite near the upM'i
".InmeH V. flernnl, Hie American
utnbnxhnilor to Qennnuy, Iiok Riven
out vn ihterview to lh pntK (lenyinp
penijstent rejort Hint tho United
StuicK wiih prepnrini: to join the al
lies ; that Mr. Whitlockt the American
minUter pt lirimneN, had nttnclied
the mayor of HrusheU to his staff;
Hint tho American tln liiul been nut
cil nt Ghent; Hint Hie Tiiekerton inci
dent wriH unfriendly discrimination
npiinit fl en nnny, nnd that lie in ml-
.iwiinf Americans to hurry dwny he-
eaiiHe the I'nited Slntcrt wns goini; to
"flrncrnl Iliuileubei? linn defeated
the HussiniiN, him oivshciI the litis,
si nn frontier nnd up to Hie present
time IiriK taken 100(1 prisoners unit
Ims captured eiglity guns and mn
eliineKiius nnd neroplnneh."
Aiitweniep'H Ilepulsetl
Another official report Issuod to
day sfiys:
"Tho sarrlsou at Antwerp has
been repulsed.
"Thn crown prince's army Is now
attacking tho forttt between Verdun
and Toulon both sides.
"Prince Joachim arrived today Ik
llorlln. and has been lodged lu Hello-
vuo Palace.
"Last night's official dolalls ot tho
battlo tq thn east or Paris cannot et
be made public. A now battlo to the
east ot Paris cannot yot bo . made
public A new battlo Is In progress
which up to tho present has been fav
orable tq tho Oormans. Reports
from Paris and London of a German
defeat uro declared untrue.
The retreat of tho Russian army In
Hast I'ruBnln nppeara to bo dovetopln g
into flight and demoralisation. Gen
eral lllndenburg reportH tho, capture
ot 1C0 Riina and between 20,000 nnd
30,000 prisoners,
"Tho London Times confesses that
tho attemptn at recruiting In IrelanJ
have railed." ,
PARIS. Sont. 14. SMC r. m.A
Hayas Agency dispatch from Pctro
grad aaya that the Qermana aro send
Ing Important reinforcements to tho
fortrcsa'&r Memet (the, northernmost
town or (ho Gorman empiro on tho
Baltic, TH' miles northeast or Koonlgs-
berg) which threatens Tllsft.
The, RtisBlan Imporlal council Is ex
amining, tho laws for tho administra
tion or conquered Prusslap and Aus
trian territory,
WAMMNUTON, topi. H, 8er
(ury Hryuu hmuouncimJ lain today en
iHflpI u( u wewuKe frnHt 1'rwliltfnt
WIMn (hu( Ihw HflglMN MtNflU
wWHJmt Mtw In iMa wMr to
HMiirJMiitM 4hniM (frmtH u4r
..J l.JjIH,!. I . .
Nlfill, Renin, Sept. II, via
I'nris, rsl0 p. hit- The Kervintt
offennivo moVeiiifpt continues
Mieees fully on Hie lft bnnk f
(he Save;
"On our uoitliein front, lif
ter taking Semlin, our troops
htlll continue' hiiccrssfiilly to
puisne thefoffenfiw. The hur
ried ilfpnrfiire,of the enemy nt
Seiiiliu can he climated by the
(inutility of protiuniis, efpiip
nunl, anuiiand, ntntiiiiniliou nnd
other wnr witlerinl found In the
town. jf
"Our troop were reepiveit
willi iiideifcrilijilile eiillinsjnsft!
in Seinliu."
WASHINGTON, Sept. H. Presi
dent Wilson probably will not endorse
a freight tax In the wur rovenue bill.
In the face or party opposition. Chair
man Underwood or the ways nnd
means committee called off a meeting
of the committee ioday pending tho
president's returnfto Washington.
"Unless thn president says to us
that we must have this freight tax,"
said Mr. Underwood, "wo will drop
It Immediately. JSVo cannot pass ' It
without the president's request."
Several protests against tho pro
posed 20 cents tax on domestic
wines were received today from Cali
fornia wine-growers associations, who
maintained It would put the grower
out of business.
Among numcrnua substitutes tor
tho committee's plan was one pre
sented today by Senator Robinson of
Arkansas. It would tax automobllei
CO cents or f 1 a horsepewer: certain
soda fountain drinks ten cents a gal
lon; beer an additional CO cents a
barrel and an additional tax on cigar
LONDON, Sept. Jl, 10:30 u. ni.
A Petiograd dispatuh to tho Central
News deM'ribes n seme of tremen
dous enthusiasm on Hie first TUnht of
the imperial grand oeva season when
a bulletin deserililn the destruction
of the Austrian army between the
rivers Rug nnd Dniester wns mul in
the middle of Hie performance.
The Russian hymn was miiij: over
and over again ami the national an
thems of the allies also wen sung,
while. Hie ambassadors and ministers
of those countries bowed from their
Tumultuous demonstrations toot
plneo in the streets, tho crowds al
most fighting to jet newstuipcrx.
The Russian minister of commerce
nnd industry Ims dispatched a com
mittco of engineers to tho town of
Stryj, GnlieinJ recently- occupied by
tho Russians, with a view of study
ing the,' resources of petroleum in
Austria to meet tho hhortago of
naphtha in Rtissiu.
rOn (ho xiouiid Hiut it fine of irlft,
000 h tiny U mi executive tout -ruin
mis penally, Judge Mum ice T, Dool
lug t, the United Ktule ilUlrh't
t'ouil bulled u pi'imiinenl injunction
Ioday ieiainlig AHHH'y dviul
II, H, WtbU mn4 lh )Ml'mid iwwil.
kUm flimi enfoiclwrf le lujullikt plo.
liw of (lw itipW IW tul jwh-m by
(Jut bil Iwlflntwv, iniul tb A.
m'ImH liie At jpmtn; u m
W1iv ttt m Mw4wjw Piu'iLi vmt
SEPTEMBER 14, 3914
Fording Successfully Made by Both
British nnd French, Armies, Despite
Strong Opposition Crcwn Prince's
Army Reported Driven Back Con
flicting Reports From Galicia.
LONDON, Sept. U, -I'lB p. m.
Tho offieinl press bureau this after
noon issued Hie following statement:
"All dny yesterday the enemy 'stub
bornly disputed Hie pansnge of the
Aiciie by our troops, hut iif spite ol
Hie difficulty of fordin the"riVr in
Hie fnee of n slroiii; oppohition, nenr
ly nil Hie cnn-iiic were secured lv
' "On our rh:lit nud left the Fiencli
troops were confronted with a sinii
Inr Insk in wltieh, like oumelves. Uiey
were Micressful. Mnny more prison
ers were taken.
"It is reported from thn Freneh
he,'nlfUarters Ilia) tha Oennnu cniwn
prince's nnny hnd been driven buck
nml Hint he hart mowil his liesidipiu.
(ers from St. .Meuebnuhl to Montfnu
con." HeportM eoneeminj liio fighting in
Hussian Poland nud (inlicia tire, con
flicting. If appears tltnt Austrians
have met serious reverses, hut con
tinued stniggles es'aldihh Hint they
linve not been completely overwhelm
ed by the Htissinns. f-till less is def
initely known of the operations in
Kant Pmssin. Aeeonlins to neeount
from Pctnigrnd, n Kussinn nnny is
before the capital, Kocnilicrp, hut
official ndviees two .lays uro stnlci!
tlint HtisMan force-, v.'erc botuliarditijr
The Helf;inu nnny operating- fnim
Antwerp is repreeutcd ns hnrnssin
the Geunnns in Hint vicinity to pre
vent Hie two Oennnn nnny corp
there moving south to the aid of the
Gennan main line. Hclgian official
reports ndmit Hint their forces were
obliged to retire after a eounler nt
Inek by the Oeniums
DENVER, Colo., Sept. H. -Announcement
was made today that n
conference of coal operators or Colo
rado would bo held In Denver Satur
day to consldor President Wilson's
proposal tor a threo year truce In tho
miners strike. J. F. Welborn, presi
dent or the Colorado Fuel and Iron
company, said that all operators, In
cluding thoBo having contracts with
the United Mlno Workora or America,
had been Invited to participate.
Officers of the United Mine Work
ers will leavo tonight for Trinidad,
whero a convention or unlou minora
will bo held tomorrow to consldor tbo
president's proposal. It is expected
that the delegates and officers proa
ent will number about 130.
' At union headquarters It was statel
that John Lawson, Colorado member
of tho executive board of the organi
zation, 'had bcon indicted at Trinidad
on charges ot murder and arson grow
ing out pt strike disorders.
A.NONA, Sopt. 1-1, via Paris, Sept.
H, 7:25 a, m.-Passengers auoara
tho steamer Galllpoll, which arrlvea
today from Dalmatta, say anti-Italian
demonstrations are ot almost dally oc
currenro at Ban Henlco and Bpalato
because Italy did not Join (he trlpl
ulllanco. Many Italians, It was mid,
fled clokely watched by the police,
f p sawi a ass
HT. JOSIIPH, M., A, l4,-v
viiil le nie bWit'V'H hi huw hv-wi
o uhi'H (h wiwmhI um Aril"
lbeti uMk lu Hw Mloowttoj iiwr
Imv lU IW nw'h A WWmr
4 nlwu im Uvw h Imvi Ufi
Fiench Official Announcement As
serts That Kaiser's Troops Are Re
tlrinn verywl:cfe; Abandoning All
Positions Which They Erected to
Cover Possible Retreat,
PARTS, Scpl, II, :i:t(1 p; m.-jll
wns officially uiiiiouiioril. litis (ifter
iionn 1 lint the GennaiiH nre still re
tiring everywhere. They nre.nbnn
ilouiug all Hie po-ilions whieli (hey
erected lo eovern Msible retreat.
The official statement follews:
First On our left wing the ene
my Imil to Hie north of
Aisen, between Comiueiifi nnd'Vinis
sons, n line of tlefcnse vifieh -'it 'wns
forced lo abandon. Koine ilrljieJi
mrnts wliicti it bad i.etd nt Amiens
now have retired on Perrone ami K.
".Second On Hie renter the Ger
mans have taken up n defensive jssi
tion behind Reims, but were tumble
lo hold it. In llio Argonno region
they turned back toward the north
beyond the fore. I of Heinous nnd be
yond Trninconrt.
"On Hie right wing the ret renting
movement of Hie Gentians is general
from Xnney lo the Vosgen. Vester
ilny evening French territory in this
vicinity had been completely evacu
ip unui
Stnte Iligliwny Engineer II. u
Rowjby made a tour of (neotinn of
the'work being done ou'Vie Pacific
highway Satunlny :nl fonnnlly ue
cepted as completed that portion of
the Ris!iyou diviMoji, fnm Steinman
crosstns north.
Mr. Rowlliy rejorts tlint sntisfno
tory agreements have been reached
willi the Southern Paeifio Railroad
company reganling the overhead
crossings at Dollarhiite nnd Stein
maiy and Hint work on both erossinus
nre under way. A slight chniigo n
the rouil ot Siskiyou tunnel
wns made, taking Hie highway below
the tvilrond rigiit of way. Grading
will 1 e mostly finished by October I,
thougu ome rock work will not be
completed until a month later.
Xo agreement litis been rctichetl ro.
gn nling Hie proposed Hillings cross
ing at Ashland. The railroad objects
to Hie RillhiRS crossing, as it in
volves un eighty-foot span. The.
company wants to place tho crossing
under the rail reel south of the jin's.
cut grado crossing, hut tltis makes a
dangerous curve in the road. The
railroad wants Hits ctossing to be in
two Kimns, with concrete wnll in the
center of Hie mad, vhieh Hie stale
highway engineer will not pennil. The
matter is deadlocked and no effort
will he made, to pave this portion of
the highway.
The highway is being graded from
Darren to the Klntntith junction for
paving operations.
LONDON, Sept. 14. A dispatch to
tho Central News rrom Petrograti
dated Saturday rays It U reported
rrom Ruclmrcst (bat a punlo occurred
lu Vienna on receipt of tho news of
tho rupture of Bemlln by the iJervlant
and that thousands of uuemploya
aro parading the struts or the capi
tal. The military torMi and the stock
of uniform proved lnwffltliHt a1
the (bird levy of renerrWs a leslNif
lo lbs front Ih (IvIIIuh alllro,
Husylwiis Ih lh nuwNf t MM,
Mtl f( Is KH W Ik
Mr M UhmfwM k UmM Hv Ufiaif
w H mmm m urtai
uAjiuuii liMJr Uf Ussi
0. ino . "1
a run I, iriKTiW
. a i
Revenue Cutter tear Brlnus to Nmm
Survivors of Stefausssn Explora
tion Ship From Wranl IsJawt
Two Died on Island and' Efflfct
Members of Expedition Mtofef.
NOMB, Alaska, ept. 14. -Th
Rcvenuo Cutter Bear has arrived hera
with eleven survivors of the crew of
'ha Htefanmton exploring ship Kar
luk, who were rescued from Wran
gell Island by (he gasoline schooner
KUig nnd Winge and transferred to
tho Rear,
Tho survivors are: William tlrl
McKlnlejr, maKnetlclan, or Clydebanlc.
Scotland; John Munroe, chief engi
neer; Rert Williamson, second engi
neer; Robert Templeman, steward:
Ernest Chase, assistant steward:
Fred William Auer, rireman; 8ea
nian Hadley; Eskimo man, wlfo and
two children.
Died on Wrangel IsUshI
Oeorge Stewart Maaloch. gcologhit,
or Hamilton, Ont., and Ocorge Rret
ty. a fireman, died of scurvy on the
Island ami were burled there, BJarne
llamen, assistant topographer and'
geologist of Chrlstlanla, Norway, ac
cidentally shot and killed himself
with hlg own gun. He waa burled on
(he Island.
Eight members of the expesHtkm
aro missing and are clr4n un for
dead. They are: Alexander AnJor.
son. rirst mate; Charles Barter, .sec
ond mate; John nrody, seamB;' If.
King, seaman.
These rour left the wreck or the
Karluck. elgttfraiie?rre Wra'Bgell
Island and were never sees again.
AHster Forbes Mackay, surgeen,' of
Edlnburg, Scotland; James Murrar,
oceanographer. of Foxflold, Habits,
England; Henri Beauchat, anthro
pologist, or Parts; Thomas Morris.
Never Reached Safety t
These rourjalso left the wreck of
tho Karluk, never reached Wranolt
Island, and must have perished. .
Tho Dear tried to get In tune, with
the former revenue cutter CorwJn,
which was fitted out by Jaret Llnde
bcrg as a rescue ship to tell the Cor
win ot tho rescue." The Rear could
hear tho Corwln, but was unable to
send a wireless message, so the Cor
wln at last accounts was ofr Wran
gell Island thinking the Karluk'a
men were still ashore.
Counting the eight men who per
ished on the loo ..wjille trying to reacfc
land alter the. .Karluk waa crushed,
the threo who died on M'ranenli
Island and Andrew Norman,' of the
Anderson party, who committed Jul
cldo by shooting, wh.llo insane fym
exposure wllo )psh,"l3 members of.
the Stefanssou expedition have died.
hONDON, Sept. It, 7:40 n. m. -In
conrirmed tho -statemejit Hint Rus.
slan troops ,nro In DolBlum. .y,..,
Afterndon papos of Ghent.ahe.jeor-,",.
n dispatch from' Ghent' o thowcorKes
4toptvrf days oVlnVelKatlon lie lla.i
respondent soys publfshed )tj8iitw '. '",
urday a itteraepf toilorn ) ,yJ
Countenberg ween'Mrs! J
I.ouva(n, by ft Reiglaa arwy AH?.'5
forced by RussIaW'treoiti,'" ' t" ,
Ills investlgatloas efftfM4 flUs;'
what their numbers way be It weM
bo Indiscreet to tell," hi says, ' ' '
Continuing, the rre4ttfNt4 ins.
(Ions tha tunMlblllly (hat the Kwxtoft
Is not Hie only arssy rttoMlitd fes)
IAVIHK t. 4, UH s, m.
OUhM'Mw (mm AwtWM'f l4 Uit4
O KgwtJwt ky & igkm fw
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