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    rrtion Hlstwlnal Soclirty,
207 second Street
Medford Mail Tribune
l-'nlr mill warm -Mivx, IM;
.Mln. .17; ltd. Hum. nt.
Korty-rotirtli Yr.
Dully- Nlnlli Ynr.
NO. 75
Roy Donaldson and Wilbur Hendcr
sun, Who Disappeared In (he Bal
loon SM-lngfleld Thursday, Arrived
Safely at lluo Lake, In Bull Run
River District.
I'liltTLAND, Or., Juno 17. Hoy
Dniuildsoii himI Williur Henderson,
pilot mill niili' of I In' IiiiIIiiimi Spring
fii'M. uri nun. The ini'ii fur whom
inngers ninl scinching pintle have
In i'ii i'iiinliiiii( llic woods fur days
Muggcrcd iiilii llii fnrcst rangers'
camp nl Walker's Prairie today.
Tint Springfield wan forced In 1
xi ninl ut H o'clock IVnIny morning
mi it rni'kv slope nf TnMit mountain,
lllinilt eighteen tlllli'H nil (I ilirri't Htm
I'nuii Walker's I'mirie ranger Mil
ium. Tin ucrnnuiits liinl wandered
until th'iN morning living upon un
cnokcil fnnil. Donaldson said Ilm
IiiiIIiiimi vviim wrecked niul in doubtful
if il In worth icturiiiug fnr.
Clothing Turn, I'immI (Juno
limner Wllllnms niul A. Milchcl,
Ilm fiirrol guards stationed nt Wal
ker's 1'rnirii', iIioiikIiI Ihey were he
(nt: ll(i'il liy some apparitions
when the lun IimI itcmunutM stum
bled into their lump. Their cloth
I mi; was hanging in shreds ami their
I noil wiih nrnry none.
The men stuttered up nne nf tin
paths leading from a nearliy creek
niul practically fell into tho cabin
iiiini the nstotihhcil rangers.
"Wlin iti ihumlur are youT" nuked
Milchcl, springing (o hi feel.
Donaldson 'till Henderson tnlil
him. Thu rangers had horn in
structed hy ('. I.. Ilciisnn, ehief
ranker nf Iho Mull Kuu ili-lnel, In
look fur the IiiiIIooiiimIs, They un-
meiliatelv set nut a meal Dial would
have gorged four men, ami made the
nciumiuts uumfnilahle in every way
landing I'rtitril Cm)'
The Springfield settled down with
the grace mid cast nf a hint un Ihe
side nf a sleep hill near Mine lake.
This is ahuiit forty-eight mile
mirtheiiNl of i'urllaml.
I 'alike Hie three oilier cniilcslnnts
in the men, which wiih started from
I'urllaml lust Thuisiluv, DtuiiiliWnti
ami Henderson did not huvc In
dodge Ihe spikes nf pine trees "I
coining down. Hal Kiev had their
heaoeil-iip him ic uf hiiidships when
they Marled In euuie in. One uf
Hie innsl discuuiiiging discoveries
eame when limy hearehed Ihelr kit
and found thai Iheie wiimi'I a sin
gle lllliti'h in Ilia possession nf
either. They Mmek uu u oiii'i" lor
Ilm nearest stream and Mailed ful
Ion nit; it wi'Hlnniil. At night lit'
I'olil uiuiiutain air etil them In Ilm
Mini row uf llii'lr hones. They emild
not liiiild a fire mid had In eat onus
nf Imiil wilhuut even warming over.
Isett In the KuiTMt
Moving un Idea wlieie Kiev wer
ur how loin; It would take them In
gel (u civilimtluti, they at mice put
themselves un slant intiuiiH In ninku
their food uM as long an possible,
The elghtcen-mllo hike to Walk-
Gucrrrro Overlmuls Little Warship
and Sends Her to Dottom While
American Warships Look On
Battle Occurs Off Topolohompo
Rebel Boat Outclassed.
Miuatlan, Mexico, Juno 17 Tim
muitltutlnniillHt KUiiliont Tamplro
was mink vsterdny hy tho leilernl
KUiiliont ( In 2Z fnthoniit or
water. Ii'iivIiik tlie (limrrero the nolo
KurvlvliiK warnliliriipremiitliiK Mtlmr
faction un the weat runit of Mexlo.
Tho Imlttu begun nl 8,2(1 n. m. niul
Innteil until noun. Tim ronntltutlon
nllHtu lout ten klllcil ana ten
wuiimteil; thu (eilernl none. In e
pntr nt the uutcoiuo, Ciiptaln Mnlpln
niul hU rhlef eiiKlni'iir, nftor ruining
with ;rcnt hrnery iiKnlimt henry
ikIiIh, coiiliallteil iiilrtile. Tim nnnl
Imttlo wn wltneHteil hy the Unlteil
Ktnte Milpt New Orlenui, I'erry nuit
I'IkIiI off ToMilolmmp
Thu eiiKHKument took plaro Uit
ulKht off Tojiolobniupo niul wont
en in n to tho tmvy ilcinrlmcnt early
toilay. Home of tho crow of Iho Tarn
plro w'cro rencueit hy thu Now Orlcann
which had nrcoinpanleij tho Guerrero
kouthwnnl )etcnlny. Othora wero
recuei by thu Oucrrero. Tho nur
Kon of the Now Orleaiu i;avo lil to
Ilm woiimluil nml nulmcil In tho rare
uf thu Injured of both Mitun, ro-oer-ntlnr;
with tho Mnlf of tho federal
Thin li tho mToml tlmo Iho conitl
tiillonMlMt wnmhlp ban miffcrod nt
tho IiiiiiiIh of thu fedurnt navy. Tho
Tftiiiplio wuh Rtink on June 11 nml
only ntoriln wax repaired o Hint
he could iiiomi under atcam.
(luerrem Twlro iin lirco
Tho (luerrero l nearly twlro thu
liu of tlin Tnmplcn. nud her ordln
aiirit I nt leant &(l per cent moro pow.
lluth eiolri were denlKned an com
bluntlnii KuuboatH and transport to
meet thu peculiar need of Mexican
centre nud wuru able to carry about
r.OO men In thu rami of thu lluerreru
and -&0 on thu Tnmplco,
It Ih believed by Mnff ufflrura horu
that thu lctnrluiin Guerrero, no.
Hint dim hnH ilmtroj oil thu principal
nnwil htreiiKth uf thu rouMltutlounl
ltH on thu went conm, will bo ublu
lu Krently luterferu with their Icr
nperatloiiH ai:aliiMt Mniatlun, nud
men nit far north aa (InnymnH,
Thu Tamplro, which wuh on tho
nl r&EBKUl I i TrrrrrlTT'Tni'iii
. A
. u,
Captain and First Officer of Collier
Storstad Testify, Contradicting
Captain Kendall of Wrecked Liner
Tultenes Admits Failure to
Ohey Instructions.
Breach Between Carranza and His
Military Commander May Upset the
Work of Peace Delefjates Break
In Negotiations Possible Complete
Change in Plan of Action Likely.
17. Min
or imiier
(Continued on pact I.)
(Continued on paxa a.)
l'KKINO, fl.lnu, June 17.
"Whito Wolf," Ilm noloiIouH ('IiIiicmi
hiiKiiml, luKulhur wiih' 1,000 of IiIh
I'ulliiweiM, hiokn llieir way HiioiikIi
the el i cle nf u'trulur lipoim luday
which hud Ntlinlimed him on Lllv
iiiumilalii, 100 nilli'H lu Ilm huuIIi of
l.iiuehuiv, nilli'H .Mine I, (leiiuiul
Chan, with 511011 ii'uliii' lioopM, 'o.
lowed the hiiuaitiU in hu iiniMiiit,
"While W'nl I'," iil'liir duwiMullui;
the niivini'iiH uf Hit IVIi, llo Nan
mid Hlmii HI, on .limn I, nliiiekt'd
Tiu Cliuw, in Ihe exliiiiiu won Hi uf
Kim Nil, nml tiller ioIiMhk Hid In
liiihiliinlN hiuiii'il Ilm Ioiwi In Hie
Itniiiiiil, He mid Iim fullnueiM weiu
Ulli'lullil niliiilllidi'i Im Ilia ii'Hilhll'
MKXICO CITY, .lime 17. -Ilij;h
offieerx nf Iho Mexican u,nvernnio'it
Mated today Hint matters uf re'il
imporlaueu fur the republic would ho
iIIhihikkciI ut thu extra scHsion uf the
chamber uf deputies, which would re
null in u eumplelu icMurution of
ions of dollars' worth
money uf a new lpe will he put into
circulation iipuu the ctablislimcnt
nf the federal rcene hanks within
the next few weeks.
Under Iho federul rehCixe lunik
net each of Hie twche federal rt
Hi'ivc hanks will reeehc udvaneiM
from tin) fedeiul o bo.iul in
llin I'onn of federal icmio notes,
nut n distinctly new sort of paper
money, Commercial p.ipcr will he
Ilm collateral niUuuced hy the dif
lerent hanks us t-cciirilv lor Hicm'
Tliu new f.r nut- Milunttled hy Iho
liuicau uf ciiiiimiii; nud printing is
t.Npical of UKrietdture. The pmtr.iit
up Ilm fnce uf thu note is Lincoln'
and thu hack shows a haiycMitu;
maehiim nml allegorical figures t,p
leal of fanning Tim .fill note heart
u portrait of flmelniul and n man
iifnclitilup; heene, Tim fM hears
Jackson's purtiait and is topical ''
eommeree, Iiiimii); a Hteamslnp, train
and other mediums of trade on the
back, Grant's picture is hhowu on
Iho .f.10 note and Franklin's portrait
adorns Hm $100 hill, lluth of thee
larger bills are typical of the aits.
l.ON'DON, Juno 17. Tho Kaiser
Wllhelm II was Mruck runltUhlp near
thu natnon by the Incumore, accord
InK to Information recehed this
oenliiK by thu London OKenry nf the
North Herman Lloyd atenuinhlp com
pany. The U'csel took some water
aboard, hut tho ofttcrnls had not
heard of any losn of life.
SIMTIIILM), Juno 17 Steamer
liiceiuore, from Liverpool for South
ampton, reports inning Ikhmi lu col.
IIhIoii with the North Herman Lliil
HteaiiiBhlp Kahr Wllhelm II Thu
bown of the lucuiuuru were
damiiKed aboo tho wntcrllue
nOUOLAS, Auk., June 17. Care
fully worded telegram, announcing
the re.isnation uf Franoieo Villa as
seeoud chief to Carrnurii and the ac
tion of Ins adherents in arresting
Carraiui-ta adherents nt Juarez
eati-ed great exeitement today among
enuMitiitioiialists in Juarez. Some
expect lo take Hie field ngaint Villa
in which ease they assert that So
uora state, due to tlie icccnt Ma(o-
reun-Celles imhroglio, would support
him. Others believe that Hie strong loint so tIL, storstml'a p.rt how,
QtT.IIF.r, June 17. The enptnin
nun ine iirni iii i hit o tin collier
StiirMad leMifiei tinlav at Ihe Kmp
ress nf Ireland wreck inuuirv and
eniitradieteil in several pnrtieulurs
the stiilements tmnle nit the stand
yeMerday hy Captain Kendall nf the
Inst liner. The first nfficer, Alfred
Tuftenes, who was in command nf
Ihe collier when the collision occurr
ed, insisted Hint (here was no ex
plosion nml ii sheet of flume from
the side of Hie Kmprts when she
wis struck, as Captain Kendall had
The first officer admitted he had
not obeyed instructions jn failing to
eall his captain from below when the
fog shut down jut before the col
lision. It was the speed of the
F.mpresH, he explained, which caused
the Stor-lad's bow to sink twelve
feet into the side of the passenger
Tuftrne un Stand
lfreil Tuftenes, first officer of
the collier Stnrstnd, took the witness
stand again today when the Kuipress
of Ireland wreck inquiry' was re
sumed and Hutler Asptnnll began
his eros. examination on behalf of
anadian Pacific railway, owners
of the Kmpress. The witness was in
charge of the collier immediately
prior to the collision.
Tuftenes said he did not know
whether the master of the Storstad
got n bonus for n siieedy- trip with
eoal for the Dominion Coal com
pany between Sydney and 'Montreal.
Captntn Andersen uf the Storstnd,
sitting hi the rear of the court, was
nkcd about it, and replied in the
negative. The witnesses admitted
that the ship was unloaded at night
at Montreal.
''Time is apparently uapnrtnut,
then," commented the attorney.
Did Not Hear .Signals
Tuftenes conceded that It seemed
to lie. He denied that the Storstad
was navigated in tht fog for one
hour and a half prior to first seeing
the masthead lights of the Empress.
vvnen ine ngnis eame into view, he
sum, ine i-.tuprcsH was about fix
mile nway and one und n half
l.ON'DON, June 17. Colonel The
udure Itousevell today consulted a
throat specialist, who, after examin
ation, declined Ids lainyx in had
shape. The specialist attributed this
oiiditiou lo the overs! i iiiu under-
gone hy the colonel ut Iho (hue of Ilm
pichiilcntial election campaign mid
expoHiiio in lliaril,
The pli.M-li'iiui said il would he 1 tit -posMlhlu
fur Colonel llooeclt to
iiiideiliiku ii imuliiiuoiu campaign or
In Hiieak In thu air dining Ilm next
Ihrcu iiioiiiIim, In thu nieniillum he
iiilvUeil him o make mil) a few
Colonel llimxcvcll wan the gucl
nl hi en I. I'm. of hu Hihliop uf ,uii.
doll, u whom he ctjiifKM'il iiH'Hl In
li'ictl In hi uuik III llitf i;ul liinl
kIiiiuh nf London. The colonel c
inarked :
"I ant little inleicsted in dogmatie
theology, but am veiy much inter
estijd in its piaetieal application."
Afterward thu colonl visited Hie
National (lallery and Iheu lunched
with Arthur J. Hal four, foimer I'd
IoiiInI prcmicrj I'mfussur (lillieil
Murray, regius professur of Oreek ut
Oxford inilversllyj I'ioIVkmui' John
Hiity, rcglilN piofewHur uf iiiodeiil
liUlory ul Camhiiilgu unlcily, mid
Colonel Chin lei, lliiilcillffc' Hie noted
lion hunter.
Ill cuiii'eiNiilloii wiih Ki'wiul neuN-
puper liifii, rniuiiei i(imevel was
WASHINOTON, Juno 17. As one
result of President Wilson's denun
ciation of what bu characterized iu
a deliberate eampalKii to i pre nil
thu Idea that biiHlncBs U In the dol
drums, tho whlto houao haa licitun to
receive letters from tho nianufnc
tirors and others throughout the
country, taking thu president's view
Hint a "psychological depression"
linn beou created.
MADIKON", Wis., June 17. Tlie
supreme cuuit sustained loduj the
coiislilullonalil) uf Ilm ciigeiiie mill
linge law, ieveilng thu judgment uf
llin Milwaukee coiinly clicuit coiiit,
which declined It invalid,
Tim eugenic man Inge law icipiii i
mule mijillcmiU fur iniiiiliiuu h-
ci'iivc In inuleien Idnud cl n
measures taken by Oeneral Alcarado
to stop strife between Colonel Calles
and Uovernor Mavtoicna will prevent
tiny counter outbieak.
Heriuosillo ress (piieseent today
under threat of martial law. Hut
Colonel Calles, who brought ll0
tinned men of the former Ilennosillo
giuird lo Nogules two days ago, is
understood to be waiting develop
ments in the Villn-Carranzu situa
tion. After Ihe disuniting of May
totciiu's palace guard Sunday, Oon
erfll Alvarado distiibuted n prouun
ciamento that any demonstrations
would result in the declaration of
martial law; that he was in Heriuo
sillo to maintain order, nud any in
fractions of i ides or laws would ti
piomptly nud sternly dealt with.
htie was pursuing it course neros
tho collier's, hows.
Tuftenes said he ordered the helm
apoit and u, little later hard nport.
"Did on slop when Hie llnipresR
blew two long blats7'' asked As
piiiall. "I lllll tllkl HlAIll I
'That would menu she was stop
"It would."
WASHINGTON, June- 17,-Consti-liitmnnlist
reprcseulnlivH here said
today the apparent breach between
Villa nud Cnrrnnzn is lAft as kcrinuq
as it npH'nrs. Carrnnrn's redresen
Intires explained Villa's resiening his
commission and imprisonhlir Car
ranza lenders was the result of the
fonner's detenninntiou to rid himself
of troublesome politicians who have
been associated with Ocnernl Cnr
rnnzn and tanking trouble between
(he two men. In the opinion of iho
lenders here, Villa will proceed to
take supremo command in northern
Mexico and the differences between
Carranza and him would he com
posed. Change of I'ollrjr Pomtllilo
NIAGARA FALLS, Out., June 17.
On word Xrom tho Washington
government depends Hie next move
in mediation. .XTustico -Lamar nud
Frederick W. Lehmann ( el rni plied
early today n 2f)60-word report of
their conference jestcrdny nt Buf
falo with Hafael Zuhnran nud Luis
Cabrera, authorized representatives
of General Carniza in the United
A general feeling here that tip
United State? possibly may iniuig
urato u distinct change of policy has
b?cn produced hy the uncompromis
ing attitude of Messrs. Zubnrnn nml
Cnhreba, dispatches telling of frie
tion" between Generals Carmnzn and
ViIJa, reports of a runliire in Sonora
between Governor Majtorenn and
General Obregon, and news of con
stitutionalist reverses, both on hind
and sea.
Want Conferences Coutlnueil
While mediation thus fnr has ac
complished little, uo ngreement on
personnel for a new provisional gov
ernment having belli reached, the
Huertn delegates showed great anx
iety today to have thu conferences
Kmilio ltnbnsa, head of the Huorta
delegation, said that he nud his uc
snciales would do everything in their
power to pievent n Ineuk in negotia
tions. The American delegates made uo
comment on Ilm situation, snying
Ihey were waiting to hour from
President WiUoti und Secretary
Hryiin uftcr thej had digested the
long lopmt of jeslerdny's develop-meats.
LONDON. Juno 17.- Wllllo Ultchle
and Freddie Welsh, the American and
Hrltleli lightweight boxers Blgued ar
ticles for ntiother 20 round contest
to bo fought lu London betweon
November 4 and Nov. It, this ear
the eact date to bo fixed within 24
Count Johaiiu Von Ilorustorff, am
bnssudor from nermauy to tho
United States, narrowly escaped death
today when a special policeman fired
point blank ut thu automobile In
which tho ambassador wus being
driven to tho commencement exer
cises of the University of Illinois,
Thu abut went wild and wus not
Count Vim llernstorU wui rhllnif
Id Hid rumpus from thu rullroud lu
Hon. llo wus the guest of Arthur
Meeker of fhleagu und was v.
curled hy Mr. Meeker III his own mi
louwibllii Dr. Duvld Klnley, yj u
t il
linked If lie Intended lu Ciiiilliiiin lilsli'oliilllloii In uimiliuir uf a license.
iwiik iin n KfOKiipher, In ilcli In1' mid vhin cumlid h Ilm lul lei I'lcsldeiil or the I'lilteinHy mid He
icjiliid Ihul liu IimI Jliiikluil vi ilh il, luluiv, LwiiiU HuiilHIe Hutu mmi ulo
In the nutomoblle.
As the automobllo neared First and
University avenues, Michael Murphy,
a special policeman emplo)cd by
neighborhood business men help up
hhi baud us a warning signal.
Murphy was not In uniform and
tho chauffeur paid no attention to
him. Appureutly angered ut thu In
attention, Murphy fired uuo shot ut
thu uiilmuobllo lu which tho (leriuuii
umbussudor wus riding.
Wlillu Murphy usuorluil hit hud
only fired ut the tires. Meeker
rhurticd Ihut Hut khot wus uliuml
pulnl hluul! ul thu iur. Muyor Dub
bin inude u formul upuluyy In Count
lli'innliirff mid vuld Muri'lit's ioiii
niintiuu Mould b rwukinj,
Tl'ltNi:i, Or., Juno 17. Firo hero
eaily today destroyed thu Thiessen
nud MeCalah grain warehouse mid
for n tune threntened destruetion n
the uutiie town. In response to ap
peals fop usMshmee! fire fiuhters
and nppamlus. -frniu Suleni wus
rushed hero, and helped, pieveiH lhe
flames spreading, Tito vvaiehouso
was stored with ginin mid the Iosh
is efctiiuatcd ul WO.OOO.
IIKDDINO, Cul., Juno 17.-oii nt
Lmcu coiitimied iiiliiccut lodsy,
itllhough black mnoU wus il pour
ing from thu fjilglniil cinler hIj1
Hie mime u )t'stenla' und Ike tiny
J. II. I'll lee uf Ilia hill) HU1
lieoliiglcul Miirwijliu OiltMHl HM
llJOIIiy MM H Lll' tmm UAU
Ufl jiviu loiluy In M-uki ilfH
1 1