Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, May 25, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MEDFORD mail tribune
Th6 nomncMtlc Times. Tho Median!
Hall. Tho MmUonl Tribunes Thn South-
rn OtTBonlun, Thn Asrnana xrimmo.
Office Mull Trlbutin nullillnir, !"
North Hr strict: tolcr-hons 76.
Official Taper of th Ctlj- of Mtdford.
Official Ppr of Jackson county.
Entered a fconJ-clms matter at
Medford. Orrnon. under the. act of
ilrrh S. 18T0.
On rear, by rnatl
one monin, py maw
Per month, delivered ir carrier in
Medford, Jncksonvlllo end Cen
tral lolnt -
Bulunlay only, by mall, per year. S.OO
Werklr. tier year - - 1-50
Full Loaded AVIro .sorlnll 1'rcss
With Mcilford Stop-Over
Tlic damp wcnlher yesterday some
whnl dampened the Scandinavian
Iliads meeting at Smith's hall, ns far
ns the number in attendance wns
concerned, but not tbe enthtiMnem.
Tor nearly four Polid hour the
hunl-hcaded nnd patient Vikiiip
hnltlcd, good-natured, with their
niitlMimincr fi-nst proposition. t
Some enmest, patriotic Hncceucs
were innilo h.v .John Amell, Kmil An
drea, Dr. T. Mnlnigreii nm! others.
Tho former railed attention In tlie
fart that the Scandinavian" had nl
ways prort'd to lie the mot loyal
citizens to their new countries wher
ever they hud settled, in Xonnnndy
or Oregon, and that thi high stand
ard hail heen maintained largely be
raue they had retained their love
and res-pert for religion and law and
native lands.
0. X. Xclon wan elected tcinjK)
rary chairman; and Mi.a .Elsn
Biroth secretary. A Scandinavian
Society of Koguo Hivcr Valley was
w-gnniroil. The followingwcro elect
ed officer for the year of 11H-1:
Kmil Andren, president; 0. N. Kcl-on.
(secretary; A. J. Andervon, treasurer.
Jt was decided to have n Scandi
navian midsummer feast or picnic nt
Phoenix on Wednexlay, Jane 21. Dr.
T. .Miiliiisreii, Frank G. Anderson and
J. L. Johuou were elected an a cow
lulttce of arrangement, and instruct
ed to select the picnic ground, erect
a May pole and supply the ice cream
and lemonade. Profeor Julitri
IJcnuregnrd viw selected to have full
charge of the nuisjrnl program and
he received a vote of thank of the
meeting for the great interest he had
taken in promoting Scandinavian
music in" Medford.
The officer were instructed to
prepare a constitution and by-lawn
for tho soeietv to be submitted at n
future meeting. Hut the general
opinion was that it should ho merely
n society of conviviulity. The main
object of the society will undoubtedly
he to eucourngd and cultivate Scan
dinavian Miigiuir ninl folk-gnuu.
The northern folk games nnd
sports rival the Grecian in beauty
mid jurpiisc them in vigor. Hut
iiiim'iii: the Scandinavian in America
tub kind of umuscment litis practi
cally become a lost ail. In later
yenrx, however, a world-wide re
newal Jius taken place. 3Iany at
tempts have been mnde to introduce
the varioim nutioiinl merry-making
in the Amorii-i.ii public m-IiooIs-. The
Scandinavian society here will he
grateful to anyone who can assist
tlp-m to remirrect forgotten folk
gahiei. It bus been said that the
hand that writes tho song and di
rer I h the children's play control the
Til the Mditer:
Saturday evening I wn- informed
that several people hesitated about
joMipig tbe Jlcdfoid I(o-o society
licVAuso iny roue garden, being larger
thli UieiiB. I would take nil (ho
pWcii. I wh-h now to titalo that, til -theugh
J will display my jo-es for
Up pleasure of those who may wish
to-'sei) lluSnj. J will not compote for
MAUV I'. imwY.
f Kotlse Is hwrhy Klvn thul tho un
ai0lmv4 will apply to ho city conn
II f Ik 4y W Mdfrd, OreKon,
lU'liwir at r?Hlr mUnt on
Jmm J, mH,' fr JImhw to wll
iHMifAHM, ylmow ni) llt Ibpiors
i mU ( m Mfw tub w
Htt. i, Xnlk Vtpl yUfty l iW
VirirRN" tho.Alail 'IVilmno
V V would be but a short
the ejuupai.mi of misrepresentation and slander waged
jirjiinst .liidn-e f:nmn and in
demoeratie national eommitteeman, would be openly fight -
intr the re-eleetion of ueorire
States senator, it knew whereof it spoke. The Mail Trib
une s propheey drew forth the following editorial trotu the
Portland Oregonian in the issue of May 2e:
Wq hasten- to dofoml the political acumen of Colonel V. K. H. Wood
apnltit the derogation of tho MeUfonl Mall Tribune, U t quite mwl that
tills bo done because the Medford paper nnd Tlie Oreponinn Joined Imnds In
an effort to procure Justice for tlie democrats of Southern Oregon In tho
election of a National committeeman. While tho tlfanpiutlntinoni or tho
Medford Mail Tribune oxer the unfortunate outcome Ix oure, It nhould nut
1k Interred tbat Tho Oregonlnu approves of all Its eritwhllo pnrtnor now
In dlcuaslnR the lamentable result of tho democratic primary our Med
ford contemporary remnrks: . .
"Colonel C. K. 9. Wood, tho mllllonalro anarchist, political adviser of
llnrr; Lane and cow partner of 11111 Hnnley, rushed Into print In Kstorb'n
behalf, while In half-page ad tho unknown Ksterly'a picture, almost llfo
alzcd, replaced Tom Marshall's alongside of Woodrow Wilson, and big typo
shrieked out tho fact that Wilson stood for humanity ami humanity was in
danger, and could be saved by a voto for Kstorly! '
"Coming event cast their shadows ho fore. It will soon be necessary to
save Wilson again Colonel Wood, Inspiration of tho Kstorly campaign,
will discover that an Senator Chamberlain Is opposed to tho administra
tion's policy of cnnal tolls exemption repeal. Woodrow Wilson and tho caum
of humanity are again endangered and must bo saved. Tho only way to
save them will be to send Wood's partner. Dill Hnnley, to tho rescue.
We can expect this fall to see llanley'a picture replace Ksterly'a along
side of Wilson's In the papers, with tlie legend that a voto tor Ilunloy Is a
voto for Wilson, nnd the only way to uphold humanity's cause Is to voto for
UIU Hanley for United States senator!''
It Is unthinkable. Colonel Wood may propound bliarro ldns on gov
ernment, bat ho Is not bereft of political sense. An Oregon candidate for
the senate presented to the people as an advocate of free tolls repeal would
hao about na much chaure of election as would otio of UIU ttaulcy's buck
aroos. and Colonel Wood knows It.
Wo fanry that Oregon's sentiment on canal tolls has permeated quite to
tho Innermost parts of Oregon, even to tho 1' ranch, the Double O and Hoar
tag Springs. An Intimation that UIU Ilanloy has gone astray on tho tolls
question would doubtless bo held unfriendly by Mr. llanto. Colonel
Wood will not thus offend his old cow
than Is necessary to tho brilliancy of
The political wisdom of
foregoing, received a sudden
of the Mail Tribune's pronheev within a few davs of its
utterance. "What the Oregonian styled "unthinkable" and
"bereft 6f political sense" has "come to pass," as shown
by the following editorial from the Oregonian of May 21:
The Oregonian Invites careful attention today to the letter of Colonel Ct
K. 8. Wood, conspicuous Oregon democrat ninl one or more times Tin can
didate for the United States senate. Colonel Wood supports tho candidacy
of William llanlcy (progressive) an the broad ground that he Is a real demo
crat, and has been. Is. and will bo a supporter of Presldont Wilson; and he
opposes tho candidacy for rclcctlon of Souator Chamberlain bocauso tho
senator is In no true sense a democrat, and among othur things Is not a
supporter of President Wilson In the administration policy of Panama
tolls repeal.
"We told you so!
If you want the real political news, read the Mail
Bad Watering Cause of Poor Lawns
Had watering in the cau-c of almost
ns many poor lawn-, as drought-., ac
cording to the htndsea)C gnrdener .if
the U. S. detnrtineut of agriculture.
Freipient watering of merely the sur
face of the gran makes the rood,
of the graw grow nt-ar the surface,
and the-o roots should be made to
grow down as deeply an possible in
order to secure n fine lawn that will
resist the hottest weather of sum
mer. The best method of watoring the
griiHs iri to apply n spray for from
six to twelve hours, the stream being
ho gentle that water will not collect
in Mifficicnt quantities to run off.
The water will then sink down into
the coil nnd the roots will grew to a
greater depth. When this method i
in-ed, the lawn should not be watrred than twice a week, mid then
tho ('round should bo soaked, so that
the water j euetrntes for several
inches beneath the surface. As a
general rule, watering onco n week in
sufficient to keep a lawn in good
The man who enjoys watering his
lawn in tho evening for u half hour
after returning from work will prob
True Education
Ily Joseph Lee, M. I).
President, Playground and Hecrca.
tlon Association of America
Our schools must tall out tho crca-
tlvo instinct, tho Instinct to
material In obedlenco to Imagination.
that causes tho child to mnko mud
plea and palaces, and that later flrnlx
satisfaction In composition of atl
kinds, whether In words or touos or
colors oon In tho building of hy
potheses, tho Instinct mat Is tho
germ or all croativq worK,
without i
tint oxorclso of which tho croativo
soul of man cannot Itself bo born.
Wo must, through music, litera
ture, glvn scope to tho splendid
rhythmic Instinct that sets the small
child skipping, marching, chanting
which during tho eurllar period of
growth Kito the wholp world to music
which, married to tno creative fa
culty, Is. parent of all tno arts, and In
tho Mitlsfactlon of which, more than
lM their so-called sorlonu pursuits,
men often find their llfo, says Tho
Mother's Magazine,
Wo must give wider sropo to tho
Important Instlmt or curiosity with
its lessons In discovery, oxporlmeiit,
exploration. Wo must develop the
uiiiturliig Instinct which so largely
constitutes tho splrltuul llfo of KlrU
- and of boys, too, to a greater ex
lent Ihuii Is Kouorally realized-by
jjiwwm of school Mtrdoim and by v
In older clilldrun riponlPllliy to
nurd omitior
Wn wum lowilimo u n-v Win In
Inst week nrotHctod tluit it
time before the sponsors for
behalt o II. M. hsterlv lor
K. (Miamberlain tor I mtetl
partner, nor will ho contribute, more
Mr. llootli s triumph In Novotutior.
the Oregonian. shown by the
,iolt by the actual tulfdlinent
ably prefer thN,mclliod to leaving the
stream on for n number of hours
once a week. If he will divide his
lawn area in six parts and confine
his attention to n different part each
evening he will obtain practically the
name results in the long run. Hap
hazard watering every evening is not
advisable. He should be careful,
ulo to u-e merely a gentle spniv mid
not coiitiutio watering to uch an ex
tent thnt water run off, us such
wntor does no good. In fact, it may
do harm, for it may retnoie Icnm
dirt from the rass roots and cxpo-c
them to drought. The strong stream
of n ho-ie should not he ued, as it
helps to expose the rotj imuvctts
aarily. Many people wonder why drought
dries up their lawns in July ufler
Ihcv Imvo taken what they consider
to be good care of them. The com
bination of hot winds and dry
weather makc-f .Inly undoubtedly the
hardoKt month for lawns, and when
the roots of tlie grass are encouraged
to grow near the Mirfaco by had wat
ering and the looso dirt i nlo re
moved from Ihem by n li-e of stioie,
wntor power, the results are more
disastrous than if the lawn had been
left n Ion e.
ctluct of competition, witch la so
largo an clement in tho fnmous
Jesuit system of education. Home
educators ecem to think there Is
Komothlng vulgar about competition.
If so, mankind must ;o hopelessly
vulgarized from tho beginning, In nil
Its manifestations, from war to
minstrelsy, from theology to hasaball.
Wo must uso to tho ruil tho baste
bolonglng Instinct which unites tho
gang, but has also mado nil nations
and all associations of men, from
Adam's domestic circle down to tho
latest collogo fraternity. Thoro must
bo team play In study ag well as on
tho hall fluid, and gradual sugges
tion of tho civic and patriotic exten
sion of tho team.
Kducatlon, In short, must bring nut
In each child the common liro of hit
inanity of which ho la a product.
Ily our method, Insures bet I or ro
suits from your camera, Mall us
your work,
Jiaa Weot .Main Ktreet, .MeUfonl, Oro.
John A. Perl
Lady Assistant
iwH, iMinuc'r
I'houcs M. -17 ii 47JM
1mbulMH' MtfrvM lpNijr tVow
lleeauso dt Uio couimehro
tuont exorcises at t'orvallls,
Prof, t'eck, who Is to bo ono
of tho Judgen of the rose show
could not bo In Medford this
week. This and tho ;act that
tho weather very unsettled
has led tho executive board of
tho roso show nnd Hotter Unti
les contest to vos:iouo tho
show until Friday and Satur
day, Juno ft tit nnd tun.
1 'reliably not n tuothei in .Medfii:'
uoubl en re to enter her baby in ihe
better baby eontwM if the condition
were sueh S prevailed lu-t wav
Kvory hlsl,kepe ift aware that it
-he preares for twimtv guefls an-1
at the appointed hour l'-'O flock in,
confusion is Mire o follow. Hut if
thoe guests are babies! Well, one
has but to think baok to the howling
Fourth of'last year' and remember
the frk'hteucd hahios wbe were en
tered for the itiuioel I" know what
would ImpiHUi. Crying, eniwdlng
Hut there in n different time com
iug thin jeer. Jnt a far n- hi
sible will those eWls be eliiniunted,
mid instead nil will lie cool, ipiiet
nnd co.y.
Are yon fmirilhjtr with th llidlnnd
hotel The large dlninif
room i to be iied as a reception
"room Tor fife blibieH and their nt
tciidants. FortuiiHleU tlii reom
on the cool -ide of the houe, so old
So will he fairly bcmli-u there.
And chairs! C'lmir-. altsolntclv
guuranteed large, I nnd medium
sired rogkers. and slrniKht-baekrd.
Two large rooms also on the cool
side of the building4 Ue liwn -e-leettd
ns drftstfing roots. Mere will
be sevenil attendants l ttsint in
making child nnd mother comfortable,
and the hnhie etui even find u phiciH
for a hit nfn nap hrtwewi whiles.
TIioiikIi it is pin h tied to have a
nuinll nuiouut of milk on hand, moth
ers are urgwd to ecnte prepared, as
the supply will nrinrily be liin
ited and nitt-t be kpt for emergen
eies. Hut urrangeiiieHts hatu been
iniide for hrating the milk.
The uxaiiiiuntious will hot ho pub
lic this year. Hard mi the inihltc, but
good for the hubie. 'Hie mothers
and fnthors or other nttundituU will
of course accompany the child, how
ever. The physieiiin- hnv nss.ired the
commiltHo ot their m tire interest an.:
co-opcrtitioii, In fuel, they have for
some time hi en planning curefuilv
every detail of the examination to
moid' till conlii-ion and dflny. The
tosts will be more complete than ln-l
year, but great s! forts will he made
not to frighten Hi- iliildnn.
rhildrun from 1 to II veurs are in
vited to eutei the ruiitest.
The show has been postponed uulil
next weok.
j On I-'riditv, January "i, !i()e whose
names begin with (lie first litters of
the alphabet fioin A to L will be en
tered and the ri-t n Baluidny, June
(J. The" hourh arc from 1 to .'I p. in.
All utolhurs are tir-d to bring their
babies nnd help h. nnike this better
baby content n comphtto sueeexs.
.Mt. Pitt Ogora.
Arc honio-tna'Io and will
most particular smokoro.
WOMAN'S sri'i-itAoi-:
may eventually give to women rights
to which they are entitled, but good
health, which Is tho birthright- or
ovory American woman, must bo hers
before she can fullv enjoy tho prlvl
logon which woman'ii Htiffrngo will
bring. Women who mirror from thoso
dreadful pnlns, bu'kacno, hoadachos,
Irritability, nervousness and depres
sion, symptoms of organic troublo,
should rely on (- lla K, I'lnkbnm's
Vegetable Compound, which Is mado
from rootu and bcroK, to restore them
to a normal health? condition as It
litiH thousands ot other American
Aro n town fur a limited tlmo only.
Have your old imtn cloniuid mid
bloaked Just like in w.
riliiiWH and I'liinniiis u Npcrl.illl)'
All work strbih giuirantuod,
Loruted at (
Orrcs & LaMar
Tailor Shop
IHM 'tt )Hln Kl J'hone fmt-H
Keep the Kidneys Well
Health Is Woith Saving, mid Some
MedlV'rtl PiHiple liiioiv How to
Sno It
Many Medford peoido take their
lives In their hands by iiegteellng Hut
hldiuns when they know thoso orKnus
need help. Weak Mdiioys are respon
sible for a vast amount of stifrerJim
and III health, but there la tin need to
suffer nor to remain In imager, Use
Donu's Kldiuy rillsi remedy Unit
has helped housniulti of kidney suf
forer. Tho rollow'lng statemont leaven no
ground for doubt,
Ksra' Arnold, Anplpgntn road,
.laeksouvllle, Oregon, snyii: "My
hack hotltercd nie for five or six
month. 1 bad n dull patu through
my Mihlnajj and the kidney nrtlou
became IrrtiKiilar. 1 had to ret up
at night on thnt account. I was told
to try tloau'n Kidney I'llls and did
Co with fine results. They soon rid
me of all tho ailments. Mr kidneys
haTo bothered mo ver lit (to since."
Prleo .".0e, nt all denlors. Don't
simply nk for n Kidney remedy--get
Doau'g Kidney Pills the same that
Mr, Arnold had. Posler-MHIium
Co., l'ropi, lluffalo. N. Y.
i cuia.M or gr.t.rrv
Our complete equipment oiwrated
at low uxpoiiso eunblon us to furnish
the finest grade of crenui nt a
i.ownit I'tuci:
We stand back of imr Ice ('roam
and Creamery Halter.
Medford Creamery
tit I N. Kivcrsldc U. L. (bappell
rtcccntly rcnindolod and cnlargod,
added new cameras and apparatns
nnd Is now strictly up-to-duto lu
ovory way.
Coiiiuierlral Work of nil Kinds
Including copying and enlarging of
pictures, legal documents, etc. Hra
tnldo enlarging, any size, and kudus
finishing of every kind.
Professional am! oinutuor photo
graphic supplies.
L. .11. Harmon Associated With Mo.
Shop ovor Isis Tno.-tter, Plinuo H7-J
lia South ItivtM-sMo
Phone 150
If wo had nomo buttor wo
would fry omo fish if wo
had nomo fish,
We Have
The Fish
Tins clioiiiCHt nnd Im'kI ii tins
Phono us No, 302
Colonial Flats
Light Housekeeping
limit by week or nioutlronly,' 'l ' I 1
A ipiiet, refined homo for people who like comfort inoio than nlo
gauro, and units wvll within the limit of their poekiitbuoks,
Summer in ten. Kverj thing modern and up-lo-dHto.
217 South ItlvorMdu. Look us up.
Any Size Cake You Want
SSSk '
, r-
' ' ftgi r -J
VPS ic. fJjli.'
l-'orgubk Deliveries
rhoue fit
H. Weinhard's Ice Depot
MntiMl MovliN ,
Monday ami 'rnrdj N'lghl
Meet Wall Mtreet Curb llroKers Also the Uitet Styles In I'nrs,
Tvro Iteel Domino Irish Comedy
Featuring Thauhoiiser Twins and Kldlets, adapted from f.ongfel
low-, sweetest powiu In our literature, n rare treat.
Coming t'rldi.) -Sat unlay, May Utl-Itll
Continental feature, four reel of thrills. Kentucky feud life.
Two nwcttioart escape on horseback and leap from n AD foot cliff
into the river below. No fake. Most dangerous and sensational
feat ever performed for the films. Tho thrill of thrills. Hlg pic
ture, hlg cost. Always plays return dates. In demand everywhere.
Lour Hutu In New York.
ki J- ii. XV
War War War
8oo American fwnps hmdlng nl. Voni
Cniz. ' .' '. (,; VV
(LIoxH-an .inuiioiigcB al, ;oi;k jjiuhn;
v8iii)yi;'iai?n df U. S. sailors.
Slid American aoniplaiii! on Huouling
.Soo Hie ciTcfiA or V. ,S. Iminliardninnl.
Soo Uio ureal war flee.1 in harlior.
Set! Uio raiiioiiKHleainor Vpiraiifja,
Beo Uio l'i;hling in Iho stroolft and moil
. falling hororo Iho cnniora.
A h'real Diniiiy (.'omedy, enlilled,
Bynny's Scheme
The Brass Bowl
TwoWfeel IfMlnon
when oii wnut It Is tho way
we deliver lee, Wo don't de
liver any old Idud of ho, how.
ptt-r Wo handle only iho sort
that Is safe to use. Tho lot
made from distilled water freo
from gnrins or dirt, leo thnt
you ran put right In with tho
dtlnk or on tho food with per
fect safety. Wain rouni to.
J 8
. . 'V