Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, May 15, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    .e i)1rtlr!,
WASHINGTON. 1. V , May fi
Tiiu Knpllsh Anil Cottle (Including.
Irish, Scotch, or AVclsrt) Rrdiiu was,
tlio largest among till) 23S,2,19 per
boiis ot foreign white stflpkwja Oro
gon In 1S10, who represented 3G per,
rout of thu totnl white imputation of'
tlmt state, according 10 the rilother
tongue Jiutlctln which linn boon If
sued recently li' Director Willlnm
Harris or the Itttrct.u of the Cons
ilcimtttncnt of commerce. IJy tut
or totigito la meant the native I .
unKO, ot" that spoken before Imn i -ra ,
tlon. anil the report covers nil whlto
persons ot foreign flock, Including
tbo forolgn horn and also tint natives.!
one or both ot whose peranta were
foreign born. A thug reported, the
totnl forelRn whllo s;ock whore
mother tongue was Kngllsh and Cel
tic (Including Irish, Scotch or WoUh)
numbered 8l.2(J2. This number rep
resented 12 per cent e: this total
whlto population or Oregon, which
was 053,090. The German group
numbered 70,307, or tl per cent,
tho Swedish, 20.37-1, or .1 per cent,
tlio Norwegian, 13,320 or 2 per cent;
tho Danish, 7430, or 1 I per cent:
tho Kronen, 712S, or 1.1 per cent;
tho Italian 7098 or 1.1 per cent; and
tho rinnlsh. CS90. or 1.1 per cent.
Tho number of persons In Oregon of
foreign whllo stock reporting other
principal mother tongues were.
Greek, 3900; Polish, 2CC3; Yiddish
and Hebrew, 2345; Dutch and Fri
sian. 1372; Bohomlan and Moravian,
1709: Serbo-Croatian, HC3; Slo
venian, 10S9.
In tbo city of Portland tho Kngllsh
and Celtic (Including Irish, Scotch
or Welsh) group of foreign whlto
stock numbered 32,815, or 10.5 per
cent of tho total whlto population,
which was 1US.952. Thoj report
ing German as their mother tongue
numbered 2S.721, or 14 per cent:
Swedish. 8939, or 4.5 per cent; Nor
wegian. 5077, or 2.0 per cent; Ital
ian, 3590, or l.S per cent; French.
2749, or 1.4 per cent; Danish 2415
or 1.2 per cent; Yiddish and Hebrew,
2041 or 1 per cent; Polish, 1729 and
Finnish. 1108. Tho total foreign
whlto stock of Portland numbered
747S9 and represented 4S per cent
of tho total whlto population of that
CHANTS lAf?S, Or., Mny IS.
Vnluiiblo wntcr filings made by W. 11.
Sherman nt Hell's Onte, Jump-Oft
Joe creek nnd Graves creek, iiieludin;:
vnluublo reservoir hitcfl, nnd by Claud
K.k Sclleek nt Tnylor Creek mil oh,
will ho nt.ij:"cl to Hie fl"" r f0rc'
(on upon recommendation of Slate
Fjigiuecr John II. Lewi-, for tho pur
l(ii.e of beciiring rnpinccriiifr data l
determine the most fcui-ilila nml
ceouoimeiil iirigalion plan for the
lower Itogue llivcr valley, including
tho Merlin dUtrlct. Statu Kngincer
,cw was mi tho eity yentcrduy and
drove oer lliu district for the pur
pose of securing fint Imiid informa
tion with llio foregoing rtilt. Mr.
Lewis gnvo ciieonrngemeut for htate
njnl federal nid in the project. The
information given hy Mr. Lewi i
that I ho Mule will provide plan h)
winch irrigation win ho secured nt
mliiiil giM nul Hint the payment will
ho extended over rt long jioriod of
yinrrt with I'ltcroot not to exceed 1
per wilt. Kath laud owner will lie
iii'tiiivii by the government uh to Hie
iietilnl post of Iiik irrigutioti before la
it ieciiiiwt to inottgngo hid land for
one penny. , '
YKHA CUV'A, Mex., May 15.
C'rwlitnblu private advice from Mux
iw City leport liit (lie, fcJcnil, j
'fojillojo, eighteen inile miu(Ii of lliu
wipilnl, weio uttuekeil jteriluy by
tho nmtiluii, No ilelaiU of ll"'
ltyllUlIK VUTII ICW'iUll, but H(' iix'l
ikint U MKHilt'd i" on important tie
Vl(iu"' )0' I'Mlliorilli' lieie.
Tupllejo l"i Im'wi the unfile of mi
HturoHM )Hii'ri iliniuir (lie t few
Htiiiv Hiul Hi eentdiKeiiu'iiU iirt n.
Hlly litlwllve, hinwi tlm fi'deiiiU
JtHtsr M.IImm)'I to iollim I lie niiwil
IHM Xniti'M' i l '"' eo)iidiiwl
im w MIUiv lliric Jii'lliiu
mv J m h Xnitiin tiluli mi
fjl MlMli M 1" M'policil Uulii'
0MH UHm XhimiIii ililMl lla I"
Mw jWulif 0K4IIIW Mi'Xb'O ( ID i
KglpJiHlP BssssH
MssKf ssHKsssssll
OHkI' AjsssssssssssssssI
JSHsv Je-ssssHI
'i,, "'-4 , - -Lk- , ,m
itn..- - it
"URtleJ Jennings, the pepcry manager of tbo Tigers, has bis cbsrgei
oat In front In tho American I-caguo race, aud his well wishers alt over tb
country are rooting for tbo sorrel topped leader to stay there, "llugboy" Is
some tighter, and It will take so mo time to dislodge him.
Mix. Oeorae Sliuinn left tm Tuef
days Ira u for Jaekon ille. at which
place he will he the puest of lier
mother for n few weeks.
The Dardanelles cehool will clone
Satunlay, May 10, with appropriate
excreNes in the forcn'Mu''nnd n pie
nit in the jroe.
KaneV ereek was well repnrfeutwl
in Medford eireux day. at. nearly ev
ery one wan there In m-c Iluffalo
Kill and the elephant.
l'mphct Foster foreent! wanner
weather with nn ocen-ionnl thunder
Mr. "ale!i of Jnok-niiviltc wag
tran.-iietiii liusinc at this place on
Mr. Jidiu Chandler of the Hradrn
has Kone to Portland for a vVit
with her parent.
KaneV Creek biisine-i viitots to
Cold Hill tills week: .Mr. and .Mrs.
Lewis, Mr. and Mm. IHftiiibothmii,
Mrn. Ilenn, (ieorj Mump, Mr. mr
ker, Mr. and Jin. Maon. Miuse
Katie and MflKKte Foley, Mm. Mar
dou and 1'roplict Foter.
The Dardanelles School was eloned
on Monday in orJw that the children
could attend the ciretis at Medford.
Nellie Howtnon of Cold Hill wa
(ho uet of Ilradsn frwudi for sev
eral day lat week.
Mr. Nnrdy left on Monday for the
lllitiow valley on a pro)etJiij; trip.
Mike Foly hud the Miafortuac to
toio a valuable Itur ouo day re
cently. Tli u. makes the fourth one
Mr. Foley haa lot in the lat unr.
Mr. and Mix. IIoiioholder tpcnt
Sunday on .Sardine creak, tho Knout
of their daughter, Mr. Dueaeiibiirry,
mid family.
Mr. lA.nvin of Ceutrnl Point pain
his rt'Kiihir Snndiiy visit to Kane
MSmicm Nellie Himimiiiii mid It a
llntibchohh'r were Kuontd of Muriel
mid Ada Iliginbotlinm on Sunday.
Mr. Moim Smith hn been piitc
hick for the week.
Mm. Laura Kin in viniling reln
tiven ill San Franeisieo.
A great nuuiher from here nltend
pil the Sells-Floto eiroiii. in Muilf"li
Tho V. C. T. V. will meet wilh
Min S. (,'opo Thiiroduy afternoon.
Mm. K. Wilder Iuih been in ior
health for the past few weeks
Mr. Iliehiirdii-iiinl Clnropee N. Nel.
on of Cliiwi'.'o were tho "iiestn of
Mi. ('. C. Scott lakt week.
Mr-, a K. Core mid Mr. I'ialt,
MK-ielv editor of (ho Mudfurd SJnn,
were in town hut Friday nlteiiiliiij,'
the I'nu'iil-Teaelier.' naoeiiition.
Mm. flmo ua on the prormn for
mi uddronM.
Mm. J. M. Henley, wife of the cap
tain of the truiiftpor.l Sheridan, ar
rived hoie Monday l iit Mr. C. ('.
Scot i for a low day before joiiiiiij;
her IniKbiind in Sail Frnueisco, from
vvliere they will mil to the Philippine
lnterei.Hi'.' iiiuelin nro Imln hehl
in the Chrisluui eliureli by J'vaugif
lint Wiilbue Uhepliwrd of the Miat
Day Ahitiilil church,
The Pui'wit-'IWIioiV atmoelnlloii
will hold tin "at home" haliiiilny all.
I'lllinill Hi the home of Mm, AllhlH'
I'liiry, In wlilefa Hi- I'liMiil'TiiuiJu-r'
llaaooktuih ! !n .,iHl.,.iU tin ioUHll
Hit in lit tl i'ouwiaii'w fill in'" I
1 1 j liiinix nt .( t,i,t lie i lil In
lllll lutlii till ll'u
'lilt I till ' 1. 1 &(l I ..I.I I I
uthii iimiKvhi unit mil inii'i'i
v ;rr
Mrs Kthel Swank of Tolo Is vis
iting Miss Hazel Ilyrum nt this place.
J I tn Pendlaud has a force of men
rushing work on tho Tsblo lluck
Orchard Inspector Kline Is work-
Ini; In this locality this wrek.
Miss Kthel Fish and Mm. Wilson
of Chlco, Cat., accompanied by Mr.
and Mri. Ileobo of Asntc were vis
iting friends hero Wednesday.
During tho flro at Medford Mon
day two of our boys, lvwrenco Fltx
patrlck and Ktl Vincent rescued a
borte and btiRgy from n burning
Corn planting In this section will
be finished this week.
Two gentlemen from Tolo wero In
this vicinity .Saturday getting slgnn
turos to n road petition.
I.eo Vincent delivered omo flno
hogs to tho Medford market last
Our council mot last Friday even
ing at the Washburn Home.
F. II. Madden candidate for coun
ty cottiiulMloner was slinking hands
with hi many friends In this vicin
ity last wook.
Tha Table Hock tnaals players will
play several teams from tho Agato
high school Friday afternoon at tho
Collins court.
MIm Ruth Hall, formerly of this
place, but now of Ashland, was here
Monday bidding fnrowall to friends,
as sho leavos Tueediiy for Sacramento
to spend tho summer.
Tho Table Hock ball team took tbo
Modoe toam Into camp Sunday In ono
or tho hardest roughl games of the
sonsnu. For six luulngM tho score
stood 7 nnd 7 aud In tho eleventh
Inning Clark Collins singled to right
Jotting Stanley Lydlard crocs tho plate
with tho winning run.
During tho gamo oxcltoment ran
high tho Modoc's being so confident
nt ono tlmo that thoy woro anxious to
wagpr their money against our po
tato crop.
Kov. M. C. Davis will preach at the
school homo nuxt Sunday evening at
8 p. in.
Most of our old folks went to Mod
ford Monday to tako tho "kids" to
tho circus. - ,
Tho new Vlnlni; tbeatro was open
ed at AHlihind lust night by tho Now
York Orand Opera company, under
auspicious circumstances with speech
es by Owner Vlnlug. Mayor John
son, and others. Tho new playhouse
waH packed, many Medford people at
tending tho opening. Tho beautiful
striicturo met with hearty approval.
Aside from tho functions nttendaut
upon tho opening, tho grand opera
company, proved Itself a banner at
traction. All tbo mcmborH of tlio
company woro In flue voloo, and guvo
a hlghl) artistic performance. A
Mivoiitcon plcco orchestra furnished
tbo music, ii n dor tho direction uf
Pror, MowellH, Tho sumo rgnlpuhy,
which was hlghl)' complimented will
appear nt tho J'uko Then I m tonight,
and Is insured of a oru crowd.
HIhihI up for Jlmiio,
Of coureo ou wont to, Hum siiioko
(lovedior Jtihn'n olxuis "Illy.
and lifchl a iirp,t' tily on Iihi
WiiiIiipmI'i) eternity VhiIimi. uinie
llllnl- l' III lilt' Ml III fill en
t'tliiiiti t,,.i .-, a j.l, .i.niii i . . 'f jitt I
Jvr nil. '
.kiji . Jb . JIHi4IEV'l'fV
'BPVsflHsssssssV "4
j li
The iilnr nieeliiiK of Hie ihiirlei
dntfliiig I'ominlllee held '.it main
wiw devoted M the elutpter on "Otl'i
eeiN,' one of tlio niotit iiupoHaut ol
the eluuter. The ooniuiittie twn Hit
"luniniiiuK '"f the iShI" in llieir ple
lliiiinnrv woil,. The ! inter on
jtu.Milioii, eleelioiH unit niieellaueoin
'nroxNions ute lliu only oU'- lemiuii-
itij; of the tentative (It it ft
Ueported by Jaehson Cowu' At
tract Co rflvth and ir Ktt
Circuit. 3.-hr'
Fdvuiil .1. MnluTdj" 4hilor of
e ntt uf Amut MiJla'i' talii. s
Oenrge 0. ,1 irw iuid51i u !' )''"
on, motion tu mako r ore definite
mill certain.
John A. Perl v. Rudolph Seli'd
and Hornet Seliolr, order di-uiiiug
ami ctt bill M(d.
. C. (Inriett el ul . Sarah .1.
Krdman, eveepliou to niirrlx.
Kinnia H. F.nile vs. William Allen
Karle, decree of divoiee.
J. M. Keith v. Shorty Hope Min
ing Co.. sheriff return.
Margaret Tiee xh. Kdwin It. Norih
et ul., default mid dcerte.
Norn Nentliiuniner n. .Chim A.
I long ct al., demurrer.
S. T. Howard nnd (leo. A. Mump
-. Ilortieiiltiirnl Fire Relief of Ore
gon, undertaking on upHal.
S. T. Ilowntd nnd (leorge A. Morse,
v. Hartford Fire luiirnuee Co. of
Hartford, Conn., undertaking on ap
peal. .
In the mailer of the ctntc of S.
II. Vnn Dyke, dceeaed Invintory
and appniiemeut filed.
In Hie mutter of the elate of K.
C. I loot k, dcecaed -executrix' oulh
In the matter of the giiiiidiauhip
of Nmioy S. I'lenrwnier.
In tlio matter of the elate or Fred
erick Frideger, decoiwd.
Ileal Klalt Traiifers
G. O. Van Natta ct ux to John
Van Natta, lots I. .t 7. S
and 3, blk. 2. A. & II. Add
Central Point. W. I)". .. . 10
Geo. F. I.lndlcy ct o 1M .
Judy lot 5 blk. 1, Oak Park
Add Medrord. W. II 10
I). S. Wood el ux to Geo. F.
I.lndlcy. same W. I) 10
Frank I In James l.akc to liar
voy Huts, part lot , blk 7,
C. & S. Add to U'oodvillo,
W. I 10
G. F. Ltndloy ot ux lo-Coo. F.
I.lndloy, tot 5. blk t, Oak
Park Add Medford. W. J) 1 0
T. Helmroth to Geo. F. I.lnd
loy, Q. C. 1). same 7B0
F.vit Ilockenyo. to W. O.
Vmigbn, lot 7 nml H, blk.
JJI, Jaekonvit!e $ I'.tlO
It. F. Willi to J. Laurence Hill,
part lot 1, blk, 'J, llarr'n ml
ilili Medford 10
Fnink H. Nelhcrland ct ux to
J. II. Murphy, Lit 'J mid ,
blk. 1!), Hutte Fall. . J'-0
Frnnk II. Ncllierland el ux to
Maggie a (ios, Mime 1"
Kmina Fredenliurg el lr to J.
II. lluiniiig, laud in ncv. -'S-:j)-'a
W. L. Kdmondsoii it ux to A.
It, Chiirtruw, land in see. -'H-,'ll-ia
- . 1,000
Lindsay ct ux to A. I).
Doddridgp, lots :i nnd i and
S. j NWi !" - - - , '"
I'lrmiiu .alia el ux In (leo. W.
Holcoinb, I hitch in HI-IKJ
:tw. .
Alviu Campbell et ux to T, K.
I'ottinger, lot 7, blk. .'),
Orny'rt Addition, Med ford
Wnlliico I), (Jiuey et ux to J.
C, Suiilh, lot on firaiiito
htreet, T'-'.'J.'ixJ.'iO, Anhluiid .
C, 1'. SieniMiii it ux to I. F.
HrittHiiii, lot 11, Ashland
Home iiMociiitmii
I). T. MeKercber to (I. O. Viiii
Nutla, lots I, .1, II. 7, H Olid
(J. Itlk.'J A. (V II. iiihlitiou,
( entral Point .-- ..
M, W. Smith et ux lo .Lis, K.
TiiomiiH et ul, lot V, blk, N,
Kuilroiid udditmn, Asjiliiud .
II. W. Amlicw to Helen S.
ISowen, I'.'.HH iieips in I). L.
C. :i7, :i7-'JW ... . 1
Utile Hut ton o A. a Slock,
lots '' mid .'I, blk. II, llnll
roiul Add, In City til' Asli
In lid -i-- I"
hiiiKia (J, Hniilli In Kpenwir K,
HiiIIIn, iliibt or tvny in ),
L. C, II, twp. :i7-'J'- ' . I
Milton Demi lo l. K.JInlJts,
ilghl of way nwr M'i 1
I'liilwl HIiiIp. In din , Don
liltUoii, iii liulf of ijie hiI
Imlf nt wv, pi-nti-iVfe,.: I'nlHiit
iloioo liHlimliy huh liNi Kiiciio
it) mi imhr ot iim my kIvIhk nil or
di'ii, fur ' pijin M In' liiii'iin
Ci'iKivlv ytyilo
In the circuit court tu nnd for tho
county of Jackson, stale of Oregon.
Kiild K. Freely, plaintiff, vs. Klwln
J. Cri'otv. ilrireuilant.
To Klw lit .1 freely, tlio above
named defendant:
In tho name of tho utate ot Oiogou.
jou ant heiohy leiplliod to nppenr
aud answer plaliilirt'tt lomplalul now
on tlio iiiiiiliiht Mill In tho above nu
ll! KM uiiirl anil enuse within sis
weeks rrnlii the date of tho nisi pun
tle.tllou ot thlrt iiiiumtoiis. said ft Ml
publication thereof heliiK on Friday,
tho tot It da or Apill. t'.U I. nml vou
are hereby noUtlnl It ou full lo a
near mid miswer. or otherwhio nlead
to plaintiffs complaint tho plaintiff
will appb to the court for the relief
demanded In her eomiuiiint, to wn.
For it decree ot dlvono trmn you
and that the boudii of mattlmouv now
vlftlii between iourelf nmt plain
tiff le whll) sot imlde nml held tor
naught, tlmt iilalntltr be nut men n
her maiden mime, tow It' Until I
lla.ntltun, and that she nave JiidK
uvmit nfcttlusl oft fur her cost a and
illntitirrotupttta ;of this unit and Unit
lii'v Rlton oiieb other und turtti.-r
relief na to th? eotut'inn) tvem just
and oiiiltalile.
This Mtimmona Is ubllthcd tn the
Medford Mall Tribune! a newspaper
ot general circulation. In Jaruton
enmity. Oregon, ptibt'sticil nt Med
ford, Oregon by order df Hon F I.
Ton Vel'o. Jinlge of tho roiinty court
for Jnekroti county. Oregon, made and
entered on tho Uth tiny of prll. 1911
wherein and In said order It Is ur
tleretl that ton bo retimreil to nnpenr
aud answer said romplnliit within six
weeks trom tho dato of tho first pub
lication of this summons, tho rlrM
publication thereof being on Friday,
tho 1 Ot It dnv of April, l!U, and the
Inst publication thereof tieing on Fri
day, the 22nd day of May. I!UI.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the circuit court of the stnto of
Oregon, for Jackson comity,
Leo Phlpps. plaintiff, vs. Mnlluda
Jauo Miles, nud William Miles, wlfo
and husband, detendiitits.
To Mnllndn Jauo Miles, and Wil
liam Miles, wlfo aud nusbaiid, tho
above nnmed defeudniits.
In tho nnnio of tbo stato of Oregon,
you nro hereby required to appear
and answer tho complaint flic 1
against you In tho nbovo entitled
court and cause, on or tmforp six
weeks from the date of tho first pub
lication of this summons, said (Irst
publication being on tho 1 0th day of
April. 1011.
And you nro hereby notified that
If jou fall to nppear anil answer said
complaint, for want thereof the
plaliilUr will npply to tho above en
titled rourt for the relief demanded
In tho complaint, to-wlt
For a decree of tho atiovo entitled
court foreclosing that certain mort
gngo given by defendants Mnllndn
Jane Miles, and William Miles, wife
and husband to tho nbovo named
plaintiff, recorded In book 2 nt
pages r.70-r,7 1, record of mortgages.
Jackson county. Oregon, covering the
following described real property sit
uated In Jackson county, Oregon, to
Lots numbered ono (1). two (2),
and three (3, In blo-k number six
teen (10). or tha city ( formerly
town) of Medford, ns destgunted and
descrlbwl on tbo official plat thereof
now of record.
Said mortgage securing a noto for
IIOUOOO. tinted Medford, Oregon.
December -'7. 1010, executed by said
Mnllndn Jnno Miles, and her husband,
and paynblo to tho plaintiff herein
drawing Interest nt tha rate of ten
per rent per annum until paid.
For a decree and Judgment for tho
sum of $1000 00 Including Interest
until aid at tho above rate, and the
sum of $ ISTi.00 ns attorney's foes,
and the costs of this suit.
That tho usual decree tin made
for the sale of snld premises hy the
sheriff of tho nbovo county and state
according to law, aud tho proceeds
or said sale may bo applied In pny
mont of tho amount diit tho plain
tiff, Including principal nnd Interest,
attorney'!! fees, and costs of this suit,
ami that said defeudniits nnd each
of them, ami all persniiH claiming
under them subseiiieut to tho execu
tion of snld mortgage upon tin hi
premises, either as purchasers, In
cumbrancers, or otherwlso. may be
barred and forerlored ot all rights,
clnlms or equity of redemption (ex
rept Hiich ns allowed by law) In said
promises, nml that If after such sale
and application of proceeds then of.
11 shall ho ascertained Hint such pro.
coeds aro Insufficient to pay such
Judgment ns plaintiff may recover, ho
may have Judgment over ugnlnst de
fendants In tho anion n t or such du
flclency, And for such other relief
as to tbo court may seem Just.
This summons Is published under
nnd by virtue of an order iiindo by
lion. F. L. Ton Vollo, county Judge of
tho nforosald county and state, In the
absence of tho circuit Judgo of the
above entitled court from said roum
fy, on tho 0th day of April, 10 M
Tim first publication of this mimmnns
to ho on tho 10th day or April, 1011,
mid the last publication will bu on
the I'l'nd dny of Mny, I OH,
Altqrnoy for Plaintiff
J'ocontly romodnlod und enlarged,
added now cameras nnd apparatus
and Is now strictly up-tu-duto In
every way,
Coiumorlrai 'otk of nil Kinds
Including copying and enlarging ol
pictures, legal documents, etc. ilro
uildo uiilurtilmr, any slm, and koduV
MnUliliiK of awry liind,
Professional mid sinsliier pliilu
Kruphlo supplies, -
h, M, llsrwmi AshoiJmIiwI H'llh Mo,
fjhun ovvr jl Ttivvr, I'krn uvi
Kutf nml (Jurpot Cleniilnn
nml Weaving
Tho Ipii ilas jut up. Spray
ilio return npray. Don't !-
lay, if yiui tlmt'l want
wormy I'mil
Orchard Care
111! Koiifh Kivtiraidu
PIioiip I."j0
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Of regular deposits to )our credit tu the Jackson County
Aio oii practicing this efficient method tof accuinulat
ing n surplus fund? Do so 'Is lo our advantngo.
Your account Is cordlnlly Invited.
4V Interest paid ou savings accounts.
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lJr W -&&2' EJrlUfSBVyQB
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in thu world.
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