Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, May 13, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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lAUlfl TWO
ja."W?W? " -r (
A. M. Walker spent nil of Tues
day in Ashland campaigning Tor oios
and snfd upon his return if every
body Voted fo him who gave prom
Idea hb would be elocled by a 1000
majority. . .Mr. Walker stopped at
Talent and Phoenix and leports a
favorable sentiment.
Tho condition of Martin Kcddy who
Is'conflnod in Sacred ileart hospital,
wa's reported as nstly Improved this
morning. Scores' of people havo
railed at tho libspltal to see htm, but
tinder1 the doctor's orders only a few
nro admitted until tho patient Is be
yond danger.
Atomic sulphur, arsenate of lead,
tilarklcaf, lime nnd siitpluir, berry
crates and boxes, for sale at lowest
prices by the Co-opcratlvo Fruit
Growers' Association.
Tho section crow of the S. P. Is
making Improvements to tho local
side tracks.
Transplanted tomato plants, 70
cents per hundred, special prices ou
lots BOO and over. Kgg. pepper and
sweet potato plants now ready.
Portland Avcnno Greenhouse, Med
ford, rhone S7-K. C5
Chief of 1'ollco HlttBon went out
Into tho country this morning to put
the finishing touches on hla cam
paign for sherirf, and Will Humphrey
Is holding the Job of police chief.
"Our Mutual Girl." Is some girl.
Tho largest motion picture produced.
It Theater tonight. Admission Sc. 45
Mark Patton of Portland arrived
Tuesday to spend a week or so vis
iting with his father. Owncy Tatton.
Mrs. Mark Patton proceeded her hus
band, and has been visiting relatives
Jn tho valley.
Ask jour grocor or neighbor about
ho nennant wranncd bread made at
thu Newtown bakery. 63
Krlck Anderson of Hutton. Cal.,
was In tho city Tuesday with Pat
Swano of tho Dig Applegate, tak
ing back a load of supplies and a
couple of ponies for Pat's children.
E. Ii. King of Porter. Wash., is
spending a few days In tho valley
visiting relatives on Griffin creek.
Jtoyal Bakery goods at DoVops.
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. B. KusscM of An
tiocb arc making Med ford a short
E. C. Hcgsctt. who has been con
fined to his homo for several days,
Uabl to be-about .,
Kre"sh""bread daily 'front Near town
bakery at Parker and Stancllff's -at
nitter and Dunlap's old stand. 4S
Mrs. T. K. Rock was in Medford
this morning, en route to Applegate
from a Tlslt at Fall Itlver, Cal.
Mrs. Dexter Halo was down from
Talent district Tuesday.
Typewriters. All makes new and
rebuilt. Sold, rented and repaired.
Typewriter Exchange, 230 North
Mrs. Oarker, who has been a resi
dent of Medford for some time, left
for Portland. Tuesday, accompanied
by her son Ed.
Gcorgo W. Howard of Oakland,
Cal., left for Davenport, Wash.,
after a two wcoks' sojourn In Dig
Uutto dUtrict.
Savo money. Uso Plato Ice. Med
ford Ice & Storage Co. Phono 564.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hill drove to Med
ford Tuesday. Dillon reports that
his orchard was bady hurt by frost.
Mrs. Helen Haskns has returned
from a trip to tho orchard In Evans
creek district she is interested in.
Don't be deceived. Uso Plate Ice.
Medford Ico & Storago Co. Phone
13. W. Wilson, deputy sheriff, was
over from Jacksonville Tuesday on
official business.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred howls of Wel
Jen spent Tuesday in Medford.
Special for Sunday, Nepolltan
brick velvet Ice cream. Phono 481
Dr. and Mr6. George Helms tar
ried several hours In Medford Tues
day. I.anq Wyland of Meadows district
lb transacting business in Medford.
Manila, chocolato and White's spe
cial ico cream for Sunday. Phono
James Morton and I.ouls Colvor of
Phoenlr woro recent visitors In Med
ford. H. D. Mills of Uutto Falls, who is
looking after, the Dewing lnterctt,
is in Medford,
F. W, Hhaplolgh Hardware Co., are
dally, addlng to thejr well assorted
stock and are sollluK ut close prices
I S7
William Gerlg, vice-president of
the Pacific & Eastern railroad, has
returned lo Portland after a short
bitim visit in Mudlord.
Phtte Im. Morning deliveries.
Hs4rurd lc & 8torKO Co. J'houn
if - r -- ""'
pa turn MR , f
MM r. W. MMi JM)U
xj j s 1 1 i r n" ' ' ' T,
Tho Parent-Teachers' clrcln of the
Kooievr-H school will meet 'Thursday
afternoon asjh'f iday Is a holiday All
theJffGers arts urged' to bvi' present.
RlcFtlon f officers and 'olhcV Im
'porUnt business. The children will
glvo a short program.
Kov Harry A Cnrnahnn, 1). I)
ppstor of tho Presbjterlnn church of
Ashland will occupy tho pulpit of
tho First Presbyterian chtorch Of
Medford not Sunday, May 17th, at
1 1 a. in. Tho. V. P. S. C. E. voclety
will have n 'special yrogrnhi of music
and addresses for the evening nt 8
o'clock, Special music both morning
and evening. All are Invited to the
For quick work, send our clothes
to Orros &.'m Mar's. "Service and
satisfaction" our motto. Wo call
tor nnd deliver. Phone 5SS-R. 4li
Does your bluo sergo shine? Orres
& I.a Mar can take tho worst shlno
out. Don't throw It away, Just phono
BSS-H, and have It taken out. Guar
anteed. 20G West Main.
' The W. C. T. It. wilt hold an-all
day session In tho Methodist church
Wednesday morning beginning at 10
Regular meeting of Rcamcs chap
ter No. 6G Wednesday night. Social
Screen doors at Medford Co.
Tho Talent and Medford teams o!
tho Rogue River Valley Leaguo will
play In this city next Sunday, and one
of the largest crowds of the season
ts expected. '
1 Tommy McFaf land, the dandy little
boxer, who lost to Hud Anderson In
this city In tho third round, when
Chief Hittson stopped the fight. Is
going to Australia after the Fourth
of July to box. Tommy has a score
of friends in this city.
Tre'sh lime. Medford Co.
Wilbur Scott of'Glendnle Is spend
ing a few days In the city on busi
ness. Earl I'lrlcli Is down from his stock
ranch on Union creek for a few days.
Ike Frldegcr, well known locally,
who left for Phoenix. Arls., two
weeks ago, writes that it Is so hot
there that he has lost IS pounds In
J. O. Corking, the best all around
photographer in southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives made any
where, time or place. Studio 22S
Main St. Phone 320-J.
Hoboes have established two or
three camps along Bear creek, one
hangout harboring two dozen shift
less gentlemen. The police ordered
them to break camp. All they do is
fish' and lay around in the sun and
uaK otctenlnip. 4 r-
Jean Hoke of Central Point was a
business visitor in the city Tuesday
Milk and cream at DcVoj's.
Prof. Harry Howells made n busi
ness trip to Ashland Tuesday.
George Danby of Butte Falls Is
spending a fow days In tho city at
tending to business matters.
Ray Thompson of Grants Pass vis
ited friends and relatives in this
city the first of the weok.
Kodak finishing, glossy or dull fin
ish at J. O. Ccrklng's studio, '.'28 E.
Main St. Phone 320-J.
Mrs. Ed White of Antelope Is tho
guest of Mrs. W. F. Isaacs, who Is
her nieco.
William Martin ana J. McCrclght
of Bagle were of the mauy who came
to Medford during .the week.
Carkln & Taylor lawyers. (John,
If. Carkln, Glean O. Taylor). Has-klns-Uoyden
Bldg.. Main street.
), A. Iloblc, a business man of
Grants Pass, is a bustness visitor in
Medford. .
John Tprney motored to Elliott
creek today to look arter his mining
Frank Ilcnson of Central Point pre
cinct drove to Medford Tuesday.
Miss Helen Harrington of Grants
Pass fs tho guest of friends living Its
E. J. Kaiser and S. S. McKercher
'of Ashland wcro recent visitors in
. T. 9- Gaines of Trail and William
Hcffner of Griffin creek aro In Med
ford. Harry Barneburg, who Is raising
.pure bred Chester White hoga, sent
several. head to Eagle Point Tuesday.
Mjss Florence Wagner of Ashland
Is visiting Medford friends.
Louis Brown of Eagle Point and
F. Ceol of Lake creek were In Med
ford tho first of the week.i
Herbert Cole, manager of Colestln,
tho summer resort on tho Siskiyou
mountains. Is in Medford.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W, Carnation havo
returned to the Blue Lodge after a
few days visit In Medford.
, J. Anderson, Jw'li'n had his urm
broken at the recnt fire on South
Fir stre,t, Is ut the Sacred Heart hptf-
' Mrs A. 11. Davis of Kan Francisco,
who has been stopping with relatives
at Central Point for oiuo time, Is
tho guest of Mrs. John F. White or
West Medford.
Eugene II. Thompson has bevti
awarded the contract for curoliiK
tits- mall between Jacksonville hihI
Aujilvgatw for four er from Jul) 1.
lie wl roieivu f2i0 pur yt-sr more
(bun he did before.
dlise lloiRlt wild W A tftcwart
HjMiut Tuesday wU'cllUHeerlMK l Atb'
fey In khttlf at J'rsHk il MftildAii
M fwuNl) towmlklHr,
Messrs. Hurdle and Hatfield of
Ashland, who w'ent to Mexico for
caltle lliey had purchased, returned
thlsN-cek with 1 7 carloads of stock,
wiitch they wll dispose of as soon ns
they are fattened.
J. F. Kelly Is having his brick
building on Main street extended to
the alley to rurnlsh moro room for
Moe & Co. G. W. Prlddy has the
A. E. Rcames and wife left
Wednesday for Salem nnd Portland.
Mr. Realties will be back shortly but
Mrs. Kennies expects to be gouu n
fortnight. '
Guy W. Conner, tho Oregon repro'
sentatlve of tho A. Block Fruit Co .
has Just returned from a huslno
trip to Portland. Ho states tunt
the fruit of tho lloguo river valley Is
expected to go east via the Rotcvlllo,
Cal.. gatoway this fall Instead ofj
through Portland as heretofore. Ac
cording to Mr. Conner. President L.
C. Glllmnu of the North Batik road
and probably a future head of the
llllt lines Is an enthusiastic admirer
of tho beauties of our valley and a
Tlrm believer lu the future of south
ern Oregon.
elimination of General Huerta and
the establishment of a provisional
government In Mexico, in which .both
the Huerta and the constitutionalist
factions would be represented Is cou
tomplntcd 1n a plan which the three
South American uiedlntors now nro
working out lo bo proposed for tho
solution of the entire Mexican prob
lem. This, the first intimation as to thu
details of tho mediation plans, be
came known-tonight, although'nclth
cr the mediators nor state depart
ment officials would mako any state
ment as to how nearly complete is
the plan to be submitted to American
and Mexican delegates when they
meet the South American envovs nt
Niagara Falls, Canada, next Monday.
It was learned tho propojal might
that tho setting up fo a temporary
government bo undertaken by a com
mission composed of five jwrsons, two
of them to be named by Huerta, two
by the constitutionalists and the fifth
by the mediators.
(Continued iron pa 1.)
governor if that nominee i not hi
choice. The federal officeholder
who stands Kon.or for him lm- re
ietcrcil us nn independent.. TliU fed
eral officeholder, Frank S. Jlyer-,
now iM-tmnster here, boldly n-crU
that he received tin important job
heeiiu-e lie k n democrat nml for the
work that lie did for the party.
Activity Iti-cnti-U
Decent ileinoerutn who are demo
crat from principle recent ihN ac
tivity of Mycr and it i tiuiiulitil i
hi future aspirations will ever ma
ture. John MiiiiniiiK, n dyed-in-the-wool
democrat, no lur tnkes offence
that he lm instructed all his work
ch, nnd fie lias- nn effective volun
teer organization, to get out nnd tee
that C'unon jeU u majority in Mult
nomah county.
In the nice for the democratic
nomination for .pnernor, n poll of
(i()(J7 Inken jn several jirueiiieU ol
cndi of 20 counties- in the stnfc
rihowcdv- Smith to be the choice of
2032; Jlennctt, 11107; John Mnuuiin;,
lj:i; Miller, (!!7; Cobb, 5!). This is
exclusive of Multnomah county,
which is Voiffcdoil .to Miiiiiiin.
Thelttditiciiltudciit who does not
permit his pervonnl preference lo
worn his judgment renlies tluit I mm
present conditions- $iuilli will rcncli
Multiiomnli county lending Minium;;.
Ileluccn Kinltli mid Muniilug
The nomination depends iiltngether
on the size of that lend, us Muu
ningV friends are freely offering to
Wilbur llmt he will enrrv Multnomah
by 2000 over Smith, with no tukerK,
This estimate is Hindu upon the pre
sumption that 10,000 democrats
vole will he cn-t in this county, with
n registration of 17,000, Jn Multno
mah two-llimW of the registered
voters iMinlly attend the primaries,
while only :i0 per cent of the outside
registration voles.
The democratic nopliiiiiiiou, from
reporfs from every precinct in the
state, indicate beyond doubl tlal
the roulest ifs hetwecii John Man
ning mid Dr. Smith nnd democratic
wderrf cuil lake thejr choice, Judge
JU'nniiltj is- strong in poitn, nit jib
folloiving ft fcuHcird, unl, iu,wvcr
jiiijcIi one dihlkt'H V4 statu of pol
itics) Hie eoitdltious ore hero mli) will
not be cluiliged Unless n very unlike,
ly polilicul uplieaviil occurs within
Ihu uexl week.
Economic Determinism
Kilicl f o tin, m. ) of Hun I'iiui
cixco nil speiil tonight ut Hinllh'i
hull onliull on Noilli (liupe lreel, on
"," mi dwill insvM-r Ihivld
(lohlen lioiu u iiiiileijiillstio J jiil
Mp;il, Mie is ii eiui'lnluly mi llio
oclnlMi iiwl iM'kel l ( itliforiiiii
Of MiprUili'liii'ii of scllmil.. All
JH'lotl fiw,
IHitnucrnta of JncKsoit county are
plnhulug to write in tho iinmo of At
torney Porter J. Noff for tho stnto
senate at 1iii t!ifltys Friday. As
there Is no other candidate on tlio
democrnllc side hu Is nrsured of lioln
luatlon. .
Democrats are al-o plaiuilug 'to
wrlto In tho name of Moso Darkdull
aa ajogtslatlvo nuuilneo.
NEW YORK.'. M I J Uuurv so-
gOl, nwaltliiK trial on chargoa urow
lug out of thq nlleRed mlsmnunge
ment of his mercantile enterprise
hero will be allowed to mml ut Pl.vtu.
outh when the vessel ho sailed on a
few days ago rcArlot tho English
terminal, according to an agreement
reached today between his attornevi
and District Attorney Whitman nud
consented to by Supreme Court Jus
tice Seabury.
PcrtuUslou for Slegel to laud was
conditional on his returning to Now
York on tho Mcatuer Olympic on
which he left nnd which Is duo to sail
from Southampton May 20. Should
Sleg'el ,no voluntary land In l'b
outh, Mr. Whitman nnnouucvd.i l,o
tertlves. will tuko him olf the ship and
he will he returned hero.
WASHINGTON. May 1.1; Hoiir.u
democrats In caucus nited last night
to limit tho legislative program for
the remainder of this session to anti
trust measures aad appropriation
bills." Rural credits w.i go over un
til next winter.
Of tho 230-momJ.ers who attended
the caucus not more than 20 voted
against tho program Majority lea
der I'ndcrwood explained that tho
work of the scssJoa was boliu cur
Ulled "lu the hope of an adjourn
ment of, congress by Jujy 10 " Presi
dent Wilson suggested tp uo loa
ders who called upon him earlier Ju
the evening that po attempt bo made
to pass rural credits during the pres
cut session. .,
Mt. Pitt 1'lgnrs.
Arc homc-htado and will ploase
most particular staekcrs.
t i
MtM.fonl ritili sIhmiM Know lUt to
IteiKl and nceil ineni
Disordered ktdnovi givo nun) lg
nals of 'distress.
Tho secretions may 111' dark, con
tain scdjmcut .
Passages are' umotimei frciitlept,
scanty, 'pnlnfiil. t '' '.'"",
Ilackacho Is oftun'Vrofiint tla ppd
HendacheH and dlz?y spoils Hif
Weakened Mdnuya should' rccolvu
ijnlck help.
Don't delay! Use u special kidney
Doan'a Kidney Fills aro for weak
kidneys, Imckaihu nud urinary dis
Medford evidenio proven their
Frank Turngato, C St.. -Jacksonville.
Ore. sajui 4"thavu ino-d
Donn'a liduo I'llls personalle mid
they havlt been used by another of
my family. I tan' sa'they t-ro n
fine- romedy noan'a Kidney PH
did moa great deal ofgobd, when 1
was suffering fiom kidney weakness
TJiey deserve iMihlfe endorsement."
Prlro 50c. at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kldnoy remed) got
Doan's KIdmn Plllo tho same that
Mr, Turngntu Had. Foster Mllburn
Co., Props . Ilif.nlo, N. T.
ii... ...i
i M ifn iiviib 1'll.l.s.ruSSt
Pricu .,
1 ayfl
Hfleel what Vou iitfd
V If
(ll'.-iiruio I inviiUKi eiiiiniiiiiii( u mrfc'j jirnrif
iii. of Na) uuurs sad Hlllwork. ' lm
ut iMiiiifuoiurllir nt In inrr n i,iiiii1( rut
t- u dlrtet to )u vnanlrn im o furnluli yon
........... ........ .:.... ... r
utiio ii'jiiiTii iw ! iiiuiiv vu K"ini
I X I'liuel t'Him, liisi-i'i tl 15 Utttn tno
mn niiiii Juttijiir hint, ii nw, ut . IW.79
I r'f.iJiiluj liilfller lionl. '4 lil' Xinm UC.V3
iNiiNiimn 1'iont U'xi ii il 1hii fa oo uu
(rsffsiiiuii Itiiir or HPIn Imuis, lsl 4,3
Iiik is Wlit'low Trim. In sits . , , S HO
( ii nrnl fusli Kl lUnlHiiM 50 uu
J s ifrWKt 1C l '". ',t0 '", ' to0
' vl'IHIf ill S'SH tut ,u 'I s llll
Ws Mil nykly wiJ sMjisnMrlisrs.
'AiU fw CaUIe
The licit ti Ike ef u new four-loot
vein of on' ut the lUmleii mine, neni'
(lulil 1IiI, owned h. lv lluvs, ut.
been, repot led, full not" cnnflrWd.
the dUeovery bemg uliide ti,v ueeidMit.
Ii w juiil t n.aiiv tint lilalnwl nr. iiii'v
ore j'roiu the udite. Hr Jio, when
iijkiid nliont 'tile x'tUke, ws u'r qui
ittuliioiittxe A 4uii,,ind"pw( if
there Imp; been u hlnko; In,' did not
khow nu, thing about il. K. W, lil
fogrtuii, uvor, jwid fldt l v lr.
'jn,vV plnoe to,riii llltjlieiit vin any
tulMiig t ijt Hone. , ,
NVACK. N V., 'May t. --Pontile
niurdor. nrsou and suicide. areordliiK
to the vordlet of tho coroner today
caused tho destruction of tbo family
and home of Edward Ku'ger In Pearl
Hirer last night.
Stand up fur Home,
Of course ou want to, then smoke
Governor Johnson clgnts only.
Mlltiut, Pa., Wiiuiuii Has I'uiiiul a
Mr. Howard Wagner of Milton.
Pa.. sa) "D'htid a bad eiild for
nioutliH. nml would cough over.v night
unlit midnight. I consulted a doctor
aud took two Mini of modleluo but
I got' no relief. Vlnot was recoiu-
iiumdod ami after taking It a week I
could sleep all night without eoueli
Ing onru. IToontlnued It upd
now havo a title appolltn. never tlt
letter and my cough Is entlrel
Il In a well known fart that when
a person ki run-down, stomach out of
order, or tho system overloaded with
waste matter vital resistance Is Tow
ered nnd eolda nnd coughs are eastb
Tho afet and sureSt method wc
know to overcome this condition Is
b taking our delicious cod liver and
Iron tonic. Yluol. lu tho most nat
ural manner Vluol tones up thodlgiM
tho organs, promotes n hearty appe
tite, enriches the blood, and as u
specific for chronic rough, dd au)
bronchial troubles Vluol I unV
1'ry a bottle of Vluol on our otter
jto return your manuy If It falls to
help )ou. .Mriuorti riiarmnc). aino
fexd Oro. i .. ' . i- .. ' .
P, 8. For rough. saly skin, try
our IJsxuSslre. We gHaraue It.
i'iums Di'vi:i.tPi:i
liy our method. Insurem btler re
sults from your camera. Mall in
your worlt.
isiu'VtVM Main Mreel, .Medfonl, On.
Tlio I tMi days ni'c up. Spray
'lu iviuni spviy. Dou'l 1p
lay, if ymt tlou't waul
wormy fruit '
Orchard Care
Phono 77j
County Commissioner
AVrilt' upon your ballot
Ralph F. Dean
(Tnid Adv.)
teiM olir 1lr.
.. . ......
1 ;J
No. ii
H . .
U Mitt want to free oiir head of
dandruff and slop fulling hlr. Jim
must sooner or later resort to Now
bio's HerplchU.
lly uslhjr tfoilchjti first ,voh(ivo
ioiutdit.wrr). wlttoh U dMUltbl.
Mm ivo moiii', whlfh Is a ronsfrt
ertvlluii. .nml m Vo .vour hair.
tfhloh 1(T thl mint important of all
Why not unifll by tho .wrtenei
or .lrn. a. .V. I.i'o. of lio Hontlt lib
gtv Oirhtuoud. 'a., who writes
?.., A. ' v.iii rs' i-n!ilmiro lu India
ruined 1u hair mtUl It but two
inchim trtim and' ver twin 1 tried
eit-rvililtlg In KuroH and Amerlcn
without twnellt until I ludured
to use llcrplrlile M blr Is m
leiia, and Ukv and jiaturul Milor.
while tiefere It was uuUn arav. M
The Merchants
At Its last nieetliig uiianluioiisly
passinl a resolution i
Asking Medfoid People to lnslt j
mi their gnucr siipd)lng II I viltlr
Ituttcr from the Medfonl t'leonuiiy !
fur till il.ijs lit Icii'.t,
This wilt tisUt In JUmIKUiib iij
worthy luslltutbiu mu a M) tell In
Don't lake n substitute Insist on
Medfonl madu lluttor. ,
Every Pound Guaranteed
decently rotuodotod and enlarged,
added nuw camera aud apparatus
and Is now strictly up-lo-dnto lu
every way.
Cirtiniirrlcal Work of nil Kind
Including copyb;ig nnd enlarging of
pictures, legal documents, etc. tiro-
nilddeiilarRlnu'.' any sle, and kodak
Untitling of every kind.
Professional ami amatuur photo
ti. M. Harmon Asuoclated Willi Me.
Shop over Jsl Tfiuater, Phono 147-J
Colonial Flats
Light Housekeeping
Hunt by week or month only.
A quirt, refined home for people who like comfort tFt than Oil
nnuco. nud reuu ell within the limit of their iHtekettMioltt.
Hummer run- Uverv thing tnodtrn and up-lo-Unto.
:M7 South ItlwMdc. Look u up
Buy Your Seeds
. Of llrondloy. who haa had 311 jo.trs oxpurluiKo
haiidlluu mid gowlug Humls mid iiiHlerslamln tho
hiiNliiosii thoroughly. Ho sells nil Kinds of Harden,
field and flower Heeds Including tho famous lliir
peo needs, no butter grown, l'till stock alwii)ii on
Broadley the Florist and Seedsman
Im In tl.a M. !'. &. il. ililldlug
Kloio I'lioiio 871!
i "
Comfort Shoes
llero'u r ' 1 1 n f for, the woman
whoso feet hiirtl Hln has oil to
put hoi' feet lu u pulr of our com
foil shoos.
Wo iihIi woiiiiiii mid moil who
aro Silffurllig with fool Unii;lU of
iiiiv Hill, to diiliie bore for relief
frlentlM novor Uio ut .ulinlrlng my
Mra.',p story Is a typloni ht
lory of hair trouble AUut" nvw
tlilim ulw Jn .Nowjhrt'a llafiUeHo
brlltp rtijlnf. It wH lltt iUt it
effeeltvo If used flint.
.wbtti' Hwirtrld mnkM lit af
cumuJiitluu of tlHiuicuft nuiKumiiiie
and irvoiits (alllm Unlft (t stops
ItehtOg I ih lalp ilWt Itwtftlttb
No HwMtr wiml the flnlma ol ijlheru
lnljlrlt0 h the unl ; "ti"JllO orlgl
iwl ilniMlrun erw alrtw,,
Nrwhro'it U'Hlril Jil 0 and
j l.oo immi to sMt by Alt (Wtltm who
aiiaranivr It to do alt that ta efalnie,
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