Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 06, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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aiRUKoicn mamj 'rwmrm mf.dkohd. okugon. moxdw, aprii, o, inn.
Chief of I'ollro Jllttson Is spend!
Ing a fow ily In the northern p.irt
of tho county rnutlnK around for
ote, He tpent Saturday In Goll
Hill, nnd In tnklnf? n trip np Kvars
crcok and S.ima alley before return
ing. Oitrlncr hl nr.scnce Officer
Crawford Is In cliarpe of the pollco
fqrno by day and ScrRennt Mso tr
night. Candidates Walker nnd Sum
inorvlllc, arc also qutlo actle hurt
ling votes for sheriff.
I.. (irccory was a business visitor
In (Srania l'nss la nook for a fow
Spoclnl for Sunday, Xopolltan
brick velvet Ice cream. Phone Si
ll. "
, Miss Delia Ktlba of this city In vis-
UlnK for a few days at tho homo jf
A. A. Porter In Grants Pass.
John OUen of Iltitto Falls U
down from his homestead for a few
days attending to huclncM matters.
Orders taken Tor all kinds of vsrc
tablo plants, any quantity. Karly
cabbage plants now ready. Port
land avenue Greenhouse. Phone
8Mt. 330
Ml Alice Cowplll has returned
from n fow days visit with frlendu
and relatives In Grants Pass.
H. S. Stoddard of the Callfornla
Oregon Power company, nnd party
mi toed to KliWte. Douglas county,
tho first of tho week, looking ov?r
tho proposed extension work of the
company In that section, that Is ex
pected to bo completed by June 1,
ns far north as (Herniate. They also
inspected conditions In the Myrtle.
Creek district.
Manila, chocolate and Whlto's spe
cial ice cream for Sunday. Phono
J. X. Hart of Kaglo Point was a
business visitor in the city last week,
also making a trip to Grants Pass.
Vance Colvlg, who was operated
upon a week ago at Sacred Heart ho
pltal for appendicitis Is improving
Wayne knit hosiery for women
and children at Deuel's. They stand
tho test.
Mrs. Graco Ardoll will enter Sa
cred Heart hospital this evening for
tho performance of an operation.
Henry Thompson of Phoeni was a
business visitor In the city for a
few hours Saturday afternoon.
Ladles, our guaranteed specially
wrapped bread at B. & C. cash store
Newtown Bakery. 2S
"Walter D. Merrick will leavo In a
fow days on a business trip to Port
G. L. Potter of Talent Is transact
Ing business In the city today.
V. Harmon spent Sunday la
Medford with relatives and friends
returning to Grants Pass this morn
Fresh lime. Medford Lbr. Co.
Dozens of Medford people jour
neyed Sunday to tho nearby creeks
and streams for fishing, but no very
largo catches wero made. Hear
creek was lined with flshermon, and
though the water was clear and tho
sky cloudy tho fish did not bite very
strong. It is reported that the num
ber of licenses issuod does not tally
with tho munbr of fishermen, and
ho mo may get nipped by the law, if
they don't watch out..
Three or four nutolsts who have
persisted In chasing around at nil
hours of tho night, without a light,
nnd when halted by tho police have
somo excuse, now risk tho possibility
of arrest, as tho officer announce
tlioro will bo no inoro acceptable ex
cuses. Carkin & Taylor, lawyers. (John
H. Carkin, Glenn O. Taylor), Has-klns-Uoydon
Illdg., Main street.
Judgo C. C. Prim of Jacksonville
visited for a fow hours with Medford
friends Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Thomas Farley of Ashland Is
visiting for a fow dus with relatives
in this city.
Screen doors at Medford Lum
ber Co. '
Fred Johnstono of Portland !i
spending a few days In the city at
tending to buslnosu matters.
Frank II. Turner of Cold Hill Is
in the city today attending to bubl
uoss matters.
Tumy writes bettor flro Insurance"
Sprnguo Ilelgol of Gold Hill spent
Sunday In Medford visiting friends.
Dillon Hill wus in from his or
chard for a few hours this morning
attending to business matters.
See Tumy for fire Insurance.
Carl Ojiper of tho Debcngcr Gup
country la spending a fow days In
tho city on business.
Spring Is here. I.ct us clean up I
your old suit. Pantorlum.
Ira Cowely made n trip to Kaglo
Point Saturday uli;ht, returning Sun
day 'morning.
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Lady AsnUlatit
hf I'Iiohu t!7
Night V, W, U'laibk JUitWU
l'kvua A, W. Orr U7H.M
i '''' '''' 9 1 tn , nf
Mr, nnd .Mrs. Louis Ulrlch of Jack
sonvlllo visited for a ww hours Sun
day In Medford.
An Ideal spring day, warm and
balmy shines upon the Itoguo river
valley" today, nild tho orcliardlstR
are- upon' their guard for the call to
use the smudging pots again, though
there I no Immediate danger from
frost. Sunday was a typical April
da., sunshiny, clouds, nnd a sprinkle
of rain.
Owing to a big reduction In our
operating expense we are able to
,quote jou much cheaper price
Phono us, our auto will call. l'an
torfttth. At a meeting of the board of trus
tees of the Spokane & Inland Umpire
Railroad company, hold March 2.1. t
V. F. Turner, formerly of Medford
was elected comptroller, vice II. H
Ferris resigned.
Model Oakery goods at Do Vocs.
t.ndles, our guaranteed peclal1.v
wrapped bread at 11. & C. cash stor
Newtown Hakory. 2S
We clonn short gloves nt 10c per
pair, long ones 23c per patr. Pan
torlum. If your grocer don't handle N'ew-
town Dayer goods, phono and
your order will be delivered prompt
Kodak finishing, glossy or dull fin
ish nt J. O. Gerklng's studio. SSS B
Main St. Phono 320-.
Pcnnaut wrapped bread. Rti.irnn
teed fresh at Oakdaln Grocer
Made at Newtown P.akery.
Don't put off till the last thing
Have your cleaning done now. Pan
K. J. Kaiser of Ashland Is visiting
friends In this city todny.
J. O. Gerklng, the best all around
photographer In southern Oregon..
Alays reliable. Negatives mado any
where, tlmo or place. Studio 32S
Main St. Phono 320-J.
' Attorney A. K. Iteames left Sun
day for Portland to attend to legal
matters before the federal district
1 Let us give you prices. Pantor
Guy Leonard, whose parents live
In this city. Is gaining considerable
famo ns a writer of farm articles. Ho
Is editor of tho "Huslncss Farmer,"
a publication issued In a suburb of
I.os Angeles.
Milk and cream at DoVoe's.
Attorney Gus Newnury intended
to professional matters In Jackson
ville this morning.
Attend Good Friday service at tho
Vlrst Methodist Hpiscopal church. 1C
The regular .monthly meeting of
the city council will be held In th
city hall tomorrow night, and most
of the evening outsldo of the ap
proving of monthly bills, is expected
to bo devoted to a thorough thresh
ing out of the new ordinance In con
formity with the state law, provid
ing for tho collection of delinquent
city assessments. A number of citi
zens will be on hand to present ar
guments. E. D. Weston, commercial photog
rapher, negatives mado any time or
place by appointment. Phone M
1471. '
A surpliced choir of forty volcei
will render Stalner's Crucifixion ft
the First Methodist Kplscopal church
Friday. Sliver offering. 1C
Thirty-two Ford automobiles -wero
sold in tho 31 days of March, despite
unfavorable weather conditions,
states C. K. Gates, tho auto man
Since April tho record has kept up
seven cars having been sold In tho
first si days. During tho same
lime, five Overlnuds havo found
Medford owners.
Order your Hot Cross buns at
Model Oakery Good Friday, April
.MOSCOW, Iilnho, April 0.-I)r. Me-
vill A. Hiuitnon, for twenty year n
xoeiated with the I'ltuer-ity of D11-
kotii, liecame president ot tho uni
versity of Idaho today. He succeed
ed Dr. YV. L. Cnrlyle. who 1ms been
iietin' jiresident for the past year,
wr. turlyle resumed Iiih tltitius ua
deuii of the eollejje of agriculture.
(Continued from pact 1.)
grand Jury In .Vow York, you did con
siderable sociological Invoti;atliiK. '
aiiKKoatcd Foster. "Couldn't yo.i
liavu undertaken a little pomoual In
vegtlgatliiK In Colorado?"
"I wish to tay," rojilloil Itockofel
ler, "that In tho white nlnvo rurus I
did no pemoual 1-ivostlKatliiK."
Felt : llch.oiislhlllly
"Don't you till il. jour rtwponHlhll
lly toward tlic?o tun tbotuanil atrlk-
orx In Colorado went farther than
"I do not think anything more
could havo Iteon done."
"Do you know tho rent tho minor
pay or that tbu Colorado Fuul Iron
company owna thu bonne thoy llvi
in, ami thno huiidrnd tliouttutnl
acrtm of laud?"
"Don't oii think aiieh a dire tor
oiiiiht to not off thu boanl?"
M (OIIM'IWIKl UltpUlM llllt." I
Idled Itoikufnllui,
If : r:
. 4Nr$g& 'nrr--' &?$ "-, or-;- "' Tr ' B 3 SfJSR
! i 9? - - - t " afaf 44 -WM
i nrar ..r '.7z..' .-riiwi . a&eH4yea ,wmwwsmm.
i fcftBiiacBW ips K?a 'zxrffl?m:
c., ksf. "s&sumisxxK. urAii-i irfwbati- "vu iiKsrssiEH".. s
-jm. i ,n i k iib i' iMi i iir zaKX n jw.i m ui -v ik c & - j w ,'kw .an ii jiv w '." rr r
ew hu,tti9R&!43 mlirmrj.&xamaii& njx-i s',HSft, job i
r m .;.. -..n..- -. - . - .nuH - wraobn "viM..i r;. ivtv.- iRi'tm w
wMimm, mmtmmMm tf ai w.
.isus, VtiEnv wjFijmmBMM&mw
fc Hr-SeSwa. itHsmtt &3T-Hm m ssxmrnmgL
ikw vtfd&aismiimKjtWCT j5u "wm&sm m
fttf: "jvmE& eMslBfcff, w M&m : mi m
MdBtVlRar j-W - - M'FtWlKSiM
mf axfstt&szw ,.: mtik iii &Msm
r .Jaa?svB5FaB- a m m.t 'hivuiiK ssfflfiL
riheoaiv.i a i smu LVfa assaw
flirage3SLVt...& WmJf " t3. f.4 iflfflAria t
mtim&fr ZW 43 .j? mi-, . -A !TtYKHaS fl
mFm&&m- rm -: mt.r q ' ..iifiKP sit a
EmmW? J! w, iiis.lltiBl f.
ikKigr .sr mm .. m A : mw a mmi$i i
fines' t,4 -VWJ tti mvm 7,-jW p iff ft:
Et9Kl'ffaffTSL . J r$ r r T7T v fJ
'BMHlV.Vf fLKr ill I
Caster Sunday In Fifth avenue, New York, furnhuei a beautiful picture
ii nt iU height. 1'ntty girls aud their esenru orniyed In their new sprlug finery
add a ileudur to thu occasion that Is well worth tec Inn.
By TALENT, 7 TO 6-
The Meilfuril Iinxliatl team nml
Manager Kwinv jonniewI tn Talent
Sunday nftemoitii ami wore heatrn
by the Talent tenia 7 li tl in a elo
nml exeitim same, Mirt of which wax
pla.xeil in the rain. The Medford
team fell before an I'ijrlit-iiniUji; rally,
after t.wng the eote, ami while a a
whole they trat np a shu ilrfeiui,
"Imweil the need of 11 little )Hllhinj
in the rouirh it. A unnitHT of
Medford people iititoerf In the en me.
Almo-t the entire w.piihitin of Tnl
cut in in uttemhinei' and the ie-
lory was the lir-t ovei thu niy in
many mouth.
FT. WOItTII T.., Apr.l 11
oral Jude Murk todny rilit
I to
rant n Italieas rorpti writ lor the
5000 .Mexican fulerab. held rion.
ors nt Fort Hli. Thi-v wire ol-
dier who Ih, mlo the Tinted Stair
niter defeat liv Hie reliels tiud wen
ilolniiicil by the military authorities.
KALKM, Or., April (i -The estate
of Frederick 'eveihaeiier in tlti
Kioto will iivoul paymir an iulieri
taiiuu tux here hci-aiie the vat tim
ber lioldiuifM re held by a curjiora
tiou iiiHtimd of being the Htroiinl
projieitV of M'e.vei hnetiwfti', wlio died
at I'li-mlfim Salurda. State l'r-i-httT
F. A. lilliott (utimaled today
that the WuyoihaeuMer timber I10I1I
iiiliw tu Oregon, approxiiunliiiK I.IO,
Hill) iicren, are anailr wortji $J,000,
lillO. Inlteiilniui. tux on tliia viilna
lion would nmoiiiit to not lea Ifiau
f 180,000.
Toll of Hie Auto
Jniiitat llemluiMin, 3.1 year old. i
(liiiul here fotiuy and several othem
nro injured a the re.ttlt of an au-
toiuolillu neeiilenl on Miiium creek
IiHiIku, uour here, Sunday.
W'lilu altoutlau ban been altratlcd
to thu iiiunlalpal i-nmpulKii In Clileaa i
whore th alderinunli- nlucdou will
bo hold Tufday (in ui douiit ili
U (11 (hu OUtioliie on aiiliill.l of Oik
vote of thu woiiM-ii, wuii will oxarrtMi
(ho riMlit of tultiuu" for the flrnt I
time Kotual Mom. ii mi MiiioiiM lli '
'uiididuii-. fyr iUm . in 11, 1. uiiidi
manic cuuin tl 1
KK3&ttWflF j . n &JL-t&4itfMV W
l iihiii'wn li.'i m
Mnlfonl Sloi.i-.'f
lirnk into t'li
1 oii'iiiii'- d(int
Home time Sm unlay meht ami tole,lor joint rejrixinliilivi fimn .Uek-
n i-ane of butler. The umr Rani: Lou ami IfcuitrUw eounticH hhui His
in nlKo MiiM-d In hate broken th . reiwl.liran uckt. Th ateii wan
Mal ui a box ar and broken iin a
nuoilHT uf lHixtyt The lo In thin
ilireetlim eimnot be dtU-nnined until
lh Hhitiiiiir bilU arti rni-iI and
ehrkd over. Suiitbi-m I'neifie df
teeliteN and th police an- intenli-
Kittini; both
report of rhii ken Imaxw raid Hal
urrlav ni'ltt in 1 he farm dUtrielf.
Tramp-, n it. mil, nie Illumed for the
tl'lI'VII L'.
1'ASADKXV Cal , pril fi
I'rodKriik W. U'vorliaeiiser lift
alll disposing of his Mint wealth, he 1
Ruartlvit iiennafiiHy not only tlu
leiintanta of ihr dociunant, hut th
' kowlUg of lis oxlatunc. . ;
1 Halallrea who ltft here yenterd.ii
fwlth the tlniir kltm's body pro I
"nhi t Know uomia of a will, al .
thou"h iMr kBowele "r hi
immune tunoifl load!) tuoin to
Hard anch an iHMtrutiiiini inrluiii nml I
la lii tho bandit of hla St. Paul at
torney. Tho rpioMtlou of whathor Woyar
haouior xave llttlo to charity or
bather he im-raly iiiacoedtNl In eou
cealliiK bin alfta, may lie nnawured
whou the Mill la opened.
With Medford tinri tn Medford mridn
VOtl i;X(llA.(JH -What have. ou
to eaehauiio for oipilty in koo.I
lot, oMt aide. O. !'. C, box C'i
.Medford. Oro. 1 1
KOft BAI.IJ -Aarijavu, nonr the ckv
aud oltM-trli: llau tivtonilon. or
ferod at 'I rat (toll aud 011 can
(eimn, lliu-ral )t$nnnl fur all caah.
C. II. IMi-ne, owiur. H. I'. II.
No. 3. ,vi
FOU lti;T oit 8AI.K Flvo room
houMi mill e.inlnii. I'liouo 717-lt.
VASTi;u .iIknihoii fur gaiioial
liii-runiii iiNdo In Oroaon to Hell
a in' iHi.,.ijIH'jii of moflt. Vi
tauiy now AUraetlvo luinmln
nloii lomiiui f:iioo Huikly for
J" ' Mlle J'. MUlur In
.. I10I1..1I, i.,hii. '.'.Mi ( ,n
) !' ' I' .'iHllll OlilO 1 1
when tho parade of untli'intul Million
sbuwlui: thu lateit iloilj;iu prvltltig
Al i'l I V.'ttl.rill Hit- -it
h.ii (in n- 11 ii--11 i,i iliiiiif , tu run
rtulliran Uck(. Tn ate)
taken at the Hhent of a number nt
bnaintMN mm n lb two foHiilira, ami
after Iran eoaiulerutloa by Mr. Vnw
tor. lie n'prfeiiteil thi. Keelimt in
the hIU' Irvihlnturo twiee liefnre ami
are niMiilwu4 ,HM! ,- jtr ntmi nail inimt in-
lluenlial ruembwra, atul will prolmlily
be ennlidat fur upenk'T.
Allorney .lonn II. Carkinn haa 1111
nonueeil hi hitwttiiHi to ol; re-clee-timi
ax lepreaentntivo ft out lliix ilU
Iriel at the hamU of the lepiililieau
The other li'iriftlalixe aspnanls (ire:
Atlormy V. I'. Alealex nml I). V.
Stum- nl Ci-iilritl I'oinl.
.Smoke .Ml. Pitt.
' Clxara and help build up r. pay
"'roll for jour own town.
a ', -
Patronize Home Industries
We linvo cliancd our
name, hereafter the Mission
Iftiniitiiro Works will ho
known as
Pacific Furniture
Fixture Factory
Home of tho "Pacific" Cedar
113 South Holly
Medford, Orogou,
UAMIIMITON, Apitl il. Tin-
IIUililK" id' til" l,(llltoil IV-Hl-
m'U CKiilt'ii'lieo woie ulnlnl to come
liefoie tln emilc fnrrlun rflMfcw
eiinmitl(e IliU ultfnioMi rr rulift
cnllnii ir it'ju'tiun.
Tli! ei'mii'itlee jifll. Smi'
inemliem lielletu Prtuhttnt Anlin
I'llllfelh ill' lite iMlriiMilli'itiil Hu-
iiii'ii- i mini sm i twill in i'iHtnm
lln I'tiiil'i'iciii'i'"" H'Miii, nil ili
urmin.l Unit tlio u iHit t Irnity
vmuiIiI pirMMit llir t'nilril Htitli' Hum
ilrcnlllplUllillJ l'fnllll lliil,Villr I"
fiMiiitit M'umoU vinitiutt Aiiicrieim
On the otlior linnd, I'liitirninii Al-
I'Miimer m Hie AiuonrHM iieiiriiiioii
whli'h nlteuileil tlin eonlViKtii'o tuhl
tln (Hmnnitl, Hint Amtn-ifMti itip4e
ldp HiHtlil have the rivlit In o -
liiiul I'l'iitrieateM nml mr if mIiii
iM McliMlIK ill the t'niitiiliiii eeili-
ritil to.
One uf (he nn-t liiinrliuil idijre-
limit miNi'il In the iri'atv wn that it
wiuilil rentier it iiMMilltlo In enrrx
mil lite roftiunx pnivftlnil for l III
1 .11 I'ldli'tti' icnmeiiV likll atul m I'ol-
letle liim-elf ni exiuwdit In lenil
(hi' I mill ii'mum-I iu iiilifinilinii.
Kcported by Jaikson (.'utility Ab
tract Co, Sixth anil I'lr Sis.
I'Hlnte ,l. men It. Anuprlesl.
on-n-il Inventory recites lot 7
i ; m a w. aw f sv 2 t-.ns-
lot II, hlk 'IS, Medford.
Hutu to L. I'. Ithiik, Ai'censml.
tltltiii n tnl order to make itiod.
Katati of 'I'Iioiiiiih Morrlek,
lushed. Order of final illu'liurtsn.
Kslalu of .lnseph Widrh, liii'iiiiipn
tent, rutltlou nml order of final ills
thftTKe of bond.
.Miiriiime l.lirliti'x
lUiri (i lUtrr a I. of YVatklus, ami
Chi Inline II. Iltmer 2'i, of Ashland.
Itenl IMnlo Trnnifei-i
I' I! .Martin to A. i:. I ten men
YV 4 of lota ! and 10 In
block 7, Park Add. to .Mud
ford. I) ('. I). ..
I'iiIIimI Stale to Alfteit I.u.
lots I ami a sue 7-SS-:t V.
0. A. Ilituuett it vlr to It. 0.
.Morrow, lot I. blk .1, I'lnrrn
Htibdlvlslou, W. I)
.leuiilo II. DetiuliiK nt vlr to
IBwItiK Howard, hit n, blk I
and lot 1. blk a.Tiittln'MHub
iIIvIhIoii, V. I
JoiiiiIk II. OenuliiK et vlr to
Mary A. Howard lot 7, blk.
I, Tattle's hiiIiiIIvIhIoii, YV.
Postioiio Flood Lcnlslatloii
WAKIIINdTON, April tl. I're-i
dent I'oikin- ol the Naliimal drain
ae I'ominirtsioii wit-, authority for
Hid Mliilmiieiil lodnv Hint I'ti-nliiii
Wilson, Speaker Chirk tunl nthei
ileiuoi'ralie lunlers had areeil to
poMtpoue letsiNhitiou lor flood pie
eutioii, ilntliniu'' mill wulerpouii
until next se-ioii ol ronult -.
Medford Iron Works
13. G. Trowhridgo, Prop.
General Foundry and
Machine Works
Pacific J01; Home 2931;.
Rcb. Pae. Mitt Home 2271.
For tho host of
See us. Wo make a specialty of
Kaelor" Corner Noiitli Fir and lllh flla. Ilolh I'hoiiea
Htiilo lllttlivsav I tultiiri' II I.
(low 1 1 nrihiMl In Meilfunl liilnlii
In Hlmtiil sovnrsl iln)s on tli I'Hrlflu
hlnliMiiy wiM. I In finds l(n inett nt
work on the Hlnklyiiu ntHdn tiutl !t
iin'ii tin t lit ('"iitml Point mntlon.
Morn iiiiii mo wit n I ml tin Imtli. Tin
foinit," pns n Inlttiiiiiini or ft 'i'. fur
an eUlit liniir tlar mi th Ottirul
I'ulHi psvln Hork.
tlin ialiiK img wr.v now Kt rk
on thu I'tirvK thlfi utile nf Centrnl
lf)lnt Till eurvo la Man paved
Ix liH'lirn In thleka anil Id rnln
furrml with ttteel rnt This la lie
nitiiK thu fill In ricunt and ha mil
hint lime to settle
from (ho run n miuia llm nrk nt
itMHtiil in ko miirli raster.
1 m 1 m ,,,, , M , ,
Hint I lit- I, llll.- (Jlil Ma Ii.iimx
In lli'itlth
Mra Chan Mihrlffnr or I .111 Hint
rod HI , llri' N V.. ny "My
little Klrl ".in frail. lrkl and till ran
iIdmii after Imxlnic had thu Krlpp I
Mas tuhlsrit to Khu her Vlnul and
altitr the flrat Imllle iintlriMl an Im
imivt'lnetit Kh ha taken fintr Im.I
ties nml haa Hrkd up rapidly. Iia
hue Raluod U iHiamU In thri
eks "
The rmiMu Vlnnl liMlldN up wek,
ailliiR ehlltliu mi iMk'Kl) In liwtn
It uinUIn In a iltMlrloua fiiiiUiluatlo'i
1 tln two mutt world faMfHl tnulra
I . lb" troftgth ereutlMR, Imdy
IiiiIIiIIiik Klemfnls of end liter oil.
wlllt all the moleK araiii idlinl
iiated, and lonlr Iran lor lite IiIihhI
iiJiIihI. If you Iihtii a weak, pun).
it III rise child, to VI im I nu our offer
to return your mom r It falls tn
benefit Mitir Utile nun. .Medford
I'liarmui). .Medfiinl. Ore
I' H If )uii tiiur I'riema try our
Jtaxff Suhi- i cm irmiti'e It
Expert Cor.'ictioro
Y2li Norlh ll.'iitlcit.
IMione filill Al.
V. 1 (it: lit uuiu niiA.Mi, a
-VllV. I.JI..I .t..r llraffl.llf A
f (.VJi IM.k.tilN.w.JlliiA
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Olli AND WATKlt'
Go to J. A, SMITH
128 N. Grapo St.
Telephone 890
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