Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 19, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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r PAnw SIX
TiirnsnAY. maictt in, mil.
. .. . ,.
. ?.f
V. Allen, who runs n vncmun
rlnvncr, tratiwrlod from place to
plnco nttnrhed to n bicycle, collided
with the police mito driven by Ol-
Tho joint roininUtcoM of the Com
mercial club Mid Merchant.' iis-nom-lion
nt)Hunt(d to lrie ii- nnd
menus to' itnblili n otinnrry hero.
fi'ir Hurry ftinpvnilo n; ,theomirftrt, wttrkinc true to form in t leiiM
of Afnin mid rrnnt streets inurMiny .OIU, pnitit'iilar in roeoKiiizini; tho
morning. He wns knocked to ',l ni0it.v of hiirmnniotw mid united
imvcmcnt, mill claiming that he wno'Ar;on, If the ntiio r.enl mid M eto
hurt, hegnti to .veil. Thereupon Of- jtfvciiess is shown ns good judgment
fleer Chigoiide nm"ted bin for he- uniting on one project, ftmtrnble
in on the wrong side of the .road, i ro-.ult-4 niny he e.ctcd.
mid he yelled louder thnii ever. Spec- i jfr Hnpley of the Talent cannery
tntors though Mr. Allen had broken jrnme to Medford this morning and
n leg, but nn investigation nut jnfoiinully with ome of the
nolhing but a bruie. Jconimitteenien. The eastern men in-
Allen was haled before Police C retted in that coiupany nre, mid
.ludge Onv and. refusing to plead j,nv, been for ome time, working or
guilty, nxked for more time. He was j,jnn 0f ninterially enlarging their
given an hour. He then proposed to Linn( MH working capital, their plans
Officer Oingcnde thai he would take jvnllinj; for an increase of practically
half the blame if he would take He f $,-,0,000 in their paid-in capitnliza
otlier half. 1mmi refusal to com-jtion. The plan of cn-tiKratinii made
promise he pleaded cuilty, was fined j ,v jfr taley was decidedly favor
$. and same Mti-pcnded. t n'hlo and feasible, but u full accom-
Wednesdiiv nftemoon A. Conro lli.Mhmrnt of the plan would necci-
Fiero, while driving his nuto on Kiv- tntr awaiting on the completion of
ersule avenue, hail n renr-eiut cuius-1 the prceut finmicial effor.s in the
ion with the street sweeper, datnng-1 cnst. "
ing the hroom attachment thereon,! jr. Sheldon, of the local commit
nnd parts of his own ear. An nrgu-! tc'Cf nt wIiom suggestion the effort
inent on the merits and demerits of t ,ru t,e Ha:Gy oannery to Med
the ease then followed between Chief fim was started, promply "suggested
1 i
v rii i cwMt IM4. m Mry Ommm
Julius "t tenbei-g, aged HI jeitrs,
and hu biolher, ,Td, aged II, an'
titisiug. Moth their patents and the
juvenile authorities would like to
find them', the' first, becau-c Iheir
mother is on the verge o bstcr!n at
their ab-i'iice, and the second, for
(lu violation of their paroles when
'they stole u keg of tobacco ftoni the
platform of the Southern Pacific
wiuvltuitse Tuesday aflenioou. Al
though young, thev chew.
The Waltenberu Kid
Wblt tullt tunic pcttd over a rd rtlrtl
klrt Thi cori li ot cr)tl bAilJ
tullt nnj l potcj over white chiffon. Vcl
Tt b4IL. Mlf on LVIKra.
TArO.MA, Wash., Muidi UK -Sig-ualifing
the eiilranel' of women into
a new sphere of notiNHy,' Mrs. NeNon
Hcnnutt today turned over to the
Northern Pacific railway the com
pletcd Point tvfiauec tituiiel in the
iioith cul ' nt', lliis city
l'imi Oic death of Notion Hciiih'II,
the pioneer railroad builder, las
.Inly, Mrs. Ilt'iiiiclt iiotllied the com
pany officials of her Intention to iih
miiiic the contract obligations of her
husband mid piotiiise to finish tin
,, great $1,(100,0(10 project on schedule
when ,,,m'
Hittson, Councilman Kmerick and
Mr. Hero.
About the same time, Mrs. Dole,
driving an nnto on 3luin street, col
lided with Amber Watson, who wns
riding on a wheel, knocking him to
tlm pavement mid smashing the
wheel. Tho boy rode around in
front of the street car.
Following theso three accidents,
the Mlice announced the speeding
ordinance would be enforced to the
letter, as an argument is having no
effect on the drivers to go siow.
LONDON. March 10. Lieutenant
Treeby, a member of the British army
aviation corps, wa killed today
when his biplane collapsed over Sal
isbury Plain.
Weather Ferecast
Oregon Fair toiiicht and Fridnv:
light frost east Hirtion tonight;
easterly winds.
that any such proposition should not
be made at this time, nor till the
amount to be raised in the east n u
cotutition lireceilent to tuts commu
nity's co-oponition, was definitely
arranged for, for the reason that the
local boosters at work ojt the propo
sition felt that there was no lime to and n canvass of the business
men should be made at once to deter
mine the amount ,y' support avail
able. With this plan, Mr.v. Hagley
promptly and heartily agreed, mid
the committee are working unitedly
Inward the establishment of a much
smaller experimental factory, owned
and controlled wholly by local peo
WASHINGTON. March lO.-Sre-retary
of State Hryan wns ."i4 years
old today. He received many con
gratulation. With Medford traoels Mwt'Grd m-vln.
caught, will be given a chance nt the) IViMMmlly supeiiiiteuding the
St.n,. in.lnsiiiMi -,. it i,- I , work on the big tunnel, Mis. Honnett
denied them at home. Thev have 1,," 1,l'1 "ittTs running smoothly,
been in more police escapades limn .to"' '" :,0 '' ll,,,,,,' ,"'1'
thev have fiuuers nnd toes, nml it is, coiuioi wmi a mommy pajroii m c
'said thev are lenders of bad bovs V1""' ,,f 5lS',,,,,)- .Kr"m ,,.i,,, ,,n
uangs that have United from time l.,;i"" wry Un.v tbe resolute woman
time in this ritv." Thev aic lImu!l "--iitIvo was "on Hie job" person-
Helen Keller will be heard at Ash
land, in (he Armory hall, on the -"th
of this month. iing a lecture en
titled, "The Heart nml the Hand."
which has attracted lare audiences
Jin everv large citv in Hie country.
Through unavoidable mischance, it
has been impossible to secure a dale
fr this li'ctiirc in Medford. and resi
dents of this riiy who desire to see
mid hear this noted woman are re-
uiicsted and tirccd to hand in their
mimes at the public librarv at mi
early date. The S. P. will run n sne.
cinl motor to Ashland mid return on
the evening of the '-Villi, provided at
least sixty fares nre utiarmiteed.
The story of Helen Keller's life
and her triumph over seemingly in
simemble difficulties afford mi in
spiration to nil who are attracted and
moved be the spectacle of unfalter
ing courage 'mid deep purHie; the
npportunit- to hear this storv ut
first hand should not be neglected.
ok! Look!
Smoke, Governor Johnnon cigars,
they're made. In Medford, you'll liKo
.Mi:nriti imirocisr
1.. II, tho Medford
agency for 'thoftiilo mlxturu ot
bucktlmrii bark Rlycerlnc, etc.,
known as Ailler-l-ka, tho remedy
whlrh hecanio fatuous by curing ap
penillcltlii. TIiIh slmplo remeily him
powerful action ami drains riicIi siir
prlnltiR amounts f old matter from
the body that JUST ONK D08K re
lieve tour Htoninch, gas on tho
utomuch and roustliatlon almoxt I.M
of Adler-Ika U astmiUlilng.
I for every, juvenile theft iiiiinni.i'x:Hll "MIwmWhb the work tif her sub
Hies on. tho school grounds, because vniiiniic. ..ner mpiuug n ergy .i
iof n bait nimie ! . ruwnided yi"stenlay when the finisli-
Twir sleuths of the Southern li.l'"i? touches wet put on th.j mile uipl
eific iiillJlit tlie'ii'tiderslted i.aie' tiik- i ' "ff ""' '"l '",1 "'
ing the caddy of tobacco mid nabbed , lrii.nnieed 'cluly for the passage of
them. 11ie' proi(itsed to appear for in""
a hearing and forgot to appear.
Julius is out on parole, through
sympathy for his mother. The
father, a little wip of man under
five feet, threatened to thioiv Prose
cutor Kelly out of the window of his
office in the First National hank for
'ersccutiug his sous."
The Watteuherg boys, realizing no
more favors in the way of paroles
would be granted, went into hiding
last night and have not been seen
since. It is not thought they lire out
of tbe city.
Don't stay gray! Sage Tea and Sul
phur darkena hair io naturally
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You can turn gray, fxhsl hair tu
tllully dark and liutrou aJmnit ovrr
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lirrr, tsiuan It darkrna Uio hair o
naturally and crrnly that no one eaa
tell It haa tn applied. .
Thne wboM hair li turning pray..
roailng fades), drj', icraggly and tliln
hare a aurprl awaiting tlirm, brcaua
after one or two applirtttlon the gray
hair ranlilira and jour lock a lciin
luxuriantly dark and beautiful all Hav
dnilT guvs acalp Itching and (ailing I, air
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Winter's Chills
Breed Kidney Ills
Chilly, damp, changing weather is hard on the
kidneys. Even more irritating are colds, grip, pneu
monia, tonsilitis, quinsy and other infections. The
kidneys get congested and inflamed, and this causes
backache and disordered kidney action. Though
serious in its latter stages, kidney disease is not
hard to conquor if a good kidney remedy is used
when the first signs of kidney trouble are noticed.
The best recommended kidney remedy in the
world is Doan's Kidney Pills. You hear it every
where. Get a box.
Every Picture
Tells a Story'
vv ykumUU.
lit f j ISLHLv aLLLLLLLm
r If IW ?j
Spring is Breaking;
Backs are Aching f
Backache is often the first sign of some form of
kidney disease that has been coming on for months.
Look for the other signs; lame back, sharp pains X
when stooping or lifting, dizzy spells, nervousness
or despondency, -with irregular, painful or distress- X
iritr action of thp kidriftVR! if t.hpsp sicrns PYisf. HppiHp ?
that the kidneys heed attention, ere the rouble
turns to gravel, dropsy or Bright's disease. ' .
Read this home testimony and then give Doan's X
Kidney Pills a trial. f
M. 8. Widen, CH W. Clark St.,
Medford, says: "I suffered from
rheumatic pains, caused by too
much uric acid In my system.
Tho pain wus especially severe In
my back. My kidneys were dlB
ordered, too, and my health was
all run down, I couldn't stoop
without getting dizzy. Ooan's
Kldnny Tills wero highly fecom
mended to mo and they did Just
what was claimed for them. As
soon as I used them, the pain ho
can to leave me. and the action of
my kidneys wqr regulated, lly the
time I had finished two boxes, I
was without a Bleu or kidney
S. Colbert, farmer, 902 N. Cen
tral Ave., Medford, seys: "A
short time ago kidney troublo
came on mo suddenly. I had ter
rible pains and weakness across
my back. I could hardly stoop or
straighten. In a few days I wati
knocked out completely nnd I
thought I was done for. The kid
ney Eecretlonu were unnatural and
I had to get up often at night.
1 lost much sleep, Someone ad
vised me to try Doau's Kidney
Pills and I did. They brought mo
wonderful benefit. 1 can now do
my work without pain and weuk
nc8g and 1 get my proper rest at'
night. Tho kidney secretions aro
natural, too."
W. 1'AMI HT.
V, W. Oray, &07 W. J'alm St.,
Medford, sayB: "My kidneys he
gun to bother mo and caused se
vere pain. I think tho troublo
was madu worse by the strain of
being on my feet to much. Some
times during tho day's work, my
back pained me dreadfully uud by
night I could hardly stand, Af
ter I quit work, I couldn't rent. I
happened to hear ofj Ooan's Kid
ney Tills and began', using them
They wero Just what, I needed and
.cured me In a short time."
Mrs. William Charloy, .105 f.
(irapo St., Medford, says: "I flud
much pain In tho small of my
hack and sometimes I could hard
ly head or straighten. At night
tho troublo hotherud me, too and
often I couldn't sloop. I tried
Plasters and liniments hut nothing
helped mo, Whon almost dis
couraged, I hciicd of noun's Kid
ney Tills. In less than two weeks
after I began taking them, I felt
better. I used In, all four boxes
of Doan's Kidney Tills and they
made mo well. Doan's .Kidney
Tills so completely cured mo of
kidney trouble that 1 have hud no
sign of It for over threo yeiim."
C. C. Krlbs, grocer, W. Main fit.,
Medford, suys. "I Miiffored. from
a dull actio In tho small tot any
lt,.nl fn. ...... .tin. 11,.. ...!.. ' '
(milt iui tMwuiiin, .mi niuuviy aa-
rretloiiH worn unnatural and 'I )a!i'
Iron bin In Controlling them. I
finally got a supply of Doan's KIK
ney Tills and took two or threo
boxes. The pain left mo and my
kidneys urn now In much bettor
slinpe. I willingly rim'(lru) tho
endorsement I gave Ooun's Kid
ney Tills several years ogri, when I
lived In Mudonu, Minn, I willing
ly allow you to publish that stute-.
nient hero for the benefit of my
A. K, J. Tenivnl, GlTi Hamilton Ave,, Med
ford, says; "I had suffered for two yeara from
all the pain and dUtresH thul go with bladdnr
and kidney troilblo 1'lnally, 1 deoldml to stm
what Doau's K,ldnoy Ts would do for tho
trouble, After i taking two boxes, the kldnuy
and bladder t'onlplulnt left."
Kzru Arnold, Applegate hiad, .luckKouvlllo
ays: ''My buck bothored mo for flvo or six
mouths, 1 Jiad a dull puln thrvugh my kidneys
aud.tliatlkldui)y action beiamu very Irregular.
1 had to git 'up at night on that nrnnint. I
wuh told (o'try1 Doun'H Kidney Tills nml did so
with fliiu results.. They soon Yld tno of ull tlm
ailments. -My kidneys have bothored met vury
llttlo since."
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0i 4s mHmf
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