Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 10, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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JU1 -l - ii."M
'j C. SJ. McMillan lo expected homo
thl week from Pnnadona,
A, H. Hoaeiibanm attended tho
fnrowell tllnuor tendered Lewis K.
Field by tho officers and employes
of tho Southern Pacific upon Ills
retirement from active service as
mlperlntendcnt, at 1'artlnnd Satur
day evening. The menu rard
allowed a facsimile of the first pay
check dnjwn, by Mr. Field a agent
nt llatrlaburg'Fali. 1S7G, for $S5,
nnd photon lit the engines used by
tho O. & C." in tS70 and those lined
In mil. Art mlnhornte minimi uro
gram wna ' lnterpcrscd with th
IIoubo clennlnR made cosy. Itent
n vacuum cleaner from tho Southern
Oregon Electric company, $1.0 per
day. No. C, South Central, phono
Tho mad motorcyclist who broko
nil Rpeed records racing up and
down Main street last week on i
stolon machine, transferred his oper
ations to IlUerslde avenue Monday
night about ono o'clock, and sped tho
entire length of tho thoroughfare
with all valves open, and cmlttlnK h
rebel yell nt every crossing outbursts
that awoko tho residents of that
street. No ono saw him, but any
number heard him. Tho speeder,
whose Identity Is a mystery has a
mania for speeding, and goes at suHi
a reckless rate, that It Is freely pre
dicted ho will kill hlnuctf, unless ar
rested and given n jail sentence.
Special sale of children's dresses
made-up ready to embroider at tho
Handicraft Shop. 29G
Tho almond tree, near tho Nata
torlum Is In full bloom, and the fra
grant and beautiful blossoms arc
being gathered by tho armfuls by
citizens as the first flowers of spring.
Evcryono who passed tho tree yes
terday could not resist tho tempta
tion to nt least pick a bud for tho
Alvln Campbell of Astoria spent
Monday In Mcdford attending to busi
ness matters.
Mrs. E. M. Wilson docs first class
kodak finishing at 210 Laurel St.
Mr. and Mrs. Dob Durgcss, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Qulsenbcrry. Charles
Haxclrlgg and wire, Mrs. A. C. Bur
gess and Kelph Uurgesa and Wilson
Walto will leave Thursday morning
for Phoenix, Arizona, whero they
will opon March 23 the thirty weeks
engagement of tho llotton Ideal
Opera company.
T. IJ. Gllddcn or Dunsmulr, Cal., Is
spending a few days In the valley at
tending to business matters. Ho li
accompanied by his daughter and
sou, and will return homo this af
ternoon. Carkln & Taylor, lawyers. (John
II. Carkln, Glenn O. Taylor), Has-klns-Doydcn
nidg.. Main street.
Evelyn Nesblt Thaw, famed as the
wlfo of Harry K. Thaw, whose legal
troubles buvo filled tho news fpr
months at tlmo. Is booked for an
early npiicaranco at the Page Thea
ter. Tho Pasco Musical Comedy com
pany passed through Mcdford Mon
,day en routo to Ashland whoro they
play two nights this week, and quite
a number of local admirers we.e
down to tho depot to seo thorn
Sea Tumy for flro Insurance "
Tho chief of pollco and members
of the health commltteo of the city
council hao completed the Inspec
tion of secoud hand stores to seo that
there was no violation of the sanitary
laws regarding the selling of rood,
etc., In the samo room with second
hand goods.
A hungry Mexican, who says he
was with General Obregon In tho
battles around Torrcon came to town
last ulght on a freight train and left
on one, departing to seek work on
tho l'aclflc highway work in the Sis
kljous. He talked greaser talk with
Pat Mogo for quite a while.
Milk and cream at DeVoe'a,
Harney Tanner of upper Union
creek Is spending a few days In tho
city attending to business matters.
V. Ussher of Ashland was in
the city for a fow hours Monday se
curing signatures to his petitlou for
the nomination for coroner at tho
May primaries.
Glco tho Medford Cleaning nnd
Pressing company, II. W. Ward,
Prop., a trial at his new place No.
4 Sou(h Central for your cleaning and
pressing aud repuiriug,
Al Putter of Uarrou was in thu
city Monday for a few hours at
tending to UubIuoss aud pa) lug bin
Mrs. Iua Goldman or Gold Hill was
a Modfoid visitor Monday after
noon. ft?
? -------
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Isdf AiMinUlit
V. H. Weeks J03JU
?$. r A, K. Orr U7M-M
4mmH III ! i Iiin4
M. M. Welsh of Jacksonville, ha,
been nrrested by n deputy I'nlted
States marshal, charged with Belling
whiskey to an Indian, aud Is out on
ball pending a hearing before the
federal court. The case is an after
ninth of tho controversy over a home'
Htpad on Squaw lake owned by .1,
Alexander, an old man. which w.s
contested by tlcorgo Xucber nnd
Welsh. Alexander won. Friends o
Welsh assert tho present action U
tho result of spite work.
Mrs. Allison V. Jordan returned
"Mo'ndny evening trom a two weeks
.visit with, friends and relatives 1.1
Fresh llmo. Mcdford Lbr. Co.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Carnahan rr.
J turned. Monday from a winter spent
flu I.uvtoiio. and will remnln In thin
city for a week or so. before leaving
for tho nine, Ledge mine for the
Our wagons are nt your service.
Fred Hopkins of tho Snowy llutte
orchards near Central Point is spend
ing the day In the city attending to
business matters.
Sugar Pine shnkes. Mcdford Lbr.
W. E. Parrish. of Albany la a busi
ness visitor In the city this week.
J. W, Casey, traveling passenger
agent at thu Milwaukee lines Is i'l
the city today attending to business
Tumy writes bettor flro Insurance.0
George Lincoln of Itogue Itlvar
transacted business matters In Mcd
ford and Jacksonville today.
Vlrtch & Ryan have bought out
the Sid M. Nichols grocery stock and
furniture and fixtures. Stock is be
ing taken at the present time.
U e clean It the work is right and
the price is right. Pantorium.
Tho California-Oregon Power com
pany Sunday changed the voltage on
its high tension wires from 20,000
to 34,600 volts, to overcome tho los
Jn transmission from their plants at
Prospect nnd Fall Ulvcr.
Tho fine spring days this week
has roused the fishing blood In
many bait fishermen nnd near creek
Is lined dally with small boys and'
men angling for spawning steelhcad,
Tho weather tho last two days has
not been conducive to' attending
school and a row cases or truancy
tre reported. The law forbids the
taking of fish under 10 Inches In
Good work and reasonable prices
at Medford Cleaning nnd Pressing
company, H. W. Ward, Prop. Clean
ing, pressing and repairing, No. A,
South Central.
'The Juvenile Dancing club held its
regular monthly dance in tho Nata
toriuni Inst night.
Frank Gorgon of Alameda, Cal., Is
spending a row days in tho valley
with a view to locating in this sec
tion. Wo want every family to try ono
sack of our Dally Ilrcad flour made
from best hard wheat. Every sack
guaranteed. Price J1.3C. Lee Wat
kins & Co.. general feed store, 397
South Front St.
Mrs. Delroy Getchell has returned
to Mcdford after spending a couple
of months visiting lu Los Angeles
and othpr Southern California points,
F. K. Deuol has returned from a
trip cast buying stock for his store.
Remember Tumy writes fire Insur
ance. There will he a meeting of former
Kansas residents living in Ashland.
Wednesday, March IS, to organize
a Kansas society in the llogue river
valley. All Jayhawkers aro invited
to bo present, and as there Is a largo
number In tho valley tho society is
oxpected to start with a largo mem
bership. Kugs, carpets, drapes, etc,, cleaned
Judge F. M. Calkins who has been
holding court in Portland for tho lust
two weeks In Judges Morro.v
and Cleeton's courts, Is expected
to return next week, and resumo the
hearing of civil cases. Tho caso f
. 11. Wheeler of Marshfleld, who !
suing former Sheriff Wilbur Jones
for $10,000 for alleged false Impri
sonment in connection with the Itogn.
way murder mystery will not como
up until the May term of court.
Just opened, tho Cozy Shining I'ar
lar. Glo us u trial, white help. H
South Central. 201
Miss LI n a Dlbdoll of Ashland who
has been visiting friends lu this city
has returned to her homo In Asa
land. Wo will have u man call on you
and give you prices just for tho as),
lug. Pnnturlum.
It. E. Watson or Gold Hill was In
tho city Monday attending to busi
ness matters.
Model IJakery goods at Do Voes.
Mrs. Arthur Jrclsrn cf this city
visited with ri;o.ds mid relatives In
Grants Pass Kuiidu).
E. D. Weston, commercial photog
raphor, negatives made any time or
place by appointment. Phone M
Mrs ItoKO Wlrkman of GrnntH Pasi
Is visiting frleiius and relatives 'n
this city for a few duys.
Kodak finishing, glossy or dull fin
ish at J. O. Gerklng'u studio, 228 E,
Main St. Phono 320..
t'ol Jack lluivoy of (Iruntu Puss
wptiia Hunduy In Medford Multlir?
sTVr 9 issEs1ssssssssgt FHtMA y$ lE i W" I W liiiiSiwlHf l TW1
Mr, Oscar S. Straus proposes a new solution of thu Mexican problem.
He suggests a special commission of Atnerl-nns well noiJ.ilutul with th
problems of International law be sent to the sUter republic ( uvcrtalu b In
Mvitlgatlon which party should 1 reengnlzctl by the United Stit- He Mlyti".
that tin United States must help Mexico put her house In order w let other
Powers do It.
It will be of Interest to the many persons who know of Mr. Htrain experience
as a diplomatist to learn his view, which hue Ihvii fortmil itisl nfler chwe
study of the status In Mexico. He was formerly United St.m-H MlnUter to
Turkey nnd also served as Sceretary of Uoinnierve anil IiKr lr yemn Mr
Straus has devoted much httcntlon to the analysis of puhiii ipii' im
The police department telephone
and signal system is underling re
pairs this morning. :nJ rltlonnl
red lights will he In sen Ice. Ono will
bo erected on the roof of tho Sparta
building. Tho telephone system will
be overhauled, some delay being ex
perienced Sunday night lu getting
the alarm to the fire department fo
thu blaze In the bntement of thu St.
Mark's building.
J. O. Corking, tho best nil aroand
photographer in southorn Oregon.,
Alays reliable Negatives mado any- j
whore, tlmo or place. Studio 22S
Main St. Phono 320-J.
W. E. Smith and wlfo of this city
visited Mends and relatives in
Josephine county over Suudny.
Kclster ladlos" tailoring collcgo St.
Mark's block. Full course -10 sow
ing inrludlniT drafting fUS. Forty
days sewlni: con rue $15 day; draft
ing course, $15,
AUSTIN', Tex., Mnreh 10.-Over-nor
Cohtuitt left here for Ft. Worth
lift nijilit, (Ifclinin liiniKelf ready to
defend the aeti'Hi of the Texu Ifuni;-
er in eoniieetiHi with fie rrjjnru
cie. He Imd reeeived no requext
from Wellington, Imwover, for hii
explanation. .Murh eitniiitv whm ex-pne-ed
eoneeniine; the nature of the
Verguni repor", saiil to luivo been tel
fraphcil liv liuiteil StuteM ,('onul
(Jarrett from N'tiewi I.uredn l
Wnnliingloii, Jt million whs ii"t
known lien.
ROME, March 10 Disorders. Inci
dent to tho general strike which bo
gan today wore In progross last ulght
Tho city wab In partial durkuens ns a
majority pf the electrical workers are
striking.- In conflicts beiwoon the
strikers and troops and jiollco 30 per
sons woro injiiroii.
Ono hundred thousand workmon
who started the general strike hold a
mooting, today and adopted resolu
tions demanding tho public hospitals
reorganization for the benefit of the
working classes,
licit located and niott impular
liotcl In the City tifcuhiliig tte
water in every mom.
Ktpcclol ttentlon to Udies
travolliui alone.
rxclvnl, iraton.1 'y puieJ grill.
Meet y it frirrils it Hie Manx,
Uu' PIl fl SI COup,
Munatlttntnt, Chttltt W. Ktlty
d rranrrr '-" - -f"" ta
f ST. 5tS-'Q
V.U PASO, Tex., Mnnli 10. Tlmt
the federal-, ui Torre.m defeated the
rebel-, with liey o Sunday ai
nscerted ill
lieru today.
in ii i lyhleen receiu'd
OC l!u5 relief it whs -,id
linnre limn Iflllll mini Lillml. .ISII Aire
..,,,, ,, ,fi UM1(. P11,lirilli:
- " i i '
(iunernU Argumoiiilo mid Peim were
iiiiiih'iI Iinvinvr oouuiuiniUd the I'ed
cniU nnd fieticrul Ortin ii lending
the reheln. The ,tor.v wn tele
raplit'il to Uillii. who drilled
Unit sihIi ii hut tie Imd tnkeu plm-e,
s.iyuiK Onega u nt ('liihiinhiia l'it
ut the time fr -iiihiIi'ux.
Made In Miilfortl.
Smoko Mt. Pitt nnd Governor
Johnson cigars, tlicy aro homo mado
and rirst class.
, ,... ii.,.,.
'i,h.i., liti.til,",.i .... ra f 'I -
Git a small package of Hamburg
Uruut Tra, or in the German fjlk
call it, "Hamburger Ilnist 'ihi.Mat any
pliarmaey. 'lake a tablcpouiiful of the
tva, put a cup of Lolling waUr upon
it, pour tlircuvli n siovn and drink u
U-acup full at any time during the
dsy or U-forc rrtirtnir. It is tho most
effective way to Lrrak a cold ami euro
(.'rip, as it open the pore of the nkiii,
relieving condition. Also lootciu tho
bowel, thus brridcmg up a cold.
Try it Um next time you sulfcr from
a told or tho -.Tip. It Ii inexiulvo
and tntircly uitublr, thenfore tiifo
and harinlces.
Rub Soreneu from joints and musclM
with a small trial bottle of
old St. Jacobs Oil
Stop "dosing" niimmallm.
It's pain only) not ono cuso In fifty
require Internal treatment. Huh booth
lug, 'inctrating ".St. Jacobs Oil" right
on the "lender pnti" and by tho tlmo
jou eay Jack Itoldnton out conirs tho
rheumatic pain, "St. Jacob's OH" is
a harmless rlioumatijni cure which never
dlnspjioifiU and d'x-nn't burn tho skin. It
taken pain, wrenrim and stflfn4 from
aching joints, inufulpn and lont!S nCnpi
(fcmuca, lumbago, imrKnciio, neuralgia.
Limber upl Get a 25 crut bfiUle
of old-time, honest "St. Jnculu, Oil"
from any drug store,. and In a tndintnt
you'll be fr.v froi. paiu, nehes aud
stilfneti. Dun't uuffcr I ltub rbcuma
timn away.
Dr. Rickert
Tho Hdouliric, Intelligent, drub'
l(u, efficient, uilaplatlon'of glaiHia
for tho aid or vlnlwn- nud relief uf
heiidaillo mid uyo (j I rain.
Killlo I-', ofer HeiielV
K E II I'ni-n Ti.n!liiw Hlftiiliia lllvnill
i 6 11 ijriui it.fiinn HinuipK o '
rimir.MlfA CITY, Mx Mmeh
10. (leiierul Villa deuii'd today H.
he over Ihivnleiicil lo lake t.uW Tel
nun, dr., upon I lie 'I on eon fiiliiK
line. He admitted, however, tlmt he
had tleinuudeil the MUTendcr of l.u
Itegiuu riiueli, uenr Motiii, b (leii
erul Siijiimn, mi ev-lloer oll'ieer.
Siimiiiiii, he itHteitcd, doe did own
the iniieli, hut i holdiuir it Tor the
Cioel fiiniily Unit it mny n'iin eon
tientiiiu. I'oit Oifoitl eednr nf the IVllie
eonhl, i-eeeiitly tried im u HiilKlitute
lor Kugli-h willow in Hie uuiiitifiii
Mne of nrtificiul linili-, Iimm been
found iiuruttiMfnetnrv. While i if
light eiiiHill, it iw loo eome imd
Catcher "Penclum" (Iraliani Is still
on the move. Three jenrs ngo
Pearlies" was rated ns one of the
star backstops In the big show, Then
the Mrnu'ti traded him to Chicago
nnd Chleago shipped him to Toronto
Now he has been sold to the Wichita
Western league club
lr-ltBIWIiifi -lESat-THMiaxWUBgj
? Or!... X.nt Wr1n innh !
rri a iiij liuifis-uuuu wwf.
Syrup Will Surprtso You
'ot l.litte, but llirrc
I tic licllrr ut any I'rlrr.
I'll 1 1)- lliinrniilerit.
Here Is a liomMnadi' reincdv that
takii Imld of u itiiili iiltuojt limtautlv,
and wilt iimiullv roiiipicr an enlluary
tough in Ut lumi. 1 In-. noiH iiinkr it
pint enough fur a wlude famllv. You
couldn't buy an much or n giHl rrady
made cough' y niji for $'if0.
Mix one pint of L'raiiulattl sugar with
'i pint of warm wntir, nud tlr U
inimiteit. Put 'J'd ounce of I'lnex Iflftv
cult' worth I in u luiil Imttlr, and mid
Hie Siiuar Srup. 'IhW keel iK-rfitly
and hie) a ploiimnt timtr eMUreti IIW
it, llfiu'i-n up the niiprtlte and U
klluhtly laxnttve, which hrlp end k
You prnhaldr know the medical valuo
of pi no lu trratim; hronrhlnl ntliina,
lironcliitl", pnmodu eroiin and whoon
inif cuiijIi. Pinp l a iut valuable
roiiccntruted copioiiiid of Norwav
wliito pine extract, rich In gualacol and
other natural henlini! pine ilomrnn.
Other preparatlonn will not work lu
this combination.
The prompt result from this Inexpen
sive rrmrdy hate made frirnd for It in
tliouiMid of home in tho L'nitc-d State
nnd Canada, which explains why the
plan ha brtu imlUtod oltrn, but nctvr
A cuaranty of abnolute satisfaction,
or money promptly rrfuudnl, ro with
this preparation. Your druggWt has
PIncx r will ert it for jou. If not,
send to 'I he PIncx Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Information (or all
Lung Sufferers
tvouM jroa lu lo know iuor liui a
mm Or for l.uoc
TruuMa wlilrli ha
uruucoi iajui iun
ii r
tciui'Irlo ritovi rl-l
Itir water of LVknian Alla-ratlm- mn
In rn-tlut of taaoy rrallr woinlrrrul re-
pun, ami win iiirair.) i i&rnaru iu
iim rvplca of orlzlual If-ttrra and lo
liuuklft on llrt ana irvir ran ui-rtrl lu
r-cui-rln lienllti IntrallKalr IliU ' -IGlli
Hu'iliauna Ate, I'll II , I'n
"Mr Uear Mir I'vr two jear I nil
ffllrtKl wlib lieinorrliiii;- of ll Iim.-".
and In IVbruarr of 11"'- I wa Ukrn with
a ttytt- attark of Miruiniiula. Wlim I
rtruTerrtl auutrjruilr to walk aluml Ihi
tiou 1 mi Irft wltu n ffUhlful Imrkluc
rouicli wnk-li no iiii-Ultiue I hml Inkni
rnuiil all-Tttr II wa a I til lliur.
Harch. li-r.'. that I tUlti-l Uklue Cck
ruan'a Allrratlttf. In a Lon tlin lay
rouab wa Ban ami I wa troiiouurrt
wll I raunut -ak too lililliljr fur lh
Kuo-I It lilt dan "
lHlgnftlJ IIOWAIlll U KI.OT.
(AIhitk alitiretlalnl; loorp on n-uil )
talmati'a Alli-rallte lia Im--ii iirutrn Ii
niaujr yi-ar' tot lo li run! rfncu-l"tn
tor m tt-ru riireat ami l.niiic AfTtvl Uiu.
llninUiltti. llrmirlilal Aitluna. HtiiMmru
I'iiIiU ami In uiiliiillillinr llii- )iriii.
('nlln no nariollrx. ilii or
fnnulni; ilrnc.
,n inr lanikiri nimic
of rrr.nrrrlr ami wjllr lo l.kmn
l-nlxiralnry, I'tillnilrlptil. I'.t., fur t-tl-druro,
I'ur tale Ut all Iradlus i!ru.-lt
Export Corsoticro
320 North llnrtlelt.
Phono fi3 M.
Itiitf and (Jni'jX'f, rienning
lid WciiviiiK
Phono rj;.'-It
Hooray! Baby Ti
RuMlif Housi
No Longer Do Women Fear the Great
eat or All Human Bleaalnga.
It ii a comfort to know that thoio much,
talkcii-of paiua that are aald to prt-ctlo
tiiii'i iwarniK may
eaiilly bo nvoldoil. No
woman iiicd rear tho
allk'htcHt dlacomrort if
nh will fortify her
xeir with the well,
known nnd tlmc-hon
ori-d remedy, "Mot ti
er's I'rliud'
Thin I a penotrat-
., ., . nir. exicrnni applica
tion that at once noftruii and iiuiktH plUnt
lh abdoinlnnl inimclcn nnd IIkiiuii-uI. Tln-y
inttirally expand without tlio ll(litet
Htrulu, aud thim not only hanUh all ttiah-a-cy
to mrvoua, twllthlng apolU, but there U
an entire fritiloin from niunicn, dl-K-rjuifort,
ilec'itlettHiit-fti and dn-vd that no often Icaru
tluir iuiprcu! upon thu b.iW
'J'liu ocnulon In, llmrefoio, ono of uri
boundi-d, Joyful nullclimtluii, and P-i inuS
r-lrrt cauiKit 1 laid Uxu llw reiniirknbh
Inllui'iKu whli Ii ix inoihi-r'a hnptiy, pre
natal illialtloii h.m uim tlm hralth and
iuiiuiti'4 in inn Kiiucraiioii 10 runic.
I "ii win iiiiu ( 011 haIii fit all ilnig Mere
II IVI 11 l.lll. IL'llo i,...l,. 1.. 1 1.. n... I
1 nlXOfluUiltlif Write lA-duy In HxllrMil
,,'',, ''''1l"r ' A"' l.luar II
jaMta, t a., furui lMatruttlv bvek.
Id KcKUhlor (Vi ZVi liuumr Itld At
CTV. I- '
n-Ml.i. Froolyt CUart Stufftd-up,
Iitllniiiod Nine nnd llund Mud Mluna
Cntnrrhnl Ulichnr-n. Cure Dull
Trj "Kiya Ctenm ltjilirt,"
Del u stiial' hutili' nu.Vnny, Jiih) m
tr. it ,iil ii Utth In Hie mi-tun
mid liitniltl.v yoiii eluKgitl iuhi iimI
Htnppl-iip nil lUffwige i)f lliii head
W open j on will iiicntlW'' fneiy,
lit) tnt-HH and heiidaeho illaipcui. Ilv
nairiilug' tin latarrh tiild-lu heud
or tiitiirrlui' ir thriut wilt bi gene
I'nd sin U uiHeiN 'uiw' (iet tin
Mini" boHM of "I i'i Cienlii ll.ilin"
ut uny ilnu mIuiu Huh vuctJ
. (Julik'i lliimly, lefet-euee foe lliioy People
All Pnrltiiltuie
Siott'K Studio, nil grade of
portraiture, kodak (IiiIhIiIiik,
enlarging, tinting, llrlug the
bablea, wu uudelMtntiil them.
(Iter HnKkliih' drug Kline,
. Pituiio r,r:-n
H Suite
It I.. Ileltllett, I'nlnt. Iilla, glaiM,
wall paper, enlarging, pU'turo
framtiig. i" North (linpe
Phono .ICii'l
11ln Itoille-. and Spray Taiikx
J W Mitchell, blackRiulthlng.
horHefhoeluK, wagon work, rub
ber tiro work. 22 South Ulvcr
aide atreet . . . I'hono !'
Harness Suit Ciim, (ilutei
Merman llrothera, 31? l.'nit
Main, ruialrltiK uf nil kind.
Phono 1st-1
Haled liny, Hour, I Veil, (irnlu
I,. II llrowii. ItilitM Mill, nbiii
luiultry siipidle. mil South
Itheralde . . . .Phono SSii
ltd) nl
Itakery, bread, plea.
Corner Main nud drape.
Phono 3'
Itenitty Shop
Thu Ilenuty Shop. Madame
Itoode, room 3f, Jacknou Coun
ty Hank llldg Phuiio "It
Clunr I'ltitury
Ori'Rim ('etitral Cigar Factory,
Johiiiton, Pitt, Mnxaian elgnra.
J1U Weal .Main Phone HII
run rugiiiccr
Oagood ft llrown. T. W. Oa
good. o. M, Am. Sue. C. 12.
A Then llrown. deputy county
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Get the Kich Nourishment
For Your Fruit Trees
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young tree.
Beaver Brand Animal Fertilizers
"A Kcnlliei- fin- Utery Soil"
Mado by tho
Colon Meat Co,, North Portland, Ore,
contain mifflrlout iinlmnl plant food to meet Iho mill
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South Central Ave
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Medford Sheet
1 I'lr Street
Metal W'orka.
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