Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 11, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    A&E SIX
OltlllNANCE NO. 711.1
(Continued from Page Tlirco.)
Aaspssnient No. 40 P. V. Mod)h
ski, II. 1. Thelss. (1. V. Hnshrord.
A parcel or Innd In lot 4, Work 1,
Cottage addition, hating n frontage
of 101 7 fept on Court street, na dp-
Hcrlhod In Vol. 20, pago .187, and!
Vol 28, page 397, recorda of Jack-1
son county. oiegon, 2G.292 squnro
feci, $21 on.
Assessment No 47 Mrs. Chnr
lotto A. Strong. Lot 5, block I, Cot
tage- AiMltlon. na described In Vol
100, papo 034, records of Jackson,
county, Orepon; 43,752 squaro foot,
I3R 00.
Assessment No. IS Geo. E. Cham -
horluln, Lot 6, blork 1, Cottage Ad -
tlltlon. as described In Deed HorIs-
ler, papo 8.14, rccorda of Jackson
Oregen: 43 thZ square feet
$35 00
Assessment No. 49 Geo. K. Ohnm
bprlaln. Lot 7, block 1, CottaRe Ad
dition, na described In Dwil Kepis
lor, page 834, records of Jackson
county, Oregon; 43,752 square feet.
$35 00.
Assessment No 50 Geo 12 Cham
bprlaln. Lot s, block 1. ColtnRe Ad
tlltlon. as described In Deed Unpls
tor, pnpo S34, recorda of Jackson
county, Oregen: 43,752 square feet.
$35 oo
Assessment No. 51 James Dnlley
The north 50-foot strip of lot 9.
block 1, Cottage Addition, na de
scribed In Vol. 73. pape 300
orda of Jackson county,
10,750 square feet, JS.C0.
Aasessnicnt No. 52 It.
A parcel of land in lot 9
II Toft
block 1,
Cottage Addition, having a frontapc
of 61 1 feet on Court street, ns de
scribed In vol. S2, pace 4.1. ree
orda of Jackson county.
10.980 squnro feet. $S.,K
Assessment No. 53 Jaa Hoard -
man. The south 51 1 feet of lot 9
.. n
block 1. Cottage Addition, ns ds
scrlbed In Vol. 92. pago 343. rec
orda of Jnckson county, Oregon;
10.9S0 square feet. $8 is.
Assessment No. 54 E. N. Hloen.
The north 50 8 feet of lot 10. block
1. Cottapo Addition, as described In
iwiiRU jiuuman. as tiu3i.-riut.-ii in
. 7aBc -ot .ccaiu ui ti. -
.cin" u,lii""' "u" iu
feet. Js 60.
Assessment No. 55 C. A. Ilnmllu. . ,ftfl fPCt on rPatrnl avenue, ns de
A parcel of Innd In lot 10. blork 1. gfrir.0,i !n Vol CO. pace 233. records
Cottapo Addition, having a frontage
(of 50 9 feet on Court street, as de
scribed In Vol. 67, papo 393, rec
ords of Jackson county, Orepon;
10.965 square feet. $8.77.
Assessment No. 5C C. V. Heeler
A parcel of land In lot 10, block 1.
Cottapo Addition, having n frontage
of 50.9 feet on Court street, as de
scribed In Vol. 101, page 340. rec
ords of Jackson county. Oregon;
10,965 squnro feet. $S.77.
Assessment No. 57 C W Stock
ham. A parcel of land In lot 10,
block 1. Cottago Addition, having
n frontage of 50.9 foot on Court
street, as described In Vol. , page
, records of Jackson rounty, Ore
gon; 10,965 squnro feet, $S.77.
Assessment N"o. 5S M. E. CJntilt.
A parcel of land In lot 11, block 1.
Cottnpo Addition, having a frontage
of 50 feet on Court street, as da
scribed In Vol. 97, pago 347, recorda
of Jackson county, Orepon; 10,750
squnro feet, $8 CO.
Assessment No. 59 V. T York.
A parcel of land in lot 11. block 1,
Cottago Addition, having a frontage
of 14 foet on Court street und 14
feet on Central avenue, ns described
In Vol 87, page 1, records of Jack
son county, Oregon. 10,300 square
feet. $8.24.
Assessment No. CO Polk Hull. A
parcel of land In lot II, block 1.
Cottngo Addition, having a rrontago
of 51 feet on Central avenue, ns de
scribed In Vol. S9, pago 269, recordB
of Jackson county, Oregon; S142
aquaro feet. $6.51.
Assessment No. 61 G. Dow. A
pnrcel or land in lot It, block i.
having n frontage of 50.5 foot on
central avenue. In Cottago Addition,
na described In Vol. S5, pago SSI,
records of Jackson county, Oregon;
5420 square feet. $4.35.
Assessment No. 62 MalUon l'ur
tlln. A parcel of lund commencing
nt u point on tho eubt line of "C"
Btreet (now Central uvenuo, North).
91 feet south, 35 deg. and S mln.
ccst from the northwest corner of
lot 12, In block 1 of Cottagi Addi
tion to Modfonl. nnd running theuce
north 62 deg. and 30 mln. cast, 1C2
feet, more or less, to the south lino
or lot 3 in block 18 or Ueuttj'H Ad
dition to Medford; thence east 58
feet, mcro or lesB, to a point 256.5
feet duo east or tho west corner or
lot 12 In block 1 or Cottage Addition
to Modfonl ; thenco south 27 feet:
thenco south 62 deg and 30 mln.
west 196 feet, more or loss, to the
oaBt lino ot "C" street; thonca north
Z'j dog und S mill. west. 50 feet to
tbo place of beginning; 9000 square
fcot. $7 20.
Assessment No. 63 Mulilon Pur
dln A parcel of land commencing
nt a point on tho east line of "C"
Btreet (now Central avenue North I,
20 feet south, 35 deg. auil S mln.
eiiit, from tho west corner of lot 12
in block 1 of Cottago Addition to
Medford, nnd runnlm; thenco nortn
09 deg east, 193 feet, more or lost,
to u point 30 feot west of't'ie north
and south cpntor line of hick 18 if
Ikatb'M Addition to Modfonl and
60 feet south of tho south line m
tho alloy In tho south part of Wild
wood Addition to tho cJt of Mjd.
feul: thonco south 55 fset; thenco
bouth C2 dug. and 30 mln. west. 158
feet, nioro or less, to tho oast lino
of ' C" street: tlnnco north 35 tieg
and 8 mln. west, ulo.ig said east lino.
74 fpet to the nluco of beginning;
excepting therefrom that portion of
tho above descr bed narcsi or inuu
which Is In block 18, Deatty's Addi
tion; 7000 squnro feet, $5.00.
Assessment No, 6: V. A. I-ove-lace.
A parcel of Innd commencing
nt a point on the east lino of "O"
atreat (now Central aenuo North),
20 feot bouth, 35 deg. and 8 mln.
east, from tho west corner of lot 12
In block 1 of Cottage Addition to
Medford, and running theiico north
35 dog. and S mln, west, along tho
uakt lino of "C" street. 40 feet;
thence north 76 deg enst. 215 leot.
Bioro or lesB, to a point 30 feot west
ef tho north ami south center lino
ef block IK, In Haatty's Addition to
MeAferd nnd 3o foot south or tho
Mutti Hno of I'"' lll"'' ' tho M),llh
wirt of Wildwood Addition to the
oitv of Medford; thuueo south -
lt; thw With Ot ileff. nest, 193'
foot, more or less, to I ho place of be
ginning on tho oust Hno of "C
street; excepting therefrom that por
tion of the above dosct Ibed pnrcol of
lntul which is In block IS, Dealt) 'r
Addition; 2300 square fool, $1 84
Assessment No. 05 V. A Love
lace, A pnrcol of land, commencing
at a point on the east lino of "C
street (now Central Avenue North).
70 fopt north. 35 deg. nml 8 mln
west, from tbo west corner of lot
12. In block 1. of Coltnpo Addition
to Medford, nnd running- thence
north 78 dep cast, 238 5 feet, more
or less, to n nolnt .10 feet wet of
the- north and touth center Hue of
block 18 of Heatty's Addition to
Medford. nnd 10 feet south of the
! south Hue of tho allev In the south
i part of Wlldwood Addition to the
ritv of Medford. thence couth 2f
i feet: thonce south 75 dog west, 215
fed, more or Ls. to the east lino
or "C" street; thence north 35 deg
and 8 mln. west, along sold east lino
of "C" street. 45 feet to the place of
bnelnnlni:. executing therefrom Mint
portion of the nboe described parcel
nf Innil which ih In block IS Donlt'
Addition. 3100 square feet. $2 4s.
Assessment No 06- Trail Lumber
Crmimiiv. A parcel of land com
monetae at a point on the ent Hue
nf "i"" street mow Central avenue.
iNnrihi. TO feet north. .15 dep and
8 mln. nest, from the west corner of
lot 12 In block 1 of Cottnpo Addition
to Medford. and running thence
north as doc and s win. west, nlonp
ih m.i Jinn nf "p street. 50 f ijet .
OreRon,ithm)(.e p(l!,l nT r,,ot thence uorth
14 i feet to south lino oi me aiiej
In south part or Wlldwood Addition
to thff clt of Medford. theuce cost
145 feet; thence south 10 feet;
thence south 7 dop west. SUM
i ini mor. nr Ipsa, to me lunce 'i
OroRon;boRtanjn!j. excepting therofrom that
' iwrtlon of the nbove described parcel
! ', ,., -..i-i, iu i Mock is. Ileatty's
""" " - -.-- . ..
A.l.llHnn: SMI eounre fcot. $2 82
Amimnnt No G7 Josephine Too
A parcel of land In lot 12. block 1.
Cottage Addition, having a rrontago
of 111 feet on Central avenuo, ns de
scribed In Vol. 40, pnpe S3, records of
.lApiann rouut. Oregon, .u.ouu
Lg(,uarc'fcct, $10.00
, .visme.l
i....mnni Vn cq Anln Penwell
A pnrcel of and jn iot i2, mocK l.
rMnn v.t.llilnn havlnt a frontage
6t Jnckson county. Oregon. .900
square fet. JO 32.
Assessment No. 69 John Arnold.
Lot 1. Arnold's addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32. pape 252. records
of Jackson county, Oregon. 7930
squnro feet, $6.36.
Assessment No. 70 John Arnold.
I.ot 2. Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32. pace 252, records
of Jnckson county, Oregono. C2j0
square feet, $3 00.
Assessment No. 71 -John Arnold.
Lot 3, Arnold's Addition, as d"
scribed In Vol. 32. papo 252. record
of Jackson county, Oregon. 6230
square feet, $5.00.
Assessment No. 72 John Arnold.
Lot 4. Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32. page 252. records
of Jagkron county, Oregon. 6230
square reet. $5 00.
Assessment No. 73 John Arnold.
Lot 5, Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32. pape 252. records
or Jackson count). Oregon 6250
squaro ret. $3.00.
Assessment No. 71 John Arnold j
Lot 6. Arnold a Addition, as tlo
scrlbcd In Vol. 32, page 252. record
or Jackson county, Oregou. 6250
squaro reet, $5 00.
Assessment No. 75 John Arnold.
Lot 7, Arnold's Addition, ns de
scribed In Vol. 32. page 252. record
oi Jackson county, Oregon. 6250
square reet. $5 00
Assessment No. 76 John Arnold
I,ot S. Arnold's Addition, ns de
scribed In Vol. 32. pago 252. record
or Jackson county, Oregon. 6230
square tcet. $5.00.
Assessment No. 77 John Arnold
Lot 9. Arnold's Addition, ns de
scribed in Vol. 32, pago 252. record
ot Jackson rounty, Oregon. 6233
squaro feet, $5 00.
Assessment No. 78 John Arnold
Lot 11, Arnold's Addition as (In
scribed In Vol 32 pace 252. records
of Jackson count, Oregon. 9000
square feet, $7 20.
Abfessincnt No. 79 John Arnold
Lot 12, Arnold's Addition, ns de
scribed In Vol. 32. pago 252. records
of Jackson county, Orogon. 5830
rquaro feet, $4.68.
Assessment No. SO John Arnold.
Lot 13 Arnold's Addition as de
scribed In Vol 32. pago 252, records
of Jackson rounty, Oregon. 4900
wjnare foot. $3 9'J.
Assessment No 81 John Arnold.
Lot 1 1. Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol 32. pago 252, rsconN
of Jackson county, Oregon. 39on
squaro reet. $3 12.
AseHment No 82 John Arnold.
Lot 15. Arnold's Addition m do
scribed In Vol. 32. page 252. reorrtr
or Jackson count), Oron. OOOfl
square feet. $4.80.
Assessment No. 83 loliu rnold
Lot 10. Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32. pago 252 roonU
or Jnckson county, Orecon 7500
squaro feot. $6.00.
Assessment No, 81 John ruon.
Lot 17. Arnold's Addition. a: de
scribed In Vol. 32, pag 252. rocords
it jacireon county, Oregon. 390i
syare feet. $3.12.
Afoment No. 85 John Arnold
lot l.s Arnold's Addition as do-
itillied in Vol. 32. pago 252. records
of Jnckson county, Oregon 4'JOO
squaro feot. $3 92.
Ahsnsmont No 86 John Arnold
Lot 19. Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32 pajre 252. records
of Jackson tounty, Oregon. 5850
squaro feet, $4.68.
Assessment No. 87 John Arnold
Lot 20, Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32, page 252, records
of Jackson county, Orogon. A825
squaro feet, $5.46.
Assessment No. 88 John Arnold
Lot 21, Arnold'a Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32, pago 252, record
of Jackson county, Oregon. 7797
square Tcet, $11 24
Assessment No. 89 John Arnold.
Lot 22, Arnold'a Addition, as de
scribed In Vol 32, page 252, records
of Jackson count), Oregon. 7240
squnro feet, $5.79.
Assessment No. 90 John Arnold
Lot 23, Arnold's Addition, as de
scribed In Vol. 32. jingo 252, records
of Jackson county, Oregon. 10.572
square feet. $8.45.
Assessment No. 91 I). S Solles
imnol or laud 111 the uoithenst
corner of lot !L block 2, Cottago Ad
tlltlon, having n frontage of It I foot,
tin Court street, as described In Vol
Nil. papo 85, records of Jaekson conn
t), Orogon. 10,270 square foot,
$8 22.
.Meaent No 2 Adla C Hlsh,
A parcel of land In lot St. block 2, be
ginning nt n point III feet south of
the northeast corner of lot :i, block
2, Comoro. Addition, having a front
age of :l a feet on court all cot, as
i described In Vol 7S, nape 92
I e cord a
of JnckAou count
square feet, $22 00.
Assessment No l3 Adln C Utah.
A parcel of land In lot 3. block 2. b
plunlnp nt n point 20S 5 feet south tit
tho northeast corner of lot. blork 2,
Cottapo Addition havlim n frontage
of 25 feet on Court troot, ns de
scribed In Vol 7S, pape 9S, records
of Jnckson county. Oregon 6000
square feot, $1 80
Aiseaametit No. 91 .1 11 Audicwt
A pnrcol of land In Lot J. block 2.
beginning nt a point feel south
of tho northeast corner of tat 3. hlocK
2. Cottnco Addition, having a front
ape of o feet on Court street do
scribal in Vol fo, nnpe 520, record
of Jackson co'M'' Oregon 11.000
xquare feet. JS.S0.
Awoimmout No '..- J II Cnr'toti.
The most southerly pnrrol of laud in
lot 3. block 2. Cottaro Addition lmv
tag n froutaKo of 91 feel on Court
street, an described In Vol. 77. pag
371, record of Jnekf-on count) Ore
gon 15.075 square feet, $12 06.
Assessment No 96--A H. Camp
bell Lot 2. Illicit Addition, na tta
scribed In Vol 87. page 114. reconU
of Jackson count). Orepon. 4001
square feet. $1.20.
sosmont Nti 97 A 11 Cnmn
bell Lot 1. HI -oil Addition, ns tie
scribed In Vol. s7 page 4 11. records
of Jackson county, Oregon. 8S20
square feet, $2 2.
Assessment No 9S Chns. Carnev
parcel of land In lot 4. block 2,
Cottage Addition bediming at a
point 90 feot south' of the southwest
corner of lot 2. block 2. Cottapo Ad
dition, nnd having a froutane or
reet on Central aenue, na describe I
in Vol 90. page 420, recorda of
Jackson countv Oregon 15.00i'
square qtl.ire feot, $12 00.
Asscwment No 99 J P and .i
K Latham V parcel of land In lot
4. block 2. beginning at a uoint 165
feet south of the outhwest corner
of lot 2. block 2. In Cottage Addition,
having a frontage of 75 feet on the
east side of North Central avenue, aa
described In Vol 96. page 191. rec
ords of Jnckson countv, Orepon.
15.000 square feet $12 00
Assessment No. 100 Lorrle C
Hackney. A parcel of land, 3020)
feet. In lot 4. block 2. Cottapo Addi
tion, and having a frontnpo of 50
reot on the east side of North Cen
tral avenue, ns decrlbed In Vol 99
pare 399. records of Jackon countv.
Orepon. 10.000 squnre feet $8 00
Assessment No. 101 lT Prederlck
son. The south 50 feet ot lot I
b'ock 2, having n frontage of 50 feet,
on the cast side or Central avenue,
north, as described In Vol. 99, page
60. nnd Vol. 93. page 143, rerords
or Jnckson county. Oregon. 10.000
square tcet. $8 00
Assessment No. 102 J N. Iloek
ersmlth Lot S. HIsscII'n Addition,
na described In Vol. 93. pago 110,
rccorda ot Jackson county, Oregon.
7000 squaru foot, $5 00
Assessment No 103- llenrv Hum
nhreyand L (1. Porter. Lot 1. block
2. Central Sub-dlislon. aa described
In Vol 59 pace 460. records ot Jack
son rounty. Oregon. 5750 square
reet, $4.60.
Assessment No. 104 llenrv Hum
phrey and L. (I. Porter. Lot 2. block
2. Central Sub-dlvlslon, as described
in Vol. 59. page 160, recorda or Jack
son county, Oregon. 5750 square
reot. $4.60.
Assessment No 103 llenrv Hum
phrey nnd L. G. Porter. l.ot 3. blocW
2, Central Sub-dlvlslon. aa described
In Vol 59. page 460. records of
Jaekson county. Orosron. 5730
squaro reot. $1.60.
Assessment No 106 L (J. Portor
Lot 4. block 2. Central Sub-dlvlslon.
as described In Vol. 86. page 19S.
rerords of Jackson county. Oregon
5750 squaro feet. $1.60.
Assessment So. 107 Henry Hum
phro) nnd L. G Portor. 'Lot 6, block
2, Central subdivision, na dcscrllud
in Vol. 59, pnBO-460. recorda of lack
son county, Orogon; 5750 squnro
feet. $4 60.
Assessment No 10S Henry Hum
phrey and L G. porter. Lot 7.
block 2. Central subdivision, na de
scribed In Vol. 59. pago 160. rec
ords of Juckson county, Orjgon;
5750 squaro feet. $4.60.
Assessment No. 109 Henry Hum
phrey and L o. Porter Lot 8.
block 2. Central subdivision, as de
scribed In Vol. 59, page 460, rec
ords of Jacjcson tounty, Orogon,
.17fiii squaro feot, $1.60.
Attornment No. 110- Henry Hum
phrey and L. G. Porter. !ot 9,
block 2. Central subdivision, na de
scribed In Vol 59, pago 160, rocords
ot Jackson count), Oregon; 7360
sciuaro reet. $3.88
Assessment No 11 Henry Hum
phroy and L. O. Porter. Lot 10,
block 2. Central subdivision, as da
scilbod In Vol. 09. page 460. records
or Jackson county, Oregon; 6400
square feet, $5.12.
Assessment No. 112 Henry Hum
phrey and L G. Porter. Lot 11,
block 2, Central subdivision, as do
rnrlbeil In Vol 59, pago 160, roeordH
or Jackson county, Ongon; 5000
squaro feet. $4.00.
Assessment No. 113 Henry Hum
phrey and L. G. Portor. Lot 12.
block 2, Central subdivision, ns de
scribed in Vol. 59, pago 160, recordH
of Juckson county, Oregon; 5000
xquaro feet, $4.00
AsbcsHinont No, lit Henry Hum
phrey and L. G. Porter. Lot 13,
block 2, Central subdivision, as de
scribed In Vol 09, pago 460, recordH
or Jnckson county, Oregon; 5000
squaro reet, $4.00,
Assessment No. 115 Henry Hum
phrey and L. G. Porter. l.ot 1 1,
block 2, Central subdivision, as d3
Bcrlbed In Vol. 09, pago 460, recorda
or Jackson tounty, Oregon; 5000
squuro reet, $4.00.
Assessment No 110 Henry Hum
phrey nnd L. G Portei Lot 15,
block 2, Central subdivision, as de
scribed In Vol. 59, p.ige 460. refolds
of Jnckson county, Orogon; 5000
squaro feet, $1.00.
Assessment No. 117 Heni) Hum
phrey and L G. Porter Lot 10,
block 2, Central subdivision, uk de
scribed In Vol. 59, page 400, records
of JackMoii county, Oregon; 5000
squuro feet, ? I 00,
Assessmoul No 118 Henry Hum
plirey nnd I.. (1 Pyiier Lot 17,
block 2, Central anbdlxlslou, m de
scribed In Vol, 59, pago Hill, U'torda
of .Inrksun lounlv. Oiogon, 5000
square feet, $ 1.000
Vsvosstuent Nt). 119 lleni) Hum
phro) and 1. O. Porter Lot 18.
block 2, Central subdivision, aa de
scribed In Vol. 59. page 160, tcourdi
of Jnckson count), Oregon; fttioo
square feet, $ I 00.
Assessment No. 120 Mnrle K
Honnett. Lot 1, block .1. Central
subdivision, na deaerlbed In Vol. 89,
page 5J I, n'curtW of Jaikaun county,
Oregon, stuo squaie foot, $0.13
Assessment No. 121 Marie K.
Henuott l.ot 2. blotk .1. Central
subdivision, described In Vol 89.
page 521, leiortU of Jackson count).
Oregon; 7J0O squaie feet. $5.70
Assessment No I. '2 Mario K
Henuott l.ot 3. block .1. Central
subdivision, aa described In Vol 9.
pape 521, rocords of Jackson countv.
Orepon; 7200 square feet. $5.7tl.
Assessment No. 123 J M Win
ters, l.ot 4, block '.I. Central subtil
vl.lou. h deserllKjil In Vol 98. pape
179. records of Jnckson count), Ore
gon. 7200 squaro feet $" 76.
Assessment No. 12 E M. und
11 C Young Lot 5. block a, Cell
tral subdivision, na described In Vol.
100, page lls, records of Jnckson
count), Oregon; Oil ow square tcet,
$5 28.
AAimont No. IK5 K M and
II. C Young Lot fi. blork 3. Cen
tral subdivision, na denirlbed In Vol
100, page 198, records of Jackson
county. Oregou; UUOO squnn feet.
$1 Ml
Assessment No. 126 It II Toft
l.ot 7, block 3. Central subdivision,
ns described In Vol. 91. page 18, r.'c
ouls of Jackson countv, Oregon,
0000 square feet, $ I. SO
Assessment No. 127 John Ulns
pc). U)t 8, block 3. Control subdi
vision, as described In vol. 9i. page
510. rerords or Jnckson county, Or
epon, 7370 square f.t $5 s'9.
Assessment No. 12S- Marlon A
Under. The north 201 feet of lot 6
block 3. Cottage Addition, aa de
scribed In Vol. 99, pane 170, records
of Jackson county, Oregon; 51,270
squnre feet, $13 It.
Assessment No. 129 -A I.. Wol
lam. The south 56 feet or lot C.
block 3. Cottage Addition, na de
scribed In Vol. 75, page 36, rerords
or Juckson count). Oregon, 15,120
square reot. $12.09.
Assessment No. 130 J S. How-
nrd. Tho 66-foot strip of land be
ginning at n point 66 feet south ot
lot 6, block 3. Cottage Vdtlitlon. as
described In Vol. 72, page 398. r 'C-
ords of Jnckson count). Orepon,
17,820 square feet. $11 25
Assessment No. 131-Martha II
Howard. Tho 75-foot strip of land
beginning nt the point 50 feet north
of lot 8, block 3. Cottapo Addition,
aa described In Vol, 72, papo 367,
records of Jnckson count), Oregon,
20.250 squnro root. IIC 20.
Assessment No. 132- Anna lion
no). A pnrcel of Innd comprising
tho south 50 reet or lot 7, block 3
Cottage Addition, us described In
Vol. SO. pago 195, rccorda of Jack
son county. Oregon; 13 500 square
foot, $
Assessment No. 133-Alfred K.
Weeks and Edith A. nrr.tTho north
157 feet of lot 8, block 3. Cottage
Addition, aa described In Vol 59.
page .110. records of Jackson county,
Oregon, 12. ..90 square feet. $J3 92
Assessment No. 131 A. E Weeks
A parcel of land In lot 8. block 3.
Cottage Addition, comprising the
west 75 teot of tho south 80 feet of
said lot. ns described In Vol. ss.
page 123, rccurda of Jnckson coun
ty. Oregon, 5600 square feet, $1 48
Assessment No 136 I) S Had
cllffe. A parrel of laud In lot 9.
block 3, Cottago Addition. 100x130
feet, having a frnntago of ion feet
on Clark street, as described In Vol.
97, page 311, recorda of Jackson
rounty, Oregon; 13,000 squuro fret.
AsMssmunt No
136C. V. Heslor
111 lot 9. block 3.
approximately :.ox
ii frontage of to
A parcel of laud
Cottage Addition.
130 feet, having
feet on Clnrk street, aa described in
Vol. 101. pago 310, records of Jack
son county, Orogon, 6500 squnre reset.
Assossmant No 137 . M. Hinlth
A part el of land In lot 9. block 3.
Cottage Addition, approximate!) 130
x!20 fecit, ami having u frontage of
30 feet on Central nvoniio. iih de
scribed In Vol. 71 pago 221. rec
ords of Jackiou county, Oregon,
15.600 squnre foit $12.18.
Assessment No. 138 J as. P. Han
son. Tho south 107 feet or lot 9
block 3, Cottago Addition, as do
scribed In Vol 92 page 384, records
or Jackson count), Oregen: 2S.H90
squaro reet. $23 11
Assessment No 1 .19 J. ('. Ward
A parcel or land, comprising the
wast 135 feet of lot 10, block 3,
Cottage Addition, ns iltmerlbeil In Vol
77, pago 237, ret orda of Jackton
county, Oregon, KIC0 squaru feet.
Assessment No HO Ollle Hreu
tauo. Lot I, block 4, Cottage Addi
tion, ua described In Vol. 19, page
120, records of Jackson county, Or
egon; 10,800 squnro feet, $8.61,
Assessment No 1 1 1- El'n Mcilyn
skl. Lot 2, block I, und tho 1316
foot northerly strip or lot 3, block
I, Cottago Addition n.i described In
Vol. 60, page 511, records or Juck
son county, Oregon; 1 1,500 square
feet, $11.00.
Abkossmeut No 112 J. Ehwegnn
estnto Tho southerly 26.5-foot strip
of lot 3. block 1, and all or Iota 4
und 0, b'ock 1. Cottago Addition, as
described In Vol. 58. page 202, I co
ords of Jackson rounty, Oregon,
34.000 square feet, $27.20.
Assessment No. 143 J. Ehwognn
estate. Lot 6, block -Ii Cottago Ad
dition, na descilbed In Vol 18, pago
063, recordH or Juckson count), Or
egon; 13,600 square reet, $10.88
Assessment No, 114 J, Ehwegnn
ostato. Lot 7, block I, Cottago Ad
dltlon, a doscrllod In Vol, 08, jingo
253, iccords or Juckson county. Or
egon; 13,600 squaie reet, $10 88
Assessment No 1 10 J. Ehwegnn
estate. Lot 8, block 4, Cottage Ad
dition, us described In Vol. 58, pago
253, lecorda or Jackson count), Or
egon; 10.510 squill o fojt, $12.43.
AssesHiiiont No IM-V M. Hmlth.
Lot 3, block 1, Narreguu'a Addition,
na described In Vol 74, page 300,
recorda of Jackson county, Oregon;
4010 squaro feet.$:i.2l.
AascHHineut No 117 W M. Hinlth.
Lot 1. block -I, NniivKnu'w Addition,
ua deseilbed In Vol "I, pagv 300,
lecorda of Jaiheon counl), Oiegon,
Ullit squnro feet, $3 21
Assessment No 118 W M Hmlth
l.ot 5, block I, Naiiepan'a Addition,
aa deseilbed In Vol 71, lingo 300.
i coords or JmliHou countv, Oiegon.
10 III squnro reel, $3 21
Assessment No I 19 W. II Smith
Lot 6, blk I Nutrtmun'a addition, 'is
described In vol 71, page .H0. lee
orda of Juckson countv. Oiegon,
1016 sq ft., $3 21
Assessment No 150 W M Hmlth.
Lot 7, blk I, Nnriegan'a addition, n
described In vol 71. page 360. rot
orda of Jnckson count), Oiogou,
1016 sq. ft.. $3 21.
Assessment No 151 Mnrv Win
terho'der Lot 9, blk I. Nnrrognn'a
addition, na described In vol iltl. imKo
208, recorda of Jackson countv. Ore
l!OU. 1016 sq ft . $3X1.
ssessmellt No 152 P. J lt)lin
Lot 10, blk 4, Nnrrcgnn'a addition,
as described In vol. 59, pace 591,
lecoidu of .Inekson county. Oregen:
4016 sq. ft , $3 21.
Assessment No 153 -IV .1 It vim
l.ot It. blk I. NnrioKnn's addition
ns described In vol 5s. pugo 59 1, roe
orda of Jnckson count), Oregon.
4016 sq ft $3 21
Assessment No 151 P. .1 Itvan
l.ot 12 blk 3. Nnircjtnu'a addition,
na described In vol 58. page RSI
records of Jackson count). Oiegon.
loll! so ft . $ 21
AHSesameut No 15i P .1 Uyali
Lot 13, blk- 3. NnrroBBu'a addition,
as described In vol. 38 pauo 391.
records of Jackson county, Orogon;
toil', sq ft . $3 21.
Assessment No t6 - laane House
holder Lot 1 1, blk I Narregan a
addition na described In II I) Ss,
nape I SI. records of Jackson count).
Oregon; (010 sq ft . $3 21
Assessment No 157--Isanc lltiUHP
bolder l.ot 15. blk 4. Nnrregnu's
ndilltlon na described In I) !) SS
page 4M. recortla of Jnckson county,
Orpgen: lioo sq ft . $3 30
Assessment No 158 -O C Hogua
Lot I, blk 2. Tuft addition to the cllv
or Motlfnrd aa described In vol 92.
page 313 records of Jackson county
Ortutou. 550 sq ft $1(0
Asspssmvn' No I. '.'i -O C Hokk
Lot 2. blk i TnM addition to the
clt) ol Medford, as described In vol
92, page 313. records of Jnckson
countv Orenoir 550 sq ft. $1 10
Asomont No. 160 O V llogpa
Lot 3. blk 2, Tnft addition as (In
scribed In vol. 92. page 113. records
of Jackson count). Oregon; 5500 sq
ft. $1.10
Assrtssment No ll- O C Uorhs
Lot I. blk 2. Tnft addition aa in
scribed In vol 92. pnp 313 records
of Jnckson countv. Oregou; Mil q
ft. $4 It.
Assessment No 161- O C Hoggs
Lot 5 blk 2. Tuft addition, as do
scribed In vol 92. iwtgo 313. records
nt Jacksnu count), Oregou; 2073 sq
ft.. $1 65.
Assessment No. 163 O C Hoges
Lot 6 blk 2, Tuft nddlHon, na de
scribed In vol. 92 nape 313. records
or Jackoit rounty, Oregon; 7H86 si
rt.. $6 06.
Assossmeiil No 161 O. C. Hopes
Lot 7 blk. 2 Tnft addition, as do
srrlhed In vol 92. page 313 records
nf Jsekii count), Oregen: 5S52 sq
ft., $4 S.
Assessment No. 1650 0. Hogg
Lot s. blk 2. Taft addition, na de
scribed In vol 92 png 313 rc-orda
of jRekii count). Oregon; 6715 sq
ft . $5 37
AMosaiiiont No 166 O C llogn
Lot 1 blk I. Taft addition, aa do
scribed In vol 92. iag) 313 records
of Jnrksou county, Ororon; 5300 a-q
ft . $1 40.
Assessment No. 167 O. ('. Hoggs
Lot 2. blk I. TnM addition, as de
scribed In vol 92. oh co 313, recorda
nt Jnckson county. Orogen: 5500 sq
M . $1 10
AMOMinont No. 168 -O C Hoggs
Lot 3 blk I Tall addition, as de
scribed In vol 92. page 313 rerords
or Jackson count), Orogon; 5500 sq
ft.. $1 10
Assessment No 1690 C Hoppa
Lot I. blk I. TnM addition, as do
scilbed In vol 92, page 313. records
or Jackson county. Orogin; 5500 sq.
M.. $1 10.
Assessment No. 170- O P. Ilofgs
Lot 5 blk I, Tart mldlttan, aa de
scribed In vol 92, pnge 313, records
ol Jnckson count), Oregon, 5500 aq
M. $1.10.
Assessment No. 171- -O. O. Hoggr
Lot 6. bile. l,.TaU ndilltlon. aa do
srrlbed In vol 92, page 313, records
or Jackson county, Oregon; 5500 sq
ft. $1.10.
Assessment No 172-0 C. Hoggs
Lot 7. blk. 1, Taft addition, na de
scribed In vol 92, lingo 313. records
or Jackson county, Oregon; 0500 sq
ft , $1 10.
Assessment No 173 O. C llogga,
Lot 8. blk I, Taft addition, na do
scribed In vol 92, page ;3, recortla
ol Jackson count), Oregon; 5000 sq
ft, $1.04.
Assessment No, 1710. C. Hoggs,
Lot 9 blk I, Taft addition, as de
scribed In vol. 92, pago 313, records
or Juckson county, Oregou; 1872 sq.
rt , $i t9.
Assessment No. 175 O. C llogga,
Lot 10, blk 1, Taft addition, ns de
scribed In vol, 92, page 313, records
or Jackson rounty, Oregon; 5500 sq.
rt., $1 40.
Assessment No, 176 O. ('. llogga
Lot II, blk 1 Taft addition, aa do
scribed lit vol 92, pnge 313, records
of Jnckson county, Oregon; 5500 uq
rt.. SI. 10.
ABsesamenl No. 177 O. C Hogga,
Lot 12, blk 1, Tnft addition, na do
scrlbnd In vol, 92, page 3 13, record
of Jaekson count), Oregeu: 0500 hi.
M., $1.10.
Assessment No. 1780. ('. Hogga.
Lot 13 blk. I, Taft addition, na de
scribed In vol. 92, page 313, records
of Jackson count), Oregon; 0500 aq.
rt., $4 40.
Assessment No. 179 0.0 , Hoggs.
Lot II, blk. I, TnM addition, na de
scribed In vol. 92, pago 313. records
or Jackson county, Oregon; 5500 sq.
ft, $1.40.
Assessment No. 180 O. C Hoi'ga.
Lot 15, blk. 1, Tatt addition, as de
scribed In vol 92, page 313, reronla
or Jackson county, Oregon; 5100 hci,
ft.. $1.36
Assesamcml No. 1810. , Hoggs
Lot Hi, blk 1, Tnft addition, na do
scribed In vol 92 page 313, letonbi
of Jnckson county, Oregou; 3006 sq
ft., $2.10.
Assessment No, 182 J. V.
Hhnrpu. A pnrcel of land marked "A.
II." on tho map of tho city of Mod
ford, being a part of lot 4, blk. 2,
Mlugiia Hiili-dlvlaloii. aa described in
o. 67, jingo 567, leconlH of JiicIihoii
11, 1!)M.
etiiinlv, Ounions 108,710 aq. ft,
$80 08
Assessment No. I S3 lieu) P.
Angle A pnrcol of laud uinrked '
P" on tho man of tho ell) of Mod
ford, bolug u pmt or lot I, blk. 2.
MIiikus subdivision, na described U
vol 53 page 2.13, lecoida ul Jackson
countv tirepoii; 201.900 sq. ft,
$209 52
Assessment No IS I I' aim l.ot
I, blk 1, Wood's addition, ua describ
ed In vol 89, pnge 8, iccorda of Jaeki
sou count). Oicgouj 7 2 (It) sq. ft .
$5 SO
Assessment No 185 -.p Xuiin. l.ot
2 blk 1. Woods addition, na deaotlb
od In vol Ml, pnge 8. oocil da of
Jaekson countv, Oreunu; 770O sq
rt . $6 III
Assessment No I Ml P alia Lot
3, blk 1. Wood'a addition, as dostilb
ml Iu vol so. pRw s, i item da of
Jackson countv, Oiogou. 5150 sq ft .
Assessment No. IW It Hcliulor.
Lot I. blk I. Wood's addition, ns
described In vol 89. unpe 24 lertiitU
of Jnckson count). Oregon 50110 sq
ft . $4 00
Assessment No I ss US Woods
l.ot I. blk X. Wood'a addition, aa de
srrlbed In vol S7, pane 10s. rerttrila
of Jackson count), Oiokoii. 5300 sq
ft . $ 31
Assessment No S0 0 S Woods
Lot i blk 2. Wood'a uddltlou a
described In vol 87. me los. rec
orda of Jaekson count). Oregon,
5300 Nil ft . $ t 2 I
AKSfftamciil No 190 -It S Woods
Lot 3. blk 2. Wood's addition, n
deseilbed Iu vol S7. pnge (OS, rer
onla of Jat ksou countv. Orcflou; 4900
m ft.. $3 92
Assessment No 191 II .Srliuler
l.ot 4. blk 2. Wood'a ndilltlon, na
described III vol su, unr 24, recMitdi
of Jat ksou count), Oregon; 1900 aq
rt $3 92.
Ahsesaiuent No 192 -l 8. Woods
Lot 5, blk. 2, Wood's addition, aa
described Iu vol 87, page I0S, rec
ords of Jnrkacin count), Oregon,
1900 aq. ft . $3 92
Assessment No 193 -H S Woods
Lot 6. blk 2. Wood's addition, aa de
scribed In vol. S7. page I OS, recorda
of Jackson county. Oregon, liioo sti
ft $3 92
Assessment No 191 -llnrold AIK
Ina parcel of land deslgnatm! as
' P" on the mnp ol the clt) of Med
ford and having a Iron I it uo of I on ft
on Namc-nn street. n described Iu
vol 90, page Ills, records of Jackson
countv, Oregon; 20 t)M sq M .
$16 52
Assttsamctit No 195 .Inekson
County Itldg & Lohii Association
The north 50 ft strip of a tract of
land marked "8" on the mnp of the
city of Medford nml having n front
of 50 ft on Nnrrogou street, aa d
acrlbed Iu vol 9s. mtxo 111 nf the
recorda of Jat ksou count). Oregon,
10.329 aq ft . Is 26
Assettment No 196 It II Toft
V parcel of laud designated na ' ()"
on the map or the clt) or Mod for I
having a frontline of 60 ft on Nnrr'
gnu street aa desrrlbed In vol pn.
page SSI. records of Jnrkann count),
Orepon; 12.395 sq ft $9 91
AsftOMimmil No 197 -Wm. Mlrlrh
Lot 9. blk. 3. Grit) 'a addition, na de
scribed In vol 91. pngH 371. records
nf Jackson count), Oropoti; 3616 sq
ft.. $1.49.
Assessment No 198 Win. I'lrlch
Lot 8. blk 3. Grn)'a addition, as do
scribed In vol 91. inigt. 371 records
of J.irku county, Oregon, Moo rw
ft , $ I .12
Aihowtuiolil No 1 jt' -Ah In CnuiP
bell Lot 7. blk 3. Grn)'a addition
as described In vol 92. Jingo 310. mid
vol 91. page 3.1S. record nf Jackson
count). Oregen: fiinn m. ft., $132
AiHtesaintmt No inn Horn Ihwa
l.ot 6 blk 3. Grn)'s addition, na de
scribed In vol 87. piiHO 121. rocnrdii
of Jaclcaoii loiiut), Oregen: 6 mo .
ft . $1 32
Assessment No sol Wm Plrlcti
Lot 5. blk 3. Grit) 'a addition, na il
srrlbed In vol 91. ihiii 371. records
or Jackaou count), Orogon; 5100 so
M.. $1 32.
Assessment No 202 Win Plrlch
Lot I. blk 3. (ira)'a uddltlou. na de
scribed In vol. 91, page 371. rerords
of Jackaou count), Oregou; 1200 sq
ft, $1.32
Aasessmciit No 203 Ernest (Heri
tor Lot I, blk I, Mnr) Plate add).
Hon. aa described In vol S3, page
609, ret orda of Jnckson county, Oro
,on. .Unci sq. ft . $1 2 1
Assessment No 20 1- Mninat Itloli-
tur. Lot 2 blk. I, Mary Plate addi
tion, na ilescrlbiMl In vol 83, pngn
nu:i, recorda or Jackson county, Or
gen: 5300 aq rt , $1 2 1
Aaaesauieht No 205 -Union! Hlnb
tor. Lot 3, blk. I, Mar) I'lnco addi
tion, aa deacrlbod Iu vol 83, pag
i.oy. records or .inckaon toiiuiv. On
gon; 3300 sq ft , $1.24.
Assessment No 206 - Ernest Itlili
tor Lot I blk I Mfcr I'lncn nddl
tlon, ua described In vol :t, pnge
009, recorda of Jackson count), Ore
gon 5300 aq ft , $ I 2 I
Assessment No 207 Ernest Itleh
ter Lot 5, blk 1, Mar) I'lnco nddl-
lion, na uescriiieii iu vol. 83, page
609, recorda of Jackaou county, oio
goll, 0300 aq ft , $1 2 4
Assessment No. 208 -Ernest Itlch
ler. lcil 6 blk I, Mar) Plato adill
Hon, aa described In vol 83, pago
609, records of Jacltaon county, Oro
gon; 5300 nq. ft , $t.2l
Assessment No 209--Ernest lllch
tor. Lot 7. blk 1, Mary Place addi
tion, aa described In vol. 83, pave
609, records of Jackson county, Oro
gon, 5300 sq ft , $1.21
Assessment No. 2)0 -Ernest Itlcb
ter. Lot 8 blk I, Muiy I'lnco nihil.
Hon, ns described In vol. 83, pnge
609. records of Jnokaoii county, Ore
gon; 0300 aq ft., $1.2 1.
AiiHoasmniit No, 211 Ernest lllch
tor. Lot 0, blk I, Mary I'laro addi
tion, na described Iu vol. 83, pago
600, rccorda of Jackaou county, Oru
gon; 7500 aq. ft , $6.00,
Assessment No, 212 Ernest lllch
tor. Lot 10, bll; 1, Mary I'laro nddl-
Hon, ua described In vol, 83, pago
609, records or Jackson county, Ore
gon; 7500 sq. ft., $6.00.
AHHosanimit No, 213 Ernest lllch
lor. Lot II, blk 1, Mary Placo addi
tion, aa described Iu vol. 83, page
609, rccorda of Jackson county, Ore
gon; 7500 aq. H , $6.00.
Assessment No. 211 -Eiiieat Itlcli
tor. Lot 12. blk I, Alary Placo addl
(Ion, aa described In val. 83, page
009, ret orda or Jnckson county, Ore
gon; 7500 aq. rt., $6.00
ArscBHiiinnt No. 215 Ernest Itlcli
ter. Lot 13, blk I, Murj IMikii addl
Hon, na dcaciibed In vol 83, puuo
609, recorda of .lackaoii countv, Oie
gon, 7000 q ft., $6 00
AiiMpsaiiiuut No 2 Kl El tienl
ter, Lot 1 1 blk I, Miiit IMncn addi
tion, ua tlcaulhml In vol. 83, page
009, letoidrt of JacUaiiu county, Oro
gon, 7500 Hq. rt , $ii oo
Assessment No 217 El heat Itleh
tor Lot 15, bll. I, Mai) Plant nddl
Hon, ua ilescilbeil In vol S3, pnuo
009, i omuls of Jacksnu count), Otu
gun, 7500 aq ft , M 00,
Aaseaameul No 218 -El Ileal Itlcli
ler Lot HI blk I. Mnry I'lnco ndill
tlon. na doHOilliod In vol 83, page
609. lectirda nr Juckson county, Oru
gon, 7500 ni ft . $0.00
Assessment No 219- (Irnco It Ve
moor A panel of laud designated
aa "A" on the map ol I ho tltv or
Medrord, having u fioutiinotif 152 ft.
on llrnad atreel as deseilbed Iu vol.
8 1. page 578. locniiltt of Jackaou
ttllllllV. OieKilll 68,000 sq ft. $51 10.
Assessment No 220 1. 1) Can
field, l.ot 6 blk I. Mar) I'lnco nddl
Hon, aa deseilbed Iu vol. 73, pnge 12,
recnitls or Jackson intuit). Oregon.
6900 sq M , $5 52.
Aaaeasniieut Nn 821 I l Can
Held Lot h blk. I. Mary's Place addl
Hon. aa doncilbod In vol 73, pago 13.
lecorda or Jackson county. Oregon;
1900 ac rt.. $5 52
AHsermmeiit No 22--L. 11. Can
Hold Lot 4. blk I. Mary's Plnc.t
addition as deacrlbod In vol, 73, pago
12, lecorda of Jackson county. Oro Ore Oro
eon: 6900 sq ft . $5 AS
Aanesamnni No. 223 I. I) Can
field Lot 3 blk I. Mar) 'a Place ad
dition, na described In vot 73, pano
13 reronla of .Jacksnu county, dm
Hon. 6900 sit ft . $5 52
Assrmameut No ti L 11. ('tin
field l.ot 2. blk I. Mary's Placo
addition. a descrlhMl Iu vol. 73. pago
12, ioiohIh of Jnckson county, Oio
gou; 6900 sq ft $5 32
Aaaoastuoht No. 225 L. I) Can
Held Lot t. blk I. Mnr) a Placo
addition aa doaprlbott III vol 71.
! page 12. rernrri of Jaekson county.
OroNJltl. 6900 ft . It KZ
Assessment No 236--W II Htew.
art l.ot s blk 2. Mary's I'laro ad
dition, aa deseilbed In vol 7ft. piiKu
233. reronla of Jackaou count). On
Htm. 6900 sq ft , ft 52
Asuoimmrnt No 227 -W II Mow
art l.nt 7 blk 2. Man's Plan' ad
dition na described Iu vol 75. paru
235, records of Jackson county, Ore
gon 0900 aq ft . It t2
AMOMinont No 218 -W II Htew
art. Lot 6 block 2. Mary's Plain
Xdtlltlou. ns described In Vol 7t,
pngn 2 It. records of Jacksnu rounty,
Oregon 6'JOO squat o reel. It 52.
Assessment No 229 W. II Htew
art Lot 5. blttck 2. Mary'a 1'lnm
AtldltloH. aa (Inscribed Iu Vol "',
itago -3t, records or Isrkson county,
1 1 rent! II 69lin square feet. $t 52.
AwioMMileiit No 3311 W II rllnw
nrt l.ot I. block 2. Mar) 'a I'lnco
NddlHon. na detwrlbml Iu Vol 75,
page 235. records of Jackaou tounty,
Oregon iiouo hqimro feet. t 52
AMeasment No 331 --W II Slow
nrt Lot 3. blork 2. Mary's Place
Addition aa described In Vol. 75,
page 23t, records of Jnckson county.
Oregon 6900 square feet, $5 52.
Aatio-Mont No. 232 W II. Htew
nit lot 2. block 2. Mar) 'a I'lnco
Addition, ns described Iu Vol. 75,
page 238, recorda of Jacksnu count)',
Oregon 6900 square feet, $5.52.
Assessment No. 233 W. II. Htew
art. Lot I. b'twk 2. Mar) 'a Placi
Vddltloii. pa described In Vot. 75,
page 235, recorda of Jaekson county,
Orerou 6(100 squnre feet, It 52
AtMcsffnieul Nn 211 I !.. Enmlt
Ion Uil 1 1 blork 2 Man Place
Nddltlon. aa doarrllpml In Vol 10,
nsRe liio records of Jackson county,
Oregon 5onu square feet. $1 oo.
Ak-tiaKsHlenl Nn 235 -I I. Hamil
ton Lot 12. blotk 2. Mnr) I'lnco
Addition ua diacrllmd In Vol in,
isio ion. records of Jnrksou county,
Oregon 3000 sqMnnt feet 1 1 00 .
AxsoMliietit No 2HI1--I L Entail
Ion Lot 13, block 2. Mary's I'lnco
Addition, aa described In Vol (0,
itngn 160. lecorda of Jnckson rounty,
Oregon .Minn square feet. 4 00.
Assessment No 2371 I. Ilaiilll
tun Lot It. block 2. Mary's I'laro
Addition aa described In Vol 10,
lingo 160. recorda of Jackson rounty,
Oregon 5000 square reel 1 1. oil
Assessment Nn 23s I. I, Hamil
ton Lot 15, block 2, Man's I'lnco
Addition, ss described Iu Vol 40,
page 160. records or Jackaou count),
Oreguii '.oiKi squnre foot $100
Assessment No 239 -I. L Hamil
ton Lot 16. block 2. Mnr) 'a I'laro
Add It Ion. na iluarilbed In Vol. 10,
liti go 160. recorda or Jnckson tounty,
Oregou 5000 squnre reet. 11.00
Aasessmmit No 210 Georgn W.
t'rlddv nt nl A pnrcol of laud, de
signated aa ' F" on the map or tint
cllv nr Medford In lot 7. MliiKUa Hub
division nnd described In Vot. 75,
'iigo 327 recorda or Jnckson count),
Oregon 1 1.9.000 squnro feet. 1135.20. I No 211- J E. Watt.
A parcel of land Iu block 3, Mlugiia
Hiih-dlvlKlnn having u frnuliigo of
769 66 rent oil tho north aide or
Jackson at reet and described Iu Vol.
71, pngn 221. recorda or Jackson
countv Oregon. 219,375 squnro
reel. $175 50
Assessment No. 212 George W.
I'lldil). O I). Nuglo and George T.
O'llrleu. A parcel of laud designated
na "O" on the mnp of the clly o'
Medford nml having a fiontniMi of
621 06 feet on Clark htreet, na do
scribed In Vol. 8 1, uagti 508, n'ronh
or Jackson countv Oregon, 260,000
square reet. $208 00.
AssciHiiineiit Nn 2(.l Allen ('.
Hmlth A unreel or laud, comprising
tlio west 50 root or tola 9 mid 10,
block 2, Marv I'lnco Addition, ua
deseilbed In Vol 101. niurn If, r,.,..
orda or Jackaou t utility, Oingou. 51100
square reet, $ i oo
AiiHossinont No 2 1 1 - I. L, Hamil
ton. Tim caul 50 feet of Iota 9 and
10, block 2, Mai) I'lnco Addition, ua
i)ncrlhod In Vol o, pago 100, roc
orda nf Jatkaou county, Oiegon,
5000 squnro feel, $1,00.
AssoKBinoiit No 25- L. O. How
nrd A panel of land, designated na
"L' on the plat nf tho city or Med
rord, having u fiontiigo of ,')!i.2il
font on Clark atreot and being n part
or lot 2 block 2, Mlugiia Huli'illvlalou
aa deacrlbod Iu Vol. 50, pnni 623,
wnrdH ol Jnckson countv, Orogon.
un.l.'io sqiiuio font. $1 1,10.
AHseaainent No. 2 111 .1 o b u
llenille A pnrcel or laud, doalg
iialed na "T" on tho mup or tho clly
or Miulfonl. huvlng u frontugo of 100
feet on Clinic hi i out mid iliiMcilhed in
Vol 89. pago 198. recorda .of
p'iiiiim Oiogon 20,000 aquaio
feel, $1(1.00.
Asaeaaineiil No. 217 H. II. Toft,
pail ul of Inilll climluiinted ns "V"
on tho mail of tlio oily or Medrord,