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INDIANAPOLIS. Intl., Jnn. 30.
A cln&h between Samuel rjompors.
.irenldcnt ot the American Federation
of Lnbor nnd Duncnn McDonald of
Illinois enlivened today's session ot
the United Mine Workers' convention
hero today. McDonald was given tho
floor soon after tho gathering was
called to order.
"I Just want to sny to tho dele
gates to this convention," said Mc
Donald "that Samuel Gompers has
no right to n scat hero. Ho is noth
ing more nor less than a confirmed
aompcrs leaped to his feet, white
with rage. Ho advanced toward Mr
Donald, shaking his fist.
"McDonald," he shouted, "is an
unmitigated liar and ho knows It.''
Other delegates kept tho two men
McDonald declared all tho execu
tives of tho American Federation of
Labor are hard drinkers.
"They are a bunch of reactionary
and fossilized boozetlghterft," ho
McDonald declared that during the
labor convention at Seattle a resolu
tions committee headed by Gompers,
mado so much nolso that ho and his
wife, who occupied the nest room,
woro unable tp sleep. After a futllo
complaint to tho hotel management,
McDonald said ho opened tho door to
tho room and "saw & bunch sitting
around tho tablo, with Gompers at its
head howling drunk.'
Gompers answered McDonald by
calling him "a liar and a slanderer."
Ho also doniod McDonald's charge
that tho American Federation is ma
chine-controlled and that socialists
wero barred from all responsible and
cfective positions.
Charles H. Moyor, president ot thn
Western Federation of Miners, also
denounced Gompers.
Intimntirnj Hint the Southern Pa
cific company docs not expect to win
its suit iMMitiing before the supreme
court over tho heliliue: of In rue bod
ies of timber in Lime county, inco.v
cd in tho Oregon & California laud
grants, .Judge William I. Colvig, tax
and right-of-way ngent of the South
ern Pacific company, has notified
be county naesor.4 of tatie coun
ty that the Southern Pacific will
probably refuse to jay taxes on the
property m quest on. I he govern
ment is seeking to revoke the land
grants given the railroad company in
the carlv '(iOV on the claim that the
railroad hn failed to live up to the
terms of the grant, by refusing to
ell for if'i.oO an no re. The guvern
ment won in the lower court nml the
railroad appealed to the supreme
court. A decision is not expected for
nt least two years.
If the railroad company refuses to
pay its taxes on this land in Jackson
county, the county will lose $72,001)
in taxes, stnte, county and special.
Xo such notice has been received yet,
though Februnry 9 has been set as a
day for Judge Colvig to cheek up ns
scssments with County Assessor
If the railroad company refuses to
pay the nscssmcnts. the property
enn be sold by the sheriff. Hut if
the government wins the suit, the
county may bnve to reimburse the
purchasers mid will in the end lose
the taxes. If the county does not
uso this method to collect the taxes
it leaves the county without money
already apportioned.
C. 11. Natwlck who linn been nt
work for two weeks clearing ttio CO
toot right of way on tho SUklyoiig tor
Kcnscl & McDowell, the cviitructors,
received n telegram Thursday to iult
work and n letter coming would glvo
further parttculni Ho had
about 30 years ago, and but twice
In any mouth. In January, 1909, tho
rnlufnl reached 7.2 8 laches and In
November, 1903, It reached S.10,
hlghwatef mark for tho history ft
Ashland. Tho rainfall tho past au
tumn nnn tmiMi Imliiiv tmrtnnl tint
",rc' J the high amount of precipitation for
.. ... . -.. -...i i
men ompioyeu ami mo irees cm ..mi ,......-,. ...... ,., ,. ...,. .... ... .
I' " " "- """
Tho list of rosos given in yester
day's paper as being the best for all
round general pultlvatlon can nearly
all bo purchased from the local nur
serymen. Home grown stock, if of good qual
ity, is usually superior to that Im
ported, as tho samo conditions of cll
tmoto and soil aro saldom duplicated
within a radius of more than a few
hundred miles.
Oregon roses are finer than Cali
fornia roses, having more perfume,
and as a rulo being of finer toxture.
Kastern grown roses do not do well
on the Pacific until they be
come acclimatised.
If the local nurserymen do not
corry all tho varieties they will pro
'curo them for you.
Now Is tho time to do tho ordering
ot roses, plants and shrubs, as the
second week In February Is usually
about tho best tlmo for planting
these, depending somewhat on weath
er conditions ot course. Articles by
rose growers will appear from time to
tlmo on tho proper preparation of tho
noil, tho best way of planting, tho
diseases to which the roso Is subject
and their control.
PORTLAND, Or.. Jan. 30. An
hour nfter the safe in the Fnrgue
Machinery company's office on the
cast side was blown open with giant
powder, Milton McDowell, 53. n lu
borcr, was arrested while hiding un
der a wngon coyer ou the wn'cr front
by n squad of policemen and is said
to have admitted the crime, claiming
it was due to insanity. A warrant
charging felony was issued.
Four sticks of giant powder were
placed on top of the safe and it was
torn to pieces. The office was dam
aged to the extent of $300. Xo
money was secured from the safe,
but tho desks in the office were loot
ed of stamps, cigars and a number
of small articles.
Officers summoned by neighbors,
aroused by the explosion, surprixed
McDowell while lie was searching the
debris in the office, but he exenped
by n rear door, only to be found
lutcr on the waterfront. Four Micks
of dynamite were found hidden in
McDowell' room in the Revere hotel.
brush burned for a quarter of a mile.
The work was dono on this sldo of
tho contract. Mr. Natwlck says tho
survoy was well placed In regard to
both scenery and economy In co t
structlon. Tho contractors have been
seemingly tardy In getting the work
well under way. They nro under
bond for $R5,000 with a surety com
pany and It is more than likely that
work will soon bo moving.
Tho Civic Improvement club hnvo
elected Mrs. C. It. Lamkln president.
Mrs. l L. M Inkier vice-president,
Mrs. May Cambers secretary and Mrs.
C. H. Veghtc treasurer for tho en
suing year. Ono of the activities ot
tho club wilt be a fly kilting cam
paign. M. S. Plttmnn of tho Monmouth
normal addressed the high school
this week and Frederick C. Ayer.
head at tho department ot education
of tho University of Oregon, will ad
dress the school Friday evening.
George V. Gillette, superintendent
ot transportation ot tho lines be
tween Portland and Kcd Muff Is
hero on ofltctal business.
Somo of tho Med ford bloods who
came up with tho Hen Hur train
thought It would be tine to tnko a joy
ride on horseback and appropriated
the horse of G. W. Mllner, who rode
in to attend tho Normal School meet
ing. They were Ignorant of the fact
that Gcorgo has an "M" from Morn
ing Sldo College, Sioux City, Iowa,
and a "C" from tho University of
Chicago, and also failed to count on
his speedy return. Ho connected
with the ono on tho Morso at the ttmo
with a blow which sent tho rider to
tho pavement with probably a pretty
soro head, says tho Tidings.
The rainfall for the month of Jan
uary Is to date 6.S7 Inches, an
amount which has been exceeded but
ono January In tho history ot the
weather bureau obscrvatvon hero, '
axerage. Tho average rainfall for
i January for the past 20 yearn has
been 2.52, an excess of .X Incite
this year to go to make Up tho prov-
Ions deficiency.
The Ashland Commercial club nt
, a special called meeting Monday af
ternoon formally endorsed the move
ment under way to bring tho mineral
, springs about Ashland Into tho city
( Ileretoforo tho work was being en
gineered by Messrs. Hert It, Groor,
1 It, A. Mlnklcr and J. P. Dodge and
It had gotten along so well that the
results were becoming tanglblo and
In such form thnt tho preliminary ex.
ploratlon Indicated tho possibilities
of bringing thu Issue to it successful
Surely uso Hyamel. It's tho right-to-tho-polnt
remedy not only for ca
tarrh, but for head colds, sniffles,
bronchitis, laryngitis or croup of chil
dren. You breatho It no stomnch
You will llko Hyomel. It not only
gives Instant and lasting relief, but It
entirely harmless, pleasant to use,
and economical. Money refunded by
Chas. Strang If you aro not benefited,
Hyomel is a combination ot anti
septic oils that mixes with tho air
and quickly reaches the Irritated and
Inflamed membrane ot the nose. Its
sure and safo healing begins Immed
iately you fcol better nt once.
If suffering from watery cyc.,
husky voice, discharge from tho nose,
or that choked-up feeling, try Hyo
mel now today. All druglsts sell It.
Ask for tho complcto outfit 11.00
slzo. tt
Kept her locks youthful, dark, glossy
and thick with common garden
Sage and Sulphur.
KUOKXE, Or.. Jan. 30. Circuit
Judge Lawrence T. Harris of Kugcne
hn today announced his candidacy
for the nomination for justice of tho
supreme court on tho republican
ticket at the coming primaries.
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Corvnllis New Year's, day, where he
went last fall after breukiug his
dad's ami, ns he admitted, when ho
nttempied to hit his siro over (he
head with u rake. At other times
they buttled wilh hoes, shovels or
tho first farm implement they could
lay their hands on. This morning,
following n dispute as to who took
tho "nuts off u spring wagon," they
mixed in Iho barn, tho sou tho loser
until thp wifo brought u pitchfoik
into play, Tho father and husband
appeared before Prosecutor Kelly,
covered with bnrnvard mud and
bleeding freely from tho neck. Ho
took his two younger boys from
school ns witnesses. Neighbors
balked nt entering tho tunglo.
Prosecutor Kelly condemned Owen
for abuse of hia father, and tho son
then made a bitter speech against
him. Hq refused to swear opt n com
plaint, but advised husband nhd wife
t get n divorce, Owen to go to work,
and predicted u. murder would ho tho
outcome of tho fajnilv rows unless
peuce was speedily secured.
Tho family then dispersed from tho
prosecutor'! office, relumed home,
wkllo their nUoineyti held u confer
twee, hoMiig to bring (ho mutter bo
foiu Judjte C'Hlkiiia uexl week.
Baking Helps
Valuable Sojjjfestlons
By Mrs. Nevada Bn'ggs, Exponent of
the Art of Baking, as taught by
Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill
Htlpfal Caka Maalatf Hlf
Always sift flour and K C Baking
Powder at least three times. The
more sifting, the lighter the cake.
Remember thatl To cream but
ter and sugar quickly, warm the
sugar slightly. Beat yolks of eggs
with rotary beater. Whip whites
of eggs with flat spoon whip.
Water makes lighter cakes; milk
makes richer cakes.
To mix a cake, first cream but
ter and pugar thoroughly, then add
yolks, if used. Then alternately
add moisture and flour that has
been sifted with baking powder
and stir until smooth and glossy,
add ing egg whites of ter thoroughly
Always use A' C Baking Powder.
Biscuit Helps
Always sift flour and KC Baking
Powder at least three times.
Have shortening cold and firm.
Mix dough as soft as it can be
handled. The softer dough goes
into the oven, the lighter the
biscuit when it comes out, It is
easier for K C Baking Powder to
do its work in soft than in stiff
dough. Mix biscuits very little.
Do not knead. Stir un with snoon
or knife and press in shape to roll
on floured board.
With K C Baking Powder re
suits are sure and ccrtuiti, Ask
yw grocer for KC
When you darken your hair with Sage
Tea, and 6ulphur, do one con tell, be
caum it's done so natural I j, so errenry.
Preparing this mixture, though, at home
U xnuaiy and troublesome, lor 60 cents
you can buy at any drug .tore tho ready-to-uae
tonic collet "Wyeth's Saga and
Sulphur Ilalr Remedy." Von juat
dampen a sponge or soft bruih with it
and draw this through your hair, talcing
one small strand at a time 'ly morn
ing all gray hair disappears, and, after
another application or two, your hair
becomes beautifully darkened, gloaay and
luxuriant. You will alio discorer dan
druff is gone and hair ha stopped falling.
Gray, fadl hair, though no diagram,
la a sign of old age, and as we all da
sire a youthful and attractive appear
ance, get busy at once with Wyeth't
Sagn and Sulphur and look jeara younger.
Somo good country property to ex
chango for a houso and two lots sit
uated on a paved street, houso five
rooms modern. Will glvo a good bar
gain for tho right kind of country
If you have a snap in city or coun
try property to sell or exchange call
and glvo mo a listing on It as I think
that I can handlo It for you.
If you want to ront an office or a
residence I can fit you out with the
best at reasonable rates.
Come up and tell mo your trou
bles. Itoom 410 M. J & If. Iliillillng
Opposite tho Post Office
Formally Senior Momber of W. T.
York & Co.
Tho vcy newest atIe for
early spring of 10H. Patont
Colt- button or Delaine Cloth
button, mado over n now last to
carry tho "Kidney" hcols. Well
sewed soles.
2 V4 to 7, an to d. AND 93.00
At tho sign ot
oppesiti: post eitici:
Official Photographer of th
Hertford Commercial Ciur
Ajiiateur Finishinji
Post Carda
Panoramic Work
Flash lightH
Interior and oxterior viewj'
Negatives mado any tint--md
any plnco by appoi
h. SI. HAHMON, Manager.
306 1, Main
PDQnt 147)
Special to Hog Breed
ers and Feeders
Mado by tlio Union Meat Co.
Wo offer you tho opportun
ity or buying this famotm hog
food at a saving In frolght, as
wo have Just received a Inrgy
shipment for disposal to lios
breeders and fecdem In MeJ
ford and vicinity.
l)Kii;.STi:it TANKAOI-J
Is a concentrated animal pro
tein 00 por cent meril mado
from fresh wholesomo pieces
6f meat. Kndorued by ull
leading Agricultural Experi
ment station and by tho boit
breeders and foedors In every
stato. It duvolopB bone and
musclo and makeu pigs (ytOW.
Pod wet or dry mlxod with
other food. Order a trial
Wo have appointed Mr. H. 3.
Allen to liundlo tho Union
Meat Company's famous "Itose
lawn" brand fertilizer for us.
This fertilizer Is especially
aduptod for rosos, sweet peas,
lawns and ull kinds of flowers.
Put up In sucks or In a special
air tight 10 pound pall,
Itoguo Hlter I'Ynlt & Produce
Mi'dfoicl, Oregon
conclusion. Tho nbovo immmL Ron-lthn tormx of thn options Hcmirod on
tlemen, who hnvo been steadily nt thu mivornl uilnurnl sprluus uml
work on tho project, felt Unit It win wherein Iho purponen of tho nrognuil
In slmpo for tho endorsement of Iho would work out toward milking Ash
Comniorclnt club nml tho ivmllonco land it watering plueu and lesort city,
present wh enthusiastically with Mr. tlreor'n ntntotuiMit showed that
thorn. President McCoy explained $11000 Imd been subscribed by Iho
tho purposes of the meeting and Mr. , lending cltUeus or tho place, tltut It hoping rr, sii)tt tho llecord.
Orocr gave n rosuuiu or tho effort ' had been dono cheerfully nml In tho -
and tho work up to date, explaining .lumniutH thnt thn orlgtniit committed with Medford Irmlit in Mortfard nindn
bud assessed them for. Tim club
wont on icninl oiithuslnutlnilly ami
rreslilimt McCoy nppolnted I hu siuun
itoiitlomim who Imvn been so sucrciij.
fill In furring it pruetlNil considera
tion of tint project (hut so many poo
plo hnvo boon ilreuinliig nlmiit iuH
Clearance Sale of
all Tailored Suits, Ladies' Coats,
Children's Coats, Wool Dresses
and Evening Dresses at exactly
One full rack of Ladies'
Dress Skirls, not this
season's styles, hut
beautiful materials, all
colors, actual values to
$10.00. clearance sale
pi'iee $1.98
Another .shipment of
those good values in
Kovcr - All Aprons,
made of good quality
percale, specially pric
ed at 5ity
All Winter Millinery at
Greatly Reduced Prico3
Specially Priced
Good quality colored
Outing Kliinnel downs,
cut full, special 8lty
White Outing 1'Mannel
Clown, made of genuine
Daisy flannel, full cut,
special ij1.00
Others specially priced
nt J?1..J8, $1.G9 and
The new spring models
in Kaho Corsets are
here; we will he pleased
to show you the new
Mesh models, the new
Suede models, etc.
Spocially Pricod
Armor Plate Wool Uono
ribbed top. a good .'lot'
value, special i!5
A heavy worsted foot
Hose, cotton ribbed top,
a regular TiOc value, spe
cial 5)
.Vine Cashmere Hose
Hint are excellent value
at 7oc, special . .50
Jf you really dislike
flaming, try our Armor
1'late Hose, all weights
and prices.
An extra heavy Jumbo
Knit Sweater, rough
neck, in cardinal and
gray, $7.o() value, spe
cial at $'1.95
This is only one of
many specials.
You Need One of These Devices
No Matter What Your
BrfstT . I
Ns4!- ...
v I I I ""11111
mgrymu. "
JkjkHiLHK -1 w
j&finammi'nw see
MKBBTm carry
A'.-i.M- .-Tri" iji.,l"i ! HAf-kPM""
1 Jli li i h . JSlT' "
BgiHafJHn jltJgMMgJM 1 inn M
Every business every man womnn -nlmoit dall- hns need for ono or
moro of our Immense llnoof 1-P Iooho I.euf iti-ms. You cannot noulblv real
ize tbelr vlwl Importance nml wonderful convenience until you usu them.
17QO Loose Leaf Devices and
Forms For Every Purpose
Tho I-P lino of 1700 Looso Leaf itomri comiirinefl I.ooho l.rnf ilcvlron
nml formu especially (knljnc(l by their own experts to fill nlmoHt every
concoivuuio purpoau in uvery ucpiinmeniot uuhiiioiih, lor o very execu
tive or ompioyoo uoviceu nnu iorm lor proiewnoiiui men. uoc lorn,
lnlniAP 1 .nurura 1 fori I li'tilnisk Ilvinin1id MnniLij flina
tiiKMiuuiai minivini j ntmui 1 vu.iiuin. iVUIIklDWl ! L'Vllull"
lea Hookn for tho Home, markutinir. Hhonnlntr. uiiiliitmunti. Led-
irora. Journals. Involco Ilooku. Cnah I look h. Prlco Hookn. Htiteflmon'tt
lkiok, Mmu Iluuka, HUDucrilitr' Ilouln. prufruloul men' buuki nml tuolka fur ovrrjrbuljr.
Ready Made At Stock Prices
Ymi un IurclMany 11' I'mjm lmt lWrvlrnml Form with thakUuilutfi rurtulntv nf
. . . . r : -.t m " i s ... - .. : i.r. .. ::. '...:-
compwi iuiriHitiui uwtin ijuamy ami fiurahimy.
Wa iruarantititvrrv I.I'liLtn
Dri)Ct In rnAtrUI. Wftrkfnfenitilii. . nn.trufftldti nrulerurry. l.r ilovlcra
oprta tiaiily-ciiunot Met but ui orJr-ro practically liulcU utllbig.
ItlVIlJn.riTTrnfa.IrlnIiiIaf nvlcnd forma Iwauin lliey rrnato
f..v. -iiiinii. iioirnaivrfcuccoufiuiiuauruuin(inuaiiy Hinvinjf iti crrntu
mw niviiuma, uavirca anil lorma lu aitiipiuv airuunnnir nml rnlui u Ita nt. Tun
ranilviMfmlupunthcm-llioyuru a ll.VW.OOU lii.lltullon - Ihu Jrot oxduslvo
iMoma laf factory In thu wurU.
Save Expenae of System Experts
and Made-To-Order Devices
If younrwl new looao loaf dovlcia and forma In yuur lualnaa-lf you liavo an acrountlnu
Mam-lwfora you conault litj(h-irlcl ayalam xprt-luat you monry uu inado
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.'-- i"v ii ii-i'a.
Til II a. taM BUVM Vmi Ulnnnw ml itmln.ln Irit I Ima .uulllma ...
.1.11 .. ri-:i : :;. "-t . --f --v.. TV --.: v - " ."r ,
-...I, n ninaan iv aaa ann rrunonucai tur uvery uuainraa, uolii larita anil amall,
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II a. Kreryone thoulil In.tall l-l- Uiivlc.-a ami forma to olitaln accuracy, dm.
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.Mail Tribune Jllilir,