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Medtord Mail Tribune
tWtilcil Weather Mat.
KM Mln. IS.Ii rrcclp. .18.
rorly-ltilnl runt.
Onlly KlKlith Vr
Elnlit Llcs Lost In Floods Long
Record of Dnmniio ami Loss ol
Llfn Traffic Interrupted Unprc
cctlrnlctl Snow In Hlnli Sierras.
Lowlylnu Portions of Ficsno, Stock
Ion ami Oilier Clilus Under Water,
Out Cold Weather Checks Oanijer.
The Dead
At Simla Itiirbara I .mil
Jnne, millionaire banker, ami
" Ml. JllllC.
Al Monriiia - Hugh S. Ilu-
0rf, It-tiled Capitalist.
Al La Angeles--William
Clark. II.
At Smiln Ana Frank llloi
Al Kl Monttt-Josc Hodri-
K. II).
At I'roenn W. I .Meno-
lian inn! an unidentified o
SAN ntANVISro. Cnl., Jim. 27.
Ciillfoiniii wan recovering today
from onu of I la- worst storms in it"
history. Mcports from cverywhcio
were encouraging. Tim storm li'ft in
il wnko, hnweer, a long record r
damage mnl !' of 1 1 IV. A conser
vative estimate of Ilia inoiii'liirv loss
suffered throughout (In rutin' state
was fixed hure today "I tfi.OUO.OUII.
I'.ikIiI htkoiih were known ii have
iik ttt'ii tli. Ilclatcd ii'MirU front
Isolated district iimv inureiisc tliu
Traffic out I In Southern Pacific
main lino wax resumed today. No
regular train- were neheduli'd curly
thin morning ( I.oh Angeles, lint il
was mi lil Hut Owl I mln would start
for tlm south at ft o'clock til s uft
ci noun.
Unprecedented nnw in tln high
Sierra cuusrd pnmhsis of traffic.
I ton, IIihIh WhoImmI til
Iloadln-iU were wailied ottt ami
scores of bridges ami culvcits won'
swept away. At noon yesterday
tlllTf MIIH ttVCIltV ft'l'l of snow nt
Kiiiiimil. In score of places tin'
hiiow wits banked out the hacks
front tli ciest of tin tnotintaiit to
Sparks, Nov., front tltr'o to ton foot
deep, Large gang of int'ii with put
to work ami at II o'clock hint night
tlii-V Hiit-i-cedcd in clearing tin) track
sufficiently ! nllow tlm flint of
twenty hi n 1 1 i'il train to pass through.
No Irniiiri attcniplcil to get below
Wutfcnmillo .lnnction on tlio South-t-rn
Pacific's const division ycstei'
ilav. A slide in llic lVatlit-r River
canyon blocked liarfic on lint Wes
turn Pacific. Pelting rainstorm
pi evented wnikiucii from clewing tint
trackH ami liaffio was still licil np
Inilay. Tint Western Pacific linn not
started an uvcilnml train in cither
ilitcction for n week.
Tlio only main linn which wan open
(Continued on I'aRO 0)
NIJW YOUIC, Jan, 27. Colonol
(loctlialn ruplloil ns follows today te
a ipiury from a Now York miwuimnor
i-oucornliiK IiIh nttlttido In roforouoo
to Mayor Mllcliol's offer to hlui of
tlio (iotlium pollco eommUslonorahln;
"AhhiiiiiIiik that I wuro froo to
ciiooHo, aftor complutlon of tlio I'um
mnn cimnl, I would accept tlio pollco
coiiiintualoiioiHlili of Now York, pro
vIiIIiik n cliaiiKo In tlio oxlatlng law
could no Boourud ho an to vest tlio
vlKlit of roiiioval of IiIh auliordliiatoa
In tlio coinmlBalonor'u linudB,
"1 liavo Hoivod at yoiiia In tlio
Uultud rflutoH army and tlio luosldont
tun autliorUo an offlcor'a rotlroniout
aftor U0 youra mtrvlt'o, I hopo tlio
prckhloiit will Uriint thlu uhou I vo
uOit If.'"
000.000 LOSS
Half a Hundred Trains Stalled
Traffic Paralyzed Hlnhways and
Drldtjcs Washed Out Damane. Is
$500,000 Several Drowned.
Rivers Mcacli Hlnhest Point In Years
Capitalist Dies In Flooded Gutter
Oranqe Crops Uninjured.
I.OS ANOIII.KS. Oil., Jan. '27.
One million dollar mux tint coiimtvi
lite i-Htimnti- tmlitv of the illinium
iloiio to Soii'hi-ru (.'alifornin hv the
three ilavn' xtorm that Kuept tliionyli
tin: entire ntnti- houth of the Tt-hii-elintii.
The Hklex ttero clrnriliL' to
day, and il appeared that the buck
hone of tint Htorm wnn hiokeu.
Siiirnl iM-rMiniM urn helli-vrd to
linte lirvu drownul and M-on-H hnve
Imiii coinpi'llcd to nliiimlou their
liotnrH. Much liM-ntofk wan IohI.
In half a doen couulit-H ricrx ami
Nlritniiw are out of their haukx.
Towiim are flondcd and orange j;rini-h
and rnticli IiiihIh worm iniiiioim 01
dnllnni arc ihmihIi.
I'lfl) Tnilio. KlnlliNl
Half n hundred trains are Mulled
in the interior, and four thotiHaml
pahftcnccrrt tire hcing hoiiKcd and fed
liy the ruilroailN.
Street car traffic here in paralys
ed ami tliouHimdx of telephom-H arc
out of eouimiH-don,
IliKliuuyH in I.oh AiikcIch count.x'
titiffcrcil to the cvteut of liulf a mil
lion tloflurs. accerdiui: to the chIi
mate of hichwav cuuiiniiiMioucrx.
ScorcH of Mttall hridi;cs were washed
ntwiy ami many iiiilen of roads uudor
con-truclioii were ruined.
Itoail in Ventura county were
dnuiiiKfd ho luidlv that it will co-it
mora than .-f'JOO.OOO for repairn.
Much dauitiKO wan done tlu-ro to
Santa Harhara perhaiw uffored
the M'vercut diiimiKc. The lo-- there
Ih ct. mated at fJOO.Oni), with n fur
ther Iokk in the siirretmdiiii: county.
All Tinfflc l.liiff. Illmkeil
At ilulirink the Santa IV. over a
liraneh line from f niton to lullcrton
ami theacii tti I.oh AiikcK-h, wiih car
rviiiL' all itoM-iliht traffic for the
three trauNcoutmeutal linex that en
ter houtheiii f alifornin. The Santa
Fo wax hlocked to poiiiln eitht of San
lli-rtiarilino liv hlnlcH in f u ion Piikh.
Tlio Soutlu-ni Paeifio'ri count and
valloy lines were ntill out of contnns
kIoii. There wiim little likelihood tllllt
tlio coiihI lino would lio cleared for
Hi-veral duvri. San I'raiiciM-o pas-
hcnj;cM leaving I.os Angeles last Fri
day were Mill Mulled al Mtnin nnr
Intra. Manv truiiiH wero icported
dead at Sim I.uIk Oliit-po.
OffieialK of tint Southern racitic
road were coiiHidcrini; plans lo clinr
ter a htoamor to Int Hi-nt to Sant.t
Itaiharn and Sua I.uirt Ohit-no to iv
imno Hloriuliouml piihscitKcrrt.
i;iiclilc Hcrlco CilppUM
Tint Pacifio Kloetrio intoriirhan
hi-riee was crippled to almost all of
tin, litiiuli'cil nointti it toticheH. Hun-
dicdrt of men weio workiitK today on
tint lim-M.
Tint flood that MMmratcd the 1ms-
inchH and ri-sidencu hi-clioiiH of Ven-
icit yeKlerday wa huIihiiIiiii; today
and water in Hip Imhi'iiichIh laid low-cu-d
a foot. The canals, however,
remained over their hunks. Schools
will ha reopened tomorrow.
Six hrulKOH went washed away "
Vliuiln Afonlcii eanvon. A sc ore of
small fishinj: h'als were wrenked on
tint heaeh, Hut no other iIiiuiiiko was
lepoited there.
(Continued ou J'uko 0.)
BALKM", Oro Jan. 27. Jlccnuso
Attorney (lonoral Crawford failed to
muko any allowing of dnmnKta ana
tnlued by tlio utato In tlio suit to
day, Circuit Court JiuIbo Kelly loilny
dlHiulBHod tlio caao tiKftliiBt (lovornor
West to rocovor $50,000 alleged to
lmvo heuu Illegally upeut from thn
(ha tevolvlnit fund of Hip ntntu ponl-lontlury,
Mr. Su'zcr w.titrd uiiiiiuuity n id tcs ifn-d Hint (Tmr'ts F. Murphy
dioe linn fn-ni the tiff ce of uoerior of New York M.ite liecanxe as
governor tl-e witueis refioed t !
ouices, pariicuiaiiv me ihkuw.ins
f I'l.lAf AN, Stmtira. Me.. Jan. 1!7
(via NoKitles, Ariz.) "If there is to
he a provisional prcxidcut in Mexico
I hhall name him."
This declination was the oulMnud
inir feature of a public mldros here
toda" hy (Jeneral Venuhtiano Car
ranza, leader of the Mexico conxti
tiitioniilihts. Three thousand per
sons heard the ccucrn! make his first
public remarks since Icitsinu' Hie
American bonier, where ho conferred
with William llayaid Hale.
Carranzn hrnadlv intimated
Americans sufferinir financial loss in
Mcmi'o cannot expect reparation if
the conslitiitioiinli-'lH ant victorious
lie churued that the American jjov
ermm-ul has needleshly prolonged the
present struKle, ennsiinr heavy and
uuuecehsarv los of life, ami that, as
a result, they- should not expect unus
ual consideration from his party.
ltcKardiui; the proposal that a pro
xisioual president ueeeptablo to all
Mexican factious be named until per
manent uovetmueut iimv be estab
lished, fariaurn, after declining his
inisllion, added:
''dovernmeuts and iudividuuls have
been ready always with Mipgcntioiih
as to the conduct of affairs in Mex
ico, but never ready with 'the taiu
ihht uid they iuilit k'ivc. 1 shall
wae a war of extermination upon
tlio lluerta forces. Our success is
inevitable, ami theiefore I shall lis
ten lo no peace program."
Dlckofgoii, a negro, murderer of V.
A, Chafln, a trnvellm; salesman, waa
lynched early today nt Noble, 2f
miles south of hero. A mob of white
men overpowered tho Jailor, luiiigud
Dlckoraon to a toluphouo polo and
then riddled hU body with bullota.
Weather Forecast
Oii'Kon - fnscttlcil loiiihl anil
Weilnesday, piobably wiiu or anow;
wvvlvily wiudd,
p him t ,:rtioi i of r.utiin it, vtntu
SAl.KM, Or., Jan. 2". The vnl
idity of ClnUop county's . 100,000
bond issue for piod roads was estab
lished bv the supreme court today in
an opinion written by Justice Charles
li. MoNnry. The county, of which
Astoria is the principal city, may
now ttroceed to sell its bonds and ex
pend the proceeds as contemplated
on three of its mam li'uhways.
V. t. Parker attacked the validity
of the bond issue on the ground that
tho sum of :?lili),u00 exceeded two
.per cent of the ns,.esed valuation of
property in the county, ami because
the election was held tinder Ihe pro
visions of the (ii'l registration law,
later declared in onstitu'ional.
Ni:V YOUIC, Jan. 27 Supremo
Court Justice Soiibury todoy uphold
tho ordor of the stnto boxing com
mission prohibiting Hob rttzslminoin,
former heavy weight champion of tho
world, from boxing Boldlor Keari)3
at tho Garden Athtotle club. Tho foi
inor champion was barred ou Ac
count of his ago. Tho dccUlon means
that Kltzslmmoaa la permanently
barred from the ling so fur as Now
York state Is concerned,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27. The
house judiciary ami inleiidnto com
merce commissions met separately
hero today and started hearings of
tentative trust bills. Prospect of
joint healings was considered remote
us hold fhairmau flitvton of the
judiciary coiiiiultlco and fhaiiiuun
Ailumsoit of the liitiustutu commerce
uumiiiliftflou utu uppybcd to tlio plan,
WASHINGTON. Jan. 27. Offiei.M-
'dam here todny believed President
tlluertii's downfall was in night.
President Wilson was understood
to hnve told the meinbeM of; tjjjj t-n-
ate foreign relations committee la-,t
night that that was his opinion and
the general opinion in administration
circles was that he was right.
However, as a means of hastening
the end, the president was expected
to announce soon the removal of the
embargo which has hampered the
rebels hitherto by preventing them
from getting American nnns and am
munition across the border into Mex
ico. It was believed this would
speedily settle the matter, since Gen
eral Carranzn hns had a quantity of
weapons and millions of cartridges
under option in the United- StnUs,
rc-ntlv to rush across tho border us
soon as tho embargo was raised.
Japanese Itelutlons
Iloides tho Mexico situation, the
president and committeemen discuss
ed Japnnese-Ameriean relations.
Neither would tell today what was
said, but it was reported that the
president was displeased by Japanese
roreigii Minister Karon Mnkino's re
cent utterances in parliament con
cerning the United States and hy the
obviousness of tho efforts on the
part of Japanese naval officers vis
iting in Mexico City to win Presi
dent lluerta's favor.
The expectation wns that the nd
ministration would take cognizance
of these two things in some way very
It leaked, too, this afternoon that
the president let tho committeemen
into infoimntion which had reached
him fiom confidential somces, show
ing it much worse state of affairs in
Mexico Hum they had proviouslv
realised existed. On the strength of
it, it wns understood that several
who lmvo hitherto objected to the
raisinc of the embargo ou anus
changed their minds.
Senators Surprised
Some of the senators privately ad
mitted today that they wore sur
prised to leani how much Htreuglh
the icbels had shown and how much
territory has fallen under their con
trol. Finnlly thero was a question of
Paiiumn tolls, and while there was
no definite announcement of it, theut
seemed no question Unit an agree
ment was reached to repeal tliu'cx
euiptiou of American coastwise xcs
sels, clearing the way for a treaty
with Kngland.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27. Tlio sen
ate continued this iifleruoon tho
nomination of Henry ,AL Phldell of
Peoria, 111., o be uiiibiiHsiulor to
Interstate Commerce Commission
Tp.lls Railroads That No Increase lit
Rates Will Be Authorized Until
Until Services Rendered Paid For.
Industrial Lines and Tracks Owned
by Various Concerns Must Be
Made to Pay for Services Rendered
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27. Tho In-tcr-state
commerco commlnslon
aorved notice on the railroads today
that It will atithorlzo no liicreauo In
freight rates tinleas auurcd that thn
companies arc Inalttlng on full pay
ment for all their services that Jb
to say, that they are performing no
services frco or for less than tho
services are worth.
The management must show, as
the commission expressed it, that
they are requiring "a reasonable
contribution to their revenues for
every service they perform and that,
even with this full exaction, their
revenues aro shrinking."
The commission also found fault
with the eastern railroads' rules rela
tive to "Industrial lines" short rail
roads or tracks owned by various In
dustries and connecting their plantc
with the regular railroad companies'
Charge fop all Scnlre-i
Scrvlco over these "industrial
lines" said tho commission, would
add millions annually to the rail
roads' Incomes "if charged for."
"No substantial part of the well
informed, reflecting public would
deny to the owners or railroads t.
reasonable return on their invest
ment," continued tho report. "Nev
ertheless, before they may fairly ask
tho general public to share further
In earning their burdens, It is mani
fest that tho railroads must them
selves properly conserve their sources
of revenue by .making ovory service
rendered by them contribute reason
ably to their earnings.
"This having been dono, the com
mission, upon adequate showing of
tho need of additional rovenuo, wilt
not shrink from the .responsibility or
sanctioning such measures, Including
even a general advanco In rates, as
may bo required to bring reasonable
prosperity to tho railroads, so far ns
this may bo accomplished undor
rates and charges that aro reasonably-
just ailko to shippers and carriers.
Most Important Iluling
"Uut if further burdens, through
an Increased scale of rates, may Just
ly bo Imposed on tho general public,
all must agreo that unlawful conces
sions, rebates and preferences to tho
Interest of a small proportion of the
shipping public ought to be elimi
nated from tho practices ot the car
riers." Tho commission's ruling was con
sidered by experts hero as ono ot tho
most Important it has made in years.
It laid down tho prlnclplo that
service by tho railroads beyond a
reasonably convenient terminal was
entirely a shipper's service and ought
to bo charged for as such. , Tho cus
tom ot rendering It free was de
nounced as giving an unfair advan
tage to concerns owning "industrial
CANYON CITY, Or., Jan. 27. C.
E. Potts, formerly of Canyon City,
is under arrest today in Los Angok-H
charged with Hie murder of his wife,
twelve miles from hero on tho night
of July 13.
Evidencq adduced nt ft coroner's
inquest last Saturday was respon
sible for the arrest, tho jur- bringiii
in tlio following verdict:
"Tho verdict of the coroner's jurv
is that Hie deceased came to her
deatli by strangulation or suffocation
at tho hands of her husband."
Potts, nceomounied by hi eight-year-ohi
son, left for California tho
dav after the funeral, it is said.
Tint body of Mrs, Polls was vx
huiucd Hutmday and three pliyuiuiuiiit
uiudo un uxmuiuutloii,
NO. 203-
j....- j
General Gonzales and Others Sus
pected of Being Implicated In Ptt
to Capture Dictator Throufh Aid
of Police, Murdered by Chief.
President Had Extremely Close CaM
Plans Completed, Arms and Am
munition Ready.
MEXICO CITY, Jan. 27. Tbt
Fernandlno Gonzales and five others
suspected of having been Implicated
with him In tho plan to assassinate
President lluerta had been secretly
executed hero was reported today,
lluerta himself was snld to hava
ordered tho execution and. that of
eTcryono else concerned In the con
spiracy. Today's developments Indicated
that tho president had an extremely
closo call. Ho waa up all night di
recting his men and receiving reports.
The conspirators had all their
plana completed, arms and ammuni
tion ready and only watted the sig
nal for their coup.
Colonels Zavalar and Robics, the
latter chief of police ot Mclco City
under tho lato President MaderJ,
who were said to be the leaders of
the conspiracy, which was unearthed,
were sent to tho fortress of San Juan
do Ulua, at Vera Cru, whence pris
oners seldom emerge alive.
General Eugnio Rascon, the Catho
lic party's vice-presidential candi
date at tha last election and a for
mer close friend ot lluerta, also waa
among the prisoners.
It was said nobles-planned to give
itascon and Zavalar control of 4000
policemen to attack, the national
palaco an capturo Hucrta, who was
to have been killed, It was under
stood, as was Madero.
Tho police, for aomo reason, have
been antl-Huerta from tho start bst
that llascon should havo been num
bered among tho conspirators was n
general surprise both on account ot
the friendly relations which were
supposed to exist betwee him and tho
president and for the fact inat the
Catholic party has been more or loss
favorablo to tho dictator, despite hav
ing had a nominal presidential can
didate )u the floM against him.
nUFPAL, N. Y., Jan. 27. An
offer ot a well equipped plant for
tho public reduction ot radium-bear-ing
ores was telegraphed today to
Secretary ot tho Interior Franklin K.
I.ano by Stephen T. Lockwood, who
ten years ago In an experimental
plant hero extracted tho first radium
lu this country. Lockwood' tele
gram said:
"To aid tho government In pre
venting a monopoly In radium, 1
offer you tho use ot tho reduction
plant here free ot charge for any
reasonable time. The plant Is fully
cqulppod for tho roductlon ot 30
tons ot cprnotlto ores or concen
trates a month. Dr. Holmes, chief
ot tho bureau of mines, hag made a
personal examination ot It. It "was
shut down In 1910 bocause we could
not at that tlmo obtain coruotlto ores
In a sufficient quantity to keep it m
profitable operation.
"Wo also have a largo quantity of
radium containing sulphate residue
wttlc contain three to four milligrams
of radium to ovory 100 pounds, which
nro tree to anyono who will bear the
expenso ot refining and will devote
tho resultant radium to sclenee."
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27, li
patclics received here by the naval
department report! the arrival at
Vern Cruz, -Mux., Iwny wild4 firty
iimrim-u aboard uf Ike MMwwp
"$ 'cl