Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, December 11, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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The Daily Hint from Pari.
1,4 - si , , Rfi ..
A. A. .lohiHiin, no "- n pioneer
of llio vulloy, vnn bouml over li t lie
grand jury umler WOO bonds by .lu.
liru if llio Pi-nro Taylor on ilmr-jo-i
I'lnbrniunj; nlluftoil linrti'riinr of h's I
own iiIppo to riinrli Tinner, n ir
pro, nlso bouitil ovor.
l'msocutor Kelly poroil the M
iiiiiii'm Iioiih1 n ivfnfe for lb-rein. '
of bolli ste, ami bitiuitlit n rooonl i s.u.v Vr .' i-v . i a
of two toini-. in state iri-.m niiitiM I 1 '1 -,,
liim. Joo inn! Slnry Ji1inoii. brotherl-. -- -
nml M-ter of Dollio, textifieil siiim
I.1.I I !.... ..f I. .. lit i.lx.iil I
..'II I ll.'IM ... .1.1. (, i....... ... .(.f.l...
to t-lmim- upon the ilcm limit of Jolin
pon. ltert Kuiney, n wayward bov txr
oleil from the reform M'liool, testi
fied be bntl n Reed homo, but pre
ferred to live nt Johnson'.
Tom Holden, another youth, le-li-fied
that the moral ntmo-here of
eoii-stiliiliui: a local dWhiet road fnv
and the lemiiiiiinu; one-half a Ken
eral eoiiutv lax enuiviib-nl to that
foiiuerly leied a- a tun I of the ueu
eral count v fund for bihwnv piir
piwes. A ulaiiee at Ihiil M-elioa of
the eltaitei reveals Hint the urea
E, within the limits of the oily of Ash
html i- exeepted out of the jiinMlio
i timi of the eouulv eourt of .laeK-ou
Ieounly for rood, and fur
ther that the inhabitants of that oil.s
i no iieei-nui m uu--in'mm -'. i tire evenipt from the pnvmi-nt of
in the Ahhind suit to keep from toad laves and the property within
paying road taxes is as lollow-s, ae-! the city is exempt from iissetMiient
. l,H 0.m
i,,.',i tt ,'IiutU at
pontine to eopy teeeived by Attorney
A. K. Keiime-.;
Tliis is nu itppoal bv defeudnnts
from the judgment on a writ of re
view U-ued on petition of plaintiff
to leview the pioeecdin-," of the
county court of .lack-on count v. Or
egon, in January, iui.i levvinc n
tbree-mill tav on all the
lor road woik out-nle the city
Similar riim-tei 1'rtnNlons
Similar ptovisions in muuiei-
put charters luixe been upheld
Kiis I'ottland vs. Mnltnonuili count v.
( Or. (i'J; Miilluoumh count v .. Sli-
ker, 10 Or. O.V. Oiodui I Uv vs.
Cot i ley on Taxation
It is nuid in Ooolev on Taxation,
pp. 'Xu, W8, that "under anv m
tetn of In.xation, however wisclv and
eatefully frained, a dlspioporlionutc
-.hare of the public bunions will be
thrown on eeitaiu kinds of pnpcil,
because they are visible and tang
ihlc, while others are of a nature to
elude vigilanpe. It is onlv where
statutes are passed which Iiupoie
taxes on false and unjust principles,
or operate to pioiluee gro-m iueiiuiil
ily, so that thev cannot be deemed
in any just sense proportional in
their effect on those who aie to hear
the public eluugen Hint com Is eiin
iuteipoe and ariest the eouise of
Icxislatiou by deelaritig such tuiicl
incuts void."
While our system of taxation in
Ibis re.peet cannot In- claimed to be
perfect, wo are not prepared to inv
taxable x,im, ., . .,,,. ..,.... ... r,,l,l,Hinl it does not provide lor e.innhtv
nm..rli nf the foiuitv. incbidiiiL? the i -. o.. i.-o. i: e v.... s far as it can consistently with
I I - (UMimil llll 'll -III.'! Ill i'l l',l' . I 1 PHI .1
imitvoiiv of tibiintiff. situiiieil within . ., m..ii - .1.. -.11... not. M'ii. practicability. Tins section of the
,-.., . . . -. 1 - '- - I . .Illlllll'lll I'lllllll 1 . ill 1 Fl. u.TII 111
the limits 01 the city 01 .-.iiinun. 111
aid county, for n road fund, pur-
DiiOlO AP A uLDn siiant to -eetion t5:i"0, I.. O. h. The
rUtJLU Hu H mLIMJ. firtMtit court adjudged tlint pint it
---- .. WW --., ,
Chief of Police lliit-on neeied 11
tiff's property is exempt front this
tax b virtue of section 1, article
XVII of the charter of A-hlaitd (!..
chatter of the city of Ashhiud is not
in violation of sections of the con
-titutiou referred to. To hold that
bimook Cilv vs. Tilhiiuook Count'
,il? Or. 11. In the latter ca-e Mr.
Pllini .1 1141 tt Mitltl liltt wmnL!iiir Tilt
ti ..,..1 ..!.!. 01. ;. ..1... -1.,.! the county court of Jackson count.
IIIV I'lllll -lllla t - til"'' ."U'.'- i
that the county court had 110 riubt
to levy any tax- for road purposes
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"Sunkist" Oranges
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by bare hands. All the pickers
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oranges and lemons wear
clean, white cotton gloves.
kw f. L xP H
within the city limit
view wo concur. It
and in tlm
bus been lit
II.SOS. n. loin, which section rends
1 tiusMice innu 1 reK a. v 111.. iitt.s titorti-1 11 i.ti... i....:i..... :ii.;.. 11... .... . . . . . . .
the. lohiison bouse was cooil Two!. . . i ''"""" " - , usual ciisiom to exempi iueotKinucn
xritnesses 'W3ndy Hill" and "O-tllon-1""1 "nyin,: tl,a, ,Ulck M,,",cn, """'jits of the city of Ashland as n-iw j,.ililW fniI1 ,ll0 ,mumMlt , Ul.iu,mi
in' Sal ' called bv Johnson failed t' recently connected with the Kat skat- ,exisinj: or as may be berenftcr e- l,.0uiity road taxes, ami at the se-
nppcnr "V rink? had hopped into the lime-, '"'"-,, "l'r,-,,,.v '',Pl'l '- ",hion at which the charter in uues.
ti, '1...1;.,,...,.. .i....t...,.i .r.ii.rii,.!,! T....C.1,... 1... .,.11: .i,.,,,!.!.,, JrWi''lin f the county court of 1 til, WH .,,.,!, ,.u,rnl
condition of depravity, in which j,;. S. 1. tnteks. and then nnnouue- 'U"k"" ?mt lwmm ' rtim were thus exempted.
-iv.ii:.. ti .... i.. 1.. "" ' ' lrlUK ,UI" uun """"" poses and road pnnxises. and the , i .i,,, ,.... ,,,.. 1 ,i
)iiri.i; 1 ,.,,, i.,,.i ('.,,..,,.1 M... 1.. .1.. 1 ... :i 1. ..11 1 p.. 11 1 ..v.
... ..,,,. , . , , 4 ! '. ..... ...... ,,.,, ....... ...I,. ... ...'ii-uy I'.iiuil'll suiui innr tun 111111 ..-
Steps will be taken to send her ,, a ., nt .lt of Tu, sjikU j-lietion over the same.
refill home Johnson tcsltrted tl,.,t ,, s,uriff ill0,tiiruttnl nni1 T,, jH,in,lHnnU of the citv -hall be
Jackson com, y paid him a 1imoii fona cvilk,vc mi(, fo,)tprint ,ht , exempt from the payment of road
15,0 n "'"" ' I Masters did 'lie job :s a plav to be taxes and assessment of the prop-
anero. i lit proeetitin; nttorney erty within the etty for road work
wired he would semi Muster, back except such taxes ns may be levied
to Medford today. and nssred by the cilv council, and
Masters hist fall hired 11 hi ! all .such tn.xe.s shall be placed in a
from the Kah livery stable ami re-' separate fund and used for street
turned soeral hours later with a
story that he had been hit over the
bend nnd robbed of .-?(!'.', thotit-h
where the blow lauded wits never located.
the leuisbittire intended to make uu
exception of Tillamook City."
Legislative Intent
The legislature, 11s 11 'jenoral rale,
has constituted that part of the I
counties outside the limits of the .
munieipnlities tax districts for tl.e
piir-siM- of prosidiinr funds Tor the I
improvement of the rum I liiitliw.. i
has the rijht to lew one-half of the
county tax for road purisises upon
taxable properly within the limits of
the city of Ashhiud would he in
d'uect conflict with the section of the
charter to which reference is made.
Hy this section it elenilv appears
that the jurisdiction or iiulhorilv of
the county court of Jackson county
to levy taxes for county road pur
poses is entirely waiitintf. Au'hoi
ily is cstcd in the municipality to
levy taxes 011 property within the
city limits for htreet purposes
It follows that the judument of the
lower court must he affiiiued, and it
is o ordered.
MeHride, C. J., nnd Kakin and Me
Xury, J. J., concur.
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est. iuicicst oiiuiL't-s in tbu world.
Tree-rlpiMU'il. libel loss. Not n iced ,
:.. C....I.!.I M I, I I... ,1... !,,. ,
W I III UUIIItlBl. 1IIIV 1II171II 11V llll' IIIIJ -
Ym .. 1...II-1... mm.... !.. ..1. .......... it,,... t....rrv '
W ''I 111 llllll.llll.-V. I III1L m LllliilllL I lllllll IJII1-I .
ra iitj; by the ilo.c. Tlicy keep for wuukrf.
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that they j'o farther tlinn other lemons. Try "Sun
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"Sunkist' Wrnpp'ers
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dec premium nlirrt nml Prciiiliim Cltsti
rinn. Atl'lrt-jn nil orilert lor pieiulumi
nml nil Impilrlcs to
California Fruit Growers Exchange
139 N. Cttik Stritl, Cklf.., lit (lu)
NKW VOIMC, Dec. ll.Klnt nn
noiiuecmeiit thnt the National league
xvould not consider the demands of
the players' fraternity was tnnde
here todny by Governor Tener of
1'eiiiisylvitiiin, the loapte's new head.
He declared, however, thnt the na
tional commission would consider the
deumiids when lliu nieiuber.s meet
i-iMiiniv (( tlli w 11 i"ini , . , . .i
purtioses within the limits of tl.e city V".'1 V'." T1'1"1 "T1. "U' "-c,"'
and not otherwise.'- 1 ,vl' ' P ""'" "" . """" ,'"; 1
.... . . 1 was uiidoiihtedly lor the reason that
Horn, WrIUv, Opinion j , he inhabitants" of the cities nnd,
Renu, J. It is contended by conn-1 towns arc subjected to tuxes for the
sel for defendants that the forego- lpurjs)se of improving the streets and
imr section of the Ashland charter i,ewalks within such iiitiuieipnlttio-..
must be construed as exempting Kvideittly the legislative intent win 1
property within the city of Ashland me,i UH,n jiq Driiicinle that stt h
from the payment only of one-half a system of luxation for roads and
would be approximately
Doling ami M!s Vina McReynobl-t. ,,,f the tax levied pursuant to section Ihielivvnv
both of Foots creek were'tnarrlel C.TJO. L. 0. I... npportiotiable to thete.pial. 'dray on Limitations of Tax- (
at Jacksonville yesterday. Mr. Hoi- T0IU districts of the county, and not jjnj. lwer, etc., section .V.S. A tax .
Ing Is a mining man having vat- .from the one-half of the tax which . ilmi is ciiitul and iiiiifurin throiieb
At tnday's meeting the magnates; uahle placer mines on Foots creel;, j placed in n county fund for geVt- 1 ut the taxing district is not viohi-
coiisidcred several minor ehanees of and In a Jackson county man. MI',.n, n,!1(i purposes, ( lL. expeinfcd tiv 0f the provisions of section TJ.
the constitution and by-laws. See- McUevnolds family reside on Foots ,v (he county court on the road 'article I, mid section I. article IX.
retnry lfeydler, it was annomiced,; creek and have charge of the Lance mid bridges in any part of the r tK. constitution ,,,, cmnhtx
will handle the Icui-ue's routine bus. placer mine. The happy couple re- enmity. It is their contention that nd uniformity. lWthind vs. Mult-
incss until Teller's gubernatorial, turned to their new home on this section C.M), h. 0. L.. provides for ' nomah eouulv, ti Or. 05; Cook vs.
term expires. i morning's north bound motor a composite tax, one-half thereof , I)(rt of Portland. 'JO Or. .ISO. .Is!).
.. .
fA y s it
an ixvi:st.mi:t IV A
Itcqulrt-s cnrnftit thought nnd the proper confliUnco In linn, to
warrant absoltito nntlsfnctlun. To nolo the proper compnrlioii
you mint Inspect them fromn Inrge nnd well sulected Mock, such
ns I nui nblo to show. In this wny voti Im-comio tlionuiKhly fn
miliar with vnlues nnd feel ftHsiiri-tl of safe and i-rotiouili'itl Inly
ing thrniigh my hlndlug gunrnnten.
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tiii: .n:vi:i.i:it
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graving Hone Hern
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ft. J&A. J& Afc, Afc dLW. AA AA. ftk A. Ak