Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 25, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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ruiiLiHinon nvnur akthknoon
MKDltllin rillNTINO Cu.
Tlio Oomncrntlc Times. Tim Moilforil
Mnll.Tlie MpJforU Trllmno. The South
ern OrpKonlnn, Tliu A-lilnml Tribune.
Offleo Mall Tribune Uulltllnir, S5-S7-S9
North Kir alrccti telephone .
OiflclM l'nn-r of the City of Med ford.
Official Paper of Jnckmon County.
010)101' PUTNAM, U.tttor rnd Mrui-rtfr
nntrrmS mi scconti-c'sss mAtter M
Kivlforil, Oregon, undor thi act or
March S, 1878.
BUDSORtmrtoK sates.
One year, by mall . . '5-J
Ono month, lv mail .. - -0
IVr month, rtnllvir-d by carrier In
Mi'iirnnl, Jaek-nnvlllo anJ On-
tral Point . , "
Bntunlay only, by mall, per yenr... on
Weekly, per yenr - --"-- ?
XKW Y(WJ,Xov. 2Twr-Thcliugi!
sum of $22,000,000,OUU w nut law
enough to I'neludo nil tho corporations
vhore the influence of the throQ nl
lien J. IVMorj-nu Si Co., tho Kind
Nntipnnl Hank, ami the rational
City Hank), all of New York, ex
tends." This is-the way lmin D. Hrnn
tleis the notion altolnoy, will Mnrt
the second story tomorrow in his ser
ies of nrticles on tho money tru-i,
appearing in Harper' Weekly.
"Anions the nlliet," the articles
will continue, "the tyo bank-. dnnd.
pre-eminently. Tiiey constitute ith
the Morgan finn, the inner group of
the money trust. Knch hn lingo re
sources ami each, like Morgan &
Co., ha been dominated hy a genius
in comhinalion. At the head of the
National City bank it James Still
man, and George linker heads the
force of the First National bank."
Hrnndeis then will discuss how the
triple alliance dominates other bunk
ing centers mid will trace its control
through smaller groups. In enumer
ating the resultant cils, the article
will say:
"First, these, haulier barons '
a heavy toll upon the whole commun
ity through the railroads, and public
service corporations. Second and
more serious is the effect the money
trust has in indirectly nuppersting
competition. The third evil it that
the Mipprct wa of counotitinii is the
siijipre-tinii of industrial liberlj."'
PRESIDENT TAI'T y& nptly dwibod as an mut
able body surrounded lv versons who know exaeHy
what (hey wanted.
Medlord's mayor and city council scent similarly to
be an amiable little body, surrounded by a person who
knows exactly what he wants.
Needless to say, he tiets it.
Plan H..IU.MI io y SJ lii.llio . ..!,,. ,..! ...wl ..),!.. nit I
lilt IJ-iTVJH IO . .' I'UIIIO MO OlltVMl4 1 1 1 1 I IIUH lll
advisor in his own interests as the whole bunch that sur
rounded Mr. Tnft.
Mr. Bullis is constructing a trolley line down Mod
ford's main street, to hold a franchise',
Mr. Bullis advised the council to eliminate the clause
from the. franchise vende.riutf his operations "subject to
approval' by the city eounifil.' and they fallowed the
Mr. Bullis advised the council to eliminate the clause
requiring the tvoljpy builder to put up a bond to guarantee
repair of streets torn up for the trolley anil the advice
was followed. '
Air. .villus uuviseu mat tne space to he kept in repair
ny tho trolley eompatiy ho cut down to twelve inches out
side the rails and the advice was followed.
Mr. Bullis advised that the franchise be made practi
cally exclusive, so as to prevent the entrance of any other
trolley line and the advice was followed.
In brief, Mr. "Bullis advised that the city surrender its
inherent rights of supervision and authority over the pub
lic highways to him and the advice was followed.
As a result, a track has beeu laid oast of the bridge
with the foundation on top, instead of underneath, which
will probably last until Mr. Bullis sells out from his specu
lation and it is entirely aeceptahle to the mayor and
council, who profess more regard for the interest Mr.
Bullis may realize on his investment than for the interest
the citizens have in their street.
The track laid across the bridge does not please Mr.
Bullis. lie has no right to the track, no franchise over the
bridge, merely a common users' riidit to use the track.
dependent upon annual rental yet he proceeds to use the
bridge as if he owned it, as he does the .streets given him
by the council and neither mayor nor council protest.
The rails are laid on the bridge in the center of the
street. Mr. Bullis, however, does not want to build his
track iu the centei.but twlevo feet from the north curb
and twenty feet from the south curb, and so proceeds to
tear up the bridge to change the rails to suit his conven
ience. The bridge is a reinforced concrete structure and the
rails form part of the reinforcement. Thev are the proper
n nuro culture of thy pear blight
gurhl, It was immediately rooted up
und bmned. In tUU way I hnvu do
stro.vod about as many tveos as I have
WASHINGTON, Nov. 23, Seeking
to save. California citrus growers
IS00.000 annually by the elimination
of alleged exorbitant railroad charges
for prc-coollng, the department of
Justice filed this afternoon a brlof
with tho supreme court, attacking the
present system.
Tho, American tour of Anna Held
for tho season of 1913-1 1 Is intend
ed by John Cort, who projected and
manages It, to set a new high stan
dard of excollerico for "light enter
tainment" as cultivated Americans
have- co no to appreclnto It.
Tho "Anna Held All-Star Varlott
Jubllco," which comes to tho Page
theater next Thursday, December 4.
is one of tho 1nost costly and com
plcto productions of its slzo over
scut on tour in this country. Dis
tinction of beauty, of talent, of in
dividual stars and a sano delight,
marl: this attraction as tho sum and
chwii of Felerted amusement. The
nrtt avjllable talent of three con
tinents has been enlisted in support
of Jtlss Held, and nho herself will
nl.ow to the women of this country
tho most extensive, icbtly and var
led wardrobe that Paris, the city o
"delcctablo vanity," eyr cuutrlvci
for tho embellishment of Uther so
clety bello or stpgo beauty.
Tho presonro of George Heban ai
principal support with Miss Held, l
tho best wttrruut of the excellence
of the presentation. Mr. Heban and
his llttlo b'roup of playoru in "Tho
Slcu or tho Rose," Hand for all thut
Is tendorest, most beautitful and
bct In mlulaturo drama.
Charles Aheuru und his ten In
descrlhublo burlesquem make up
another feature of this unusual pro
ductlon; nud tho human being who
cannot laiiKh heartily at this whirl
wind Batlro on (he "speed mania" of
today certainly does not "belong" In
this community.
Tho "Anna tlehj AH Star Vurlole
Jubilee" Js makJuh' only tho prin
cipal cities of tho United Statos and
Cunuda. and H is already amassing
and dollgutlug tho discriminating
Vails to be laid on city streets, about four inches greater
depth than the T rails Mr. Bullis uses. Every blow from
sledge hummer and drill jars tho entire west section of
the bridge cracks the concrete, does more damage to the
bridge than years of use could.
Yet the mayor, council and city officials, under the
hypnotic influence of the man who knows .just what lie
wants and grabs it, whether it belomrs to hi'in or not. im
proves the grab. It is bad enouirh to sanction ruin of our
streets it is woi-sc to permit the rape of the bridge.
No one blames Mr. Bullis for getting away with what
ho can the more he seizes from the people the more valu
able his investment the blame nil lays with the citv offi
cials that permit the grab.
An election is approaching it is to be hoped that public-spirited
citizens will be chosen who place the interest
of the community above those of special interests and who
have backbone enough to protect the rights of the people.
XKW YOKIC November M. -Arrival
of apples op llnrehiy Micel to
day were '2'2 our. Miukot wax hine
Iv Hteady und the tradi; viw not nt
tilt active, (iroeiiiun;. sudd lrm ?!!
for common hIoiiiim sfnok to $l."l!
for fuuev cold htoruge 4tot;k, (Imuiili
tuot of the cold Htorniie tnek idd
fioin $a.iO(!r I. Tluoujih ntii'lton to
dnv lluerru Kutler halve, $l.l.
Chionuo Weather1, wanu, trade
tnkiiifj hold poorly.. Tliroiisli nttetioii
todi., one ear mixed I'tah apple-
Ottiio. $1.10 to ft.19; faiioy. $'i to
l.7t. I'ew Colorado .loiiHlhan-, ex
tra fnuev und fiiiley, l.ll"i; selected.
$1.-10. lien Davis, extra faiioy and
tanev, .l..ili; t-eleeled, $1; Mi-imiiim
I'ippln, $1.10; selected, .l.
llostou- Idaho .loimtliaiw, one enr
shipped bv North Pacific Flint Dis
tributor, sold $1.1)0 to $iM;.; nver
nee, si.oti.
lluffalo Sold by F. llrennineii.
for account of North Pneifie Distrib
utor, oar Palouse extrn fnucj, 7'2-SO.-.
$'J.tO; SSt-lOIK $'M.-i: UIN,
$2.10: 12.-.S, $1.S0; i:iSs.;to-, $l.S.r:
UKls, $l.."i; l":s, $2: fani'v. Sl)s.
$l.S,'.; 88, $t.S0; (i. l.S.l; llll.
$1.S0; T2.. t-Vi 1 1 $1.(10; 1XS
$i.r.r to $i.oe: l.-.Os. .41.0.-1. ut:u.
$1.(m; rri, (brokeiil, 7().
WAlUSriTON, Nov. 2o. OHio
iiililotu ui eousdeitdd ioniid to
day eoneeininc the Mtimliou m the
Mexican di(iict of Tampieo and in
eliued to bo hopeful ooueeiuiuif tin
jnxiRreHsi of event, south of J mire,
tlviiernl AkuUiiI', the lebol londei
ill Tiuiipii'o's vieinily, did indeed
promise Admiral Klolohor, etun
umildiiii; tliu A'neHoun licet on the
Mosltmn eas oounl, to rpeot for
eign live nbd propinly. l-hlher ho
did not mvnu it, however, of he has
found his own men difficult to coil
liol, for theio liuvo been tepeated
threat made iiKaiiist ltritish oil in
terests iu (1)0 dislriel.
Tlio rebel uro iiiifiifiidlv l the
Ihuslish, litilitn iin; tliev huvo uplud
the lluertn rottimo and are uiiuillim:,
beside, to allow the oil to micli tin
.Mexican jroverutnentV hand for
niilii'Hil uo. I.otd t'oudrov, uh"
hold. tliu ouueoDfriiuis, limine made
an especial pi'inl of askintr Auierieau
protection, the administration con
siders itself bound in honor to see
that it is u Honied.
Hotli Admiral Holehur and dohn
l.iud, repteeuliutr President Wilson,
were off Tampico lodny keepinjf a
sliarp wutt'h on the situntion. On
Mud's wiirlos ruMiits will depend
the adininistnition' decision vvlielhor
or not to land uiatine to poh.c th
Heep It t'lenu ami Kiev I'Vdiu IHmim
liy I slum I'm Man Huuo
If nu wikut your rhlldroit lo urnw
up with HtroiiK, lieaiitlftil and v'luor
ouh hair, teach them to line 1'atl
hluu tiiiKO, vvltleh can ho had at all)
druit or tollut counter. It Ih oiiu of
the I ient, muni pleunaut and Invig
orating hair tonics on (ho market.
Parisian Sago cleausim tho hair
and xculp fiom dust and oxciihnIvo
oils, CJiiluMy roiuovos dnudtuffi
stom ItchltiK scalp juul falling hair.
Ilalr tlmt Is thlunlUK out, faded,
matted or stringy utmost Immediate
ly hccoiuox fluffy, luxuriant and
rail I a nl with life.
(Jet ii largo fit) rent bottle from
OIiiim. Httaug, druggist. Ho will re
fund oiir mutiny If you am not sat
isfied. Pnrliditu Hugo Is uunllv-j
Kood for "grown ups" and thlldieu.
Uvery one needs It.
Arraigned here today in the stipertor
court on a white ntae charge, Her
bert Parker secured his release on
hail und immediately went to his
room und shot hjipelf through the
heart. Death wa instautntieou.
barker was arrested September .V
and charged with placing hi wife in
a reort. Hi frutl was set for De
cember 2.
Some Historical Facts Concerning Blight
What tho United States Department of
Agriculture Hus Done and Is
(Continued from Yesterday) the work of hybridizing to produco
.. . T "T 'tin Afln lift, an -.U A l.I..l. !...
When I entered the department of no one ,JQ foolUh as t0 iMak ",lli
agriculture as an assistant under !rMl8,cnco ia Ju,,t tarllw,'. This
Professor Walte I found Iltarally lwork beBan more than a qtiartur of o
thousands ol trees that ha had pro- century "W ai'd thero has been no
duced tv h'jr.d.ratlon. I was fortu-d,lay or ,ctuI' !H U "Ince.
nata enoiiEii Jo bo able to asiljt In i '" tn'8 (3,8trlct tho matter of using
ca.rry Ins; out. ronse of his further ox- 're81b,ani siocks nas been frequently
perlmcnts in the production of now
varieties. Owing to the fact that
the department of agriculture h,tg lr
ipu iieiu practically an tne time a
spoKen or during tho past six or
sovon years. As a matter of fact
there are a good many blight resist-
cnt trees now being planted and upon
H. II. Patterson, tho Quaker nur
seryman, has received his winter sup
ply of nursery stock and Invites the
public to call and mnko selection
early at his headquarters. South Kir
and Fifth street.
"Now Is the best time to plant
trees and shrubs of all-kinds," ns
Mr. Patterson, "so tho roots can de-
velope before spring starts the top.
My stock has been thoroughly In
spected nud Is free from any kind of
"I havo nil vnrletles of fruit and
shade trees. My ears are on Japa
nese roots and as near blight proof
as possible. I have evergreens,
cedars, hollys, roses and shrubbery
"Selections should bu mndo at
once to securo the finest stock "
An Eveyday Cake
Here is a simple and Inexpensive cke
can be vailed In tiuny vv.ivs with dllicruit
ironings ami icinyi. i look a iiiiim niar
baked In a tube pan, but will be equally as
good baked in a square loaf.
K C Gold Cake
Hi Mn. 1-ttet McKcime Hill, Kditor of
the Ikutmi Cooking Svliool Mag-iiuc.
i cuii butter-, ' ch;i H(-.jr: yolk n4
t33, ocnttn Uifht; l nip jimr, Uf i
Itvtl tabu$ponijtl3 Uvtl tnonj'ui
KC lUikiiuj iudcr; J ch;i mtfv; yrutwi
rt'rui ey 1'.
Sift flour and laklnc powder togctlicr
three tuiirsi ctram butler tA tutpr, beat
)oUuf rix. 'kt tliejc tortramrd miitutr,
and xxf adit the ino'utiuc ami Hour alter-
rateiy, 4watm(- latter until iinootli. dold
Cake can only l made iuc-fMful.y by beat
ing olLi of egg', ver, vtty creamy and
liRht lemon colotcd, uting a rotary beatei.
i nc ruury isutet u me only ( jr-VJ-T
Ixater tlut wi II do iuitirr in vJ-r'ra.-
the olk of eggf. 'Hie Inrat.
tut; kills all ecx tattc and
bnprotci the texture of the
Export Coraotioro
:W( Noi-ili Itort.oll.
Phono f)(i:iiM.
N. Florence Clark
Klrst-cblss Music for all Occaslotm
tilt) W. Font tb St. Phono 7ttls1
Coconut Froitin
Beit the -liites of 2 ti dryj pnJually
beat in lalf a cup of s'.lied cunfertioncr's
sugar and continue the beatinc untd the froit
inj It imooth, thick and gloiyi leal in
(,'tated cocuanut, frcih or prepared, an.l
iprcad upon the rale. This (rotting Ii nuJc
thick by beating rather than by iiigr.
Sare this recipe. You nil! want to uie It
frequently. Or better, tend ui the colored
certificate racked In each 2eent can nl t.
C Ik Mug I'owJer nd we will mad you "The
Cook's liook" containing tliti and 19 other
hiking rccipci cquallygood all by Mrs. Hill.
Jaquct Mft;. Co., Chicago.
number of horticultural explorers, it,wn,cn tno standard varieties are be
Js, always possible to secure ngiy vari-!,nB worke(1: also a number of our
ties from all parts of the world,. ',,otter """oomen realizing tho Jm
Such mou as Meyer, Falrchllds, Orlf- l'or,nnco of a resistant root havo used
flths, and others have gather vflrl- tno 0hne,,e r Japanese roots on
ties of pears from all parts of" tho wl,,c" ,0 ,""1 and K"aft tho standard
world and It has been pobslble, for tho varlotlc3. Ulillo work of this kind.
department exporlmenters to work ' ery, vaiunnie of courso It Is not tho
with a B"oater number of varieties " upimoni oi tno enu. wiint
thai) any other Institution In (he wo ftrc a,,er aro comrnorclal vnrletlos
United States. So far an thn Orient. resistant to blight und equal In ounl-
al pears aro concerned. It I, welj i'ty ,0 tno standard varieties nowj
nown thut hybridization (p produco I "'n,. I Jinvo ilono much work
ommorclal varieties resistant to lalol'lf l,,ls lino and havo produced a
Slight, was carried on with them api"Kd many thousand trees, but as Is
the better known Kuropean pears bo-1-'" known tho production of Just
foro 18S0. We havo as a resu It oflv"B B,uu Ul r11 uesireu is not so
this early work such hybrids as (ho
Kleffer, I.e Conte, Oarber, Garber
and others lieloiiglng to whut Js
known as the Oriental hybrid Kroup.
Thousands of others jiavo been pro
diaed but none qf them havo over
shown tho reslstenco and the com
mercial quality to warrant thplr pro
auction Iu commercial orchards. If
there Is any one who thinks that an
enormous amount of work apng the
Much of hybridization to produco re-
elstent varieties has not already been
donp, it would bo well for Is Irii to
make a trip to Washington and ox-
aminu Into the records Hep' by tho
mai)y scientists of tho department of
agrlcultnro who have carried on
work of this klriU, Instead of work
ing with 400 or COO trees or varie
ties, they havo been nble to work
with us many thousand or more, Let
easy a matter bh It would seem. In
tho thousands of trees that I havo
personally worked with I havo not
yet been ahlu to prodiico ono that Is
bettor (ban tho Oriental hybrids now
grown commercially In certain parts
of the United States, (I refer to
fcicl varieties as I,e Conte, Kloffor,
Garber, Smith and others.)
Immediately upon producing a new
variety, oven beforo It fruited, 1 have
always tested It for reslstenco to
blight. If It showed very llttlo or
no reslstenco when Inqoculated with
This Lung Remedy
Known Fifteen Years
If rrrr-lMxIy wlio tufTem from or U
tltrrnt-iiHl with 1,'uu TroiiMi- moiiM In
VeMtlk'iite I lie iiianr iain iilure recur-rrli-4
ncre tiroulit nlriiit llirouirli the iip
uf V.ikiunu' Aiti-mlm-. n rnnnly ulilili
lull ulixxl lii trat tr moly nttrrll jenr.
a truiu- u(.nlnii In fatur nf It uoulil let
tlet renlt. VVIml It Inn uu'iiili-!inl for
otti-rs It muY ilu fr yen. Itnnl tlil
ll'i i: l.'.'.t HI . Ni ..rk
"rii'iitleuirii l.-l DiHfiuUr t link s
U'Mi-n colli. wliMi ilcvelui' lulo I'iicii
iiioiiIii Tin doctor ill'l nil li Himillly
eoulil for me. Imt tuujil iml elmr my
luiui'. One ilu) I tnw a ttilliiiunl-l In
OIIH Of till! UII-M t-IIIU Of till- k'lXHl ris
miltit "oim-oiiK limt from tnLInu r.ikman's
.ti-rntle for u tr"llHt of the luuy. I
Iiukoii tnkliu It uii'l soon felt VikkI re
HUlu. M Iiiiik- Im-.mii to rleitr mi ami I
Ix-iran to train In tn iikIIi niul u ixxiii
-nfll fiioucli to I tib' iqi my uork nciln
I mn In t.ttlir In ulth now tlmn I Imte
Ih-iii ui mi) t Iriii I mn a inlaklorurr
lrker for the New York lloimt for
Hiimcli'm ami I'rleinll" lloyn "
JAfii'iatiti nivi:nT r wilcox.
(AUiti- nliliretl.itiil. more on reui.-t )
l.'rkiiuii'M Alii route linn lii-eti proven by
rnsny yeiir tent to lie iiot efllcnrloiu
for nvere Thiiiiit -ml l.ims Arrertlons,
llronililtl-. Ilrii llil A-llimn, Klulilxirii
CohU ami In 111.I111II1II11K the nynlem.
('ont-liis no narcitlf . mlaon or liotilt
formlnit lrutf Ark fur Ijouklel Ii-IIIiik
of rciorirlen nml nrlle to I.'ikmnn
I jliorntory. Mill nli lilila, I'n , for oil
OeiKu, 1'or nolo lv ull lenillm; ilruitsl'ts
John A. Perl
Lady Assistant.
3ft S. UAIlTLtfTr
Plioaes M. 4? mid 47-J-JJ
AibuJsjc Servlco Keyuty Coroner
At Fountains & EUswhera
Ask for '
Tha Original and fimulnt
Th FMd-drlnk In Sll li.
A restaurants, hotels, and fountains.
Delicious, invigorating and sustaining.
Keep it on your sideboard at home.
Don't travel without it.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take bo imitation. Just say "HORUCK'S."
Not in Any Milk Trust
Stork and Cupid
Cunning Plotters
Many t New Home will Hao a Uttlo
Sunbeam to Iirighten It.
Tk-ro la usually a crrlnln ilrurce nf J trail
In rcry uoinan inlml na to Hi" tirotnhlii
p-ln, illatrtiui (Uil UiiiK-r of rhlhl Mrlh.
Ilut. thanks to a ima remarkahli- rnutily
known as Motltir'" rrlrrnl, all frar ) biui
lilieil ami the mrlotl U ono rf unbound il,
ojfiil nntlt-ll'Utl'O.
ilotli'r'a frlmil utnl eiternnlly. It
Is a moat ixneirallnu a.pllcntl'iti, males
Ilut ninnies of tltf aiouiai It ami uhilomrn
pliant o they -tinml laally anil naturally
without iialu, Mltl.oiit illttroit unit nltlk
iiunc uf that (M-etillar nttiiam. hi rvouineaa
ami other yuiitonis thai leml to weaken
tit- pro-pet'tlro mollihr Tliu ru(tl ami
tlio tork am held up to vim ration; they
nrr rated as euunlni; plottrrn to herahl tl.n
comlnir; of llttln aiiuUim to irlaihleii tho
liearts ami brlifhua thu homo of u host of
buipy famlllts.
'iluro are thotiaamU of wnnnn who have
UM'il Mother's Krleml, ami tints know from
ciperli net- that It U onn of our jirmtrat
contributions 10 healthy, happy inolher
hood. It la sold by nil ilriiiiKlM st tl.00
per Ixdlle, ami Is i-spi dally reioiniitniileil
as a prenntlrK of ruklug hrcasts and sll
ollur such iltrenea
W'rllit to Ilr-dlle'd lleiruUlnr Co., Ml
Ijttnar Illdtr.. Atlanta. (Ja.. for their very
taluauln Uiok tit espertant motheni. (let
a bottle of .'(other's I'rhml to-day.
ax. -ssssso-rARfjEU-l
let lorated and moit popular
hotel In the Cityj clrcuUtmi; Ice
water In every room
Espocial nttontion to Udlea
travelling olono.
Kxccllcnt, reasonably priced grlk
Meet your friends at ihe Msnx,
Huroptan PUn Kates SI.C0 up.
Management, CheiUr W. K tllty
- tho Tailor
Mend all leaks Instantly without
tho use of hunt, solder, coiucnt or
rlvot In gratiltounrn, aluminum, hot
wntur bags, tin, copper, brass, sheet
Iron, all cooking utensils and rubbor
goods. Simply tighten Mctidat and
leak Is mended. Assorted sites and
wrench In each package. Prlcu 10
and 25c n box.
MUX. J. II. STi:VH.S, Tolo, wgrnt
for this county. Also 011 stilo at M
V & II. Co., Medford
Phone 682
Milk, Cream,
Butter, Buttermilk
Our Own Dolivcry
Rogue River
Tiic-uhiy nud U't'ducstliiy Night
Tiie Riddle of tiie
Tin Soldier
Knlom. '2 Itools, feittuiliiK Alice ,l(i)co
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Police, and Pull of Thrills
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An oxtia strong program, best
censored photoplms perfect projoo
(Ion, vMirm cosj place, good music
nly 10c
(''.ij-y Vaitdt'vilUt Act.
till Itison 'I'wo-K'ccl.if
Knive C'omcilv
Woolworth & Woolworth
Music and Sound Kf feels.
Western Drama
Admission, 10 Conta -
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The Conscience Fund
SillK HimtIhI IVttttint Iti to Itrol
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JAN. 24 FEU. 12
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II IK April It hi . H. VK-fOlll.l
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Hamburc- American Line
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Offlro Sparln llulldlui:
Offlro lloutN 111 ,. M. tn II P. M.
Raises the
Dough Better
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Bittncr's Real Estare
& Employment Bureau
I "or Nolo
30 tines, 2:1 ncms In fruit, 3 room
lioiuo, imru, out hulldliiKs, pluco tin
dor woven wlro fontu, Kood wntur
rbtlit, Prlcu '10(10.
10 acrus, H ticros In applus, 7 years
old, couiuiurclal ii acres hx year old.
punrs, 10 uoros, 3 oar obi pours, '
arms, C jimr obi puuuhos, 1 ncru In
burriou of till klmls, to ttcrcs In hay
land, I room cottUKu, itood barn and
other bulldlii;s, Prlro $3000.
Nlio S room modern houso, on W.
Main, 200 iumuiit, IC pur month.
Prlro 22CO,
(Jnoil mock ruutihott for sulo or
Ilousos furnished and uufurulsliud
for runt,
(loud Jersey cow IDS,
Pony nml saddlo $30.
Olrls for Kdiitinil houso woik,
Itiiiu:)i huiids.
It'H. Plinii.i ltHMI-X JMioilo 8BH.
OpiKisllo ,Vsh llotail
ItOOMrl ipi 7, PAMl IlIOIC
Heducud prices
Idcturo frumliiK,
on plcturos und
Century Edition of
5c a Cppy
-while it lasts
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