Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 15, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Medford Mail tribune
Th Democratic Times, Th Medford
Mnll, The Mcdftml Tribune. Tim South
Am nrrirnnlrtn. Thn Anhlnnil Trlhimn.
Offlcn MAll Tribune Ilulldlmr, 3S-27-19,
North rir street; telephone 75.
Paper of the Cltr of Mcd'onl.
rapor of Jackson county.
OKOliaE PUTNAM, Kdltor and Manager
ISntcrcd an Bccoml-ctass matter at
tfctlfont. OrcKon. under the act of
March J, 1870.
BunscBxr-rtotf sates.
One year, by mall. .... .. -..-.15.00
Ono month, by mall. . ... .60
Per month, delivered by carrier In
Mcdfonl, Jnckmmvlllo and Con-
tral Ioint . ... .80
Batinlay only, by mall, per year S.00
Weekly, per year..- . . 1.80
Restored to Hcnlth by Lydiix
E. Pinkhnm's Vegetable
At the Churches
I'lrst lUtptlot, Talent
Kor. Mrs. W. T. D. MacCulIouRh.
pnstor. IJIblo school 9:45, morning
worship, 11 n. in., evening sermon,
7:30. Good music. Strangers welcome.
frf ) w ,
Zloti Lutheran
At Zlon Lutheran, CI 2 W. Fourth
street, thcro will bo German services
nt 11 a. m., English service at 7:30
p. ru. Dlblo school, English, nt 10
n. in. Coino and worship.
Services In St. Mark's Guild hall.
Celebration of Holy Communion at S
n. m Sunday school at 10 a. en.,
morning prayer nnd sermon nt 11 a.
m. Ilev. V B. Hamilton, vicar.
Fivo .Methodist
Comer Tenth and Ivy. Sunday
services: Sabbath school, 10 a.
m., preaching, 11 n. m., young peo
ple's meeting, G:30 p. m. preaching,
7:30 p. m. Mid-week prayer meet
ing Thursday at 7:30 p. ni. You aro
wolcome to theso services. J. E.
Bradley, pastor.
The International Itllilc Students
Will glvo tho Fourth number of
their special lecturo scries, Tuesday
avonlng, 7:45 Nov. IS, nt tho St.
Mark's hall. Pastor Daniel Toolo, a
very noted Bible lecturer and educa
tor from New York City, will discuss
tho interesting subject, "Two Salva
tions, But No Second Chance."
First Church of Christ, Scientist.
Sunday servico at 11 a. m., sub
ject of lesson-sermon, "Mortals and
Immortals." Wednesday evening
testimonial meeting at 7:30. All
aro welcome. Sunday scbool at 10,
all under tho ago of twenty arc In
vited. Reading room hours, 2:00 to 5:00
p. m. dally, except Sundays and holi
days. Church cdlfico 212 North Oakdalc.
COUNTY ATTORNEY 1 I M-MR of .Josephine county,
(hough now in tho country, is evidently imbued with
the old Oregon idea, for instead of seeking to enforce the
law ho is busy trying to find a way not to enforce it.
Tho fish warden arrested a man for fishing within 1200
feet of tho old Grants Pass dam. .11 o plead guilty and
was fined $25. A petition has been prepared asking tho
governor to pardon the delinquent, because he did not
know ho was within the limit, though fishing off the dam
a fine reason.
Now comes tho county attorney, whose brief residence
in tho county gives him tho appearance of being a carpet
bagger, seeking to find a way to permit violations of the
intent, spirit and wording of tho law. with almost as much'
ilKriiuimicttncc ic iilinwii In .VHimhhu. 2 .1,1.10.1 1 I "... ,..l',t..,1 I
iiitiiiiwiii-uvv-c no oiiunii -.inMnv vn.-iu.lill V I1IU1U
along the same lines. Tho Grants Pass papers say:
The newly appointed county attorney. Mr. Milter, states that under I hoi
law he doubts tho guilt of Hosencrans, holding that the law as It reads pro
hibits the catching of "migratory" fish only below the flshwaya, or dams, nnd
thnt tho common varieties of trout are not migratory, that term applying
to such fish as periodically pass up or down tho stream, nnd Including nal
mon nnd stcelhcads. If Mr. Miller has placed tho proper Interpretation
upon tho law, mountain and cut-throat trout, or other varieties that do mil
ascend the streams as "migratory" fish, could be caught right up to the fish
ways, so that tho salmon nnd stcelhcads were not molested.
If the recently arrived county attorney will study fish
lore he will learn that there are' only two kinds of native
trout in Rogue river, tho rainbow and cut-throat, and both
are miirratorv. The so-called hhitdc-xnoticd nr mmiiilim.
brook trout is a cut-throat, stunted by its cold water envir-j vinF Hnk
omnent. The "steelhead" is a sea-going rainbow, nndipound.mndofroii
tne so-called "salmon trout" is a sea-going eutithroat.
Nearly all rainbow go down to sea after the first year
some, however, remain in fresh water the year around.
The small trout caught in Rogue river are young rainbow
i(steelhead) and cut-throat, and many of them are really
young salmon on their way to the sea.
The county attorney will also find, if ho consults the'
19.13 fishing laws, that the steelhead is classified as a trout
in the Rogue river, as it should be, though on account of1
the greed of commercial fishermen it is called "steelhead;
salmon" in other streams, so as to permit their being
taken commercially though any well-informed packer)
knows they are not salmon. He will also find that the law
prohibits the taking of any trout ton inches in length at
this season of the year.
A dam in a stream stops the progress of fish and holds
them until they locate the fish ladder. It is to protect
flinill 1I11. lAinf UK 4ltn 1rwl als rtiwl isti l i-tr tri
sale slaughter of schools offish that the law was enacted.! N. Fl0f6IlCC Clflfk
And tne county attorney is sworn to uphold the law and
prosecute its violators not seek to find a way whereby
they may break the law by conjuring up technical
Prosecution of game law violations will not meet much
success unless the county attorney act as prosecutor in
stead of attoruev for the defense.
Elkhart, Intl.: "I sulTered for four
I teen years from organic Inllnminntlon.
letiw lo uuikiios,
pain ntul Irregulari
ties. Tho pnliii In
my sides were In
creased by walking '.
or standlnj on my
foot ami 1 hml such
awful bearinj down
feeling!, wuh do
uved In spirit
mid became thin and
tii'es. I had sit (loo-
tors from whom I received only tempo
rary relief. 1 decided to give l.yilln I'.
I'inkhnin'.-t Vegetable Coutouml n fair
trial nnd also the Sanative Wash. I have
now used tho remedies for four inouthi
nnd ennnot express my thanks for what
they hnvo dono for me.
"if theso lines will be of any lwiielit
you have my permission to publish .
them." Mm. Sapu: Wu l.t.M;', U I
Elkhart, Indiana. I
hnm'ti Vegetable Com-1
pound, mndo from native roolMimd herint,
contains no narcotic or harmful druir,
and to-day holds the record of being tho
most successful remedy for female 'lis
wo know of, mid thousand of voluntary
testimonials on lib in the I'inkhnm
laboratory at 1 4 nit, Miua, seem to
prove this fact.
If you hitvo the MightiM ilottlit
that li.Mlla I!. PlnUiimiN ot-otii-blo
Compound will lielp.oii,u rlto
to l.yilln IMMiikham .MotlielnoCo.
(eoiilldi'iitlnl Ii nn.lliis-., for ail--.loo.
Your letter III lio opened,
road and answered hy 11 woman,
and held in .strlot onntldeiieo.
Ladles' Therapeutic
Massage Parlors
1 havo located tn Medford, room
120 M. l- ,i II, hulldlng, to practlco
scientific body masNnglug, using
llattlo t'renk, Mich., wunltuiliini moth
oils and guarantee satisfaction,
Mrs. Emma Walker
I'lioue HdlMl
Work for physicians solicited
"The Healer"
has mndo tho blind sue, tho dual
hoar, tho lamu wnllc, tho nick get
well, l'lfleun years' of practical
experience In treating chronic,
diseases. Consultation freo. Lo
cated at 35 N. llartlutt St.
i'liime tHitf.M.
.Medford, Ore.
aianasaes asm
litsw '. -.
4lr ' vfviTvi
fu mMj3SK
Ak for
nPNiiiNK .'.A;.-Jk.w .., JiiXhimmwMWWkwmfr?
-kMai iki 1 -l I . -- r- -
The Food Drink For All Aslky Nutritious nntl Convenient
Kitfh milk, with limited irniln i-xlnicl, in powder form dlsmilvwi
in water moro healthful titm tea or ct)llw. UhojI In tiiUnliiK
(.Dilutes. Tho boatdlot for InfanlH, Growing C liiltlivn. Invn Ulii
and the Airotl. It iiKi't'OH with I ho wonkoBt (IIkqiiIIoii.
Don t travel without II. niso ' y " " '
III hunch Tnlilut form, ulso, remiy to eat.
A lunch In 11 minute.
I'ouvitiileiit nuti I tluuit.
Expert Corsotiero
.Tit! North Rartletl.
Phono rG3 f.
On Sunday evening, November
ICth, the musical portion of the
servico will be rendered Jointly by
tho choir (20) and or&iestra (15)
acting in conjunction for tho' flrst(
time, the whole being under tho di
rection of Dr. J. W. J. Marion, with
Mrs. II. K. Marsh and Miss Halla
Marion, accompanists. Tho follow
ing Is tho order of service, beginning
promptly at half-past seven o'clock.
Coronation March from "La Tho-
pheto" Meyerbeer
Processional "Onward Christian Sol
diers" Sullivan
Choir and Orchestra
Anthem, Largo .Handel
Hymn, "Go Yo Into all tho World"
Choir and Orchestra
Anthem, "Father, Keop Us In Thy
Cure" Sullivan-Hodges
Choir and Orchestra
Bnlo, Selected vMrs. Crceloy
Offertory, "Tho Beauteous Song"
Bonnon, Itcv. It. W. McCullough
Iteccssloual, "Crown Ulm With Many
Crowns" Klvoy
Chair and Orchobtra
1'o.tludo, "I Love to Tell tho Story"
In order thnt nothing may detract
from tho proper offect of tho open
ing numbors, the puBtor particularly
desires the momhors of tho congre
gation nnd visiting friends to bo in
their scats before tho beginning of
tho servico.
Itcv. Robert William MucCullough,
Ph. D pastor.
Morning worship 11a. in., sormun,
A study in Domonology, Devils from
Holl, tho Mental Assassination of
Christian Science,
Kvoning 7:30, sermon. The Dev
il's Mission of Amusemont. "Is
Thoro a Dovll?" in tho Light of
Christian Sclonco, or "A Lie Is all tho
Dovll Thoro Is " Ulblo school 0:45
H. C, Oaruett, S. S., J. W, J. Marlon,
HISTORY repeats itself. Tho slave-owners of the south
forced the nation into the Mexican war of spoliation
in 1SJ5, for purely selfish reasons to extend territorv
for human slavery just as the capitalistic exploiters of
today arc endeavoring to force the nation into another
unjust war against Mexico to protect their selfish inter
ests, secured largely b- corruption, largely profitable
..through a system of peonage that amounts to human
A second war with Mexico, and that is what armed
intervention means, would be even more indefensible than
the former, which was purely and simply a war of spoli
ation. Yet that is what speculators and exploiters seek
and what AVoodrow "Wilson and the administration seek
to prevent.
When war was declared in 3845, Ulysses .S. Grant was
with others ordered to the front. Read what he says in
his memoirs concerning tho war:
There was no intimation given that tho removal of the Third and Fourth
Regiments of Infantry to the western portion of I.ouislana -waH occasioned
In any way by tho prospective, annexation of Texas, but It was generally un
derstood that such was tho case.
For myself I was bitterly opposed to tho mnasuro, and to this day regard
tho war which resulted as one of the most unjust ever waged hy n stronger,
against a weaker Nation, it was an Instance of a Republic following the
bad examples of Kuropean monarchies In not considering Justice in their
deslro to acquire additional territory.
Before long, however, tho samo iwople who, with permission of Mexico,
had colonized Texas, and afterward set up slavery thoro, and thou seceded
as soon as they felt strong enough to do so offered themselves to the state
and to the United States, and In 1 S 15 their offer was accepted.
Tho occupancy, separation nnd annexation were, from the Inception of
tho movement to Its final consummation, a conspiracy to acquire territory
out of which slave states might be formed for tho American Union.
lCven If tho annexation itself bo Justified tho manner In which the sub
sequent war was forced upon Mexico can not,
Wo were sent to provoke a fight.
Tho Southern rebellion was largely tho outgrowth of tho Moxlcnn War
Nations, like individuals, aro punished for their transgressions. Wo got
our punishment In tho most sanguinary and expensive war of modern times
First-class Music for all Occasions
I till W. Fourth St. rtione 7KU
Bittner's Real Estate
& Employment Bureau
fou Sam: on i:.(ii.N(ji:.
Four business lots, welt located, In
.Medford, to eehniiKo for small, unin
cumbered ranch.
SO-arro rnnrh, 10 acres clear;
house, barn and other outbuildings,
woven wire fence. Price, 1 1 000.
1' Vi acres, siutill house, berries,
close In; 111(0,
lllg bargains In city proporty.
Lunch counter doing need buslnoM
for snlo chttttp.
We want Ustlimn of rmiclien and
city property for rout.
ltnnch hands.
Clrls and women for Renural house
work. Housekeeper for suihll home.
Iter.. I'liono 1 01)1). .V I'Iiiuii H.-.M.
OpKisl N'hMi lloli'l
HOO.MS (I mid 7. VMM lll.tlflC
Capp's 100 per cent pure wool suits for men gives
tho best satisfaction and biggest values Tor the money
The Wardrobe
Mend all lenks Instantly without
tho uso of heat solduf, cement or
rivet in grnnitowaro, aluminum, hot
water bags, tin, copper, brass, sheet
Iron, nil cooking utensils nnd rubber
goods. Simply tighten Mcndct nud
leak Is mended. Assorted sires nnd '
wrench In each packago. Prlca 10
and 25c a box.
.MHS. J. It. STCVFNS, To1i, agent
for this county. Also on salo at M.
F. & II.. Co., Medford.
Winter Is Horo Tho
to Take
chorister, Jlrs, II. K. Marsli, organ
ist. Tho orchestra will piny at tho
evening servico twonty pieces,
B. V. P. U. at 0:30, president Mr.
Karl Kelzur.
Tho got-togothorTOcotlng Thursday
evening, Nov. 20th, ordination of
deacons and others. Strangers welcome,
Intense scope, and will bo continued
throughout tho wcok. Flno music
and congregational singing at nil the
sorvlccs. Special music for Sunday,
both morning and evening. A hear
ty welcome nwaltn you. Como.
Medford Methodist Episcopal
church cornor of Bartlett and Fourth
streets, K. Olln Kldrldgo pastor, serv
ices Sunday as follews: Preaching,
11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m., subjects,
iuornng, "Tho Great Deliverer."
Evening, "Things Thnt Turned Out
Well." This will bo a coutlnuance
of tho revival sorvices for another
, Sunday school and adult Ulblo
classes, 9:45 a, m., tinlor Lcaguo 3
p, an., Kpworth Leaguo, C:15 p. m.
Theso rovlval sorvices which havo
grown in interest and results with
every night, havo taken a wldo and
Tho HcrviecH nt the Christian
church Sunday will lie uniiKiiiilIy in
ler-chting, coinmcnciiK! with n l)i
Sunday hchool nt 0:30 n. in. Morn
inj,' service, "The Communion." All
members of tho church chpecinlly
u ro rcqucMcd lo lie present. I!u
ilcuvor service lit (k.'IO p. in. nnd
evening services nt 7:110. Half
hour song service followed by ser
mon on
Thoroughly modern rooms
renting from $8.00 to $15.00
per month
Bathroom and Laundry
Gas and Electric, Lights
Everything Jnnmshcd
Except Eats
217 Riverside So.
Phone flOO-L
The Wonder
ful Chinese
For All Ailments
World's Famous
Chinese Doctor
20o Second St., Ashland, Or.
T. Foo Wall Herb Co.
Offico Hours, 9 A. M. to 8
P. M. Evory Day
Latta & Hopkins
Growers of High-Grade Fruit Trees. Apple and
Tear Trees are our specialties. Stock one-year-old
trees on three year old roots. Some of best orchards
in the vallev are set to our trees. Nurseries near
Central Point. .Medford offiee. room I0J, M. ! JJ II.
building. IMioiieHliJI-L Experience shows that homo
grown, acclimated trees are tin best.
Tho Mnnhatiun has been oponcd
under now manngomont nnd has
everything to bo found In n first class
restaurant and lunch counter.
'Tlio Cry of tho Father's
Unptism niter tho evening
John A. Perl
Lady Assistant.
' Phones M. 47 and 47-J-3
Ambulance Servico Deputy Coroner
Phone 268
Milk, Cream,
Butter, Buttermilk
HUTTI'.K, 7ty I' Kit
Our Own Delivery
Rogue River
If you eat hero you will rollsh your
meals and will always got tho choic
est and host In tho market.
Open from O A. M. to 1 A, JI,
Xoilli Front Ht,
Tf it's anything in the Seed
line, we have it. Field, Gar
den or Flower Seeds. All
true to name and tho purest
of seeds. Wo save you post
age and trouble of sending
away for your seeds.
Wc ask for but one trial.
Monarch Seed &
Fee dCompany
- 226 K. Mnin St.
' .13)L3rr" " " "-'T' ' " T"5t I' V I)(I1H
)u i
) .
eauHtrl I I
Just received fall shipment of Hull Umbrellas
Bring your old bandit s and have them uiade into a
Hull handle when oii need a new cover. No extra
charge for making 30111- handle into 11 Hull handle.
Noar Post Offico
Winn m
Ha 111 ujl'r
J'uwdi f,
for Jlip
I Tii Dr. KminvVa (Vile Caii. J V
ly ' -KMnry CniiiiiIm-. L,. .)'
j luVtrC.'AliaUlr. lllllllliM-ll yjAxjJt
r ('niiaillua -Wnrm Can. HI
v ul -Tuiila fuuaulr ami V "
Tho Dr. Korinclc
Ihn lnn. imwUtii ili'Trlnfii
lui'lit III animal iii.iIiiiiiii I,
i.niin..4(l)uUi 11 it
l. iuik 11, nil. ,1,, ,,t
lull rliimlB l4l. 111 linnij rt-!.
flir . IIIIKUIII Ilia. I'lil . .. vaV ' 1 rK
IhIIiim.I 1 S Iv.'4Jl
I'tiynlc I rini1i. AlniDr,
ii.iir.i h 1,1111 l'iiiir,
Hlick I'uulaiiilTnnlr. I'mil.
try I'timl ami '1'iiilf, I Ma.
Unijii r llrmnly, V,yu llcni.
ly, ICduii lliniify, v-r-mlii
IValroyrr, l)i Item
ilka niiil DialnfirlaMla.
I'ur Helu In every Town or liy tlio
Mtorono, oniaoH, u, s, a.