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Medford Mail Tribune
J'nlr tonight, Unlit Sunday
Mux. l; Mln. 45,
Forly'llilril Ynr.
IlnllyUitlitli Vnr,
TO Bit
Defends Labor Activity fur Couijrcs
slonnl Lciilslatlon as Humanity
Aid Attacks National Associa
tion of Manufacturers.
Laws for Workers' Uplift Always
Opposed by Interests Used lllc
llltlmatc Means to Gain Ends.
WASHINGTON, Hept. 20. Vrcsl
dent Hatnunl Clotupom of tlm Amnrl
can I'l-dcrallon of Lahor iIIsciimqiI
mKIi much mitlitfaclloti today tho ro
itultd of tlio lioumi mi it annnto Irivcn
tlKiitlonn Into tlio Washington lob
Mitit. "Tlio principal rcjiult," ho (aid.
"Iiru been tlm ruttloiiw ttln exposure
of I ho method of tho Natlonnl Asso
ciation of Manufacturer. Tho poo
plo know now how It has attempted
to suborn foiiKroniimrn, lirllio labor
leaders niul crush lahor.
"Heroin Hon tho dlffnrenro between
tho legislative offorti tuadn by tho
National AMorlnlloii of Manufnctur
m and tho (rlend of laber:
"Tho National nMoclatlon of Manu
facturer used corrupt methods for
political corrupt purposes.
"Tho friends of labor uod IcrIII
inato mi'tlioila of loKltliunln ctida
tlio betterment of humanity and tho
protection of human rlKht.
"Thorn not a thlnu wo adrocnln
which would not protect Mfn, liberty
and health, mako bettor men and
women and healthier children and
lufi'cuard worVor agalntt too long
licntrM inirnnltary workshop.
"In tho raimo of tho common up
lilt wo will contlnuo our activity as
loriR a( a wrong remains to ho rlshtod
"Wo liavo dono nnlhliiK except In
tho open. Tho National AMoclatlon
of Manufacture' antMahor program
ban beoii a perversion of rightful poli
cies. All Hi beneficent purpose
havo boon neglected. All ltd effort
wero turned toward fighting labor,
Including attempt to suborn, buy and
corrupt labor men other an well na
HAN I'ltANCISCO, Co!., Sept. 20.
Tho luiHpltal authorities' vuto pro
vnutfd tho pollco from bringing A. It.
Coulioii faco to faco with his com
mon law wlfo, tho woman o serious
ly woiiudud wlillo lunching In tho At
Ian enrago hero Thursday night with
Oconto Kovnclc and William Ackur,
Just boforu tho two nioa woro shot to
tlnnhlo to account for Coulson'a
movements on tho night of tho trag
edy nod falling In ropoatod attempts
to luduco him to talk, tho dotoctlvoa
decided to confront him and tho
wounded woman, hoping thoy might
Irani Home thing from his behavior
ovon though thoy failed to break hlo
llnndcuffod, ho was floated In nn
luitomobllo bfttwoon DotootlvoH Do La
(luorni nnd anllnghor and a start
wuh ninilo for tho hoapltnl. Coulaon
Hoon Haw tlirotigh tho plan. Ills Jaco
blanchnd and his Jaw hardonod but ho
did not spoalc,
Ho wbh not to go through tho or
deal, liowovor. At tho hospital on
trnnro, tho physlclana ohjoetod bo
vigorously to admitting tho party, on
account of tho probablo bad otfoct on
tho wounded womnn of tho lutorvlow,
that ABBlilnnt Dlfltrlct Attorney Mc
(loo was commutitcatod and ordorod
tho dotoctlvoa to glvo up tholr at
tempt, I. W. W.'s Condole McNamara's
CUICACIO, Sept. 20. TolegrnniH
of Hj'inpntby woro Bent toiluy by tlio
IniluHtrinl Wmkors of tho World, in
imimn! roiivenlion hero toilny, to
liolli jroNumnrns nml to tlio oiglileeu
IiiiliiBlrial Workera in jiriHon in vnr
iotts phiocs in tlio country.
Defeated Dull Mooser In Mnnazlnc
Article Calls 0. 0. P. and Demo's
"Inconijrous Jumlilc of Santo Prln
Links Pcnroso and La Follctto and
Jabs Professor Taft Says Tariff
"Red Herring" to Deceive Public.
Ni:W YOIIK, Hupt. 20. Hx-l'roal-tlciit
ltocunvolt handle tho old Hun
political par tic without gloven In an
nu nrtlclo In tho current Initio or tho
Co ut ii ry Magazine, out today, dis
cussing tho progressive.
"A party alturuatuly nominating
Ilrynn and I'nrker for president, n
party wheroln Penrose, I.n l-'olloltn
and Hmoot stand n thruo brothcra
of leadership, cannot possibly supply
(ho need for efficient, cohcatvn gov
eniinriitnt action an regards vital
Mucstlon of tho day," tho ox-presi
dent wrote.
The artlclo refors to tho democra
tic and republican partis an "Incon
gruous Jumbles of conflicting princi
ples and policies, lacking rent differ
ences between thoin "
'Tho dnctrlncn laid down by Taft,
as professor of law," It nays, "glvo
theoretical Justification for tho prac
tical action of Pennine and Hmoot."
Concerning tho tariff, tho colonel
"Tho democrats only pcrformanro
thus far Is In connection with tho
tariff and with a discreditable Impo
trnro In foreign affairs.
"As a means of helping to nolvo
our great Industrial and social prob
lems, tlm tariff Is merely a rod her
ring dragged ncrosa tho trail to dlrort
tho people from tho real Issuos,
"Mr. Wilson's 'now freedom' con
tains various wcll-pbraod statements
but no concrete proposals for dotlnlto
action. I doubt whether It has any
meaning at all. It certainly can havo
no value If Its coiner will not trans
late It out of tho realm of magnilo
quent rhetoric Into specific proposi
tions." J
SAN JOSK, Ciil., Sept. 20.-An-other
iiutoiuoliilo (rngeily in on ice
on! hero today following the ilenth
of Mr. Atomic, n pnimiucut hoo'i
ely womnn. Jtrn. Alopgio win nl
most iiislmilly killed when her hus
band drove their imwliino into u flat
ear. She fell tinder tlio wlieelrt of
tlio moving car.
NT.W YOIIK, Sepl. 20. Tho
steamer Colon, outward hound, ear
ryinir 310 pnnbi'iigern nnd u lienvy
cargo, rammed u Hulnuergcd K'djje
today in n deiiho foj. A lug remov
ed tho vessel und it proceeded on
ilH own Ktcum. Tho tlamngo win
nliht mid tho ueciileut caused hut
lit llo oxuilemeul umong tho passen
Tlio Hull Taxi company sent out
two nnlos iVnlny morning to Crnter
I.ako, relurnlup; via Pelieim Uny und
Klnmnth FiiIIh, consisting of Austin
Coihiu nml party nnd lliueo Wiilson
und HlatorH. Tho Hall Taxi company
nlfio sent out tlit'OQ nutos (his morn
ing for Crater Luko loadoil with tho
medical fraternity. A party of five
will leavo Monday morning on tho
Crater Lake Blago. Crater Lake is
at its prettiest this bouhoij of the
yor. , ., ,.!.
Mexican President Would Postpone
October Election Unless Appointee
Is Confirmed by Deputies for Ed
ucation Berth.
Secretary Bryan Denies Transporta
tion to Refugees Desiring Tickets
to Deserted Mexican Homes.
Mi:xiro crrv, Kept. 20.--Pn.-
vixiouul President Htiertu unit a
message to the eluimlter of deputies
today containing n veiled III rent to
dissolve congress nnd postonc llm
iimIiiiiiiiI eleeliuu unlchK hi npHiu
lee, Senator Tnmirlr, in confirmed
un niiiiMcr of education.
SAN 1)1 KOO, Till., Sept. 20. In
strict coinplinneo with 'tclcgrnplicd
ordem received from Secretary "f
Slnte Ilrynn lodny the San Diei
ehnpler of the American lied Crosn
soetetv linn refused to furnish trnns-
xirlnlion to Mexico for refugees
who left Hint count v on the cruiser
Iluffalo nt Hie instigation of the
sale depnrtmenl, hut Irnunportnlioii
to Nognlew, Arix., linn been given to
about fifteen men, who havo ex
pressed the intention of going over
bind from that point to their aban
doned homes nenr flunvmas, Mex.
The message received from Secre
tary Ilrynn lodny rends:
"Thin government will nol pay re
turn transportation for any one to
Vpnii being informed of this ac
tion, the drumming refugees here ex
pressed their dispit for the orders
which brought them from their
business nml home and which, lliev
say, have inndo them objects of
ciinntv in mis ooiimrv, wnen inev
bad been llwue'in Iho mblst of
plenty in the fertilo Ynqui vnllev.
The lied Crn workers nro pre
paring to receive sevcrnl hundred
refugees who nre reorteil en route
Jiero on the nrmy IrnnsjKirt Iluford.
Sept. 20. It was jMjreistenlly ru
mored hero today that tho seventh
brigade of tho western department,
U. S. A., Is to bo ordered to the
Mexican bonier for duty about Oc
tober 10.
Tho brigade includes the troops in
this post, the twenty-first infantry
nt Fort I.uwton nnd Fort Wright,
Wash., and tho twentieth Infantry nt
Fort Douglas, Utah.
Major Adrian Fleming, ndjutanl
generul of tho brigade, denies having
hoard of such nu order.
11UPFA1.0, N. Y., Sept. 20. Louis
Sareeky, Governor SuUer's secre
tary, who was expected to bo one
of tho best witnesses before tho im
peachment court, but who disappear
ed from Albany on tho eve of tho
trial, turned up hero today. He
said ho mndu tho trip on business,
had no notion of attempting to os
capo tho legislature's jurisdiction
mid' intends to roturu to Albany on
SIOUX FALLS, S. 1)., Sept. 20.
Twonty-fivo years in tho pouitonli
ary is tlio sontenoo imposed hero to
day upon Mrs. May Evans for tho
killing horo on May 20 of Dr. K. L.
Mooro, a professor in tho slato ag
ricultural pollego at Brookings. The
tragedy was duo Jo Jealousy,
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. -Secretary
Hryan's blood boiled today when
be beard tho report that be intended
to cancel bis lecture dtitcrt on ac
count of tlio criticism bo lin in
curred by lecturing nt nil while, hold
ing n cabinet position.
''This evening's. is merely my, last
lecture this season," bo said. "I
intend to continue lecturing in fu
ture ns long as I please.
''Xy total income from my lectnrcH
this yenr ban hern a trifle above
.$7000, or, deducting expenses, a bit
mora than $0,100. If I remember
correctly, I devoted seven whole
weekdays to them.'. . m,
Asked whothcr ho intended to con
tlnuo lecturing during hlrlncumboncy
Ilrynn said:
i expoci 10 lociuro wiiuiiutit jj
deem It deslrahlo and proper. I havo
not altered In tho least any of tho
plans mndo when I assumed office.
"Tho criticisms almud at my lec
turing aro no nioro bitter than those
I havo encountored at other times for
other things during my connection
with politics. No man should enter
public llfo who Is nfrald of criticism
and no man should romaln In It ho
permits criticism to turn Mm from
what ho thinks Is right.
"A part of tho criticism directed
at mo Is malicious, a part partisan,
and a part based on misinformation.
Tho malicious criticism will answer
Itself, tho partisan bo accepted as
such and that based on misinforma
tion will ccaso when theso critics aro
better Informed.
OAKLAND, Cal., Sept. 20. After
telephoning her husband and plead
ing in vail with him to withdraw hi
tlivorco suit, Mrs. Clara Skinner,
member of tho wealthy Dowers fam
ily of Chicago, told him sho was
about to kill herself and hung up the
Skinner notified tho poliee, who
found Mrs. Skinner unconscious
from codino poisoning. Her condi
tion in critical.
Tho couplo wcro married in Ra
cino, Wis., tlireo years ngo,
CHICAGO, Sopt. 20. Fivo men
wore killed, a sixth is uuaqcountcd
for nml probably dead and sovornl
woro injured by tho explosion of a
mold into which whlto hot motnl was
being poured in tho Deoring branch
of tho International Harvester
Ono wall of tho molding house
was dashed outward and liquid
metal was hurled in every djrcijlion,
frightfully burning all whom it
touched. ,
Fiftoen ambulances wero summon
ed to tho plant.
i ' ' ' i '" 1 1 " ii
uiiii fjfiT mi it nnvraNfiDQUiP
SEPTEMBER 20, 1013.
ALBANY, N. Y., Sept. 20. New
York's dunUbin governorship system
ended here today.
Yesterday's reports tbnt Governor
Sulzer had recognized Acting Gover
nor Glynn were verified by nn offer
from SuUer to surrender the execu
tives to the mnn who lins supplanted
him. Glynn expressed bis nuprccia
lion of the offer, but declined, pre
ferring not to oust the other while
his trial is still (lending.
State officials having business to
transact with the governor sec
Glynn, however, anil tho common
wealth's affairs arc ngnin being con
ducted through tho regular chan
nels. Ei
SEATTLK, Wnbh., Sept. 20. J.
W. Bryan, congrecsuian-nt-Inrgc
from the state of Washington, today
filed a second suit for $30,000 dum
nges for alleged libel against Alden
J. Blcthcn, editor of the Seattle
Times, nnd the Times Printing com
pany. Tho libel is alleged to have
been committed in n recent full page
nttnek upon tho congressman print
ed in tho Times, following tho con
gressman's attack upon tho editor
in a speech in congress. Among tho
alleged libelous references to the
congressman mndo in tho newspaper
nttnek upon him, according to the
complaint filed, is reference to him
ns "tho rencgndo Bryan" and ono of
tho most contemptible- curs that ever
went uuwhipped in any community."
Tlio Bullis interests this morning
distributed rails along Main stroet
for their olcotrio line. Tho work of
installing them will begin about Oo-
tobor 3. Another consignment of
rnils arrived Friday night and are
being unloaded todny. Thoy aro 60
foot 90-pound rails, tho snino heft
us those now in uso on the main lino
of, tho S, P. Shipments of tics nnd
an' inoreaso of tho working forces
aro duo next week
20. Tho steam schooner Snnta
Cruz wont on tho rock of Rinoon,
nenr bore, during a heavy fog early
today and is pounding to pieces.
Captain Nidovor and his crow are
roportcd to havo reached shore
Thl Santa Cms cleared San Pe
dro for San Frauoisco yosterday.
Medford Doctors Chosen for Vice
Presidency of Association Ses
sions Meet in Portland Next Year
Leave for Home.
Dr. Calvin H. White Named as New
President Auto Rides Through
Valley Given Ladies.
Resolutions indorsing the good
roads bonding net and commending
tho progrcssivcnesH of Jackson
county in being tho first to ndopt its
provisions were pnscd nt the final
scsion of the thirty-ninth nnnunl
meet of the Oregon State Medical
association this morning. Good
roods piny nn important part in the
medical profesioit in giving quick
aid to the sick nnd injured and in
emergency enscs.
At the morning session officers
for the year nnd next year's mooting
plnce were chosen. Portland wns
accorded the last honor, and Dr.
Calvin II. White, secretary of the
state board of health, chosen -president,
succeeding Dr. R. E. Ring'o of
Portland.. Dr. N. B. Mnrcellus of
Portland wns named secretary.
Two Medford physicians. Dr. R.
E. Stearns nnd Dr. J. J. Emmons,
were accorded the first nnd second
vice-presidency, respectively. Ad
journment was then tnken.
Fndny nftcmoon the annual ad
dress of the president wns heard.
The visiting ladies wero guests at a
banquet nt the Medford hotel last
night. Dr. Calvin IT. White address
ed citizens, nt the Page theater on
"Health Hints nnd DutiesM in the
evening, after which a smoker wns
This nftcmoon the physicians bo-
gan returning to their homes. The
Indies of tho parly wero given nulo
rides through the valley in tho morn
CHICAGO, Sept. 20. Four men
drove in nn automobile to tho head
quarters of tho Painters' nnd Deco-'
rotors' union here today, fired four
bullets into the body of George Cam
eron, tho union's business agent, fled
down a fire escape and made their
getaway in tho machine. Cameron
is dying.
Cameron gave tho police tho name
of a mnn bearing a gnidgo against
him, claiming that Cameron caused
him to lose n job of decorating for
the coming' packers' banquet.
NEW YORK", Sept. 20.--Kcortcl
by n detachment of police, the body
of tho Into Mayor William Gnynor
of Now York was removed to tho
city hall this nftornoon and now
rests on tho catafalque at the foot
of tho stairway, where tho body of
Abraham Lincoln rested.
Ono thousand school children will
view tho body tonight, each child
dropping a whito roso about tho
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Sopt. 20.
As tho climax of a long fight to se
cure tlio freedom of Dr. Willnrd
Burke, sontoiuvd to San Quentin for
ten years on a clinrco of having
dynamited a. tent in which Luuttn
Smith, a patient nt his sanitarium,
was sleeping, Mrs. ISurko called at
tho coventor's offico horo to mako
a personal plea for a pardon for her
Tho governor hna takon the plea
undor advisement.
NO. m
County Court and State Highway
Engineer Head Off Possible Ef
fort of Contractors to Monopolize
Rock Crusher.
Crushed Rock Paid for at Rate of
25 Cents a Yard and Sand at 20
Cents Lower Than Contractors.
A possible combino among paving
and other contractors nnd tho possi
bility of nuy one firm's securing a
monopoly upon tho rock-crushing
plnnts of the valley lo hold up tho
county in highway construction, ban
been bended off by Stnto Engineer
nowmy aim loamy Juitgo Ton
Vclle, who havo leased, wilh option
of purchase, for tho stato highway
commission and tho county court,
from Colonel Frank H. Ray the Gold
Ray quarry and rock crusher and
the sand-pumping plant nbovc Gold
Rny dam.
The county pays 2j cents a yard
for tho rock crushed nnd 20 cents n
ynnl for tho sand used. The pay
ments npply on it purchase prico of
$30,000. The plant represents nn
investment of $49,000 and includes
fourteen acres of land and nil tho
machinery nnd equipment. If tho
county uses a sufficient quantity of
material it will own tho ultmt.
Tho plant will be sub-Icnscd to
contractors, or operated by. tho stato
and county to furnish material for
tho Pacific highway, contracts for
which "will bo let in sections.
Tlio first contract to be let wilj bo
for grading tho thirteen miles' of
new road over th Siskiyous, so
that it may scttlo with the vvjnter
rains before surfneed next year.
Thero will bo n heavy rock qut on
a milo of tho highway, in which', for
economy, a convict camp mny bo es
tablished for the winter, tho work
being such that sttch a camp could
bo established to advnntago and u
material saving in the cost of tho
highway effected. This, however, is
a matter for future determination
and depends upon tho bids mndc for
tho construction of this section.
Under n leaso three years ago, tho
Clark-Henery company paid 3.T
cents for rock and 35 cents for.snud
from the quarry. The rock is gran
ite and the sand water cleaned and
tho best in tho county. Tho con
crete mndo with theso materials is
tho best ever.
CONCORD, N. II., Sept. 20. Gov
ernor Felker denied today that he
has decided to freo Horry Thaw .so
far as New Hampshire is concerned,
leaving bis caso to tho federal 'coilrt.
His mind is not mndo up, ho said,
and all ho will try to do when lid
considers Now York's demand for
Thaw's surrender Tuosday will b
to oxecuto justice Thaw's mothet
and sister, Mrs. George Lauder Car.
negie, with tho lntlcr't husband, will
bo hero Into today.
TACOMA, Wash., Sept. 20, It'
cost tars Olson $25 today lo loavo,
his footprints in tho sunds of tinu
not exactly sand, but In tho new
ly Inid concrelo payment on tho
Puynllup rotid, upon which ho care
lessly stamped well defined ground
plans of his pedal extremities. Olscu
appeared boforo Justico Evans and
fnoed his accuser, Deputy County
Engiucor Caldwell.' Thero wns iin
trial. Lars simply admitted hl. er
ror and handed ovor tho $2!5.
Caldwell is now looking for joy
riders who took down his barricades
nnd left tho indelible imprint of their
tires in his nice concrete,
- t
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