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Medford Mail Tribune
Fair niul cooler with Ugh!
frost -Mnv. 7H MJn. .
I'nrtytlilril Year.
Dully -KIkIiIIi Yir.
NO. 344
Under New Law, Polls Open nt 0 A.
M. nnil Close at B P. M. All Poll
Inn Places Not Yet Selected In
Mciltonl Olil Places Favored.
Boards That Served at November
Election Reappointed Wherever
Possible Larue Voto Expected.
Tint Mtllinj; places for tho (looil
ItomN bond pIppIIiui next Tuesday,
by flrt" of it new law, will tio
npetiil friim 15 n. m. to 8 p. in., olen
itis; nml closing 'in l",llr ln,,'r 'ban
under III" olil provision, Tim conn
ty clerk nnil fchcriff'n office will fin
lull Miimliiy tlio sending out to Hip
different prceiuetH of election bonks,
ballots niul material. Tlio iioniinl
olii of Hut i-oiinly In MOO, but wiOi
Iho women voting tlii. will lot in
ercimiil. A heavy oli in iiNxiirm.
Not only Hume who rcKlidercil mi
der Hip new Inw, but those under tin
oM piiii no niul Hiono not regnlcrul
run ln sworn In pIppIIoii day.
Tlio .Mcilfniil polling plni'PH linp
not Iippii completed by tin' sheriff'
offipi In full, tin' place used In tln
November election being chosen in
fur it pomublc. Tlu selection In
ilnli' nn: Northeast prpi'iiipl. Will
Humphrey residence; North Cenlrnl.
Hly Hull's Sotilh (Viilrol, Holly l.uil.l.
in; North Main, Smith' Hulls nml
Norlliwiwt, tin' (IniNo school, nml
until Main, ncmit store oppoMto
lltli utrcct grocery.
Tin election board in Hip iliffrrpiit
preelnol will lip Hcbeled from tin'
follewing: Onkilalc. A. K. Ware,
I'linlniinn, Tom Mnffclt nml Hpo.
(Inrrrll, judge: H. U. I.iiiiiimIcii,
pliipf clerk, IK II. Tnttlp nml llownnl
Hill. clerk. Nertheast: I,. I.. Tor
ter. pliiilnntin: Will Humphrey nml
P.. H. Kelly. indue1. (I. K. I.imllpy,
plni'f clcifc, Wrn Cnnon nml Our
enco Pierre, clerk.
Seutheast: M. 1.. l.von, clinir
minis Peter llnrnclnirg nml Tom ICnh
ler. indues: W. II. .iHi'kxoii, chief
clerk; T. P.. Daniels ami Tom Wil
limn, clerks.
North Central : .1. K. Wall, plialr
mmis II. P. The! nml W. K. Pltlpp.
judge; II. T, Law Ion, ehipf clerk;
.In. Kent nml .1. T. Summon ille,
South Central: A. C. Hubbard,
I'lialrman; V, Oiifiiliriiuiro nml K. 1 1.
HI wood, judge1. .1. II. Cochran, chief
clerk. CIiiim. Tnlent nml Fred Strong,
North Mntns .1. T. Demmcr, chair
man; A. S. Rlilon nml J. A. JVrry,
judge; H. JL WIiiI.pII. chief clerk;
C. 1. Dnvl nml W. M. Murphy,
South Mnin: .1. K. Stewart, ilinlr
mini; Jpmho HoiipIi nml Paxlil Muir,
jiiiIrphs A. L. Cuwlpk, ehipf pIpiK;
Waller Ki'iilnor nml W. (1. Dnviilxnn,
SAM'.M, Oro., Sept. fl. Altomoy
(Iciicrul Crnnforil umiouncoil today
Hint in his opinion tlio Oiepni ehm
lion Iiiwk woro mleipiato for the pIpp
tiou of n Ki'iialor iimliir Iho provi
nloiirt of tint lYilcrnl eoiistitulioual
niiipinlini'iit pinvhliiiK for tlu iliri'nl
pIppIIoii of United Slaten i'iinlorrt,
followiiiK llM inveftllKiitioii mudo nt
tint riiiitf( of Senntor Chnniheihiln,
who n a caildldnto for n'-olectlnu.
flAHDKN OITY, N. Y Sot. 0.
.lorouui I), Trnvoru, amntoiir iintlonul
i;olf cliainploii, HUCcoHafully ilnfomlml
Iila tltlb toilny ngnliiHt John (1, Anilor
hoii, In tliu flnalH nt tlio natloiml anin
tdur olminnloiiBhln toiirnninout lioro,
Tmvora won D mi and i to piny.
Penny Ante Player Falls to Appear
Except By Attorney Case Con
tinued for Week Thaw Safe In
Canada for a While.
No Formal Complaint Ajjalnst Fu
flltlve Filed as Required hy Law
Deportation Impossible. Is Said.
COATlfOOKi:, Que., Sept. (I.
Attorney .Termini failed to npppiir to
day nt tint hour net for hi heimiiR
on n elinrRit of rmiiiIiIiiir. Uih eotui
Hi'l eiiti'reil mi upHaruuee for him
ami tint hentiiiR wan continued uulil
Keplemlier 11.
In eonllnuIiiR Hip piihp nRaiimt .In
rome, JiiiIrh JleKee Hiiid:
".leromit may think Coatieookp in
n kiiIiiiiIi nml Hint Iip enn play poker
in Hip t.trei-1 here. Hut wn will eu
fnrei! the Iiiwk ami uliow him Iip enn'l
plav eanlK hefore our ehildren. He
Mill he proeeuti'il to Hut fullest px
tent of Hip law."
TIip erowd in Hip courtroom wild
Iv pheered nt Hip poiipIuhIoii of JiiiIrp
l'lep,H remiirki.
Allpcntion Hint It i not ponHihlp
to deport Thnw hy Hip menu no fur
emplojed ,v New lork unite m Inw
ern In innile herp todny hy ThnwV
iittoriipyn. TIip.v Ihixp tlioir helief on
mi affidavit hy Thomim Itellie Me
Imiiph f Ottnwn, frcnier of the Pan
ndinn iinmlRration law, wliieh U nt
tnehed to Hip halien eorpim writ
olitaiupil for Thaw ypntrnlny in Mon
t real. Melnnen niHert that Hip
lionrd of impilry wliieh ordered Thnw
deMirpd did ho illpgnlly heenunp thpy
hnd failed to fiht n formal pomplniut
nRiiinxt Hip fupilivo with tlio min
ister of Hip interior, n the law pro
idei. F
CAI.DWKI.L. Idaho, Sept. 0. Ac
eonliiiR to n notice puhlndicd today
in ii loenl uewKpapcr, Hurry Oreli
urd, who on Ueeemhor 110, ItlOll, nel
off Hut houih Hint killed ex-tlovenmr
SteunenherK, Iihm npplied for n par
don from tlio htnto penltenlinry
where hu i M-niia- n life nentenec.
Tint publication of tint notieu in com
pulnory muler tho stnlo Inw. Since
liirt iuenreerntion Orehurd Iiiih pro
fesKed reliRion and tho Metropolitan
Cluii'ch iiHrioeinllon ban been uetivo
in bin hehnlf.
1 I), liny wood, tho lnlior lender,
wn ueipillted of eomplieity in Hie
nKHiiKHiuution of Steuuenherc nt u
trial in which Orebnrd wiih Hip nlnr
wilneHH for the prosecution.
SAN FltANCMSrO, Cnl Sept. C
Mtonuty Riuiiuul KnlKlit, roiiremint-
Iiik Secretnry I)avln NorcrosB of tlio
Wentorn Kuol cumiiniiy, na woll an tlio
rompuny Itnnlf, wnH propiirliiR today
lilu npponl from Keilernl Hlstrlct
J tulKo DooHiiks Bcntonco of Norcross
to Jal until ho produces tho com
pnuy'H hnokH for oxmnluntlon by tlio
foilum! Kruiiil Jury niul of tlio com
pany to whnt tlio JuiIko cnllod n "nom
inal" fluo of $2000.
Tho Rrnnd Jury wnntn tlio hooka
In ronnoctlon with tho clinrRO that
tlio rontpniiy dofrnudod tlio euHtoma
duimrtmout hy uudorwolRlilnR lm-
ItorlH of coal and tho Rovorniuout hy
ovnrwolRliliiR Ita tmlea to tho trniiH-
port aorvlco. HocniiHo Norcross
failed to produce thorn JuiIro Dool
liiR Bontoncod thom yoatordny for con
tempt of court. A Htny of oxocutlon
wnw Rrantod to rIvo tlmo for por
foctliiR tho appeal.
Weather Forecast.
Oregon; l'Jilr toninbl nnd Rutin1'
nay; eooier 111111111. wiih ikoi "",.
oxw'iil nenr Iho coaulj orlhotwtorly
, 1.... 1 .1..1. i ...III. II. .1.1 C....I-.I
winds, . . U JiJl.
I.OS ANfSin.KS. Cal.. Sept. C
IJu cxepi'dcil prolongation of tho
henrltiR of Jena Wlllard nnd eleven
otliera chnrKcd with tlio murdor of
"Hull" Yoiiiik. praventud final action
today hy the Juatlrp'a court, nnd na n
remit It will not tut decided until
next wpok wlmtlipr tho defendants
wltl ho hound over to tlio superior
court for trial.
Hewitt Van Court, a newapapor
apnrt writer, teMlflcd today that tho
hlow from WHInnl's flit that laid
YounR low In their boxlttR match
hero, which waa followed hy Young's
dentil, waa tho hardest ho had spen
In twcnty-olRlit yenra cxporlcuco with
hoxtnR. Under crora examination,
however, tho affect of his declaration
was larRoty nullified, and ho doclnred
that no telllnR blows were struck dur
ing tro contest.
Tho dofenao introduced testimony
by tho county nutopsy aurRcon, Dr.
A. !' Mnlscli, that ho found YounR's
brain "Jelly llko" under tho holo In
tho scalp drilled by tho traephlultiR
Instruments operation."
"It looked as if tho trephining In
strument had gono pluiiRlnR throiiRh
tho skull Into tho brnln. didn't It?"
queried Counsel Harl Itogers for tho
FJr. Mnlsch refined to answer, do
clarlnR thnt ho was testlfyltiR "merely
to rend tho nutopsy notes,"
WASHINGTON, Sept. C SottltiR
at rest n much discussed quostlon,
Major Gonernl Leonard Wood, chief
of staff, today assured Senator
Chnmberlnln nnd J. N, Teal of Tort
land thut tho Rovernment hnd no In
tention whatever of nbandnuliiR tho
post at Vnucouvor llnrracks. On tho
contrary, ha Mild, plans woro under
consideration for Improving nnd eu
lnrRliiR tho post mnkluR It n two or
threo roRlment R.irrlson henduunrtors.
Ad WolRiist, ox-llgutwolRlit chnm
plou, with his wifo arrived In Med
ford Friday night, for n ten days In
spection of laud, with n vlow to buy
Iur In tho valley. Vnli;ast hna been
011 four similar visits hero bIiico tho
flrnt of tho yonr, and will stay ton
days this tlmo, nctliiR na rofereo for
tho fair week IioxIiir boutB of tlio
Medford Athlotlo club.
Labor Dny WolRiist wns hostod by
Azavodo nn unknown boxor, nnd hns
nothliiR to Bay, nnd uliowa 110 nmrki
of tho oncounter. Wolgast looks bet
tor than Uflunl, mid thlnkB ho will
, , . . . . , .
ko ,onB rc8t boforo returning to
l,,u "Ub'
a Ot.
SAN FKANCI8CO. Cal., Sept. C
Convicted of white slavery as defined
In the Mann act, r. Draw Camlncttl.
son of united Htaie commissioner
General of InimlRratlon Anthony
Camlnattl nnd Maury I. DIgrs, scion
of a prominent Sacramento family,
will ho sentenced by Federal Judgo
William C. Van Fleet noxt Wednes
day, September 10.
Camlncttl . .wjj found Rullty of
trnusportliiR Iohi Norrls, n twenty
year old Sacramento Rlrl, from tho
capital to Itutio for Immoral purposes.
Ho wns convicted on 0110 of four
counts brought against hltn In (ho In
dictment. Tho maximum penalty is
flvo years Imprisonment, $5000 flno
or both.
Dlggs wns convicted on four of six
rouiita relating to tho taking of Mar
shn Warrington and Lola Norrls to
Iteno. Ho can bo Riven twenty years
or n $20,000 fine, or both.
Iloth.nicn are out on bonds. Caml
nottl's security, $10,000, wns Im
mediately furnished by Thcodoro Ilac-
clgalupl of San Francisco and Attor
ney Frank J. Froomnn of Willows.
Tho Incongruity of tho Camlncttl
verdict Is tho topic of discussion hero
today. Camlncttl wns found guilty
of aiding In transporting Lola Nor
rls to Iteno, although It was proven
that ho did not nctually participate In
tho purchaso of tickets. Mo was ac
quitted, on tho hand, of persuading
nnd enticing tho girl to elopo with
hltn, although on this point tho testi
mony against him npeared strongest.
Lola Norrls had established to tho
satisfaction of tho Jury thnt sho was
uhasto beforo having mot Camlncttl
nnd that sho submitted to his ad
vunces only nfter a long siege.
Tim W. C. T. V., nt their lust meet
ing September -I, voteil to chungo (lie
timo of tlio meetiiiR fiom tl o'eloek
p. in., to 11:30 p. in. They voted to
semi their president, Mrs. S. C, (loil
Inve, to tlio stole oouventioii nt Cor
vnllis, Oie., September liil to 127.
Tlio O. T. U. put themselves on
record us protesting iiRiiinst the ex
tremn narrow skit t, the slit skirt ami
tbu X-ray skirt, nil of wliieh oniiMi
remarks wliieh nro not in harmony
with purity.
. II . n
PORTLAND. Ore.. Sent. 0. Tho
movement stuiteil soverul weeks uro
hy tho l'orllaiul Press eluh to ereel
n monument over the jrnvo of Homer
Davenport, (ho fumous onrloonist,
nt Silveiton, Oregon, wns oiven im-
polus toilny by tho rooeipt of $100
from William Knmlolpli Hearst, Tho
jjrnvo in wliieli J)uvonport wns Inlil
in Mny, 1012, is unumvkoil,
Following yesterday's disastrous fire
a tnnsK meeting of citizen was held
todny In order to comnlcto for the
caro of tho homeless and Injured.
Tho flro which started In a shack
In tho southern part of the city de
stroyed a district about 11 milu long
nnd raven or eight blocks In width
containing residences, hotels and
business houses. Although tho flro
spread rapidly and was fanned by a
high wind, no ono was killed and
those Injured arc all expected to re
cover. Military tents nro being nut
up today for tho housing of the home
less. Tho loss Is estimated at $12,
SAN FIlANTISl'O, Cnl., Sept. 0
Wurneil by the widespread nota
tion ngninst wooden enrs which
stirred tho country this week ns n
result of n ilisustrous wreck nt Wnl-
liiiRfonl, Conn., nml in fulfillment of
its announced intention to discard nil
wooden cars on its lines ns soon ns
possible, the Southern l'ueifio mil
road today has filed with tho Cali
fornia Stnto railroad commission np
pliention for authority to issue $2.
010,000 of equipment trust ccrtifi
ontes to ho ued for the purchase,
Inrjjely, of steel pnrs.
Tho rnilroml plans to buy nt once
101 steel ears, including observation
pnrs, combination linggajre nml post
al pnrs, Imrxiiro ears, nml 03 steel
passenger conches.
NKW YORK, Sopt. C A slump In
Now Haven, following tho withdrawal
of J. 1. Morgan and company as Its
fiscal agents, wns tho only fcaturo
of tho stock market today. Now
Haven oponod a point off at D01,
slumped to 00 nnd then recovered to
90 Ti. Trading wns dull throughout
tho half day and many active stocks
woro untouched. Honda woro steady.
Tho market closed moderately firm.
SOI'TII 11KND, Wash., Sept. 0.
It wns rumored today that tho Mil
waukee railroad hail purchased thu
waterfront nnd sito of tho South
lleiul Mills ft Timber company for
$."100,000 nml will utilize tho prop
el ty in its proposed invnsioii of Nor
thern l'uoifio territory.
Tlio location is ideal for thn build
ing of deep sen iloeks niul tonniunls.
Tho fnet Hint tlio city street rail
way hns recoutly begun lnying henv
ier steel is considered significant in
this connection,
Millionaires Llvlnrj or Spendlnrj Sum
mers Alonrj Railroad Alone Hat)
Prlvllcfjc of Steel Cars on Mel
ten's Railroad.
Enrjlnecr of Wrecked Train Forced
to Do Two Runs Dally for Week
Before Disaster.
NKW HAVKN. Conn.. Sen. rt
Millionaires who, lining or spending
tlicir summprs nlong the New Haven
railroad, find it convenient to pa
tronize its trnins. nee,! not nsn tlm
snme equipment ns people of no fi
nnneinl prominence, it wns brought
out today in the pourso of the tiuhlic
investigation into lnr,t Tuesilay's
wrcek on the system, in which twenty-one
lives were lost nnd nbout forty
persons were injured.
It wns tho testimony of General
Pnsucnger Agent A. M. Smith wliieh
iicveiopeii tiie latest revelntion. The
use of steel alone had been ordered
hy the company. Smith said, in the
constnielion of the "club" enrs used
exclusively by rich commuters, who
rent the cars nt $.1,000 npiece yearly.
Engineer Miller, of the wrecked
tram, snid thnt for n week before the
accident he hnd been enven'm litj
own run nnd that of nnother engin
eer who wns ill.
"Ho wns to have romn ImrL- In
work Tuesday," Miller continued.
"hut wasn't in shane to do it. an tlinv
said ns I hnd done his work ns .well
ns my own for one weok, I might
ns well do it for nnother dny nnd
hero wc nn.
"I did my work without the nid
of stimulants. No, I drank no whis-
key. I slcnt when I could. Snmlnv
I rested, going to Springfield Sun
dnv night. Monday morning- I took
my engine out on my mn to Stam
ford, nrriving thprp nt 0:15. cleaned
my enetne, started homo nnd arrived
nt 12:4."). Then I slept until 4:15,
returned to Stnmford. Tested nn
hour, stnrted for Springfield nnd got
there nt midnight.
"At 5:13 we stnrted the return
run nnd OiVi the wreck occurred."
With tho arrest today of 8u Hoo
Kong, a rich Chlneso merchant here,
federal officials Bald tboy believed
thoy had forged tho last link In the
chain of ovldenco necessary to con
vict a large number of customs om-
ploes of complicity In a giant opium
smuggllug plot. Kong was indicted
secretly at tho same time as tho cus
toms guards previously In custody.
but was not found by Deputy United
States Marshall Klornan until today.
It was chargod that It was to him
that tho accused customs mon turnod
over tho opium they woro alleged to
havo smuggled.
I.OS ANC1HLKS. Cal., Sopt. C
Unbearablo grief over tho death of
his wife is known today to have
prompted tho sulcldo of former Su
perior Judgo J. S. Noycs, who klllod
hluiBolt by swallowing laudanum af
ter ho hnd soothed his last hour by
reading n chapter from Tolstoi's
"Resurrection." ,
Judgo Noyes body was found In
Sycnmoro Park at sundown yostorday.
In his lap was tho book and a note
that oxplalnod tho act. It read: "It
Is llttlo uso for mo to try to llvo
longor. It wns a happy homo for me
with Kanulo, and I havo constantly
mourned her donth ever since, day
and night. I am now utterly ex
hausted with sorrow."
Judgo Noyes was tho first Judgo
of tho Rlversldo county suporlor
bonch. Ho sorvod tboro twojvo years
and rocoutly camo to Los Angeles.
Congressman Bryan Charrjcs Navy
Investinatlnfl Board With Con
cealing Merits of Case Seattle
Wrontjly Censured.
Whole Affair Declared to Be Result
or Political Plot by BIcthen
Humphrey Contradicts.
WA8IHNOTON, Sopt. C- A reso
lution demanding a congressional In
vestigation Into the navy hearing on
tho outbreak of enlisted men In
Scattlo on July 18, when I. W. W.
and socialist meeting places woro
wrecked as tho result, It was charged
of Incendiary speeches by Secrotary
of tho Navy Daniels, was Introduced
In the house today by Representative
Hryan of "Washington and defeated
on a point of order.
Ilrynn flatly chargod tho navy In
vestigating board with Impropriety
and with concealing tho morlts of tho
caso. "Thoro was nothing." ho said,
"In tho facts to warrant tho board's
consuro of tho government and peo
plo of Seattle. Tho members of tho
board listened only to tho storlos of
tho enlisted men who rioted, and did
not call tho mayor or chief of police,
although their findings censured
both. This was a gravo Impropriety
on tho board's part."
Drynn declnred the whole affair of
tho riots grew out of a political plot
by the editor of tho Scattlo Times,
who, ho said, was unfair.
nryan twlco renowed his attempt
to dtscuss tho situation but was
forced to stlenco by objections from
Representative Johnson ot Washing
ton and finally In a rage exfed:
"I nm going to speak at tho King's
county fair In Scattlo nest Saturday.
I daro them then to try to sllenco
Congressman Humphrey of Wash
ington, Johnson nnd Bryan thou got
Into a wranglo and It looked llko a
fight until tho speaker, pounding
with his gavel, silenced thom all.
SAN DIEGO, Cal., Sept. 0. Dyn.
nmito or blasting powder placed un
der hid house nenr tho custom lim
its of tho city early today cnused
the dentb of Peter 11. Hansen, 74,
and completely wrecked bis littlo
Hansen's son, Peter B. Hansen Jr.,
wns questioned but not held.
Hansen, who wns well to do, wns
asleep when tlio bomb wns set oft!
under tho floor beneath bis bed.
Mrs. A. C. Grayson ot Knteal,
Wash., has asked local authorities
for Information regarding her son
Ralph, aged 19, who loft his homo
threo weeks ago. Hu woro a groy
suit, Norfolk stylo, tan shoes and a
bluo cap. Ho Is dOBcrlbod as med
ium holght, light comploxlon. The
mothor Is, anxious to hear from him.
Ho Is an experienced fruit packor.
and sho wrltos ho may seek work lu
local orchards.
KANSAS CITY, Sopt. C Men and
women, girls and hoys, crowded Jus
tico Shopard's courtroom today at thu
oponlng ot tho preliminary hearing
ot Doctors Jacob Hall and Fabian
Pratt, woll known physicians charged
with manslaughter In connoctloE
with manslaughter In connection with,
tho doath of Mota Zook, the high
school girl who died hero recently M
a result of a criminal operation
which tho prosecution declares tiw
dectora performed.- s