Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, June 14, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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. Charles Bill returned to Port
land fttter a short visit In Portland.
ljorbcrt Smith of Grants l'nss,
United States conimliwloner, wr n
Medford Friday on official business.
To.WontpnJs .College club bold
tbolr regular, nicotinic, nnd luncheon
nt lto'tol Medford today.
W. J, HutRell, former ahortft of
Josephine county, who Is now , n
gnpeu n biock uuyinfi, nwuc n inp
to' Medford Friday.
Orchard, hunting, nshlns: and
Craler Lake scenes for ca, at Ger
kins & Harmon's studio.' Negative
pado any, place, kodak, finishing. 128
East Main street Phone S15 R.
MIks Frances Looslcy Is spending
her vacation at the homo ranch In
Tolo district.
Mrs. Joicph Scott of Douglas
county Is visiting friends living In
Mcd'ford and Ashland.
y. Allen Holt, who la stationed nt
tho United States navy yard at
Bremerton, Wash., Is making his
former homo In this rallcy a vlstt.
Ho. was deputy county recorder dur
ing Grant ItawllnKs' term.
Kodak finishing, best in town, nt
.y K. Hendrlckson and John O.
Gore wera of the many -who traded
with our merchants Friday.
Fred T. Lewis of Antelope district
traHMctcd business In Medtord Fri
day. R. H. McCurdy writes all kinds of
lasurance, 401 M. F. 4 H. bids;.
r? Phone 349.
Jack Astbury is In Medtord visit
ing, his friends.
J. M. Howard, tho miner, left tor
Central Point Friday.
Miss Sasta Homes, who has btn
teaching school at Douglas, Alaska,
during the past four years, has re
turned to Ashland on a visit.
Gerking ft Harmon, studio por
traits, some portraits,, flash lights,
kodak finishing, post card work and
enlarging.; 138 Bast Mala street;
telephone 216 R.
; Mlsa Kato Coburn of Yreka, Cat.,
who has been the guest of Miss
Gaunyaw, has returned' home.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caldwell of
Granta Pass made Medtord a visit
. K. D. Weston, commercial photog
rapher, negatives saade any time or
place by appolntaeat. Phone M.
Tho sisters of the Holy Names In
charge of St. Mary's academy at
Medtord loft for Portland Friday
evening, where they will' spend their
J. F. May and his family arrived
from EuKene Friday.
Dr. 'Klrch'geasner will Be at Hotel
Nash every Saturday from 10 a. m.
to 3 p. m. on snd after Ma"y 34.
Harry Hosier and J. Volpe of Ash-
Js'nd tarried a few hours In Medtord
the first of the week.
' Mr. and Mrs. C. A. "Williams of
Kent, O., and J. D. Wolf of Com
ing, Cal., are late arrivals in Med
' H. Duer, a former resident of
Medtord, was up from Talent Tr'
" Vapor baths and scientific mas
sage for men and women. Dr. It.
J. Lockwood, chiropractor, 301 Gar
nett-Corey bldg. Phone US.
h. H. Caster of Big Dutte was a
business visitor in Medtord Friday.
Mrs.' Harry Pel! ofr waa the guest
of her 'daughter. Mrs. It. A. Pedorson
ot Ashland, tho first of tho week.
Aloz. Allder and M. Baelley arriv
ed from Salem during the wcok.
Louis Colvor and T. 11. F. Enrol
ot Phoenix were of those who trans
acted business In Medtord Friday.
Ox heart cherries, now ready; tak
ing, orders for Royal Ann arjd Black
Republican,. extra fine. Call 7-F-13,
' Mr. Goodhue arrived from Pou
land 4 Friday, whero ho has steady
employment- at his trade.
' llest'er W. David, of Seattle, who It
interested in a large body of Jnnd
lofut'ed cast ot Talent, Is making II e
valley' a visit while on his way to
f&n Francisco. Tho tract has been
platted and will bo sold in small
Brooms Ask your dealor for the
product tot he Ashland factor,
B. F. Mulkey made a professional
tjrlD'tq AsliJand (Jurlng tho weak.
,Xj.,p. Harris! who went to,
Cal!, not "long sinco, has returned.
Horman Meyer and John Conley
of Lake Crook wero among thoso
who came to Medtord on business
' Jesse Richardson has Bold his
farm In Antloch district, comprising
440 acres, to D. B. Russell, formerly
of Medtord, at a valuation ot 2?,
000, Two residences on South drape
figure In tho transaction.
Weeks ft McGowan Co.
Day Phono 9Q7
P. yv. Weeks 103-J-a
A. 13. Orr 078-51
Night '
John Crnbtreo of Prospect Is mftk
Ing Mod ford a vlstt.
Howard Rosa and Miss Dolln Mr
Nnlr ot Ashland wero married In As
toria nt tho resldenro ot-tho. bride a
sister n few days since.,
Dr. J. G. Ooblo made n trip to the
Klk creek hatohery with llenrv
O'Malley, who Is connected with the
U. S. fish hatchery.
Otto Klum, brother of Blalno
Klnm of Medtord, who has been tak
ing n course ot manual training nt
tho O. ,A,C. at Corvnlils, will, bo
Instructor ot manual training and,
athletic coach nt tho Ashland high
school next season.
John l.owninn of Applegs., nno
of' tho earliest pioneers of .southern
Oregon and northern California, was
In Medtord Friday on bis way lu
Mrs. R. M. Whltcsldo and her
daughtor-ln-law. Mrs. Ed Whltcfctdo,
of Central Point, wcre ntnon Med
tord friends Friday.
Dr. R. Ci Celsoy nnd A. E. Kellogg
ot Gold 11111 transacted business lu
Medtord Friday.
Miss Myrtlo Dunten ot Central
Point ha gono to California on a
visit ot several weeks.
Colonel J. F. Mundy has resumed
operations nt his coal mine on tho
McMahon ranch located n tew mil en
southeast ot Medtord. Ho hni mv-
oral men engaged In running n cross
cut tunnel.
J. J. Skinner nnd J. F. Kelly of
Griffin creek transacted business In
Medtord Friday afternoon.
B. W. Miller, who wont to I.lnn
county to assist In surveying a mule
for a rallraad or Tortcr Bros., has
returned to Medtord.
Miss Lillian Pierce has gono to
Berkeley to attend tho sunurvr
school at the University ot Califor
nia. Miss Nell Dickey of Ashland, who
was Judgo Calkins' stenographer tar
several years, was ono ot tho rue
ccssful applicants for admission to
the bar at tho recent examlnrdct
held by tho Oregon supremo court,
Captain W. Rawllngs, who loft for
Sheridan, Wyo.. in April, has return
ed to Central Point
Spraguo nicgl and J. F. Morrll'.
the horticulturists, wore down from
Gold Hill Friday.
S. A. Kroschcl. manager 6t the
Welnhard Brewing company'i plant
at Medtord, has returned from a
business trip to Portland.
O. Glass left for Grants Pari Fri
day evening, but will return la a
few days.
The annual school meetings wi!l
bo held next Monday and Ihco
should be a good attendance.
Fletcher Fish and "VVllcy Turn
bough wero up from Phoenix re
cently. Sheriff Slngler was In Mcdford
Friday afternoon on official busi
ness. W. W. Hale left for Grants Pass
Friday on a short business trip.
Frank Green has gono to Eugene,
but will return In a few months.
Mrs. Ida Brltton and Mrs. D. J.
Staub are lato arrivals in Medtord.
Miss Mary Trowbridge, who has
beon attending the Oregorl Agricul
tural college at Corvallls, Is at home
Charles Bedford, who Is engaged
in the grocery busineas at Ashland,
was In Medford Friday looking af
ter his business Interests horc
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Oben
chain were in Mcdfbrd the fore part
of tho weok.
Crater Lake will bo accessible to
teams about tho first of July. The
snow fell unusually deep during the
past season. Superintendent Arant
reports that he found eight feet of
snow at headquarters, five miles be
low the lako, but that it was disap
pearing rapidly.
T. W. Miles ot the Jackson County
Abstract company Is spending a few
days at Portland.
E. D. Stewart and R. Boyer of
Roguo River were In Medford dur
ing the week.
Dr. W. H. Evorhard and his bride,
neo Miss h. A. Markln of Los An
geles, arrived from southern Cali
fornia Friday evening.
C. A. Malone, who has charge of
the California-Oregon Power com
pany's business at Ashland, was a
Medford visitor recently.
8. Taylor of Roseburg was In Med
ford Friday on routo home from an
oxtended stay in southern California.
R. D. Hoke, who owns a flno
farm in Willow Springs district,- will
engage in canning fruit and vege
tables. Ho Is making preparations
to install a plant that will have a
capacity of 1000 cans per day and
will handle tomatoos principally this
season. Mr. Hoko was engaged in
this business whllo a resident, cf
Florida and will doubtless mako this
entorprlso a success.
Miss Mildred Gerlg returned Sat
urday from Eugene, whore she has
been attending the state university.
Messrs. Hale and Johnson, who
indulged in a free-for-all fight at
Main and Front streets Friday aft
ernoon, aftor trading watches, wero
.fined for disturbing tlie peace.
Al Suther, manager of tho Star
thoator aluco September 1911, leaves
Sunday for Portland, wlioro he as
sumes charge Monday ot tho new
Tivoll theater in that city. Mr, Bath
er's placo in Medford will be filled
by O. L. Burkbnrdt of Portland,
:0 MiERSpN
X. T. Umnlund, friend and iuU
nirvr of Unit Anderson nnd innnn
per of Uoxer In the oast, who tii'lped
to handle Joe Mmulot in IiIk fight,
ntiu$t HunMn law Angeles nrritcij
in town this morning- iuHiwh'U,
ngent for the "Hanky l'unky" corn
party. As n result of wntohinc An
derson in hU battle nguint Mniulol
Gmnlnnd formed Hit' opinion thit)e
is one of the world's greatest light
weights nnd will some day wear tho
lightweight crown. Grauluiul man
aged .Inok llritton for Danny Morgnit
prnctirnlly nil l"t summer, handled
K. O. Urown four years ago,' and has
seen al the big fighU in the cat, so
lie knows the lightweight situation
thoroughly, lie has been a big boost
er for Anderson ever since tho fight
I.O Angeles nnd has written ninny
stories to newspaper friend- in the
east touting tho local hid ns n won
der. "Anderson' chief nel ! Id
wonderful kidney punch, which really
V hipped Mnndot in the first round,"
said Ornnlund today, "and his groat
defense, which Mnndot could not
solve. Tho kidney punch is the bet
I ever saw, hut he would ho handi
capped in fighting in Ihe east, be
couo the mles there bar it, particu
larly in New Work. Cross has n
great kidney punch which ho used be
fore the ruling of tho coimnUMon in
New York ngnitut it, nnd he hasn't
been the same fighter since, llo enn
.ii fhifi nL-ninst Anderson on the
Fourth, but it doesn't compare with
Dud's wallop.
"Anderson's defense is something
similar to that of Jack Johnson, nnd
the best I ever saw on n lightweight.
Mnndot hit him hard only four times,
the last time in the third round. Af
ter that he couldn't lay n glovo on
him. Ho ruolied nnd swung, )ut his
right hand sweep bounced off An
derson's left shoulder, and he couldn't
get to him with a left. Try as he
would hc couldn't stop Anderson'.
kidney punched These wallops real
ly whipped him nnd hnd him in bad
shape for several days nftcr the
"I have seen Cross fight scores of
times, nnd behove Andcfhon will
beat him on the Fourth. All Had
will have to look out for is Cross's
snappy right, which carries n knock
out in it. If ho lands with thnt I'm
afraid of what will happen, but if
Hud fights cooly nnd carefully, and
keeps that left shoulder up, 1 don't
believe Leach will get to him. If he
beats Leach he'll be right in line for
n crack nt the winner of tho Hltchic-
Rivers' fight on tho Fourth nnd that
will givo him his chunce to become
lightweight champion of tho world."
"Satan" is a religious masterpiece
based upon Blblcan nnd current
history. Tho first reel owes Its dor
Ivatlon to tho "Paradlso Lost" of
the Immortal Milton, carrying us
through tho first stages of tho Blblo
Illustrating tho first sin In tho Gar
den of Eden, and so on up to tho
Christ era.
Tho second reel deals on tho cruci
fixion. Illustrating that ovent in tho
most realistic manner possible It
is based upon "The Messiah," by
Tho third, fourth nnd fifth reels
start In mediaeval times and pro
gress right up to today,. tomorrow
or tho day after.
The picture holds your spellbound
Interest from the first to tho last,
and Is unlike tho majority of relig
ious subjects. Inasmuch as It Is full
of action it need not necessarily bo
regarded as a religious subject, but
more as tho title Implies, tho drama
of humanity. At the Page theater
tonight onjy. ,
Funeral Notice.
Tho funeral'servlces over tho re
mains of Teresa Maria Prim, widow
of the lato P. P, Prim, who died ut
Chicago, Juno , will beheld from
the residence of Chas. Prim at Jack
sonville Monday, June 1C, at 2 p. m.
Services will also bo hold at the cem
etery, when the remains aro Interred
by the sldo ot her husband, who died
In Sun Francisco In 1909.
Presbyterian Church
Preaching at 11 a. m.; preaching
ut 8 p. m.; Sunday school nt 10 a.
in.; special miiHJc in tho morning and
evening: tho chorus will sing at tho
evening service, solo by MIhs Hanco.
The quartet will furnish special mu-
slo In the morning; J. O. E. at 3 p.
m.; 8. C. B. at '7 p. in.; prayer meet
ing Thursday ovonlngs at 8 o'clock.
Medford Ministers' Association
This association will mcot in tho
study of tho Christian church on
Monday At 10 a. m. All ministers
and all who desire mo rcmiasted
most cordially to attend, Rov, E, O.
Eldrldgo will read a paper Monday
morning. W, F. SHIELDS,
-L '
Bud Anderson, who Is visiting
friends In, Medtord and other town
of tho lloguc ltlvcr valley, Is appar
ently not worried ovor tho objection
raised Thursday night against hU
Joining tho Klkn lodge of this city,
Hud refuses to talk on tho matter,
except to sny that ho "guesses ev
erytnlng will come out all right."
Manager Dick Donald will InnYo
about tho middle ot next week for
Los Angeles apd will prepare tho
training camp, at Venice tor llud'u
arrival a few dajs later.
Owing to tho difficulty Und's Med
ford followers hnvo lu placing their
bets, n thoroughly organised betting
committee Is to leave this city for
Los Angeles several days before tho
Independence day bout nnd will tnko
!iU Medfnrd's Andomni money with
them and placo It at tho best avail
able edd: Itud sns lie eTpcrtH lo
beat Cross easily and his statement
has gtvon further Impetus to tho An
durson causu lu this city.
FOIl SALE A fine S-ryllnder Kco
nutit In ntcH condition. 1330.
For salo or trade A Clipper
printing press, 9x12, with typo
and fixings; this Is cither foot or
power driven: nlo cabinet orgnn,
will soil or trndo for most nny-
tnlng, even woed: you sco tins ail
but this time. Geo. F. Djer, 1 1 1 1
X. C st., phono 9CC-X. 72
FOB RENT B-room modern, 4-room
'partly furnished hnuso. 009 W.
Jackson, phono 39J-J, 83
. It. WOOD .V: CO.
Offlco Upntalrs.
Medford Mall Tribune Building.
Phenes: Otflco, Oil. Residence 034,
Granta! Talks
Abut Babies
Has a large Circle of Listeners Who
Profit by tier VIdom end Experience,
In roost any community there's a ersnd
ma who knows Mother's Fritnd. It wai
tier experitneo and
recommendation that
led o many expectant
tuotUort to derive the
comfort and blvcilog
of tbU famous rem
edy. It Is applied eiter
tcmally to the alxlo
lntn. stomach and
breasts, allays all pain, avoid all uatuta,
ami presents caklna of too Imaits.
It is quickly and wonderfully penetrat
ing $o that the imtsflm ctpnnd without
strain, and ptrparu tho rtcm so thor
lughly that the crlals U pas?d alraoH with
out the tllgbtrU dlntrrM.
No Ix-ttcr adtlce can bo given the expect
ant motlior I linn to tucscst the um- ot
Mother's Frleod. Hhe take enurae from
the start. Tim days will bo cheerful, tho
nlclita n-stfuL.
You can otitaln Iifotbra Friend of any
drordt at $1.00 a bottle. Do oat fonet
to bo supplied with thin crest help to moth,
erhood. Wrltn liradAeid itrculntor Co.,
2oU Lamar Bid., Atlanta, Oa., for their
Instructive took for uxpectaut mothers.
Flno light Rrou, Mutflus, Biscuits,
Cakes or Pastry aro (wclcomo,
It will always bo good wholo
soino food If raised with
Which Hover falls
to ralso tho dough
leaving It light but
not dry.
'Mo Per Lb,
AhIj Your Grocer
Crcuccnt Manufacturing Co.
Seattle, Wiuli,
J I,, , (
Ting Day is being nliHuvvoil In Med
fovtl thlrt nl'loruoou nt Iho Pngo Thea
ter uiuler nuMnii'CH of Iho Klks. Tho
progrum follow h:
MuhIo "yiur riimnglcil Knunor1'
. . . Orchesl in
Introductory KxcrcUes, KMilted Unlet'
nnd Officers
Prayer . ... , , , Chaplain
Solo, "My Heart nt Iho Sweet Voice"
Aim by Saint Fiiens
,.Mr. (loo. AndrewH
Fliir llccortl Dim Xewhury
Allnr Service .Kmiulio nnd Officer
Solo, "llnrbnm Fillehle"
, .Mr. (leo. Andrew
Klks' Trihnlo to tho Flag
, , L. S. Ilcvcriilgo
Solo, "Springtide" hv llivker. .
......... .Mien l'hoehrt Ilnilcc
l'atrinlio Athlrcfm A. 1'. Ilenmes
Song, "Aniericn".. Whence
Tho titling of an artificial ejo re-lulre-
n degrcu of hkllt nnd nrtlotlr
nblllly vose-"t by erj few pntc
tltlonent In lilts lino of Iniilne,
If J on iiihhI Midi ii ncnleo call nt
my office mi be coin luted flint I
iiudcrMiiiid it tlinrtiugbly.
lilt. ItU'KKItT
l'ilglit SKclnllt
Oier KtitUirr.
1 gray team, 1SS0 lbs, each
1 bay team, 1200 lbs. each
i'iioi:.ix, oiti:. ,
I'lione llll. I.
Whonovor you nay anything say
Homothlng worth whllor Say
".Mislford llnkery (lornU for Mc."
The ipuillty will bring u tilensaut
4'j's. Ciir!
Official Photoeraphor of the
Medford Commercial Glub
lAmatoui' Finishing
Post Cards ' '
Panoramic Work
Interior and exterior views
Flash lights
Nogativcs rnado any time
and any place by appoint
ment. t
208 E. Main Phono 1471
l)r, W. Ulcs of Toliulti, Ohio, liin
greul tunjriuiuo uilil Imnlt Willor, )ln
in also n powerful Icelurer. "Wljlo
yd a youhg iiinn ho him npont must nf
hi life righting lo free Ihe laborer
front Ihclr oppvciiivenciH. lining n
union iiinn hiuiKcIf ho Iiiih phiyeil n
jmwerfiil part in Ihe horiihln of hor
rililo eonililloiiM in Wett Virginia. The
inlne onoiV hiiulloi'il or ratlnM mel
heepor where he hnd Hlnppetl fdr til
uighl, cntiio nl him with hi iifle,
01 dried lilen nut, tdinl ut him wlien
Itll'H wan on tho nttcel,
All InlioieiH ami union ieuto
whtmht henr Ihtrt vyoiulerful Hpenlter,
For Those Tired Aching Feet
of Yours
Shoos litTt! art' suh'ciotl of ulinMo loallici'. velvet
diid canvas.
MM 113 WI(lllTSl!OK KOK i 10 1 IT NOW
Wo I.lko
To I'll
Is exhibiting it collect inn of his paintings at .'10
North (Vntral Street, next door to poKtolTieo anil cor
dially invites all intercnted in art to call and nee this
Siskiyou Heights
Now i the t;hne to make selection of lots and
tracts in this magnificent residence district.
The stronger and rougher
whiskey tastes the more
harm it will do.
Why take chances with your
nerves, your stomach, your
general health.
II'? i :' U
Cyru Noble It pure, old and palatable
Ilottlcd at drinUiiiK itrcuutli,
Stdd all over the world,
JV. J. Van Schnyvcr & Co., General Agents
Portland, Oregon
' OR
if i u t i
In Five Reela One Mile of Film
ii Covering .tho ontiro hinlory of Uio world .dating
from tho ImniHhnicnt of Lntiifer and the Dark Angels
from Heaven, to the present day.
That is full of action fr&in hoginning to end.
"A Hiil;jeet that w Hiiro lo appeal t evoryone.
- i . . i .
In fuel nil Mcilfnnl hIhiiiIi! hcur him.
lie will ho hero fur u nioiilli mmiiI(Iiik
in .Int'leion cnuiity, llln llvsl upeceh
In In ho hi Ihe I'ngu 'riicnlpi', Wnli'h
for niiimuiicenicnl.
Tlio ImIh theater will rthow nn
oilier one of their special twn-ioul
features tonight, "A I'liglllvo at
Hay." This Is an eiipeclnlly good
plcturo mill all nhould sou It. TIiIh
mi a 1101110111111' will, bo followed by
three ollmr golnl nlctiuo.
ami lifted. '
Legal blanks tot sale at' tho Mall
Trlhunn offlcn tf
ClHld I'lt
Nboo Htnro
l'lio llni.l
To Fit
,ir,fiTlWlty t "-"
-- !T
.tftt 4-f
. ,4M 1 . ' ' I
r ' it
M-l .f
v ii -..a a ii '
te'rtWJu''' "
. - . '