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Medford Mail Tribune
Hhiitrrr tonight nml HtttHtajr
Max., n Mlii,, 41.
Knrlyllilfil Yrnr,
Dnllr-KlKliUi Year.
. .
Central Point anil Talent Olicctlvo
Points of First Country Construc
tionAction not Talk, Motto of
Dtillls, Owner of Franchise.
City Council Rescinds Franchise
Granted Mlnncy and Makes Minor In New One Given Dtillls.
There will tio n special
immllmt of llui ruiinty court.
Monday to discus the Knuit
lug or u trolley frunrlilmi
uxor county roml with H. H,
llullln nml IiIh son, C. A.
Ilullld, projector of the. pro
IiokimI Modfoid nml Anlilmiil
lntriirb.iu Hleetrle railroad.
"We will Iihvii it crow in the field
iwduhlishlmc level for tin- llixt unit
uf Mcdfoid's street milwHv by ii"t
ThimhImv. Vi! will have actual enn
slrucilnn work under way tin font
.Iiihu 1. We mean lmiiii. Tlir
i no rol ifliitc i1.miI mixiMl up m
this. Our proposition I financed
mill wo mh' ready In begin."
Kunli wn the iimiiinhfied state,
ini'iit of A. HiiIIIh, n hoii of S. .S.
Hullls, ii Mreel tiillwuv builder and
iiiwmtor of New York, Snlunluv fol
lowing " iiiiimWnf change in III"
futility lino friitichlo uruiilcd on
glniiHy tlio -M. T. Mlniii'V coinpuiix
of Oakliunl nml later IniiiHfernd by
Hum o V. 11. Wnlte mill iikwiciiiIc
uliii'h has now wiitm into the hands
uf Mr. IIiiIIU, liv the city council on
Friday oxenlng.
Moitot Actloim, No Talk.
"Wo rwliri!." euiilluued Mr.Jjul
IU, "Hint nit III" talking in tin worlil
wonlil not 'olivine" some poople llmt
wo im inuere. Onlx' mtiml "
MlniKlloii will tli till, mill mi wn in
IahiI lo ho liini: on work ami hort
on xx onto.
"Wo will put h I'low h! work hv
Tuiwdny next, HlnrtliiK from tlio ecu
tor of tlio oitv nml running eaM
through Slskboit Heights etnhliidi
lug IoxhK Tlio course of the road
will Im ilofinilolv determined upon
whim this iliitu In compiled. Wo will
huxu illit moving lioforo tho present
luoulli ends. Wo mi) unking noth
ing, nml Intend in take tin' llillf
into our cuiifldciicu. Wo will Imilil
a roml."
Tim Pimm for Ihu eiiiitdriicliiui or
ii nillrnml Mystem urn only complete
iih fur ns ii lino from Ihu oontor of
tho city east through Siskiyou
Heights Ik concerned hut tonlutivo
plmiH huvo lifi'ii mmlo fur Ihm "
Ciiulrnl Point nml ' muiIIi iih fur
iih Tiilmil. Tho omihlruction work
in to ho iloiio In uiiitH, tlio riwl helm:
Iho lino oiiht, Urn koooiiiI tho ouo to
Cnulrnl I'oinl, nml Iho third Miulh.
( I'oinl unit Tuloiit.
Tho oitv coniioil mi Friiluy I'voti
Imr roolmloil tho frunohUo Kritutoil
M. T. Miiiiinv nml Kriinli'il a now ouo
lo Mr. Mulli. thi holnu' lh" oawiiiMt
way to inuko tho oIiuiikoh hi tlio frmi.
rhino iihki'il. TlioHii oliiiiiKi'K ii'luli'il
ohinfly to Iho I'luuM'rt in tho fran.
ohixo ii'latiui: to ronrttrnolion work
iu tho country ilinlrioU outhldo of
Mr. IIiiIIU Iiiih hcon liivcHll;nllnt:
local conilillmm iluriui: tlm piihl Unco
or rour moiilliH. His l'nilh iu Iho
valley nml it future i hIiiiwii hy hi
notion iu connection xvilh tho roml.
Ho in mi uxporionooil ruilmnil huihl
cr haviiiK ht'i'ii in tho work for thir
ty years.
8HATTU-2, WiikIi., Jlny J7. Now
York proiiiuturH, win' waul a match
holwcoii Willio Hitchio ami I.i-aoli
Cross for July -1, will prolmhly laiul
tho HorviccH of tho tilimiipinu no
iioiilhiK to mt miuiiuuccincnl mmlo
liuro Ihla ul'lcruoou hy Hilly Nolan,
iadam m n
Notice That California Cannot Be
Further Interfered With hy Na
tional Government Is Burden of
Administration's Reply to Chimin.
Note Couched In Conciliatory Lan
guane Will not Bo Puhllshcd Un
til Read hy Tokyo.
lo .liipau thiil Californiii'M nuti-alioii
liiml law camiol ho l'urlhor inter
fiicil with hv tho national pixoru
incut l imileolooil lo ho Ihu hanlcii
of Iho iiilmiiuxtnitiou'H reply to
.Inpiiu'M proloM, xvhleh loilav i tcu
lalixelv compleli'il heio hv Hccretary
of Ktato Hryau.
Hccretary llrvmi'H reply prohnhlv
will ho Kiiliinlttc.l for approval today
lo Pieoidiiit WiImmi ami if it in thin
aiiroxeil Iho nolo may he triiiiMiiiltcil
to Yikoouut Chimin, Jhpiiiim iiiii
hiifHiiilor, heforu uiKht.
While details of the nolo arc uii
ohlaiuahlo it in nutlinHtntivoIx
btatcil that the note i eoiieheil in
conciliatory luiitfiiiiu'c. Its pulilinn
lion is not contemplated now and it
prohnhlv will not ho made politic un
til Yicoiint Chimin has hud mi op
portunity to 'omuitiuicato Km coll
tents to Tokyo.
OAKLAND. Cat., Mny 17. Hun
iiiiiK amuck in Iho crowd at Ktchth
mid Franklin si routs hero fhortly
after noon today, an liiMitie lliilimi
holioved to ho Oronto Ciriim.lo. fhot
two irls, u man who tiled to pro
tect theiu mid then, nvcrimwcrcd,
fired a Indict into hi own head
from which ho prohaldv will die.
Daniel Donovan, tho man wounded
hy thu lmiatic'n mm, was shot iu Iho
jugular citl when ho leaped hetwecn
tho maihuun mid tho two wounded
(iris, Hut for tlio prompt notion of
a physician who xvituoshcd the nhoot
inj;, Donovan would have died on the
tot. This plrxhioiau, Dr. l.eurd,
Krasped Donovan's throat and held
Iho HHiutim; V('ln closed uulil lie
reached tho hospital.
The Ixvo k'hIs who wero nhot xverc
Susio Tompkins, who uot a Indict iu
Iho mouth mid lluttio Uiui;. whoso
ear xvns glared hv living load.
NVithor xvas miioiisIv hurl. Thoy
dixelaiiu any acipinilauco with the
While Ihu Iwn pills xveru scream-
hi; and Oonovau lay on tho round
with' tho hlod hticaiuiuu' from his
urok, hyhtanders overpowered the
miiihiian. Ciriuaxio hroko axvay ami
kIio! himself throiiKh tho left temple.
lie will die.
Letters on Clrmnxin tdiowcd thai
ho came from Doriui, Italy, ami vaunt
hero iccenlly from Kl Pnmi.
RAIilr, Ore, Muv 17.-fhiveruor
West has today announced tho ap
pointment of twenty-fivo delegates
In tho Nationul Conforenuo of ohuri
liefl and Corrootion which will incut
iu Sealllo July fi-l'J. Prominent
ninoiiK Iho ileleKiilcd aro Jud(jo W.
N. OateiiH, juvenilo court, Portland ;
W. S. Hale, Buperinlomlunt of tho
Oregon Ktuto Training School,
Salem; 11. S. TilliuuhnHt, Buperiutend
cut of Iho Orcein Stalo Penitentiary;
Salem, and K. T. Moortis, superin
lemlent of Iho Slnto Hliud School of
Kiiltfitit .....
Admen to Be
''1 ,MioH
C. H. IHkuIiii of I'miric I'liouo i-oiti-Mioy
lii iliiirKt of utiinU at Snrrn
loeiito. L BE
Itoiiic of tlio Ait .Men
Koiillioru I'ncKIc depot to
Niitiiturluiii, nrroiit JiickKou
lirlilKo to ItooKitvoll, out Queen 4
Anna to (leorKo Mmlloy's;
over to Cant Main, down Mnlti 4
to (Jriiuvn, over to (icticieo.
then on Weil Mala to North
Oikilnlo to l'ourth atrcct. to
Hunimtt avenue, ncro to
Went Malu utrcot. cant to
Orano ntrcot, thenro to
Tonlh Dtrvnt. cant to South
Uakdnle, out to Cnlnlalo or-
rlinrd. then to Ware's, oxer to
King's lilKliwny, nut to conn-
ty ronil, mint. toCoothtlU Kate
thuucti through tho llurrlll 1
orclmril to Aililnud rond,
thencn on to I'hocnlx. tliunca -J
wont, thonro inulh to Itnn- 4
ilnll orclmril. over to Talent
nml on to Ashland.
The Ad muii from various cities of
the unrthxvcut who arrixc in Medford
tomorrow' mi their way honlh lo at
tend their coiiveutiou at Sacramento
will ho taken for a drive through the
orchard dixtricts of tho Konc nml to
Ashland where thov xvill hoard their
train nml continue their trip to the
houtli. Over forty uulouiohilcs arc
pledged to make the trip ami more
aro wanted. They muxt ho at the
detol hy txvo o'clock.
Thu Ad men onmpri-o nil of the
live udvertixiuu men of the northwest.
Hy eixink' Ihem n ride IhroiiKh the
valley, as is planned, much deir
ahlo puhlieity wilhe uaiued.
hvery owner of mi niitoinohile wlm
can pnhhildy imike the tiip is urged
lo lender their services to Seurctury
Ware of the Coiuiuercial oluh.
Thu (ueuixiim is duo at t! o'clock
and as many cluh mumheiv mid citi
zens as posxihlu aro reipiohlcd lo he
on hand lo i;ivo a i-oariu welcome to
tho visitors.
Txvo hours xvill he taken for the
drive to Ashland. Thu route xvill he
oast up Queen Anne avenue to thu
I.indley residence on Siskiyou Heights
thenco to and through tho Hear crock
and Hurrcll orchards, thenco through
tho orchard holt to Talent, where
ton uutofl from Axhlaml meet the
Ad men to welcome them to tho
(Iranito city. Tho party is scheduled
to arrive at Ashland at -1 o'clock.
40,000 PERSONS
CHICAGO, May 17- It was entl
nintod tlmt hotween 35,000 and 40.
000 persons attended tho Frank
Clmnco day gamo.
Txvonty fans, mostly xvomen, foil
xvhon -0 feet or ouo of tho tempo
rary KraudstamU collapsed, Ono ti'lrl
xvas no Boverub; injured tlmt sho had
(o ko to a liospltul. Tho others ea
rn pod with minor UrulBoa,
It. II. H.
No xv York ,...3 G
r'.ox '., G 10 3
Taken in Autos From
Twto&jijBjng jL, - !rg' 'T'' JJMBBBMHUMjpWLtwWIfc ytKuUt
.Mlldrcd Tucker, xi Itli I'orlltini ilFlcgntlon of Ail Mm. Sho roprrMMits J teution of becoming citizens.' Non
".MIh I'urolluo T-toul" n( tlio Snrnimento convention of Ad 3lcn. citizens now hotdiiii; land vill bo
SAI.CM. Ore , May 17--IIaslnK hi
decision on a decUlon of JiuIko Mean
of thu Culled States court, Attorney
C.cneral Crawford today advUcd tho
ntato railroad rommlKslon that n city
has no authority hy ordlnnuco to fix
thu ratus uf nubile utilities xvhen
Mich ordinance conflicts with thu
rates prescribed by tho conimlsalo.i
Tho Inquiry aroo in connection xvltu
tho prantliih of a frnuchUe by Med
ford to tho Home Tcluphuuu cn-n-isiuy
ot Southern Oregon.
membors of tho (crmnti sclenttfle
expedition under Lieutenant Scroe,-dor-Stnm
aro either dead or lost in
Arctic xvastos oxeopt txvo, aecordlug
to a report received hero from a Nor
xvcKhm party.
Lieutenant Scroudur-Stauz Is ninon
Lieutenant Serouder-Btniu U
nmouK thu missing.
Dr. Dettiuars and Dr. Moslor, the
report says, wero droxvnod; Kberlianl
xvas frozen to death ami Stavo died
of Illness. Of tho other members of
the expedition, llucdlgor-llltmchor
was Boverely frostblttou but survived
ami the other survivor Is well.
Thu Norxvofilan relief oxnodttlon !s
bonded by Captain Straxrud. Cor a
time tho scientists wore Icebound In
Tho Scroedor-Stiuiz expedition
atnrted Into tho Arctic region about
a year ago and expected to remain
tboro three or four years. When
thoy wore- first caught In tho Arctic
winter Lieutenant Scrocdor-Staitx
managed to send a message through
to civilization tolling of their peril
and a relief expedition xvas organized
hero and sent out to havo them.
MAY 17, 1913.
Medford to Ashland
WASHING iON. May 17 The frco
listing of lemons today xvas strongly
urged on tho senate finance eubbtl
tuto committee considering the agri
cultural schedule of the Cudorwood
tariff bill, by importers in North
Atlantic states. California's repre
sentation In congress assumes this
fight Is being agitated by New Yont
Importers. Uecauso of this now sit
uation It was stated that Cnllfornl.
mid Florida representatives would
fight now for tlit, duty or'.gti.nily
provided In tho Cudorwood bill as
against freu loiuons.
As a compensation to cotton nun.
ufacturers for cuts In nmnut.a-'.ured
cotton rates, Senator Smith o' xejer
gin Intimated today that tin sub
committee on cotton and chemical
schedules, of xvhleh he Is a member,
would, recommend that txvo dyns iied
in tho mtiuufncturo of cott'i bo re
stored to tho frco list.
ATLANTA. On., May 17. Formal
reports regarding Sunday school, ob
survauco of tho Sabbath ami theo
logical seminary work occupied tlio
separate sessions ot dolegates to the
convention of Northern and South
ern Cnltod I'resbyterlnns hero today.
Tho delegates xvero tendered u re
ception Inter Iu tho afternoon, but
xvill meet Iu a joint couforeuco to
night to discuss Christian service.
A Joint assembly last night unani
mously adopted a report denouncing
Christian Science.
WASHINGTON, May 17. Hain
kept President Wilson indoors today.
Ho was nut idle, hoxvever, starting
tho preliminary draft of his proponed
currency bill mid collecting data,
Sunday Noon
John JI. Krott, gonrrat pandonncr
Kt'iil of Hoiiilicrn Pacific rnllrund,
xxlio U iMTwtunll)- conducting the
! PHOENIX, Ariz., May 17. An
i anti-alien land ovncrliio hill far
1 more drastic than the bill recently
I passed by the California legislature
has been signed today by Governor
Hunt, following its itaSMigc hy both
houses of, the State lcgirlaturc. ,
The new- law makes it impossible
for alien" of ntiv nolor o hold laud
inils lev luivi; doolnrrd .(heir in-
i t - ---r--
compelled lo dispose or it xviwim live
1 vpnrn. Mining cluiiim or iiroiR'rtM
nece.ssnry to the working of mines
alone is exempted.
LOS ANGKLKS. Cat., May 17.
ThU xvas a day of rot at the Auder
fou nml Mtiudot training camps. To
morrow xvill bo the final heavy day
of work for tho scheduled txventy
rouud battle betxveen these boys Tues
day, and each took matters easy iu
vioxv of the Sunday splurge.
Anderson did u little boxing btuut,
being content to hold his weight tit
its present notch. He expects to
mnkc xveight without trouble. Muu
dot loafed about his camp nud spent
the day on tho beach. He appears
to bo perfectly satisfied xvilh his con
dition. Tho advance ticket salo indicator
u big hou-o Tuesday night. A little
betting at oven money has been reg
istered. 7
LOS ANOKLKS, Cnl., May 17
Seven years in San Quentin peuiten
tiury was tho sentence meted out
hero toduy to William St. John llan
ney, Pasudeim society and clubman,
who recently plended guilty to em
bezzling from tho Sautii Fo railroad
company, which employed him as mi
auditor. His iteculutious are alleged
to havo approximated $00,000, the
greater part of which, he declared in
a statement to tho court, went to
satisfy the demands of blackmailers
who threatened to expose, him as a
former convict iu the Klmira, N. V.,
intends to bo u candidate for re
election xvhon his present term .ex
pires March 4, 101-1, is the an
UQUieenunt here today hy Senator
Junta of Washington, ,
NO. 48.
Mayor Hunt Wires Governor to Sent)
Militia Cars Smashed by Strik
ers and Stlrke-breakers Injured
Police Unable to Cope with Them.
Receivership Suit to Be Filed Afjaiiwt
Company and Receiver to Operate
Cars With old Employes.
CINCINNATI, Ohio, May 17.
Itlotlng In tho Btrcotcar strike here
today and prospect of still graver
trouble caused Mayor Hunt just be
fore noon to telegraph to Adjutant
General Wood at Columbus demand
ing that militia bo sent hero Imme
diately. Tho rioting started early In tho
heart of tho business district and at
three different points. One car was
stoned and it xvas abandoned by sev
en strikebreakers.
Cars Arc Attacked.
At Fourth and Vino street bricks
wero hurled from tho windows of a
high building on a car. Three strike
breakers were Injured, one seriously.
At another point a crowd attacked
and lifted a car off tho track and
shattered tho windows with bricks.
During the rioting down tows, boys
stoned two strikebreakers lb the res
idence district, both suffering cut
Municipal officials, Including the
mayor, conferred here this af terBeon
regarding the advtMrityeuk!V
a receiver for the company and com
pelling It to resURie service.
At noon a mob drove six strike
breakers oft a West End car and
turned It crosswlto. practically block
ing the street. At another point a
thousand men and boys stoned a car.
seriously Injuring a strikebreaking
Iayor Can CUll Troop.
Attorney General Hogan ruled to
day that Mayor Hunt could caU out
tho mllltla hero without the sanction
ot tho governor. Hunt declared ho
would not do so as tho local troops
would be Insufficient to handle the
situation and might only cause the
rioting to grow worso.
Hloters this afternoon paralyzed
alt traffic In the city and the street
car company abandonod its attempts
to operate.
Mayor Hunt, following this, issued
an announcement that a receivership
suit would bo tiled against tho com
pany and that, If appointed, tho re
ceiver will opcrato tho cars with tin
old employes now on strike.
LONDON, .May 17. Declaring that
It would bo a great mlstako to under
estimate tho cbunces of a con'llii
betxveen tho United States and Japan
as u conscqucnco ot tho California
land Inw, tho Pall Mall Gazette edi
torially throws a light today on
xvhoro tho British world would stand
If a clash should come.
"Should war break out," suys the
Garotte, "tho sympathies of Austra
lia, New Zealand and western Can
ada would be violently on tho sidu ot
the Uulted States."
The paper centinues:
"Tho opinion that tho Japanese
xvill never go to war to enforce their
treaty rights In California U one ot
those dangerous geueralltlea which
lead nations blindfold to tho Lrlnk
of tho pit.'' ' ':
The Pall Mall Gazotto bollovcs It
Is poaslblo that Japan might be de
sirous ot forcing tlio issue row I e
causo ot the Impending completion of
tno Punaum canal.
PORTLAND, Ore., May , 17, ,
Weather forecast Oregon,' oqcnJ
sional rain tonight and Sunday.
Easterly xviuds. '! j