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. ,T. N. Pace, superintendent ot the
Jackson county poor farm nf. Talent,
wa a pjiMneBS visitor Thursday.
I l lldrrls ot Chlco. Cnl., n for
mer resident ot this vouoy, Is trans
acting. biiBlncM In Med ford.
.Q. .W. Mansfield, who 1ms been no
riousiy lit at UIb militonco In Med
fo'rd, to Imprevlnt: Mcnillly.
1 1 Orchard, hunting, fishing and
Grater Lnho leones for saU at Cor
king & Harmon's studio. Negatives
made any placo, kodak finishing. 1SS
East Main BtrccL Phono 21G R.
Quito n number of residents ot tbo
Rogue Itlver valley wero mulcted b;r
tbo ThocnU Insuranco company,
which Is now In tho hands ot a re
ceiver. It la claimed that Us funds
woro misappropriated by the officers,
who failed to pay flro lossos and may
bo prosecuted. Tho policy holders
bavo been called on to pay n Heavy
Thn Southern Pacific has lately
boon hauling qulto a number ot sail
ors recruited In eastern cities through
tho valley to San Kranclsco, from
which point they will ship to tho far
cast. Several carloads passed through
Med ford Thursday.
Porter J. Ncff loft for Eupeno and
other northern points on profession
al' business. Thursday.
Wilt tutor children In alt lines of
pchool work. Also teach foreigners
to speak English. Tel. 757-L 50
' D. E. IJanloy and his family, who
arc loeated in Prospect district, were
Medford visitors this week.
Charles Bacon, a former resident
of Medfonl, Is making tho city a
visit. Ho haB been at Scattlo and
other Washington points for some
It. II. McCardy writes nil kinds of
Insurauco. 401 M. P. & II. bldg.
Phone 349.
Mrs. McNeil- of Ilrltlsh Columbia,
who Is visiting In Tolo district, was
in Medford lately.
Mrs. P. H. Hopkins and Miss M.
Hubbard of Central Point district
were among Medford friends tho foro
part of tho week.
Gcrklng & Harmon, studio por
traits, homo portraits, flash lights,
kodak finishing, post card work and
enlarging.; 12S East Main street;
telephone 215 It.
Paul EdwardH and Roy Vestal ot
Kaglo Point transacted business In
Medford Thursday.
W. J. Husscll ot Josephine county
tho stockbuycr, pasted through Med
ford Thursday on his way homo from
nortlTurn California.
Insure and ba sure. Right If we
wrlto IL R. A. Holmes, The Insur
ance Man.
Mrs. O. F. Edwards, who has been
visiting in Medford, has returned to
her homo in California.
W. H. Voung ot Rogue River spent
Thursday afternoon In Medford.
Money to loan on reaf estate. See
Carkln & Taylor, attorneys at law.
Clydo IJarnum and Cuy Bishop
wcra-up from Phoenix tbo foro part
of the wcok.
- 'Charles Isaacs was over from the
ranch in nig Sticky district Thurs
day. The Uoltaan Whlto Sulphur Iiatbs
And Swimming Pools at Ashland,
Oregon, will open for ttbo season
Saturday, May 10. G4
T. Walston of Sterling district
spent Thursday night In Medford.
Mrs. V. M. Tryor of Talent and
Miss Vlnnlng of Ashlnnd shopped in
Medford Thursday.
Mr, and Mrs. Clinton McCurdy ot
Bedford, Ind., aro visiting in tho city
and valloy.
E. D. Weston, commercial photog
rapher, negatives mado any time or
place by appointment. Phone M.
O. KnlpH and J. G. Ooro mado a
business trip to Medford during tho
Colonel George P. Minis of Seven
Oaks and James Owens of Autclopo
wero among thoso who camo to Med
for4 Thursday.
Vapor baths and scientific mas
sage for men and women, J?r, R,
J. Lockwood) 'chiropractor, 203 Oar-nott-Coroy
bldg. Phono J4C.
Mr. anil' Mr. J. Percy Wolla of
JacksdnvJHn spent Thursday after
noon In Medford.
It, W. Clarke and O. Ii. Clovongor
of Grants Push mado n trip to Med
ford recently.
qrulu hay $8 per ton. C. W,
(Juorgo IJqach and II. Alton of
Salem nro'lnto arrivals In Medford.
Leo Caton, wIiq Ih funning In up
per' Roguu Rvor Ulstrlct, und his
family woro In Mdilford Thursday.
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Day Phono 227
Night P. W. Weeks JB3-J-2
Pltuutu A, E. Orr U78-M
J. T. Rnfferty of ffolo district
brought a load ot flno apples to tho
Medford market Thursday. Ho nar
rated how a California fruit company
got tho whole of his crop ot flno
BplUonburg apples for nothing,
charging him 20 cents a box Tor cold
storage and making a number of nt
Borbent charges that wcro new to
him. '
Mr. and Mm. lleorgo Andrews
camo lo Medford; ono day this wcok
on x Bhojt bushices vlt.
Kred Alton Hnlglit, teacher ot
piano and harmony, specialist In cor
rect principles ot touch and tech
nique for beginners or advanced pu
pils, Faults corrected. Summer
term. Halgbt Music Studios, 11C S.
Laurel treet. Phono "26-R. t'P
G. IL Johnson, who Is now a con
tractor and builder of Sacramento,
Cal., haa been visiting In Medtord
and. other parts ot Jackt-on county.
Ho formerly resided hero.
S. . Stonar and Oscar Jones, ot
Sams Vnlloy precinct were nmong tho
marfy who ' transacted business In
Medford during the week.
Tyson Head and' Earl Marshall ot
Central Point district tarried n whllo
In Medford Thursday.
J, M. Scott, general passenger
agent ot tho Southern Pacific com
pany, pa?Md through Medford
Thursday en. route to Portland from
n trip to California.
M. F. Henley was down from Lake
Creek district Thursday.
Mrs. KreUter of Berkeley, Cal.,
who hits been visiting Mrs. I U
Hasklns, left for tho north Thursday
A. S. Roecnbaum, who has been
touring la the eastern state. Is ex
pected homo lnh few days. Ho went
as far east as Now York and Wash
ington. Talent has & full-fledged flro de
partment, with Vanco Wolgamott as
chlof and Harold Simpson nnd
Charles Rrown as captains. Two
hose carta nnd a flro alarm will bo
procured soon.
; Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Williams of
Grants Pass spent Thursday with
Medford friends.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Porter J. Neff aro nt
Eugcno attending tho Oregon Com
monwealth conference.
Mrs. W. J. Davidson was a passen
ger north on No. 20 Friday, as was
Mrs. B. E. Gore.
Fay Canon, who has been in Port
land for several necks, has returned
Allen D. Dury ot Evanston, III.,
who owns a ranch on Kings hlghwny.
Is a recent arrival In Medford and
hereafter expects to mako this place
bis home.
Tho "story hour" for children at
tho public library at 10 o'clock Sat
urday morning. Mrs. F. W. Mcnrs
will tell Japanese fairy tales.
Mrs. Efflo L. Taylor has returned
to Medford from Corvnllls, whero she
has been spondlng tbo winter with
her son, Artnond, who Is a student
at Oregon Agricultural college. Mrs.
Tnylor waa called homo by tho ill
ness of her father, L. A. Rose, of
Mrs. IL Henry wont to Grnnts
Pass this morning to visit friends for
a fow days.
Frank Goodelo and Lawrcnco
Rukcs wcro at Central Point Thurs
day evening practicing with the band.
William Facklam. a prosperous
farmer of Central Point district,
spent a fow hours In Medford today
transacting business.
Mrs. Moffat, who Tfas been visiting
her son, Tom Moffat, loft for North
Dakota Thursday evening.
T. J. O'llarrn and a party from
Central Point motored to Medford
Thursday afternoon.
M. E. Root and Frank Farrell
wero among the horticulturists in tho
city during tho week.
M. J, Ileddy nnd G. Conner, who
Imvo been uttondfug tho annual meet
ing or tho Knights of Columbus at
Portland, oro at home.
Theo Drako has boon HuperJntcnd
ing tho installation of tho now Instru
ments at tho Garnott-Corey building,
Whero Professor O'Gara's office is
located, Ho is connected with tho
government's forecasting department
at Portland.
Ed Halt and Lloyd Emerlck wero
down from Gold Hill tho foro part or
tho week.
C. P. Ilrlggs of Hullo Falls, who
Ih temporarily In cliargo of Dr. Rob
inson's drug fitoro at Jacksonville,
was In Medford Thursday,
Mies Irono Franks arrived from
Grunts Pass a few days since to vlalt
wjtli her parents, who rosldo on
North Riverside,
roil HALE Four passenger Cadli.
lac; harguln. Dear Creek Motor
Cur Co.
FOR SALE Itolltop desk and new
L'llderwood typewriter. Phone 2GG,
FOR SALE Hotnlrblucksmtth shop,
only livery etnfolo In Talent, 1., N.
Judd, Talent, Oro.
WANTED 60 ucrts orchard ami
farm; 30 hitch pears, 20 acres
farm. Will deal with owner only.
Uox 32. Trlbuue. OS.
FOR SALE Emerson grund pjano.
Inquire room 0 Washington school
evenings between 4 und G o'clock.
.au-iti ,,,'
D. It, Miller, who Is now a mer
chant of Gold Hilt, Bpent Thursday
In tho city. Ho Ib ono of tho very
oldcat ot Medford pioneers In point
ot Tustdonctt, and bis wns tho tlrst
family to loeato In tho town. Mr.
Miller eaR that ho built tho first
business houso In Medford, on what
Is now South Front street, nnd that
J. S, Howard occupied part ot It a
whlto and bourded with hint until his
family moved down from Jnckson.
villa Bovrnl weeks inter. Sum llnd
ley, n well-known character ot south
orn Oregon, who followod rnUtcnd
construction hero from the I'mpqtm
vnlloy. fold tho first morchnndlso in
Medford, In ji tent o reeled! on tho
ground where tho Pnlaro of Swcots
now stands.
Mrs. O. W. Agor of Talent and
Mrs. Wilson Ager of Phoenix wero
recent visitors In Medford.
Mrs. E. K. Stelnman ot Eagle
Point district haB boon visiting
friend Ihlng In Medford.
W. F. Arant. miporlutcndont ot Iho
Crater Lnko National park, Is mak
ing nrrungomenta to go to tbo lnko
Juno 1 and spend another Rummer,
although ho may bo succeeded by an
other at tiny time. According to In
dications tho season at tho park will
open earlier than usual as tho snow
Is disappearing fast.
M. D. Cliiiso ot Tablo Rock nnd
Harry Hull ot Grants Pass hnvo been
transacting business In Medford.
J. W. Kays of Eugene nnd J. 11.
Ilrndy ot Portland nro Into arrivals
In Medford.
Wilson Walt and other Medford
uiuslclnns wont to Central Point on
Thursday ovonlug to participate in nn
Dolph Kent has been visiting tils
former home In Englo Point dlstrlrt
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Morso nf
Talent havo gono to Oakland, Cal., to
attend tho wedding of their niece,
Miss Marjorlo Morse.
(Contlnned from page 1.)
tlons to faithfully reflect tbo senti
ment of the party voters.
There nro two kinds or primaries
direct and Indirect. Tho latter
constitutes the reactionary dolcguto
system; tho former constitutes tho
people's progressive system. Tho
prlnclylo admits of no debate and no
Redeeming Party Pledges.
Tho democratic party of Iho state
of New Vork In Its lust convention
declared In tho most posltlvo tcrnu
for direct stntewldo primaries. I be-
llovo It is my duty as governor,
elected on that platform, to do
everything In my power to enrry out
this solemn pledge. Every democrat
In tho state elected on that plaTTorm
should uphold my efforts to redeem
tho pledge.
So far as I am concerned thero will
ho no step backward. I am In tho
fight to stay and to tho ond. Ilonce
t tirgo every bonwt domoemt who
believes In fair piny, who wants to.
keep good faith, and who favors re
deeming party pledgos to nld mo in
tbo struggle.
"Wo nro bound to win In the end.
Tho leading newspapers of the state,
soreu-tonths of tho voters of tho
statu and tho overwhelming popular
sentiment ot tbo peoplo aro behind
tho causo for direct primaries and
now domand the legislation.
George Arllss is soon to loio bis
third season in "Disraeli,"
Don't llido Them Willi it Veil; He.
mow Them With the Otlilno
This prescription for thn romovnl
of freckles was written by a promi
nent physician and Is usually to sue-
cessful In removing freckles and glv-ing
ing a clear, beautiful complexion that
It is sold by your druggist under nu
absoluto guarantee to rotund thu
money If It fails.
Don't hide your freckles under a
veil; get an ounce of otlilno nnd re
move them, Evon tho first few sip-
plications should show a wonderful
improvement, somo or tho lighter
freckles vanishing entirely.
Ho burn to ask tho druggist tor
tho double strength otlilno; It Is this
Unit Is sold on tho money-buck guar
antee. A
"Notre Dame de Paris"
From (he book by Victor ITno.
A three reel production, all colored photography. N
Also two other licensed I'lioloplays.
Save your coupons and help your favorite- go to tho Rose Festival at our expense,
Profc or Hirrv Tlntr Ion lVck,
lilcmry enlie for nimv cirs nml nt
tlio Mime lime nrnrvMr if lilin in
Columliin I'liiveroily, Iiub broken
down. Ho w u Impelitw mciilul utul
plivMonl wrrnk. And just tit the mo
ment when there i uotliiiiK more left
of Iho uiiiii wlmse lilorary eriticNniH
enttieil n furoni over the Uiiileil
Sinter nt vurious limes in IiJh enroer,
his firt wife, from whom lie hud
boon divorced, nud sinoe wlitsli lie
lin been the eliiof figure in n ftimous
breneli of promise ene, lias taken
ehnrge of him nnd will en re for him
while he live.
Pulling niJilo all liiffemiem whieli
enu"'il lier to get n dioreo five years
np Mr. Coriinlin Awbuni Peek went
to L'tien, whero tli elliio of Pro
fessor Peek iwine, nml look ehnrge
of him. Tills wn done with llio eon
hont of liiti nMHiiid wife, whoso finnii
einl roiuri'iii sn ineagn. She lm
lukoii him l Iter homo nt tjouml
ltonch, Conn. The firt Mr. Peek
lins 'heerfully iinoumeil the luck of
nuwiniT the former scholar in lii do
elining dny.
New Oil Field Found.
SKArrLE. Washrt May liJ. Farm
ers In tho vicinity of Chlco, on PtiROt
sound, west ot fin-uiertoi), aro wild
ly excited today over the alleged dis
covery of oil, following tho visit or
Standard Oil officials yutordny, who
stated that tho fluid found In a
"blowout" on tho furm of Charles
Olson is crude petroleum.
Options on fa'rm lands In tho vicin
ity nro going up by leaps and bounds
nud fnrmqrs who sold options on laud
when tho first rumors of tin oil dis
covery wero read aro trying to get
them back.
Acrowt the bny from Chlco n com
patvy haHlly argnuUud at Bremerton
Is putting down a "wildcat well." It
U roiiortod that tho drillers nro down
100 foet.
Tho ravlval of The Amuaous" In
Now Vork proved that tint obi piny
has still attraction. IMIIIo llurka
made a hit an luljr Thomnaluo.
Is horoby glvwi to all real ostntelyct taken oit tho full amount of elr
agents und otlmrs concorned that tho
orchard ottered for sale by me Is
withdrawn from sale until further
Iteslorei Ht Liiftrr, I'm cuts Scalp
lulling; Dandruff und Falling
That beautiful, oven shade of dark,
glosey hair eau only bo had by brow-
u mixture of Sago Ten und Hol
phur. While It Is u inussy, tedious
task it well repays thoso whoso hair
Ih turning gray, faded nnd streaked.
Your hair is your charm. It makes
Lor mars tho faro. When it fndoH,
turns gray und. looks dry, wispy und
xcraggly Just nu application or two
tof Sago and Sulphur enhnncos Its
appearance u hundred fold.
Don'l bother to prepare tho tonloj
you (au got front any drug store a
50 tout bottle of "U'yi-th's Sago and
Sulphur llnlr Itoinody," roudy to use.
This can always ho depended upon
WASHINGTON, May l Tliu mi
gnr xcliodule win) iigiilu Iho Hiibjeut
or n lively dubtito In the xonitto, Son
utnr Itnusdell uuswerlui; tho claim of
Jnmea Hint tho democratic plntform
warned Louisiana to expect tree
silgar Itnusdell submitted tho records
In tin effort to show tho party was
not committed to frae nugitr.
Thomas, ot Colorado, aroused (he
republicans during bin dlsciiHstou ot
tho threats of business depression It
tho t'nderwood Mil became a law
when ho declared that no panic In the
hlHtory ot tho country was cor caus
ed by nu attempt to revise tho tariff
and read a mngnxlno nrllelo whlgh
stated tbo panic ot 1K03 wns ottused
by bankers who desired Iho repeal of
tho Shormnn sllvor law.
According to thin clrculnra wero
sent out from New York to bnul.s
demanding that they retire part of
their circulation nud call a large part
of their loans with tho object of forc
ing congress to repeal tho net.
Norrls and Itoot expressed disbe
lief that any such circular had ever
been sent, nnd Pngo declared none
waa received by tho Vermont bankers
and Smont said tli snuin was truo uf
Utah, Laiio however camo to the as
sistance of hi democratic colleague
by stating that ho knew of a banker
who had received such a communica
tion. Thomas also assorted that the
1907 panic wnn engineered by tbo
Standard Oil company and allied In
terests to get through tho Tonnessco
coal and Iron deal, llroussnrd In hU
nrgumetit assorted there was nothing
In the -democratic ' platform that
plcdgod the democratic party to tree
sugar und that tbu omission of such
a plank was Intentional.
In support ot this statement ho de
clared In that convention tho fluanc
committee wns besieged to put this
plank In tho platform. Ho concluded
with n personal appeal to his col
leagues "In God's unuio nut to vote
for freo sugnr nnd put a Louisiana
Industry to death."
sion of tho national hankuotn circu
lation to jncet tko deblM ot the cur
rency In times of financial dlstross
will bo mado easier through an order
today of Secretary McAdoo ot tho
treasury department.
In n statement tonight the secre
tary announced ho had iiuthorlsid
tbo national bunks In withdraw Unit
ed State two pur cent bonds which
thoy hnvo placed with the truasury as
security for government deposit ami
substitute Philippine, l'orto Itlctin,
ilnwallnn or District of Columbia
bonds and providing that tho United
.States bond so withdrawn shall bu
used ns security tor additional clrcu-
llatlon by banks which Havo not ns
dilation authorized by law,
This Is tho first tlmo tho trcnaury
department has permitted chnugtM In
thu chnrnctor of uecurltlos for federal
to bring hack tbo uaturnl color nud
luster of your hair and Is tho best
thing known to rmimin dandruff,
stop scalp Itching nml falling hair.
Everybody chooses "WyclhV Hugo
und Sulphur becnuxn It durkeiiii po
naturally and evenly thai nobody can
tell It has been applied. You simply
dampen u sponge or noft brush nud
draw this through tho hair, taking
ono small strand ut a tlmo which re
quires but u fuV moments. Do thin
nt night npd by morning thn gray
hnlr has disappeared and after an
other application It 'becomes beauti
fully dark and (ippcirs gloiiHy,' lus
trous and nbundnnt. It certainly
bolps folks look years younger nnd
twice a attractive, snys a well
known down town dnuiOt.
rr.1 i , ,j-!"..iu
A reprertcntallvoot tho North Wtrnl
Medford Saturday and iirvniignil with
Auto company ot Portland was In
Win. N. Oftult nnd O. It. t'onley In
handle tho lleo nud Hudson linos of
nulos. llolh ot tlieHo earn nro well
known having been bundled hero be
fore and nro popular nil over tho
Tho local ngoiilH havo rornlveil Ii
Iteo the fifth, nud It Is now on exhi
bition In their salesroom at the t'nf
tor Lugo tlunigo. It In u five ims
songor, 30 horsepower touring ear
Thoy will hnvo sovuriil utlier wrs
hero In u fow days.
Mr. Offult Is ono of tho lending
auto iiicchnuloH und salesmen of Iho
city nnd lately bmtiiuo nstHielulod
tIIIi tho Cmter Lnko garage. Mr.
t'ooley uudorstnudii ears ihoroiiKhly
but has not been In the auto IiumIukm
before. Ilo hits Iimui with Ills father
In tho Medford Lumber compnuy.
KM gnr Kclu bits written a play
In which llrui Mcllno will star.
(laby Detdya and Harry 1Mb or ulll
ngajti appear together In liudon
music halls during tho ruining sum
mer. ,
I . e 1
' --J-
makes clean,
Gold Dust nets like mngic on dirt nnd germs.
It cleans floors, doors nnd woodwork in n twink
ling. Must add a little Gold Dust to a pail of water
and you won't have to bend and rub, stoop nnd
scrub to get the desired result. Tho GOLD DUST
TWINS will do nil the hard part, of the task for
you, ana tne i results.
will be nlmost mirac
ulous. Buy a pnekage of
Gold Dust today and try
it for any ono of the
hundred uses for which
it is recommonded.
Do not uso nnnp, nnphtlin,
borux, sods, ammonia or kero
sene wilh Gold Dust. Cold Dust
haa all desirable clcunsintf quail
lies in a perfectly harmlws and
lasting form.
Monday Evening, May 19
Onirics Kroliiimn PrcHunlH
And Original Xfv Vork in Hhi'MomI Minions
lly.L Ar. nai'i'ic, Author ofTiio Lilllo Alini.stor"
TOR, 3500 LBS., 24 H. P., $1200.00.
i. " .1. . 1 1 p i 'i , ,1 ...i ..i
dmit Wilson linu detonuluvd no wnf
shlpn nor tionpH shall bu moved or
anything rcHnmhllug military or na
val deinomitrntlou curried on by Iho
Dulled HtiiteM whlto dlplomntln ilego
llallons aro In pror.rons with Japan
oer tho Uullfornlu iilluu laud ipii's
t loll, no that no alarming Interpreta
tion can bo phieml ovoli on tho or
tllnary miiuuuveis uf the unity nud
nary. - '
Stiiirrsllllottx hut ll.iiiy.
SAN JCIHH, rl., Mny lj"Wi
tuny 10 Ktipcrslltltui", luil wo both
nro mtsjlity luipp.V, euu it' wo do haw
to iln our linticvmnnning in u liospi
lul." TliU uik llio Joint iliM'lamtloii lien
toilnv or Clmilea l Little of Oak
IiihiI nml Mm. UttK rntiierly Alisn
r.u Wngfirr, ilio wer mnrri'il lie
side llio InHiIe'x oat Itsouuso llisy be.
Ilrvt-il llmt III luck follows iosImiiumI
wiMlillugs. Mr. Little wus foreml lit
"iilnnit lo an ohmiIIoii the titty lieforo
lliat hot fr lirr wedding.
The Wlr.lfss Oiu-rs tor's Union of
Han FrmirltMi. Cal, was renently or
healthy homes
The Gold Dust Twing
Muke tkmnlcYy 4Br&ktcr
a your work"
R, F. D. NO. 3.
PHONE 07-J-2