Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 16, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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ritofoiot irA7Ti trtbunr mtcdfotit). oitrcnotf wiwntkn!ay. aim? ii. in, win.
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II. .13. Postum, ono of the world's
loading mnrKsmen with a shotgun,
who represents tho Remington Armt
company, la In Medford on business.
Incidentally Vli calling on n hov
of friends he has here.
" JiitiiJo J. . It. XA bt Jacksonville
spent a tow hours In Mcdford Tucs
day.' J, Thorndlko of Jacksonville vis
Itedrolatlves Jiving In .Medford Tiies
'day. '
For sale, fine family driving or
riding, horse, buggy nnd harness
This Is n good buy nt $200. It In
terested wrlto Lothrop Perkins, 19
Hos's 'Court, Med ford.
Mrs. J. S. Patron of Ashland was
nt Jacksonville Tuesday, being ac
companied to Mcdford by Miss Isslo
Miss Anna Ilnmtll of Merlin was
nmong Mcdford friends the fore pa-'t
of tho week.
Orchard, hunting, fishing and
Crater Lake, scones for sato at Ger-
klng & Harmon's studio. Negatives
mado any place, kodak finishing. 12S
East Mala street. Phono 215 It.
C. S. Howell and D. D. Itussoll,
who Jlvo north of Rogue Klver. have
been transacting business In Mcd
ford. J. K. Hallllo of Phoenix spent
Tuesday night In Mcdford.
If you want your lawn mower
sharpened or repaired phono 3C0-J.
' C, If. Richards, tho Grants Pass
attorney who was appointed county
attorney of Josephine- county, was a
Medford visitor Tuesday.
A. Dealt and I. A. Merriman camo
to Mcdford Tuesday morning, but did
not tarry long.
Corking & Harmon, studio por
traits, homo portraits, flash lights,
kodak finishing, post card work and
enlarging.; IIS East Main street;
tolcphono 215 U.
R. n. Zimmerman was In from the
Prink, farm Tuesday, which Is being
considerably improved under his
R. Fletcher and Gcorgo Thompson
and his family of Ashland ha n
visiting in Medford.
Insuro and be sure. Right if wo
writo 1L It. A. Holmes, The Insur
ance Man.
John Dunnlngton and Gcorgo 0
Ings of Jacksonville were in Mcdfoid
T. J. Kelso and E. Conger of Cen
tral Point district mado a business
trip to Mcdford this week.
. .. Kodak finishing, the best at Wes
jtbnjs, opposite book store.
J. C. Handle, constable of Grants
Pass, was In Mcdford Tuesday, look
ing for a transgressor of the law.
C. M. Llrtir and Mr. Lux of Rose
burg arrived in Mcdford Tuesday.
William F.cheblo and D. A. Bonar
were down from Griffin creek tho
for'o part of tho week.
Special Table d'Hote dinner at
Holland hotel erery evening 40c. 34
W. J. Scott or Antloch is in Med
ford. Ho has sold 320 acres of tim
ber' land located near Squaw lako to
"W. 'V. Halo, ono of tho promotera of
tho Threo Lodes mines.
Mr, and Mrs. L. C. Durg of Klam
ath Falls are spending a few days
In Medford.
Vapor baths and scientific mas
sage for men and women. Dr. R.
J.Lockwood, chiropractor, 203 Gar-n'ett-Corey
bldg. Phone 145.
Professor George Rebec of this
valley, who is a member of the fac
ulty of tho University of Oregon, has
been making a business trip to Med
ford'. ( W. "W. Halo wont to Grants Pass
Tuesday evening, but will return
E. D. Weston, commercial photog
rapher, negatives mado any time or
placo by appointment. Phone M
1471. '
Mrs. F. H. Hull of Control Point
was among Medford relatives and
friends Tuesday.
W, F. Gloeckner and II. W. Miliar
wcro among the many who came to
Medford during tho week.
j. Money to loan on real estato. See
Ctirkln & Taylor, attorneys at law,
Frank Dooley, a prominent Jnsur
nuco man of Portland, transactod
buslnotts in Medford Tuesday,
hi. 1). Reed of Gold Hill was a
recent business visitor In Medford.
'Host coffeo In Medford, Manhattan
Cofo, . 23
rMr. and Mrs. R. G. Glcason are
among tho Into arrivals In Medford.
,Mr. Thrasher of Corvallls spoilt
Tuesday in Medford,
T. R, Diamond of Englo Point tar
ried a day In Mcdford this wet i .
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Day Phono 227
Night V. IV. Weeks 1 03-7 .'J
A. K. Orr D78-M
Frank Kay mndo n business trip lo
Tolu district TuciMlny.
Jack Merrill of Hold Hilt district
was nmong tho horticulturist who
rahio to Medford during thn week
A. V Wright of Weed, Cal., and
J. W. Knott of Yoncalln arrived In
Medford Tuesday.
Rest coffeo In Mcdford, Manhattan
Cafe. 23
11. A. l.owor Is down from Pros
pect for a few days.
J. J. O'Connor, a detective In tho
8erico of the Southern Pacific Is
accompanying Ramos circus through
the state.
Rest coffeo In Mcdford, Mnnhnttat
Cafe. 23
R. I), Hoke and his fnlmly motored
from Willow Springs district to Mcd
fonl Tuesday.
T. Wnlston of Sterling district
tarrlod In Medford Tuesday night.
S. Rosenberg, owner of the Hoar
Creek orchanl. Is down from Seattle.
Knrouragc. homo industry. Uso
Ashland mado brooms. Thoy wear
better. Get them at Garnett-Corcy
Hardware Co. 21
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wright were
among tho many clt liens of Grants
Pass In Medford thts week.
L. K. llaafe and R. W. Hitchcock
wcro over from Eagle Point district
the foro 'part of tho week.
One year old carnation plants, red,
whlto and pink, 10c. 923 E. Main,
Medford Greenhouse. 21
Mr nnd Mrs, A. Sparrow are mak
Ing Medford a short visit.
Mrs. Delia Doling of Apptcgato
and Mrs. Chick Murray of Portland
aro recent arrivals, in Medford.
M. P. Jicoby nnd Mr. and Mrs. C.
Hartman of Tolo were among thos.
Who were In Mcdford Tuesday.
Ueglnnlng with Monday, April 14,
thoro will bo no service on tho R. R.
V. R. between 12 and 1 o'clock p. m.
Tho car leaving Medford at 12:30
p. m. lias been cut out. 20
George C. Morris, an official ot
tho Southern Pacific company, wa
In Medford Tuesday, en routo to
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Helms of Tal
ent made a trip to Medford Tuesday.
It you can't find It elsewhere it's
at the Wonder store. 21
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. H. Coffin have
returned from a visit with relatives
living at Roseburg.
Misses Jessie Colo and Kato Rcr
ger ot Grants Pass tarried a while in
Medford during thn week.
Mn arid Mrs.Q. 1). Woodson have
iraaeu ineir rarm in Antloch pre
cinct for property in Mcdford and re
moved hither.
Rails', gloves and bats at Wonder
store. 21
Sheriff SInglcr. who tbok Cecil
Townsend to the penitentiary at Sa
lem, continued his trip to' Portland,
returning to Medford Wednesday.
Frank Nethorland of Rig Dutte
precinct camo to .Mcdford Tuesday
on business.
Something different, maternity,
surgical or any stylo corset or waist
made to order; electrical bandages,
belts and brushes for rheumatism,
etc. 227 S. Holly. 2C
There will bo no socialist local so
cial this evening as planned, tho af
fair being postponed to Wednosday
of next week. A special program
with dancing, Is planned for that
Boys, get a knife, 15c, at Wonder
store. 21
Word has been received of tho
death of Mrs. D. Bell at Everett,
Wash., Friday morning. Her sou.
J. D. Bell, proprietor of tho Nash
hotel of this city, was at her bed
side. Mr. Bell accompanied the
remains to Rochester, Minn., for In
terment. , E. W. McClaln has been vlsltinb
his daughter, Mrs. O. Swanson, at
Dole, Ore.
Rev. P. J. Lux and Rov. B. S
Nichols of Roseburg aro in Mcdford
attending tho meeting of tho Pres
H. A. Scholl nnd Mr. nud Mrs.
Lloyd Dyer wcro down from Grants
Pass ono day this week.
W. II. Hollls of Forest Grove, stain
senator from Washington county,
was In Mcdford Tuesday. Ho camo
on business connected wjth tho
Rankers and Merchants' Insurance
company, of which ho Is president.
Try some of that 15c candy at tho
Wonder store. si
An Impromptu shoot la being held
this aftornoon by tho Mcdford Rod
and Gun club at their grounds north
of the city. A number of local shoot
ore are competing, A big shoot Is to
bo arranged In tho near future.
Socialist Social PoitMiiicil,
Tho box social to ho given this
evening by tho socialist local lias
boon postponed, it la probable that
It will bo hold on April 25 at Smith's
hall. Tho socialists will hold a reg
ular business session this evening.
Tho effort of the California legisla
ture to avoid iiumlnnl discrimination
between Japan nnd other nations In
the nntl-nllen land bill, which Into
yesterday was passed In the assembly
by a oto of S to lo, has led to n
situation today whom the most de
termined opposition against Its pas
sngo In the senate Is coming from
those within tho state dependent
upon European capital, rather thnn
from tho Nipponese government.
"What will bo the effect In Lon
don, Berlin nnd Paris?"
That Is the question today being
anxiously propounded about the cap
ital, and not "how wilt Toklo regard
this measure?"
It was this phase of tho situation
which, during the argument on the
bill yesterday, overshadowed proph
esies concerning tho so-called "yel
low peril."
Amend Atcmlly Hill.
The proposal to amend tho as
sembly bill to conform with the sen
ate measure so as to tncludo all
corporations tho majority ot whoso
stock Is owned by foreigners,
brought this feature out prominent
ly. Tho assembly oted down the
amendment. leaving tho clause to
read that only corporations con
trolled by aliens, "Ineligible to be-
como citizens" sha'.l have tho same
btatus as Individual aliens.
As tho bill now stnnds passed by
tht assembly, European capitalist Is
exempted nnd only Japanese corpora
tions aro affected by tho provision
permitting aliens to hold land for
only ono year In California.
As Individuals, howevor, all for
eigners aro embraced under tho bill
on equal terms nnd must havo de
clared their Intention of citizenship
before tho 'expiration of tho year In
order to prevent tho escheat of their
holdings to thn stato at that time.
Striken nt Foreigners.
With tho declaration that one
third of tho development in tho
southern end of tho stato was being
done by foreign capital, largely Eng
lish, nnd that tho mcasuro In Its ex
isting form would drlvo this money
away, tho Los Angeles delegation al
most to a msA voted for tho John
stone amendment to exempt Individ
ual aliens eligible tn citizenship. It
was defeated, 50 to 20.
It Is on this ground that tho pre
dicted prcssuro will bo brought to
bear In tho senate to strike out simi
lar provisions in tho assembly bill,
which will como up for final action
this week. Tho senate purposely de
layed action In order to sound out
tho sentiment of tho assembly and
let tho lattor break tho Ice.
Dramatic Secucfl WltncMt!.
No moro dramatic scenes havo
been witnessed In tho legislature this
season than yeatorday when, with
packed floor and gallery, California
lawmakers took tho first step to
check tho encroachment of a brown
civilization upon tho white. Many
Japancso -woro In tho gallery, hut so
iiujiurBuiinuy was mo situation re
garded that tho Nlpponeso subjects
sat besldo Calirornlans or both sexes
and frequently discussed features of
tho bill In a friendly manner.
The measuro as It passed tho as
sembly, briefly, provides that no
alien, within tho pun-low of tho bill,
shall hold laud for more than ono
year. It must then bo sold nnd can
not bo transferred to anothor allon.
Tho act does not apply to real prop
erty now owned by aliens, so long
as It Is hold by the present owners,
their wives or children. Lcnsos to
nitons shall not extend for moro than
fivo years.
LOS ANGELES, Cal, April III -Two
proposed bond Issues out or
eight oted upon nt yeste "day's mu
nicipal election are carried, accord
Ing to returns today. They provide
extensive Improvements nt the elt)'.
San Pedro hnrbor nud the construc
tion of ntalnn to convey water from
tho San Fornnndlno IiIIIh terminus of
the munlclpnl aqueduct to the city.
Tho bond Issues approved aggre
gate $4,000,000. Tho six defeated
totaled $13,600,000. Among the
latter were bond Issues to build a
new city hall, purchase a site for tho
Los Angeles normal school, construct
n munlclpnl rnllroad to tho harbor,
a power distributing s)stem In con
nection with the aqueduct nud two
propositions to distribute aqueduct
water to nearby points.
Failure to pass the power distrib
uting system bonds leaves tho city
with a $3,500,000 Incompleted power
plant on Its hnuds.
Approximately '50.000 out of 100,
000 registered votes were cast.
linsKIU'ltCI, Oie, April Hi. A
morlgngo or deed of lrut for $.10uV
0110 eoxeilng timber hind m thing
hi mid I .m no coiiulic, tin lnilnj
lieeu tiled Willi the ennntv clerk h
the MIpIiIkiiii Thin! company of
(Imiiil Rapid, Mich. The mnilKngor
Is Hie Tide Water .Mill company, thn
provident of which in Johnson Porter,
head of (lie eniilrueling film Unit In
building the Southern I'aeifle rail
way line lmui Eugene to Coo liny.
The money i lo he ued for the
erection, near Florence, l,no coun
ty of one of Hie biggest liunliur iimnii
fuclmiug pliiulM in the went.
NEW YORK. Apnl HI. r'irl
prices in the stock market oiln were
slighlly lower for the majority of
the lenders. The tone impniscd later
wlieit Amalgamated itml Komllng
scored good nilvnncoH, hut the entire
liitt eased off before the close. Trail
ing was confined to Die profefu-loiuil
element. Tho decline in copper
nlirond enuxed nu unsettled state in
Hint stock liore. The market closed
WASHINGTON, April ltl.-Tlie
senate foreign relntions committee
reported fnvomlily today on the
Humiliation of Walter Page to he tun
humidor to (I rent llrituin.
POIiTl.AN'l). Ore., April in. rV
u conference Willi the local hoard of
I'nited Hlntes Inspector of Metim
vessels, John IC. thilger, oiMrviiiiK
inspector for the nrt ditriet, nr
rlved in Portland form San KrnnciHco
today. The conference Is in connec
tion with defective purl in the en
gines of the steamer Northland. The
Northland nrrived here lust week with
her intermediate cylinder head
enickcd. Cnptnin Mulger will n
tdt the local hoard in exniuiiiiut? the
Northluud lo determine whether t
vessel enn pniceed to sen or whetluir
it will he necessary to make repair
The Northhuiil is now nt Rainier
loading lumber for California.
.im.m i - mm
SPOKANE, Wii-li., Apnl HI The
body of 0. S. Sluley, formerly of
Free water, Oregon, was found In n
nom in the Raymond Hotel today,
Inning committed wuieide noine time
during the night by shooting himself
with n 2'2 caliber reolver. lie
employed by tho Alexaiidrm Hotel
Walking Typhoid
May be Your Trouble.
Why Drag Along, Worn to tl;a Bona Wlisn You Can
be Rekusf, Happy ami Full of lifo.
With your t.ied tun ft oalnrrlirtl lnfe
tlmi, irvM ailMinsltuiitf. !iI"k iifiv
fltinlmil, liisntHi-hin. ItowMUili, I'OllnKni,
liiHiliworin tn,- vunn, "lillli e'l lrr
r sm eilirr ttMlltnln 'ilmrire, tho
wry rtiiiii.ti n ( is Iiviiim airl
away by ri'ilhg launui
There Oiu He No lloiibi About the
ItcMiltx In MiMlfont
PORTLAND, Ore., April li.-When
Clarence Likens, a student, walked
into Lincoln High School the women
Infitruclorn greeted him with shrieU
nnd faiiitn. Home "kind friend"
telephoned his parentis that ho hud
been killed hy nn automobile nnd they
in turn had notified the bchool nu-IhoriticH.
Tlcsults tell tho tale.
All doubt Is removed.
Tho testimony of n Mcdford citi
zen. Can bo easily Investigated.
What hotter proof can bo had?
T. J. Williams, 617 Oakdale Ave..
Medford, Ore., says: "In 1907 aftor
Doan'a Kidney Pills bcnofltod mo so
greatly, I publicly recommend thorn.
At this tlmo 1 am again pleased to
speak In their pralso and give per
mission for tho continued publication
of my testimonial. I suffered for
years from kidney and bladder
troublo, tho sypmtoms being slight
at first, but becoming worso as tlmo
passed. Tho pains In my back be
came so acute that I could Irardly en
duro them, and an tho result of rest
less nights, I arose In tho morning
all worn out. Often I was so lame
and stiff that I could not stoop and
headaches and dizzy spoils woro com
mon. I tried tio many remedies
without being helped that I becamo
discouraged, but when Doan'a Kid
ney Pills wero recommended to mo,
I decided to Uko thorn as t last re
sort. I procured n supply at Has
kins' Drug Ktoro and after using two
boxes, I could seo that a great Im
provement had been made. I grow
better from that tlruo on and was
.oon frco from kidney complaint."
For sale by all dealers. Price SO
cents, Foster-Mllburii Co., Huffalo,
Now York, solo agents for tho United
Itemombor thp namo Doan'a
and take no other.
J -
0, 0. a. Ii a Wondti. It Maku Vou Look
and ril tht Picture ef ml tltslth.
Ilstf Hie peril e inert c mtilJin nf
werv inuHr.. snipmrt tri' Jma'.-.l
rMWTMt. "II J II lllvl irlllul CmllB In liv
tlawti mid )ut null Muat uf ihwo !
iWVd bM It '!.: lurYinoj that m?tMl
I. ullr Mm up the iimn only to die
ii wn MhIii, ril 'lit lloiy tioinl. Avolil
in-nn siiuiulHiit. luwr In iiiIikI Hint Oil
worn el ff'IIHK Ii 'bin to issir bltmtl,
lit lrtiia In Itio wittr )nii ilrlnkl in
Hi tiiililphliiK r tie trend vit Hi-rnm In
thn (itixsl rumor tlmn lhy euu bit over
i iiii by Irui hll rurimwrtMj iitnl tn
wiuit I knwn Mi-ttnilii, Hint etii
tmt others iii mtm r lininirn lilnod
.M'limuUtfi rotiw than It Mil le r.
plui'H hy ti rsl Mrtrrlnl litiMsl.
If yoM (l Wyl out or MHtrlrMf
thn ls-wllsr iwiUMItlnpi f lirts mill Iril
ii, rimM In ISi bowwla. Ha lo nllir drtiK
iln sivl suit fur IkhIIh ( II. H. H,
I'lMd'ii Burn wli. Ilm U ii rnmnly
' a t:M nt work In h (nlnklllist It liHt
r.i'un.ajr niMia Mhi late ytnir IiIihmI,
k iiiiirs xortfiH rlstii and loit, up mill
il W ilisl fikwnr,
YbiI fsl NHrr at ime, nnt from a
Kiiitiulnnl, not frntti Hi maIIkii "f ilnuc.
I -I fi"in thn milnnal nrfert nf a imtunil
ImimII- in julit H Mi'llVn Htl JtMt M tltnQ
1 1' m In a mn who Imi 1iii lt tn
tn iiiohmIhIim, In hImhiI ntnrvr.1 ntnl
e-iniisi ti n Miller Juit choking n
MVury inxl of wri lmnml beef. li
not iimIihI tn iHt a tsiltln ef H. H. II
thirty. II will makn yU (Ml Imtlrr In
jnt a lew mliiMtM. It In iireimrtut unlr
Hi the !iil.rstory it-Tdn Hvtirt Nfinil
', l.T nwlft lllil, Atlonln, (U. Vmxl
fir Hixlr fist Isxik tnllllill nf tho tunny
UlrnhW SHWllltnhS Hist SlTtlrt Hi a butoatt
l.imlly by muni uf lniwrUlivtl Miwl.
Can't Go Wrong
on Button
From ono end of tho land to
tho other women are Insisting
on oxfords for' spring nnd mini
mer. '
Iluttnn Oxfords nro horn In tho
populnr spring leathers gun
metal, tan calf, patent ami
we have the smart toea anil
now heels that aro so easy,
also so pleasing to tho eye.
$1,00 will buy n l'nlr
You can't pay moru than four
for oxfords at
Gooo Shocs"
OpMilto INiNlofflco
(Seo tho Window)
1000 Rooms Wanted
In order to ncooiumoilnte thu people alleudltig the Odd I'ctlotta
(imiiil Irfiilge nud ItcU'Unli .M.einlily to b held In Medford May
Fill nut printed blank below and mall lo John ,, IVtt, See.
Ilooiu ('oiuiiiliice, not lutsr than April SO, In order that Hit or.ti b
Wn will havo nmins available, from May SO to 13 as
....- Itaotus with bath C net day fur ono per
son; r..per dny for tuo persons.
......M..ltooins nlthotit bttti -....... .mr day for ono
person; T ..per day for two pirsous.
Btnet nud Nuiimber M
JU I ktt Tr ..tff FTrtFtX ?rTrf IV1. ttT HHHiTttTsT'lU .
SASH and DOOR Caialog-fxee
It will pay you (a find out wtat Sash, Doors and Mlllwcik cost
in Seattle, raanulacluicd and sold under our simple system.
IS !.
A 1'unrl Ihmr: lnirtrl. U I)m.
rll-iiin llinixnluw iiwr, Inlnlur 1.14
S-l'l 11' triirrr l)ixr. Klmrmilnl.
!, 11k In. Ihlrk .. 7J
Criid-iniiM l'inl lh-.r., niaiir ilw
l(n, ii, (rum f.0
1'i.tliKii IIim.m, nmtiy tlis4ant,
ni limn ' SI.M
C mnl HmIi. Ill iWl2l.
u, truM .SI
llftilr ttOMlM llllll, 10 il,rr., Ma,
H4r t .ll
Iilt4" llwr IrlMi II fttrrr, llnl In
n l.l..ll , S ,U
..thl IIIk.I.iii., SltMi, tlir.1. imII.
ll SI. II
Jllnlleln t Mnu. Willi tnlrrwr.
"li.illl-lii" al)! . 111.311
Wo havo our own mill, run It our way most ornnoinlenlly
- and sell Clt.'AHAN TKKI) ipialliy nmlerlsl DIIIKPT TO YOU
through our big llltuitrated catalog No. 33, whlvh Is sent free.
rromutly M VJri lr7Lv 1 1 "-'l's VXV1V J na
Hnd for
Your Own
Xotlco Is horoby given that thero
aro funds on hand In tho city treas
ury for tho redemption of warrants
No. i to 10, Inclusive, Issued against
Fifth street storm sower fund, nlso
warrant No. 32, issuod against Kast
Main street water fund. Interest on
tho abovo warrants will coaso at the
dato of this notice.
F. II. SAMUELS, City Treasurer, I
"Ftituro lightweight elintnpecii"
bawled tho announcer, presenting Joe
Arey, u club boxer. Then a man in
uniform liohhed up. "You're wanted
for thievery, Mr. Arey," he declured.
Then ho threw a Imtlt rolio over .Mr.
Aicy nud yunked him out into the
Ilenry Shorho received a medal hack
in Germany for Home heroic net. Ho
got "illuihiimted" nud went lo get n
islinvc. He preHcntcd the harbor with
the medal in payment nud demanded
eighty-five cents chuiigo. lie in
sisted. Ho ih resting easier today.
With Medford trado Is Medford mado
How Much Does
Your Child Weigh ?
Tho health of your child depmidH upon tho
food that ho catH, Ih thero mtisclu building olu
menu In it? Good brand Is ono ot tho best
foods for growing children.
' To nuiko broad that contains n good
tho iniiKclu building forco Just uso
portion of protein
Drifted Snow Flour
Tho very heart of tho wheat Ik soparatod from tho portions
of less food value and ground Into Drifted Snow Flour, Thu
flour passes an exceptional ly high glutton test and that'H why it
inaltcH bread that Is wliolosomo, nutrltlouu and dollrlous,
Your grocor sells "Drifted Snow."
Stock and Dairy Farm
of otcr U'-JO ACHILS, tlio l.'iist Mint of ulilili Is within
IOO )ards of the Comity CniirllioiiMi In Yrcka City.
This pluio rut 1-0 Ioiin of liny tho pnt hcason, ami
If tho laud Ih properly farmed can bo mndo to pro
duce ttllli 'J'ONH Ol'' HAY. Went of tint place Is an
ningo ultli iiuiplo feed dm lug hiiiiinier iiiiuiiIim (o
liamllo intl CATliii:.
wagon shod, workshop, and all necessary outbuild
ings, nlso an ubuudnucu Of firewood on tho place,
of novor falug supply of water to two ot tho dwell
ings, plpo'llno laid to corrida, lawn, truck patch, or
chard and berry patch, 1) IdVINd Si'ltlNUS on tho
which linvo NHVIOIt FAIIdU) to product) tho finest
fruit for over twonty yenra, aovoral varlotles of her
rleB also in bearing. Tho first right to tho under
ground wntorH ot Humbug Otilrlt which drains four
mlloH of mi o u n tn I ii territory, nud Is rnluod In terra
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