Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 07, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    Mutt Certainly Thinks a Lot of Jeff
' ' v-jn T I T3 V 'lllI 1 1 I a coopug or KooM
I " "E Ofe " AU- Our? J '
New I'iiw",
Geflrgii II. .Mlllnr h. City of Med
ford; writ of rmlcw.
,MihiIiiu I.Ik'hni-h.
II. I.. I.inh nml Hiull.- Kick.
Dolph Kent tiinl Ida Klmtiiurii,
It. II. Mntthlescn nml MnilKu V.
Ural INlnla Trunfer.
W (.'. Cmert in Irn Coffmnn,
deed Inml In ip 40 It 4 W$ 1
0. W. Galloway tu Hester A.
Unllmwiy, iIiimI lot 7 tilk 2
West1 A.I.I M.Mlfor.l... 1
Hosier (liillnwny to II. J.
Trowbridge deed lot 7 lilk
2 West's A.I.I Medford .... 1
l'lo)il Cuhcr to I .on I bo It.
Oicnsoii, dtu-d lol 1 17
Phoenix 1
HM..JI. Wright e.t l loJwnn
Carroll, dtod 20 ncrcaV'o
ii u ad k it i v: 10
C. H. Ilartlrtt to George Tra
vomer, deed land In sec
30 l(i 30 K It U i: 1,000
8. I.. Ilnincit t ux to lllnlln
ICiKinti, deed Uml In DLC
UO tp 37 8 It 2 V 10
II. Anderson to i:, Ii, Hurt,
deed, 3 1 M0 (terra ti 35 8 It
2 13 1
N. Welter lu A. A. Graves,
deed, lot 12 lilk 1 Tutllo's
Ailil Medford 10
O. & C. It. It. Co. to lUtuom
Carter, deed, vc 3 t. 35 8
It 3 W
Htonhuti Longfellow to Ran
torn Cnrtcr, deed, sec 4 tp
36 H,ll 4 W 10
I.oiiIh 0. Slvers to It. Cnrtor,
deed niliilni: claim nee H
t 3.'. S It 3 W 1
Ily A. C. llowictt
l.nst Momtn)' night Ilia Indies of
Hut W. C. T. I' cnvo tlio i:. I'. A. 0.
n Imiiipiet In tlit'lr gymiinilum nml
linil miDtlior of tliono ipi'dully ln
toroHtliiK lltiuM. Tim rirt tliliut on
lliu jiroKnim vsiih koiiio Hluntu by tin.
liiuinburH of tlm K, 1. A. 0. on tlio
Ijii r uml i'Iiikh, Ihun lilr,li JiimtiliiK,
t'to. Tlnm they all took jitirt In ui'V
uritl klmlH of Innoci'iit jiluyn nml
Kmni'Mnot' rnnl jilnylnK but tlio
liliiyu that ClirUtluu ioojlu run tnko
imrt In nml not do vloluucn (o tliulr
coimcli'tico or vlolatu tlio ruliH of
tlmlr church. Afti-r they luul ltlitycil
a wlillu Hid Hiiii(r wad Hprnnd ami
now romcM thu hnrdunt part of my
tank, to try to iluicrlbo thu frnut. for
1 linvu to ijIvii It from lu-amay an I
wiih iiuavolilulily lilmlorod from ko
Iiik Hint particular nlKht, but my
flrnt Informant Knld that It wan tlio
bout feed ho nvoi' tmw norvcil and tlm
ni'Xt omi Hithl Hint tin. ladlit limply
putdld Hiumuolvori, whllo 'anotlior
Haiti that thu Hiippur wan ton Kood to
talk about, vo I JiuIko by Hint, that
It miiiit huvu liciii up to tho Btnudnrd
and If It woh thou It wah A-l, for
thu 10, I'. la.lloH uro noted for ROttliiK
tip tlio vory beat menlH of any In
thu country. Aftorthu mippcr wan
ixuvod and or.lor nworml tlio uoxt
thliiK wna thu pioRcntatlon or tho
nuulaU by Ilov, I, L, aiiiiimma. Tltoro
woro four modnlti awardod, but thino
worn only thruo on liund. Tho
fourth ouo will ho presented to Itov.
HlininoiiH In a Hliort tliuo. Tho first
wan a beautiful Kold in oil n I prosuntod
to A. K. HIi'oiir, Itov, HlnimoiiB lim
it I iut n n out and upproprlato proann
tntlon Hpoocli, to which Mr. Stroni;
ruHppudud with appropilatu romurltw,
Thu uoxt wna a ullvor prlzo rocolvod
by William Wrlxht. Ilu alio ro
iuii.Ih1 with n iliort Hpcucli of
tlinnki, nml thiu Itnlpli 0 win en t-niliu
forMurd ami rimiiondfi) to thi' pre
O'titntlon of nnnthur kllwr medal.
Then tho K. I A. C. Kavn three
roiuliiK olieer for tint V. 0. T. U.,
to which thny r.'iipoiiil.Hl In llku man
tier with Ihreo clipcn for the Haclo
I'olnt Athletic club. At the clone oi
the banquet itepn woro taken to or
liaulio a brand bund lu coniifttloti
with tin. club. Then nfter n rouMlni;
liamlihnklnK all iirouml they all
wont homo leolliiK Hint they had
piipivd anothur Krrou Hpot lu tbulr
liven In Kaclu I'olnt.
111 .Monday the puplln In the
thrift upper roouiN of tho local icliool
took u notion In their wlio headi
that they would piny tho teachem n
little April Tool trick and about tho
limn for them to inarch Into tliulr
rooinH they ran out the back way of
tlio nchool r.rotindi nml dlinppeared
rroulng funren. fleldi, etc and
cromc.l tho creek to tlio old wlro
brlitiin nn. I returned nbout 2:30 p. m.
loadod with wild flow en and report
ed thut that had been ono of tint
tlmn of their liven.
Thu flnt of lait week J. T. Sulli
van, ma ringer qf tho Itoguo Illver
Valley Canal company1! tmiluMi,
and llnlph I1, Cowr.111, formerly con
struction onulneor for tint eompanv,
culled for dinner and reported that
they nro doing fine In their lino.
J, II. Cooloy, proprietor of a flno
orchard juit nbovo town, nnd John
Welch called for dinner tlm Init of
tho week. They wcro on their way
to the orchard.
I.nnt wook ilr. I'alnter procured
lumber and hIiIhrI.h at tho KhrIo
I'olnt lumber yard to put nn addition
onto hli houio. Ho boUKht tho hard
wure nt Hoy Aihpolu'n hardwaro
Mr. Ilurdetto Doditn of lllrcrsldn
orchard wnit lu our town nfter n load
of HUppllen tho Init of the week.
Hoy Wlllltd, tho mall contractor
on thu KukIo Point und I'eralit
route, reportu that Homer Itaudall
of lClk crcuk had his homo and con
tent burned on tho 29th of March.
Thin Ii tho iccoiiil tlmo he linn burn
burned out within tho pint year. Ho
In n bachelor and hat been IIvIiik
Dr. Nowbury, who owns n farm
nnd oruburd uenr UrowiiHboro, re
turned from Medford Frldny, whoro
he had been to look nftor a youiiK
orchard ho ciwiih uenr Medford, on n
part of tho old llnrnoburR place,
J. W. Crovor, who linn been Horv
liiK on tho Jury ul Jncknouvllle, re
turned homo last weok,
M. K. Hoot, who Is u thu employ
of tho HoKiio ltlvor Valley Canal
rompuny, wan n pliuiBant culler tho
Imt of tho weok. Ho u nucurliiK
ulKuuru for water rlr.hlH and reportu
that ho In HueceodliiK very well.
Mr. HiiKsitalo, who Uvea upon tho
Houth fork of Mttlu llutto creek, bad
a larno roll of wlro fondue tnkon
up lnit Krldny by tho HtnRo drlvor to
l.ako crook, Mr. CuUiortiun,
Wllllum und I.ltjal Hoof ft of I.nko
eroek brotiKht out a load of potatoes
for tho Medford tunrkot lust Krldny,
John .Wnlclt ami Hlster, Mlsa Clar
nda, woro trnnsnctln business with
Heath & Diamond' last Krldny. Thoy
broiiBht in cjutto a lot of farm pro
duro. OoorRo I.lndloy, cnshler or tho
Jackson County bank, passed
tliroiih'h our town Krlday. Ho had
boon up lu tho Dead Indian couutty
to rest and got off of tho comont
walks nnd mnrblo floors. Wo hopo
thu chaiiKo will bo n bonoflt to him.
Kloyd I'lorco and wlfo wont to
Korcst crook last Krlduy to vUlt his
O, Dnlmck camo out from his Ikhuo
boyoud Ills lluttu crcok Krlday,
arrcPFoup arAir; 'rnmumz,
Tlio i'Hv coiim'il met Hnltinlny
nielli, lifiiix the fimt ri'Kiilar rioii
of llie new Imnril. .Mujor (."owley,
Keeonler .lncobs nml Coimelluien Al
exumler, Moon, Ta)ior nml Wunier
were irrciit. Mnyor Cowley np
pomte.l Ur. Dow health physivinn,
lleorije L. I'o nl, wnter eommlnkiouur,
nml .1. II. Iloltuc, riiniHhul. TIiphc
niioinluieu4 were iiiiiiulmniiKly eon
flnnvil liy the eoiineil. ('oinielliiiMii
Alcxniuler was then npioiiitcil priMi
ilent of the I'otuieil. Thli nptoint
inent wiih reiulily eonfiniic.l y tho
council. The regular nieelin nlK'lit
of the city lniN for the mining yenr
wnn fimij;cil from the fimt Momlny
of (he mouth to the flrnt Tuemlny of
eaeli mouth. After llHeuxHini; nil
iniitterH of importance the meeting
was iiiljoiininl until next Tue-ilay
night, April filli.
The milrniiil rompuny U gelling
ready to eouueet 'vvltlt the hewer ami
In iiiHtnll nil thu inmleni eunvunieiiccH
for tin' public use.
About one hundred of our citizen
HjMtnt Saturday afternoon in Medford
on liiifciuc nml pleasure.
t Mr. und Mr. Jnnicrt Shields ami T.
I.I. O'llarn spent Sumlny in Gold Hill.
W. 11. Kewrnnn nml I). K. Ilcnll of
Meilfonl ixitei rrlntivcK nnd frien.lfi
in thi- city Sunday.
Kohl. Holmes of the local Tribune
forco attended the funeral of Kd.
Hoot nt Medford Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Clinmberlnln of Kny Gold was
visiting nml shopping hero Saturday.
Mr. ami Mm. 1). K. Jones uml fam
ily left for Phoenix today Monclny)
where they expect to remain for soma
Dr. nnd Mrs. Heart left for Port
land Kntunliiy evening.
Mm. White of Hogtie Htver f.pent
tho week-end with the family of K. Ii.
Kami in this city.
Florence Monro of Hills pent Sun
day with his family here, returning
to Ililttf in the evening.
fok i;ni -nouaKa
KOIt HUNT -Seven room houso,
sleeping porch, 113; alto C room
apartment, sleeping porch. ls
Water paid In both, luijulro of
Col, Sargent. 30
FOR RENT 10 room houso rear of
Farmers & Krultgrowors bank,
tiultubln (or huslncsx, real estate,
boarding or rooming houso. Cold
Ray Realty Co., Gtli and Kir sts.
FOR RENT Furnished Croom
house, water rent paid, $25. 518
King st.
FOR RENT Strictly modern C
room houso with sleoplng porch,
Also seven room IjuiikuIow fur
nished If desired. Also three room
houso. W. 11, Evorhnrd, 1013 V.
9th nt.
50 nc-rea of choice land in crop,
lioimo mid hum uml other buildings,
four good liorbes, a lot of liogs nnd
itliiekejiH, implements uml tool of nil
kintln, also Iwo-thinls of tlio crop on
ovor 100 nori'H ndjoining routed
Rround. All goes for .?! 1,000. This
is extra good laud. Figure it out.
1(10 acres on tho Applcgatc, well
improved. $50.00 por aero.
180 ucros uenr good town nearly
nil in eultivntion. $15,00 per ncro.
120 acres near good town, no
buildings. $00.00 per noro.
TIioho thvco plnces nil nro raising
Rome nlfall'n, luivo boiuo irrigation,
und more enn ho ensily, developed.
nil near hcmio. uii.i ui.iiui juhuih,
Thoy nro nil monoy mnkors.
Room J 'J Jackson County Haul; Illdg
Telephone 1 037-J.
hiepfotid, ouicaox, Monday, April 7. mm.
ion ki:.t -nouses
KOIt Iti:NT A well furnished C
room bungalow, with sleeping
porch. 211 I-aurcl st. Key at II.
C. Kentner's, C09 V. 10th. Telo
pbono 73 Ashland.
KOIt HUNT rurnlihcd houio, closo
In. M. A. Itsder, nt M. K. & II.
KOIt HUNT Furnished bungalow.
COS 8. (Snipe. 14
FOIt HBNT Summer rates begin
April 1 nt tho Ilcrben. Kvcrythlng
new; prlrnto bath, laundry, etc.;
completely furnished apartments.
10 Qulnco sU
KOH ItKNT Larue- sleoplng rooms,
and modern housekeeping apart
ments, prices very reasonable
Phono 102G-L. 222 South Holly
FOIt KENT Nlco modern rooma
with board at Mrs. Fay's, 22
Genevn Arc
FOIt ItKNT Suite of 2 or 4 nicely
furnished housekeeping roorai.
plumbed, lighted; lower floor. 720
V. 11th.
FOR RENT Largo, comfortable ot
flco rooms with olevator service,
steam heat, hot and cold water.
Low rates. Apply Medford Furnl
turo & Hdw. Co.
FOR RENT Our splendldfy" ap
pointed dairy ranch on Ross lane:
running spring water; barn for 23
head milch cows; silo; 2H miles
from Medford; best land In valley;
5 acres alfalfa; land broke tor corn
for alie: new 5 room bungalow.
Phono 732-H-4. Tlcknor & Doo
Htllo. is
FOR SALE 13 acres on Rlvorsldo
drlvo overlooking Roguo river; 3
acres youug orchard, part bearing,
balance alfalfa nnd grain land
very sightly. Ideal location fot
couutry home. Exclusive neigh
borhood. Ucnutlful residences sur
rounding. C. D. Woolvorton,
River Head Ranch, Cold Hill, Ore
gou. 335
FOR SALE -40 acres ot timber land
4 miles from Talent on road. Will
cut about 2000 cords of fir and
hardwood. Prlco $500. II. L.
Whlted, Ashland, Ore., or N- It.
Urophy, Talent. 13
FOR SALE Ily Luman .V. Judd. of
Talent, Jackson county, Oregon,
small farms from 10 acres to 1000
acres; commercial orchards, stock,
alfalfa, timber nnd poultry, lu
southern Oregon, California, Tex
as, Arkansas, Washington, Alber
ta, Canada, etc, from $25 an ncro
up; also orange lauds lu Califor
nia and southern Texan, $150 an
ncro up; gold lulnes. S. P. R. R.
lands lu California, Utah and Ne
vada, $3.50 and up; small pay
ment down, bnlnuco on time, in
closo stamps,
FOR SALE 190 feet frontage Da
koiu tivonuo, lbu teet otr .Now.
town; 90.5 feet deep; will dlvldo.
Prlco for all, $900. Address O. It.,
Tribune. 327
C-ROOM houso, modern In every
way, Two fireplaces, hardwood
floors; In vory best neighborhood.
Flno grounds. Never been occu
pied. Cast ot houso, $4000 unin
cumbered, Will exchango for ncrc
ago or soil, Soo owner, J. O.
Uarnos, First Natl. Rank bldg.
FOR SALE 3 )ots on .Hosa court at
a snennco, for cash, c, u, wool
vorton, Gold Hill, Oro, 335
FOIt flAbR MltiCKijlj.'iXnOUB
h"b C S ALB -NV w" 2 Vi" h? p. Sto vf r
gasollno unglni. Tel. 24-J. 12
FOIt 8ALK Compfeto Cederborg
cdectrlc frost thermometer, Reed as
now; cost $15: will sell for 0.
Phono 284-H or CC4. 13
FOR SALK Saddle horso at Nash
stable; young and well broken;
suitable for lady or gentleman, IS
FOR. SALK Toam. harness and
wagon with wood rack. Just as
good ns di)W. Also UoLavnl cream
separator, Ilaby No. 1, $23. 319
N. Heatty. lu
FOR SALK Something different
llortha May's Maternity Corsvts,
any stylo corset made to order.
Klectrlc corsets, bandages for
rhoumatlsni, etc. 227 South Holly.
Phono S1C-X. 17
FOR SALK-Graln hay, $9 and $12
per ton. C. W. Isaacs.
hand buggy. 520 S. Peach st. It
WANTED Platform scales capable
of weighing up to 1000 or 2000
lbs. Dagley Cunning Co., Tnleni.
Ore. 3t
FOR SALE Registered Curoc Jor
toy male, 15 months old; first
class stock. Price. $15. Phono
lOIS-R. 14
FOR SALE Ilrown horso 12 years
old, weight 1300; with harness
and IlKht road wagon. It. K. Z"pp,
Phoenix, Ore. 1C
FOR SALE Cheap, ono black maro
3 years old, weight 1100. E. T.
Neal, Central Point. ll
FOR SALE Fruit box labels In one
two or threo colors, prlntod u you
order at the Mall Tribune.
FOR SALE Loose leaf ledger sys
tems, any style or in ado to order
by tho Mall Trlbuoo bindery.
FOR SALE Two 10-horse. ono 6
horso, ono 3-horso electric motors
with starters and transformers.
Hubbard llros. 331
FOIt SALE Shndo trees, two years
old Catollna poplars, very fast
growing, 40c each. 512 S. Oak
dalo ave. Phono 123-11. 3C4
FOR SALE Grain hay $S por ton.
2 miles west of Medford, It. F. D.
No. 1, box 25. It. K. Lofland. 1C
FOR SALE Letter heads ana fancy
stationery, prlntod, eugraved or
embossed, as you wish at the
Mall Tribune
FOR SALE Early Sunrlso and Un
do Sam seed potatoes. E. W. Carl
ton. Central Tolnt; phouo Farm
ers 114. 322
FOR SALE Sharpies croam separa
tor, milk coolor, 30 gal. hot water
tank with coll stove, and Bluglo
buggy. Phono R-l 1-11, II
FOR SALE Legal blauKs, tresspass
notices, for sale or rent sings at
the Mall Tribune.
FOR SALEbTio dotenliarred Itock
hens. Eggs for hatching. C04 Plum
st. M. II.. Mall Tribune
FOR SALE White, Wyandottes,
bronze turkey eggs and stock. J.
11. Fullor, Talent, Ore. 29
FOR SALE My Ancona and Orping
ton hens cheap. J. C. Schmidt.
WAN'TriDGlri "fqr'uv'rul Housed
work. Regular work and goon
wages. Mrs. Fred Low-Is, Wollen,
Ore, or phono 12-K-42. 12
WANTED Girl wanted to help with
hougowork aftornoons. Phono
WANTED Lawn mowing, trimming
spraying rosebushos, gnrdeu work,
Phouo 1038-L. 14
.i',iyi,7.".scKi4iiAis Kous
WANTJSD 1 ?350 pouncf farm" team
or Blngie work horso; also ex
chango small tract lu thrco-yenr-old
pears, with or without build
ings for bungalow in MeiUonl. Ad
dross K. P. X., euro Mnll Tribune,
WANTED A Hating on your prop
erty. I can handle $100,000 worth
of property If the price is right
What bavo you for exchange or
Havo money to loan or will tako
up your mortgago or deferred
J. C. Barnes, 1st Natl. Dank bids
WANTED To buy second hand auto
two passenger roadster. Address
F. O. box 568, giving full descrip
tion and price. 12
MONEY TO LOAN on real estate.
Address mo caro of Hotel Medford
as I am out of city part o time.
D. L. Dodge. 32
MONEY TO LOAN. Dennett Invest
ment Co., corner Main and Fir. 15
MONEY TO LOAN On city and
close In ranch property. C. A.
McArthur, room 3, P. O. block,
phone 3C81.
horsepower Rambler ' automobile
in good shape, will trado for any
thing ot equal value. Address A.
W. Guthrie, Murphy, Ore. 324
KXUHA.NCiE 30 n. n. 6 passenger
touring studebakcr just over
hauled, new- tires and extras; will
sell or trade for runabout. S-yr.
Jet black driving horse, 1000 lbs.,
truo, for motorcycle. C h. p. gas
or kerosene 2 -cycle new engine,
wt. 500 lbs. Will be nt Central
Point Garage Wednesday noon.
April 9th. It
Auto Buppllck
big secret In making springs Is the
tempering. We are operating the
largest, oldest and best equipped
plant in tho Pacific northwest. Uso
our springs when others fall. Sold
under guarantee. 2C North Fif
teenth St., Portland, Oro.
Medford National Dank bldg., sec
oud floor.
2. Fostofflco bldg.
Corey bldg.
W, J. CANTON Attorney and Coun
sellor at Law. 123 East Main
street. Medford. Ore,
D. R. WOOD Geueral Accountant
Your books audltod, and Kept for a
reasonable flguro; your business
solicited. Office Medford Mall
Tribune bldg,; phono Cll-R-2; res
idence phono 537,
Gnrnott-Corey bldg., suite 30
Medford, Oro, Phono 850.
Stonography, Machln'o Dictation,
nil classes of circular letter work.
One or ono thousand letters, tho
price will bo right and according
to the times. Stluniluto your busi
ness with Interesting facts con
corning propositions, or bargains.
You can best do this with Multi
graph work, Phono 133-R, McMil
lan Publicity Ad-Wrltlng Co., room
9, Jackson County Bank,
pxgk mm
By "Bud" Fisher
STRACT CO., No. C, South Central.
Coffin ractorv
DIL R.jil LOCK WOO b, Chiropractor)
nerve specialist. Rooms 203-0-05
Garaett-Corey bldg. Vapor
baths and scientific massage gives;
advice In dietetics, medical gym
nastics, hydreplBorapy. Lady at
tendant. Phone, office 945, resi
dence G71-U.
DR. A. R. HEDGES, Dr. Louise B.
Hedges, Mechano - TheraplsU,
Chiropractors, Spondylotheraplsts.
These systoms, Including dietetics,
curative gymnastics, nydrc-ther-aphy,
etc., produce malts la both
acute and chronic diseases. Con
sultation free. 230 North Bartlett
St, next door to M. E. church.
Hours 9 a. m. to 6 p. go. Other
hours by' appointment Phone
Gar twee
OARDAOB Get your presatsea
cleaned up for the winter. Call
pn the city garbage wage for
good service. Phono 625-L. F.
Y. Allen.
are budded, not grafted. Oar stoek
is not irrigated. Wo guarantee
everything put out We are not 1b
the trust. H.B.Patterson. Office
removed to office Hotel Nash, in
side entrance, next to barber shop.
Notary FuWio
HELEN N. YOCKEY Notary pub
lie Ilrlng your work to me at the
sign ot The Mall Tribune
Printers sad PabDaners ,
best equipped printing otflea in
southern Oregon; book binding,
loose leaf ledgers, billing systems,
etc. Portland prices, 27 North
Physicians and Surgeaas
bit? F." Q. CARLO W," DIL "EVA
MAINS CARLOW Osteopathic
physicians, 41C-417 Garnett-Corey
bldg., phone 1038-L. Residence
420 South Laurel st
DR. S. A. LOCKWOOD Physician
and surgeon.
Practice limited to diseases of
women. Offices 232 E. Main,
Phones, otflco 867; residence, 814.
DR. J. J. EMMENS Physician and
surgeon. Practice limited to eye,
ear, noae and throat. Eyes scien
tifically tested and glasses supplied
Office 228 East Main St Hours
8:30 a. m. to 8 p. m. Phone.
E. B. PICKEL. M. D. Office Jack
son County Dank bldg. Office
phouo 43-R; residence phone 58-R.
DR. MARION Physician and sur
geon. Stewart bldg.. corner Main
and Bartlett sts.; offico phone 27,
residence phono 27-J-3.
clan and surgoon. Office Palm
block, opposlto Nash Hotel. Hours
10 to 12, 1 to 4. Phone 110-J.
DR. R. W. CLANCY Physician and
surgoon. Phonos, office 3C, resi
dence, 724-J. Office hours 10 to
12, 2 to 6.
DR. W. W. HOWARD Osteopathia
Physician, 303 Garnett-Corey,
building. Phone 904-M.
R. J. CONROY, M. D. Physician and
Surgoon. Over Hutchison & Lums
don, 215 E, Main St. Phone 77.
tice limited to cbronlo diseases.
Office Hotel Holland, Saturdays
10-3. Both phones. Residence
phenes: Farmer 10xx5 Eagle Point
and Roguo River line.
Palm sleek.
Stenographlo work
and well.
dona quickly
Office 10 South Fir st. PkWM
315, Prices right. Service- guar