Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 29, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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MTjnFORT) matti trtrfnti. ararwoun. ourcnoN. HA'prmMY. lAiinr 20. mm.
? WHO hS AY KM' '0 UK MAU1UK1)
qNglNNATI, Ohio, March 20.-
Thirly ,(hrr(Torj have boon recov
ered nt Hotnllton, nh'd twenty-nine
identified, licsc.uurs predicted todny
tlul ho fatalities at Hamilton will
not exceed eighty.
Following isft list of the dead nt
lUin Sprndey and mother, John
Dcmnlu, John While-hall, Hen Doll,
wif), and (laughter, Quinn Rtrl, five
year old, Mars. JCccks and three
grandchildren, JlFrs. Lena Stillmnhcr,
Joieplv Wcsmnqhcr, Mr. -.Julm Mor
rit, Lcyr tn Dongcs, Dnva Jnrret, Ktnd
ely Brevard nnd wife. Herman Tie
man, Karl Hess, E. I. Koss, Hose
Kcllar, Mrs. lh'nuo Johnson, ernn
Iceman, Fred Thcobold, Lin
field, Lindwell, Mrs Lenn Kelch,
four unidentified bodies.
The following have been identified
nt Delaware: Frank Volke, t'rnnk,
Jessie and Nellie Mclchinjr, Willimn
Hcey, Kslhcr Jones, Charles Tib
balls and on Clyde, 15, Several
other mtRftini.
Columbus Known dead: Ima
Cooper, John Stottlor and wife. Mr.
Delia McKeray, John Hilda and
Alma Dels, Mr. Wit hey, .Mrs.
Grccnclce. Joscphlno and Albert Un
derwood, unidentified boy. 12; Will
Urn French, Xora Dye, Konnth, Iris
and i Macon Lynch, brother; Luther
Wolfe, Mre. C. K. Ford, Walter Ho
ward and wife, Mrs, Annlo Pauner,
Qua Groebcr, Mrs. Hoy McDonald, i
Gladya Ford, Underwood baby, Ho
ward Preston, Kenneth Hoffman. Al
bert Gore, Arnold Wtdscnrj&rdncr,
William Guy, n. M. Howclla.
f I II ... in ' .iill il i I I WW.
js B s - ft I " 5mT 't J f V jMr
jgfe'Sia. ill
'.. - jl
.COopyrlcht br rch Ilroi, N.
Society in America and abroad will bo equally interested In tho marrlape of
Miss Ethel Carow Roosevelt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thcodoro Hooscvclt,
to Dr. Itichard Derby In the Protestant Episcopal church at Oyster Ilsy, I I.
The jruests will number about three hundred, and all at the church service will
attend tho recepthm at Sapimoro Hill, Mr. Itoojovclfs home. In tho centre
of the bride's table will tw a huce two storied wctldltu: cake.
Ml Itoosevelt will hare five attendant. Miss Helen Colter, daughter of
Mrs. Charles II. Coster; MUs Joscphlno Osborn, daughter of X'rofcetnor ami
Mra. II. Fairfield Osborn; MJm Marcarct A. Tucker, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Snmncl Auohmuty Tucker; MLw Derby, a relative of Dr. Derbv, aud Miss
Cornelia Lnndon. dauchtcr of Mr. and Mm. Henry Hutton Unndon.
Dr Derby nnd his bride have arranged to start for Luropo on the day
louunms uicir uiarnacr. a uiv "in oc noscnt iwo raoaUlS.
DAVTOX, Ohio, March 23. A
oommission form of iraverntnent was
otvauized hero today. Tho existing
government was abrogated, Mayor
Phillips now bein mayor in name
By order of Governor Cox, tho
militia Id subject to tho orders of a
citizens' commission, John Patterson
being named president of tho com
mission. This commission is com
posed of fifteen membors, each com
missioner being assigned to somo
3pecif$o duty.
CHICAGO, March 29.-KotIfIca-tlon
of tho death of John (Jlggs)
Donahue, former star first baseman
of the Chicago Whlto Box, In an in
sano asylum near Columbus, Ohio,
fiyo weeks ago, was received hero to
day from an insurance company in
which Donahue had a policy.
Donahue was tho star of thu
world's championship scries between
. tho Chicago Whlto Sox and Chicago
Cubs In 100C, and had a brilliant
career on tbo diamond. He was ono
of ulna brothers, all ball players.
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Hlx nioro corpses wcro found on
tbo west sldo this afternoon. A
mother with her Infant son clusped
In her arms wan round dead. Tho
baby'u hands wero clinging to the
mothcr'H hair. Near by was tho body
of a man, supposedly tho husband
nnd father. Tho body of a Uttlo girl
lay lu bis arms.
ftturlcrt of Disaster.
(Stasia Ways, 10, said her homo
was' demolished and that sho, her
fhsr and two, others wcro rescued
and her mother aud six others per
ished. In pn houso u borso wan ro-
moved from a second story window,
through which it had swam during
tho flood,
HIHy-aovcn porspns who havo been
without food or fuel slnco Tuesday
vero, rescued from one building. Sev
eral of them collapsed after boliib
given succor,
-All relief trains on routo to Day
ton wore hultcd today by ,tho Urbuna
railroad brldgo sinking two feet. A
relief train lias just left horo for
Kajicaylllo, carrying 30 .boats, mip
pile and clothing.
'J(at You Uuvo liven Looking For.
Mcritol Whlto LlnlraQUt is a prep
oration that glycs universal satisfac
tion n ever insUnco whero a pain
kllUr nnd healer is needed. Wo do
not believe you could get n bottor
liniment at any prico. Hasklns' drug
store, exclusive agents.
Captnin WVllnwluigs, who former
ly made his cmiie ui tliU valley but
now make Iuk home in Wvomini.'. wn
in 3 fed ford today exhibiting' to friends
ii real Confederate flag which he cap
tured in Jblu. ilio flag proved nl
crent iiitcrciMt. It is covered with
stains and pierced with bullets tell
ing an eloquent fetory of the bloody
days In tho early GO'S.
Cnitniu Kawlmini was in command
of Company "V 23rd lown infantry
at the battle of Ilig IHnok river, Mis
sinuinni. lav 17. 1803. The Comimnv
led n charge on the rebel works and
it was dnriiiir this chargo that he
captured the flag from the OUt Ten
nessee infantry.
Contain Haulm" is vi.Mtmtr Ins
daughter, George Fox of Ccn-
trnl Point.
SALEM, Ore., March 29. Gover
nor West today announced tho ap
pointment of Gilbert Hedges of Ore
gon City as county attornoy for
Clackamas county, and C. W. Million
of Astoria us county attorney for
Clatsop coiuity. , , ,
, n '. -i N if
NBW YOKK, Manh 29. - With the
announcement that he will not leae
tho country until he forces Light
weight Champion Willie Ititehio into
the ring, Freddiu WeWi, KnghmdV
preinior lightweight boxer, i here lo
day. Wolnli wautH to meet the
champioii in n twenty round affair
mi tho Pacific Coast.
Mall Tribune's classified ads bring
6'urest Way to
End Catarrh
Go to Charlea Strang and say: "1
want a HYOMEl outfit." Tako It
lipmo pour a few drops of JIYO
MIU from the bottle Into tho llttlo
bard rubber Inhalor breathe It for
flvo minutes and nolo thu refreshing
rollof breatho It four or flvo tlmoi,
n day for a few days and Catarrh
and all Its. symptoma will gradually
ilooth'a HYO.MEI is balbamlc air;
It contains no opium, cocaine or oth
er harmful drug and Is sold on mon
ey back plan for catarrh, croup,
colds and coughs. Complcto outfit
(Includes Inhalor) $1 extra bottles
If later needed, CO coats nt Chan.
Strang's and drugglsta everywhere.
Slmplo Instructions for uso In overy
package you can't fail, Just breatho
It no stomach dosing.
PORTLAND, Ore., March 20.
Gcprgij K. Goodwin, nwistant United
Stntoa engineer, has been ,nt Crater
like park for the pat ten dnjs,
sny Major Jay J. Morrow, making
urningcmcntti for getting men and
materials in for thu work, which will
bo bogun as Mon as conditions will
allow. Tho work on thu road build
ing will lo btarted nt about thu
middlo of the project and go both
ways. Preliminary oiierntious will
begin about 10 or 12 miles east of the
present lodgo lounted on tho rim of
the crater. There will bo about 03
miles of roads to be built with an cs
timato of $000,000 cost and six
yenrh' time to complete the work. In
addition to tho roads I horo arc nu
merous trails to be built, homo on the
inside of the crater rim going down
n dixtnuco of from uOO feet to 2000
It is the hope of tho engineers that
enough of tho wort; can bo done in
tho next two joars to facilitate the
traveling partios into thu park for
the benefit of touriit who eonio out
to thu count io vinit tho Panama
Pacifio '.M)bition nt Han Francisco.
n thu working season is short, with
onlv about tlireo mouths for actual
work, it is hoped Ihal operations can
bo started promptly. ,
No stockman should be without
this aluablc tonic and alterative
remedy It is a natural correct
Ivp prepared from the medicinal
barks, hcrb root leaver, aud
earthy salts, provided by nature
for the preservation of health and
prevention of disease.
Stiougly rc omiiiciiiled for the
relief of Coldi, Coughn Di-temjier,
l.os of Appetite. Sluggish Liver
am) those duordcrs anting from
conciliation and imperfect elim
ination of harmful waste maUer.
It is especially valuable lu those
criics in which domestic nniruaU
arc deprived of their natural foods
by confinement or environment.
Pacific Slock Food produce
such excellent results tl?t wc
guarantee it to be the very best
preparation ever offered for the
relief of the common ailments
with which domestic animals arc
usually afflicted.
Guaranteed to contain nothing
that can ;poksibly prove injurious,
aud to be mpre active and fffica
cious than other remedies.
"An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure." Do not
wait for the attaqk of dhease.
Ward it off. Safeguard the health
of your stock as you would 'your
own. Ask your dealer for
.New Che.
Central Door & Lumber Co. H.
ltoynl Klro Ins. Co.; suit tit otttlty.
O. II. Johnson vs. County of Jack
non ct nl.; suit in uipilty for writ of
review. ,
NclllqHtllni s. tawrancaiStllcii,
suit for divorce. 4 ,j ,
J, . Ilojd vr. K W. (larder and
D. II. Jackson; action to recover
Charlea .11. GIIotti vs. City of
Ashland; action to recover money.
Wood Curtis Co. vs. II. T. ll.ts
well; Jctlon for money.
State vs. Shaw and ltccd; soiling
liquor to n minor.
State vs. Kennedy & Solsby; soil
ing liquor to n minor.
Stntn vs. Adams & Adams, selling
liquor to n minor.
Stato vs. E. O. llrewn: selling liq
uor to a minor.
Stnte vs. William O'llara; selling
liquor to a minor.
Stato . John Slicrldnii nnd J. II.
Dell; selling liquor to a minor.
States vs. John Dee Montgomery;
selling liquor to n minor.
State vs. Emit Mohr; selling liq
uor to a minor.
State vs. Emit Mohr; soiling Hit
uor to n minor.
State vs. George Millar; selling
liquor to a minor. ,
Stato s. 11. T. llnswell; emliorxle
me tit.
State vs. Louis C, Slvers; larceny.
Stnto vs. Henry Lcrch; buying
stolen property.
Stnto x. Don Cameron; aswiult
with Intent to com in It rape
Stato . Walter Woods; pointing
a gun nl another.
Marriage Ucoiuch.
A. It. Coffin ami Casandrla
John Edwards and Luetic Crau-doll.
Deal KMnln Trniiifcr.
T. V. Cooke, trustee, to J. I.
H.l, deed of laud lu tp. 39
S It I IJ 10
E. 11. Maddux to L. II. Smith,
deed, portion tp .17 S It 2
W .-... . 13,000
Etta McDonough to K. Vnma
shltn. deed lot to blk 70
Medfnrd ... 1.900
D. L. McNary to AHco II.
Norrls, dcqilt portion tp
3S S It 1 Wifc v 10
It. Taylor t& Emit Poll.
A S. ItoiK'tibatim to J. M.
Ikott, iloetl, portion see I
tp mi II U I E... ... 10
A. H, ltoGottbaum to II.
Jenkins, deed, pottlou sco
n;t tp ar. s it t e . io
i. H. ltonoubaum to Ohathm
Foldcubolmer, deed, por
tion hoo ,it tp :ir. s it t i: io
A. H. Itoveulmum to Phil K.
(lonlon, deed, poitlou see
an tp ar. mi i u ... . . io
K. y, Uanles u Grant Ahlov
need, poriiou hoc o ip au
8 It 1 W I 1.000
Sarah T. WolVorton to It. i
Cfirry, dood. lot 1 blk a
KdiuendcB add Medford , 10
It. C. Gurry to Mario II.
Heunott, deed lot 1 bite 3
EdmtMdcH ndd Medford .. t
Farmers & Frultgrnwnu , '
llsnk to Uank to Jaokson
vlllo, deed, propotty In
Jacksonvlllo B.000
W. .!'. Unit to J. l Olark.
deed lot blk 71 Medford 10
J. M. Potter to Hntler &
Thompson, deed lots . and
R, blk SO Siimmot add Ash
land 93.S0
C. At. English to F. U Ton
Velio, deed, laud lu tp 37
S it I V 1 Ityan to 1). I. Walkur.
deed laud lu see R tp'30
S II 1 W 10
J. J. llouok to J. W. Ilerron
deod, land lu sec IT. tp :tf,
S It 3V 10
Joseph (t'otdsby to W. T.
Hostwlck, deed, portion
see 13 tp 39, S It 3 ... 400
When you ask for
Gyrus Noble the deal
er knows that you
know good whiskey.
It enuls ymi the same as any other nl Hhlnkey.
W. J. Vnn Schuyvcr & (Jo., Clonerdl Affoiifti, Forlltthtl.
cuit,iiti: who .iti: sicm.v
Mother) who valim tlmlr own com
fort and tho wolfaro of their children
Hhnuld never bo without n box of
Mother GrayV Sweet Powders for
children, for uso throughout tho sea
son. They break up eolda, relievo
Ajvorlshiiuss, ciuisllpatloti, teething
dlsordors, hoailaclio and stomarh
troubles. Csinl by mothers for S3
Vnnr.1 TIlA,. lwtu'ilnrM liitlni (nil
Sold by all drug Htorcn. 35c Don't
accept any HUhstUiit' Haiuplo mnltml
KltEE Addrew, Allen S. Olmsted,
U Itoy, N. Y.
corixa comcoit
Mother's Friend
in Every Home
Comfort and Safety Assured Before
the Arrival of the Stork.
The old saying-ht Is homr without
a inutlicr sbuulit UJ ")tntbrra Prlnut"
la thouunds of American liomn bfr
Is a liolllc if ttils spkntlld soil (moii rem
iHty I list has aided maDjr a woman Ibrniifb
tbe trylna; orilral. sarrd brr frera sufferlns
and pain, knit tier Io btaltb at ml ad ami
body in adraore of Imtiy't comlDjf and bad
a nunt wund'rfnl loduriiro la derduplos a
btalthj, lotrly dliposltlao In the child.
Ttoern Is no other remedy so truly a brlp
to nature a Mother Krlend. It irlleTes
tbo pain and discomfort rausrd by the
strain en ttia llgimeota, nskra pliant thu
fibre and muscle which nature Is ejpsnd
Ins and soothes the Inflammation of breast
Mother' Friend Is an external remedy,
acta qulrkly and not only baolihes all dis
tress in ad'ance, but assures a speedy and
complete recovery for the mother. Thu
he nernoiea a healthy woman with all hr
ftimiKin preserreii to tiioro.iKlily enjoy tha
rtarlne nX her child. Mother r"rteod ran
I bad at any druc store at II 00 a bottle,
and Is really one of the Brntlcst bleMlnw
erer dlieorcred fur eilant mothers.
Writ to Ilradfteld Itrsulatot t'u. isa
Urasr Hide, Atlanta, (la, for their free
book. Write to-day. It Is most Instructive.
Wf carry a very complete line of
drnM-ricfi, luc curialna. fixtures, etc,
and ilo nil classes of ujiholMtnrlni; A
special man lu look after Ihla work
exclualvnly and will glvi aa Reed
(f-rvlce aa la posslblo to cot In oven
llio Inrucat cities.
Weoko & McQowan Co.
bH . nun
r Si!150
-- ' rWYT 1
. cren-ou. (
I IW iiu3JA
Hemingway's Lead
The brand -which Is used In nil of tho apple Hiowlni illltrlctN
of tins country Western Now Vork, MIiIiIkmii. tint IIIum lllilno
Slopos, tho 0nrks and thu f.n.K u vall) of Hip great N'ort Invest
Is of tho highest standard of n rnnfncturo. Wo claim tho fallowing
point of hiipcrlorlty;
1. o., tltienesK of grain and mow In tlilunliiR down In witter
1. c, full poreonlnK" of Arson!: Oxldo (nut Inns than ,1ft p)r prit)
mid no more than a trnuv of Hulabla Arssui')
wiiiti: i t)it iiooiu.tfr a.m puiciw
Stocks Carried by KERR, QIFFORD & CO.
I'orllnuil, Oregon
Gl Water Htrwit, Now York. N V.
Every Kvaiiiug fiulO to 710
Chicken Prliitnnlcro
Hhrlmp Salad
drilled Halmon, Anchovy lluttor
Pommes Palllus
Calves Ilralns a la Tallyrnud
Uub Tenderloin, Iiohcmlau Haticu
Plnoapplo Fritters, Wlno Banco
Primo ltlba of Uuef, nu Jus
Stuffed Chicken, Pan (Jrayy
Mashed Potatoloa
Creaiiuiil Htiijnr Corn
Kiifttlslt Plum I'uilillng
Hard and Ilraudy Hnucu
Ico Cream Cafe .Voir
Merchants Lunch nt Noon 35c
Not tho chciipcat but (ho best.
leJ CI4
I elk.
' CtMee)
(N 4e !
M.s4a II
U kl e4VI
reasftlsel As(ti
aie . SMalk.
GUm H M,a
"iSff ifaT a
rut; sk.n or nu. nut. it nn
Mi;ilt IN l, l'Hl.l'.ltVIIUN Ol TIIIC
Amoricnu Drug & Prcns Awoaiution
A mutlial orgaulwitbiu of the drugKista and owreteT won
of tho oon nt r). formml for the pur pose of provHtiiig for the
Eonurnl public nu Abeulu'tty OuBrarttesxl, IfKntiabU line of
Remedies and Toilet Articles
A preiMtrntlon for each upmlftr imriKj.ii. the i-iiiMiltlaH of wblrh
Is kiuiwn to eer tlruKKtnl who wll It and iuoh- Imek without
qilMltlOll to the iiialomir who bus It If lie ts Dot satisfied.
Wo havo Joined this HeeoclnUou liecan w liellevn In the ".Mer
laol" Iteinedlei bocatisti wu know thro I tiollilng bolter.
W have tho oxcluslve n coney for Medfnrd. We Invite) you to
call and see this plspilld line.
If, during tho transition from
winter to spring, you experi
ence it lack of energy, socin
tired, dcspomlont, huvo b.tek
flklie or lioudnchc, with broken
tinrcfrcalnnB sleep, your njn
lent need rcnovnlinj:. 'Hie in
activity of winter lif'. and con
sequent cloklnf; of tlio poroe
lenvct an ttnwliolevnno nccti
initiation of imptiritivs In tho
1 fiystcm. Your blood iteods pur
ifying. Try Dr. Win. Pfuntlor's
Oregon Iiloutl Purifier. On ac
count of its pcculiur resolvent and nPcrntivo properties It U tho
safest nnd heat uprlng medicinu for old or young. A short trcnt
incnt at home corrects it long list of lib that beset tm In the
spring, such as biliotinncss. sour stomach, louitipulion, sallow
nets, and aggravating eruptionn of the .skin. At your driigglutu'.
Hit. MM. rPUNDKlt CO.. rerllin, Oretea
akv ) I tl'. i " UnrXii 'MMaMsepjsMaggsMrggg-g;,,,j jSTjyejur" f r' ' ' VI
ji7rc mm, mM?.immmmWMmkmw
8 WW !LIW- 'lillllliS!
I fc r raeaasjaaasfateaawea'efei ' s- tfiravrep'S a prkea. TfTJIrlJTirVl.jifl'eMjT Mraass-ir m
And they cut out an angel child
Who was perfectly silent and mild
'Till she took a survey
Of that breakfast mainstay,
M Your
KOTE-KocIom Junl.tsmr-'tMhouf Biof o'il'fe",n4 7?"r (Jro.
hi1! asms for srsoilam II. ioil tonttalr lift,
'ortland'y raniou-; Hotel
of Ik Cuisine. Eur?pcan plan
Situated lu (bo Hub or tbo
Theater iiutl Shopping lllilit.
Ilcecntly lteiletonited mill llcfiiriiMieri Tliroiiuhoiit,
and llt(cr Ivtiulppetl Today than liver Hofoio
i:o-oK'an Plan
Hooiiim ullbotiL balli, $t,U( pec tiny nuil up W lmu, ijtJ.(i() pvc day mul up
1. .1. ICAt'l'MA.V, ajatiap'r,
S. K, CliAltKi:, At, MKr. '" ' fc
I., .iv