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    Clly Mall
Medford Mail Tribune
OrcntloHal shower. Mx.
la, mln. 8; preci., truce.
(iiiy-ircoiiil Tfr.
Onlly Msvmlli Yi"r
NO. 309.
.1.11 .' n- tin,.;1! I-
JJ-l-.UJ-I UJ 1.. ' I -I
J-J-l-J.. li-i'.
j uiL.a i-x ,, i ft t
Dllxiard Grips RcQluti West o( Rocky
MountainsTowns Wiped Out In
South Missouri Valley Center of
Storm's Path Wind flenches Gale.
Three Southern States Worst Suffer
crs Wires Down and Few Details
From Storm Swept Area.
MOIIII.i:, Alii.. Mnrch'Jl.--ltrHirN
that nitron persons
wcr Killed lit n toriiaito which
practically dcMiovcd I.ower
Pcmditree, IniiHiiitui, lust
night, wero I'otifititK'tl IIiIn
nflemunu. Nursr nml doctor
wuro milled to llm nemo on
spei'liil train. The dead In
iluil l I). Ilr.viint nml fain
Hy; Jiiiiich Clink, two uirm
hers of tlia Cooper futiiily
nml 0. H. WllllnniMin nml son.
CHICAGO, March Ul.-Tnrnly.niie
pornoim met death mill fivo hundred
er injured in n h t nn nml hlixennl
w lilrh it raging today in nearly evrry
stale rimt of Motittiiiii. Mont of tlm
faliillllri occurred in Arkansas, I.ou
Mnnn, nud Mishmiri, where several
town nm reported wiped out nml In
IIiiimi stales, (lie storm approximated
ti bustard.
Wire eonimunlentlon with tlm storm
swept districts it prostrated, nml it in
almost ecrtniii (tint Ilia death lint Mill
ln iiuTrnhiil when it I restored.
1'oplnr llluff l)iln)-t.
Poplar Hlufr, Mo., it town of 7,000
inliiihitnntN in reported ili'nt royt'il with
seven persons ili'iul nml moro than
iiiik hundred injiircil. The storm loft
luinlly n building standing t Hojie,
Ark., whore four persons are reported
ili-iiil nml fifty injnrnl,
At Knlini', litiisimia, n town of tun
hundred inhabitants, fic permits
were killed nml thirty injnrnl. Sixty
buildings wcro ili'iiinliilit'il.
Wiilnnt Ifldgc, Ark., unnther Arkan
sas town ri'iNirlH onn dead nml Im
Injnu'il. Several otlior persons were
killed 'in liulinnu towns liy fulling
signs, mnl in other iiocidcnlH.
Twenty Mutes nro held in tho grasp
of tho storm, mnl tho damage to
I'loptt Is conservatively estimated thin
afternoon ut fJ,rGO,000.
Tim MiiKouri valley in in tho center
of the ulunn'ii path nml tho pile N
ploying huvno with buildings mul oth
er property. The weather liiirenn
here holds out little hoie for iimne.
(Continued on psgu 3.)
HAN I'llANCtBCO. Cat., March SI.
Tho trial of Dr. t. L. Lamport nt
Hncriiiiiunto, who, with many other
prartltlouorH In nil tho largo cities
of thu country, was Indicted by n
fodorat Krnml Jury for Menu! mm of
tho iniillH durlnK tho natlon-wldc
campaign liy tho government agalnHi
race sulrldo tunt year, huKan hero to
day before- Unltud Status Jndco Van
Kleot In tho illatrlct court.
' United HtatoH Attorney John h,
MrNah conducted tho proticcutlon,
I.iimport wuh Indicted on U
coiiuta lifter ho lmd replied to decoy
lettoru ho nt him by poatofflco InBpect-oi-h
In WuHhtucton, l), C, and In tlila
I.umport deularod on tho otund
that ho had nlwayu kept within tho
law and that ho had been "trapped,"
IIo admitted, however, that ho hud
nccoptod foes from tho lowotit Rradu
of humanity In ordor to make u llv
Iiik. IIIh wlfo wan tu court nud dur
Iiir tho cIdbIuk nrKUinentB wn rep
rimanded for breuklug Into tours.
Twelve Persons Reported Killed From
Memphis Eighty Mile Gale In
Mlchloan Oulldlnjjs Collapse and
Many Structures Demolished.
Ohio Shivers In Sixty-Mile Gale
Many Buildings Unroofed Indiana
Suffers Heavy Damage.
MKMI'IIIK, Tenn., March Ul.
TupUo im'ooiih lire ri'N)rtid killed
mul nearly tivo hiimlreil Injured, home
probably fatally, in n tornado which
last nlht Hwcpt the htnlrn of Arkan
mih mnl .Missouri, nuiu hetcral
tow in.
Four (MirMinn u rp icjKirloil dead and
50 Injured, ut I toxic. Ark., which
town wo practically dcMioycd by the
Ki'wii Ui'ii kilti',1 nml ii Imnilr.'il
injured nt I'oplnr Hluff, Mo., nud
one killed mid ten hurt at Walnut
Itidp. Ark. Popular Hluff wait pnie.
tieally wiK'd out.
ltcKirtH rcceitcd hero Inle today
Nay that four peoons were killed nud
twenty hurt in n cyclone which Hwcpt
north .MlhiUslppi early today.
The htorin in eastern ArkmitmK wnn
fmilfiltll hllVFIl. klllllH Ikf
I - - I --".-- - - -
being demolished. Three men attempt
iiir lo orn'i iit hi. r mucin ncr were
in the water three hotim before they
were rescued. The Morfn catiKril
their (-uholinc Inntieh to cnpsiie.
Nil Mile (Jnle In MlrlilKm.
IIKTHOIT, Mleh.. March Sl.-Ont
fatality N nlready reHirted today in
the eighty mile (ale which is HW-eepiii'
thu Mate. Wire ncnicc h demoraliz
ed, mul reat havoc io beini; dono to
buitdiiiKM here nud elsewhere.
When the pale Mruek Detroit it
took off part of the roof of tho un
finished Hotel t.'harlcxoix, cniiicil the
collapse of hevcml oilier buildiiiKu
nud littered the htrcetH with debris.
Many mtoiis were hurt by fl.xinj;
KlasN nud fnlllnc xipiN. A ferr.xbonl
was hlrumlcd in tlm middle of thu
Detroit rier mid wan berthed with
real difficultly.
Henvy damnjje in rciMirtitl from
NiIch, Ypsilauti, llattle Creek, Adrian,
Ann Aibor, ICulamuroo mid other
MicliiKiiu towns. At Mount ClemeiiN u
fire followed tho unlo "d boveral
buildiui;x vere binned.
Old.. rclw llllrflnl.
CI.KVHLAND, Ohio, March 21.
ltork,eil by n Nixty.mile jjale, Clove
laud Nhivcred thin afternoon in one of
the wnrM blUr.nrd of tho winter.
Several rchidcuccx nud buildiiiKH have
been unroofed mid utrccl car truffle
in practically nt u standstill.
ItciioitH from Tiffin, Ohio, say that
a HinokoHtnck blow- over there, killing
(Contlnuea on piga 3.)
SACHAMKNTO. Mmeli 21. Ily n
otii of Oil to 17 tho lower hotiHO of
tho California IcKislatitro Htnnds today
on iceoid an tuvoiin llm wiping out
of ii tenderloin market for women.
Tim five bourn devoted to dismis
sion of the nraut-Itohnett red light
nlintement nml iniiinutiim measure, uh
It is called, were not consumed in
ui'i;ument on tho munta or laiilts nt
tho hill so much us in explanation by
practically every assemblyman of his
prospective vote.
Tho efficacy of tho recall nud of
direct Iciritdntion bv the people of the
htuto wu bounded In practically
every speech lioloro tho liiiui vote.
After tho vote, tho representatives
of tho women from all over tho state
who had mndo this their great fight
held ii jubilation niootiii(r Tho sen
ato will act on tho hill within u fow
ms .mm. 1 1 ' i
ma1)L-.ui Hft , tfHk. tt. H
VIKX.VA, March Ml. -Driieii to
defiuito action by the storm of public
protect Mpninst MouteiieKrin tirthiticH
ut Kcutnri, it is unofficially stated
here today that Austria in piepariuc
an iiltimnttim for MoulcucKro.
It ix believed thai Italy has been
sounded nut and is prepared to up
hold Austrian netiou to enforce the
demands made against Montenegro
for action nt Scutari, and on Sen in
for iuimedinto cessation of the fort
fylni; of Dura wo.
Uotli Italy and Austria, it is be
lieved, will mainliiin bv force of anus,
if necessary, the decision of the pow
er that Scutari shall bo part of nu
autonomous Albania.
SAN 1T1ANCISCO, March 21.
Killing one and injuring half n dozen
others during its flight, u new Geary
Street ear, in tow of nu Kills' Street
car, broke tiwuy nt tho top of u steep
grade lure early today, and, plunging
madly down tho hill, wrecked two
other enn before it came to a stop.
Carl Sehutts, ti member of tho crew
taking the car to the bam was struck
and killed when the coupling broke.
Crushing headlong into tut oncom
ing I'.llirt Street car, whose motoininn
could not sec tho flying, unlimited
Juggernaut in the daikucsri, tho run
away injured siv men who were in
the KIIU Street car. Then it sent
tho I'.llis Street ear speeding uhend.
lloth cam wcie brought up when the
wild procession rammed another Kllis
Street car, fiom which all passengers
AWNS, Maich 21.--Tho oath
was administctcd today to King Con
stantino hero in tho ohuniber of depu
ties. Tho ceremony was brief and
simple. Later tho king left fur Sa
lomon, announcing that ho would re
turn hero next Thursday with the
body of his father, tho lato King
Tleorgo, who was assassinated by
Aleko Schiuas,
GHKHN HAY, Wis., Murch 21.
Eight Inches of snow fell hero last
night, aucompanied by a high north
west wind, which piled up lingo drifts.
Wires in all directions nro prostrated,
and trains aro from two to fivo hours
A voto for tho chartor amendment
Is a vote tor tho public uiurkot,
W ! I ! II .! I I. I IIW - ti. , . -
' " ! I IP . ,. I. ,M ! I !! ! ! I ! . I !
urr to sioir . AUTONOiciPtl"3' .MAntA tiQiom -cMimarH c -rui sirrsu
Ten iiii'inlii'm of the .Madem family have recently nrrived In Xow York
mnl unite in denunci.itimi of llm new administration in Mexico.
LONDON, March 21. Information
that tho Turkish cruiser Ilmuidieh
has sunk two Greek gunboats in a
hot battle in tho Aegean sea was re
ceived hero today in cablegrams from
Atcxnhdrin, Kgypt, to which port the
hcwh was brought, by the Khedive's
yacht, which learned of the facts by
intercepting n wireless mess.ige.
The Greeks arc unid to have fired
on tho Turkish boat. The Turks aro
reported to have shown no quarter
and to have continued the fire on the
Greeks in the wator.
PLYMOUTH, Muss., Murch 21.--.
Another arrest Is expected hero to
day ns a result of tho mysterious
poisoning uf Hear Admiral Joseph O.
Katon at his homo In Norwcll, Muss.
Tho nanio of tho local suspect (s be
ing kept secret. A special grand Jury
will conveno hero next week to con
sider tho lntost developments In tho
Following ropoits that tho arsenic
which caused Haton's death was pur
ciinsed hero, tho polleo aro busy to
day endeavoring to Identify tho pur
chaser. IS
Murch 21.- Stanford is tho second
wealthiest institution of its kind in
America, according to statistics com
piled heio today. Tho oight univer
sities in tho list nro;
Columbia $H8,102,000; Stanford
fllO.OOO.OOO Chicago $20,300,0005
Hurvnrd $22,000,000; Cornell $15,
000,000; Yale $111,830,000 and North
Western $0,000,000.
A voto for tho charter amendment
Is a voto for tho public market.
SALKM. March 21. Attention is
today directed to the new registration
law enacted by the recent legislature
by nn interpretation uf it made by
Attorney General Crawfoid.
Lndcr the new law which takes ef
fect Juno 1. tho attomov central
pojnts out that (he county clerks must
o prcpnrcd at nil times to register
voters, beginning with the day tho
law goes into effect. The county
clerk must npjvoint preciticl registrars
who will bo authorized to take regis
trations. Then when a voter Is once
registered it will not be necessary for
him to register again, unless he
changes his nddrcss.
The law provides flint the registra
tion shall cease thirty days before the
primary or general elections, and fif
teen days prior to n special election,
nud that a person who is not regis
tered cannot vote.
Ouo registration is sufficient for
both general and citv elections.
CHICAGO, March 21. llepreseu
tatives of 5,000 switchmen averted an
immediate strike- hem tpday by. de
ciding to submit their grievances
against 10 railroads centeriUK hero to
n conciliation board consisting of
Judgo Martin Ixiiupp of tho commerce
court, Labor Ouniuissionor Ncill and
Interstate Commerce Commissioner
Clark. .
mIlI may
mck pope any ie
HOMK. March ll. Vatican physi
cians admitted today that heart fail
ure might attack I'opo I'iua unless ho
soon rallies from his present weak
ness. Since ho was strioVcn with in
fluenza, it is said, that the pontiff
has been listless mid inactive.
A voto for tho chartor umonduient
is a voto, for tho public market.
J. S. Howard, Founder of Medford,
Declares that Proposed Amendment
Prattcts Thm From Insolence of
Would-be Masters.
Attitude of Mayer an Encreachmefvt
Upon Mm Mfhts of the People
MitcheH's Attitude Censured.
To the editer: Tin- charter nmrud
incut to-be -voted upon tomorrow is
i one of the most dcirablo amendment
J ever presented to the people of Med-
I ford IiiQfiniiielt ns it protects the pco
pic from the Insolence of their would-
be masters (yes master is nn ugly
word when considered by free-born
Americans). It was the ill advised
encroachments on the people's rights
that gave birth to the spirit of "70"
and that spirit of freedom and main
taining our rights agninpt any ag
gressive encroachments is ns manifest
and cherished by cverj- free man of
our country an it was iu tho time of
our forefathers.
Any disposition to say "the people
be damned" will be resented is no un
certain tortus; for Instance our pres
ent mayor represents lesq tbaRc
fourtk of. the people of M4ford. He
is chairman of the couneil, has not
even a vote tn (he councif. The char
ter gives him the power to name the
heads of the different departments
subject to the spproval of the coun
cil. If the council rejects the mayor's
nominations, ho is supposed to pre
sent other names until one is fouud
acceptable to the council
Iteprcsent Majority.
The city council is composed of ix
members who rcprcscut a majority
of all the votes of the city. They are
suposcd to each be fully equal to the
mayor in mental and moral capacity.
They iu fact are tho immediate repre
sentatives of the people and when the
mayor presents a name to tho council
for approval and the council rejects
him, thon if the mayor persists in re
appointing the samo person again and
again he is certainly iu contempt of
the people nud the council. It is a
most gratuitous insult to the people
and says to the people in effect, "(he
people be damned."
Mr. Mitchell says that personally
he preferred Mr. Amsplgcr as city en
gineer, but for the snko of harmony,
he would approve of tho mayors sel
eetion. Suppose our forefathers for
the sake of peace bad laid down and
approved of the acts of KIncr George
where would we bo uow! We would
bo in llritish territory, the country
(Continued on page 3.)
lieutenant, Governor Barrett O'llnni
of Illinois, with the 'starvation wages'
invest igati n j: committee of tho Illinois
s'enate, arrived hero at one o'clock
today. Thoy v'en tho guests of honor
at n luncheon given by Governor John
K. Tener of Pennsylvania ut a local
hotel. Upon his arrival here, O'Hara
"I want Pennsylvania to consider
tho movement for belter conditions
for working girls. Investigation bhows
that a largo iortioii of vice casos nro
tho result of large business establish
ments employing- girls at low wages.
I will readily admit fliut low wag;es arc
not tho only or even tho principal
causes of vieo but they are a contrib
uting cause and can bo remedied."
O'Hara and Governor Tenor con
ferred this afternoon. Govornor Tenor
declared Inter fliut tho white 6luvo
investigation rofleoted uujustly on
tho working; girls, but ho promised to
haka wnr
co-operato with O'Hara.
G. H. Millar, Socialist From Thlrt)
Ward, Arrested Upen OM Charge af
Selling Lfqwr to Mhw and UpM
Charjc of ImmeralKy, ,
Frkwls Claim, Arrttls M, tKrii-r
f luwce EftctiM TmmiHt and Re
sult of Mayer's Threat to Get Htm.
i . i j
Fatting to make tho first cait
against Councilman O, H. Millar
stick, ho was ro-arrettcdithls after
noon upon an Immoral charge, re
fused time to prepare a defame and
rustied to trial at once. After en
denee by tho prcwecutlon was sub
mitted tho defendant was given un
til Tuesday to prepare hla defease.
The course followed permitted tho
charges against Mtltar to hare wide,
spread circulation on the eve of elec
tion, without giving htm a chnnco to
defend hlinsef until after ctectlon.
Evidence submitted by the proc
culloa consisted of teitlmony of Mr.
Julia Lerenbcrry, who for the' past
three years has coaducted the Royal
rooming house, and Mcno Davis, who
admitted on the stand that the. rea
son he went to City Attorney Boggs
was because of a personal grievance
gainst JJIllar. Their testimony was
not damaging.
A Political Move.
Polities showed IU hs'nd' more
clearly than ever la the charges
agalBH George H. Millar, soelalbK
cotJBcllraaa from the third ward; tats
afternoon when he was arrested upofc
a second charge, that of Immorality,
shortly after 1 o'clock, and at 1:30
o'clock forced to go to trial. Upon
a plea by his attorney, Gus Newberry,
that be bo given a chance to secure
witnesses, City Attorney Boggs
asked Mayor Elfert, sitting as Judgo,
to allow him to offer the testimony
for the city today, agreeing to allow
Millar such time on he needed to
round up witnesses for the detente.
High Handed Manner.
"What great political exigency is
this?" thundered Newberry, "that
calls for this high handed manner uf
conducting a trial?"
Doggs was Inslstaut upon gcU.ig
In the testimony today, Elfert grant
ing his request.
Tho second charge was brought
against Illlur today. It charges
that he was guilty on a blank day ot
January of Immoral practices at (be
Koyal rooming house In this city,
Tho complaint was sworn to by Chief
of Police Hlttson.
Robert G. Smith of Grants Pass
has been retained to assrst City At
torney Doggs with the prosecution.
Mayor Kifert sustained the demur
rer filed by tho defendant's attorney
to tho first complaint alleging sale ot
liquor to a minor oil the ground thut
no specific iustmico was charged.
(Conttuued from Page S.) .
SALKM, Ore., March 21. After
continuous fighting, begun flvo years
ago, Oregon wool growers today won
a victory by obtaining from the rail
roads tn tho statu u reduction of
over 4E per cont In the freight rates
ou wool that obtained at the time
the fight was started,
At a formal bearing being hold
hero today, tbo railroad commission
Issued an order to all the tallroada
in Oregon that had not already Is
sued tariffs In conformity with tho
lower rates, compelling thorn to filet
now tariffs, effective May 1. Tbo
larger roads have anticipated thl
action, and within the last few da)
have been filing tariffs satisfying the
complaints before the eosimlsalou.
This reduction affects all wool
shipped in carload lots from polgU
la Oregon to Portland.
I '