Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 27, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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L. 1. Jewell or QrantR Pass linssed
through Medford on tlio way to Ash
land Wednesday to visit the Ashland
Commandory of. Knights Templar.
Mr. Joweil Is deputy grand comman
der of the state of Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Motsehan, Jr..
nro In tho valley from Portland and
will spr'ntl sovcral day 3 In southern
It. I). Ilcetl, Spraguo Itlcgl and
Ualph, Dorllng wore among the- Gold
Hlllers In Medford during tho week.
Win. ,Nellis catno down , from
Flounce Itock Wednesday and will
leave for Arliona on Saturday to look
nfter extensive mining Interests.
Mr. and Mrs. lank Turner of
.Toscphtno caun(y nro guests of Mr.
and 'Mrs. W. Peterson.
E. D. Weston, commorclal pnotog
raphcrn, negatives made any tlmo or
pie co by appointment. Fhon M.
(J. 8. Epperson and B. M. Collins
were ' over from Jacksonville Wed
Mrs. P. C Garrett of Ashland, was
the gnest of Mrs. I. A. Pructt this
week, returning homo "Wednesday.
Jtcmcmber what yon thought last
year when you saw your friend's
stylish hat? "Oh, why didn't I visit
tho Home Millinery " Open even
ing. 9
Harry Harvey end Chas. Leonard
of Gold Hill wero recent visitors in
Med ford.
Mr. and Jlrs. E. W. Mason, who
havo been visiting In Medford, havo
returned" to Portland.
All members of tho M. E. choir
are urged to bo present at regular
rehearsal Friday evening at 7?30.
Mrs. J. Warner of Trail Is In Mcd
forcl visiting her daughter, Mrs. Chas.
Fry of North Riverside avenue.
It. F. Dean of Willow Springs was
a business visitor In Med ford Wed
nesday. Elmer Weaver, living on West
Main streot, Is adding materially to
tho appearanco and comfort of his
homo by having largo porches built
on three sides of hi largo residence
Th norches are largo ones, extend
ing across two sides and ono end of
tho house. There aro 1800 squaro
feet of floor tmrface In the porches.
w. McCardlo has tho contract for
tho carpenter work.
Tho county commissioners' court
will ho in regular session next wee.
"Chick" Murray of Itosoburg is
visiting in Medford. Ills former home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jones of Ross
Lane wero la tho city the foro part
of tho week.
H. W. Clarke, managor of the
O rants Pasa water systom, and W. F.
Glouckner woro down from tho Jose
phlno county capital Wednosdayy.
Largo home-grown Dahlia bulbs of
tho finest cactus and decoratlvo var
ieties. Phono 2772. 294
It. n. Mlntor and W. W. Taylor of
Eaglo Point mado a trip to Medford
Fred Young of San Francisco is
making Hoguo river Talley a visit.
Mrs. M. L. Piatt has a five, room
bungalow at C03 South King street
nearly completed. Tho building is
bolng built with especial caro as to
convenience and comfort and is to
bo modern In every particular and
will bo occupied by Mrs. Piatt.
W. A. Lovejace and I. T. Reames aro
the carpentor contractors on tho job.
Representative Howard of Doug
las county 1b makinfMedford rela
tives and friends a visit.
Edgar Hater, who has been mak
ing his former home at Council
Muffs, Iowa; a visit, returned to
Medford Wednesday.
"What ha'p'poned to Mary" tonight
at Ugo.
A.' Conro Flero and Mr. and Mrs.
L. CI Mills of Central Point district
wero In Medford tho foro part of
the week.
Mrs.S. II. Rosenburg of Souttle
was among Medford friends durlug
tho week.
Dr. Stearns has moved bis resi
dence from South Oakdale to 1C
lfbse avenue. Samo phone, Home
130. ' 290
D. C. Wilson of Sams valley trans
acted UubIucs In Medford Wednes
day. Max Weiss, well known In this
section as tho former managor of the
Roseburg brewery, died at Portland
lutely, aged C2 years.
;What happened to Mary'1 tonight
at jlgo.
Dr. Ray Fpuntnln, who has been
visiting relatlvos living In this sec
tion, left for Portland Wednesday
F, X. Musty and George Grlgsby
of Central Point woro In Medford
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Say Vhona 8371
xiffkt uoumi r. w. wrti son
A. B. Orr, 3093
Mrs. C. K. Matlock of Grants Pass
was In Medford recently, vlsttlng
Arthur Klclnhnmmer and C. E.
Wefts wero over from Applegate
James Polton made a trip to Ash
land Wednesday afternoon.
Ladles' shoes shtned at Summer
vlllo's barber shop.
A. K. Ware went north on Wednes
day evening's train.
Mr. nnd Mrs. S. E. Kerby, G. C
llurner nnd his son nro over from
Klnmath county.
Real homo mado bread, at De
Voo's. A. E. La Ponto of Central Point
transacted business in Medford Wed
nesday. Wm. Thurmnn nnd family of
Phoenix have gone to Jacksonville to
visit relatives.
Dr. S. A. Lockwood and Dr. Myrtle
S. Lockwood (regular physicians, not
chiropractors) havo removed their
offices from tho Hasklns' building
to 232 E. Main street.
Miss 11. Watts of Forest Grove and
Mls Amy H. Walker of Wlllmnr.
Minn., arrived In Medforrf Wednes
Mr. and Mrs. It. It. Hosier of Aiih
land wero guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. W.
L. Hallcy Wednesday. Mr. Hosier
recently captured a steelhcad In
Rogue river weighing 18 pounds,
which Is said to bo ono of tho very
largest ever captured in that stream.
Tho fish has been processed and Is on
exhibition at the granlto city.
"What happened to Mary' tonight
at Ugo.
E. E. Streltz of North Yakima and
A. WhlUctt of Sacramento are trans
acting business In Medford.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Montgomery
of San Francisco are visiting in the
city and valley.
William Vlrlch, trnsteo In bank
ruptcy, will offer for sale at tho old
Cuthbcrt stand on the corner north
of tho post office. Millinery goods
of all kinds nnd description, includ
ing ladles' nnd children's under
wear. Stock of J. Dllhan, bankrupt.
Everything must bo sold regardless
of cost- Salo begins at ton o'clock
a. m. Friday, February 2S, 1913.
Terms strictly cash. 291
D. F. Mulkey mado a professional
trip to Central Point Wednesday.
Sam Ward of Dutto Falls tarried
a day In Medford this week.
"What happened to Mary' tonight
at Ugo.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Taylor of Ap
plegaeo have been visiting at Med
ford and Ashland.
W. L. Usaber, who Is looking after
tho telephono business at Ashland,
was in Medford during the week.
Bring that old book with torn
binding down and hare it rebound
at tho Mail Tribune office. Costs
but little. tt
II. F. Mcader, superintendent of a
big orchard near Talent, spent a few
hours In Medford Wednesday.
Mrs. Carl Sutton of Roseburg Is
visiting relatives living In Medford
"What happened to Mary" tonight
at Ugo.
W. II. Marratt and T. J. Simmons
of Ashland tarried In Medford Wed
nesday. Mr. Hinshaw, traveling freight
agent of the S. P. Co., was down from
Portland Wednesday.
Kodak finishing, tho best at Wes
ton's, opposite book store.
W. Estcll Phlpps was at his or
chard, formerly owned by Eugene
Savago and located near Gold Hill,
on Wednesday.
Insure and be sure. Right If we
write It It. A. Holmes, The Insur
ance Man.
Mr. and Mrs. Claronce Taylor, who
havo been visiting in California, are
at horn again.
Gorklng & Harmon, studio por
traits, home portraits, flash lights,
kodak finishing, post card work and
enlarging.; 128 East Main street;
telephone 215-1.
Geo. A. Hover and S. G. Van Dyko
of Phoenix precinct wero among the
mank who came to Medford Wed
nosdayy. Now York LIfo Insurance Co., C.
Y. Tcngwald, Medford National
Dank Bldg., phone 3371.
E. D. Hanloy and R. B. Dow ot
North Jacksonville woro among their
Medford friends Wednesday.
Vapor baths and scientific; mas
sage for men and women. Dr. R.
J. Lockwood, chrlopractor, 203 Gar-nott-Corey
Bldg. Phone 145.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Kuno of
Griffin Crook tarried a few hours In
Medford Wednesday,
Carkln & Taylor (John H. Car
kin and Glenn O. Taylor), attorneys
at-Iaw, ovor Jackson County Bank
Building Medford.
Mrs, R. W. Gllklson of Agato and
Miss Audrey Jonos of Jacksonville
wero rocent visitors in Medford.
William Ulrlch, trustco in bank
ruptcy, will offer for salo at tho old
Cuthbert stand on tho corner north
of tho post office Millinery goods
of all kinds nnd description, Includ
ing ladlos' and children's under
wear. Stock of J. Dllhan, bankrupt.
Everything must bo sold regardless
of cost. Salo begins at ten o'clock
a. in. Friday, February 28, 1913.
Terms strictly cash. 291'
W. M. Mathos and his sou Harry
woro up from Ashland Wednesday,
J Thormllko ot Jacksonville spout
a few hours lu Medford Wednesday
0. W. Taylor of Eugene, president
ot tho Lnno County Horticultural so
ciety, has been appointed chief fruit
inspector ot Mint county. He Is well
known In this valley, where he held a
similar position.
G. C. Beach, music studio. Vio
linist. Will Instruct on violin, man
dolin nnd guitar In correct method.
Advanced students nud beginners.
Address 234 E. 9th street. Phone
Home 314-L nr Main 34Kt. 307
Thos. C. Gnlnes of Trail Creek was
a business visitor In Medford Wed
nesday. Orchard, hunting, fishing and
Crater Lake scenes for snlo at Ger
klng & Harmon's studio. Negatives
made any place, kodak finishing. 12S
East Main street. Phonn 2154
SAN FKAJCOISW, fnl.. Feb. 27.
Coming at ono of tho direct effect
of the tliisolution of the Southern
Pacifis-Uuion Pacific merger, the
formal separation of the Pacific
Mail com-Nuty and the San KranoNco
ntul Portland Steamship company will
ho effected here tomorrow. H. V.
Schcrwin, general tnntinger of the
Oregon - Washington Railway nud
Navigation company were in confer
ence here nil day perfecting the dis
solution i)l nun.
Although details of the dissolution
plan hnvc not been given out, it win
exieeled that Q. I,, ltlnir, freight
traffic manager, will baconie genera!
mnnnger of the divorced Pan Fran
cisco nnd Portland company, with
headquarters in San Francisco.
PORTLAND. Or., Feb. 27. United
States Attorney McCourt today made
public decisions by tho United Stntes
circuit court of appeals nt San Fran
cisco, handed down Tuesday, which
upheld tho government in its conten
tions that eight timber claims held
1V C. A. Smith nnd others, nud four
claims now in the possession of .tho
Itooth-Kelly Lumber company of
Kugcne. Or., nro held illegally.
All tho lands involved are in Lane
and Linn counties, Oregon, nud nre
estimated to he worth $150,000.
The original suits wero filed in,
1908 nnd were based on the alleg
ation that tho patents to the laud hud
been obtained fraudulently.
Ci.AnutS b-0,t)00 WAS
. DR..
Governor Super's committee of In
quiry Ins bcguunii Investigation of
the charge made by Dr. J nines V,
May, of the State Hospital Commit-
slon of New York, that William .
Clark, of New York, secretary of the
committee, has boon endeavoring to
bring ntiout the release from Matlcn
wan of Ilnrry K. Thaw, slayer of
Stanford White.
Dr. John V. I!ikoI. superintendent
of the .Mittleiiwnn State Hospital, cre
ated n sensation nt the Inicitlgatlon
when he testified he had been offered
v.Hi.otV) by lawyer for it" rvlea,
NEW YORK. Feb. 27 -Terrorlf
Ing 100 garment shop strikebreakers
housed lu tho place, a bomb partially
wrecked tho clothing factory of
Fruuhaf brothers here. All escaped
uninjured, though many suffered se
verely from shock Windows in
buildings for blocks around, were
shattered. It Is estimated today that
the damago will run Into thousands.
An hour later a batnb with tlmo fuso
attached was found In a bakery un
der a tenement nearby. All hurried
from tho place and tho bomb then
exploded, wrecking the bakery.
SALEM, Or., IVh 87. A red hot
message, from Governor Wont pro
d need quick action lu tho luiimo yoi
terday 011 S. II. m, the Portland
public loveo measure.
Coupled with the activity of lobby
ists for the Southern Pacific ntul tho
fact that tho hill has reposed lu the
house since February 1.1. and has
twice boon sent to the ways mid
moans committee, of which Carkln
Is a member, a well defined suspicion
has grown up that U has boon the
intention not to let It come to vote
nt all.
Following the message from the
governor, however, tho bill was
Mulckly reported out by the was and
means committee.
The governor's mussngo rend?
"Notwithstanding tho fact that
this Is 11 measure wholly lu tho Inter
est of tho people. It appears to have
had hard sledding from the start.
Tho corporation lobby has been
quietly nnd secretly at work throw
Ing every obstacle In Its way ttml
they have played their game well.
"lu the name ot the' long suffer
Ing public I cull upon evVry man In
the house who claims to be a friend
of the ta.puyeyr to bo oh the nlert
and see that this bill Is not permitted
to die the death which the corora
tlon lobby has so ably prepared for
The legislature, however, adjourn
cd without action.
The Joy of Get
ting Home---TIZ
Ten Minute TIZ Foot Until
Your Feci Aro Like New
00 nw
COLVIO In Medford, February
17, l!)ia, to the wife of Donnld Col
vig, an eight-pound girl. Mother and
child nro doing nicely.
Tnft 1'nnIoiiH ConNUinptlre
"WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 1. Presi
dent Tatt today pardoned William
Sunggren who Is nerving a year In
tho Alameda, Cal., county Jnll. Snug
gren Is a victim of tuberculosis anJ
wants to dlo at home.
Mother's Friend
in Every Home
Comfort and Safety Aiiurec Before
tho Arriral of tho Stork.
OLYMPJA, Wash., Feb. 27. Gov
ernor Ernest Listor today has the
power to make nil Jnzy huxhnnds
who willfully refuse to support their
fnmilieh, go to work. The hennto
unanimously passed Iho house bill
Wednesday, which makes lar.v lino
bands uracnnblo to the law. The hill
provides that errant husbands onu
be put on county road work for whioh
their fumilies are to get up to .1."j0
per day. The term of imprisonment
is fixed by a maximum of ono year.
Tho hill also permits such husbands
to bo fined, money to j.m to the de
serted family. The maximum fine is
A Progressive Century.
Tho twentieth contury has given us
a satisfactory treatmont for rheuma
tism. Tho American Drug and Press
AlKAplnHnn nt tirtlfnfi wa n m mnm-l
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bers, aro manufacturing a prepara- trr la o.iram. but aiuri-a a po and
tlon called Merltol Rheumatism Pow- wipln rrcumy for th mother. Thm
ders. from a formula adopted by them SX1 ?
after medical experts had pronounced, rrinr or hr child, Mother FrUmi can
It one of great merit. G.vo Merltol .- JiiWffi l! .?.
Rhoumatlsm Powdors a trial. Thoy wr iiiwnrrr(i tr mR-ciani mothr.
are guaranteed. Hasklns' drug-storo, ? e. " , "w'i'i n-icnlator Co.. isa
. u,. nun iu-uhj, ii ii uio.c instructive.
Wellington Fool Quake
WKLLINGTON. Fsb. 2". Doing
considerable damago, but Injuring no
ono a succession of earthquakos rock
ed Wellington today. A sorlos of
minor shocks wero at first felt, and
theso ended with a severo trembler.
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F.very year regularly more t linn a
million stomach sufferern lu the
United .Stiiton, KiiKlnnd nud Camilla
take Pape's Dlapopslu, and real I to
not only Immediate, hut lusting re.
This harmless preparation will ill
gent anything you eat nud overcome
a sour, gassy or oiltoforilcr stomach
five minutes afterward.
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load In your stomach, or If you have
heartburn, that Is u sign of Indiges
(lot from sour pharmacist a fifty
cent case of I'ape'a Dlapopslu and
take a dose Just as soon as you can.
There will he no sour risings, no
belching of undigested food mixed
with acid, no htoumcli gas or heart
burn, fullness or heavy feeling In the
Mnmiich, uniiMoii, dehllllntliiK head
uolios illulnoHH or Intestinal griping
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will be no sour food left over III the
stomach to poison your breath with
nauseoiiM odors.
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It Just the same as If your stomach
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tnln more than sufficient to thor
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Fltio' dairy faun In the Wlllnmetto
valley, close to county seat most all
set to clover, large now hiiru, kI
house, water piped to barn and
house. Clover seed will pay from
t7r. to $100 per acre, Will take
good homo lu Medford, some ensh
nud good terms on bnliiiire, this Is
n choice dairy farm nud at it low
$10,000 Portland Income properly
to exchange for Medford properly or
A snap for 10 days, nil nores all
In cultivation, K acres lu li-yonr-old
pears, U acres In 3-ycnr-old pears.
B acres lu tfyenrnlit peaches, 30
apricot nud almond tieos. Ilaluiico
lu grain, good house and barn, good
well nud spring. Call and let us
show you this ptnre,
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Modem furnished mid unfurnished
houses. Home good buys In city
Wood 6c Messner
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draperlos, Iscn curtains, fixtures, etc..
and dn sit classes of upholstering A
special msn to look after this work
exclusively and will lv as good
service as Is iMiaslbls lu gst In avsn
tho Urgent cities.
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lit He
Whlrli We Are Proinl
, We Condtirt
We Are Anxious
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4U H. Central
of Han Francisco, In tho state of California, on the a 1st dny of December.
1912. mado to tho Insurance commissioner of the stale of Oregon, pursuant
to law.
Amount of capital stock paid up $10.000.00
Premiums received during the yenr $493.ti0U.0
Interest, dividends uud rents received during the
year R0,363.0A
Income from other sources received during the year 23,2oS.u2
Total Income
Losses paid during the year, Including adjustment
expenses, etc. . $316,018.77
Dividends paid during the year on capital stock G0.u00.00
Commissions and salaries paid during the year I I3.877.0fr
Taxes, licenses and fees paid during the year. . . 40.rtiS7.jf
Amount of all other expenditures Rfi.TlO.iif
Don't Wear
A Truss!
After Thirty Years Experience I Havo
Produced An Appliance for Hen,
Women or Children That
Cures Rupture,
If you hir tried nuvit rtrytbtnc tlia, earns to
me. Wbtre other) fill li wberol bsrs mrrrt
accMt. St&dsttMbeS roufoo todty sad t wlllwod
Total oxpeiidlttirfM -
Value of renl estate owned -.$ 100,000,00
Vuliie of stocks and bonds owned Ml.20B.4li
Loans on mortgnges nud collateral, oto.... .'ItiS.OQO.QO
Cash In banks nud tin hand St, 1 28.87
Premliiiim lu course ot collmitlon and lu trans
mission 100,l!77.80
Interest nud rents duo and uccriied It.yUI.SS
Total assets I.Su8,2Uy.7l
Less special deposits lu any stnto (If any thoru be) S3, 2 18. On
Total nssols admitted lu Oregon
flroMt claims for Iohsos iinpnlil $2r,CU2.2H
Amount of iiueiiruud promliium on all outstanding
risks fiI8,t!i2.0P
Duo for commission and brokerage -17,8211.08
Total liabilities oxaluslvn of capital stork of $S03,n07..t.n
Total premiums In force December 31, 1IM2 $1171,075.77
IIiihIih In Oregon for I ho Year
Total risks written during the yenr fS,007,7l!
(Irons premiums received during the year 6S,0'.'2.7O
Premiums returned during the year. 1I,812.2U
1iHHiNt paid during the your 10, till. 82
Ixissoh Incurred during the year ... 2il,l Ifi.lH
Total amount of risks outstanding lu Oregon Dee. .11, 11I12 2,2U,38B.()0
Ily t'.KO. W. IlltOOKH, K.KTolary,
Htatutory general agont mid attorney for service: lloutmi A. Hlfford.
It. A. IIOI.MKH, Agent.
Office, JnrUoti County Rank lliilldlng, .Medford, Oregon.
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