Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 05, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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V. J. OUAltA, Pathologist.
miliums', NO. 10
.1. W. MYlillH, Chief limpct'lur.
, Tlio linnilfc of Knlhor Time 1ms
tlenlt nut n now lonl in tlio fortunes
of (ho Uro theatre, , Ilia pioneer
photoplay Iinii6 uf Medrord. Ono
more clinnjta in iiiniingcmont lins
come. Tin tunc Hoss Kline nutt
Hnrry H. Hicks of thii eity assume
Iho dirocUon of the little west side
The new owners announce that
tlieyTwill put tjio Ihentro bnek on its
orijjinnl linRis a picture honc, pure
anil simple. They will put on four
clinnpcfl n week, Sunday, Mondays,
Wednesday nnd Saturdays. They
nlhO plnu to run inntinces Saturday
nnd Sunday nftenioons only. Four
snappy np-to-the-minnto licensed
films will he shown nt each perform
ance. Music Hint gets by will be pro
vided. A-nnmbcr of chances in the play
house nro eon tempi a ted by the new
lunnaRement. This will be nttended
to n early n powible. They will
twtunc control of the theatre Sun
day. .The new innuacemcut state that
they will dispense with nil cheap vau
deville nnd stock companies, belicv
iii" that tlio public want to see pho
toplays in n motion picture house,
nnd not cheap acting.
Tlio past year has been a busy ono
on the east sld'o along building line;),
according lo 11. K, Klfcr. a con
tractor nnd builder who is now en
gaged In erecting tlio Tago Theater
on Kast Main street.
According to Mr. Klfcr he hu con
structed during the past year eight
tlno residences catt of Hear creek
ranging In cost from $3000 to JIC,-
OdO a house. Oae Is now under way
on Minnesota street which will cost
13000 and two tnoro for C. A. Knight
will bo started soon. This Indicates
the. strldo the cast sldo Is making lu
building lines.
SALEM, Kcb. 5. Representative
Carkln ot Jackson haa Introduced a
bill. to provide a special tax In coun
ties for tho establishing and main
taining of a permanent agriculture
fair. The bill provides a special tax
ot 1-lGtk ot ono mill each year, to
be placed In a county fair fund. The
appointment ot n superintendent and
for tho erection ot buildings.
Any surplus remaining In tho
fund after a fair Is held shall be
turned over to tho county road fund.
The, act Is not to apply In counties
of moro than 50,000 Inhabitants.
Nathaniel Wolery. January 29,
1913, n'tjhls homo In Eaglo Point, lie
was born November 10, 1837, nt
Wilmington, O., and married Ilachol
(lllf In, rSeptembcr 7, 1SC5. To this
union was born flvo children. Three
survive-.him Alphutt "Wolery, who
residua at Lyons, Mont,. Mm. Grant
MntthowK, Kaglo Point, and Mrs.
Harry Coplnger, Ooberg, Mont.; also
an adopted daughter, Mrs. William
MrConncll, Swan 1 fiver. Canada. Jle
hldoa these, ho is survived by his
aged wife, seven grandchildren and
a host ot friends. Ho enlisted aa a
soldier lu tho Civil War Boptcmbor
17, 1801, and was mustered out on
October 17, ISC'!. Tho funeral ser
mon was preached at tho IlaptUt
church by Iter. Klnunnus nnd tho
body was laid to rest In tho Central
l'olnt cemetery by tho old comrades.
i:aas :tov. .-
JIUTTKlt-rllli'fie. I .
. 1'OTATOKp 7fio&)ifl per 100. .
APPLES 30a&'75e box.
IIONHV lOoflSd lb.
WJIEAT $1.00.
i)ATS-00o, '
UAVVendh, $11 tun; grain, 12.
JJAHIiI-jy $20 ton. .
(JOHN r'-io ton.
' Livestock.
KHKtil' Jtt-Jttu.
HOGS Dressed, 8j0e; alive,
7o. jtu. CL.
STEKKB Alive, ROo.
COWS-Alive, S&fjUe.
YHAiV-Wfosiicd, DhOc.
PQni.TliV Jlixed chickens, 12u;
dressed, Jfr?22c.
. Harry Uulgar haa a new skotcli,
called "A Cabaret Harbor Shop."
Tho 1913 Spray Calendar con
tains nomo changes and additions
which every fruit grower should not
ice. This office publishes an an
nual spray calendar, and does not
rely upon tho stereotyped method
ot Issuing ft calendar good for sev
eral year. Improvements In meth
ods of spraying, together with tho
necessity ot combating new pests as
they appear, mako It necessary to bo
up-to-dato with a calendar. During
the past year or two thero liavo been
somo new peats which heretofore
havo not troubled tho fruit growers.
Among thoso nro tho "Itusty Leaf"
mlto ot tho pear (Phyllocoptcs
schlcchtcndall); Krlnoso mlto of
Grapo (Krlophyea vltls); Cherry
Fruit Saw-fly (Hoplocampn callfor
nlca); Sclcrotlnta Wilt of Tomato
(Sclcrotlnla llbcrtlnn). In each case
remedial measures havo been given,
and growers should find no troublo
In applying them.
The true pear thrlps (Physothrlps
pyrl) has not aa yet put In Its ap
pearance In tho Koguo river valley.
After very diligent search, and tho
examination ot a largo number of
specimens, nono havo been found.
However, other species, some now
ones, havo been found to bo moro or
less lujurlous. Tho method ot
spraying for thrlps has been given
for tho past thrco year, both in tho
press nnd In spray calendars pub
lished by this office. Tho report
that tho truo pear thrlps Is doing
much damago In this district comes
from unreliable sources and no at
tcntlon should bo paid to It. How
ever, whoro other species ot thrlps
havo been Injurious, tho treatment
for tho truo pear thrlps should be
applied as given In the calcudar.
In reading tho spray calendar, bo
suro to read right across tho page
under tho various headings. Every
word has been put thero for a ptir
poso and, owing to space limit, very
few superfluous word' have been
used. Tho calendar docs not con
tain all that might bo included; this
would mako It too cumbersome.
References to bulletins have been
given, and these should bo looked
up. Whenever In doubt aa to what
should bo done, wrlto or call at this
office. Whenever possible, a person
al Inspection will bo made, nnd ad
vice given on tho ground.
PnthologUt in Charge.
1IOW TO SP11AY. V$a plenty of pressure, 300 pounds or mom Is hotter than lower procure. Apply Ihoroiighly, iltvncltluu: ou'iy part of tlio lice. Ho not try to mitn by cconoiuUIng on
spray. If your tree are tall, uwi i tower and spray down from It. Kxntiilnn tree after they nro sprayed, especially for codling moth sprit) Iiik, mill aoo I hit) poison linn cntcicil llio nil) cup.
Nothing short of good work should bo tolerated. Do not think that n spray npplleO out of season will he effective. A spray U only effective when applied r.t (tin rluht llniti. Hprtiyn am not
"curc-aUs1' uio tho spray suited to tho rao In hand. t
For further Information wrlto this office. Mend for bulletin of tho United Stale Department of Agriculture, WiihIiIiikIou, D, ('., nHo Htalloii llulletliiN. They nro free.
(1) When buds art iwtlllnc.
(!) When bud scales r opetitag.
(J) Just before bloimms open.
(4) When last petals ara falllns and be.
for CAlyx clotea In.
(t) About first week In Mr.
tt) When they appear.
When pests appear.
' Charles Champlln, a well known
placer miner of Foots creek and Mis
Maud Elliott wero united in niar
riago at Jacksonville Tuesday after
noon. County Judgo F. h. Tou Velio
Mrs. Champlln is tho daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Elliott anu is
well known in this city. Mr. Cham
plln Is Interested In extensivo placer
holdings on Foots creek.
Metfinn Parent-Teachers Association
Tho Parcnt-Tcachers association
of tho Washington school will meet
Thursday afternoon, February C,
1913, nt 3 o'clock at tho Washing
ton achool. An Interesting program
Is to bo presented. Subject, "Co
operation Between Home and
School.' All mothers interested are
earnestly Invltod to attond. Tho llt
tlo ones will bo cared for by tho kin
dergarton committee Tho notlco as
published In tho newspaper that tho
meeting was to bo on February II.
1913, waa a mistake. Remember
tho date Is February 0, 1913. Mrs.
Walter Frascr Drown Is tho leader.
Two Mont World-Famed Tonics
Combined in Vinol
Cod. Liver oil and Iron havo
proved to bo tho two mol aucceas
fill tonics tho world ha over known
''I-.. f.i lm tilnt1 iil tlin mnilliil
lUI, IUI Hv ii.uut ...m - ...w ....
mil curative, uloments of cod liver
oil ns a strength nnd tlssuo builder
for body and nerves, und for tho huc
coBHfii! treatment ot throat and lung
Two eminent French cIiciiiIhIb dis
covered a method of separating tho
iiirutlvo Tiiedlclual olonionta of the
"cods' Jlvera from tho oil or groase
which is thrown uway, but to theue
medicinal elements, tonic Iron Is
now added, thus combining lu Vino!
tho two most world famed tonlci.
Aa a body-builder und strength
cretator for weak, run-down people,
for feeblo old people, delicate chil
dren, to restore, strength after sick
ness; and for chronic coughs, colds
or bronchitis or milmonary troubles.
"Voskydu to try Vinol with tho
undorstandlug that your inonoy will
be returned if it does not help you.
Medfotd Pharmacy, Medford, Orp. ,
:. at.
He fore fall rains begin.
Insect pests and funeous diseases con
trolled by other mtana than spraying.
fcMn Jee Hcale.
KtK at Clrerii Apple Aphis,
Woolly Aphis.
Oreen IVach Aphl.
llllnter Mlto nnd "ltimty illte of
Kkki ef lied ftttlder.
Krlnofv Mltr of Ornpe.
Tench Ivf Curl,
reach Moth.
Mon nnd l.lchetn.
ltasberry Cauo lllleht.
WHAT to van
Mum HulphuN
Ornvltyl !
Apple Mildew.
Ito Mildew.
lUbblts nnd field mice.
Applo nnd Tear Pcnb.
lVnr Thrlps. (Oilier species of Thrlps)
Cherry Fruit ttawfly.
rlei. ITuncs, 1'lumi.)
(Altacka Cher-
Cotltltig Moth on Pears nnd Apple.
llealn-Ilordrnitx mixture.
Iron Sulphide.
4.3 Degree lleauine or slroniier.
KelMiolled MiiifMulphtir or 7
Atomic Hulphurt 0 nl. water.
nintlltAt Oil Kmiil.lon. Combined
with Tobacco lllackI,enf.
Arenntn of t,ed
S pound to 100 gallon of waler.
8(0 IihcU of onliitidiirt nlod bullntlo on "Miiimituli'tiur" trltl by lid ufflw.
IVnoli moth may ulxti l eonlnillml by niil 'lii,r hiimmIo of lead, I iiitid lo
n kaIIoii of whtar, when blniiiiuR nra nHiilli0 , ....
I'or woolly uplil, do not rail in aprny bodlw and viowu lliuroushly. Jt l a
iod plan to uncover root, at leotl one feet from eeowtt, and dreriMi tnriusntr.
Hpray flrat before; llio letivw iiiivtr; mniit. when Ih" lanvea tm wll put nnd
llm joiiiik nhoiil r.i nlioul U Inelma IK liHRlili third. Just bafflto tho lilOnixiinM
Appear. He,. ImeK of oiilendnr for formula.
Hee bnek of Itil raletutrr; alfo bulletin mi Muie.Htltphilr lii, by tliln office.
Thl act n n repellanl. Not eullrelv effeullva If nkeil befom the nilny !
mm I ovnr. I.lver rubbed on trunk will iiIiki mil t rllMUt. Hen foriiinm
on back of Hit rnlitndnr.
Force eprny well Into fruit bud cluster.
Pear, peaehe, chcrrle. lirunrs, nio all ullncha.1 by Hit Ihirot Write, for
Circular No. 131. llnmtu of lliilntitiihniy, t'. H Ibtpatlmenl of Anrleullui, Wali
Inittnn. P. C Heo back of llilx rnlendar
Thoruuiihly cover with pry Hie unopened bloMHiina.
io not spray during
Araeualo of Lend
i pound to 100 cnllon ot water.
Apple and Pear Scab,
Applo Mildew.
IVneh llllKht or "fthothole.M (Alio
attack Apricot nnd Almonds.)
Twlc Ilorer. Caterpillars.
Spring Canker Worm.
Aphldea (apple, pear, cherry, etc)
Woolly Aphl on limb and branches.
Tied Uplder.
L'rlnoio Mlto ot Grape,
Oyster Rhell Dark Louse.
Leaf Hopper.
Aphides on truck crop.
Oreen Teach Aphl.
"lluity Leaf" Mil of Tear.
S-g-S0 HolMiolIrd l.lnie-Kiilphur or
Atoniln Hulphur, T pound lo to k'al
Ion of waler.
Iron Kutphldi
to pound Iron xulphate, 10 quart
lhne-utphurl 100 Rallou of mater.
S-il-CO Helf.tKilIrd t.line-Kulphur.
Araenaln Of tnd .
4 pound to 100 RiOlon of water.
Tobacco lllnck-l.eaf
1 to I; or lllnck-tnf 40 (ftulphm.i
of Nicotine) I to 100 or 1 to 1000.
Dry milphur or Atomic Hulphur for
Mite and lleil KpMr.
(loap Holutlnn
6 pound hard aoap lo 10 rIIou
Tear and Cherry Blue.
HtrlprU Cucumtxr Ileelle. (DUbrotlca.)
Root MaRROls,'etc.
k'HU.MlU llUIS, ,f,
Cut Worm,
Klea lleaile,,
Tolato Illlbht. ,'
Cottllna Motlk HRtti note.)
Arsenate- of l,rad
4 iHiund to 100 cation of water; or
una rontl dint, llino iluit, or aahe.
Arminato of Ld-
4 pound lO'lOO cation nt water.
CarhotAled I.lnif.
Whnle.oll eoap and Quiiiila'Krroscna
Uordsiux mixture as n repetlaut.
Ilortleaux Jllxture. E-S-S0.
Arenat of lnd
I Miuntl to 100 gallon of water.
Un n nuiiln wllh nn nnglo of 111 ileRrre. nn.1 apray Willi pfeoun i;f 17 t
100 txmnd llutl eyery youiiR fruit hit hail aprny furenl Into Ilia oalyx
cup. ifprny ahould lie sitao nnd. If tree r tall, n plalfi'ilu on llm afy
tank alioiild be lined I'mir iiee.l not w apruye.1 until opplefi ar rmuly, aa pear
cnlyce reniNln open. Ilepent the Imiv In n wk r len dy All inntli ihi
pot inerun from their iwunim nt the aine lime Itand eoiiln tree Willi nlothl
llio nuiiiWr of Mirtn niuitht will Imllrntn tti effetlviiea of tlio hImivo trenlj
mwnt. toiler apmy ahould not l eoaraq. but a (In lolal, to oovtr fruit nod
folliiKo. (inn aprny for er uaunlly aufflrb-nt
To be ,oiuhlneit wllh araanute of lend aprny nbor wbwf umli iMHuta,
To b cmiiblne.1 ulih li flrat i-.llhitf niolli apnty. re bulletin on "Uhie.
Hulphur" laautd by tltti office, Heo back uf enlanilnr fur formula.
T oepll.!
Hv fnriiiuln n tmek of Mleinlr
tin mil nllhli. m liu.nlli nt ttlrklur. am fl lilt Ulll In. btallietL
when, mil anrrtylntf wllh llurdmot inKliim iiu Im'ti ttmlltiH) A f,M ttawtiiieiit
iiim inner part r inw, ir iiroerv
The flrat cvhIIIoc moth aprny will be mora or lea timely.
II aiiro In apray n oon aa tho cilonlea of tlw tnawl appear In th fa
of Hplildn It l vry illfdvilll lu eiadlonln lliem after lhe have rilrle.1 lba IwiVM
tHidly llrtnemher (III la a con I art lirtl ami Hie ihm-n chii only be klttetl by
direct contact wllh tho Inaeullehbv The. blnek-lMf nwy Ih niUeil wllh aranatn
of lead. If urreaaary. lo iw lalwr of ilouhle eprntinR. uliHrw la himI oodlliie
innlh t lo Ih"lll nt Ihn tmmn 1 1 Ml". Tor ita) aphler. llm Wllr nf iIiaM
and "llunly laT' mite of ltr, dry Hulphur. atoiiile aolpbur r lf-lwHIJ thw
aulpbur may lwt uihhI Tlio iai aoliitlon limy h iHHohliteil with lit IMK-I-f lo
iiuKj it ndhern letter K?r comblna op and AraenaW of I.eait.
o not apray on rlm fruit, n aplay I "ilmxieu.
All vKtlbl4 'iu)"l wllh
theui for the lbl
arariiieitln alMHibl Im rarr fully nahd to prarlNi;
1 1 Hie IK iMHiiid .if I low
le llm w III a una
Work tho mixture Inlo I he ol.
Tiirintilii f..r ,MrlHlulMl
aeld, I iilnt or mr. Hlake llmw wllh
oarnouo arm.
vnlar. M aalltma. oailMtlhi
IIIIU wulwr, add irat of waler Und lb
Clean rulturn I ImiMirlaiit. All ruhtriah Hi the flahl aexl aloaa fnttee ahuld
bo .lealrnynl 111 plowing ahould Iw irnetlr.l tHaecl HMV Im trnlit'el by
placing ahlnglM) or luMnt ainonc the In choohiImw and mh4mii flebl .lain,
age from tinlt bur may Im lemHimJ liy th of wpaah vtwea plaHla.) a
wi-k or ao mrller tiwvii llw oiher bill n tr plant lr ihe yintHg maetft,
apray a liHllnttett
for culworm. buliilt.
Tor grnaahopiMir. II
uhleh I n iHitaab fertiliser. I affertlva.
I ueiMllr iwwMianry In oorar ywttn lrwi
Till ahoni.l
nli, lit hIi.,m lliav art mti.iru4iM.
anro. Tyrelhrum povifer limy alao lt iiav.l fur flei iMelte,
itltli nhaaea
Ih. ilnna pramplly iihh flrat hppr
Kpmy Ihar'iuglily flet welt in June and wo or three week l"r, lf ueaJry.
bill liaiiHlly latter rt nf J HO. An
application lb laller rl of July may ..flew li neiaary. If the calyx aptaylnc
row worm win ! leu mr ii itti. ei.rwyi
Third appllcnllon iliiil ot uwm miu.
I well ilnne.
. , Iron Kulphnln (Coppers) Thl apray deairor iniilrl. dandelion. IhUtlaa, tnwl, n.l other broad.
eel. jo ,wr 00lll Boiullon leoved plant.
,, . . After tho field hnn leii IhorouRhly cleaned Up. apray Iwfaro Iha ralna baglu.
Itnapbcrry Cane might. lteln-ltnrdenut. Hen Mck of calendar for (ormolu
IM aura lo aprny nil alone fruHa a well a npplaa Iwfore fall ram lclu. Do
Appln Anthnicnose. ... ... , , , . not wall for leave In fall. Wher apple lrea nr entirely fra flow anlhraentMO
l'cacli Illlght, .or "'Sbot-IfoU.' llordeaut Mixture, 6.3-aO. canker. Iiiue-aulphur will prove null effeollve. Ilawever. IhM.traut la mueli thn
"-A aafer. Tall aprnyliiR for pear iii)iiwary.
Thera I no apray ruiily for thl baalarlal tllaa. Carefully rvmav all In
fection In the. bodlr. limb or root lfor" lH MbihoihIiik aenm ataaa. If
Tear nilcht. (All spectra of tha pom L'an corrnalvn aubllmnle, 1 to 1000 bllRht nppenr during Hie growing aeaatw, rmrp II, ualng aiaal oar t Mil
family.) a a disinfectant. wall below Infeotlim ihhuI. Wiim. tlw loalrumrnla ami aula wllh arrlv l
llmatn (biehbirid or mrourr) 1 lo I0M Thl I the inimt arta nt an orclmnl
fruit dleeaaea and Ilia one phkI lo b gwar4el again!.
tlaapberry Cano Maggot. No spray remedy. Cut out ami hum all lnfeate.1 aanaa
Smut of wheat, oal. barley. ir,?"nl"To JO gallon of wnttr. Hprlnklw the grain thoroughly, mix on a bin floor, let dry awl w,w.
TT ... , ... Mix well Duat thn plnnl well before onn . I In. If plnnl are beading,
Cabbaga Worm. Tarl Oreeu 1 part, brnn 40 pari. IIMt while hellebore, one oiinea to iwo gallon of water
iHlB Hiaipaiii m - aaHaaBaaaaaBBaaMMBaBaaasaiMHBiHwsMwiiiinat aa,iBBWja-HaHaMiBaiavHMBiiBaaBBHiaaMaj;iBMM
Mtko u inaah by adding aoin water; udd a llltl molaaaea nml all: mix Had
Climbing Cut Worm. Tarl Oreon 1 pari, brnn 40 part. scatter In amiill pile union pkmta or In Imi lrorj. plaHilog II imreful that
Oarden Cut Worm. (Ily weight.) chicken do not gel at tho poiaon. Illack-liiif in it to loo) nuy al bo uewl
to aatiirnlo grouml.
' " " ". ! ! Tolaoiieit allce of pntatoe may or may nut lie raUly ealen. Ttja Ha of MtU
Wlro worm. (Larvao of Cleck Ileetle) Polaoiieil slice of potato, lllnck'Lcar rn( jo d t,, sou) nppiliM lo Iho groiinil aix.ul ihe iilaiil will drhm them nwny,
. ;Tar. t , , , , W, o otliar able of calendar. .
.... , l'ormalln ' ' Hnak thn potato aeil before culling for two hmira Do not plant puUtloaa lu
Tolato Mcab. j ,,nt to jn gallons of water. ground from whlili cabby polnliK- linvn been dutf. Holnta llll olhir cropa,
3 ' ' iiiihiir on tlu vlnwi freiuently during thn auiiunar. If uiplll wlilln
. , . dnw I on tho vluea. II will adherr murli bnitr. AppUcalloim by dual apravar la
Orapo Mildew. . I'KiHcrtf of Hulphur. niore rff.cllvn 1omIIii by hand. fNlinitmruIil iliue-nulpbur. 1 to Tf, Im
Ii,, ( ,i ', kIv.ui Mir reaulla In fallfornln whero mil. low I aerloiiB.
' -'!- i" .' .. " ' ' '' " . Hand Iho lra with "Tree Tmiglo-f.Mit." Tar or olhur allaky preparnllon ahould
Tunxock Molh. Hand. ,10t bo nppllnt illrrutly lo the Imrk of Ireo.
Wrap young tree, wllh linivy bulblliiK Mpr ul leaal n fil above Hroinid,
nnd bavn wrapper extend Iwo or lliree IiicIh- l.-luw aurfnoe. Voung iwiir Irjwi
Plal'lieaded Uorcra. (Applo, poar.) Wrapper, Hhadc. nro not lruiible.1 ao a.rloualy. II l nlao a nood plan lo abnde llio itewi by driving
a nlmlui Into iho groiiud on Hinilhwret abl.t I'laro ahaku due In four Inuhwl
fnim tree. Inlrr-cropplng lh corn nlao nffecilvo. ...
M . I I I I II III I 1 II --
lino wnah liiiulu n follewa: I galloii whllownah; t pint Ibplld gluo; pint
rnrbolle uold; tW oguci' Tarln (Iroeo Apply nboul lny Int. Thl rmoedy I
Teach Ilorer (crown nml root of peach, I'olaon Wash, or Man! Asphaltum, not millmly nffrotUe, nnd tiro ulioulil bo exninl 1 fur borer. AimlliHr treailniniil
prune, almond, apricot.) croilwi "C" or "II" I" lo apidy Iwo uoaln of warm aapballiiiii wllh bioali oarly In aprlng lo lrei nflir
luirera luivn Iwn ilug out. Tlio naphiilliim coat may tiuvh flvo liiuhua below to
flvo Inched nbovu thn ground.
-------- . . i mm-mmm i
Tlireo wrek lifter culling atop, aprny wllh whnle oil aoap mid wntnr (6 hiiiih1h
.... . aoup lo 60 khIIoiin of water), then dual with flower of niilpbur lit tho tuln nf
AftpnraRUfl Hint. Tlowera of Hulphur. too to I Ml poiiiiit per nnrn. A nionlli Inter, apply on dnwy inornliiuM, ISO lo sou
ImiiiiiiI uf flow era of aolpliiir per acre.
Htrawbcrry Crown-borer, und Hoot '" ., . . ...'.,, Thero In no known reiiudy. Destroy Infciiled planln beforo May 11. Do not
borer. No remedy to nvo affeoled plnnl. replnnt In Infewled ground,
n,-i r........i.. ,...,.. ,m , ., Do not plant lu soil In which dlaeased plants linvn mown, I'nnilleo rotation
Melon, Cuciunber, Cantaloupe Wilt. Xtolallon. wm, other uropM.
. . i iT i i i i i in
Tomnlo tfclerotlnla Wilt. (Attackn
IhjUIoi'M, uaah, cowpca, and other gar- Itolntlou In crop, Uho corn, nui.ill gnilliN for ul letisl Iwo yrnrn.
den vcgolabtcn.)
Mix wall together nml lenvo where mil nan feed upon It. Tho nut will go
Ants. Tit r I n r cmutlo. 1 purl, nyrup CO pari. In their nrl lifter iiiUmr nnd will die. Hpeulc which mo lanulballsllu will bit
killed upon lulling llm polMoni-d one which returned to llio neotn.
Cut pnlntocn lu two b'uulhwlao. Hprnnd iirwiiiln mi nut rurfacn and plu Iho
Oophera. Aratnlo for iiophor. pari logoilii-r with n(illiilel(N or dhurpnund inutehcs, Tut poIhoiih! pnlntocn In
ground whom gopher nro worklm;,
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... ,,,,... riabhll und ground auulrreln may hn pnlHoned wllh ntryohiilii Hiilpluitn. Thl
Ilabbltg, ground auulrrcls, moles. Htrychnla Hulphnto polaiui may bo niipllud directly lo npplcM whvrn limy will ho euleii. Tliurn nro
trap ror mule. ulan proprlotiiry polaonH purehuauhla nt drii); hIiipi. AIoIom iiiiihI Imi Irupped. , i
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmm I I H I ' I ,, I II I I I I I, I I I I ,
- r' ' " ' ,. . . 1'uullry hiniHe ahould ho thoroughly niiraycil wllh u Mtrong llino-aulpliiir nolii.
., ,, .... . '. ,. ,, Hlroini ' iliriu-Hiiipiiur, r,n. while llio looals may bo wnalicd wth vurlwillo held hohIoh (alx oiiuei'M of
Poultry Mltcn und 'lAcpy -' ' Dual bathH. crililo cm hollo licld lo one kiiIIoii of hot water ) DiiMt both may bu of flno roiid
l "" " Curhollo nclil hoiiiiioii. iIiihI, oipinl parts of Hulphur mid powdured tobiicco or wood uahn.
HM II I I III wm I i II I I I II I I I I 1 1 I I III I . . I I m
'. l , kit i ".' i'.'i i ' Walls and furulturo muy bo aprnyed with 1 lo COO noliillon pf oorronlvo nub.
net ! ' 1' f ' llmuto In alcohol. Alcohol will illaaolvii palut or varnish no wood nnd water
' , ! ,'i .Ir ; j .,, .v. . , , may bo unnd liiMlond, Whuro It Is iioHalble, fiiiiiluallou Is Io'hI. lino ciyiinldo of
Ilcd biiga, cockrooclic. Corroalva Hubllinala ' pnluaiilum (91 per cent), ono ouiiei . by wnlghl; hiilphurlo unlit (nruilni, ono ounce,
liiti iluixt Ion ll'llild iriunnurn! wnlor, (wo ounce. Tlaco water In earlhonwiiru dmlij mill thn
rumination of nursery stock, fruits, t o2 I'olasHluin Cyniihlu 01 per cunt. HuUdiurlo aold und then drop Iho uynnbla of pntnaalnm in, lint out of thn looui
olo. l m HuliiiVrlo Acid J ox wutor. flulckly. and oloao door nnd windows tightly. Do not enter until loom ins boon
1 " WUI"1U rtc,u Ul- wu,or- thoroughly ventllntrd. Thl U n moat Tloadly poiaon If Inlmled, nnd great euro
should bo exercised In Us uae. Thq uhovo foimuln la aufflolcnl for 100 ouulo tout
' nf spuco. 1'Vir fumlgalluu gretfiiluiUNc, It Is sufficient for 3S0 e.uhlu foot,
. ' " i i .... i i i i
Alfalfa Crown Oall' (Urophlyctla). Ko spray remedy. Plow up Infected fields and rntatu In grain for nt loaat two years,
Thl Is a baolerln! dlseusu uf u largo mliuhur ot Npecles of plants of wlduly
n ....... .. .'. ...,., .,.....' saparnlod genera. Tlioru Is no ouru or roinudy, All plant, aitch aa pilars, apples.
Crown,(nactcrla1)i Destroy Infetc4 plants, peaohBS, uto found to bo Inflicted should bo rJctod, This dlsvasu Is iiiuro
serlou In our dry regions,
' , , , . . . .', Carbon blsulphldo. Place In shallow dishes In the bins. Tlio ", being heavy, will go downward.
Insect In stored grains nnd fruit. Tumlgntlon. Or un pntnsslum oynnldo ns abavo,
Keo back of ciilviular,
IMsliifcctlPitjQf, all seeds.
iuvtt" wf)';')'iji'.-''
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