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Medford Mail Tribune
Possible Hltom-ra tonight
Mnv. KM .Mlti. ttll.
'ortr-aronil Tear,
bally llxvnlli rear.
NO. 271.
Slicfkct Pasha, New Premier, Take
Chai'ijo of Lines at TclialaIJa anil
Will Abandon Policy of Defense
for One of Attack.
(.'oxhtaxtinoi'm:, vu. n. -
Heavy Urine heard here toni-jlil t'ritni
llio dirretltiii of Tidintnliii lc.nU to
Hut belief Hint Miilimoml Slu-lkel
I'iihIh Ihih rriii'licil llii' Inns i
carrying nut It Im iiiiiiiiiiiii'ciI intention,
bus ordered lint Tuiks to uttiick.
Ficiee nghtfn nt i Hues of
TvhiiliiHn with tint Turks ItiUiiiK Hi
uffoiitdvi' fur Iho llmt tiniu since the
Hulkaii tdrngglu begun, is prcdlctrd
hero, tuiliiv coincident with llio ilo
IHirliiru of Muhiiiniid Shcfket Pallia,
picmicr niul grand lrlrr, for tlu
Turku to Attack
While tln offleltils of the tortc
iffnt to t'mt out any doflnili In
fonniitlon of the en ml nt: tnctli' of
Hie Turk, it in freely Muled in mil
ilnrv circle llmt the policy of de
feiistt has boon nhnmloneil hv the
Young Turk leaders, niul tint t tlu n
vielunleil mill Ntrptigtheiioil itriity he
hlinl Tohiilaljn xv ill Mtlly forth iimler
Khefket' eoituiiiiinl to make n sii.
pri'me effort to ill He Imek the I till -gars
liefure llielr flunking ntlnek on
the OurilciicltiM forl run om'H the
way to CoiiMmitiiii)tl for the block
nillttf (lieek Heel.
Tho plan, it i bolieiod
here, in o hue the li,ll(IO Turks and
Anib now opposing tin' Ilnlgiirrt nl
CallM1 ponliiMilit put tin hi Miff n
tieieiike iih omIic until .Snorkel s
fntnliil nltnek will force Hie nllleM lo
withdraw their troops engaged In Ihr
Hanking liiiiyeinoiit.
Ailiiuuuplc In Hunger
The decision to take Hie nffciisitr
it is prulinlile, has iil-ii liccn foreeit
Ity the Imminent danger of Adrian
nple. Aflern orwwtiiui of firing there
lnt night Hie Tnrl.ili isiuiiuuttiler
Shiikriboy, again refused n siitiuiioiix
lit surrender niul the llulgurs ami
Suibs uiiikiui! the iitluek me ctcctcd
In nll Ilieir forces niul lo ntteuipl
to Monti (ho ellv unless lelief efil
ily comes. It s In prcicut (hi
massed attack Unit Hut pasha's mote
iiieut was uuilerlnkeii.
YII.K.VA, lVh. 5. - Pniivo Wilhehn
Kilel Kriiilrich, Hecmul him of tlm
knitter, iminnvly etti-npeil ilmith Iniluy.
when mi exprohrt train on whieli he
wiik Iriivclint; from Huehurenl lo
llerliu iiiiit.heil into lite rear eiut of
,1111 oil tank train near MediuMi.
Tint I'ollislou eiuiHCil an poiioii
of the oil, Hid huriiing fluid llyinn
over tlm wrecked eonehcH. Munv
peixiiis olhcnviiiu witro fatally in.
juiTil, hut thu prince anil liU stiito
ehciipcil ituliurt mul nlilcil Hut injured.
Tint prliii'o had heeu in Huehiirext
lu attend huptUmiil cercinoiiles in
eldentul tu Shrove Tuesditv. ItoHmi
Hibilily for Ilia accident h placed
with llio crow of tint oil train. It was
mi a sldinc awaiting puhniiixh of the
itxproNH hut thu rear cud itiolnided
over Hut main liaol;.
(.HlL'AdO. I'Vh. f. Ono death and
much Htiffiiriuir anions (ho poor U
ieiortud hero today iih llio result of
llio nun weather which lias flipped
tho cutlio inidilht wohI. Win, I'IiIIch,
a wutchiuan, watt fuiiud dead, h'oncii
htlff near hiri lioine.
At Uiiliith, Minn,, it U '-'I liolow and
t ivvll Juku, N. P., HI hclvw, '
Portland Rlnn, of Produce and Fruit
Brokers Declared to Have Violated
Federal Anti-trust Act Restricted
Trade and Competition.
POIITLANI), I'elt. 5 - Churgod
with conspiracy niul uulnwftil com
iiiiitilcntloii to lentruln trmln under
Hut Minimum ultl-trimt net, Hut United
HlnteM grand Jury toilny returned an
liiilletiiieut ngnluat ten Portland com
iiilsaliiii t-oinpiinlcs, member of tho
Produce Merchants' association.
Tlioau Included In the liullctiueiil
Frank II. Pngii. IMwnrd A. Man
font niul C. N. Dllley of Pugo &. Hon,
Tluiotliy Pearson of Pennon, Page
Ai Co.; W. II. (Ilufko or W. II. llafk
k Co.; John A. Hell niul V. A. Slntia
flelil of Hell A Co ; V. II Dryer of
Dr)er. Ilolliitu & Co.; Herbert II. Mr
Cwen of McKhiu ft Kuikey: Murk
Levy of Murk Levy & Co.; Clmrlea
It. niul Kd II, Levy of Levy L
Hiili-Kel; Urn Levy tttitl John J. Colo
of lien Levy & Co., niul (1. W. Cnrd.
well of tint Pacific I'mlt niul Pro-
dure eoinintty.
Tim Indictment In In two count,
one rhnrcliiR roimplrne) niul tint oth
er unlawful rent rn I nt of competition.
They eaperlnlly clinrco the norU-
t Km with reatrulului; trmie uy nt-
fiuluK lo penult any wholesale Jolt,
her dot n u UiihIiichm In Portlund who
la nut n member of the orKunUntlon.
I'lvo produce hrokera, alleged to
linvn (hit "atnuil In" with tltn nnMf
elation niul who control 90 per rout
of the ha I en of produce In Portland,
nrn mentioned nil IibvIiir directed nil
ahlpnieitti to tho nanoctatlou ineiu-
hern, lo the uxrlualon of nil tho Inde
pendent wiintrintor.
Auotlier clinrse li Hint iiieniber-
alilp In tho ntnoclntlon wai ilruletl
without tho totihcnt of three-fourtlui
oflt it ineiuburn niul tho payment of n
hluhly iucokIvo iiK'inberalilp fee,
whlrh wna irolilliltle to tho other
Independent merclmuts.
WASJIIXnTON. I'elt ' Miu Win.
lliiward Tall, wife of Hut prchidcut,
today Iiiih Hie "one ntcp"
by ilaueiiii' the old faMiivmrd wiillz
nt Hut ii rai v and imw teceptiuit at Hin
While II0111.C hiht iilht with l.icul.
('omuiauder Tiuuiioiih, iiiimiI aidit on
the. prtiiloiit'n hlnff. This ineatin
lluil Ihn one htct hereafter will he
Hie "rcKiilar dmiee."
I.ut niuhl'i cM'iit wni the hifKCht
rccepliou held nt tho Wliito Moiito
under I'reiideut Tufl'H adminihtrn
Hon. .Moru than 'J00 pel souk attend
LONDON, Feb. 5. Open ilefliuico
of a nuin-nindo Kovcrnnient and llrl
tlxli Iiiwm mul offlclula who prcaldoil
lu a How Htreot court today by MIhh
Hylvla Pankhurat, daughter of Mrs.
ICmnlliiu PankhnrHt, leader of thu
militant aiitfrnKottcs, when given tho
ulturtuitlvo of payltiK n ?I0 fluu or
KoIiik to Jnll for H duya. MIhs
Pmikliurnt wiih cliurcvil with ills
tuibltiK tho poaco.
"t accept nolthur alteruntlvu,"
Bald MIhh Punkluirwt, when nontonco
wun pronouncod. "1 liuvo not ells
turbuil tho ponco, If 1 mu neat to
Jail I ulmll Blurt a huimor atrlko."
Hho wan sent to Jull,
SAI.KM, l'Yb. fi. Tho house today
defeated Itcpresi'iitativo SclmchclV
wni or power tax hill. ThU hill pro
vldcd for a tax on all muni and un
used water power in tho htato.
Actor Tearle Dead
UIMfJUTON, Knit., Feb. fl, Ed
intiiid Tenrle, Knjiluml'n foremost
vl' lluury Iwiiij;, OU'd Ijero toduy
.-5500,000 HEART BALM
aHlaW-laBpMaV 3
TaMHV-iif Mr.
Ml-a Ccrliudu llin!er. alnner, U
the plaintiff III the yjMS lin-iu h of
ItroiuUn kiiIi ItroiiL'lit flKilimt Carl
i hrr, u iiil.lioiiitnlro club omit of In
dl.iiiatll. Ind. The cnnc la nltrNCtliti!
4llratlon tlirouah'itif I li" entire iouii
try, i"pllly ItAatiKe of Sir. I'hher'a
allecrtl Ktalemrnt that lie 'Vnuld buy
up Judte ami any pmlifadeil Jury lu
the country with hl nioucy" ahould
.Ml llhlrr "tie hint.
TltKNTON, Pel), 5 Intheatlon
that he umy not rIvo out the nnrucs of
Ida cabinet memberi until hU ItiauR
urutluu wax tunilo hern today by
Preitldent-Klect Wood row WlUon.
Aakcd when he lulftht havo thia In
formation ready for tho pram, Vllon
"I havo not arrived at any con-
mIiiMoii oven reKardliiR tho approtl-
mntu date on which I will announce,
my cabinet. I find It frequently
lina happened In Ihn pint that tho
cabinet wus not nnnoiinced by tho
prcHoiildeiit. elect until March 3 or
on InniiKunitloii day.
"1 recall thut tho public wan kept
KUPHsliiR over tho Identity of Presi
dent Clovolaud'H aerond cabinet un
til tho mi in en were nent to tho senate.
I mention thin to nhow there la no
Impomtlvo nceil for nn early an
iiiiuucumcnt," (lovemor Wllnon denied that hla
currency program contemplates a
Riinrniitvn of bunk doposltH.
CoiiKroBHinan Kout of Cullfornln
hendliiR tho opposition, thu battlo
over tho HodeiiburK bill appropriate
Ihr $'.',000,000 for tho Panama Pa
cific Kxpoaltlon In Ban Francisco In
I'.'IS unit provldliiR for n commission
of hoven inombora waa hIukciI In the
liouso today. Tho Austin bill, carry-
Iiir a $500,000 appropriation for an
exposition nt Knoxvlllo, Tcnii., ulso
wna considered. Ilaudpalnted views
of tho Ban FraucUco fair grounds
mid or tho bulldlnRS us they will ap
pear when completed woro exhibited
In tho hoiiso lnunslnR rooms. Lit
tle opposition to tho S3, 000,000 ap
propriation Is apparent among mom
bora of tho houso, tho principal ob
jection botiiK to tho appointment of
a Kovorniuont commission of seven
members ut IiIru Kulnrlcs,
Congressman Kent, who favors tho
appointment of but ono commission
er la oponiiiRly denouncing ,tho plun
for a commission of sovea members
us "it Rlcantlo Rruft."
Tho Elks will hold nn important
mooting Tliurhday evening nt which
overy member is requested to ho pres
ent. A matter of great coiibcoueiiuo
to tlio Indgo in coming up and it in
desired that it bo given tho cohstidora
Hon of an near llio ontiio membership
iih possible. Asido from tho business
featuro thorn will bo an nut of tho
ordiuury t'ocil,
mnnv mm
Society Women qf Philadelphia Go
the Limit In Pre-Lenten Dance That
Lasts Until Daylight Costumes of
Adam and Eve.
PlIILADKLPIWA. Feb. .',, Onrhed
in Kiddy HkIiIn, the HocSrty women of
Philadelphia mndo it cteur to nil tho
world today by it prc-lcutrii iuhmiuu
ball whieli broke ull.irconU for rev
elry that tho iiuinc .of "Slow Town"
fit their burg no inure. Many of
the women nt the linll wdre n Hired
ill tiiuicM falling juMibeluw their hiis
and piiuliihioiiK or flchuip complet
ed ii pictiirc whicli with ni'rr oiitdouo
lu the fuucliuiiH ever pulled
off in "raw ChieORw" by lliuky Dink
or Ilatlilioii-e John.
Knutrt Het I'm tii
Scores of Ihn most unmiiiient ho
cinlv women in tlm cast were present
at tho ewnt. Highly irr cent of
them tabooed drmf. mid if there
are uuy who today do not know what
the lower half of Philadelphia society
looki like, they either are blind or
were not nt the bull.
At midnight when lent cuuic. the
revelry was nt it hit'sht. The clock
was htopiM-d and the dancing and
wining proceeded until the Miiicrin
tendeut of Horticultural lmll, where
Hie hull wan held, tunird out the
lighlw, nfter duvlight brgatt to Mrrntu
llirouah Hie window early today.
Kovcn thru Hip dunccrs wanted lo
continue the ftH(iititt but tbi suitcr
iiitcndcut wiih nMninent mul "Hip hot
test" ball Philadelphia ever saw was
nt nn end, i , .,
Few Wn Dre'M-a
Only n few of Hip society women
thought to weur drcsM-s, mid thuso
who did were regarded with From.
Society characterized the nffair n
the most brilliant cirut in Hut social
history of the citv. but the nvcrng
Philudrlphiiin Is of the opinion thut
if Win. I'cnn'd oonfl failed to tuni
over in iU grave, it missed n fine
Some of tho debutantes mid ma
trons wore what they called F.xe cos-
tumei, but it in mwrtcd, some of tha
tiinmp.ii'M just brought along the fringe
nnd tight f, lenviug the rcM of the
costume at home.
Towards morning the revelry broke
all previous record, and it was hint
cd that some of the dances stepped
by the society women made tin1
"bunny hug." "lurkev trot" nnd "Hat-
bus dip" look like tho conventional
SAI.K.r, Feb. ,V-Governor West
has signed senate bill II, introduced
by Senator Von der Hcllcn. Tho bill
amends section (1307, Lords Oregon
lawn, relating to rondn mid gutewnyu
for lunds not reached.
Other bills which passed were tho
Ily Smith, of Josephine, lvgulat'ing
tho practice of phnminoy.
Hv Smith, of Coos nnd Curry, spec
ifying bourn of labor on stute con
tracts. Ily Corson, niueiultupiit to section
518, Lord'8 Oregon laws, relating to
judgment and decree,
I)y Moser, introduced ut tho, re
quest of tho clerk of the supreme
court, tho supremo court justices, and
the stato librarian, authorizing tho
state librarian to exchange codes with
other slutes, unit foreign countries.
WASHINGTON", Feb. fl. Limiting
tho ehnrgi's of pawnbrokers and
''hum sliarks" to ono per cent per
month in this city, a hill today signed
by President Tuft is expected to
domorulizo tho enormous biibiucss of
these concerns hero. Mnny of thobo
interested appealed personally to tho
prcbideut to yoto the hjjl,
r ''
- - r.T.uvfuril
ilr i JPI
r; 'V .fllM
--i VT..riV;l
f W WW i-JU
WJa- -' Aal '
rl' 'av naLi
' aa. aataaaiaaai -.. ,! I1IILJI
II. II. I). Prlrce. once Third AanUUnt
fcretary of the United Hlatwi, U
among thoae namrd as conaplratoni
"PomMnKt" Id tbe Kuutlan seal fraudx.
Mr. Pelrc aud a fur expert arc accused
of aiding tbe collc-llon of a fade claim
sealant tbe Ilanxlan gorerument In
wblch the alaUKbter of hundreds of
Uiouud of for teals U Inrolred.
NEW YORK. Feb. V -That tho
American Asphalt truM caused his
downfall, mid is ciidentoring to keep
bun out of the I luted Slute, because
he opjiosed n "grab" of Vfiiciruelun
asphalt lukcs, is the claim today of
Cipnnno Cnstro, former president of
Veneiueln who is rfMMiug deportA
tion from this country.
Tho nxpluilt tnist. CiiKtro. deelaren.
fcrtra that the jKoible resumption- of
twwer by him in Neneziieiu wonld cud
its options on the nphult lakes, nnd
also fears his dealings with the Amer
ican government if ho is allowed to
remain here would also place, these
interests in jeopardy.
The tnist, lie claims, is therefor
trying through tho immigration laws
to keep him out of both countries.
Castro's habeas corpus application
will be heard in the courts here Fri
day. .
WASHINGTON. Feb. 5. Tho ex
ample set by Thomas Jefferson when
ho was succeeded to tho presidency
by James Madison was hold up to
President Taft today by Senator John
Bharp Williams of Mississippi as a
possible way to break tho deadlock
In tbe senate over confirmation of
Tuft appointments.
"Tho democrats," bald Williams
today, "aro going to Btand put, and
that means tho republican members
of thu benato aro helpless. It Prcs
Ident Tuft wants to securo confirma
tion of any of his appointments ho
should consult with Woodrow Wit
son concerning tho qualifications of
tho appointees.
"When James Madison was
chosen to succeed Jefferson as pres
ident, although they woro In full ac
cord on tho national policy, goffer
sou censed to mnko further appoint
ment oxcept such as were required
to conduct urRout public business.
Jefferson hold thut tho people had
transferred their trust to Madison,
and thut Madison was entitled to Bay
who should hold office under lilm."
CHICAGO, Feb. .V-Tho demurrer
filed by Jack Johnson, negro prizo
fighter, uguiiist his indictment on a
whito blavo charge, was overruled
hero today by United States Judge
Carpenter. The date of tho trial was
then sot for February 2o.
Johnson's demurrer was hasod on
tho allegations that the Mnnn law
is unconstitutional. After lit was
overruled tho negro was arraigned
nnd pleaded not guilty. Ho was
promised a speedy trial by govern
wotit oft'iciiils,
Dispatches From Bulgarian Front
Report Another Crushing Blow for
Defenders Who Attempted Sortie
and Lost 1000 Men Captured.
SOFIA. Feb. 3 Disputchca from
the Bulgarian front ut Adriniioplc
tonight reKtrt auotlier eninhing blow
at the Turku. Under Shitkri iky a
nre force of Turks made a sortie
from the city but were repuUed by
the itulgiirx mid 1,000 of them cap
tured. LONDON. Feb. .'i. P-mibnrdment
of Adrimioplo which was exacted
from dimtclics from Sunn, to have
been stopitcd for 24 hours to nllow
the Turks an optortunity to surren
der, has breh renewed, according to
later Sofia dispatches to Keuter's
news agency here.
While no explanation is six en, it is
supposed the Turks flatly refused
lo surrender and the Iltilgnriuns de
ciding not to waste the 21 hour
truce, reopened with their cannon at
It is expected hero Hint n deter
mined attempt to carry the fortresn
hv storm will be made within n few
U)NI)ON", Feb. .-. Dispatches re
ceived from Constantinople today
deny that Scutari lias fnlleti or Hint
the Turkish commander there is ne
gotiating with n view to capitulation.
Official announcement in Constanti
nople soys that llie Scutari forces
made n snrtio capturing mnny battal
ions of Montenegrins h ml 400 car
load of ammunition and supplies.
The- Montenegrins,--it- is - Teortel,
were di-nnned mid paroled until Hi
end of the war.
DOUGLAS, Ariz., Feb. D. After
living lu Douglas nioro than a year
us banker and church worker- J. T.
Wilson Is under arrest today by tho
federal authorities who says ho Is J.
M. Sims, who Is uuder JS000 bonds
to answer a chargo of using tho malls
to defraud In connection with tho
sale of stock of thu American Trust
company of Memphis, Tcnn. Tho
case Is pending In tho United States
district court for Westorn Tenoncs-
sco. Tho arrest followed a chase of
IS months, tho officers claim, which
led from Memphis to Los Angeles,
and thence to Douglas. Wilson was
organizing a building and loan com
pany when arrested. Ho declared
ho Is tho victim of mistaken Ident
ity and announced his willingness to
go at once to Memphis.
Tho federal officers say five per
sons connected with the Memphis
affair aro serving penal terms. Thoy
also allego thut tho men operated lu
lowu, Illinois aud California.
NKW YOUK, Vb. 5. Declaration
of n 13 per ccut extra dividend to
duy to tho holders of tho common
stock of tho American Tobacco com
pany indicates that the trust was not
hit hard by tho dissolution order of
tho United States supremo couit.
More than J?l),00U,000 is to he dis
tributed. Including tho amount to he dis
tributed under today's declaration,
tho American Tobacco company bus
paid extra dividends of $14,000,000
biucu it was dissolved.
METZ, Germany. Feb. 5. Fright
oned by tho stationing of nnny sen
tinels at tho banks, hundreds of do.
positors started to withdraw their
funds today, until advised thai nn
experimental mobilization of the lUtli
nnny corps was responsible for the
prescpea, of the soldiers,
Mayor Eifcrt Sparrs for Time Order
Infl "Investigation" of Monster Pe
tltlori Asklnq Retention of Market
Master To Probe Public Market.
Face to face with a monster peti
tion asking tho retention of K. J.
Runynrd as market master. Mayor
Klfcrt dodged tho petition and his
campaign pledge on Tuesday even
ing on tho weak excuso of "investi
gation." ThOjDiarkot master Is to
bo "probed" as Is tho Mall Trlbuno
and popular petition, signed by
nearly 800 citizens of tb city.
"This petition," announced tho
mayor, laying ono hand upon the
bulky roll and rising to his foot, -aid
Stephen A. Douglas, "Is a political
document. It Is hereby referred to
tho finance committee of tho city
council for Investigation. I want
them to dctermlno whether tho
names upon It arc genuino or not,
and whether politics were played In
securing It. They will report upon
the petition at the noit meeting."
In addition to tho petition pre
sented by tho Mall Trlbuno a peti
tion from the farmers and gardnors
who offer their wares for salo nt
tho public market was received and
To Investigate Market
Sparring for tlrao on the markot
question Mayor Klfert read n
longthy statement in which he called
for specific answers ly regard to
tho conducting of tbo public market
and named J. T. Bummervllle, W. M.
Campbell and George II. Millar a
committee to make a report on thu
matter. Attached to bl statement
wasa. certified copy of the ordln
anceT " ""' t"
Tho mayor's statement follews:
The public market of this city has
been tbe subject 'of considerable dis
cussion slnco my election. I havo
been giving this matter somo thought
and consideration myself, becauso I
am In favor of tbo market and be
licvo It can In tho futuro bo mado
to servo tbe people of this city bet
ter than at present or In tho past.
I am ot tho opinion that tho market
Is not now being conducted by tho
superintendent thereof In accord
ant with tho law creating nnd gov
erning It, but In a way that Is op
posed to aud limits Its usefulness. I
(Continued on face 6.)
TOKIO, Feb. fl. Ily n mujority of
'J:i4 votes tho Japanese diet today
voted a lack of confidence in tho gov
ernment as represented by tbo cab
inet headed by Premier Count Knt
sura. After the vote tbo diet ordered
a five duy recess.
It is expected the government will
dissolve thu diet, but it is flatly stat
ed that Premier Katsuru will not
resign. Instead ho plans to ask Hie
people to support the now party ho is
attempting to form.
The vote ill tho diet is thu direct
result of tho budget arranged by
Premier Katsuru. As tho nationalist
members wero leaving parliament to
day thoy wero attacked hv angry citi
zens. No one was Injured, thu dam
ago being confined to broken huts and
torn clothing,
stock market
NKW YOltK. Fob. 5. The stock
market closed dull today. Copper
dropped 1; American wus heavy, but
dccllues wuro slight. Most of tho
active Issues woro houvy, due to
logal obstructions to thu conclusions
ot tho subway negotiations, and fail
ure to pay off tho back dividend tin
American C1111 preferred. Standard
Oil continued Its dvutice, aud
American Tobacco flucuated widely.
Bonds were eusy,
f I