Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 10, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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tlHtfut J t. w V-
Mi:bix)nu I'ltiNTiNa co.
Tlio Democratic Tllnrs, Thf Mr-iUonl
sunn. Tim aniirnrii tnhuiic. Tim pnuin
rh Ori'Kiinlnn. Tim Axiilnml TrllDlim.
Offlcn Mnil Tritium llullillnir. ss.S7S9
Norm I If fltrcri; Muinr. Mnltt 3031.
OlIOItOK 1'tJTNAM. lMltor nnl Mnimrjcr
KntortM nn nocoml-clnstf imiltcr At
Mrtlfiwl. OrrRoii. u ruler tlio net of
YIUmI. 1 It'll
Of flrlnt Prttwr of til. "CHy "oT Mnl'forX
Official Vnper of Jnckxon County.
Ono year, iy mull
Oho month, liy mull .do
INr immtli, Ocllwrtit by currier Id
Stnlfonl, Jncknonvltlo amt Con
trol Point . ... Sit
PMurday only, tiy mnll. per yenr. . 2.00
Weekly, ior year . .
itntly nvi-ruce for ele-en months cnu
In XuvnnlM-r 30. 1M1. 131.
.' Sfjouel & Day Issue tlio following
uh'dcr ilato of New Yorkt January 4;
Tho only reports from foreign
markets received slnco our last, Is
cable yesterday from U, Connolly &
Qo., Liverpool, which tells us thnt
Oregon Xevrtowns 4 tiers sold from
9s-10s and AM tlew s-Gd to Ss. Uy
Oregon Ncwtoxvns they moan cither
Oregon or Washington apples. They
aild thai tho market Is fairly active
for this fruit. The shipments of box
apples this xvook from hero shows
1.1,400 boxes against 10,000 last
The situation here la no different
from what It has been of late de
pression continues, consumption ap
parently quite small and nobody will
ing to stock up. An association auc
tioned hero yesterday about 130
boxes very beautiful Moalor New
towns, mostly very largo sites from
$1.35 to $2.15, making an average
$1.74. About two cars of common
Washington apples were also auc
tioned. Ganos averaged "Cc, Green
ings $1.14, Northern Spy 1.1.4.
Kings $1,08, Ilaldwlns $1.09. llliick
lien Davis $1.00, Hollcflount 72c.
ljrlvato sale, prlccH ruu all tho way
from $1.00 to $2.00, mighty few. If
any tolling above. Wo hopo these
common apples arc nearly out (if tlio
way and that shortly tho demand will
spring up for tho higher grades which
are In store. Tho weather has been
bad, because quite warm and rainy.
Wo nro all hoping for a lljtlo cold
snappy weather to liven things up.
' j i i
SAI.KM, Ore., Jan. 10. Whllo the
(axes on tho railroad lines In Ore
gon Inccased appoxlmatuly 30 per
cent lust year, the freight traffic- In
Oregon showod a material decrease,
and net operating revenues were
more than a million dollar! less than
during tho preceedlng year, accord
lug to Urn annual roport of the state
rullroad commission, which has juit
been completed.
This report shows that thcro are
3UU0.01 miles of railroad In opera
tion In tho state, from which the
total operating revenues for the year
were $20,347,040.74, and the operat
ing expenses were $1C,38C,37G.2C,
leaving u net operating revenuo of
$9,9Cl,:jq,48. The net operating
revenue for tho preceding year was
Tho tono miles decreaso in tho
freight traffic showed a decrease for
tho year of 43,000,000 tons.
Tho 1912 tuxes paid by tho rail
roads In Oregon amounted to $2,
014,S2.91,'ns against $!,GQ7,498.27
paVd'ln'1511." - -
Willinni Henry Appli'tftile, xxlu tlti'il
ut bin homo 011 1 lend liiilitin mud, Fri
tiny,' Jnmiury II, win ujjed very cloe
lo (JO, ycui-H.
Ilu. was u hoii ir the kilo Jcubo
Ain!i'jiuiu turn of the three l'Djuotw
In others who emigrtttctl from Ken
tucky when Oregon wiik a xvilderiichh,
mill xvus born iii Poll; county,, Oregon.
Ak u youiiK mini 1m xvns n scout dur
ing I lie Mudoii wur anil know llio red
hkin voil,v U hi Ho K'hrt intimately limit
lim roliitfvoH, mill Oliver Apple
gtito, wlin held the Kliimulli lmliiui
ngeijuy for yeiiw.
UeciNiivil k'UVOH 11 wife niid four
i-oiiH..; Of iho (utter, tin to live in the
Dciul litilinn country uiuImiiiu in 1'ort
liui(lfc A.Dother son enlisted for tlio
Plillljipttie war and died at Sun
I'THtieihCO. Ope dnttglifiT ulio ire.
cinlfiUilm to tlio grave, llin lirolliur
l'oter iti now at tint lluznanl mine on
Klk oroek mid lii two hIhUm-h, Mi'h.
Jlcfull mill JIH, Lonj,', live n-hpect-ivcly
in Mnlifi 11111I nl Monument, Ore
ton, . -
. laAJ4 itlbUlM 4. l.fc wMkaMS iMV
nnllE more wo hwir of Voodrtw Wilson, (ho liollor wo
A like hiin. Ilis spi-ot'lios
nood of tho hour has raised
grapple with tho problems tu
In his Trenton speech, the
Tho wonl Unit tttniidx nt tho ron
interesting word Indeed, it has hitherto been HtippoR'd to w a word of
charity, a wonl of philanthropy. This word Is "serIco." The one thing
that tlio business men of tho United Stat tire now dlscmorlng, some of
them for themselves and some by suggestion. Is that they nro not going to
bo allowed to mako ntiy money except for a quid pro nuo; that they must
render n sorvlco or sot uothttig, and that In tho regulation of business tho
government must determine whether what they are doing Is a service or 1101.
Kvcrythlug Is business, and politics will bo reduced to that standard. The
unostlon Is. "Are you kIVIuk nimhlnit to society when you want to take
GOinolhliig out of oclvt ?" A largo
maUIng of recent decades has eonsisted in getting sometiung ror notiung.
I do not Include brains In tho category of "nothing." A'man Is entitled to
tho earnings of his brain. I want to declare for my follow cltlteu this
gospct for tho future, that the man who sore will be tho man who profits.
"Tho man who serves will ho the man who profits"
that is the solution of our social and economic problem.
When the-producer gels what he produces, and the toiler
tho product of his toil, Utopia will have arrived, or as
close an approximation as we can hope to secure.
In an article entitled "The Now .Freedom" in January
issue of Worlds "Work (which by the way everyone should
read) Dr. "Wilson says:
The rank and trie of business men. It they could vote secretly, would
vote overwhelmingly thnt the present organisation of business Was meant for
tho big fellows and was not meant for the little follews: that It was meant
for those who are at the top and was meant to cxcludo those who are at the
bottom; that It was meant to shut out beginners, to prevent new entries In
tho race, to prevent the building up of competitive enterprises that would
Interfere with the monopolies which the great trusts hao bulit up.
No country can afford to have Its prosperity originated by a small con
trolling cUiss. Tho treasury or America does not lie In the brains uf the
small body of men uow In control of tho grjat enterprises that have been
concentrnded under the direction of a very small number of persons. The
treasury of America lies In those ambitions, those energies, f.iat cannot be
restricted to a special favored class. It depends upon tho Inventions of un
known men. Kvery country Is renewed out of the ranks of tho unknown,
not out of the ranks of those already famous and powerful and In control.
Further "Wilson says: "We stand in the presence of a
revolution not a bloody revolution, America is not given
lo the spilling of blood but a silent revolution whereby
America will insist upon recovering in practice those ideals
which she has always confessed, upon securing a govern
ment devoted to the general interest and not to special
"Wilson evidently has as clear an idea of what the mat
ter is as any of us and will evidently use his authority to
accomplish the peaceful revolution.
TILLuL seems no good reason why the council should
further dolnv triiiiit intr the trollev frniiehise atmlied
lor by the Minney company.
The city seems amply protected under the amended
franchise. The common user clause for the line on -Main
street from Central to Uooscvelt, effectually prevents a
future monopoly, and enables competition in the future.
"With the city safeguarded, aiid with the hankers of the
city vouching for the financial responsibility of the appli
cants, with specifications similar to those of the Oregon
Electric, calling for a First class system, there seems no
reason for further delay.
The sooner we start something in .Mcdford the butter.
Delay gains nothing.
There are those who object to the Fifty-year franchise
just as there are thoso who would objeet to si ten year
franchise the kickers are always with us. It woulll bo
impossible to finance an interurbau anywhere in Oregon,
to i'lpat bonds for any kind of an electric system on a
franchise calling for less than HO years, ft will be years
oetore such a system pays,
incur, not the business in sight, that establishes th
foe tlm IjoikIk. Jf such inducements are not offered, the
valley will vegetate or drift backward instead of spurting
Some people fight progress just as a cat scratches and
claws and resists when you try to toward a saucer
of cream. But like the cat. they lose no time in eating the
cream when they are forced tp it.
Simple Mistake Caused This Trouble
"It was colder in tho much-boomed
salubrious region of Southern Ore
gon during the frigid wave Just
passed than It was hero In Kngonc.
The official temperature record Is
authority for this statement."
This from the envious Kugeno
Ycb. It Is a little colder In Medford
during tho winter time than it Is in
Kugeno. That's why its healthier.
That's why It Is poxslblo to grow tho
perfect apple and tho perfect pear
for which frost seems just as essen
tial as sunshlno.
Tlio seasons am sharper marked In
the Hoguo river valloy than In the
Wlllamott. Tho ralnfull, 27 Inches
as aguinst o2 luetics. Is about ono
half. There are many moro bright,
sunshiny days. Tho altitude Is high
or, tho air crlspor and moro spicy
not only moro salubrious, but inoro
delightful. Medford Mall Tribune.
Tho copy as written by tho editor
of Tho .Guard said "Southern Califor
nia" and not "Southern Oregon,"
and tho chuiigo evidently escaped thu
proof rcador. Wo certainly did not
Intend to muku any compurlbous lio
tvteou tho different sections of Oro-
Lgon tending to beuofit uuy one local
ity at tho expense, of another. Wo
are distinctly in favor of working as
a united state, and It pleases us to
know, m tho Medford paper states,
that tho frosts of u Itoguo river valloy
winter nro among tlio things that es
pecially adapt It for tho growing of
certain fruits,
Hut the Mull rlbiine is mistaken
In giving tlio average rainfall of tho
Willamette valloy us 52 Inches. It
Is 35 Inches at Kugeno, a very potont
factor in tho fai-fitmcd productive-'
rint? tnu. Apparent ly tlu
up the man of the hour to
tho nation.
president -elect said:
I it of what has to be tlono Is 11 very
pnrt too large a part of the tortiie-
and it is the tuture develop
l eve 1 01
i! creel i
ncss of tho territory surrounding this
city und tributary to it, and tho sun
shines In winter, too, just as It has
been shining for several days past. '
The Guard will not quarrel with
the Medford paper about Southern
Oregon. It Is a splendid country and
is dovoloiilug rapidly because of Its
natural resources and a progressive
imputation. Tho Guard may bp en
vious to sonio extent becauso its edi
tor possesses the ordinary frailties
of humanity, but it acknowledges
only tho best of wishes for thu
growth and prosperity of Medford
and Its environs.
1)AMAB, Tox., Jan. 10. Follow
lug a disastrous murkotiig season
and year's canipagu to improve
methods of marketing, Instituted by
Colonel Frank 1, Holland through
his publications, tho Southwestern,
fruit and truck growers have formed
a co-oporatlvo selling exchange that
will enter the field at once.
This exchange will iiudertako to
handle between three and four
thousand cars of fruit und truck dur
ing tho present year and tho organi
zation itself controls fully 3000 curs,
It has established headquarters ut
Toxarkuua and affllato with those
associations that aro willing to meet
tho most stringent requirements as
to quality of fruit und truck sold and
tho iintiuv q( (ho nncltugo,
MTOFOTU). OKfflnoy. FftTOAV, .TANTT-AY 10, 101K
Tlio Kliuunlli Northwestern puli
linlies tlio following letter to County
.)ulj;o Worilen, recently uooumiI of
MUnudoiinu- county fumU by Iho
Ki-nml jury, from l. II. t'ueliruu of
Modl'onl, uomlnntitiif WoiiKhi ror gov
ernor :
"M.'dronl, Ore., dun. 7, HUM.
MuiJko Willmm Worden,
"Klnmutli KmIIn Oregon.
'Denr Judge: I mnilo two rii
through imidom Oregon tliir summer
in the ear. In the mouth tr October
l took tlio family rtul drove through
to Summer like, ia Fort Klumuth,
mid returned tlirouich the Fulls.
"I want to .n,v to on Unit you tm
doing more for the upluiilitiug of our
ountv tliini any oilier eounly judge
in the ttito. Ooud rondo, 1 mil t scion
tificully, ns jott nro building them, is
the l:et nsset u county Im. and you
l'uo made llieia good clcor to deimy
l.iml divide.
"I told our count v eouil it ought
to hH!iid 11 week Miutuug the Klnm
utli roads particularly tlio one I'mm
the '(lap' to ihs Fall-.
"You nre eertmnl.v building 11 iuoih
miKiit lor yourself that ought to
make you governor, if you -lioiilr eor
haV the uopirntMin-, and I am mho,
exery unto owuvr going through
Khuuntlt would :i:)Mit you.
"Just to hlioxv jou that I really Uo
nppiveiate the rord-. I am sending
you 11 box of Hose l'eiir,
"Voiirw truly.
"J. II. roniKA.v."
The Ashlund Fruit and l'roduco
association reports show tho associa
tion to bo In excellent financial con
ditionhaving a gain of $-',018 dur
ing tho ear just closed. The ex
pcui'O of operation was $-.700.
11. II. Warner. J. H. Hunter, M. C.
Mnlngcr wero elected directors and
with C. 11. Gillette and F. 1'. Hunt
will hutu tho destinies of the iuo
ilatlou, in thelrhands during tho
fourthcoiuliig )y,ir.
The following Is a stimmarUed re
port of different fruits handled dur
ing 1912:
I'oaebes total of .",7SI boxes or
twonty-flvo cars. Average price
Ihlrty-ulno cents per box.
Hurries total of R.yCfi crates or
six carloads.
Cherries total of 2,'Jtis crates or
two carloads.
I'ears total of !"00 boxes or two
Apples total fall and wtntor to
dato. 9.590 boxes, or fifteen cnrloiids.
Vegetables all kinds total of 33.
G5S pounds or two curloadrf.
Total niii)hu of cars slilpped dur
ing tho yonr fifty-three.
Tho county clerk, has received a
notice from thu state tax commis
sion that the valuation on corpora
tion property In Jackson county for
1913 Is $ 1,020,1.19, which Is a small
Increase ovor 1912. The statu re
quires $33,385.2.' tax from this coun
ty this year, a considerable decrease
over last year.
Thu total valuation of tho county
this year Is ;ii!.()GK,000 as against
$38,000,000 lu 1912.
It was predicted by County As
sessor Grieve thnt the valuation
would bo betweon $37,000,000 und
$3S,000.000 this year, but tho val
uation mado by tho statu 011 corpo
rations fell below his estimate.
It is piacliciilly iihHiircd Hint the
Mcdfoiil high school Ijiisketlmll team
mil play the Klamath i-ouuty high
school team in Klnmutli Fulls on
January til, Thu giHn' team of tho
Moili'oril M'houl will lu'coiiipiiiiy tin
lioyn' team, ami will pluy Iho girlx
leaui of the local cliool 011 the iiiuo
On Jiimiurv 2H llie team rcin'OHcnt-
ing toll Kliiiiiuth M'hnon will piny tlio
.Mi'dtord high team ut Medium, On
the name trip they will pluy the Ah
luml high heliool tenin.-hwieli, in linn,
will phi v Kliimulli ut Klnmutli Fall
011 or about April -I.
CulUvutu your laud with a Motor
Tractor. It will pay for Itself In tho
saving of horso feed and hired help.
Valley Motor & Tr actor ,C'o., Vuljoy
Garugo, Medford., ' "
John A. Perl
28 H. HAItTMXr
I'lioues M, 171 mid 17.1
Ainbiiliiiico Hmlco pepiiiy Vvgunvr
UUA.NTS PAN, .Inn. Ill The
county eouil Im fixed the lew lot'
ID lit ut IH mills including .'1 uulK I m
muds fur Mute niul county, which
lidded to. tho nine null of eltv lew
niul S'a fir school diMtiiit No. 7
milker tho Intiil of IlO'y for (limits
1'mnh ns UKiili)t :i" mill In 101'J.
For tlio county oitliili of the in
oorporntt'd city of Ortinls 1iim, the
levy will lu 18 mile nlilo I'toiu the
spoeinl school iliMriiit evlo.
The couutv com! is plnmiing t
muku the roud work of the coming
year count oeu better than in pre
vious xoutx. A romt muslor to hnxe
general Miprviuiu uxr nil of the
twenty dixtdtctM has been Hppointcd,
thus Kiiiiruiili'eing n tmtfoimitv In the
coiiMitiotiou work, The county was
to u licnvv expense last senxou in the
imrohuso of ipim.ixo roiid-imikiiig
muehiiii'iv, hut Imviug this on hand,
the nxiiilnble crslt can till go into the
l'll CillTd In 11 To II Oil)',
Your druggist will refund moucy
If I'A.O OINT.MKNT rails to cure
any rase of Itching. Illlud, Weeding
or Protruding 1'lles lu 1'. to II dux.
.".0 cents.
Vim and Vigor
Confidence, Ambition, Good llcnllh,
Clear Ciimplexloii, All Come
When You Take Ml-o-un Stom-
ucli Tablet"
Cbcor up; don't worry, our stom
ach Is xxrong; that's all.
Look at your tongue It tells the
slory. Got a 50 cent box of MI-O-XA
Stomach Tablets this xerv day
and clean up )our out of order
stomach. Don't bo afraid to try Ml-O-.NA,
It Is not u (Kilharllc but It Is
tho best piescrlptlou for IndlKcktlou,
Kustrills or any upset conditions of
tlio stomach uxor written.
MI-O-NA Stomach Tablets urn flue
as a tonic and fur ucrxousiioss, sleep-
lossuctts ami to make )ou feel splen
did from top to too. If you aren't
satisfied with thorn gut your money
back, Chas. Htraiig, and druggists
every whore.
Hotel Medford
Tlio most liomedlko hotel in till of
ItiHims xxllliout h.itli ."lie Mr il.iy
ami up.
Knouis xxllli luitli Vl..l 'r day
ami up.
.SMclal rates by xxrvk or moiitli,
Combination breakfasts etery
nioinlug -7i, :t.1 and Hi emits.
11:30 to 2 p. m.
Cream at Asparagus a'la St. George
llakvd Cutlets of Alaska Halibut
IMmiues Anglalso
Irish Million Slow Doublln rltilo
Minced Chicken Mush a'la I'oulette
, Decorn
llaked Veal Heart Stuffed with
Gorman .Needles
Mashed i'otatoes Garden l'eas
Fruit Salad
Green Apple I'lo Pineapple Sherbet
Tea Coffee Milk
Owes Life lo This
Consumption Remedy
II la Iwjroml I111111.1U puMcr lu srfnnu
mlrailK 'I br uiakvni of l.i-kinnii .XI
Icrallrr. a trmisly fur I'iiiiiiiiIiIuii, ilu
nut rlnlui lliut i nlll ri-slorv t-Tirj uv
to (irrfnl lnnllli, lull mi lunity liai xiilmi
Urlljr traililt-,1 It mVihI lliclr lhc. Hint
nil nlm Imtr Hilt ilirtnl illim- uliniilil
liii'llKlf ami irr II II liuulil ulnp tlio
lilalit unrnla, roliKt- frtrr, ptuliiuli' ili
iM'lllo mul lu xrry many riiia, prulons
llfn I If mi wlml It niiuiiipllilinl In UI
C.ilhcrlno Ate mul .xiit I'ln'C,
(jiim'u'n Court l. I.
''Odittriurii: In Mm ynx lists I tvu
Inkrn tillli a liwtvy inlil 11ml 11 inuly
i'iuhIi nml wfhi in iiiTiiI iliN'tnri) In
rlmlliiif u poiiillnl. Tliolr iiii-illi'liu- full
nl. I linn Hfdt lu lliu CnUkllli), Iml
lliu iiiuIi kt 111 kept up, I Mn)rl Hum
n yivir mul Hun hihi u u furiu ucur
Jemrr City, n very nick 111111
"My lirulliiT tlii'ii reiiiiiiiiifiiilnl lick
innii'M AlU'rutlni in inn very lilixlily XI
nml I Hiilllil lint eiiiiki'lil In Imv l, uivllill
Id llin fuel llinl I I1111I Inkm u iiiiiuy
uirilli'liii hII'ji.iiI Inliiw n'M'il In nuy
iviiy. Inn lltiaily I ejiinti'iiteil. It l iiuiv
iif.irly tixo vum nlm i' I II rut look It.
I run mm' i.'iiii'il mill I iluru nay Unit I
ivinilil luivii lii'ii hurliil Iiiiik uk (i If It
I1111I not Ihtii tut Cvkiuiiu'H .Xllinillio I
ivIkIi to tliiiuk you fur lliu HimImmiiI lu iiks
W'liirixT I U I IdKl'ly ri iiiiuiuunl lliij
Allcriilltc.iK I ne luy lift lu II "
(Knoru Ailiil.nH) JOH. .1 TItOi:HlIll:l
Krkiuiiii's Allirulhe U rrrrvlhu In llriui
1I1III1, Aklhuiii. liny I'uxeri mul
I.iiiik Truulili'ii, mul In iipliiillillittf tlio
kjsluiu. HuiN nut ennliilii pulmiiui. upluti'4
ur Imlilt-foriiiliisf iltuus. Auk fur ImukU'l
IvIlliiK nf rreioi'ili-ii, mul nrlte In Dckiiun
I.nlionil'iry, I'lilliulclpliln, Pn tut uinriirl
dtnu, l'ur rata by all IrailliiK ilruuultts
Clark 6c Wright
1'iibllc liiiiid Matters: Final I'roof,
1 tenor t I.andH, Contest mid Mining
CdHt'H, rlcrlp.
rrTTS3BC 1 1 in.11,11 i,,i, 1
J" WV&- I::
0 J a
What i Difference!
I'Iavc a cue avoid the te
iiitls picluicil line liy umg
You'll like thrtii, too
NOI V KWw 2fM MlwpvMk r-(
M lij V0 1 ' IV ll lllfl I IU
1,1 li.d I.U 4 t-ytiui In.
Atur Ciriitr
LiLxury Without
I Von Dorn i
2 -III Turk Street
1 Viuost populiu prii'cil :
Hotel in .San I'Vaiit'i.seo
I Modorn Contral ::
' MU
Cloning Out Salo
20 Off on
All Goods
Noxt to Hotol Medford
U are making a very low price
on apple, peach and cherry trcs for
u short time No finer stock grown !
Wrllo us nt onto and save money
Klildlo, Ore.
Knowing how
and best materials
produce a flavor
found only in
Miniroitn riiAit.MU v
Kxcluslvo Agouts
Weil Indict, PJnama Canal, Bermuda
and Ihs Spanish Main
Lrnvlnu ,or York liy (lie I'nlutUI
Jan. -I, g.'l l'li, ii5 Silt nil Vil).
IVIinmry lut (ill) I)a) nl tbu
S. S. Victoria Luiso (,nTr )
.Inn. im I'tb, H Jlnreli III Air, 10,
16 Days $145 animip
21 " 51G0 "
28 " $175 " "
OHtr rrulin Ar unt thu World,
Kcml fur llliirnlcil linuklrl,
41-45 1IK0ADWAY, N. Y.- r lrl At.uM
i di; iiii.i:
lilt: iiiiiti.'h
t'nlond CoiiudliiiiN. Man and
T I'Hiiuers. I'lim-i'iN and Holler
f I'liolo l'bi)s I'lliluy A Niiliinluy
A Iteil Cross rttury
Cumlnu Sinotay und Monday
:: im: max iu'xt ::
:; I'llllnV Weekly Xo. IM, llci '.'.
Tiinsiluy and Wodiicsdny
Iho Only Ileal Million IMrluio Theater
In llix City
- '1000 FEET
Al. SATIIKIt, Iho Singer
llMt Musle nml Utfects
MntlMisaa l)l, t to R p. m.
Coming I'i'iiiurcs
"Iho luxndcrs," an excllltiK Indian
and froallsr lift plcluru. It's n
"Kay ll'" lu 8 rcoU.
Jan. Utb and Hth
Small llernliaiilt lu her grealvst stio
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Official Photographer of tlio
Medford Commercial Club
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208 E. Main Phono 1471
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Woolca & McGoyvan Co.
Stoam and Hot Water
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33 Howard niock, Iliitranc ou 0th HI,
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European Plan, a la Carte
Tariff on Rooms
12 menu .... $I,00cncli
GO rooms .... 1.G0 rncli
50 roomi .... 2.00 each
00 rooms mIiIi pilvilt biih 2.00 each
GO rooms vilb pililli liilh 2.50 each
00 luitei, liodrooin, par. '
lor and liali 3.00 oath
For moro than one uuott ndd $1.00
ojitra to tho auovo rate for
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